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Mx F or NB Devil HS Recreation (Nearly 20 different RPs listed!)

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  • Hot under the snow

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Andy French

I'm Smutty McSmutbag!
Mar 24, 2019

Welcome to the Devil's playground!

Table of Contents

-First: Introduction-

-Second: The Roleplays-

-Third: What to expect / What I like-

-Fourth: Rules-



Welcome to my thread dedicated to the recreation of the works of artist Devil HS! I've been a fan of their work for some time, I love the way he draws his women, I love how he draws the massive cocks that fuck them, I love everything about his work! That's why I'm dedicating an entire thread just to creating RP's where we recreate some of his works into full RPs!

-About Me-
I've been an RPer for well over 15 years and myself am in my mid 30's. I'm a firm believer that RP's can have a story to smut ratio of 100/100, and I want to use those skills to breathe life into some of the comics and images that Devil HS has created! I myself specialize in writing comedy and have heard nothing but good things about my writing from my various partners over the years. When it comes to my work I'm a big ol' mixed bag! I'm a Game Designer, Voice Actor, and I even teach 'Narrative for Video Games' at my local university part time. To add a little personal bit at the end I also love Electro-Swing music and Pumpkin Spice Latte's.



-The Roleplays-

Getting to the good stuff quick! The purpose of this thread is to take the works from Devil HS, be it his comics, one page images, or any of his works and to create full RP's around them. In most situations I'll be playing the male role with you the female one. This also means that the proportions that DHS uses, the huge tits, fat asses, and gigantic veined cocks with buckets of cum, and the super slut women who can't get enough fat cock in them will all be the same too. After all, it just wouldn't be his work without all of that wonderful stuff!

The RP's below are listed in no particular order of preference or want.
(Though I will likely update that in the future)

Characters and Preferences
Like I said above, everything will be done with the versions of characters that DHS has used in his work. If you like the RP idea but would like to change something about the characters I'm open to discussing it, but if it doesn't fall in line with what I love about his work I'm likely to decline the change.

For his larger comic works (like the super slut series) I'm willing to take the themes found in those comics and do them with a different setting or characters. For example, if you like the Harley Quinn Super Slut comic but want to do it with a specific male character let me know and we can try to work something out.

My RPing Style
As I mentioned before I'm a firm believer that RPs can have a 100/100 plot to smut ratio, but I'm sure you're also wondering what that means exactly? What it means is that I'm always able to push the plot of our story forward while at the same time making sure that we are still having sexy fun, even when there is no actual sex. I think it's a great skill of mine to be able to make sure that there is always some sexual tension in the air, be it with innuendo, dirty thoughts, inappropriate stares and groping, and the like. This way even when there is no actual sex, there is always sexy times to be had along side the plot!

That being said, there is an obviously smutty tone to these works, so while I'm more than happy to try to work full on plots into them the smutty nature of the work will need to stay. Like I said, 100/100 plot to smut ratio.

Section 1
-Warning, all links go to NSFW material-

-Hulk Smashes Black Widow-
A favourite for anyone who wants to take the Hulk x Blackwidow shipping from the MCU to a gamma level extreme!
Black Widow 2 | Original One Page Comic
Themes: Hardcore Anal, sexual exhaustion, size difference
My Character: The Incredible Hulk, Your Character: Black Widow

The Hulk is on a rampage, a tale as old as the green beast himself. But this time it seems like theres no stopping him when even the famed "Sun's getting real low" technique doesn't work. After almost killing all of the Avengers when they tried to subdue him the first time the team decides that The Hulk is too much for earth and he must be killed. Black Widow however has one last plan she wants to try before they kill him. She's going to sacrifice herself and her body to The Hulk in hopes that she can wear him down through sheer sexual exhaustion and then have him revert back to Banner. That is of course... if The Hulks giant green smasher doesn't break her first.

Special Note: I'm willing to do this one with either MCU or comic book Black Widow, just most people are more familiar with the MCU counterparts.
*Sample of RP to come in future*

-Wonder Woman: Bitch Breaker-
Ever wanted to play Wonder Woman with a massive cock as she breaks the Justice Leagues finest one destroyed ass at time?
WW | Original Image
Themes: Futa, Futa Domination, Bondage
My Character: Members of the Justice League / Male OC, Your Character: Full Futa Wonder Woman

After hearing the men of the Justice League talk about the prowess in the bedroom Wonder Woman interjects into their conversation saying that she could have just as many conquests of men as they have with women. However she's laughed out of the room in embarassment as the men point out that it's different when you're a woman, and that they have the dicks, so they make the rules. This of course means that Wonder Woman finds some amazonian magic so she can grow her own massive cock to show the so called "men" of the Justice League that women can do anything better than a man can, even fuck with a cock.

Special Note: I'm willing to play various male members of the Justice League for this but to be honest my knowledge of them is somewhat limited. As an alternative we could do the Alternate story listed below.

Alternate Story: Full Futa Wonder Woman has already shown her dominance over the men of the Justice League and word has gotten around about what she did. My character is dying of a rare, incureable disease and has decided that his last wish is that he too get dominated by Wonder Woman before he dies. Hell part of him hopes that she can literally fuck him to death.
*Sample of RP to come in future*

-When you're a Futa size matters-
After a long day of work sometimes a futa just wants to come home and fuck her boy servant till she passes out.
Sizes Huh | Original Image
Themes: Futa, Futa Domination, FUxMxFU threesome
My Character: Young man servent boy, Your Character: Power top Futa Goth / Loving Motherly Futa

Your character (A futa version of the woman in the image) has had a long day at work, quite possibly the absolute worst. Now all she wants to do is come home, shower, eat dinner and plummet her massive futa cock into the ass and throat of the young boy who lives with her for free in exchange for his services as her personal maid and cock sleeve.

Special Note: If you're willing to play multiple characters I'd love to do this RP where there is actually a second futa who lives there as well. She has a kinder more gentle and motherly personality however to counter the rough dominance of the other futa. Despite that though, even though she's more polite about it, she still rams her fat cock into the servent just as hard and just as deep as her counterpart.
*Sample of RP to come in future*

-Tifa: World Sex Champion-
Sure, she's proven that she can beat you up, but now she's out to prove that no one can make her submit
FFVII: Tifa | Original Image
Themes: Anything goes rough sex, Gang Bang, Sexual Endurance
My Character: Multiple Cannon, OC, and fodder characters, Your Character: Tifa Lockheart

Tifa has already proven to the world that no one can best her in a fist fight, but all that did was lead people to talk about how they could make her submit to their cock instead. Tifa took this as a challenge and now, in a full blown sexual area setting is taking on any and all challengers that no matter how many times she may reach climax she will never be beaten by any man or men who dare challenge her.

Special Note: I actually have a full on set of rules and hazzards if you wanted to play this idea to an extreme where there is straight up killer traps in the arena. Also I'm opening this beyond the FF7 setting where we could have any character from anything try to best Tifa in a one on one fuck fest. Or, if you are the type who believes in quantity over quality we could do this as a straight up gang bang.
*Sample of RP to come in future*

-Demon at the Beach-
Why have an ordinary day at the beach when you can have a demonic one?
Suxxia | Original One Page Comic
Themes: Fun in the Sun, Demoness, Playful Power Bottom
My Character: Unsuspecting beach Patron, Your Character: Demon/Succubuss looking to fuck with mortals

Here I am, enjoying a nice quiet day at the beach, getting some much needed sun on my pale white nerd skin when out of no where I see a literal demon step out from the water wearing a bikini that can't even cover her voluptuous body. I look around, no one else seems to even notice you exist, and when you approach me you tell me that I'm the only one who can see you and tell me that you've been sent to give me a gift. The devil has taken pitty on my nerdy life and body and will grant me the kind of cock that will get me laid the rest of my life, and then boom, it's mine. The catch though? Now that I have this gift I have to prove I'm worthy to keep it and have to fuck you in order for you to judge if I'm worthy to keep it forever or not. And of course, if I fail to please then the devil will not only have my soul when I die, but I'll be cursed with a micro penis until that day.

Special Note: I'm more than willing to swap of these characters around (different demon/succubus for you, different nerdy guy for me) so long as I think they will fit well with the Devil HS theme.
*Sample of RP to come in future*

-Mr.X You mean Mr. SEX-
While being chased down by Mr.X Claire discovers that with a monster man comes a monster cock, and suddenly he doesn't seem so scary anymore.
Re2: Leon Disc A | Original Image
Themes: Hardcore Anal, Power Bottom, size difference
My Character: Mr. X, Your Character: Claire Redfield

With Mr.X chasing Claire down she's had enough of his shit as she pulls out her grenade launcher and blasts him. She thinks she's in the clear, but in reality all she's done is blast his pants off, and this is when she sees his massive cock and decides to take control of the situation by demanding he fuck her, as her plan is to wear the beast out so that it will stop chasing her.

Special Note: I'm willing to find ways to work with this RP to extend the plot of it, or maybe we stretch it out with multiple scenarios or encounters.
*Sample of RP to come in future*

-Tentacles!?! That's new!-
Just when you think your adventure into the dungeon is going great you fall into a trap that becomes a pain in your ass
Sin Faye | Original Image
Themes: Non-Con, Tentacles, Fantasy
My Character: Tentacle monster in trap, Your Character: sexy adventurer about to have a really bad day

You were warned, but thought you were one of the greatest adventurers of this age. You were told the dungeon was filled with traps but this ain't your first rodeo, you're an experienced adventurer, you're not going to die to some hole in the ground. Well guess what, you might not die, but this hole in the ground, and the creature that's inside of it is going to fuck you till you wish you had fallen on a bed of spikes instead.

Special Note: This is more of a setting than anything set in stone, you can feel free to pitch to me YOUR OC and have them fall into the same trap.
*Sample of RP to come in future*

-Hot under the snow-
Mei and her fellow teammate are sent to an old overwatch safehouse deep in the mountains when an avalanche leaves them snowed into the cabin
Overwatch: Mei | Original Image
Themes: Stranded, Killing time with sex, Getting to know each other
My Character: Overwatch Male (or monkey!) of your choice, Your Character: Mei

With Overwatch reinstated Mei has been tasked with going to an old Overwatch safehouse in the mountains of the Canadian Rockies. She's been told that one of the former Overwatch agents is going to meet her there to discuss coming back into the fold. Mei doesn't want to go alone so she brings someone with her for backup just in case. However once they arrive at the safehouse, a cozy little cabin nestled deep in the rockies, an Avalanche covers the entire cabin in snow. They hit their emergency beacon button, but with how remote the location is, and not even knowing for certain if the former agent will show it could be days before they are rescued. There's plenty of supplies and the place is warm, might as well wait it out for rescue to come.

-An unfamiliar summoning-
A witch, wanting to seek power tries to bind a minor devil to her as a familiar, only to find she's the one who will be subservient.
Bellamorte's Talk-Show | Original Image
Themes: Fantasy, demons, size difference
My Character: Demonic Dragon, Your Character: Witch

Being a witch can be difficult, even if you use your magic to give yourself the perfect physical form sometimes you crave power, and not just the power to give men hardon's in their pants. No. You want REAL power, the kind that comes from demonic ties. So you've scoured grimoire and spell book alike until you found exactly what you're looking for, a spell that will bin a minor devil into your service so you can syphon his evil essence, adding it to your own. You perform the ritual just as the book says but without realizing it you made a mistake, you didn't summon a little puny devil to bind to your will, you've summoned a greater demonic dragon, and he's about to teach you about suffering you couldnt imagine. (Though always kinda hoped you would)

Special Note: Another setting where you could use your own character so long as I find that they would suit the theme's of this thead. I'm also open to you suggesting a different kind of monster that gets summoned if you can convince me.
*Sample of RP to come in future*
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