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The Affair: now with Chapter 48


Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
'Would you have an affair?'

The question took Grant by surprise.

'Of course not,' was his immediate reaction. It was true. He had never had any wish to be with another woman since he met Gina.

'What made you ask?'

She showed him a photo. A woman in her late 30s or early 40s, dressed in business attire striding purposefully along. Only the background gave the clue: Downing Street.

'A minister or a special adviser, something like that?'

'Yes, Grant, a minister. Jenny Wilson, on the second rung and wants to make it to the cabinet before the next election.'

'Why bother? Her party are certain to lose. She won't be in the cabinet after that, maybe not even have a seat if the electorate throws her out.'

'No, her seat is safe, one of the safest there is, but you're right about the election. She wants to be in the cabinet, because that will be a good base for her to become party leader in the blood letting that will follow the defeat.'

Grant was still puzzled. Gina was excited, he could tell. She was a journalist and there was nothing that got her excited like this except a good story. Well there was something else, but that was not on her mind at the moment, obviously, or they won't be sitting on the sofa discussing politics.

'It's like this.' Grant knew her tone; he was expected to sit back and listen. 'My publisher has agreed, I can get close to her so that I am in a position to write the first biography of her rise up the party hierarchy. And if it doesn't come off, it will be a story of failure rather than success. Now,' she leaned forward, 'I can get some interviews with her. Junior ministers don't get that much publicity, so she's jump at the chance. But, and this is where you come in, it would be even better if I could get some inside info on her, something that only someone close to her could find out, like,' she paused, 'a lover.'

Grant's mouth fell open. He knew his partner was ambitious, but had not realised just how ambitious.

'You really want me to have an affair, with sex and all that stuff, so you can get background info for a book?'

'Yes, sex and all that stuff, but not just background, a genuine insight into the woman behind the politics. How often does a journalist get a chance at that?'

'Aren't we overlooking one small detail?' Grant was still sure this was just some fantasy she was enacting with him, a prelude to some roleplaying that they both enjoyed. 'Like why would she want an affair with me?'

'Because she's not been a relationship for over ten years. She is focused on her career. She's sure to welcome attention, any woman of her age would. You'll be presented without any effort on her part. And,' she licked her lips, 'she's got a thing about black guys. Like you.'

She leaned forward and kissed him.

He wanted to ask how she knew about this black guy thing, but after the kiss it went out of her mind.

Later, she propped herself on her elbow in their bed and placed her hand on his chest, with a nail just resting on his nipple. Just where he like it.

'So, that's agreed. The plan begins next Saturday afternoon. She has agreed to an in-depth interview. I have invited her here for a light lunch to get her relaxed for our talk. But, and this is the clever bit, I am going to be late. Leaving her with you. Her fantasy of sex on legs, all to herself for an hour or so.'

'And I'm going to do to seduce her while we wait for you?'

'No, of course not, silly. You're not going to do anything. Just leave everything to me.'

Her nail was scratching his nipple now, so he decided to do just that and leave everything to her.
Jenny was due to arrive at 12.30. At 12.20, her phone rang. As she was approaching a layby, she pulled in to answer the call rather than use the hands free. She did not recognise the number.

It was Grant. Using his personal mobile rather than the landline, so that it would be stored on Jenny's phone.

'Hi. Jenny Wilson speaking, who is that please?'

'Hi, Jenny, it's Grant, Gina's partner. I don't know if she's mentioned me to you.' She hadn't. Deliberately.

'Hi, Grant, I hope there isn't a problem.'

'No, well sort of, well no, not a problem as such. It's just that Gina is running late and wanted me to tell you so you wouldn't be surprised to find me here.' He paused, as instructed. 'She doesn't like using her phone when she is in a hurry,' he added to explain why he was the one making the call.

'Thanks for letting me know, Grant. I'm not far away, so I hope it will be OK if I arrive before Gina, so long as that's OK with you.'

'No, that's no problem, Jenny. I keep an eye out for you.'

Jenny sighed. For a terrible moment, she thought the interview was off.

Grant was waiting on the doorstep as she pulled in the drive. He stepped forward and opened the car door for her, offering his hand to shake as soon as she was on her feet.

'Grant, pleased to meet you.'

'Jenny, likewise.'

Grant made a point of looking at the car.

'Nice,' he muttered as if to himself.

The car was two years old but in immaculate condition. Jenny obviously took care of her vehicle.

'Top of the range,' he said louder, with a hint of appreciation in his voice. 'I see you went for the hybrid rather than full electric.'

'Yes, with the mileage I do, I can't take the risk of running out of charge. Are you a car buff?'

'Not really,' Grant confessed, 'sorry, I'm being clumsy, I don't follow politics you see, so I was trying to keep on something we both might understand.'

Jenny smiled her understanding.

Grant peered into the car.

'Sorry, I was checking for your minder, or whatever you call them. Isn't there always one in attendance when you give an interview.'

'Sometimes, for the political stuff,' Jenny explained, but this is more background, career and that sort of thing. I am allowed out on my own for those. I suppose you'd call me a safe pair of hands.'

Grant smiled, unsure of whether she was flirting or not, and left the words hanging in the air for what he hoped was not too long before leading the way into the house.

Jenny rested her hand on his arm briefly. 'It will be good to talk about something other than politics,' she told him. 'Tell me about yourself. What do you do?'

'What do I do? I'm a linguist and a scientist, a translator of scientific papers.'

He paused while this conversation stopper sank in.

'Well,' Jenny breathed loudly, 'that is certainly a change from politics.'

They chatted about inconsequential things to idle the time away, although Grant managed to bring in his travels to conferences overseas to help with translations. Sow the seed that you can meet up without me walking in on your, Gina had told him.

When Gina arrived, it was like a whirlwind. She swept past Grant, ignoring him, greeted Jenny effusively, ushered her into the kitchen and called to Grant to serve lunch.

'Are you joining us?' Jenny asked when he saw only two settings at the table.

'No,' Gina gave him no chance to reply. 'Grant has something exciting about molecules to translate. Let's eat, shall we.' It was a command, so Jenny ate.

The pair talked as they ate and then moved into the sitting room where Gina recorded the formal part of the meeting.

As Gina bade farewell at the door, Jenny turned as if expecting to see Grant.

'He's working,' Gina explained, as if reading Jenny's mind. 'It's more than my life is worth to interrupt him.'

'Well, do please say goodbye and thank him for keeping me company earlier.'

Gina nodded, waved her hand and went indoors.

Grant was now settled on the sofa, opening the sports section of paper.

'Weren't you a little abrupt with her?' he asked.

'It will be easier for her to have an affair with you if she doesn't like me. Remember, journalists despise politicians and politicians are afraid of journalists. We each need the other, but there is no need to like each other.'

'You should be a politician.' Grant laughed.

Gina became serious. 'I hope see takes the bait, otherwise we will have to resort to Plan B.' Grant had not known there was another plan. 'I'll give her ten minutes to ring you. She'll want to find somewhere to park up for her chat and she knows I'm not going to be with you.'

Ten and a half minutes later, Grant's phone rang. Jenny was calling.

'Hi, Jenny. I'm so sorry I missed saying goodbye, but once I get stuck into a translation, I lose track of time.'

'I do hope I am not interrupting your train of thought,' Jenny sounded as if she genuinely meant it. Grant assured she had not. Gina did a thumbs up as she listened to the call. 'Look, I just wanted to thank you for looking after me so well, but Gina said you'd be busy.'

'I hope I wasn't too boring for you,'

'No, honestly, you weren't. It's good to talk to someone who isn't lobbying me about something or has a complaint or- Sorry, Grant, you don't want to hear me grumbling. I just hope we get to chat again sometime Gina mentioned another interview soon.'

'That would be lovely,' Grant was having to stifle his giggles as the conversation went as Gina had predicted. 'I'll make a point of being here in case Gina's late again.'

'And I'll make a point of being early,' Jenny laughed as she ended the call.

'Hook, line and sinker,' Gina said as she snuggled up to Grant. 'Tell me, though, could you have an affair with her. Seriously, I can't force you to.'

What was Grant supposed to say.

'You know I'll do anything I can to help you, Gina.' He pulled her close.

That night as they lay beside each other, Gina wondered who he was caressing, her or Jenny?
The follow up interview took place three weeks later.

Just as she had promised Grant that she would, Jenny arrived early. She stepped out of her car, wearing killer heels, yoga pants that must have been sprayed on, and a leather waist coat.

To be greeted by Gina.

Jenny managed to last until the pair had reached the kitchen before saying, casually, that she supposed Grant was working.

Gina turned her back so as to avoid the disappointment on Jenny's face when she told her that he was out and she wasn't sure when he would be back. She did not say that he had told her to say hello for him. Another disappointment for Jenny to swallow.

The interview went well, although Jenny was obviously distracted. 'Sorry,' she apologised, 'there's an important policy issue I need to get straight in my head.'

By a remarkable coincidence that had involved some excellent team work and signals from an upstairs window, Grant drove into the drive just as Jenny was getting into her car.

He walked across, leaned his arm on the driver's door and smiled. 'Hi, Jenny, sorry I missed you.' She smiled back. 'Another time,' she replied. The way she said it made it sound like a command.

'That woman is on heat, I could smell her, I swear it,' Gina said when Jenny's car was safely out of ear shot.

Later, she sat astride Grant as his cock gently slid out of her vagina. Both were panting hard and her hair was plastered to her head with sweat. She leaned forward, her breasts tangling in Grant's face. 'Remember, lover, we are the team. You will tell me everything that happens between you and that woman. Everything you say and everything you do. Leave nothing out, nothing at all.'

Grant promised he would.

But he did not mention the way Jenny had pushed her tits so far forward they almost popped out of her waistcoat, or the way she parted her thighs, ever so slightly, when his head was by the car window. Or the final wiggle of her fingers as she drove away. Those couldn't be of any interest to Gina, could they?
The best laid plans all depend for their ultimate success on a generous helping of luck.

Jenny was on a ministerial visit when she slipped and twisted her knee. Official announcements over the next 24 hours revealed that she had twisted her knee and was confined, on medical advice, to her home, where she would continue to carry out her duties with official papers being delivered daily.

'This is your chance,' Gina announced at breakfast the next day, 'for you to get some private time with her.'

'How could I manage that?' he asked, his mouth full of toast.

Men are so dumb.

So Gina explained and, later, Grant did as he was told.

He rang Jenny's mobile.

She answered at the second ring.

'Grant, hi, good to hear from you.'

'Hi, Jenny, so sorry to hear about your accident. I just thought I'd ring to see how you were. It's been a while since we last met.'

'That is so thoughtful of you, Grant, so thoughtful. I'm dosed up with painkillers and confined to home, but otherwise there's nothing broken and no long term damage.'

'Look, I mustn't keep you, I know you'll be busy working.'

'Even ministers are entitled to a break now and then. Tell me about you. What are you doing at the moment?'

'I've just been seeing a client in Dorking about a translation project.'

'Dorking, really, seriously? I'm only a few minutes away, in Effingham. Why not, well look only if you have time, why not drop in for a coffee and some cake? Only if you've got time.'

'Effingham, really, I had no idea.' He hoped he sounded surprised. 'Sure, it would be good to see you. What's your postcode?'

Twenty minutes later, Grant was sitting opposite Jenny at her kitchen table drinking tea and commenting admiringly on her baking skills.

'Let's go and sit in the sun,' Jenny suggested and rose tentatively to her feet.

Grant instantly offered his arm for support and she leaned heavily on him as they moved outside.

Later, when required to report to Gina on what the pair had said, Grant was only able to say that most of the time they had just sat in silence, not exchanging a word. Eventually, Grant had rose to his feet and said that he really must not detain Jenny any longer.

'Pain,' he remarked, 'can be very draining and you've got your work to do.'

Jenny didn't argue with him or try to detain him and, as if to confirm Grant's point, she pressing against him as she clung to his arm as they walked slowly to the door.

She was about to open the door when she stopped and turned, her body pressing against Grant's.

'Grant, I don't want to pry, but – er- did you mention to Gina that you were coming here?'

Grant shook his head. 'No, I have hadn't time to tell her yet.'

It was a while, or at least it felt like it, before Jenny said anything.

'It might be a good idea, Grant, if you didn't mention it to her. She might misunderstand and I wouldn't want Gina to get the wrong idea.'

Grant nodded, wondered if he should kiss her, decided against it, and put his arm round Jenny to unlatch the door. She stepped back to let him go.

'It's been good to see you,' she told him, 'really good.'

Grant smiled as if unsure what to say, which he was.

'She actually said that, she told you not to tell me.' For once, Gina seemed take by surprise.

'Not exactly, she just suggested it.'

'Suggested it, my foot, she was telling you. I thought you would have to work on her to get her into bed, but it looks like she's moving in on you, fast.'
A few weeks later.

Grant had not seen Jenny since his "impromptu" visit. They had exchanged brief texts. Her thanking him for his visit. Him asking how she was. Her saying she was getting better. Him noticing that she did not ask him to visit again. Her noticing that he did not suggest another visit.

Then, Gina showed him an email, from Jenny of course. An invitation to her annual summer party for friends and supporters. She made a point of including Grant.

'Should I go?' he asked.

'You've already accepted,' she replied and kissed his neck.

'Amazing,' Grant murmured. Gina wasn't sure whether he was referring to the way he had accepted the invitation before he even knew about it or the effect her teeth were having. Maybe both. Who knew? Grant wasn't sure himself.

'Casual attire,' she whispered in his ear. 'You can wear your shorts and t-shirt.' Her tongue was working around the lobe of his ear now.

'Fuck,' he muttered.

'Just what I was thinking,' Gina replied as she moved to sit astride him.

The day of the party was warm and Grant did wear the red shorts and white t-shirt. There was a flow of guests arriving and Jenny gave them the same politician's welcome, giving them her attention briefly before moving on to the next. 'Lovely to see you, so glad you could come, make yourself at home, help yourself to drinks.'

'Half the women here can't take their eyes off you,' Gina remarked as the couple wandered around checking out who they knew. 'That woman over there,' her eyes took Grant's gaze to a middle aged woman in a summer frock, 'she's checking your butt every chance she gets.' Her hand slid down Grant's back and stroked his ass. 'But most are checking out your muscles or that bulge.'

'Jenny's ignoring me, though,' Grant replied. 'I thought I was supposed to be attracting her attention.'

Grant could be so naïve sometimes.

'You have attracted her attention, that's why she is pretending that you haven't.'

'I see.'

'Try to find a chance to be alone with her, just briefly.'

That was easier said than done. Jenny was always on the move, always with someone. Then she disappeared into the kitchen. Grant took his chance and followed her in.

His arrival took her by surprise. At least, she pretended it did.

'Sorry,' Grant was genuinely flustered, 'I didn't mean to startle you, I'm just looking for some water, it's rather hot out there.'

Jenny licked her lips, opened a cupboard, took out a glass and filled it from the tap. Grant took a long gulp.

'You look like you needed that.'

Not sure of what to say, Grant nodded. That was always a safe response.

'Look, sorry, thanks for the drink, I didn't mean to intrude, I expect you want some time away from the crowd.'

'You're right, I was looking for some peace for a few moments, but there is no need to rush away,' she rested her hand on his arm and left it there, 'we haven't had a proper chat since I twisted my knee.'

Despite what she said, there was no chat. She said nothing and Grant could not think of anything to say. Jenny took her hand off his arm but did not move apart. Eventually, she remarked that she lied his outfit.

'It's Gina's favourite too,' he cursed himself as soon as the words were out of his mouth. He shouldn't have brought her in the conversation.

'I am sure it is.'

Another long silence. Eventually, Grant put down his empty glass.

'It's the white cotton against your skin,' Jenny seemed to be talking to herself. 'White on black, like ivory on ebony, flesh on flesh.' She put her hand back on his arm. Unless Grant was mistaken, her neck had flushed. He smiled. Should he touch her hand? He decided not.

'You're right,' she said, lifting her hand away and stepping back, 'I mustn't neglect my guests.'

He barely saw her for the rest of the afternoon.

As the crowd began to disperse, Gina caught his eye and nodded towards the gate. Grant followed and thanked Jenny who was saying a final word to each guest. She took his hand and reached up to whisper to him. 'Don't let it be so long next time.' Her lips brushed his ears and her breath was warm on his flesh.

'So, tell me.' Gina's instruction was curt as they drove away. Grant gave a report of what happened in the kitchen.

'You were away so long, I thought you were shagging her on the kitchen table.'

They said no more until Gina spoke again.

'There's a lane coming up, on the left, pull down there, it's quiet.'

Grant looked at her but did as she said.

'Turn the engine off and get in the back.' Another command.

He did as he was told and she climbed on top of him.

Later, as she sat astride him, she said: 'She couldn't keep her eyes off you, she was following you all the time. I wonder when she'll contact you.'

In fact, when Grant checked his phone, he found an emoji from Jenny that had arrived while he and Gina were coupling in the car.
'She's left the ball in your court,' Gina told him when they finally got home from the garden party.

'How long shall I leave it?'

Really, couldn't guy work out anything for themselves?

'A couple of days,' Gina replied. 'If you can last that long.'

'I may need some help with that.' Grant pulled her close to him.

She gave him some help.

Two days later, he rang Jenny.

'Hi, look, I don't want to intrude if you're busy.' He paused for her to respond. Gina had been coaching him.

'What did you have in mind?' Jenny asked after a pause that must have lasted a nanosecond, or even two.

Out came to story. He had to visit his client again, the one in Dorking, not far from her home.

'Would it be OK if I were to stop off on the way back?'

'Yes, it would. Will you be wearing those shorts?'

'They're not really suitable for a business meeting.'

'So bring them and change in the car.'

Which was why he stepped out of the car in the same shorts and t-shirt he had worn at the party, both now washed.

She smiled while her eyes took in the view as he walked towards her porch. She stepped back and he walked in.

'Come through, let's have a drink and a chat.'

They sat at opposite ends of the sofa. He sipped his drink and Jenny began the chat.

'I need you to meet me half way on this. We're both adults so let's not pretend we don't know what is happening.'

He and Gina had spent hours working out reactions to the approaches Jenny might make. He drew on his store of possibilities and hoped he had opted for the one that would work best with Jenny.

'No, I won't pretend that I don't know what's, well, what, I mean, how I feel. About you, obviously, that is.' Hopefully he sounded nervous enough without being off putting. 'It's just that, well, this is new to me. If you understand me.'

Jenny twisted towards him and pulled her legs up under her.

'I do understand you and please believe me that I have thought long and hard about this.' Like hell she had. 'And the last thing I want is to hurt Gina or come between the two of you.' Lying bitch. 'But I can't conceal my true feelings.' This was true. She was almost drooling.

Grant swallowed in a way that she could not miss and shifted in his seat.

'I'm not in a relationship at the moment,' she went on, having obviously rehearsed this part of her chat, 'and it has been a long time since I last was. It did not end well, for me, and I have devoted myself to my career and, not to sound too pompous, public service.' Grant smiled. 'Until we met, and then I felt something special between us, on both sides. And I was sure you felt it, you see, but I didn't want to take the risk or declare myself too soon. I couldn't, just couldn't risk going through what I went through before.'

This was it. She had made her pitch. No scope for ambiguity about what she was saying. Grant was surprised that he felt nervous. He had expected it to feel like a game, but it didn't. And that made it worse. She was exposing herself to him, letting him know how badly she would be hurt if he rejected her.

If Gina had been there, she would have told him that this was a ploy to draw him in and trap him. But she wasn't there. And it didn't feel like that. Even allowing for her politician's skill at sounding sincere, it still felt like she meant it. It had been ten years since her last relationship; Gina had told him that, so it had to be true.

Anyway fuck Gina. Actually he had, just before he left to drive here. There had, of course, been no trip to Dorking, as there was no client.

Seeing his thoughtful expression, Jenny rose and went to get them refills. Left alone, Grant made a mental note to pass on to Gina the story of the failed relationship and devotion to her career and service. That might involve some further research.

When she came back, Jenny sat next to him, her thigh pressing on his. He slipped his arm round her back. As he pulled her close, her hand went to his crotch. Not expecting so direct a move, Grant gasped in surprise, which Jenny took for excitement. She leaned up and kissed him as her hand massaged his crotch. It may have been a decade since she had been in a relationship, but she had not lost the knack of bringing a cock to life, even one that should still have been recovering from Gina's vigorous attention not long before.

'Jenny, please, give me a chance.'

'A chance of what?'

'A chance to hang on. You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that.'

Jenny's eyes glowed and her chest began to heave at his praise for her efforts.

'You'll last,' it sounded more like a command that a prediction, 'studs like you always last.'

Grant wasn't so sure.
'You've wanted me right from the start. That first day, you stripped me naked as you looked at me. Before I left you knew every curve of my body, and you let me know you had, it was like I was walking around naked.'

As Grant recalled, Jenny was the one who had chosen to come to the first interview dressed in skin tight clothing that required no imagination.

'And that second time, when you stood by my car window thrusting your crotch into my face. You wanted me to suck you off right there, with your wife watching.'

As Grant recalled, he had leaned on the roof of her car. She had been the one who opened her thighs when he looked at her.

'And those visits when I had hurt my knee. All so solicitous, but taking every chance to touch me.'

As Grant recalled, he had offered her support, and she had been only too willing to take advantage of it.

'And the garden party, showing off yourself to everybody in those tight clothes. All the woman noticed. My friends saw the way your eyes never left me.'

As Grant recalled, he looked for her but couldn't see her most of the time.

'You've been tormenting me all this time, knowing I couldn't resist you. Arrogant bastard, you'll all alike. Women are just objects to you.'

Grant was puzzled by her sudden chance of tone.

'Well, alright, I can't resist it. It disgusts me that I am giving in to a man like you. Just tell me what to do. Go on. Let's stop this game. I'll do anything you want. Just tell me. I'll crawl on my knees for you, beg you to fuck me, suck your balls, like your cock, sniff your ass. It's what you make us do isn't it. Men like you, to women like me.'

She was pulling at Grant's cock as she spoke.

Unsure of how to respond, Jenny solved the problem for him, by standing up and pulling his shorts down to his ankles.

Then, in one swift movement, her dress came over her head.

She stood before him, naked. White flesh that had not been exposed to the sun. Muscles that lacked any sign of exercise. The slightly flabby body of a woman just entering middle age. Breasts sagging from lack of support, with stiff dark red nipples. And between her legs and across her belly unruly dark pubic hair.

As he took in the sight, Jenny moved in, kneeling astride him before lifting his cock and sinking down on it until her buttocks were nestling on his balls.

'AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,' she sighed. 'That's good, so damn good.'

Grant was taken by surprise as Jenny sank down his cock.

He's expected her to be wet and to slide into her like he did into Gina. But no, she was barely damp.

'Careful, Jenny, careful, take it slowly.' He felt like she had sandpapered his shaft.

Damn, what was wrong with this woman. She had started off all loving and needy and seeking reassurance. Then she had moved into a description of how she had misunderstood every encounter they had had. Was she unbalanced, not able to see the world except as he imagined it to be? Only to move on to abuse him and hadn't the whole of their conversation been underlain with some racist hints about how black guys behaved to women? Or was that his imagination based on what Gina had told him? Although come to think about it, how had Gina known?

'Damn, you're big, and hard, you're filling me, and you're going to rip me open.' She was looking down on him, but he couldn't read her expression. Was she enjoying this? He really couldn't tell. And if he couldn't tell, he could be sure how to respond.

She placed her hands either side of his head and leaned forward until her face was inches from his.

'You're my bull and I'm going to milk those balls. So how do you want to play this, big boy? Do you want me to ride you or do you want to throw me onto my bag and shag me senseless?'

Grant didn't know what to say, because he didn't know what she wanted him to say. Because she was in control of his situation, he was sure of that.

Obviously, she had a stereotype of how black guys treated their women, so why not live up to it. he wrapped his arms around her, pushed up and twisted, sending them onto the carpet, with Jenny flat on her back and Grant knocking the wind out of her as he landed on top.

'Just like I thought,' Jenny gasped. 'Now show me how good you are. Show me how you shag that journalist bitch you're hooked up with. Give it to me good, boy, because I don't settle for second best.'

She was wet now. Grant could feel her seeping onto his balls.

'You ever been fucked by a black guy before?'

She shook her head.

'Well, welcome to the club.'

He eased himself out and then rammed home, fast, crashing into her crotch, pushing her across the carpet with each thrust. She didn't react, didn't respond to him, just stared at him, her eyes shifting from his chest to his face to his cock as it pumped her.

'Can you feel those balls, banging into your ass? They're real balls, men's balls, full of sperm.'

Still she said nothing.

Until, without warning, she gave a shudder and then propped herself up on her elbows.

'PFFT', she snorted. 'That was a real farmyard fuck as my daddy would have said.'

Her face became serious. 'I don't mind you treating me like that, it's good. My friends were right. Guys don't really respect women – I see it all the time, in how they look at me or speak to me or ignore me – so why bother pretending.'

How the hell was he going to report this to Gina?
Gina's slap stung Grant's face.

'How could you be so stupid, so totally and completely thoughtless?'

Grant protested his innocence.

'It all happened so suddenly. I wasn't expecting it. Anyway, shouldn't she take responsibility for her protection, use the pill or something?'

The second slap was harder. Gina's tone was now more sarcastic.

'You don't get it, do you, you still don't get it? It's not about her maybe getting pregnant from the sperm dump you performed for her amusement this afternoon. It's about you contact with her, intimate personal contact. If you don't understand what intimate and contact means, let me spell it out for you. It means sticking your bare shaft up her cunt. You may not think that is intimate, but let me tell you, Grant, that when I allow you inside my body, I consider that to be intimate contact.'

She shuddered and stepped away from him.

'I don't know how I can bare you in my bed now.'

Grant paled, the seriousness of not using a condom was sinking in, fast.

'Let alone even imagine you inside me, inside my mouth, inside my, CUNT.' She spat out the final word as if she were ejecting some poisonous substance from her mouth.'

'Come on,' Grant began to plead, 'an affair was your idea, remember.'

'An affair, yes, an affair. But not riding this racist psychotic bitch bareback. I don't remember that being in the job description.'

Grant didn't know what to say, how to redeem himself.

Finally, he found an answer. Or at least thought he had.

'Get off your high horse, Gina. Have you forgotten last week, when I took you for behind and you then sucked my cock, after it had been-'

'Yes, go on, after it had been up my shit hole. True, I did. But you're forgetting the important word in that sentence. You had been up MY shit hole, MINE.'

Grant's shoulders sunk in defeat.

Perhaps recognising his submission or just wanting to salvage what she could from the encounter, Gina's tone became businesslike.

'Right, start at the beginning and take me through every detail of what happened, don't leave anything out.'

Grant obeyed and was subjected the most intense interrogation he had ever experienced.

'So,' Gina finally leaned back and took a deep breath, then another and another. 'So, what can we learn from this, about Jenny, anything that will help me get inside her head to understand what makes her tick.'

She pulled a pad towards her, picked up a pencil, and began to take notes.

'First, you say she's racist. Maybe. It sounds to me more like a typical female fantasy. Typical white woman fantasising about big black cocks. There's no mileage there.'

She grinned.

'What's so funny?' Grant demanded.

'Big cock, mileage. Even your isn't that long.' Another grin. 'Anyway, it's not just length, thickness is as important too. She'd probably never seen one before, except in porn.'

'Did you have fantasies like that?' Grant ventured.

But Gina was not to be drawn.

'Now then, now then, fantasies are private, that's why they are fantasies. Only ask about my fantasies if you are going to share yours.' Grant said nothing. 'Anyway, I don't need to fantasise now I have a real one to play with.'

For a second Grant dared to hope that her use of the present tense – as a wordsmith she was a pedant about grammar and stuff – was significant.

'Second, no the fantasy isn't important, what is important though is that she gave voice to it. I wonder if she regrets it now. We'll know if she mentions it again. the thing I have learned from this is that she is frustrated. That's why all her confused and conflicting images and fantasies and desires and whatever else is swilling around in her head all came out. And it's important because it shows what had driven her and her pursuit of her career. Yes, this is valuable. It was worth it. Almost,' she added hurriedly.

'Almost?' Grant asked, hesitantly.

'Well, you've reinforced her fantasies. She'll think all black guys are as well hung as you are. When the reality is that most guys, whatever colour they are, have tiny little willies.'

'And how do you know that?'

'Because, Grant, I am an investigative journalist.' She smiled. For the first time, a genuine warm smile. 'Look, we need to get ourselves back on track and that means you need to have a thorough scrub. I don't want a close encounter with that lady's DNA.'

Grant headed for the shower.
Next day, Gina was looking distracted.

Eventually, she sat down opposite Grant.

'I've been thinking,' she said. He was worried.

'Why? What about?' He sensed this meant trouble for him.

He was right.

'You say that you weren't attracted to her, but you still managed to, well, to do it.' She was using euphemisms, which meant she was nervous about what she was saying and not feeling comfortable with him.

'She didn't give me a chance, she damn near pulled my cock off.'

'But when she's finished, you carried on. You satisfied yourself and then ejaculated into her. That was of your own free will, wasn't it. She didn't make you do that, not unless you're holding something back.'

'I'm not holding anything back. But, just think about it, you wanted me to have an affair, it would have looked pretty odd if I had just left. I had to see it through.'

'But, and this is my point, Grant, you were able to.'

'Look, Gina, this wasn't my idea. I didn't want to have an affair, so I had to get my head in the right state to go through with it. That wasn't easy for me, in fact if she hadn't been so insistent I was worried that I might not be able to manage to get hard at all.'

'But you did manage it.'

Grant was at a loss to know what to say that didn't have the potential to make things worse. Worse for him. Fortunately, Gina carried on. Or, perhaps, not so fortunately.

'The way you describe her body, you must have studied it closely and despite that it didn't put you off.'

'Like I said, I had to perform – it was what you wanted.'

'Do old bodies turn you on, Grant? Is that it? I'm more or less Jenny's age. My body must look pretty much like hers.'

Grant put his arm round her shoulders, but she didn't respond.

'I love you, Gina, and no you don't look a bit like her.'

But she was not going to be appeased.

'So could you have an affair with anyone, if you put your mind to it? With my sister, say?'

Grant felt like screaming.

'What is it with you, Gina? You told me to do something, I did it, and suddenly you're talking about your sister. What's she got to do with it? Unless,' he had a thought, 'this isn't one of your fantasies is it?'

She looked at him with scathing contempt.

'NO,' she snapped. 'It's about what you did yesterday and how you managed to do and what it says about how you feel about women and in particular about me. Do you have to get you head in the right place when we make love? What makes me different? Or are you lying and you could just fuck any woman who opened her legs for you?'

'I've tried to explain as best I can, Gina. If this is making you unhappy then let's end it now. I'll ring Jenny and apology for what happened and say I don't want to be unfaithful to you.'

'It's not that simple, Grant. What you did yesterday, that can't be unhappened.'

She was right; it couldn't.

It was then, at the worst possible moment, that his phone rang. Jenny was calling.
'Don't answer,' Gina ordered as Grant was about to pick up Jenny's call. 'Don't appear too eager.'

'Aren't I suppose to be eager?' Grant queried.

'You are, but you need to play the game. Don't be available just because she calls you. That gives you more control.'

'OK.' Grant put the phone down.

'And it can judge your response if she leaves a message. Spontaneous answers can be dangerous, especially if she is recording them.'

'Recording them. Why would she do that?'

'To listen to them later. Or to play to her friends.'

Grant was beginning to wonder if Gina had more experience of affairs than she was letting on.

The couple waited a few minutes and then checked voicemail. Jenny had left a message.

'Hey, lover, how a'you doin' today? Still asleep after yesterday's exertions. They were something special. Never been fucked like that before, not ever. Make sure you keep your strength up. Gina sent a message about another interview. She's very keen. Oh by the way can you sent me a pic of that tattoo of hers? You must have some. I'd love to see that lady assuming the position. Bye for now, lover.'

The sting left Grant's head ringing.

'You told you. How could you? How could you ever tell anyone? I want all those photos deleted, right now. Give me that phone and show me where they are.' Gina paused. 'Did you take any of her?'

'No,' Grant was desperately fumbling to find Gina's pics. 'No, there was no chance, even if I had wanted to,' he added hastily.

When Grant had deleted the pictures, and crossed his fingers that Gina was unaware of the copies on his laptop, she turned to him.

'You betrayed me by telling that bitch about the tattoo. She now has spread around, some personal knowledge that she can laugh about behind my back. And you betrayed my trust and our agreement by not telling me everything that the two of you said. In future, I think it best if you record your meetings. That way I can check for myself.'

Grant felt that his world was spinning out of control. But Gina was not finished.

'I'm sorry I slapped you, Grant. I should have kicked you in the balls. Next time I will.'

Grant was sure she meant it.
Two days later, Grant pulled into Jenny's drive, having switched his phone to record in the lane outside.

'Hey, lover,' she greeted him at the door and threw her arms round his shoulders to pull his head down for a long kiss.

'You see how much I missed you,' she whispered. 'Now are you going to show me how much you missed me.'

Grant returned the kiss, knowing that Gina would require a second by second account when she played the recording.

Jenny's hands were pulling at Grant's shirt before they broke apart. She immediately began to flick her tongue at his nipples.

'Do you like that?' her hand was now beginning to massage his crotch, vigorously. 'Does the tattooed lady get you this hard this quickly?'

Grant moaned, partly at the pleasure and partly at knowing he would have to explain to Gina which of them had invented that name for her.

'Do you get this excited with her?' Jenny was now pushing down Grant's jeans to expose his throbbing cock. 'When did you last make you lose control?'

Grant moaned again, but Jenny persisted, her hand now clutching his balls.

'Come on, baby,' her teeth began gnawing at his neck, 'tell me, come on, tell me, I'm sure you can remember.'

Grant was in an impossible position, wanting to please Jenny but dreading the interrogation and trouble her questions would cause him later, not to mention any answer that Gina took exception to, which in her present mode would probably be all of them.

'Let's not talk about her,' he pleaded, 'I just want to concentrate on you.'

But Jenny was not to be put off.

'I want to know, Grant, tell me everything, what you do to her, what she does to you, what you say to each other, describe her face when she cums, tell me what little tricks she uses to make you beg her to finish you off.'

As she spoke her finger slide behind Grant's balls and began exploring his hole.

'Nooo, no, please,' he groaned.

But Jenny had found what she wanted, a way to make him lose control, and pushed her finger had to overcome his resistance.

'Aaarrrhhhhhhhhhhh, nooo, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, damn, stop, please, sto-'

But Jenny did not stop and neither could Grant. She burst out laughing as his cum sprayed over her dress.

'Looks like I found one of her tricks. She removed her finger and sucked it. 'Uuummm nice, but don't worry, I won't do that every time, don't want to spoil my fun, now do I.'

'No,' he gasped.

'Well, what are you going to do to keep me amused until you're ready to blow again?'
Grant saw his chance. Time to find some information that Gina could use and then, hopefully, he could find a way of extricating himself from the tangle he was in, caught between these two women.

'Why don't we talk for a while,' he suggested. 'This has all happened so quickly, I feel I've not really got to know you yet.'

Jenny laughed.

'You know all you need to know about me, baby. I like the feel of that thick black cock filling my tight white pussy.'

'I'm not just interested in the sex, Jenny. I want you to know that.'

'Of course you're not. Why would you only be interested in fucking a randy middle-aged politician? Especially when you've got a snooping midget at home who comes with tattoos for you to read when you're fucking her ass.'

Grant couldn't let that pass, especially with their pillow talk being recorded.

'That's not fair, Jenny. Gina is trying to help your career with these articles she's writing about it. They're not going to be a hatchet job.'

'OK, so let's talk about Gina. When did you two last fuck?'

'Last night.'



Grant was making this up. The couple had had little contact since the affair began.

'Did she cum?'


'What does she say when she cums?'

'She doesn't say anything in particular. She just moans and cries.'

'I bet she does with that slab of meat working her into a frenzy.'

'What do you do that really turns her on, makes her soak her pants?'

Grant knew the answer to that question, but no way was he going to give Jenny any more ammunition.

'It's a smile I have. I don't quite know what it looks like, but Gina says that when I smile at her like that, she can't keep control.'

Jenny looked sceptical, but she seemed to be enjoying their chat.

'And how does she behave when she loses control?'

'She's all over me, pulling my clothes off, climbing on top of me, riding me, hard.'

'And what about you? What trick does she use to make you lose control?'

Should Grant tell the truth or make something up? Either way he had to be careful not to cause himself more trouble.

'She licks my crack,' he stammered, hoping to sound suitably embarrassed at so personal an admission, but feeling safe that it was close to the truth without revealing the full truth.

Jenny was silent for so long that Grant eventually asked if she was OK.

'OK? Sure. I'm just imagining how she gets you into the position to do that or how you find an excuse to open yourself up to that.'

Grant wasn't sure whether she was making fun of him or not. But he needn't have bothered, because her manner changed in an instant.

'You know what, lover, I know just what the tattooed dwarf sees in your smile. She sees those white teeth and thick lips and that makes her feel them working her pussy.'

Grant spotted his chance to stop this conversation and pushed Jenny onto her back to bury his face in her crotch. Jenny was still talking, but now he had an excuse not to answer her.

'Speaking of her pussy, what's it like, is she hairy like me or shave, what shape are her lips- AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.'

Grant had located her clit in the thatch of her hair and bitten hard into it. That would take her mind off chatting, at least for now.
Grant dreaded Gina's reaction to the recording, but to his surprise her response was positive, at first.

'You handled that really well, Grant. Gave her some info without giving her anything she could use against me – if she needed to.'

Grant smiled. Compliments nowadays were few and far between.

'She seems to hate you, though. Is that because we're together or is there something else going on?'

'All politicians hate journalists. They need us but know that they can't control us, at least not good ones like me. It's natural. It's fear, she tries to belittle me because that is a way of compensating for the fact that she is afraid.'

This was all too complicated for Grant. Why couldn't people just be straightforward?

'She's right about one thing, though,' Gina continued, 'you are a stud.' She was looking thoughtful now, which Grant recognised as a bad sign. 'It's not like that with me, is it? I mean, once you've cum you're drained.'

Grant had a ready answer.

'It's emotion. With you, I give everything. With her, it is just physical, nothing else.'

That seemed to please Gina, for a while.

'But you were like it from the first fuck,' she said at last, 'there's never been a time when you weren't drained. Even before we really knew each other.'

'That, darling,' Grant mentally crossed his fingers, 'because it has never been just physical for me. Never, not ever, not once. I have always given myself completely to you when we make love.'

Would she buy it?

Yes, she did. Maybe because she believed it. Maybe because she wanted to believe it. Whatever was in her mind, she smiled and reached out to take Grant's hand.

'Shall we? It's been a while. And you needn't bother showering.'

When it was over, Grant was certainly drained.

Which meant that Gina had no chance to comment further on the recording.

Which also meant that she had lots of time to think about what to say before the next morning.

She also had time to issue a warning before he fell asleep. 'Don't ever even think about telling that woman about the games we play sometimes.'

Come morning and Grant felt refreshed, but Gina looked tired.

Grant knew her well enough to wait. No point pressing her to say what was on her mind.

Right at that moment, Gina was running through her options of how this might end. how she might write up the story that is, because she was too good a journalist not to understand that she created the story by her interpretation and in the telling.

But eventually she said what was really on her mind, what was troubling her most of all.

'Grant, I'm coming to terms with what it means knowing you are having an affair with,' she could not bring herself to name her, 'that woman. But I have to know. I don't mind what the answer is, honestly, I can cope with it, but please tell me the truth.' Grant waited. 'Is she better in bed than me? Does she get you more aroused than I do?'

Grant took her in his arms and assured her that no one he had ever met was better in bed that she was. No one, not ever, without exception.

But as he held and soothed his partner, his mind was full of the feeling and sensations Jenny had created when she finger fucked his ass.
Oh God, Grant, what are you doing? No wait, I'm not ready, just give me a chan-

Please yes, that's it, go on, go on, don't stop, right there, right on the spot.

Shit, yes, yes yes yes, harder.

I can take it, don't let up, keep going.

No, argh, argh, aaahhhhh, shhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt.

Where the fuck did you learn to do that?

Darling, please, don't torment me, you mustn't stop now. No, no, not even to do that.

You're the best, the best ever, so hard, like a steel rod.

I can't wait any longer, you've got to finish this, quickly, don't torment me any more.

Grant, Grant, Grant.

My pussy is going to be raw tomorrow.

What? No, no way. My ass is sore already.

Where are you going? NO, wait. You bastard. What sort of game is this?

Come back, please. You want me to crawl after you, OK, OK, but don't go, not yet, not until-

Fuck, you're the best, the best ever. Better even than-

Grant pulled out.

'Better than who?' he demanded.
'You're so tight.'

'It's not me, Grant, it's you.'


'Yes, you're so hard, harder than you've been before.'

'I daren't move, every time you breathe my dick wants to explode.'

'You want me that much, even after being with her?'

Grant nodded.

The woman beneath him wriggled her hips slightly and grinned mischievously.

'Bitch,' he was desperate to keep control. 'This isn't easy for me, you know.'

'Yes, darling, I do know. It's not easy for me either, knowing that you're having to shag her, imagining what you are doing, what she is saying to you. But it must be worse for you, having to get hard for her.'

Grant said nothing. She was shifting, rhythmically, his dick was throbbing.

'It won't always be like this. It will be better when it can be just the two of us.'

Still Grant said nothing. She was rippling her cunt muscles, sending waves along his shaft.

She was smiling at him. gripping him hard, rocking from side to side.

'DAMN.' He couldn't keep control any longer.

She laughed.

'You looked so funny when you came.'

'Did I?' Grant tried to smile, but all he felt was relief. Relief that it was over, for the time being anyway.'
Grant pulled off the motorway, along the slip road and into the car park. He drove to a quiet corner where there were only a few other vehicles and switched off the engine. He didn't bother speculating what was going on the in the other cars that had chosen to park so far away from the buildings. He needed time to think.

If he had told his friends what was happening – something he had no intention of doing – they would have clapped him on the back and said what a lucky guy he was. Not only did he have a hot mistress, but he had his partner's approval, even encouragement.

That was not how Grant was beginning to see it.

He had never had any problems before. Not from the very start. Not even when he had cornered Kim on her own and she had given him a withering look and told him not to be silly, because he was 'just a kid.' Well he may have been a kid, but he was not just a kid, definitely not, as she realised when he had finished with her. She never called him that again.

That had been his first time and his first taste of an older woman. Older girls and women had been his preference ever since and he had never experienced any problems performing. Ever. He prided himself on that.

But he was beginning to wonder if this time might be different.

Was it age. he wondered. He was getting older, after all. Or was it that he had two women who were very demanding. Jenny wanted to meet him all the time and wanted to fuck whenever they met. And Gina wanted to fuck more than ever, before he went to meet Jenny and when he came back.

He had no intention of admitting to either woman that he needed a break. Both would be immediately suspicious that he was cooling off their relationship. Each would tell him to get some of those little blue pills that were so easy to buy online. But resorting to tablets would be an admission of failure to himself even if the women were only concerned about what it meant for them.

How could he introduce the topic? Gina was the easier one. He could say he wanted the affair to end because he could not cope with being unfaithful to her. She would tell him there was no need to worry, he wasn't being unfaithful, he was helping her with her research. There were times, in the middle of the night when he lay awake listening to her muttering in her sleep, that he wondered if this affair might not form the subject of another article or even book that Gina was planning with her publisher.

Jenny would not be put off either. There were increasing signs that she was seeing more than an affair and entertained hopes of something more permanent, at least as soon as she had used Gina for as much publicity. She'd just work her magic and they would be off again.

Grant knew the truth, that the danger was thinking too much. Once a guy started worrying about performance, that was the end of his confidence and the beginning of his problems.

He just crossed his fingers and hoped that somehow or others things would work out OK.

And that weekend luck came to his rescue from an unexpected quarter.
'She's coming on Saturday, for a meeting.'

Grant knew who Gina meant. She always said 'she' nowadays rather than Jenny.

'Meeting?' he queried. 'Not an interview then?'

'No, she wants to talk about direction of travel, prior notice of topics for discussion, terms of understanding and approval of drafts and so on.'

'Right. What does that mean exactly?'

'It means she's got a minder.'

'A special adviser?'

'Kind of. She's too junior to have one, but she is attracting attention and has one lined up for when she is promoted.'

'I see,' Grant said, although he didn't.

'She's called Tracey and I want you to keep her occupied or at least distracted enough for me to have a private word with you-know-who.'

Grant nodded, but hoped this didn't involve any sexual activity. He was finding two women more than enough.

As it turned out, he didn't have to make any effort to get Tracey away from Jenny, because Tracey wanted to get him away from Gina.

The pair arrived promptly in Tracey's car. She looked Chinese or Japanese, but spoke with an Essex accent and had plenty to say for herself and for Jenny.

Gina took the women on a tour of the house as a way of getting the measure of Tracey and of her control over Jenny. She had become involved in an intense discussion with Jenny about the pros and cons of matching bedding and curtains, when Tracey excused herself to ask Grant to listen to the engine of her car.

'What's the problem?' Grant asked as they walked to her car.

'Nothing,' Tracey replied, 'I want to talk to you alone.'

'What about?' Grant tried to sound unconcerned.

'Jenny's told me about you and her and I wanted to give you the heads up.'

'Right,' was all Grant could think to say.

'She couldn't wait to tell someone, she is to thrilled to be in a relationship with a man again, and didn't stop talking about you once she had started.'

Grant waited to see where this would lead.

Tracey smiled for the first time. 'I can see why she is so excited.' Her eyes gave him the once over. 'But it worries me,' she became serious again, 'that she is so excited. She just wants to burst out with it, she desperately wants to be seen with you in public, let everyone see that she can attract a hot guy.'

'I think I see where this is leading,' Grant ventured. 'If our, er, interest in each other became public that would be the end of the favourable articles that Gina might write for her.'

Tracey nodded. 'Yes, that's part of it, but it would also make her look deceptive and disloyal, seducing the partner of a journalist who was supporting her. Not a good image with the electorate.'

'So, are you asking me to back off?' Grant mentally crossed his fingers.

'Goodness, no. That would be a disaster. No, I'm just saying that everything is too intense at the moment. All you guys do is have hot sex.' She smiled again, the second time. 'Yes, she's given me a detailed account. Which is great for both of you, but it can't be sustained. You need to establish a relationship that isn't just based on sex. You need time alone, to learn about each other.'

If Gina could have heard this, she would have cheered. A golden opportunity to get all the private info that Tracey didn't want her to have.

'And I'm guessing,' Grant ventured again, 'that you have a plan.'

Tracey nodded. 'Better than a plan. My parents have a secluded cottage, and I mean secluded, in the countryside. If you could get away, you could spend some time there. It is very private. Jenny isn't well known enough yet to be recognised and you of course have no private profile at all.'

'So, when might this cottage be available?'

'It just so happens,' Tracey took out her phone, 'that I have the vacancy dates to hand.' She took his number and texted the details.

As they walked back to the house, she stopped and looked serious again.

'I always wondered, well all women do, whether it's true what they say and Jenny says it is.'

'What do all women wonder?' Grant fished for a response, but Tracey wasn't going to take the bait.

'You know perfectly well what I mean, Grant. If ever you get tired of her, you've got my number.'

Yes, Grant definitely had her number.
Gina was of course delighted at the prospect of Grant getting closer to Jenny and learning more about her character away from politics. She was of course less keen on the sex that the pair would be having while she was home alone and deprived.

Grant arrived at the cottage to find Tracey's car parked outside. This was not what he had expected.

It was Tracey who came out to greet him.

'Are you joining us?' he grinned, unsure of what the two women might have planned.

'You should be so lucky. No way would Jenny agree to that, not at this stage anyway. Besides,' she drew close until she was almost touching Grant, 'I'm not sure you are man enough for three women.'

Grant tried to present a nonchalant face, but was not sure he succeeded. Tracey laughed. 'Our time may come, one day, Grant, you never know. But I warn you, I don't share my DNA. I expect my guys to be exclusive.'

She climbed into her car and drove away with a wave as Jenny came out of the front door.

'It was Tracey's idea to bring me here. Undercover, that's how she described it, in case I'm recognised.'

She slipped her arm through Grant's as she led him inside and pushed against him.

'I'm really looking forward to our time here.' It sounded to Grant like the start of a speech, which it was. 'I hate having to rush our love making. It shouldn't be like that, we should be able to take our time to learn about each other's needs and how to fulfil them. Because that is what a relationship, meaningful relationship, should have, don't you agree, darling, a sound physical foundation. It shouldn't be about stolen moments and frantic grappling, knowing all the time that one of us will have to leave. I've waited a long time for you to find me, Grant, and I have no intention of letting you go.'

They were in the cottage now, standing at the foot of the stairs. Jenny released his arm and turned to face him.

'I feel this is a turning point, Grant. This is the moment for us to make a commitment to each other. I know I can't ask you to leave Gina; the time isn't right for that.' Grant wondered when the time would be right. When Gina had written up the articles that would advance Jenny's career perhaps? 'But I can't bear the thought of you and her … getting together. I've thought about it a lot and it makes my flesh creep, the thought makes me feel sick. So I want us to promise each other than from now on ours is an exclusive relationship.'
'And what did you say?' Gina's tone was cold. Grant was taking the chance to use his phone while Jenny was in the bathroom.

'What could I say? I had to promise.'

There was silence at the other end.

Grant waited it out. Gina knew he had to promise and that she was to blame for him being in that position.

'I just hope you have no intention of carrying out that promise,' her tone had moved from cold to deep freeze.

'Of course, not, Gina, surely you know me better than that.'

Her silence suggested that she might not be so sure, not any longer.

'You had better be right about that, because no way am I going to accept any reduction in conjugal relations, none at all. Just remember that.'

Grant returned to the cottage just as Jenny emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy robe but with a look on her face that he had not seen before.

'Sorry, Grant, I really have to deal with some official business.' She nodded at her laptop. 'The sooner I get it done, the sooner we can carry on getting to know each other better.'

Grant took the hint and left her in private, wondering what surprise Jenny had for him next.

Nothing that went through his mind prepared him for what she said when she sat down on the sofa beside him an hour later.

'Grant, darling, I'm sorry, you need to leave, right away. Tracey has messaged me. The press have discovered that I am in a relationship and I am at a secret location with my lover. You need to get away before they arrive.'

'But what am I supposed to tell Gina?' Grant was trying to think in character. How should he react to this news.

'Make something up,' Jenny snapped. 'Guys are good at that. Get your things, quickly, the press could be on their way.'

Grant grabbed his belongings and fled, only too relieved to be free.
'How did they find out?' Grant asked. He and Gina had both been taken by surprise at Grant's sudden return home.

'The press? Someone told them, probably Tracey. She knew about your weekend tryst with Jenny and where it would take place, because it was her idea and she chose the location. And that means Jenny must have known too.'

'But why would she want to ruin her own romantic weekend, our first chance to spend quality time together?'

'It can only be because Jenny has an agenda. She is using this relationship to promote interest in herself.'

'What happens if the press find out who I am?'

'They won't. At least, not until the time is right. Like I told you, politicians don't like journalists and don't trust them, although they need them. So she is not relying solely on me and my interviews to get her what she wants. But she has to project the right image. It won't do her any good with the voters if it comes out that she has seduced the partner of the journalist she is working with. No, I'm sure she will want to portray this in a way that puts her in the best light. We'll wait and see what comes out on social media.'

'If anything,' Grant muttered.

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, the press may not know. She may just be playing with me.'

'The only one playing with you right now,' Gina purred softly, 'is me.' She pulled at his shirt and raked her nails down his chest. 'This white slut wants you thick cock filling my pussy.' She was pulling her dress over her head as she spoke. 'That's what all white women want. All my friends would get their hands on you if they had the chance.' She pulled him onto the floor on top of her. 'Give it to me, Grant, like you'd have given it to that bitch, but harder and longer. Pump those sperm into me, fill my cunt.' Her eyes were burning as she spoke, her gaze intense. 'You're the best fuck I ever had, don't forget that, because I'm not letting anyone take you away from me. Not Jenny, not Tracey, not anyone.' She began to growl as he pumped her slowly. 'God damn, Grant, you're the best, the very best.'

As Grant worked steadily faster and faster, he saw Gina with new eyes. She had never spoken to him like this before, he had never had any idea that she had thoughts like this. In fact, the more she talked, the more she sounded like Jenny and, as he looked down on her orgasm face, the more she looked like her too.

As they lay side by side, they heard their phones buzzing.

'See who it is,' Gina whispered in his ear as she stroked his chest.

Grant showed her the phone. Number unknown. JENNY IS USING YOU.

Gina reached out for her phone and they read the message together. Number also not recognised. GRANT IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH JENNY.

What had they got themselves into?
'I can't just let that go,' Gina's reaction was instant.

'What do you mean?' Grant could only see this causing trouble, for him.

'No woman would just ignore that. She knows that and she's be suspicious if I don't react.'

'You're assuming that she knows about the text.'

'Yes, I am, and I'm sure she does. It can only have come from her or Tracey and I can't see any benefit for Tracey telling me.'

Grant tried but failed to stop her. Gina called Jenny and put the call on speaker.

'Jenny,' Gina began, 'I've had an anonymous text saying you're having an affair with Grant. I want to know if that is true.'

There was a short silence. Did Grant imagine it or was there a gasp from Jenny.

'Have you told Grant? What does he say?'

Classic avoidance – Jenny might as well have admitted it, unless, well, yes, unless. This was getting complicated.

'Of course,' Gina was quick to reply. 'Of course, I asked him and of course he denied it. He would, wouldn't he. Which is why I am asking you.'

Another silence, then Jenny spoke, all politician, all soothing and reassuring.

'No, it is not true. I am not having an affair with her husband. I don't do that sort of thing and I certainly wouldn't do it to someone I have come to regard as a friend.'

Grant waited for Gina's response.

'I'm glad to hear it, Jenny, and thank you for giving me a straight answer. I just wanted to be sure, in my own mind. You see, Grant and I have agreed to start a family. I've stopped contraception and we're hoping to be pregnant really soon.'

Grant sat open-mouthed. This was news to him, if it was true, that is.

'Was that true?' He tried to sound casual as soon as the call was over.

'Yes,' Gina told him, 'it is now. Let's start breeding.'

As Grant lay awake afterwards, listening to Gina's post coital snoring. He wondered what would happen when he next met Jenny.
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The slap was as unexpected as it was sharp.

Grant had not been in touch with Jenny for nearly two weeks and had expected a warm welcome, but not like this.

As soon as her front door closed behind him, he saw a blur and felt a sting on his right cheek.

'Bastard,' she screamed, 'fucking bastard. You'll still fucking that bitch and breeding off, I can't believe it, I just can't believe it.'

'No,' he protested, 'no, that's not true, none of it. Gina was just trying to put you off if we were having an affair.'

Her expression told him that she did not believe him.

'Convince me. Tell me how you are avoiding fucking her.'

'I told her I didn't feel well, at first, and then I made like I couldn't.'

'Made like you couldn't,' Jenny sneered. 'And how, pray, did you make like you couldn't when you've got a rocket sized dick throbbing in your pants? Come on, tell me.'

This was tricky, but Grant had a plan. He hung in head in what he hoped would look like embarrassment.

'The thing is, Jenny, well to be honest, I'm not a guy who sleeps around. I need to be committed to the woman and, well, it got to the point where I had to make a choice. Well, no,' he hoped this didn't sound too contrived, 'no, I'll be honest, my body made the choice. It has chosen you and I just can't perform with Gina any longer. It's humiliating for her, because she knows my body is rejecting her. That's the truth.'

There was a long silence before Jenny spoke.

'OK, fine, I'll take your word on this, for the moment. But next time I meet Gina, I'll know, women can always tell if another woman is getting laid regularly. And if it turns out that you've lied to me, well, for now just show me that your body hasn't changed its mind over the last fortnight.'

Grant did his best and, fortunately, it was sufficient to convince Jenny that he had been deprived of sex for the last two weeks. Although the truth was that Gina had been draining his balls every night in a rush to get pregnant as soon as possible.
Grant wasn't one to confide his problems to anyone, unless he was desperate and then there was only one person he could truly trust.

His brother, Dylan.

He told Dylan what was happening.

Dylan listened intently. That, he knew, was what was required. Concentrated attention without interruption. Grant needed advice badly or he would have invited Dylan over when Gina was away on an assignment.

When Grant was done, he couldn't stop his face breaking into a broad grin.

'Well, you lucky fox. Your girlfriend is on heat and she's given you permission to have a mistress too.'

'It's not funny,' Grant was concerned that his brother was not taking this seriously. 'It would be OK if it weren't for Jenny wanting me to be exclusive and Gina trying to get pregnant. If she succeeds, she'll be flaunting it in Jenny's face. Then the shit will hit the fan.'

'Will she? Get pregnant, I mean. After all, she wants you to find out some useful info on Jenny and publish a book her later. She'll lose that if she gets pregnant, won't she?'

Grant went thoughtful. Dylan was right.

'Which means,' Grant was working this out as he spoke, 'which means that she is playing games with me, not with Jenny.'

'Yeah, bro, that's what I'm saying.'

'But why?'

'It's obvious, isn't it. She's worried that Jenny will take you away from her, so she keeping you close and satisfied.'

The brothers sat quietly for a while.

Then Dylan nudged his Grant.

'Of course, if you can't handle two, I can always take over for you.'

They laughed and spent a few minutes speculating about that might work out in practice. They did, after all, look a lot alike, being brothers.

'Which one would you pick if you could take one of them?' Grant asked as he brought back some more beers.

'Gina, definitely. I've always found her attractive.' He saw Grant's face and went on quickly. 'Not that I would ever do anything about it, never have, never will. It was obviously right from the off that she was interested in you and only you. You don't need to have any worries on that score. What about you, bro, which would you pick?'

Grant didn't hesitate. 'Gina, definitely. Jenny has a lot going for her, but she's borderline racist. She thinks all black guys are well hung sex machines with huge balls.'

'Well,' Dylan laughed, 'she was right in your case.'

'The thing is,' Grant had turned serious again, 'she says all white women think like that. Is that right, do you think? The thing is, Dylan, she's got me wondering about Gina. What is going through her mind when we're together? Looking back, at things she said and done, it's made me wonder whether Jenny might be right. About Gina at any rate?'

'Loosen up, brother, come on, we all have thoughts in our heads about all sorts of things and that's where they stay. What doesn't come out doesn't cause any trouble. Look, you wanted my advice, this is it. This pregnancy doesn't make any sense for Gina. Don't tell her that, but try to reassure her that there is no risk that she will lose you to Jenny. Maybe then she'll ease off a bit.'

So that is what Grant did.

When Jenny got back, Grant pulled her to sit beside him.

'Gina, I've been thinking while you were out.' She looked worried, so he rushed on. 'I want you to know that I'm only doing, having, well going with Jenny because you want it. I'm not finding it easy, because to be honest, you are the only woman I want be with. I feel ashamed at what I'm doing, despite it being your idea. I come away feeling dirty.'

He hoped he hadn't overdone this.

Gina sat staring at him and then threw her arms round his neck and kissed him. They clung to each other as Grant lifted her into his arms and carried her to bed.
Gina clamped her thighs round him as they made love and held him close when they were done. When they finally separated, Gina understood that she had nothing to fear from Jenny and that she could trust Grant to drop his association with her just as soon as Gina had the material she needed. 'She'll probably get tired of you before then,' she joked lamely. 'She's just not had a dick up her fanny for so long this it's still all new and exciting for her.'

Grant wasn't convinced about that, but was relieved that the pressure was off him to get Gina pregnant and along with it the risk of Jenny finding out that he had been 'cheating' on her by continuing to fuck Gina.

For a fleeting moment, he hoped his brother wouldn't be offering his assistance to Gina on the side. But, no, he had said that he would never do that and blood was thicker than water, whatever that meant. So Grant pushed that thought out of his mind, at least as far as it would go, and tried to ignore the image of Dylan lying between Gina's thighs.

The next time he met up with Jenny was at her home. 'If we meet openly for everyone to see, no one will be suspicious,' she told him on the phone when they arranged to meet. 'If we try to hide it, someone is bound to spot us.' OK, if that was how she wanted to play it.

'I'm sorry about what happened to ruin our weekend,' she had her arms round his neck as soon as her door closed on them. 'I so wanted us to get to know each other.' Grant said nothing; that was always best when he didn't know what to say. She led him into her living room and kissed him. That took some time. 'I want this time to be different. But I'm afraid there are still things for me to do,' she nodded at her computer on the table. 'Why don't you get the work done first, then we can concentrate on getting to know each other better.'

Jenny stared from Grant to the computer than back again, clearly undecided.

'No,' she said finally, 'it's been too long and I can't wait.'

So they didn't. She had been right about not being able to wait. She had cum within five minutes.

'I'm surprised you managed without a man for, how long was it?' Grant made his first attempt to find a story for Gina to store away. There had to be a reason why a woman with a sexual appetite like hers to go celibate for a decade.

'A decade, darling, ten years.'

He waited. No use trying to push her. There was obviously something important to disclose and it was best to let it come out in her own good time.

'OK,' she sighed, 'yes, you should know. Let me get my work done and then we can settle down to some private time.'

Grant got a beer and wandered round the garden, wondering what Jenny would reveal.
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