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The EastWatch Wilderness Bestiary (Chalarm x Priscilla May)



Galactic Story Teller
Jan 1, 2020
Milky Way Galaxy
Darr slowly shook his head. "No, we would never leave someone in distress alone. I'll bring you back to your tribe, human girl, as agreed. You're lucky we were directed to you or else might have been left in the great plaines of the steppe for days before someone came across you." He responded.

The athletic centaur eyed her suspiciously as she held her hand over her chest so unnaturally.
"Are you injured?" He asked naively, Avery unintentionally drawing more attention to herself. Darr eventually understood though, his eyes growing a bit wide as he suddenly remembered that humans were strangely embarrassed by their own bodies, huffing at her unusual nature.

"Nevermind, can you walk? Do you require more water?" Darr questioned as he handed over a small bag to Avery helpfully with some dried berries inside for her to eat. At the moment his horse body was laying down to be more level with her, his long well groomed brown legs sticking out to the side as he twisted his torso to face her. He had no concern for his own brazen nudity, other than a quiver which held some pouches on the front strap, his chest was bare to her showing off the athletic build of the horsefolk who galloped across the plains. Not to mention his horse cock which at the moment was mostly hidden by his body's position, Avery having to lean her head if she intended to take another look.
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