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Fx Any Cathy's Idea Thread


Cookies Goddess
Aug 30, 2017
Hello there, Cathy here! If you haven't seen me around before, please check out my main thread. This is sort of 'ideas bump' place. I come up with plentiful of plot ideas, but I don't want to keep them all in the main thread.
Plots are listened in a random order, mainly fantasy-themed ones, but most of them can be - more or less - turned into more modern ones. I am open for either FxM or FxF pairings, even though most setups are described as FxM.

Rich Boy Drama
She thought her dreams came true once she opened her own flower shop, but then she met him. The perfect, loving guy. As the gifts become more expensive, her new boyfriend admits he comes from a very well-off family. She's surprised he chose her - a plain, simple girl - but is also flattered. Days, months passed by, finally he asks her to marry him, and she doesn't even think twice. It sounds like a dream come true... but as soon as the honeymoon ends, it becomes hell. Living in the palace of the house is great, but he never seems to come home. When he does, he's either drunk or ignores her. Soon she feels lonely and abandoned, but has no idea how to talk to her husband. However, his father takes an interest in her...

All Alone
Brought up by a lonely pair of elves after she was left to die in the mountains, she hasn’t seen many humans around. Life never was easy, living amongst elves while being a human. Even though she worked hard, she never was good enough, and when even her step-parents admit she doesn't belong with elves, she leaves the mountain village, traveling towards the closest city.

She was taught the art of hunt, she knows more than any human about herbs and plants, and she's skilled at farming and taking care of farm animals. But this all doesn't matter much in a town she visits, and still, she needs to find the way to survive.

Suddenly, a Queen
Youngest of them all, the Princess is send to foreign lands to make connections and find allies the country may need. As she is far away, her Kingdom is under attack, and when she finally returns, nothing is the same. The Kingdom survived, but when she arrives her father, the only member of royalty that survived the attack is on his death bed. Suddenly, although never prepared because of a multitude of siblings, she needs to be a new Queen. Unprepared, her only help is the man that saved the Kingdom, the commoner that turned out to be a skilled warrior, thrown in this situation because of the need.

Alternative Routes
Very much so, the Queen may return to her Kingdom completely fallen. In this case, she would get captured the moment she entered the Kingdom and shown before the new King. However the next part is played depends on the partner - this can be forceful and non-con, or perhaps the new King wants to befriend the Princess. He will keep her locked up but will not be rough on her (although, how others will see them, and what they will demand from their King may be different). I was also imagining this would be another race (like elves, for example), conquering a human kingdom.

Another thing that could happen was for someone to get the Princess out of the castle (or even find her before she gets captured) and helps her run away (or perhaps, show her to a small human settlement nearby or something along those lines).

I'd also be up to setting up stories within a war-ridden country from other perspectives than royal. A young woman who lost her whole family, a nun in the coven, a lady who owns a brothel and gets her girls completely exhausted while paid nothing, craftsmen being charged exceptional taxes or being paid nothing to supply invader, etc.

Young vixen (half fox, half-human) finds herself homeless and without a penny after the accident in her village. There's not many left and no one that can help her, no job, no shelter. Without any other solution, she travels to the closest human town, tired, hungry and still in need of work and roof above her head. There's nothing else than walk around and hope someone will want to give her a job...

Corrupted Temple
A village girl that just lost her parents decides to become a Priestess and joins the nearest temple she knows of. But, already throughout the training, she realizes that the Temple is run by corrupt people that demand unspeakable things of her and others. Nobody else in the temple seems to mind, and she has nowhere else to go. She tries to endure it, and to her own surprise, she becomes almost addicted to the madness that runs through the temple. (This can be done in a modern-day setting as well, with a young girl becoming a nun.)

The wrong Quest
An adventurer (or a full group) takes on a dangerous mission to clear out a dungeon located below the village. They are more than ready, or so they think, as the dungeon is filled with monsters and dangers they would never even think of. However, the monsters rather than kill them, violate them in most carnal of ways. But it's too late to go back or to even find a safe way back, so they continue to go through, in the end having no defenses to fight off beings that want to have a taste of them.

Alternative version
Basically, same setup but MC(s) - this time 2-3 at max - meet someone else within the cave that is also fighting the monsters, camping there or perhaps there is a whole community living below. Whatever the reason, there is something more than monsters in the dungeon, and which way it will go is up to you!

Haunted Mansion
Hearing of an abandoned, possibly hunted mansion she decides to go in, and prove to everyone it's just an old building that should be destroyed. But once the night comes, she realizes the mansion is filled with dangers and secrets she never expected to find there. Suddenly, escaping the cursed place is much harder than it should be, and the girl finds herself stuck in the building for much longer than one night.

Never Stop Dreaming...
She has always dreamt of becoming a famous neurosurgeon, but the road to that wasn't easy. Still, she finished schools with good enough grades and got into university. The problem came when she went for her specialty; in previous schools, she didn't have perfect grades but it was good enough. Sadly, the new studies were even more complex, and even though she was a great doctor, the theory and complex exams were her downfall. She almost made it, but almost is never good enough.

Disappointed with herself she ends up in a local hospital as one of the surgeons, as she had skills and knowledge for that, but no chance to reach field she dreamt of... At least, no legal chance.

The Only One
She is known for mastering a multitude of languages and alongside them some specific dialects from the third-world countries. She lives a convenient, comfortable life, translating pieces, and learning more in her free time, as she didn't learn just to know more, but the process of learning itself relaxed her.

The time comes where there is a need for a very rare dialect and she's the only one government knows of. She's not told who's the person she is talking with is, only what she needs to learn; it might be a politician or it might be a criminal or someone that just knows something important. Needless to say, she feels stressed out and out of her element, being in the room alone with the man...
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