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NBx Any (Looking to be used~) Monsters, vibes and horny times! (NSFW)

Feb 3, 2020
ALERT - This request thread has NSFW links, meaning there's going to be a massive share of tits, cocks and just about anything you can probably imagine, with the exception of the disgusting shit that some people are (unfortunately) into.

Woo, okay, new request thread. It's time to start this with a bang...



So, I'm MBE but, you can call me whatever you wish, honestly, I don't care. Homeslice, big man, little slut, anything is good with me. Another thing to keep in mind is that I am a FEMBOY RPer, a bottom one at that. I can power bottom most certainly in some situations, but I do like to balance out the work, unless my partners specifically wish for me to be inserted halfway into a wall with my wrists restrained, and forced to take the horde.

Also, if you haven't noticed, my main gimmick is, yes, non-humans. For a start, they're so much more interesting than any boring old human - they have the capacity to have HARDLY traditional body parts involved with them, whether they're completely new or different to our standard ones, be it their general height or even their dong size. Thick thighs, big asses, big old dicks... So long as I'm taking it in the ass, we're gucci. So,

What am I after?

Well, this is something I'm flexible on. About the only thing that's a necessity for me is smut, and quiiiite a bit of it, too, though another necessity is that it has plot to it. Like, even if it's barely present, just mindless fucking isn't gonna cut it. And keep it original, too. Like, sure, I get that MC is a glorified prostitute. But we need a bit more substance. Perhaps he travels from place to place, perhaps he has a reason why he does it, hell, perhaps he has a pimp that more or less is his adventure mate.

What do I play?

Well, if you may have noticed, so long as it isn't human, I'll drop myself into it like a ton of fuckin' bricks. Orcs 'n' greenskins? My main, hell yeah. Fancy breaking in an elf to be your sex toy? So am I~! Demons? I mean, sure. So long as they're interesting. Shoot me a request and I'll take it in my stride - worst I'll do is say no!

What do I do?

Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy. That's my main shit. If you've got an interesting enough plot, I'll probably do something supernatural, though fantasy is my main focus. Modern fantasy is actually something that's interested me recently, since while it's involving races such as orcs and my monster boys, we can include things that are more close to the technology we bear right now - which allows for ALL SORTS of kinky scenes! What, you wanna record me as you plow into me? Fuck yeah, dude, get that phone riiiight in there.

WHO am I after?

You got a dick? You're in. Honestly, I've been trying to broaden my horizons recently, but the stuff I'm craving involves partners who have muscles out the ass, or are built a bit larger. Orcs, ogres, select types of anthros, minotaurs, the lot of them interest me, whether they're males or futa characters. Of course, you may wanna let me know juuuust what you're after when you message. Some details may need to be worked out, however. I'm more or less available all the time, though, unless I'm playing fighting games. Although, I do have some important rules.

1. No fandoms. I like fandoms as much as the next person, but the idea of RPing them has been sullied for me. By all means, use art of a character from a series if you'd like, but PLEASE don't ask me to play inside of their own worlds, or even another for that matter.

2. Have fun! that's not a lot of rules.

But anyways, if you're curious about something in particular, PLEASE ask me. I love getting DMs and RPing, so even if it's just to chat about some shit, please message me!

EDIT: Yeah, I'm also looking for some sort of GM style RP, too. That's pretty hot.
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