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How would you describe your RP style?

Dirty Fingers

Jul 31, 2019
I often have trouble writing RP request threads, not because I don't have ideas it's just that they don't fit neatly into any particular style most of the time.

So thinking about my style of writing/rp'ing, I tend to think...

Contrast - I like contrasts. I like the idea of the really hot guy who looks all so perfect yet hides a secret about his body. Or the shy girl who is about to do porn or some kind of extreme sexual act. I like the idea of the otherwise normal or nice guy being pushed in some way or just having a to hell with it all moment and doing something out of character etc.

Challenge/Dilemma - As per above, I like characters who are challenged by what is happening and what they are about to do. I get bored if they are doing it just because it sounds like fun to them. I want it to push them in a way, even if they do like it, they are still at odds with it.

Realistic, to a degree - This is an odd one as many of the situations/themes aren't always plausible. But I still like the responses of the characters to be so. I don't want it to start looking like a porn film where someone delivers pizza and the recipient offers sex in return for example. Even my smut based ideas area about how the characters deal with the situation and each other.

Multi dimensional characters - No one is all good or all bad. Even the bogey man of the 20th century was an animal loving, vegetarian, non drinker. You can be horny and still chaste, you can be mean and still loving, you can be married and still have sex with someone else......

Interesting situations/stories - In the end I love how the characters work their way through things. Sometimes it may be a really simple premise, a woman being offered money for sex for example. But just because it is simple it doesn't mean the execution has to be simple. Why is she being offered money, is she married, a virgin, off limits in some way? etc etc I like both complex and simpler scenarios but they do have to be interesting.

I like turning things on their head as well, sometimes being somewhat satiric. I recently started a RP where WW3 has broken out and the "Woke" type girl realizes her best bet for survival is all of those armed and strong "Deplorable" men. So things that interest me whether they are political or otherwise.

Reversal of usual gender roles - I like the idea of a male stripper with an older woman. The older female teacher getting involved with her male student.The woman being in charge in some way. Things like that intrigue me and are a break from the usual roles.

Smut to story ratio - This is something I have been seeing a lot of in RP request threads. I am not sure if I can really break it down to a percentage. I tend to go with what the story needs. That said all smut or a smut montage will bore me to tears. I don't need to go to the effort of typing things out, I have an imagination, I can imagine this stuff on my own. I want someone who will create a story with me.

With me even when the theme is smutty it doesn't mean it is necessarily about the smut. It tends to be more about the characters and their communication/experience.

Pre-planning - I like some pre planning discussion. At first it is all about getting to know the person and seeing if you are compatible. I don't like pre planning it to the point that there isn't any surprises left anymore though. Sometimes it can feel like the RP has played itself out in discussion alone.

Post Length - I'm pretty open but no one liners please! Anything more than say 6 paragraphs can start feeling like work though!

Face Claims - I don't need them. I really don't need them if you like to use anime or animated characters. I don't relate. A basic description is fine.

Dark themes - I love me the darkness!

Original ideas - I don't mind if you want to use a film or tv show etc as inspiration but I don't do fandoms. I don't watch/play/read anything so deeply that I could pull off the accuracy required and I don't like the idea of being governed by pre existing conditions/settings.

So how would you describe your RP style?


Sep 17, 2019
A high horse. Tall, sharp horse.
Weird and mildly complicated. I think I'll refer to the above to go point by point.

Contrast - I'm game in the sense meant here. I can have plenty of fun exploring the physique of a more standard character/setup, but a bit of subversion is sometimes very nice.
Challenge/Dilemma - It is enjoyable to have a character in a conflict; but again, I've been appreciating simplicity a bit more lately. I've had my head in the clouds with attempts at long term plot driven stuff that I kinda burnt out on it and decided to go for fun and stuff while keeping an eye out for partners I can truly explore this dynamic with. This answer and the above apply to multiple categories.
Realistic, to a degree - I drive for highly realistic, pending suspension of disbelief as agreed upon before the roleplay. So, if we agree to have an area where kinky shit is the cool thing to do, I will write in consistency to that, otherwise I will make a context-sensitive best guess on how that would be received by my main and any other characters in my control.
Multi dimensional characters - Amen to this. I don't advertise it much, but I believe in characters that have various triggers to inspire different sorts of reactions that are based on how they fundamentally are, their histories, their biases, so on and so forth, stuff I don't tend to detail out before the start of the game and leave to be explored or not in a scenario.
Interesting situations/stories - Answer two, though by no means am I ruling out a creative take. In fact, when I see lists of pairings, I consider it a minigame as to how I can viably combine multiple together for a functional, fun roleplay soup. I also do enjoy reversing conventional situations; a thief that fails, an assassination gone wrong, whatever, and the dame idea at a larger scale going for serious plots.
Reversal of usual gender roles - Doesn't do a great deal for me as a concept, though I certainly indulge it.
Smut to story ratio - I've been seeking a predominant lean to the former lately, mostly because I just want to explore some on-the-spot character takes and emotions while saving the full suite of effort for the times I find people I'd like to make a true story with, if I find them. I'm kinda easy to get into with short term simple stuff, but I've gotten really picky on more serious content. But make no mistake, I have a long record on a 100% story to 0% smut ratio, and sometimes I just like it that way, because I'm not driven by kink and I have other places that still work to hit that niche as I want to refresh it.
Pre-planning - Premise and who's doing what, as well as details necessary to get the ball rolling. At times, what kind of points we want to hit and what we anticipate things generally going into. I don't believe in detailing the story out at all and I am almost certainly going to indulge in a change of plans if they match what works at the time. Really, what I skimp in planning sometimes is easily matched by a healthy OOC conversation.
Post Length - 200 words when I have little to work with, less when I'm starving to exercise agency that I just don't have thanks to a mis-paced exchanged, 300-400 on a more usual basis with moderate content, 500-600 with more substantive content, more sometimes on a well-motivated intro or an especially deep character take with a good bit to respond to and do. More tends to come with more characters. I consider progression and imparting notable details more important than any length quota. I'm not your partner if you want reliable 1000+ word exchanges.
Face Claims - They only work for me if I built a character from one in the first place; otherwise it's nigh impossible for me to find one that works. If you make suggestions prior to RP start and don't seem to be hunting for someone to play specific people you're imagining, I'll probably indulge you as I get some interest out of making something completely new out of a picture. Just be warned what I derive from it will likely have little to do with what it was representing.
Dark themes - Quite doable and something I openly indulge to some extent. I can go far darker, fully including gruesome horror, extensive emotional damage and more, provided I have a partner that I really do work out well with. I don't get into that state of mind lightly and it takes out more from me than usual.
Original ideas - I'm all for a unique context, though if you have predispositions towards how it's set up beyond generic and want me to follow them, you should probably be playing game master. There's a number of canons I am comfortable with writing something in, and as long as you put in an effort, I don't expect you to even match my grasp on them. And, if you really just want to learn, I'm inclined to spend a good part of our interactions just explaining necessary details.
Dirty Fingers

Dirty Fingers

Jul 31, 2019
Burn out happens on the more complex plots. That said, I get burned out or just plain bored with smut based as well. I think with plot based you really need a good or at least like minded writer as a partner. Someone to build up the relationship/interaction between the two characters. That can be difficult at times so you end up getting them to have sex or do something sexual to keep the RP going.

Doesn't always work though!

Some of my fave RP's have been where the characters don't or infrequently do anything sexual.
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