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Sep 26, 2009
Silver117 said:
Drake looked at the maids. Their happy face soon turned to worry and doubt. He stayed cool and calm about this and shook his head. "No. I know 10 day is good enough. I have the upmost fate in all of you." He started and looked as each girl one by one. He words were soothing as he touches each one. "You will prove to the mistress that your are amazing." He said caressing Annele cheek. "It will take time a effort, but you can still have fun in the process." He replied while rubbing Misecelle back. "I will help you every step of the way. My teaching will help you succeed." He tells Lucilelle and Markine while stroking their wings softly. "Believe in me as I believe in all of you." He said while hugging Durelanie. "We will get a standing ovation from the crowd." he said and finally kissing Candy on the lips.

The girls seemed to relax a bit, taking in Drakes words, using them as a means to hold themselves up.To get their courage going and their bravery.Each one chattered to each other, then smiled and looked to Drake.

"Thank you Master." They all said in unison and slowly began to practice their instruments.

Candy was blushing a sweet rose color, her hands holding tight to her violen."You are so sweet."She said and kissed his lips, then his cheeks."Was there something specific we were going to play.Or were we going to create our or music."She asked, smiling."Chances are will be such a hit, will make CDs or something.Get sponsored."Now she was making this into a playful joke.

luatesh said:
Mao had smelled Yukimo as she rubbed her hands and tails all over her body " I dont understand why you smell so good to me " she whispered into her ear as she smelled her hair soon Mao could not wait anymore as her tails that were wrapped around her breasts and body tighten when her last three tails go deep with in her cunt .
soon all three of her tails started to move in a pattern as one was coming out another was going in at a rapid rate then once her tails got moving inside of her hands and other tails start rubbing her body once again as she kissed Yukimo trying to make her cum as she started to move faster and harder.

Her body was hot and just about ready to explode.The way Mao was fucking her was down right amazing.Raising her hips, going along with the way Mao's tails were thrusting in an out.She moaned in silence, thrusting her own tongue inside of the foxlings mouth, holding tight to the little creature, not wanting her to go away.This was good.This was amazing.She loved this.She loved being touched.

Yukimo could feel the need to cum rising and rising, ready to bowl and spill over.She opened her legs even more, trembling, her hips undulating, wanting those tails to go deeper, faster and harder.She wanted more.


Feb 23, 2011
Zale growing tired of waiting waved his hand at the next girl that walked by. He saw everyone else in the place getting servied and not him.


Dec 3, 2011
;;The male had well entered the manor with his dark eyes scouting the inside of the place quite eagerly, his tall dark form lumbered within the place almost like a shadow, he was of an elven race, his height being of 6'1, weight 210 lbs only for his body to be skinny, but masculine though his dark midnight blue gauntlets gleamed in the light, the wind swept inwards taking up his platinum silver hair, his name being Takshi Samhain he walked forth towards the steps observing the place, being new to this building he well piqued his curiosity by looking bout, placing his hands behind his frame interlacing them together, with each step he took it would echo off that of the floor below he stepped unto. He was quite stressed and needed a break from all the action he was doing, although he loved his job being an Assassin had its tolls. And he was here to relieve stress if a certain way of course.;;
Sep 20, 2011
AK89 said:
Zale growing tired of waiting waved his hand at the next girl that walked by. He saw everyone else in the place getting servied and not him.

BJ saw Zale wave his hand, and walked over to him. "What do you need sir?" She asked, looking at him "Sorry I didn't get to you, I was engrossed in my cleaning."
The reality was that she was getting increasingly 'blue balled', so she was cleaning with all her might to distract herself from it.
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