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Hypest Video Game Tracks and Remixes


Apr 12, 2018
Inspired by @Fandomizer 's thread asking for the chillest tracks and remixes in games, what's a video game track that has the opposite affect for you?

What gets your heart pumping, your head bobbing, and your pulse going 0-100? What makes you want to get up and break some shit? Or wants to make you start a new game on the hardest difficulty and beat a boss's ass like nothing else?

Whether from a game or a remix, drop your favorites here!

God, too many to name. First one that came to mind as of late is Primrose's battle theme from Octopath. The entire music selection of Octopath is god-tier but this one never fails to get some chills on my arm when that intro starts. You can just feel the emotion and anger of the piece, perfectly fitting for a character about revenge, hypes me up like nobodies buisness.

I'm a fighting game fan. Geese Howard is one of my favorite fighting game characters. His theme is already sick.

Then he crossed over into Tekken with his own stage. Rounds up to the final round use what I believe is the original track for him from the old Fatal Fury games, titled Soy Sauce for Geese:

However, when the final round hits? You get this absolute blast of a remix:

And I believe it to be one of the best, if not the best, official versions of the theme.
This is the track that instantly made 6-year old Bloo realize that what he was playing wasn't like Pokémon or Mario Kart DS:


0:37 hit and something in me changed from that day onward.

I had found my favorite game of all time.

To this day no boss track hypes me up quite as much as Final Fantasy IV's boss theme. As soon as I hear that bass and drum set being stomped on the widest grin appears on my face and I get trasported back to that morning where I mashed A to get through the first major fight with Cecil and Kain.

Around the same time, I played another little game called "Bowser's Inside Story". To me, it's flat out one of the best games of all time, and a wonderful RPG that everyone who is into Nintendo's biggest IP should try out. I can gush for hours about the good (and bad) it has to offer but just listen to this:


Yeah, safe to say, that track makes me headbang harder than anything else. The last one is from another great game, Xenoblade Chronicles. Seriously, listen to this:


And a gratuitous ME/Y0 simping closure:


I like this thread suggestion, SA. And it's exceptionally fitting as a potential way to get people hyped up to begin 2022! :)

DBS Broly's theme from Dragon Ball Fighterz. (As one comment for the video puts it so well, "This isn't boss music. This isn't even final boss music. This is the music for the secret boss that's even more difficult than the final boss.")

As a fellow fan of SNK in general and Geese Howard in particular, I cannot help but offer up "Kiss Geese Once More [Infernal Gate Stage]" from KOF Maximum Impact:

In a slightly low-key way, the main theme of Wii's Punch-Out gets me hyped (and serves as excellent workout music):

And both "Hyrule Field 1" and "Eclipse of the World" from Hyrule Warriors get me amped up in different ways (the former being for moments of heroism, the latter for when one wishes to be an instrument of pure destruction):

A remix of Super Mario 3's "King Bowser" theme by GaMetal:

Bowser's Inside Story was--and still is--one of my favorite RPGs of all time. And the final boss theme against the Dark Star remains one of my favorite boss themes, both the original and these two remixes (the first by Kamex, the second by GaMetal).

Thank you, Mr. Vyce! Happy to share some favorite bops and listen to some new ones with you all!

Dokkan Battle has some heat, too!

Old, but always liked this remix.

In general, the original Blinded by Light from FF13 is my favorite battle music of all time lol.

Original awesomeness:
Since we're sharing Final Fantasy, here's one of my favorite themes from Dissidia...

A remix of FF1's battle theme...

And some Final Fantasy X remixes...

And the final boss theme from Yoshi's Island is another one of my faves.

The original:

A rock remix:
Can't go wrong with Mick Gordon's DooM soundtrack for hyping myself up, although "Bury the Light" has been an absolute banger that I've been replaying like mad lately:

If I need to chill and/or focus, be it on writing or something else, you can't go wrong with the soundtrack for No Man's Sky:

Ah, a man of taste. I see your Baiken theme and raise you one of Samurai Shodown 1 villain Amakusa.

Also, being a fellow fan of a certain avian-named crime lord, have you heard these two renditions of his iconic theme:

Kid Buu's Theme ("Buu Is Fighting") from Dragon Ball Z.

The original (extended):

Two remixes:

I'm probably going to post the entire soundtrack. Every song was hype as fuck. Konami fucked up not greenlighting a sequel.

FFX's got some amazing tracks even if I find the male and female leads boring as shit. This song amps me the fuck up!~

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