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Fx Male Fantasy/original/romance


Mar 19, 2011
Imaginary land
I'm interested in playing a female character for the first time in a long time. I am very rusty but proficient in writing enough to probably make up. If you're good to take me up on this just shoot me a pm please

=> I am female irl

=> I prefer thread or google doc. pms in that order. I prefer to plot/ooc chatter on skype or discord.

=> I am proficient as both a Dom and Sub[switch]. I do not adhere to seme/uke mentality. Currently wanting to be sub or sub switch

=> I am driven by how original and captivating a character is in both appearance and personality. I occasionally draw oc's from RPS and there is very little I'm uncomfortable with. f-list

=> Been a roleplayer for at least 15 years

=> I will NOT use real face claims and please do not send me random intro posts. Part of the fun for me is bouncing ideas and coming up with details. I no longer find joy in "winging" it from the get go.

What I'm looking for

=> A partner that takes their time with responses, I don't want something that seems rushed. Quality over quantity.

=> Feel free to add twists or extra things not included in the main plot as long as it goes with the "story".

****I am very fond of high fantasy or medieval fantasy, Advanced Utopia's/Eden's, Neo-Victorian/Modern-Victorian settings.

Other things I like
Unrequited love / Angst / drama / thriller / Falling for the enemy / sadomasochism / obsessions / Murder-serial killers / creepy themes / blood-play / hatemance[love-hate] / dragons / cyborgs / lycanthrope characters / misanthropy / brutality / stalkers / elves / tainting-corruption / Ancient Egypt / Feudal era Japan / Victorian settings / medieval​

What I'm looking for plot wise right now:

Demon x Worshipper : fantasy smut : With my soul
A private practitioner who summons a demon that intends to take her as his bride.

Dragon x Mage : medieval fantasy : On the run
The last surviving member of her order of riders she now lives as a weak mage if she could even be called one. Living in a conquered country where dragons and mages are either killed or captured she spends her days in isolation save for a chance encounter with a dragon who forces a bond. Finding herself restored with magic and stronger than she was before both go on the run together because if either of them get found out they'll get caught and processed.​

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