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Jul 15, 2011
Hey there! Hello, my name is Libl, or Libs, Libi, Lib, whatever. And this is my very specifically Fandom request thread!

First off, some general standards, or rules, or whatever you wanna call 'em!

  • Semi-Literate please! I enjoy a fairly descriptive RP.
  • Third person only. I do not do first person.
  • M/F pairings preferred, but I'm open to others.
  • I don't mind what you are IRL.
  • Communication. Just a friendly conversation now and then, or RP discussion.
  • I prefer to RP over PMs or Discord.
  • My F-list: F-list - Warning
  • If you didn't read these, PLEASE READ THEM!

!The current cravings!

Fallout 4, specifically looking for someone to play Hancock. Willing to play any other canon character for you, or any other RP idea you want within reason!!
(Why is this still so hard to find?)

•Red Dead? I've got no plot ideas, but we can work something out!

These are all smut-heavy ideas I could think of. I'm also VERY OPEN to more plot-heavy ideas and discussing new ones!
(And their main kinks)

General Fallout

The Smutty Plot-​
Simply take the plot of any the three games, and twist it to be super smutty. The Lone Wanderer(Fallout 3) could just be a very horny young lady, Courier Six(Fallout NV) could have an extreme libido thanks to their head being reconstructed, Sole Survivor(Fallout 4) could have been affected by the cryo malfunction, all which makes for sex with almost every interaction with npcs, enemies, or creatures. Works best with someone willing to do a GM's job. All sorts of kinks and things can be added for everyone to enjoy!​
(Any kinks except my 'no's)​

The Beast Tamer-
To survive the wasteland, a young woman has discovered she can tame the wild creatures with some kind words and 'offerings'. She uses her gift to both research creatures of all kinds as well as have a little fun. What could be more exciting than having a potentially deadly creature who would rather 'love' you than eat you.​
(Zoo/Xeno/Monsters/Exotic Cocks)​

Nuka-Cola Special Blend-
An experimental Nuka-Cola has been found. Women who drink it start to lactate, producing delicious, nutritional milk, which is also highly addictive. Men who drink it have the same effect to their cum. Just leads to a lot of messy fun.
(Potions/Lactation/Excessive Semen)​

Vault Full of Pleasure-
A lone scavenger woman stumbled upon an unnumbered vault (either open, or she has a pipboy), exploring inside to see what she could salvage. Though it turns out the vault is still active, just waiting for a human to come in. This vault is designed for a single, or very few, humans to inhabit, and built to keep them alive while also filling their entire life with pleasure. Bots and automated systems everywhere for food, water, air, and most importantly, all that sexual pleasure.​
(Robots/Sex toys/Mech Tentacles/Fucking Machines)​
Alice in the Wasteland-​
A chem addicted vault dweller is thrown out of her vault with all her chems. They fully expected her to die within the first day, but somehow her luck must have been bumped over 10 because she stumbles her way in a drug fueled haze though all sorts of danger. Or the danger just takes advantage of her state before leaving her once again to fend for herself. She never fights it, maybe her drugged imagination making it all sorts of fun for her.​
(Drug Use/Dub-Con/Gangbangs)​

Fallout 3

A Girl and Her Dog-​
The adventure of a female Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat.​
(Zoo/Knotted Cock)​

Fallout New Vegas

A Girl and Her Stalker-
Adventure of Courier, or any other female, and her Nightstalker.
(Zoo/Knotted Cock)

Fallout 4

Just a fun and smutty twist to the Raider rout of Nuka-World. After taking out the old Overboss, a woman takes over and starts her own reign over the park, and goes through the work of getting it all running again.​
(Any kinks except my 'no's)

The Division
Hunter and Hunted-
Ever since my first encounter with a Hunter in division, I've had a weird terrified attraction toward them. Something about a big armored man in a mask who could kill me...
Anyway, a second wave agent getting caught by a hunter, only he doesn't have plans to kill her. Could be they were friends before the virus spread. He is tracking the agent, only to recognize her and tries to catch her and sway her to his side of things. Or could be a more forceful sort of thing if you're not into a more romantic sort of story.

Red Dead Redemption



Mass Effect


Dragon Age

My Little Pony

What I will do

- Canon characters
- Adjustments to Canon
- Romance
- 'Maybe's can be discussed

What I won't do

- Sexual violence
- Vore, Guro, Scat​
- Anything in my 'No's​
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Jul 15, 2011
And update bump
(just added The Division to the list)
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