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Fx Any Cathy's Idea Thread


Cookies Goddess
Aug 30, 2017
Hello there, Cathy here! If you haven't seen me around before, please check out my main thread.

I only play with IRL females; I am willing to play the male counterpart if needed.
Here is my M x Any thread.

This is sort of 'ideas bump' place. I come up with plentiful of plot ideas, but I don't want to keep them all in the main thread. It's definitely WIP sort of thread, and the plots will be updated with time.

Young vixen (half fox, half-human) finds herself homeless and without a penny after the accident in her village. There's not many left and no one that can help her, no job, no shelter. Without any other solution, she travels to the closest human town, tired, hungry and still in need of work and roof above her head. There's nothing else than walk around and hope someone will want to give her a job...
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