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Spawn of Succubus / Incubus (mainman x mappy)


Jul 7, 2017
Liz went to the cell area and saw everyone fighting a man. The man seemed to be equally fast and Liz took a gun and shot him. The man moved with a blur and tossed Liz into the wall and Liz was dazed and his kick in Liz's back broke her spine. Liz was in intense pain and saw the vampires sprouting claws and rip into the man but he seemed equally tough and smashed a lady's head into the cell bars. He was badly injured when fighting Liz and 3 elite vampire assassins, but managed to take out every one and staggered away.

Liz healed herself and felt hungry, then checked on the vampires who were slowly regenerating from their wounds and dragged the limp cops to feed the vampires.

"Freeze!" A cop shouted as he spotted Liz dragging a cop and Liz stared into his eyes. "Go to the cell area, and started to masturbate as you walk there..." Liz commanded. She grabbed plump cop and commanded him to go to the basement as well.

"The cops are here..." Liz said and saw a short cop with white hair and covered his mouth. The cop was easily overpowered and dragged into a closet as she started to fuck him hard. She kissed him and drained his vitality and managed to heal her wounds. As she was done, she saw the vampires draining the blood from a few armored cops. "Wow, you are up already?" Liz asked...

"Yeah, thanks to the cops..." The lady said and moved with inhuman speeds to ambush more cops.

"This one smells good..." A cop heard and he was grabbed and saw the other lady snapping the neck of the cop beside him. The cop flailed as he was choked and his pants pulled down and he was given a blow job... As he got erect, the ladies bit into him and drained his blood.

The ladies converged to a group of armored cops and their necks were snapped and the remaining sergeant was kissed and subdued. "I thought we were supposed to not kill cops..." Liz said.

"Don't worry, we will be drinking from them too..." The lady said and the sergeant was being jerked off and drained.

"Please... nooo..." The sergeant begged as a lady kissed him while the other lady swallowed his dick and rubbed his balls.

A radio call came in and Liz replied.

"Is the target secured?" The manager asked.

"The target got away," Liz said. "We are healing our wounds and will continue to chase the target."

"It is a man in a locked cell..." The manager said. "Come back now."

"Well, he was faster and stronger than us," Liz said. "Bullets did not work on him, we'll get him, don't worry."

"Come back now!" The manager said.

"We got this..." Liz said. "We have not failed the mission yet..."

Liz signaled to the ladies, "We need to look for the bastard, they are calling us to go back..."


Jul 7, 2017
Crystal and her group were brought to a private airport and flown back to New York. After getting tested in a lab, Crystal learned some new skills and abilities. She could strip the skin off someone and wear it, and the lab could make disguises for her. She could also control men, but her mesmerizing ability does not affect females. For Crystal, understanding her abilities is important and they are also trying to learn more about her heritage. Unlike the vampires, she was born with her powers, and they manifested more after the rituals.

Crystal did a few industrial espionage missions for the organization and was implanted with some technology and made her feel very much like a special agent. For the most part, the organization is concerned about the cults performing these rituals that will bring upon doomsday. There are 2 demons now on earth, one was destroyed by a missile, another crushed under a building, and cement was poured over. Both are assumed to be dead. There are 2 devils roaming the streets, one started killing politicians and trying to wear their bodies and gain power and was killed in a car bomb. Another was surrounded by an assault team with supernatural creatures fired up and blown up, but his body was not found.

The fear was that new demons or devils would be summoned when the stars aligned and they would bring the apocalypse. In the meantime, the supernatural creatures are given some free play and allowed to exist as they work for the government in missions.


Crystal was one of the easiest supernatural beings to work with. She did not need to feed as she ate normal food and all she needed was to have sex with men, which is not hard, being attractive. However, she was close to 2 female vampire assassins and works with them to manage them.

As they were still attracted to the blood of cops and other uniformed men, New York was the perfect place as the NYPD was large and it was easy to find cops to feed on.

Crystal would charm the inhabitants of an apartment and call the police for help for domestic disturbance. Officers would arrive and the vampires would pick the ones they like and feed on the cops. They would be knocked out and not know want happened. This would happen every 3 days for a few months now, and Crystal sometimes joined in and fucked a cop she liked and wiped his memory.

The group was also given an allowance which was quite generous and they could dine in nice restaurants and buy nice things, without robbing people. Crystal and the ladies just went to a new bar and Crystal managed to have a quick fuck with a handsome man in the bar's toilet before enjoying some fresh air in Central park late at night.

The park was quiet and patrolled by cops on horses. "Never had a leather cop on a horse for some time now..." A lady said.

"This is not a good idea..." Crystal said, still slightly coherent, but all of them were already a little drunk.

One of the ladies staggered on the walkway and she had an open bottle of vodka in her hand and 2 cops stopped on front of her. "Lady, do you know getting drunk with an open bottle is a crime?" An old cop said as he got off his horse and approached her. He checked the bottle and it was indeed alcohol and he could smell the alcohol on her as well as she hugged him.

"I like this one... he smells good..." The lady said and kissed the cop.

The other cop got off his horse and the other lady covered his mouth before he could call for backup and dragged the cop to the bush. Crystal shook her head as she saw the vampires overpowering the cops and started to pull down their breeches. Crystal pulled the horses aside and walked over and could smell fear and adrenalin of the old cop and went over to help the vampire jerk him off. The cop was scared as the vampire was inhumanly strong and Crystal started milking him. As he ejaculated, the vampire bit into his throat. "Don't kill him!" Crystal said.

She walked over to the other vampire who was fucking a fat cop, thrusting hard onto his dick and biting into his throat. Everything was clockwork and the cops were knocked out and Crystal modified their memories and put on their pants.

"This is not safe, we could be spotted." Crystal said.

"But that cop smelled real good and tasted fabulous!" The vampire said.

"You have your favorite old cop from precinct 55 which you fuck every 15th of the month already." Crystal said.

"Yeah, but the leather and boots turn me on..." The vampire said.

"Don't get in trouble..." Crystal said.


Jul 7, 2017
Gunshots were heard and as Crystal and her group rushed over, they saw some operatives in armor firing on the man and eventually taking him down. It looked like a massacre. There were bodies ripped apart and piles of limbs everywhere.

"Whoa..." Crystal muttered and the armored men were doing cleaning and they recognized the ladies.

"The target is really powerful." Crystal said and the armored men kept quiet and the vampires went to check the dead men. His limbs were blown off.

The manager came and got the clean up to be done faster but the police were on their way. "I need you to stall. Don't kill the cops, but don't let them come close."

A police car arrived and Crystal flagged the car down. As the cops exited, the vampires sneaked behind them and choked them. "Quite used to this job already." A vampire said and opened the trunk to toss the limp cops inside. "Look, 4 cars..."

Crystal reached the car with the sergeant and stared into his eyes. "Come out..." She said and opened the door to the other cop and grabbed him. The cop was shocked and Crystal pulled him close and sniffed his white hair. She kissed the cop and squeezed him and saw the vampires assaulting the other cops already. The cops seemed easy to deal with as a punch easily knocked them out. None got a round off before the vampire grabbed the remaining cops and pulled down their pants.

"We need to go." The manager said. "What the fuck are you doing to the cops?"

"Well..." Crystal said and choked her cop unconscious and the ladies followed.

"Looks like all work is done." The vampire said as the bodies were cleared and the group drove back to the lab.


Jul 7, 2017
As Crystal and the ladies were done, they heard gunshots from the tall buildings and ran over. There were several police cars and the streets were still deserted in the morning. "Let's have a closer look..." One of the vampires said and they moved behind the cops at the police cars and choked them.

"Don't attack the cops..." Crystal said.

"They may not let us go close..." The lady said.

Chopping the neck of a tall cop, the remaining cop with thick mustache was grabbed and his mouth covered. "Come.. do your thing..."

Crystal walked over and stared into the eyes of the trembling cop. "What's happening here?"

"Officers called for backup... and we are the backup..." The cop responded and the lady choked him out and shoved him into the trunk of the police car.

"What now?" Crystal complained as she saw the ladies approaching the 2 motorcycle cops that just arrived and kissed them. The plump cop was dragged into the alley and the other cop was squeezed and he flailed. As Crystal approached, the cop went limp and was dumped into the trunk of the police car.

"Come on!" Crystal said and as they entered the alley, the other lady was fucking her motorcycle cop.

Crystal and the other lady moved closer and grabbed an old cop. "What's going on here?" Crystal asked the old cop and stared into his eyes.

"The others went in, I'm guarding the entrance," The old cop said.

"We are detectives here to support," Crystal said. "Don't let anyone else except another lady in black enter..."

Crystal entered the building and saw the door ajar. There were bloodstains on the ground and as they followed the blood trail, they found 2 dead security guards with their throats slit. "What a waste of blood!" The vampire complained.

There was a staircase to the basement and 2 cops were found on the ground. Crystal checked and their necks were snapped. "Fuck... dead."

Crystal saw a man in police uniform and saw 6 officers on the ground behind him and the man rushed over and rammed Crystal to the wall. "Nice brawd..." The man said and slammed Crystal's head on the wall and Crystal went limp. The vampire pounced on the man and forced him to the ground. The man elbowed her and broke some of her ribs and she grappled him and he was shocked at her strength. She quickly healed her wounds and continued to grapple her and was shocked to find that the man was stronger than her but she had better technique. The man stopped resisting and suddenly, plunged a dagger into the lady and started to perforate her.

She was in pain and released him and she was flipped to the ground and he slit her throat, plunged the dagger to the back of her neck and broke her spine.

The man exited the building and covered the mouth of the old cop outside. He gripped the side of the cop's neck and the cop went limp. Then he spotted the other vampire approaching and as the man reached the vampire, he dodged her grab and stabbed her in the heart. The vampire was surprised but the man continually stabbed her and cut her throat. She laid on the ground and healed herself, still not knowing what went on.

The man saw a police car arriving and he walked towards the 2 cops. "Officers down... cop killer!" he pointed and as he reached the cops, he punched the throats of the cops and grabbed the fat cop and snapped his neck. The sergeant choked and the man slammed his face on the police car and tossed both cops into the police car and drove off.

Crystal woke up and saw the vampire draining from the dead cops and quickly get her to leave. They met the other vampire also draining from the dead cops and got into a police car and drove off.

They went back to the lab and reported the killer to the manager and were treated and had their wounds checked.


Jul 7, 2017
"Leave the cops here," The manager said. "We got to go."

The group drove the target to the lab. Liz and the ladies were getting checked and their equipment repaired.

"This job is not easy." Liz said. "We deserve more."

"You get paid pretty well..." The manager said.

"Well, my girls need to fuck and need blood," Liz said. "And not they synthetic kind."

"It is way to dangerous for you to go out and fuck the cops your capture." The manager said.

"They get killed by that fucking thing you want us to hunt." Liz said.

"Takes a lot of resource to to manage news and any info," The manager said.

"I can manager their memories." Liz said.

"Many cops died today," The manager said. "Some were raped, and it is high alert now."

"We need some fun time." Liz said. "rather we tell you than keep it from you."


Jul 7, 2017
The man grabbed the sergeant and walked into the police station by using the sergeant's hand to open the rear door. "Why do I even need this?" The man muttered and tossed the sergeant aside. A plump cop was grabbed and the man chopped the neck of another cop and a snap sound was heard.

"Sound round and soft." The man said and punched the back of the plump cop and continued walking to the security room where he moved in a blur and punched the old cops inside. Grabbing the remaining old cop, the man sniffed the cop and said, "Turn off the recording... there will be much carnage..."

The door opened to the evidence room and an old cop saw a man grabbing an old sergeant. "I'm looking for some things..." The sergeant was tossed aside and the man grabbed the old cop and pulled him close. "Don't make me break your bones..."

The man moved in a blur as armored cops searched the corridor. He waited silently in the ceiling as armored cops entered and he grabbed the rear cops and snapped their necks. With a few punches, the cops went limp and he grabbed the remaining cop and sniffed him. "So useless..." He said and punched the cop and dropped him to the ground twitching in pain.

"This is pretty good..." The man said and went invisible. He sneaked towards 2 fat cops and grabbed their necks. "They did not see me..." The man said and tightened his grip and dropped the cops.

"Captain..." The man said as he punched a few cops and grabbed a senior cop. "Ah... quite a useful ability..." The man grabbed the captain and shoved his tongue into the captain's spine and sucked. The captain twitched a little and his knowledge was drained and the man tossed him aside. The captain was stripped and the body quickly deteriorated.

"I can use this..." The man said and kept the uniform and moved away invisibly.

The cops running down the corridor did not see what's coming and the motorcycle cops were chopped in the neck and collapsed.

A plump cop with a round head drew his gun and saw the other cops getting tossed around and collapsing to the ground. The man appeared after smashing the heads of the 2 cops beside him and the plump cop fired at the man. "Owww..." The man said and disarmed the cop and pulled him close.

"I'm going to keep some of you." The man cuffed the plump cop and saw a police van and the cops that exited are punches and tossed aside. The driver's neck was grabbed and the man choked him and dragged him into the rear where a dozen cops were punched and the truck was emptied. He tossed the plump cop inside and sniffed a few limp cops and added to his collection.

2 police motorcycles arrived and he broke the spine of a cop with one punch. The other cop's mouth was covered and the man sniffed him and held him tight. Then took the cop's tazer and shocked him. "I'll keep you as well."

The man then drove off to a secluded park near Hudson river and started fucking the cops. "Noo... please..." The cop begged and the man pulled down his pants and started jerking the cop off as he inserted his dick into the cop. The cop begged and was milked as the man thrusted into the cop. He grabbed the motorcycle cop and shoved his erected dick into the mouth of the cop and choked him. The man enjoyed himself and when he was done, he cleaned up and looked at the motorcycle cop with the dislocated jaw and the plump cop with his pants down and twitching in pain. "You'll live."


Jul 7, 2017
An old cop was dazed, he was in an alley with his pants down and his dick out. He saw 3 other cops limp beside him and checked on them. They were still alive. Beside them was the rear door of a hunting store. He tried to wake the others up and saw a lady with big breasts approaching. "What happened here?" She asked and the old cop looked up and said, "I think we were ambushed..."

"Are the attackers still around?" The lady asked.

"I'm not sure..." The old cop said. "Ma'am, this is an active crime scene, it is not safe..."

"I hear something...' The lady said and placed the old cop's head at her breasts. The old cop was confused and struggled as he could not breathe and she held him there till he stopped moving.


Liz arrived and saw several police cars outside. She signaled the female assassin to approach and the lady nodded. The female assassin was quick and silent. She took out the few cops outside without anyone noticing and entered. Liz waited outside and saw 2 motorcycle cops arriving and stared into their eyes. "Nothing much going on here, everything under control... Enter the shop to secure the area. Backup will come."

"Shit, why are more cops coming?" Liz asked and approached the cops.

Liz saw 2 men in black exiting the shop. "What the hell?" Liz muttered and circled around, avoiding them.

"Freeze!" The cop shouted and a man flicked a dart into the cop's neck. The men charged at the cops, kicking at the door and grabbing the cops as they exited the car. There were 8 cops and the men chopped at the necks of the cops and they went limp. The men were fast but still the cop seemed to have froze and did not move until the men reached them and took them out.

Liz entered the shop and saw the female assassin decapitated and another decapitated body. There were 8 other cops limp on the ground. "Who the fuck are these men?" Liz said and called the manager to report and ran out again. The men were at a police truck and she saw 2 ESU officers limp on the ground. One of the men approached a police car arriving and the man grabbed the sergeant and punched his gut. Liz rushed over and the man leaped on the other cop and knocked him out with a punch. "Stop!" Liz said and the man turned and stared into the man's eyes.

"Who are you?" Liz asked.

"Hansen." The man said.

"What the fuck are you?" Liz asked. "Supernatural or human?"

"Human." The man said.

Liz was shocked and the other man exited the truck. "Hold it!" Liz shouted and stared into the man's eyes. "You need to follow me."

The men were dazed and Liz managed to command them to follow her back into her car and she saw her team of armored men arriving for the clean up. She drove the men to the lab and the government people managed to secure them and checked them.

"Great job." The manager said. "Seems like you manage to take down these men when the top assassins were destroyed."

"Well, because they were male." Liz said. "I'm not sure if I could take them down if they were female."


Jul 7, 2017
"Here we go again..." Crystal said. "Manhunt..."

But this time, Crystal was on the side of the police and followed the police in a black van with a team of armored men.


The killer went to an apartment near Harlem and met a few associates to rest for the night, but he was woken up in the middle of the night. "The police are here."

"Thanks, I'll take care of them..." The man said and went to the basement. He chopped the neck of a cop and grabbed a plump cop and pulled him close. "Shhh..." The man whispered as he choked the cop and the cop flailed helplessly and struggled briefly. The man then turned off all the electricity in the building.

A cop scanned the basement and searched. He heard muffled moans behind and as he shined his flashlight, he saw the other cops that came with him limp on the ground. He reached for his gun and the man slapped the gun away and covered his mouth and shoved the cop to the wall. The man sniffed the neck of the trembling cop and his tongue pierced the back of the cop's neck and he started draining fluids from the cop who pawed helplessly and went limp. He quickly stripped the cops and waited in ambush as 4 more cops entered the basement.

The man sneaked behind the cops and snapped the necks of 2 armored cops and grabbed the remaining 2... the cops were choked silently and their necks were snapped as well. The man then quickly went up the stairs, saw a cop with thick glasses, and pulled him into the stairwell.


"ESU did not respond." an armored man said. "Our turn now."

Crystal nodded and shook her head. "I'm not the combat one, why am I here?"


Jul 7, 2017
Liz and her team were called to take care of business in an apartment and she went there only to see many police cars surrounding the building. A radio call came to tell her team to enter and Liz joined an armored team and entered the building.

She saw an old cop at the entrance and the cop stepped aside to allow the group in and the armored men walked to the basement. Liz walked down the dark corridor and reached the stairwell at the end and found 4 limp cops, one of them was a motorcycle cop with his pants down and his dick out. "Still alive." Liz checked their pulses and went up stairs.

"What the hell..." Liz muttered as she found limp cops at the entrance at every floor. She heard muffled moans and quickly moved up the stairs and on the 10th floor, she spotted a shadowy man jerking off a plump motorcycle cop. As the cop ejaculated, the man tazered the cop in the balls and kissed the back of his neck.

"Spotted the man... 10th floor. Send backup..." Liz muttered and approached. The motorcycle cop was dead.

Liz went up a floor and saw 2 plump cops. "Freeze!" The cops shouted and pointed their guns at Liz as she had flash lights pointed at her. Liz put her hands up and stared into the light, hoping to charm the cops and said. "I'm not the one you are looking for, relax... I can make you less tense by releasing some pressure."

Liz approached the cops, they did not seem to stop her and she quickly reached into their pants and started jerking them off. She kissed a cop, jerked him off and drained some vitality and the cop went limp. The other cop noticed his partner slump to the ground and Liz hugged him and pulled him close and started rubbing his dick. "No..." The cop muttered and Liz covered his mouth and shoved him to the wall. The cop tapped at her as she rubbed his dick and started thrusting at it as it got erect.

Liz could smell fear as she fucked the cop and the smell of polyester mixed with sweat, along with fear and excitement was intoxicating and suddenly a shadowy shape grabbed the plump cop and fucked him from behind. Tears rolled down the eyes of the cop and he flailed helplessly as he ejaculated and he was forcefully fucked from the back. Liz could feel the man fucking the cop as the cop shot a thick load into her. She decided to continue to pump the cop hard. The man felt euphoric as the cop struggled and fucked hard as well. The dick penetrated deep into the plump cop, going further than anything else did and Liz kissed the cop, sucking out his breath and the cop went limp.

"Who the fuck are you?" Liz asked and the man pulled his long dick out and grabbed Liz.

"That was nice..." The man said and Liz struggled as he tightened the grip on her throat.

More flashlights approached and it was 4 more cops running over. The man ran up the wall and rushed over on the ceiling and dropped behind the rear cops and chopped their necks. A sergeant picked up his radio as he saw the limp cops and his mouth was covered and the man kicked the remaining cop in the head and the cop flew into the wall and slumped.

The sergeant struggled and the man rammed a fist into his back and removed his radio and gun belt. "Please don't kill me..." The sergeant begged and the man pulled down his pants. Liz gasped and the sergeant was shoved into her. "Fuck him hard." The man commanded. "Perhaps you can be of use."

"Why don't you fuck this cop yourself..." Liz said and placed her flashlight on her face and looked into the direction of the man. There was silence and Liz quickly ran off.


Jul 7, 2017
"This is messed up..." Crystal said as she entered the building and found all the ESU officers, unconscious and not a round fired. "This guy is good." She entered the stairwell and found more uniformed officers limp and touched them to modify their memories. There were more than 50 officers limp in the building and Crystal spent almost an hour looking for all of them to make them forget the incident.

"What is this killer doing here?" Crystal asked and her team did not respond. "What the fuck?"

Crystal continued to search each house and she found a unit with the door ajar. She entered and found 6 heavily armed men with their throats cut. "So the killer came in here to kill them? Wow, they shot up the place!" The apartment was ransacked and someone searched through the place and left. Crystal exited through the rear of the building and found her team of 4 armored men with their necks snapped. 2 motorcycle cops were limp in the alley as well. "Fuck..."

At a roadblock, the cops spotted a police car rolling towards them. They approached the car carefully and saw 2 limp cops inside. The sergeant picked up the radio and his mouth was covered and he was punched in the back of his head. A pudgy cop heard muffled moans and saw 2 of his friends choking in the arms of a man and the cop drew his gun. The man kicked his gut and the cop dropped his gun and leaned forward and the man wrapped his thigh around the pudgy cop's neck and squeezed.

After the cops went limp, the man collected their badges and sniffed the pudgy cop, and licked his bald head. "This one smells good." The cop was dragged into the trunk of the police car and the man drove off.


"So, the killer just killed a bunch of drug dealers and took out a whole police squad and a few roadblocks?" The manager asked Crystal and Crystal nodded. "The ESU and our elite team did not even fire a single round?"

The manager checked the footage and most of the officers did not even know they were attacked before they were taken out. The killer was very stealthy and it seemed like the ESU was ambushed and choked in the darkness while the elite team had their necks snapped from behind.

There were more than a dozen cops that were sexually assaulted and left in the hospital and the situation was contained. A lockdown started again and a manhunt for the killer began but the team felt that only more cops would die.


Jul 7, 2017
Liz went to the basement and saw her team limp on the ground. "Neck snapped." She muttered as she checked on them. As she turned the corner, she saw a pile of limp cops. "This guy has been pretty busy."

Liz climbed up the stairs and saw the man moving behind a group of cops. "More cops still coming in?" Liz muttered and as she turned back, the man was already grabbing and choking the remaining cop. "That was fast..."

The man sneaked out and moved with inhuman speeds as he surprised 8 cops outside the rear exit and he punched the throats of a few cops and chopped the necks of the others. Within seconds, the cops were limp. The man rushed towards a black van that Liz came from and one of the agents shot the man but the man reached him and disarmed him. The man was faster and stronger than the agent and easily placed him in a chokehold and snapped his neck. A few other cops spotted the man and shot at him. The man was annoyed and quickly he was surrounded. His wounds were closing and as he was finding the best way to kill everyone, a sniper shot him in the head and blew his head off.

"I guess this is done," Liz muttered. "I'll need to bring him back to the lab."


Jul 7, 2017
A motorcycle cop was dazed as a lady jerked him off and sucked off his erection. Crystal could smell the scent of fear, mixed with polyester and leather as the other lady unbuttoned the leather jacket of the other motorcycle cop with the thick white mustache. "I think there is a lockdown, and this... is not right... We are supposed to be hunting down the killer." Crystal said as he saw the elite vampire fucking the cops.

"They just feel right..." The lady said as she squeezed her soft cop and thrust onto his dick. The cop's gloved hands pawed helplessly as he struggled. Tears rolled down his face as this was the second time this month he was raped. When the cops ejaculate, the ladies drained a little blood from them and Crystal modified their memories. "This guy... I think we fucked him earlier this month as well."

The group visited known drug dens and other gang areas and found the gangs massacred. There was a systematic purge and everyone was diced to bits. The safe was opened and the place ransacked with bulletholes all over. The men were killed by blades. "Someone must have heard something..." CRystal said and as she searched nearby, she spotted 3 police cars, and the officers had their throats slit.

Crystal drove by the police station and walked towards it. "Let's check on the cops, but no fucking them this time." Crystal said and went to the rear of the police station. The door was slightly open and they entered carefully. As they walked towards the man area with the desks, Crystal saw a lady fucking the desk sergeant. "God damn it... She's one of the vampires..." Crystal muttered.

There was a pile of limp cops on the floor and the lady bit into the sergeant's neck. Crystal walked over and said. "Hey, there is high alert, why are you doing this?"

"Who the fuck are you?" The lady asked. "You are here also to fuck..."

"Oh, come on, are you part of the treaty thing?" Crystal asked. "This will piss them off."

"What treaty?" The lady asked. "We drove up from Florida and fucked some cops at the roadblock and eventually came and fucked everyone in the station."

"Oh boy..." Crystal said. "This happened before, the supernatural creatures converged, killed people, have fun, then everyone is hunted down!"

"The police?" The lady laughed, "No problem at all."

The vampires with Crystal returned with a few plump cops in their arms. There were several other ladies with them. The cops trembled in fear as their belts were removed and their pants pulled down. All of them were rather plump, with white hair.

"Smells good, ain't it?" The lady asked.

"Look, we have some treaty with the government," Crystal said. "We get to do less outrageous things, and in return, we get paid and we can fuck them like once a week, as long as it is not reported. But this... this is fucked."

"What?" The lady asked and the other ladies began jerking off their cops. "Don't worry, I think one of them died, we did not kill anyone else."

"Hey Crystal," The elite vampire said. "You can just alter the memory again and blame it on the killer."

"Ugggg..." Crystal screamed. "But this is everyone in the station!"

"Freeze!" A cop entered the room and saw the ladies jerking off the other cops.

"Oh look, 2 more piggies," The vampire said and moved in a blur towards the cops.

The cops fired a few rounds into the vampires before easily getting disarmed. The vampires kissed them and choked the cops easily. The lights were switched off and 6 more cops entered and searched with their flashlights.

"How many cops are there?" A lady asked as she covered the mouth of the cop beside her and punched the back of his head. Within seconds, all the cops were grabbed and disarmed. They were choked silently without much struggle. 2 more fat cops entered and their panting sounds can be heard. The cops spotted a limp cop on the ground and before he could use his radio, his mouth was covered. The other fat cop was disarmed and the ladies sniffed the trembling fat cops.

"Let's not waste this..." The lady said and another lady removed the pants of the fat cop and gave him a blow job.

"Did no one listen?" Crystal shouted. "You two... you are supposed to be on my side."

The vampires that came with Crystal looked up and their cops ejaculated and they bit into their necks. "Occupational mishap, too many sweet smelling piggies in here."

"What do you expect!" Crystal shouted, "This is a police station which you cleared."

Crystal was crossed and went to modify each cop's memory. Eventually more cops returned and were ambushed and fucked. The manager was informed and he came with a crew and sprayed some gas in the area and got Crystal to have a consistent story of a gas leak that knocked everyone out. The vampires were offered the same offer and since there was no other choice, the joined reluctantly.

"58 people," The manager sighed. "Cleared the whole fucking station in the middle of a lockdown. Are humans that weak?"

As more cops from other precincts came, the manager talked to them and the story was accepted. There was a high alert as 30 more officers were taken out outside the police station and the manager stared at the group. "No more fucking cops this week."

"We have a report on the killers that massacred the drug groups and gangs," The manager said. "Did you girls talk to anyone before coming to the station?"

"Yeah, someone came with us and we were given $1M each in cash to come fuck the cops here," The lady said, "This guy I think is a werewolf, kinda hairy and we took out a roadblock and he wanted to clear the area of crime. We plugged in a thumb drive and cleared the camera footage."

"We need to find this guy too." The manager said. "We cannot have supernatural vigilantes out there."


4 cops arrived at a house with reported gunshots. "Be careful men, this place is gang controlled."

2 cops went to the rear of the house and saw the door slightly open. "Hello? Police?" A short cop shouted and peeped inside the dark house. It was slightly messy and the kitchen had some blood stains on the counter. The cop walked around the kitchen island and found several limp men on the ground. He heard a snap sound and saw his partner slumped to the ground and a man covered his mouth. "Wrong place, wrong time..." The man said and shoved a blade into the cop's head.

The other 2 cops entered from the front door. The man sneaked behind a tall cop and grabbed him and pulled him around the corner and choked him. The pudgy cop with a thick grey mustache could smell gunpowder and drew his gun. "Holy shit..." The cop shouted as he spotted the massacre and before he could radio for backup, his mouth was covered and a dagger placed at his throat. The cop surrendered and the man walked the cop to his car and knocked him out. The keys were in the car and the man drove off.


Jul 7, 2017
Liz brought the man back to the lab and continued to hear a lot of police alerts in town. There seemed to be multiple killers on the loose. The lab scientists found that the dead man was a vampire. "Really? Just a vampire?" Liz muttered and the other groups were sent to stop other vampires in town.

Liz went out again and it was a police station this time. Liz entered and saw a pile of limp cops. "This is fucked up." The police evidence locker was raided. "Ok, I kinda get it now."

Liz met other agents and it seemed like they were not much better off than Liz. The killers seemed to have slipped away, but as the ladies were official now, new police arrived did not bother them.

"I don't know man, these new killers are vicious." Liz said to the others, "They just kill now."


Jul 7, 2017
"Another gangbanger down..." A motorcycle cop muttered and checked on several dead gang members. As he entered the next room, he heard muffled moans behind him and saw his partner in the arms of a lady, flailing as he was choked. A man grabbed the motorcycle cop as he reached for his gun and disarmed him. "So soft and round." The man said and started removing the cop's belt and pulled down his breeches.

The lady dropped the motorcycle cop and returned to a trembling old cop on the ground with an erect dick and continued to jerk him off. "Please... nooo.." The cop begged and the lady sniffed his hair and bit into his throat.

The motorcycle cop struggled as the man thrust into him. The man was inhumanly strong and continued to fuck the cop and the cop gave up struggling and the man just did what he wanted. Soon, the man was done and tossed the cop aside and heard more cops approaching.

"Wow, a lot of them..." The man said as he closed the door behind the rear cop and grabbed him. The cop killed silently as he was choked and the lady chopped the necks of 2 cops and grabbed a sergeant. A plump cop saw the lady choking the sergeant and drew his gun and a fist rammed into his gut and his head was grabbed. The remaining old cop's throat was grabbed and he choked silently, kicking in the air.

"That was too easy." The man said and tossed the limp cops aside. Carrying the old cop out, the man approached 2 cops by the police car and grabbed their throats. The cops could not breathe and were choked out and the man tossed the old cop in the trunk. He saw a bald motorcycle cop and moved behind him. "Smells good..." The man said and choked the cop.

A pudgy cop saw the lady hugging a short cop and he backed off silently and called his friend with the sniper on the roof. The sniper moved over and fired at the lady. The first shot blew her head off. "God damn..." The pudgy cop said and quickly rushed to help his friend. The man saw the lady dead and noticed the sniper on the roof. He quickly made it to the roof and got rid of anyone in his way. Armed with the dagger, the cops were of no resistance and he suffered a few shots but he massacred everyone.

Crystal arrived and saw a man fucking an old cop by a police car. The ground is littered with cops and Crystal sent her team over and approached 2 motorcycle cops as they arrived. "This place is too dangerous, we got this..." She stared at the cops as they got off their bikes. As she turned around, Crystal saw her armored team firing into the man but the man did not go down and he snapped the necks of the armored units one by one.

"What the fuck?" Crystal muttered as the man reached the remaining 2 armored men who stabbed the man and the man simply punched their heads and his fist penetrated their skulls.

"Fuck!" Crystal shouted on her radio, "This is too powerful! Everyone's down!"

Crystal saw a blur and she was grabbed. The man chopped the necks of the cops and they collapsed and Crystal was forced to the ground and her pants removed and she was forcefully raped. Crystal was much weaker than the man but finally, she could stare into his eyes and Crystal shouted, "Stop!"

The man stopped. Crystal pushed him aside and grabbed one of the vibroblades from the dead armored unit and chopped the man's head off. She sat there and was still trembling in fear. Then to her horror, she saw a lady exiting a police truck full of limp cops. "Shit another one?"

Luckily for Crystal, she saw 2 police cars arriving and decided to hide if this lady was as powerful as the man.

The lady ripped the door off the police car, grabbed the cop, and approached the other car. The cop was tossed aside and she grabbed another one before he could shoot at her. "Sleep..." She said and choked the cop. 2 other cops fired at the lady and she tossed her cop aside and with a blur, she reached the 2 cops and grabbed their throats. The cops kicked silently in the air and she tossed a cop at the wall and the cop smashed into the wall and turned into a smear. The other cop trembled in fear and she removed his belt and started kissed him and fucking him.

Crystal saw the lady draining the cop and did not approach. She was not sure her powers could work on her and allowed her to get into a police car and drive off.
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Jul 7, 2017
There were various reports on the murders and it was clear that several of these vampires were very powerful. Many teams were eliminated and the city was under lockdown again.

As Liz and her group were contemplating how to stop the vampires, the vampires struck at another road block again.


"Hey, spotted the police car." A motorcycle cop reported on the radio and searched the alley.

As the cop looked into the police car, he caught a reflection on the window of a lady approaching him and drew his gun. Before the cop could fire a shot, the lady grabbed his wrist and disarmed him. "I don't want to kill you... yet." She whispered to the cop and hugged him.

The lady squeezed his groin and forced the cop on the car and pulled down his pants. "What's this?" The lady said as she spotted a flashing red dot and it was some alert device. "I'll have to kill your friends when they come."

The cop was fucked and drained and within minutes, 4 police cars arrived and the cops rushed in. The lady ripped the throat of a cop and the other cop fired at her. She managed to kill the cop but the others started shooting at her with shotguns. She was badly injured but still managed to rip the throats of the cops.

"Fuck!" She shouted and more cops arrived. The lady leaped and climbed up the building before anyone noticed her. Fucking hate guns... I need blood to heal."


Jul 7, 2017
Crystal reported back and the HQ entered the data and there are at least 2 more female vampires that are on the loose. Getting a tracker on the police cars, the agency managed to locate the stolen police car.

"Well, these guys seemed unusually tough," Crystal said. "The team and the cops did shoot at the man, but he kept coming and healing, until his head was blown off... Which was not easy as he was really fast."

Crystal got into her car and drove back, she could see more police arriving but was not sure what the cops could do if they faced her. Crystal considered taking a break. The supernatural creatures were getting ridiculous and the situation was getting worse, but she also felt that the creatures need to be kept in check. There were some extra training to try to see if her powers would work on a female vampire, but after a few tries, the lab thinks it probably will fail against that particular one.


Jul 7, 2017
"Holy shit... We..." An old cop shouted on the radio as he spotted 4 cops on the ground gurgling with their throats ripped and a lady covered his mouth. The lady removed his hat and sniffed his thinning white hair and licked his face. She easily removed his belt and pulled down his pants and started jerking him off.

The old cop trembled in fear and did not resist, his penis erected quickly and she stroked it vigorously while kissing him. She sniffed his neck and his collar and started to fuck him hard. The dispatch was trying to get to the officer but he was getting fucked and could not respond. When the lady was satisfied, she bit into his throat, drinking some blood.

"Officers down..." 4 cops walked into a room and spotted the limp cops on the ground, as a cop reached for his radio, there was silence and he could not make a sound and the lady grabbed the rear cop and snapped his neck. She punched the spines of the other 2 cops and grabbed their necks under her armpit and they flailed as they were choked. The plump cop turned around and drew his gun as she dropped the 2 cops on the ground. She slapped his gun away and hugged him.

"So soft..." She said as she forcefully removed his belt and pulled down his pants. Her wounds were mostly healed and she pushed the plump cop on the ground and gave him a blow job. He screamed for help but no sound came out and as his dick was erect, she sucked it briefly before biting into it and draining the erection away.

"Useless..." She muttered and saw flashlights approaching. She walked on the ceiling and moved silently above the cops. Grabbing the helmet of the rear cop, she snapped his neck and landed behind the other cops, chopping the necks of 2 cops, she grabbed the remaining leather jacket and pulled the motorcycle cop close. Gripping the back of his neck, the cop was pulled close and she sniffed his collar. "Leather piggy smells good..." She said and kissed him and reached into his pants. The cop flailed helpless and pawed at her as she jerked him off and drained some blood.

"All healed up..." She said and moved towards the heartbeat of some cops. The cops did not stand a chance, she was inhumanly strong and fast. She grabbed the throat of 2 cops and crushed them, then covered the mouth of a short cop with white hair. The cop was choked silently and she moved towards a few armored cops. A cop was shocked as she snapped the neck of the rear cop and grabbed the throats of 2 armored cops and smashed their heads on the wall and the heads were at a weird angle as they slumped. The remaining armored cop fired his gun into her and merely annoyed her as she punched his soft gut, breaking his ribs.

A group of uniformed cops were shocked as the lady moved among them and started punched them. Her blows break bones and when she chopped the neck of a fat cop, it snapped his spine. Within seconds, all the cops were on the ground twitching and she grabbed the sergeant and dragged him to the police car. Scanning around, she moved towards the remaining policemen and took them out. None were left standing. 2 fat detectives were grabbed and she grabbed their chest and broke their ribs. The detectives were disarmed and shoved into the police car with the sergeant and another old cop. "I guess this is it..." She said and drove off.


A new team arrived at the massacre and there were more than 20 cops dead and 30 requiring hospitalization. The killer got away and continued to take out every cop at the road blocks.

The lady drove the police car through an open fence and into a sewer tunnel, she slept for the day and woke up to fuck the cops she collected and drank some blood. "The NYPD tastes great..." she said and took the detective's badge and exited the sewers. She easily walked out and saw an empty road. "Something is not right," She muttered and saw a helicopter overhead and spotted armored men in the distance.

"Surrender or die." The man in the helicopter commanded.

The lady placed her hands up and a team of 4 heavily armored and armed men approached. She was grabbed and cuffed and brought back to the group. "10 of you is not enough," She said as she broke her cuffs and grabbed an armored man and snapped his neck. "Holy shit..." Another armored man shouted as she kicked the head of a man and he collapsed and shoved the others together and they fell. She punched the faces of the armored men and crushed their heads in their armor.

"What the hell?" The pilot said as he saw the lady destroy the ground units and she tossed an armored man at the helicopter and he hit the blades and the helicopter crashed.

The lady proceeded to rush at a police line and the cops fired at her.

Some of the rifle rounds and solid slugs from the shotguns did bruise her and she grabbed a plump cop and drained his blood to heal as more cops fired at her and their friend. She grabbed another fat cop as a shield and her hands reached into his back and grabbed his spine as a handle as she rushed the cops. It was a bloody battle, she became a savage brutal killing machine and the cops tried to run but were massacred. More unit were sent and the agency sent 2 vampires and they saw the massacre and as they rushed at her, she grabbed the head of the agent and pulled out his spine.

The other agent managed to stab a needle into her and injected her before she ripped out his arm and bit into his throat. 2 police cars arrived and she rushed at the cops and the cops had no chance. Grabbing the remaining trembling cop with thick mustache, she jerked him off and bit into his throat but as he ejaculated, he felt her grab loosened and she collapsed.

"What the fuck!" The cop shouted and was frozen in fear. Then more agent arrived and they brought the lady away.


Jul 7, 2017
A motorcycle cop was fucked in the alley, his back was forced on the wall and the lady thrust onto his erected dick. She enjoyed his grey mustache rubbing on her face and squeezed his balls as she thrust harder. The cop struggled helplessly against his supernatural foe and eventually, he ejaculated into her and she bit into his throat. The lady was satisfied and dropped the cop and approached the other bald motorcycle cop in the alley and removed his baton on his belt.

"What are you doing?" The cop gasped as he was in pain from the punch she gave him that broke his ribs and punctured his lungs. "Please... nooooo... This is not..." The lady pulled down the cop's breeches and inserted the baton into his ass. The cop screamed in pain. The lady started fucking the baton into the cop and he screamed in pain. "Isn't as good as expected..." She muttered and saw a police car arriving and quickly moved away to ambush. A cop entered the alley and the lady moved behind the other cop at the police car. "Save you for later..." The lady said as she grabbed the cop in a chokehold and choked him out. Running back to the alley, she saw the other cop checking on the moaning motorcycle cop and as the cop grabbed his radio, the lady covered his mouth. The lady grabbed the cop's dick and started rubbing it.

"I think you did this to me last week..." The cop said. "Please... stop."

The lady was puzzled and sniffed the trembling cop. "All you cops look familiar." She said. "The polyester, sweat, fear ... and the cop smell just makes me horny!"

"I got bruises in my back, and my wounds have not healed..." The cop said. "I'll do anything you say, please... no more."

The lady checked the cop and did find some bruises. "I think I'm pretty ok for the night, maybe next week? I'm not out to hurt you, just want to have a good time."

The cop gave a sigh of relief his heartbeat was very high and as he was released, he sat on the floor with a sigh of relief as the lady was not there anymore.
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