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Mx Female Overwhelm, Capture, Torture, Abuse, and Ride me to Pleasure (M lf F)


Feb 12, 2020
East Coast U.S.A.
Hello, and welcome!

Thank you for being interested in my request thread! I’m a long time RPer in IMs and threads. I go by the name of Jaythous and JaySwitch in all boards. I’m only interested in playing male characters against female characters. I’m OOC and plot collaboration friendly. I’m a romance, light BDSM, and hardcore BDSM, loving Switch… meaning I enjoy dominating a woman and being dominated by a woman with aftercare or death depending on the story. Yes that’s a wide variety, but that’s what you get with me.

Here is a link to my Ons and Offs on this site.
Here’s a link to some of my story Skeletons, but this by no means tells you all the stories I’m interested in.

With all that said, I am currently looking for a female writer to play a female dominant character that can overwhelm my character, (this can be with supernatural powers, with conniving tricks, with drugs, with blackmail, with quickness and anatomy vulnerability understanding, multiple women, or other means.), capture my character with bondage, sexually torture my character while teasing and arousing him, abusing my character if you like, and then giving both your character and my character sexual pleasure.

I'd be happy to play a switch story where we take turns domming each other, either with the same characters or each having a dom and a sub character.

I simply have enough Male dom / Female sub stories already. (Dime a dozen)

I can write here on threads, PMs, or Discord IMs. I can normally post 2-3 times a week, or have 1-2 hours on a week night to IM, or 2-3 hours on a weekend to IM. My post length is usually 4-20 paragraphs, depending on my partner’s desires and where we are in the story. I can GM or be GMed, 😊

Feel free to send me a PM with ideas, or questions. You don’t have to know everyone to RP with me!

I will describe my character's appearance in writing as well as use photos. The photos can be of real people, anime, or western fantasy art, or something else, it depends on my partners preferences, I'm open to all of them.

I hope to hear from you!

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