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All for you! (All links are NSFW)


May 26, 2016
Hey there Everyone! I am a male IRL however have recently taken part in a few RP's where I've played as females and quite enjoyed then so am willing to do that a bit more going forwards hence the thread! For my part I don't mind what your gender is either so approach if you have ideas.

So this thread is going to be a little bit bare to start with until I get around to adapting it but essentially I am making an offer. I love group rps and am offering to play out any group rp you have fantasised about, with me as multiple characters against your one character. The only restriction is that the plot has to be interesting and for this thread the multiples I play will be female. Unless your character is a female in which case if you want a male to play against then I will include one in my group but specify that to me please.

Anyway so as I said above send me your plot ideas, face claim suggestions and any basic scenarios for us to work on and I aim to play out that perfect little harem you always dreamed of!

And last thing I forgot before: my discord is crozzed14#0932


So I've had a different craving recently which i would like to combine with the above. All that's written above is still valid for this thread however with a slight change that I have the groups of women selected below now to use for the roleplays. The groups are set because there is a reason I have put them together and all the groups are of three women however I don't mind how they are used. I am still open to a number of ideas and open to using the below as either face claims for other ideas that people have or doing a celeb rp if there is a fun enough plot for them. When you message me though I would ask for you to title your message with which group you're interested in using, your idea for using them and also send your favourite picture of each so that I know what style you are interested in. I look forward to hearing from you all :D

Hayley Atwell
Kat Dennings
Scarlett Johansson

Group 2:
Rose leslie
Natalie Dormer
Emilia Clarke

Group 3:
Faye Reagan
Hanna Hilton
Cassidy Banks

Group 4:
Katy Perry
Zooey Deschanel
Olivia Wilde

Group 5:
Salma Hayek
Christina Hendriks
Kelly Brook
That's all the groups I'll put up for now :)
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May 26, 2016
I am now opening this thread up to playing groups that you have an interest in. So as well as the groups I've posted if you approach eith three face claims I will be open to using them as well. Please though come with your favourite picture of each woman too.
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