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Fx M or F [sub F] Snowy's home: Detailed, dark and delicious stories (Original and canon settings; current craving a long-term Mass Effect play)


Nov 22, 2016

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Hey there!

If you're looking for a detailed RPer and a submissive victim who enjoys the darker side of life, we'll get along famously!​

Story ideas
Current craving: Mass Effect (and other sci-fi settings)
Sci-Fi settings have always captured my imagination, especially those that are filled with all manners of curious aliens dangerous monsters that are just waiting to prey upon a pretty human like myself. From the dark industrial corridors of some far away station, to the wind swept tundra of a far away colony. From the gothic hive cities of Warhammer 40k to the seedy nightclubs of Omega Station, I have a special place in my heart for gritty and squalid environments.

For a ready to go background set within the Mass Effect universe; Sarah was born upon a human colony far away towards the furthest reaches of known space. Scantly populated by little more than dozen families, Sarah's life had little in the ways of excitement. So it was that at an early age she had been captivated by the idea of escaping to find herself a new life amongst the stars. Struck by wanderlust Sarah reached out not long after her eighteenth birthday, having traded away her life savings for passage aboard a starhauler. The Captain was of course only too happy to take her coin, but soon enough his promises proved to be hollow. Sarah was dumped aboard Omega Station, trapped within one of the most dangerous sectors of space. With no money or marketable skills, it wasn't long until she was left begging on the streets. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, it is only a matter of time before poor Sarah finds herself the victim of one of the many predatory gangs that stalk these foetid corridors.

Bonus points for aliens (especially Asari). Captured by the Eclipse mercenaries or enslaved by the infamous Aria T'loak, I'm craving plots where I'm forced to serve as superior alien mistress(s).

The Tavern Girl
In an age were knights crusade through the lands and ladies dance at court, Sarah the humble farmer's daughter has finally flown the roost. Having saved all the coin that she could, the pretty young peasant had hitched a ride with a passing merchant, destined for a new life in the big city. Yet wide eyes and hope filled dreams can only carry one so far, and sure enough Sarah's coin had run out long before she reached the city. Having been dropped off at a crossroads tavern, Sarah found herself working behind the bar to earn her keep. It is a quiet life out in the middle of nowhere, but a life she has come to love. From listening to the tales of adventurers braver than she, to lazing about in the sun, there's seldom a thought given to tall tales travellers. Yet deep within the forests that surround Sarah's new home, terrors of an unknown quantity lurk. Whether it's the goblins of the deep caves, the ratmen lurking by the brook, or the Orcish hordes, there's scant protection to be found by this forgotten crossroad.

The star gazer
Born on a backwater world, out the far reaches of colonised space, Sarah had always longed to get away from the claustrophobia of her home and venture out into the stars. Dreams of adventure and romance has driven Sarah to learn all that she can about fixing up and maintaining just about every machine she can get her hands on. Despite her skill, Sarah is still a doe-eyed colonist, unaware of the true dangers that lurk amongst the stars. All of this would soon change however, just as soon as she can find herself passage off world.

The tribal toy
How she ended up here, Sarah can barely remember. Dressed in revealing silks and jewelled chains, Sarah has found herself enslaved by a hissing race of chittering kobolds. As small and dainty as she might be, even Sarah towers over her reptilian captors, yet their numbers ensure that escape is not an option. Beneath the jabs of crude spears and snapping jaws, Sarah is forced to serve her hissing masters, lest she find herself as their next meal. So she dances and smiles as they roam their hands all over her soft and supple flesh, before once more laying down to satisfy their insatiable lusts.

The girl next door
In a world not too dissimilar to our own, Sarah is just another face in an endless crowd. Yet life was not kind to poor Sarah who is once more down on her luck. Forced to make difficult decisions, Sarah feels uneasy about the paths that lay ahead of her. Indebted to the wrong kind of people Sarah finds herself scraping by day by day in the rougher parts of town. For a girl like her who lacks both the qualifications or experience to find a stable job, making money isn't going to be easy. Whether it's the lecherous landlord, or predatory gangs, trouble is never far away for a naive young thing like Sarah.

The slave
Some might say she was born into this life, others might say it was a cruel trick played by fate. Either way, there is no denying that her slender white neck looks so bare without that heavy iron collar. Sarah's soft and submissive nature makes her the perfect slave, whether she's warming her master's bed or serving in the kitchens. Yet despite a face that could melt a heart of stone, Sarah's lithe form and meek nature so often mean that she is over looked by the strong and noble. Sometimes poor Sarah finds herself at the very bottom of the food chain, thrown to the dregs rather than kept as a prize possession. If she fails to capture the heart of her captors, Sarah can expect nothing more than a life chained to a barrack's wall, destined to satisfy the lusts of the most lowly of creatures.

The City Elf
Life is never easy for an outcast, and our heroine is no such exception. A wood-elf orphan, born and raised within the slums of a human city, she has known a life of hardship and constant racism. Her enchanting beauty attracts the eye, just as surely as do the pointed tips of her ears. Humans regard her with suspicion and distrust, even though her enchanting looks often leave their eyes lingering longer than they ought to. To survive the elf does her best to hide her identity, when she is not pick-pocketing to earn her next meal.

The Conscript
The world has torn itself apart once more as war sweeps the lands. Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is where our heroine enters. On the verge of defeat the nation must scrape the bottom of the barrel to survive, calling up all able bodied women to fight alongside their male counterparts. Taken from a life of simplicity, Sarah now finds herself thrown onto the frontlines of a war she is woefully unprepared for. Will she surrender to the pillaging hordes? Will she be left behind? Or will she find some scrap of mercy amidst the protection of her comrades? Prisoner of war, causality of war, spoil of war.

The Conscript (sci-fi version)
Earth has fallen and the human race has been subjegated by a vast an unfathomable alien empire. As a condition of their continued survival, mankind is forced to give up a portion of it's youth each year in the form of conscripts. The unwilling victims are then forced into uniforms and carried away to fight on behalf of their conquroers on far away worlds. Little more than canon fodder, the life expectancy for these halpless souls can often be measured in days.
This is where our unfortunate heroine enters. Poor Sarah is anything but a fighter, but when her name came up she had no choice but to serve. Thrust into a terrifying world of harsh discipline and savage violence, whether she finds herself fighting against hate-filled alien brutes, or tied up in the barracks serving as a comfort-girl, you get to decide what trails she must learn to survive!

A police-state nightmare
The world had changed decades before Sarah Miller had been born, long gone were concepts such as liberty and freedom, now all that anyone knows is the will of the state and day after day of hard labour and merciless oppression. For an unskilled and friendless young woman such as herself, life was a struggle for poor Sarah and even food was hard to come by. Guards and gangsters alike had propositioned her far too often for her own liking but she had always rejected their advances, ever fearing the day when she would loose that pretence of choice. As she left for the day Sarah wondered how she was going to pay this month's rent and how she could avoid that particular touchy Guard that the local checkpoint.

Here's a few of my all time favourite scenarios:
- Flung into a post-apocalyptic world where life is worth less than water my character is prayed upon by a savage male, forced to satisfy his whims to earn her survival.
- Lost in the dark depths of a Forrest my character is prayed upon by a horny pack of rabid wolves and turned the bitch of the pack.
- Life in a dystopian police state in which the lower-class citizens live in perpetual fear of the corrupt security forces and higher class citizens who are free to pray upon all those below them.
- Having fallen on hard times a sweet innocent young woman is taken advantage of and forced into a life of prostitution.
- A scout taken prisoner by a rival army, tortured and interrogated they decide to keep her around for her body.

I like a wide range of genres I'm happy to play with established universes or ones of our own making.

- Mass Effect
- Warhammer 40k / Fantasy
- Halo
- The Expanse
- Blade Runner

- Star Wars
- Skyrim
- Fallout
- Alien(s)

And as for my kinks:

-Body writing
-Forced prostitution
-Object insertion

-Gore during sex

(Be sure to check out my f-list for more: Oh and finally my full f-list: F-list - Warning)

If you've come this far I hope you've enjoyed it and I can't wait to hear from you!
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Nov 22, 2016
Back from a long hiatus and looking again with a brand new story!
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