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Spawn of Succubus / Incubus (mainman x mappy)



Jul 7, 2017
The prisoners that were tested went to the ritual at Stonehenge and were in a state of confusion. They were depraved and violent and full of rage. Strangely when some cultists instructed them to rip up some of the bodies for the ritual, they complied and were part of the ritual. When the ritual was done, they joined 2 men who turned back from a wolf hybrid back to men and went back to London.

There were a lot of roadblocks and even when the van they were in avoided the roadblocks, they were forced to go on other highways which led them away, and decided to get to the outskirts and walked to the city. The prisoners all seemed to go their own way. A lady with a forked tongue saw blue and red lights flashing and approached. Another prisoner with a prehensile dick felt a lot stronger and decided he wanted to try it out as well.


A motorcycle cop with a thick mustache saw his friend lifted off the ground with something looped around his neck and before he could call for help, a lady grabbed him and kissed him. He was paralyzed briefly and dragged into the alley and he saw his friend released and a hose-like dick getting shoved into his mouth and the man trashed and flailed.

The motorcycle cop was cuffed and hidden and 2 more cops entered the alley. "What is going on here?" An older cop asked and looked around with his flashlight. The lady moved behind the younger cop and pierced her tongue into his neck and covered his mouth. The younger cop was shocked and gave out muffled moans as his body slowly went limp. "What the..." The older cop turned around and the lady hugged him.

She was inhumanly strong and she removed his belt and pulled down his pants and grabbed his dick. The other man came over and covered the older cop's mouth and the cop trembled in fear. "I can smell his fear... and it turns me on..." The man said and sniffed the trembling cop and his dick went behind the older cop and started entering the cop's ass.

The cop was getting erect and the lady squeezed his balls and decided to fuck him. Tears rolled down the cop's eyes as he was fucked and the lady crushed his testicles as she climaxed and the man sent his dick deep into the cop, penetrating through his organs and as she lady kissed the twitching cop, she could taste blood in his mouth and pumped him further and drank the blood.

A police sergeant entered the alley with 2 cops and looked around. "Where the fuck..." He shouted and the lady hugged him.

The lady turned him around and he saw a man wrapping his dick around a cop's neck and strangling him while he choked the other cop. "What the fuck are you doing?" The sergeant asked as he was forced on the wall and the lady started removing his pants as he struggled. She rubbed his grey hair and sniffed his neck. "Oh, you smell so good..." And overpowered the sergeant and fucked him.

The man seemed pretty good at sneaking and saw 2 remaining cops at the police cars and he moved behind a fat cop and his dick wrapped around the neck of a second cop and both cops kicked silently in the air.

The sergeant's gloved hand pawed helplessly at her as she thrust on his erected dick as he moaned. He saw the large man dragged in 2 more limp cops and the man dick entered the fat cop's mouth and was pumping and swallowing some internal organs and come out all bloody...

The sergeant ejaculated and she kissed him and he felt a prick in his mouth and was paralyzed.

"Not bad..." The lady said and the man's dick entered his pants again. "Pretty cool powers... So that thing is pretty strong?"

"Stronger than my arm..." The man grabbed a limp cop and with a quick jerk, snapped his neck. "Enough to kill these fucks..."

"I can paralyze them with a bite." The lady said. "Not sure if I can snap their necks like that... Any techniques?"

The couple traded techniques and tested on the limp cops and eventually murdered everyone and before they were done, 2 police motorcycles arrived. "Great, just in time... test subjects."

The man seemed to be able to turn a shade darker and camouflaged with the background as he circled around the cops and the lady walked towards them. "What's going on here? Where are the officers?" A fat motorcycle cop asked and he reached for the radio and called for backup. He heard a snap sound and saw the large man with the other motorcycle cop limp in his arms. "Officer down!" The motorcycle cop shouted in his radio and the lady reached him and punched a few sharp jabs into his kidney, rupturing his kidney and breaking some ribs. "Please... nooo..." The fat motorcycle cop begged as she grabbed his helmet. "Sorry, just testing..." She said and with a quick jerk, she snapped his neck. "Wow, that's a good technique..." She said and dragged the limp cops into the police cars.

"No more?" The man said and they proceeded to hide all the bodies and the man put on the police uniform and entered the car with the lady and drove off.


Jul 7, 2017
"Be careful men... the killers may still be around..." An armed police sergeant said to the several groups of policemen putting on their armor. 2 plump cops entered the alley to look around and as they walked around a dumpster, they spotted a large clown. "Don't kill this one..." A lady said and covered the mouth of the plump cop and tightened her grip around his neck.

"So I can kill this one?" Another lady said and smiled. She bit into his throat and drained his blood.

The plump cop trembled as the lady rubbed his head and the other lady who drained the blood from the other cop walked over and gave him a blow job.

"Can we go out and kill them all now?" The clown asked.

"These have guns..." The lady said and tossed the gun from the plump cop aside. "They can be dangerous."

"I've killed so many before my new powers," The clown said. "I really want to try."


An old cop heard breathing sounds behind him and as he turned around, a hand covered his mouth and a fist rammed into his gut and ruptured his internal organs. The old cop was pulled close and the clown pulled down his pants and fucked him. The old cop did not resist. He was already in a lot of pain and had internal bleeding and went limp after a few thrusts before the clown fucked his mouth and dislocated his jaw.

The clown grabbed the helmets of 2 cops and snapped their necks. A fat cop turned around and his shotguns was kicked and the clown grabbed his helmet and smashed his head on the ground and crushed his skull. "Down that bloody bastard!" A senior officer commanded and the other cops quickly fired at the clown.

The clown was shot with automatic weapons and quickly regretted his decision to attack the cops as the bullets sting like hell. He rushed and rammed an armored cop into the police car, crushing his ribs and grabbed another cop's helmet and twisted his head off. The clown was starting to bleed. The solid slugs on the shotgun is penetrating into his arm and he started to reel from the pain. He rushed and grabbed and armored cop as a shield but he was already surrounded. The other cops behind him open fire and the clown turned and the other cops fired at him. He was tough but not so bright and a shotgun was placed to the side of his head -- BOOM...


Jul 7, 2017
A desk sergeant saw a large cop approaching him and the cop seemed to have a uniform that looked a little tight and short. "Hey..." The sergeant said. "You don't look familiar..." The large cop covered his mouth and suddenly a large dick came out of his pants and wrapped around the sergeant's neck, lifting him off the ground. A few cops moved over and saw the sergeant kicking in the air, strangled by a thick long penis. They drew their batons and saw a few other people entering the police station.

The others moved in a blur, before a policeman managed to blow his whistle to sound the alarm, his throat was grabbed. The policemen were punched and easily subdued. A lady had a short cop with thick glasses in her arms and she gave him a necklock and unzipped his pants and started jerking him off. The short cop moaned as he ejaculated and she started fucking him and he saw the group exiting a room with a pile of armored cops on the ground.

In the security room, 2 large men entered and grabbed the 2 old cops inside who just saw the massacre and the old cops were grabbed, shoved to the ground and fucked.

When the lady was done with the short cop, she squeezed and broke his ribs and searched for other cops. One by one, the cops were grabbed. The lady saw a plump sergeant with short white hair and she walked over and hugged him. "Hey, what are you..." She suddenly squeezed and the other men moved into the room and grabbed the other cops. The sergeant trembled in fear as he saw the other men snapping the necks with ease and started stripping the cops.

An old cop at the armory saw black wisps of smoke and a man materialized and approached him. "What the fuck...." He muttered and the man grabbed his throat and lifted him off the ground. The cop was overpowered and forced on the desk as the man removed his pants and fucked him.

"These flat foots are no longer challenging." A lady said and a motorcycle cop turned around and saw her with a tazer in her hands.

"Ma'am, that is a weapon," The cop calmly said. "Slowly lower it..."

The lady grabbed his throat and fired the tazer and shocked the fat motorcycle cop beside him. When the fat cop went limp, she released the gasping cop and easily cuffed him and subdued him. A man in police armor dragged 2 round cops with white hair down and he has some keys in his hands. "This is for the van..." The man said and the group started loading some weapons they took and several limp cops they plan to kidnap.

The group left the police station with some of them fucking the cops in the rear of the van. The lady saw a lot of police car in the distance and approached and the men in armored cop uniform approached a sergeant. "Thank god you are here," The sergeant said. "A few officers are down and we need guns..." The man grabbed the sergeant off the ground and sniffed him. The sergeant kicked silently as his neck was grabbed and he was carried to the back of the van and the man saw the other men in armor grabbed the other cops silently.

"We are pretty good." The lady said as she sneaked behind 2 motorcycle cops and she pierced her tongue on a cop's neck and grabbed the other one in a neck lock. "Shhh...." She whispered as she choked him.

Gunshots are heard and the group was quite curious what was in there and approached, picking out the cops outside one by one. A fat cop saw an armored cop approach him and he was punched in the gut and a fist to the face knocked him out. The cop with thick mustache beside him had his mouth covered and the armored cop held him close and choked him silently.


Jul 7, 2017
A drug lord was watching the news and was rather happy to see the police getting attacked on the streets but soon after, the curfew was called as the police started hunting the killers and other mercenaries were called to help patrol the streets. "This is ridiculuous, the government has this type of budget?" He muttered and received a phone call. "What do you mean they are all dead?"

The drug lord went to one of his distribution location and saw the massacre. All 40 armed men had their throats ripped out. "Who the fuck is responsible for this?" He muttered and as he exited, he saw 8 of his men on the ground and 2 ladies approached and 2 of his bodyguards had 2 men grab them in a neck lock. He drew his gun and fired at the ladies and the men and the men snapped the necks of his bodyguard. Before he could reload, the ladies reached him and disarmed him. "The mighty Italian mob... not so mighty now huh..." She pulled down his pants and grabbed his nuts and squeezed and started jerking him off.

"What the fuck do you want?" The drug lord asked.

"Perhaps you can be a good child..." The lady said as she showed her fangs and drained him.

The drug lord woke up in a morgue. He sneaked up to an ordering as the orderly just dropped off another body and fed on him. When the hunger is satisfied, he slowly realized that he is now an undead.


Jul 7, 2017
A police sergeant heard a voice behind him. "Why are there so many of us here again?"

He turned around and saw a lady hugging him. She placed her arms around his waist and squeezed. The sergeant flailed as he could not breathe and tapped her and she released him and rubbed his balding head. The sergeant trembled in fear as she pulled down his pants and started stroking his dick and he saw a group of men with limp officers in their arms.

As the sergeant ejaculated, she bit into his throat and drained him. The group entered the coast guard vessel and boarded it. Within seconds, the coast guards on board were subdued. The officer on board was kept alive and a minimal crew was used to run the ship and the group left England and landed in France and the group quickly moved into the guardrooms of the customs officers.

A room of armored officers saw 2 large clowns entering the room and were confused but the clowns soon created fear in them as they grabbed the heads of 2 officers and crushed their skulls. Screams are heard as the massacre started.


"What the fuck happened here?" A fat police officer asked his partner as he drew his gun. He turned the corner and saw 2 motorcycle cops getting fucked by 2 ladies. They approached, kept their guns and drew their batons to try to get the ladies off.

"Wait for your turns..." The lady said and stared into the cops' eyes and they looked dazed.


"So, this is France..." One of the prisoner said as his dick penetrated an old cop and he walked around with the cop struggling on his dick. "Ok, got it, need some alive." Most of the cops are knocked unconscious and did not provide much resistance.

"These old cops are great kissers," A lady said and held a short old cop in her arms as she jerked off a load. She took a quick sip as she bit into his neck and the cops were dragged into a police van. The prisoners seemed very savvy and searched the cops for keys and got a few vehicles and the group left again and they started to feel a pulse of energy again.


"Gendarmerie..." A lady muttered as she grabbed a motorcycle cop at the road block. She looked at the other prisoners in police uniforms grabbed the remaining cops and the cops were choked and stripped. "Finally, some fitting uniform."

The prisoners saw another police car driving by and saw another group move ahead and they reached a small town and the group in police uniform entered the police station. Gunshots followed.

"Officers down!" A plump cop shouted on his radio and fired at the clown who approached the armored cops shooting their rifles at him. the clown staggered but it allowed the others to circle around the armored cops and the cops were surrounded and the supernatural foes were deadly as they ripped the throats of the cops out and the remaining ones had their necks snapped. Fitting armored uniforms were taken again and the police station was cleared out with some cops taken hostage as they group fucked them while driving towards the energy.


Crystal was in a trance and when she refocused again, she was with a group of supernatural creatures in the back of a police truck, fucking an round cop with a grey mustache. The group mellowed down and the cops were fucked and left alive. The energy could be felt and the intense feeling to get there diminished but they were still keen to find out what was summoning them.

"Roadblock..." A man in police armor muttered and the van slowed.

"Let's not waste time here." Crystal said and she felt stronger and bolder and she exited the truck with a few of her companions and she walked to the sergeant in charge and stared into his eyes before he could say anything. "Let us through..." She stared into his eyes and he looked dazed. As the sergeant walked back to the group of cops, she saw some of the others already moving behind the cops.

"Hey wait!" She shouted and approached the cops and the others converged and the cops were shocked as they were suddenly surrounded.

Within seconds the cops were grabbed. A lady opened the door of a police car and dragged out an old cop and they were dragged into the police van and the other fucked cops were tossed out.

"We should not waste time on this," Crystal said. "Does not mean we should take out every cop we see..."

"Why not?" A lady said as she pulled down the pants of a round cop and started rubbing his dick. The truck moved off and all the cops were scared and getting jerked off. The smell of fear was intoxicating and soon, the cops were fucked again.


Jul 7, 2017
Liz followed her group and as the group murdered everyone they meet, Liz fell into a trance and was high on the murders. She sort of know she was on the road and on the boat and when she was done, she was in France. Her group assaulted the police station and she realized she could command the male cops to do what ever she wanted and decided to use this to her advantage once everyone felt summoned again.

Her group was much smaller, comprising with just 2 elite vampire assassins. They drove and took a separate route and managed to take a longer route and stopped to buy some gas and continued on for many hours before entering Paris. Finally, they spotted a road block ahead.

"New car?" A lady asked and Liz nodded as they approached the cops. Liz saw the 2 ladies move behind 2 cops and the cops were grabbed and choked silently. The ladies then hid the bodies and proceeded to sneak up behind other cops. Liz approached an old cop with a nice white mustache and stared into his eyes. "Remove your belt..." Liz said and the cop looked dazed and started removing his belt. Liz unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick and rubbed it.

Liz started fucking the cop and the ladies approached. "We took out everyone and you are still fucking him?"

"But he does smell so fantastic!" The other lady said and both vampires bit into the old cop and drank some blood. The cops were hidden and they saw a car approaching and flagged the driver down. One of the lady approached and grabbed the driver and knocked him out with a punch. "Got a car..." She said and they left.

Within minutes of stealing the car, 2 motorcycle cops spotted the vehicle and gave chase. The car turned into an alley and the cops stopped their bikes and approached carefully with their guns drawn. A plump cop heard muffled moans and saw his partner getting strangled and he quickly fired a shot while grabbing his radio and the other lady moved to slit his throat before he could call for help. She immediately bit into his throat and drained some blood. The other motorcycle cop was choked out and dragged into the trunk of the police car and more police sirens could be heard. "The police response is pretty fast..." They got in the police car and drove off but within seconds, a police chase started and the lady drove into an alley and Liz and another vampire exited the car as the lady drove to the dead end. The police cars followed and 4 cops exited and pointed their guns at the car and approached.

Liz saw the assassin dragged a large cop behind the police car and snapped his neck. The assassin moved and grabbed 2 other cops while the remaining cop approached and grabbed the other lady and before he could cuff her, she turned around and disarmed him. The cop was overpowered and she choked him out.

Another group of policemen entered and the rear cop was hugged and Liz stared into his eyes. "Bring me to your commander." Liz and the assassin followed the cop to a small group of cops and Liz approached the senior cop and hugged him. "So many cops..." Liz muttered. "I think there are more dangerous groups out there, you got the wrong group."

Liz saw a short cop drawing his gun and quickly disarmed him and flipped him to the ground. She turned and all the other cops were taken out by the vampire and she held and was choking a plump cop with white hair. "That's fast..."

A gunshot was heard and they quickly rushed back to the alley and the vampire with Liz moved in a blur and slit the throats of 4 armored cops and disarmed the remaining one. The other vampire walked out with an old cop in her arms and she was jerking him off before draining his blood and healing.

"Fuck, more cops." Liz said and stared at the commander who made the call but still 3 police cars arrived and as all the cops approached the commander, the ladies moved behind them and took them out. Liz heard on the radio on more calls for backup and got one of the cops to drive them there. The commander was fucked and the vampire used his blood to heal her remaining wounds.

When the ladies arrived, they saw many police cars and 2 police trucks but no one was there. Liz saw a police car approaching and the other ladies were already exploring the alley and Liz waited for the cops to come and sent them to the alley to be ambushed.

Within minutes, the ladies returned and said, "They are all dead..."

"Who are they?" Liz asked.

"Everyone, cops, werewolves and vampires," The lady said. "Something or someone killed them."

"What?" Liz asked. "How?"

"Something was pretty brutal too," The lady said, "They were simply ripped apart, I mean, a lot of cops... It was a massacre! Even paramedics are not spared."

When a police car arrived, the ladies walked over before the cops exited and the cops were grabbed. One of them was easily knocked out and tossed in the trunk and Liz stared into the other cop's eyes and got him to drive away down the road and into a dark alley before interrogating the cop. The cop did not know much just that there was a high alert and cops were murdered.

Liz fucked the cop and they left on foot and moved towards the pulse. Along the way, they spotted more roadblocks taken out and were confused about the scale. More than 40 cops were down, with 10 dead. More gunshots were heard in the distance and the group quickly ran over.


Jul 7, 2017
The desk sergeant was grabbed and fucked by a lady and as he ejaculated, he saw the lady revealing her fangs and as she was about to bite his throat, she was decapitated. The sergeant dropped to the ground, trembling in fear and saw her body combust into flames. He felt violated and had a near death experience, pulling up his pants, he slowly gathered himself and looked around. It was a massacre.

The roll call room had all the armored policemen, mutilated and a few large hairy wolflike creatures cut in half, also burning and charring. He staggered around and found more out-of-shape police officers, trembling and raped, but still alive. There was something that came and destroyed all their supernatural foes.

At the carpark, a few motorcycle cops were left alive as well and they saw a lady ripping the spines out of the vampires fucking them and they were covered in blood. The lady killed all the supernatural creatures and left. All the cops were too scared to follow.


Crystal hugged a plump cop at a roadblock and the clowns moved silently behind the others. It was now routine and the cops did not have a chance. The 2 vampires grabbed the old cops in the police car and fucked them and the clowns disarmed the remaining cops and fucked the motorcycle cops. Within minutes, it was over and Crystal felt the cop shooting a thick cum into her and she kissed him and drained his energy and the cop went limp. They cleaned up and saw a car drive by and the others in the car waved at one of the clowns fucking the motorcycle cop.

"I think we should drive too." Crystal said. "The pulsing is stronger now."

The group drove a short distance across the river and saw a group of cultist gathering outside the church outside Notre Dame. The church was already on fire and the other supernatural creatures that arrived earlier were dragging bodies from the police station on the other side of the island and placing them in a large pentegram. The ritual has begun.


Jul 7, 2017
When Liz saw an armored cop getting tossed in such force that it dented the side of a police car. She decided not to proceed. "Let's just go to the pulsing energy." Liz said. "This is fucked up."

She convinced the 2 vampires with her to quickly leave as they heard more gunshots. The energy was not too far away and within an hour, they got to Notre Dame and saw several police cars arriving as well. "What's going on at the police station?" Liz asked and the group approached and heard gunshots again. "Assaulting the police station?"

As they arrived at the police station, many limp police officers were already loaded onto police cars and driven away. "Whoa, so many of them..." Liz and the ladies moved aside as about 20 police officers arrived and entered the police station. They saw 2 dark figures leap down and moved behind 3 cops outside the entrance and the cops were grabbed and choked.

As a team of 8 officers arrived, the 2 vampires sprung into action and moved among the cops. With a series quick jabs and elbows, the cops were dazed and the other supernatural moved over and took out everyone. There was simply too many werewolves, vampires and other supernatural beings.

Liz followed the supernatural creatures and a lot of residents nearby were also knocked out and brought to the church to perform a ritual. "So many cultists." Liz muttered as she saw more than 20 people positioning the bodies. It was a massive operation and a few hundred bodies were piled up in a pentagram.

Liz saw a police helicopter fly by and the police did not do much and the cultists and supernatural creatures completed the ritual. The sky turned red and the souls of the dead can be seen channeling into a column and a flash of energy blasted out and everyone fell to the ground.

Liz stood up, she did not feel much different and saw everyone getting up as well, then gunshots are heard and the police started their assault. Liz ran down to the catacombs to dodge the gunfire and saw various supernatural creatures charged at the police.


Liz heard heavy gunshots and quickly moved somewhere to hide. A few cops rushed down the catacombs and searched. "Damn it..." Liz said and as a cop spotted her, she stared into his eyes. "I'm not here." She said and the cop turned away.

"Nice.. Jedi mindtricks never fail." Liz said.

Liz saw a vampire slit a cop's throat and grabbed another cop and snapped his neck. The other cops rushed over and she kicked a cop down and punched his throat. A few more cops rushed over and shot at her as she rushed them. Even though she was fast, with a few heavy rounds into her, she collapsed but the other lady moved behind the cops and slit their throats. The cops could not defend against the inhumanly fast lady and she eventually grabbed the last cop and drained his blood.

Liz saw 2 pudgy cops entering the catacombs and smiled. "These don't have armor..." Liz said and the vampire was already behind them. "You don't have to kill all of them you know..." Liz said and the vampire grabbed and choked the cops.

"Oh, this one smells good." The lady said and shoved the other cop to Liz. Liz stared into the cop and he was dazed and Liz easily cuffed him and as she turned back, the lady was fucking the other cop. Liz went up and saw a massacre. It seemed like the police took down a lot of the supernatural killers but there was simply too many supernatural foes and both sides have heavy losses, but the supernatural killers seemed to have the edge and murdered everyone.

"They left?" Liz muttered and saw the police command truck and everyone inside were killed.

The vampire came out and Liz signaled her over. "We need to go. Everyone else left."


Jul 7, 2017
When the ritual was done, Crystal felt something but was unsure what was happening. The police started advancing and the helicopter flying overhead started shooting at people and the police converged on them. A man sprouted wings and flew up and moved towards the helicopter and he closed his wings and entered and shortly after, the helicopter crashed.

"I should get out of here..." Crystal said and moved with the group that engaged the police. There were a lot of armored cops, armed with automatic weapons and everyone moving ahead was shot with a lot of rounds. The police were quite confident as the large aggressive wolves and clowns were shot down and soon, they reached the group and the vampires are also getting shot at.

Crystal saw a man grabbing an armored cop as a shield and his dick strangled another cop. Crystal tried to pretend to be a victim and she put her hands up and approached a group of policemen and suddenly, a sniper shot her in the head and she collapsed.

When Crystal woke up, she had a lot of pain in her head and she touched her forehead and the bullethole was closing. She felt weak as a lot of energy was used to heal and she searched around and found a cop that had his arms dislocated and ankles twisted. She grabbed the cop and kissed him, draining his life away.

She looked around and the heavy weapons worked. Many supernatural creatures were killed, but Crystal was not sure what happened. She quickly moved towards the gunshots and it was a man moving in a blur among a group of armored cops and the man broke bones with every hit and within seconds, all the cops were down. 2 female vampires looked injured pounced on the cops to drain and heal. Crystal wanted to do the same but the man grabbed a vampire and kissed her, seemingly draining her unlife away. The other vampire was shocked and she bared fangs and claws and attacked. The man was inhumanly fast and he dodged her claws and punched her in the gut, sending her to the truck behind and he followed up and crushed her head and pulled out her skull.

Crystal hid behind a police car and watched the man walked by and move towards a man fucking an armored cop in the streets. Crystal entered a police truck and looked inside. There was blood everywhere and everyone inside was killed. She exited and saw 2 motorcycle cops and stared at them. "I need your help... follow me..." The cops were dazed and they followed Crystal into the truck and Crystal drained them to heal her wounds and replenish her energy. "Does not taste good... no fear in them." Crystal said and dropped them, weak, but still alive.


Jul 7, 2017
A police car arrived and Liz saw a plump cop without armor exit the car and she grabbed him and stared into his eyes, "Bring us out of here..." The vampire pounced on the other cop exiting the car and forced him to the ground. She punched his jaw and the cop went limp. Liz put on a police jacket and saw in front as the lady dragged the limp cop to the rear seat and they left.

Liz heard a lot of calls for backup on the police radio and told the cop to avoid those areas and drove off. However, there was a road block ahead. There were a lot of armored cops and a large man among them. The man seemed to be unusually tough. He was in police armor and he chopped the necks of the cops, knocking them out when he reached them as they shot at him.

"That guy looks invulnerable," Liz said and saw the man reaching the cops. He is about 8ft tall and he grabbed the helmets of the cops and smashed their heads together.

The cops with shotguns surrounded the man and he was shot and he staggered back. "Do you want to help him?" Liz asked and the lady nodded. They quickly moved behind the cops and circled behind them and the man was finally down as he was shot continuously in the head.

Liz grabbed an armored cop and stared into his eyes. "Why don't you run away and not come back?"

The lady grabbed 2 armored cops and snapped their necks, and the other cops were shocked and they turned towards her. She moved in a blur and managed to avoid getting shot and grabbed a short cop as a shield. The large man got up and grabbed the necks of 2 cops and smashed their heads and the cops turned around again and the large man looked bloodied but he grabbed 2 cops and choked them and the lady moved to punched the remaining cops.

"Don't need to kill them... you are winning already." Liz said and the large man stopped crushing the necks of the cops and the lady broke some ribs of the cops she punched but did not snap their necks. The large man chopped the necks of some stunned cops and Liz walked over and blocked him from grabbing an old cop. "That is enough." Liz said. "Let me look at those wounds..."

The lady walked over and looked at the man, he was full of bulletholes and was still bleeding and she licked his wounds, rubbing some of her blood and closed his wounds. Liz pulled down the pants of the old cop and jerked him off and kissed him and the lady walked over and took a sip of the old cop before healing the man.

"You are really tough..." Liz said and the man grunted. "I hope you feel much better."

The lady used up quite a lot of blood and Liz grabbed some twitching cops and jerked them off and the lady replenished some blood and continued to heal the man. "I guess you can't heal, what powers do you have?"

"I am tough, I guess... Fighting makes me alive," The man said.

"How do you heal the wounds?" Liz asked.

"I heal faster than normal, but not like regeneration." The man said.

"I need more blood..." The vampire said as she saw 2 motorcycle cops arriving. "Don't kill them ok?"

"Holy shit!" A cop shouted and drew his gun and aimed at the man as they saw the cops limp on the ground. Before the fat cop could call for backup on his radio, the vampire moved in a blur behind him and disarmed him and removed his radio.

The other cop fired at the man but the man reached him and slapped away his gun. The man hugged the cop and Liz shouted, "Don't kill him!"

"Perhaps you can fuck him?" Liz said. "Maybe it will help you heal?"

The man laughed, "Don't think it works that way..."

The lady overpowered the cop and fucked him and the man shoved the cop to Liz who pulled down his pants and started giving him a hand job. The cop trembled in fear as he had the man's hand around his neck and as he struggled when Liz gave him a blow job and the lady came over, sniffed the cop, grabbed him and drained some blood.

"See, not so hard is it?" Liz said and the man shrugged. They felt a pulse of energy again and was compelled to go. A police van arrived and the group circled around them. The vampire lady moved with inhuman speeds and opened the door to grab a cop out before he could call for backup. "Drop the officer!" The other cop shouted and the lady grabbed the cop's gun and shoved it to his neck. "I don't want to kill both of you, I just want some fun..."

The cop exited the car and he saw the large man outside. "The fu...' The man grabbed his throat and lifted him off the ground.

"Remember, don't kill the cop." Liz said and the man shoved the cop to her and went to the back of the van.

Liz disarmed the cop and sniffed his white hair. "Ooooh... smells so good." She said and heard gunshots again and went to the back of the van with the trembling cop in her arms. The man took out the team of armored cops in the rear and they twitch on the ground with broken ribs. "That's brutal." Liz said and the lady tossed her cop in the rear and Liz stared into the old cop and got him to drive the van as they drove off from the road block.


Jul 7, 2017
"Got control of them again, they are now in Paris." One of the data analysts said. "Good. Send a team to collect them and more specimens." A man in a suit said. "I'll contact our partners there."

A few teams of special ops from Interpol collected the various supernatural creatures' carcasses and brought them to the lab in France where they were tested on and DNA analyzed. Half of them came from USA where similar attacks happened some time back and are happening again. The data from the video feeds also showed some highly trained assassins and escaped prisoners part of the group as they massacred the police station and various local people who seemed to be just cultists performing the ritual, but gaining some powers in the process.

At the morgue, a vampire sat up and saw an orderly pushing another body in a gurney. The vampire covered the mouth of the orderly and drained him to heal her wounds. "That fucking hurts..." The vampire said as she drained him completely and snapped his neck. She was naked and she quickly looked around and put on some clothes and moved towards the nearest human again as she could sense heartbeats.

"What's going on?" A security guard muttered as he spotted a few doors opened and walked over to check. He turned on the lights to a storeroom and looked around. From the ceiling, the vampire grabbed his head and pulled him up, and bit into his throat, crushing his larnyx and drained his blood. She grabbed his pass and walked to a hospital wing, climbing on the ceiling to avoid the cameras. She saw a nurse and waited for the nurse to be below her before she kicked her in the head and the nurse slumped. "Could fit..." She said and dragged the nurse into a closet and changed into the uniform.

She could smell some sweet-smelling blood and decided to follow her nose and suddenly, an alarm sounded. "Terrorists have been spotted in the vicinity of the hospital. Everyone stay put and police officer will be there to guide and protect you. Thank you for your cooperation."

The nurse frowned and waited and moments later, a round cop with thick glasses approached. "Can you please follow me?" The cop asked and the nurse walked over and hugged him. The cop's mouth was covered and a fist rammed into his soft gut and he was dragged into the closet and the nurse removed his pants and started rubbing his dick. "Please... nooo..." The cop begged and the nurse sniffed him and continued jerking his dick. She could smell fear from the trembling cop and she bit into his throat and the cop flailed helplessly as he was drained.

"That tasted so good..." The nurse said as she sucked carefully, not to get blood on her uniform. "Kinda makes me want more."

She exited the closet and approached 2 cops. "Can you follow me? I think I saw something." The 2 cops quickly followed the nurse to the closet and the older cop spotted the round cop. "Holy shit..." The older cop said as he checked on the round cop. "He's dead!"

The nurse unbuttoned his shirt and slapped away his radio. "Let's just fuck..." She said and the older cop was overpowered as he saw his partner on the ground with his neck twisted. She pulled down his pants and fucked him. The cop moaned and tried to push her away but she was forceful and inhumanly strong. His penis erected and she trusted forcefully, straining his back and eventually, he ejaculated and she bit into his throat. The taste of the blood was heavenly and she took a few big gulps and closed his wounds. "You'll live." She said and cleaned herself and walked out.

A group of cops gathered at the corridor and the nurse turned off the lights. She reached a cop and snapped his neck. Moving to 2 fat cops, she punched their guts and placed their necks at her armpits and lifted them off the ground. As the cops went limp she saw flashlights and she kicked 2 cops, sending them to the wall and she followed up with an elbow to the neck and both cops slumped.

"Backup!" A sergeant shouted and heard snap sounds behind him and turned to see his men all on the ground. The nurse walked over and hugged him. "That's fast..." She said as she saw more cops arriving and she dislocated the shoulders of the sergeant and left him screaming in pain.

She climbed on the ceiling and grabbed the rear cop and snapped his neck with ease. Landing silently, she punched the lower backs of 2 cops and grabbed their heads under her armpits... SNAP.

Chopping the necks of 2 cops, she grabbed the remaining 2 cops with white hair and choked them. The cops pawed helplessly as they could not breathe... "I want to save you for later, but I got to go..." She said and waited for their struggles to die down.

"Wow, I'm much better, but wonder I got taken down?" She muttered and walked down the stairwell and leaped on a pudgy cop and knocked him out with a punch to the back of his head. She opened the stairwell door and dragged a short bald cop into the stairwell and tightened the grip around his neck and he went limp. "Yeah, much stronger and faster." She said and exited to the basement and approached 2 cops at a police car. "Get in the car..." She said as she took their guns and pointed at them. "I just want out of here."


Crystal saw men in black suits and an armored support team with heavy weapons come to clear up. A short armored cop spotted her and she stared into his eyes. "You did not see me..." She said and his eyes looked glazed and he walked off.

"Who the fuck are these guys again?" Crystal asked.


Jul 7, 2017
Liz was making out with the cop with white hair when the large man suddenly decided to join in. Liz kissed the cop and he suddenly felt the large man penetrating his ass. The cop moaned with every thrust and Liz could feel the man pushing hard into the cop. For the cop, it was intense pain as the large cock ripped his anal walls and it was soon lubricated with blood. The man stopped and said, "There... fucked him but my wounds did not heal..."

Liz shook his head and tossed the cop aside. The man grabbed another motorcycle cop and the cop screamed in fear as he pulled down the breeches and fucked the cop. "Hey, you don't have to kill him... I get your point.. we are all different."

Liz could feel another pulse of energy. "Did you feel that?"

"Yup, and it is beckoning again." The man said.

"Really feel compelled to go." Liz said and asked the lady in front.

"Sure, let's go!" The lady said.

The group dropped off the twitching cops moaning in pain and the lady spotted a parked station wagon. "I think you can fit right?" She said and proceeded to pick the locks and jump start the car. Then started driving off towards the pulsing energy.


"Oh shit... it is across the border..." The lady said and they group saw a few heavily armored and armed guards at the immigration area. "I don't think driving across is an option."

Liz approached a policeman and stared into his eyes. "Bring us to meet your commander."

The policeman escorted the group into the building and Liz spotted a helmet on the ground. The policeman turned the corner and a man grabbed him and pulled him close.

"Hey, he is bringing us to the commander..." Liz said. "I can try to get us through."

"Everyone else is dead." The man said and snapped the policeman's neck.

"You don' t have to murder everyone..." Liz said. "I can get information and make them do stuff."

Then an alarm sounded.

"Too late..." The man said and quickly ran off.

There were sounds of machine gun fire outside and the alarms were loud and annoying. Liz entered a large room and spotted a pile of limp cops, Some in armor and the man went over to search for armor that could fit him. "Those guns sound like they hurt." The man said.

"Good idea..." The vampire concured.
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Jul 7, 2017
Crystal decided to wait till the group leaves and then get into an abandoned police car and drove off and soon felt the pulsing again. "Sure, I'll go check it out and inform the others." Crystal muttered. It was a long uneventful drive and she reached the border area and she heard gunshots and she exited the car and sneaked ahead.

She saw armored guards with automatic weapons shooting at people and she saw a dark figure moving and the bulbs are getting shot. A dark shadowy figure moved behind a guard taking cover behind a car and the guard was grabbed and choked. The guard's neck was snapped and the lady materialized and drank some blood and moved towards other guards.

"Wow, their answer is just to murder everyone?" Crystal said and approached. The killers were very well trained but uncoordinated. A wolfman charged at a cop and ripped him apart and the other armored guards fired at him. Pistols did not hurt the wolf much but the tracer rounds in the automatic weapons seemed to do the trick. With more guards shooting him, the regeneration could not catch up with the damage, and the wolfman was gunned down, but it allowed the others to move beside the guards.

The vampires could climb any surface and they reached the guards on the towers and it was over for them.

The gunshots stopped and Crystal walked over to a lady with 2 senior-looking guards. "I got this." Crystal said. "Let us pass, tell your men to stand down and no one else will be harmed..."

The senior officer made a radio call and the group proceeded. Seemed like the other guards were either hiding or dead. The dead guards were searched and a few keys were found and they got in the cars and drove off.

"Switzerland..." Crystal said and got in a car with 2 other female vampires. "I've seen you before."

"Yeah, I think a few times," The vampire said as she wiped her blades.

"You some kind of martial artist?" Crystal asked.

"Sort of mercenary," The vampire said.

"Won't that waste blood?" Crystal asked.

"Sometimes you need a quick kill..." The lady said.


Jul 7, 2017
The other supernatural creatures converged and the violence and murders soon attracted negative energies and the some of the group started rituals and sacrifices. The police did not have a chance and the group eventually massacred everyone there.

Following a map, Liz drove further into Switzerland and found a small town to park and rest. At the motel, she got a room and everyone slept for the day as the vampire was sensitive to light. But a few hours in, there was knocking on the door. Liz opened the door and saw 2 cops outside. She stared into the eyes of the cops and said, "Why don't you come in..."

Exiting the room, Liz spotted 2 more cops in the corridor and approached them. "Hi, officers... would you please follow me?" She asked and got the cops to follow her.

The vampire grabbed the short cop with white hair and the round cop with thick glasses was grabbed by Liz. The other 2 cops in heavy police armor were limp on the ground and they were dragged by the large man into the toilet. "Swiss cops smell good too..." The vampire said as she started jerking off her cop and Liz passed her cop to the large man who choked him out easily.

Liz spotted 4 more cops and quickly sent them to the motel room and followed them. She grabbed the last cop and the man knocked out the others with punches. "Call back and say the suspects left." Liz said. "I need a few more hours of sleep."

Soon, the sun set and the group could travel again. "Man, Switzerland is really pretty, but everything is black at night..." Liz complained. "Maybe I'll drive next time in the day to enjoy the scenery."


Jul 7, 2017
The ladies drove into Switzerland. The country had relatively low population density and the towns are spaced widely apart. When the sky turned blue, Crystal drove and they saw an old farm and an abandoned looked shed further down. The car drove into the shed and they took a short break till nightfall.

Crystal continued driving as the sunset and after a few minutes of driving, they entered Geneva. "Oooh, nice city..." Crystal said and they parked the car and got a nice dinner.

As they had a short stroll around the lake in Geneva, the ladies spotted 2 cops. "Not a lot of them around, considering we destroyed the customs area..." A vampire said and they got Crystal to approach them. "Send them to the alley..."

Crystal approached the cops and stared into their eyes. "Can you please go into that alley?" Crystal muttered and the cops looked at her and nodded.

The vampires covered their mouths and dragged them deeper into the alley. The taller and younger cop was punched and knocked out easily and the ladies pulled down the older cop with white hair and fucked him. Crystal approached and saw the cop trembling in fear as he was fucked and the ladies drank some blood and left him there.

On the radio, there was a call for backup as a police station was getting attacked. "Where is the station?" Crystal asked. The cop looked dazed and weak and not responsive and they heard a police car with sirens zoomed by.

Following the car, they reached a police station a mile away and there were a few police cars parked outside. Then gunshots followed.

The vampires sneaked behind the cops and choked them one by one. "Oooh, nice beard..." A lady said and choked the armored cop. The other lady covered the mouth of a bald cop and dragged him between the police cars and placed a chokehold and sniffed his collar. "Smells good..."

Crystal walked to a motorcycle cop in an orange-red jacket and kissed him. The cop was confused and tried to push her off but she was much stronger and hugged him tight. "Hey!" A plump cop with grey hair shouted as he saw the motorcycle cop flailing. "Stop that!"

2 armored cops pointed their automatic weapons at Crystal and the vampires moved behind them. Their gun straps were pulled and their rifles were used to choke them. The cops did not last long. Crystal pushed the trembling cop to a police car and slowly removed his pants and jerked him off. There were now screams in the police station and Crystal was turned on and needed to fuck.

"Not a lot of cops..." A man exited with 2 armored cops in his hands and tossed them into a police car, denting the side of the police car and the cops twitched helplessly on the ground. "Wow, you guys cleared the outside."

Another police car arrived and the 2 pudgy cops frantically rushed to the back of their car to put on armor. "Just 2?" A lady said and grabbed one with grey hair and the other cop reached for his gun and the other vampire drew his gun and shoved it into his neck.

"I think they are done." Crystal said. "The cops are heavily armed and armored, quite ready, but so few of them... Let's just use this car and move along."

The vampires shoved the cops in the rear seat one of the vampires sat with them and started playing with their dicks. The cops were easily overpowered and did not resist.


Jul 7, 2017
There was a red alert and all the police were on standby after the attacks on the police station. There were roadblocks set up but it did not stop the supernatural creatures. Liz and the ladies drove by a few roadblocks and arrived at Bern, and old city where the others converged upon.

"It is here." Liz said. "I can feel it."

The streets were empty and outside an old church, there were some cultists setting up the ritual. There is a scent of blood in the air. "I can feel it here..." Liz said as she went into a trance.


Jul 7, 2017
Crystal drove past a roadblock and saw a cop getting stripped. She approached and saw a pile of limp cops and the man changing his appearance to the cop. The ladies walked over and checked on the cops -- all dead. "Up ahead is the city, I can feel it closeby, and we are going to take out the authorities, can you help?"

Crystal was confused by she nodded and they followed the 2 men in police uniform and drove to the police station. The men approached an old cop at the rear door and followed him into the police station and the cop was grabbed and his mouth covered. The vampire assassins nodded and moved into the police station.

A lady choked a plump cop with thick glasses and the other lady grabbed a short cop and pressed his face against her breasts and she rammed a fist into his gut, breaking some ribs. The men in police uniform reached the other cops and snapped their necks. The remaining sergeant was shocked and grabbed. The man removed his hat and rubbed his white hair and inspected him. The sergeant trembled in fear as he saw the other man snapped the neck of a fat cop. The female vampire approached and saw the man changing into the sergeant's face and the sergeant was stripped and the lady played with his dick and as he got erect, she bit into his throat.

The group went into the other rooms and cleared the police station. The cops were shocked and no alarms were raised. Some of the cops were killed and the remaining ones who were choked out were tossed into a cell. "They will not be bothering us."

The dead cops were dragged out and driven to a church where several cultists were already starting the ritual. There were other bodies of the residents of the town placed in the ritual and 2 police cars arrived. "I thought we took them out?" A man said and the vampires moved towards the cars. An old cop with thick glasses exited the police car and saw bodies laid on the ground outside the church. "What is going on?" The cop muttered and as he reached for the radio, his neck was grabbed and his mouth covered. He saw the other pudgy cop beside him choked by another lady. The other police car stopped and 2 men opened the doors and overpowered the cops. The vampire removed the gun of the cop and started sucking his dick.

"So, that's the drama so far..." Crystal said and saw a few people approaching with shotguns. They fired at the cultists and the other strangers in town but shortly after, the supernatural creatures converged and massacred them.

"Wow, many of them are armed..." A werewolf changed back to human form and muttered as he licked the blood on his hands. "Let's go clear out the town!"

Crystal was uncomfortable with what the group was doing but the pulsing energy was mesmerizing her. She helped the cultists place the bodies and the ritual circle was huge, and within an hour, the bodies were placed around the circle with some getting cut up to place their innards in the center of the circle. There was some chanting and a burst of energy... Then below the clock in the city, a dark stairway opened up. "This is new..."


Jul 7, 2017
"What the fuck happened here?" An old cop shouted and reported it on his radio as he spotted the ritual circle with the corpses outside the church. He drew his gun as he saw a lady grabbing his partner. The lady snapped the cop's neck with ease and the old cop emptied his pistol into her and ran to the police car to grab his rifle.

"Wow, the bullets don't hurt as much..." The lady said as she grabbed the old cop and sniffed him. She tightened the grip around his neck and the cop could not breathe and flailed helplessly. "I'm so much stronger without trying..." She said and turned the cop around and removed his belt and pulled down his pants.

"What are you doing?" The old cop asked as he catches his breath and the lady started stroking his dick and as he got erect, she fucked him. "Please don't kill me..." The cop begged and as he ejaculated, she tightened her hug and the cop could not breathe and tapped helplessly and went limp.

"Ah, a police van..." The lady said.

A sergeant went to the back of the van and opened the door. The armored cops inside saw the lady with the sergeant limp in his arms and she tossed him into the van. "What the..." A fat cop shouted and she punched his gut and grabbed the heads of 2 cops and smashed them together. "CRUNCH"

"Fu..." A cop aimed his gun at the lady and she grabbed the gun and shoved it into his chest, breaking all his ribs and the cop's lungs were crushed. She chopped at the necks of 2 cops, snapping their spines and she grabbed the helmet of a pudgy cop that tried to tackle her and she twisted his head 180 degrees. Stomping on the sergeant's spine, she broke his spine along with his ribs and grabbed the remaining cop and removed his helmet. "Nice white hair..." She said and overpowered the cop and pulled down his pants. She jerked him off and bit into his throat.

2 motorcycle cops arrived and as they got off the bikes, she moved behind them and punched their lower backs and grabbed helmets in her armpits. The cop's gloved hands pawed at her as they could not breathe. She added some force and snapped a cop's neck and hugged the other trembling cop. "Save you for later..." She said and pushed him into the police car, denting the doors and he collapsed to the ground, twitching in pain.

2 police cars arrived with a police bus and she punched the windows of the car and snapped the cops' necks before they exited. She grabbed the throat of a pudgy cop and pull him out and elbowed his neck and the cop collapsed. The senior cop exited and drew his gun but the lady rammed against him and he flew into the police car with such force that the car flipped upon the impact and the cop died instantly.

The bus door opened and as the first cop stepped out, she grabbed his throat and shoved him back into the bus.


The cultists followed an old map and got to a vault. Turning the thick vault door handles, they got a wolf man's and entered a big room with plenty of gold coins with a swastika logo on them. "Nazi gold...' A man said and as they searched around, the found a long brown nail and the tip of a lance.

"Got what we came for." The man said and Liz approached.

"What are you going to do with that?" Liz asked.

"Probably some ritual, but we want to find out the DNA on these, it will be important." The man said and the group looted the vault and exited.


Jul 7, 2017
Crystal entered the underground structure and looked around. It led to a large underground complex, once used to do some kind of research. "Wow, this looks kinda old and Nazi..." The complex looked rather creepy. There seem to be some crude lab experiments and a lot of storage area. Then there were signs of more summoning rituals and piles of Nazi gold coins. "Wow, fucking gold!"

The others entered and everyone started opening stuff and taking shit. Crystal could have sworn some spirits moving past her and seen some skeletons animating but after what she has seen, nothing much surprised her. She looked and spotted a Nazi dagger and kept it. It could be put to good use.

As the others went for the gold, Crystal exited and saw more police cars arriving and a vampire taking them out. The vampire was quick and efficient, but also ruthless as she murdered everyone. Crystal saw a motorcycle cop stopping and ran over. The cop drew his gun and Crystal grabbed his arm and disarmed the gun. "shhh... I'm not here to kill you..." She said and hugged the cop.

Gunshots were heard and the lady went up a police bus and murdered everyone. Crystal sniffed the trembling cop in her arms and was turned on and started to fuck him hard. She saw the vampire approached and said, "I've got this, go fuck someone else..."

The vampire grabbed Crystal and tossed her away like a ragdoll and pulled the motorcycle cop close. She sniffed the cop who peed himself and bit into his throat, crushing his neck.

"The fuck?" Crystal shouted. "That fucking hurts... And you don't need to kill everyone..."

The vampire looked weird. She seemed to shimmer and disappear and moved faster, harder to spot except for her glowing red eyes. "Ok, this shit is weird... " Crystal said as the vampire looked at her and seemed to be attracted to her, then more supernatural creatures exited and Crystal had the chance to run. "Got to let people I know understand this is not good..."


Jul 7, 2017
Liz left with Crystal and was not sure what was going on but with their past experience, they decided that it was best to leave. They already felt different, they did not age much and were stronger and could control men easily. Liz decided that it was time to leave Europe and talked to some of the vampires she met and hung out with and wanted to leave.

As they left the area and chatted in the diner, a man in a suit approached and said, "Hi ladies, I was wondering if you would come with me..."

"We are not the ones you are looking for..." Liz said and the man looked dazed for a while and suddenly shook his head and looked at Liz again.

"I'm sent by the NSA and would love to get you back to help us as a consultant," The man said.

"I'm not going to be a lab rat..." Liz said and saw the ladies moving behind the cops that came with the man.

"We are not going to test on you," The man said. "There are dangerous things out there, and we just want to make sure the USA is safe."

"I said, I'm not interested," Liz said, "Please leave and I'll not kill you... before I change my mind."

"Alright," The man said, "I am pleading you to come along and we can find a way to co-exist... This wanton murders is not going to look good..."

4 cops were grabbed and they were choked silently. A lady kicked another cop and wrapped her ankles and snapped a cop's neck.

"Please, stop this..." The man said, "I know you are assassins and can kill these officers easily, but we are here to tell you that you can come back to the US and we will pardon your crimes... Just stop murdering and help us with some research."

The ladies tilted their heads and looked at the man and the remaining nervous cops. They dropped the limp cops on their arms and grabbed the remaining cops and choked them.

"We are not the killing type," Liz said, "Just leave and your men will not die."

"I'm not the type who would threaten others," The man said calmly. "But we do have a lot of data on what you have done and sort of know what you can do, I'm not here to arrest you, just come with me."

"You and what army?" Liz asked.

"I'm sure we can resolve this without combat," The man said. "It's not about the power you have if you continuous have to run from the police, I can offer you a comfortable life, all of you. Compensated well as consultants."

The ladies dropped the cops in their arms and approached the men. "We can easily crush you."

"Look, there are really nasty things in their world, more than you can understand," The man said. "We are still learning, and hope you can understand too, I can share information with you."

The ladies stared at him and looked at all the limp cops.

"Not convinced?" The man said and took out a spray. "This will burn you... Holy water from the vatican with some of our formula... It will stick to your skin and burn you. If sprayed, the airborne particles will burn slowly."

The lady took the spray and squeezed a small drop and touched it. It was warm and slowly turn into a hot boil. "This fucking hurts..." The lady said as she tried to wipe it off her fingers. "But we are much stronger now."

"Look..." The man said. "I can break out of your charm, I can also introduce poison to make you be addicted. The cops that you drank from in Switzerland, all are vaccinated, and you crave more cops, nothing else taste good. Then we can tract you and follow you here, and we also have ways to destroy you."

"What is this we?" Liz asked.

"NSA," The man said. "I'm sent here to convince you because I believe you can be reasoned with, you ladies are now thinking about fucking some of these cops and then drink their blood."

"So, they can be predictable," Liz said. "But what is stopping us from murdering you?"

"Don't worry..." The man said. "We are always prepared, but I really would like you to help us... The offer stands for today, full pardon and you get paid."

The vampires grabbed the man and pulled him close. One of the vampires sniffed him and it smelled unpleasant. "I'll go out and take out some cops."

"So, what's stopping from from killing you right now?" Liz asked.

"Reason," The man said. "I'm a reasonable man, giving you a reasonable offer.

"So you want to pardon us and pay us..." Liz said. "We follow you back to the US and consult for you."

"That is correct," The man said. "We want to end all these violence."

"Can we continue to feed on cops?" The lady asked.

"No murders allowed." The man said, "Grab a cop, fuck him and drink... just don't kill him. I know you can fuck with people's memories too, so just no murder. Is it a deal?"

"That is a hard offer to refuse," Liz said and looked at the ladies.



Jul 7, 2017
"Kill!" Crystal heard a loud boom and command and everything went black as a surge of dark energy swarmed her. She woke up and she was in another city and as she looked around, she was outside a train station and there was a massacre around her. She found several bullet holes in her and as she checked around her, many other supernatural creatures near her got up too.

"I need blood..." A vampire said she healed her wounds and found 2 other vampires that Crystal has met before, then more police sirens approach. "I thought they would never come..."

The vampire checked on several bodies and they were dead for some time and the bodies were cold. Seemed like the group killed everyone at the train station. The vampires moved to places to ambush the cops and soon, a small group of cops entered the train station.

2 fat cops in the rear were grabbed and pulled into the shadows and the vampires bit into their throats and drained them. Then the vampires moved to the police cars and grabbed 2 other cops at the police cars and easily subdued them. "I need blood..." The lady said to the trembling cop as she covered his mouth and bit into his throat.

"Freeze!" A police sergeant spotted Crystal and the cops spread out and surrounded her.

"I'm unarmed," Crystal said. "I'm also curious to find out what happened here, why don't you lower your guns.." She said and the cops lowered their guns.

"4 cops... one for each of us..." A lady said and grabbed a cop from behind. Crystal reached and grabbed the mesmerized sergeant and he was shocked as he broke his trance only to be overpowered and forced to the ground.

Crystal removed his belt and pulled down his pants. "Holy shit... nooo..." The sergeant shouted as Crystal grabbed his dick and started rubbing it. The sergeant was kissed and Crystal started thrusting into his erected dick. She looked and saw the other cops getting fucked as well. Crystal choked the sergeant and he flailed and choked and Crystal was turned on by the smell of his fear and released him and continued the process. The sergeant ejaculated, but Crystal continued to fuck and squeeze his balls, felt surreal high, and eventually was satisfied and stopped. The sergeant was dead, Crystal broke his ribs when she got too excited.

"Did we do all these?" Crystal asked as the vampires got up after draining their victims and felt much better. Flashing blue and red lights approached and the group saw 2 motorcycle cops in orange jackets got off their bikes. "Love the smell of this one..." A lady said and grabbed a cop. The other cop drew his gun but was disarmed and the vampires removed their helmets to reveal 2 pudgy cops with white hair. The ladies gave the cops blow jobs and sniffed them as the cops trembled in fear while getting pleasured.

"Hey, ladies..." Crystal said. "There are a lot of wolves dead and some large men that have armored skin killed too, should we focus on how we got here?"

"I don't remember..." The lady said.

"Exactly, we may not be so lucky the next time," Crystal said. "I think we should leave here."


Jul 7, 2017
A few more police cars arrived and the man in the dark suit took out a camera.

"What are you doing now?" A vampire asked.

"I need proof of your powers... Its a bureaucracy thing..." The man said. "Take them out, no killing please... or, I don't really care about these Swiss cops."

The vampire smiled. "One last time..."

The ladies circled around the cops and the man approached from the front. "Hello snacks..."

The cops reached for their guns and pointed at the man who put his hands up. "Why the guns? I'm trying hard not to kill you."

2 plump cop in the rear were grabbed and their mouths covered. The cops were choked silently and the cops approached the man in a suit recording. "Put down that camera!" An old cop commanded and the man in the suit smiled and continued to record as the other cops reached the vampire and took out their cuffs.

The female vampires moved behind the cops and the man turned and punched the cops in the throats. Before any rounds were fired, all the cops were disarmed and grabbed.

"This is good enough?" A lady said as she dragged a short sergeant with grey hair over. "Can we fuck them now?"

The man stopped recording and the cops' pants were pulled down and they were fucked and drained. The cops were left alive and moments later, a helicopter came to bring the group to the airport. They saw a man with gloves removing his gloves and reloading ammo in his arm. The group were intrigued and as they walked by the immigration area of the private airport, they saw all the guards and security limp on the ground.

There seemed to be only one of these men and more than 20 guards were taken out. Then the group went up the plane and the plane took off.


Jul 7, 2017
Crystal saw the ladies healed their wounds and drained the cops and a black car arrived with a man in a suit. He approached the group and a lady said, "Sorry, none left, needed to heal my wounds."

"I'm here to offer you a chance to live a life, and not run continuously." The man said.

"Run?" The lady asked. "Who's running? The police are running from us..."

"Look, we don't want what happened in New York to happen again," The man said. "a big war, everyone dead, and no clear winners."

"We are still alive..." The lady said and another lady walked over with a plump motorcycle cop in her arms as she continued to jerk him off and the cop ejaculated. "All the backup and the cops in the police stations were taken out."

"This happened before, a lot of supernatural creatures together, enjoying their kills," The man said. "Then the humans just bring out bigger guns, there is too many of them, and now, we have tech, bot and whatnot."

"Is this a threat?" The lady said as she licked her trembling cop and bit into his throat.

"Well, you can still fuck some of the people you want, no killing, no murders," The man said. "Just try to not allow them to accuse you of rape, most of you can alter memories as well. For the others, we have some research that can control urges too, and if you want to kill, we will pay you to go on missions."

"So you want to imprison us and get us to murder for you?" The lady asked.

"Well, you live in the city of your choice," The man said. "There are creatures that are hunting you and they are even harder to stop. As long as you don't commit such a serious crime, we will not bother you. And all we want is to take down these big threats and not lesser threats like you. You see this area? One of the targets murdered everyone, and we will assist in bringing a group together to destroy such targets, and you can live comfortably between missions which happen at most once a month."

"So we get to fuck these?" The lady asked as she sniffed the limp motorcycle cop in her arms.

"Just no murders..." The man said. "Come, I'll bring you to a facility and you can understand more."

The group followed the man and he drove for a few hours to a lab in Zurich where the group had their abilities tested and explained to them, exactly what Crystal wanted.

"Ok, so all of you have some sort of power, but we need to know if you are effective and how good you are." The man said. "So we have a test... A target is in the Zurich police station and he needs to be brought here, and the police not harmed too much, and if accomplish the mission, you are in the system, and we fly you back to the US and you get paid $1M each."

"Wow, that seems easy." The lady said.

"If you are good," The man said. "It will be easy."


Jul 7, 2017
"Back in the USA..." Liz muttered as she walked out of the plane onto the tarmac and saw a limo meeting the group with a New York license plate. Liz was in the car with the others and brought to a facility in New Jersey where their powers were put to a test to have a good understanding of what each of them can do.

Over a period of time, there were other test and new powers discovered as well as implants to enhance them. Liz was give some training as a group operative to charm men to get information. With more training to understand the extent of her powers Liz was happy that she joined the group and was sent on a mission with a deadly vampire assassin into a police station to take out a mob enforcer.

The enforcer survived an assassination attempt and a breakout attempt to save him and he just got transferred from the hospital to the police station to be sent to the prison in a day.

Liz kissed a short balding cop and stared into his eyes and said, "Bring us inside..."

The cop looked dazed and the ladies followed him into the police station.

"I know this place..." The lady said as she walked the dazed cop with Liz to the security room and entered. The lady chopped the necks of 2 old cops in front of the monitors and grabbed the remaining one and started jerking him off and kissing him. The cop was shocked and overpowered.

Smelling the familiar scent of fear mixed with polyester and sweat, Liz was turned on and she grabbed her cop and kissed him as well. The cops were fucked and knocked out and the lady proceeded to take out the other cops one by one while Liz watched on the monitor.

A fat cop entered the security room and Liz grabbed his tie and pulled him in. "Hi fatty..." She said and choked the fat cop who flailed helplessly.

The vampire assassin entered the break room with a baton and a tazer and turned off the lights. There are moans and sparks and as a pudgy cop turned on the lights, the other cops were already on the ground and the lady grabbed his belt and pulled him close. She covered his mouth before he could call for help and removed his belt. The pudgy cop trembled in fear and she inserted the baton up his ass and started fucking it hard.

The vampire assassin heard the door knob getting twisted and the door opened and 2 cops entered the room. A bald cop was grabbed and choked under her thighs and the other cop with thick glasses was placed in a chokehold. "Smells so good..." She whispered and knocked them out.

The vampire assassin took the tazers from the limp cops and went into various rooms to take out the other cops. With Liz's information, the vampire assassin hunted and took out the remaining cops in the building and went to the cell area. She moved silently behind 2 bald cops and choked them. "Too easy... She said.

She opened the cell and drew her silenced pistol and approached. "Target in sight..."


Jul 7, 2017
"This police station does not look too big..." Crystal said and entered with her group. She stared at the desk sergeant and said, "Can you give me a tour for a blow job?"

The desk sergeant looks confused and his eyes widened and were dazed. He unlocked the gate and the group entered. The group seemed highly skilled at taking out cops. 4 cops saw the ladies entering the room and before they could draw their guns, their mouths were covered and they were choked. One of the cops fumbled and reached his taser and the lady snapped his neck and tossed him asked.

"Fuck, we were told not to hurt them too bad..." A lady shouted, "You killed one!"

The tasers were grabbed and the ladies went to clear room by room, tasering everyone they meet. When about 30 people were taken out and subdued, they were more relaxed and enjoyed the test.

"Nice motorcycle cops..." A round motorcycle cop was grabbed from behind and he saw his partner forced to the ground and a lady aggressively pulling down his pants. "What the..." The lady kissed him and he could not break free.

A police sergeant parked his police van and heard muffled moans and saw 2 motorcycle cops on the ground with 2 ladies on them thrusting onto their erected dicks. "Hey, what is going on here?" The sergeant asked and a lady got off her cop and smiled.

"Run!" The motorcycle cop shouted and the lady kicked him in the gut and he curled into a ball in pain. The sergeant drew his baton and approached and the lady grabbed his arm and flipped him on the ground. She twisted his arm and disarmed the baton and covered his mouth... "I think the moto cop smells better..." She said and choked the sergeant then went back to the wrenching motorcycle cop and continued to fuck him. Tears rolled down the motorcycle cop's eyes as he was forcefully milked and the lady bit into his neck.

An old cop in cell area saw Crystal and Crystal grabbed him and he looked at the other cops getting grabbed and tossed at the wall, smashing hard into the wall and going limp.

"I need you to release one of the guys and you will not get hurt..." Crystal said and the old cop nodded... Crystal rubbed his white hair and sniffed his collar and started reaching into his pants and jerk him off as the other ladies entered the cell area and said, "Only 3 people in here, open everything!"

"So far no alarm was sounded..." A lady said as she entered the cell and grabbed 2 of the men and choked them. Another lady entered the other cell and grabbed the remaining man who was backing away and as she grabbed his arm, the man shoved her hard into the cell bars. "This one is strong!" The lady said and pushed back with her inhuman strength.

The lady knocked her cop out and checked on the other vampire and the man pounced on her. "Wait..." The lady shouted and the man grabbed her head and ripped it off with her spine intact. "What the fuck!" Crystal shouted and the man rushed towards her. Crystal told the old cop to "get him!" And the old cop looked dazed and held up his pants to go over and the man slapped the old cop and he flew into the wall and slumped to the ground/

"I knew this was not going to be that easy..." Crystal said and she called out for the others as she ran out of the area. The man followed Crystal to the foyer where the others grabbed him and were surprised at his strength. The man crushed the skull of a lady and shoved the others away. The Crystal went other and saw the lady's skull crushed and she did not seem to be healing. "Fuck..." Crystal said and joined in to subdue the man by grabbing his leg. One of the ladies stabbed the man continuously with a dagger as he struggled and kicked, bruising the ladies as the man seemed inhumanly strong. And finally with a stab to the throat and a twist of the dagger, his spine was broken and the man went limp.

"Fuck..." Crystal said and the ladies all looked winded and shocked. They grabbed some of the cops and drank from the cops to heal and Crystal went to the cuffed cops and fucked them and drained their vitality away.

"4 of us left?" Crystal asked and the rest nodded and exited the police station carrying the dead man.

"You were supposed to get him alive..." A man at the van said. The ladies ignored him and tossed the man in beside 2 trembling cops with white hair. "We're not going to bring these cops there are we?"

"They are for you to heal and drop them off the side of the road when done." The man said.

"Good idea..."
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