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The Milkfarm - Profiles

Apr 10, 2012
The OOC thread is here.
The main thread is [TO BE POSTED]


If you have confirmed your interest in the OOC thread for this RP, post your char profile here! You can be either a rancher or a cow.


If you wish to play a rancher, post a profile using the following format:

Physical Description:
Bio: (Optional)
Cows to Milk: (The gender of cows that you are willing to milk, list any one or combination of Female, Futa, and Male.)
Cows to Fuck: (The gender of cows that you are willing to have sex with, list any one or combination of Female, Futa, and Male.)


If you wish to play a cow, post a profile using the following format:

Gender: (Female, Futa, or Male only)
Physical Description: (minus details about breasts or cock/balls)
Breast Size: (if applicable)
Breast Growth: (Yes or No; if Yes, also list the maximum size you are okay with your breasts being grown)
Cock/Balls Size: (if applicable)
Cock/Balls Growth: (Yes or No; if Yes, also list the maximum sizes you are okay with your cock and your balls being grown)
Milking Method: (By Hand, By Machine, or Both)
Compliance Method: (What methods, if any, you want to be used to make your character docile. This is optional, your character can be unwilling and merely physically forced or restrained. Otherwise, you may list something like drugs, hypnosis, blackmail, or anything else that you want to be used on your character, or you can put down your character as fully willing)
Capture Scene: (Yes or No; Whether or not you want a scene played out of your character being abducted. If No, then your character will simply wake up already captured and restrained.)
Bio: (Optional)


The character I will be playing:

Name: Sarj Sunner
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A middle-aged but athletic and fit man, with a tall and broad body, toned muscles, tanned skin, brown hair, and a short-shaven beard and sideburns.
Bio: Originally Kevin Sunner, he joined the military when he was old enough to be eligible, but not out of any patriotic duty or even real desire for combat (though he certainly did not shy away from it and has seen action), but rather to pay for a higher education in biochemistry. Despite looking like a fairly ordinary "meathead", he was also a rare genius in his chosen field of study. In the military, he rose to the rank of Sergeant before he was dishonorably discharged for improper conduct, but by then he had learned all he needed from his education and had already earned a Ph.D in biochemistry. He had his first name officially changed to "Sarj" after his expulsion simply because he enjoyed being referred to by a position of authority. Sarj is a deeply depraved and vile man behind his smiling face and amicable exterior. His interest in biochemistry, and later neuropsychology, was to fuel his dark and sadistic fetishes; he wanted to abduct people and forcibly milk them, dehumanize them. His greatest pleasure is seeing humans reduced to cattle.

He established the Sunny-Sweet Dairy Ranch that started out as an ordinary and innocent operation, but he spent years building it up into the miniature secret empire that it is today. Now, he can indulge his sick and twisted fantasies as much as he wants, and he doesn't care about anyone or anything else. Even his employees are nothing more than tools to him.


Additionally, I will also play some "generic ranchers", male and female both, to handle cows when Sarj isn't able to be everywhere at once (or to handle cows whose players do not want to be milked by a male character).


Cows - Female:
: Sophie Terrell -- @slayygirl
: Clarissa Brown -- @Colonel_Liam
: Astaroth 'Asta' Storm -- @SnakeOfSeduction
: Evelyn Lee -- @vertigis
: Ashley Rosewood -- @LilFawn

Cows - Male:
None yet/currently

Cows - Futa/Other:
: Anna Rowan -- @ChrisGabriel
: Kiefer Derby -- @dicequeer
: Opal Ross -- @Freak_On_A_Leash

: Katarina Whitman -- @Lady Sapphire Blue
: Liam Keogh -- @Colonel_Liam
: Kiryuu -- @wiki234

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Oct 27, 2010
Name: Anna Rowan
Gender: Futa
Physical Description: a young feminine redhead
Breast Size: B cup
Breast Growth: Yes; max T (breasts from the side is as big as her body, taking up one third of her torso... so nothing unsightly, but great pillows - then they can be filled with milk...)
Cock/Balls Size: 4", no outside balls at start
Cock/Balls Growth: Yes; max a foot long (ends before it reaches her knees - and about as thick as she can take in her pussy); balls: none/the size of oranges
Milking Method: Both
Compliance Method: restrains, drugs, hypnosis, being tricked, pleasure addiction
Capture Scene: No; but imagined starting as a female 'friend' or her peer group tricking her into something
Bio: Just finished high-school, going to college Anna was living alone from her family in the city. While she grew up in the countryside, their farm was all plants and chickens with the usualcatsand dogs. While she was never ridiculedat home for being a girlie boy, or in basic school for being a redhead, she had to really hide her extradown there in high school, where she was almost the only redhead,and the only female one. She still tried to have friends, and in the summer went to pre-college camp too...
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May 17, 2019
United Kingdom
Character Type: Rancher
Name: Katarina Whitman
AKA: Kat, The Cat
Gender: Female
Physical Description: At 5'10" she stands as a tall, indomitable figure of a woman. Dressed in designer clothes, modest in how they fit her extended curves, with never so much as a single piece of her ebony hair out of place. She looks every bit the consummate professional, firm and even cold in her posture but with a hint of something darker in her expression. Despite her otherwise clerical appearance the eye is drawn to her extensive, surgically augmented, chest that is at odds with her more gentle natural curves.
Age: 35
Height: 5'10" (also wears 3 inch heels)
Weight: 170lbs
Measurements: 42GG-24-36
Bio: The daughter of disgraced business mogul Howard Whitman and his third wife, the former Swedish model Eva Karlsson, Katarina was born and raised into a life of privilege. A life that she saw taken away from her when she was but a teenager when her mother was murdered and her father sent to prison for his long history of fraud and tax evasion. Howard was long suspected of killing his young wife but took his own life in prison before it went to trial. Katarina built herself a life from the ashes of her father's shattered empire and tarnished reputation, earning a law degree and establishing her own, small, practise specialising in commercial properties and land disputes. In recent years her services have been hired on retainer to the Sunny-Sweet dairy corporation, she spends her time between her practise in the city and the small ranch out in the sticks. Despite a string of high-profile trysts she remains single and childless, some note that beneath her curt but polite demeanour she still harbours a deep hatred for the world and that this is why she remains aloof.
Roles on the Farm: Legal Counsel, Administrator, Acquirer of Assets (Cows)
Cows to Milk: All
Cows to Fuck: None (She serves a higher purpose)
Jul 3, 2019
Name: Kiefer Derby
Gender: Trans Male
Physical Description: An androgynous, freckled man. He's surprisingly skinny and tall, gangly even. He used to dress in heavy sweaters and the same tweed jacket with elbow patches.
Breast Size: B cup
Breast Growth: Yes. H cup larger if temporary
Cock/Balls Size: N/A but enlarged clit from hrt 2in
Cock/Balls Growth: Yes. Clit growth 5in. Cock and Ball development temporary only.
Milking Method: Both
Compliance Method: Physically forced or restrained, drugs, hypnosis, and promise of genital transformation.
Capture Scene: Yes
Bio: A shy man and nervous man Kiefer was a straight edge college student before his capture. He'd never even had sex. He was struggling in school, his mental health not really being up to the stresses of a pre-med workload. Other than being trans he was the always the perfect child, a therapist would probably say that he put the pressure on himself to be perfect in every other way out of guilt, but he's never talked to a therapist. Both his parents took his transition hard blaming themselves, claiming they must have raised him wrong. Always the wallflower Kiefer never really made any friends.

Note: Kiefer should always be referred to and treated as male. While teasing about and drawing attention to parts of his body he doesn't like is okay they are not female parts. Monkey's paw type situations, like "milking" his clit, and only using him analy like you would with any other man are good.


lustful qween
Jun 12, 2019
probably hell
Name: Sophie Terrell
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Tanned skin, long, blonde, wavy hair, green-grey eyes. At 5'4 she is quite short. Like this
Breast Size: 28Cs, fairly large for her size. she has sensitive pink nipples
Breast Growth: Yes ; they can grow as large as the ranchers decide for her just as long as they aren't extremely unrealistic
Cock/Balls Size: (if applicable)
Cock/Balls Growth: (Yes or No; if Yes, also list the maximum sizes you are okay with your cock and your balls being grown)

Milking Method: By Hand
Compliance Method: Almost anything except for hypnotism. She can be physically forced, blackmailed, drugged, any one works, but her personality will not make her willing to go to the farm and she is not incredibly submissive at first.
Capture Scene: Either works. Probably a yes, as I'd love to have a scene of her being kidnapped.
Bio: Sophie Terrell is a stubborn and steadfast girl ; she has what some people call a big mouth and won't just stop because you told her to do so. She has a wild soul, her dad called her a loose cannon and her mom called her a bitch. Take your pick. Sophie likes adventure but is always pretty wary of her surroundings because her sister was kidnapped when she was little, so it takes a lot to separate her from her mind and people. She doesn't blend in with the crowd and never has, which she's proud of. Sophie was one of the kids people told their own children to stay away from in high school and though she only had a few friends she got along well enough. Her parents were rarely around, leaving her to fend for herself. Sophie had tried to pay for college with student loans but just kept falling back until she had to drop classes and started working at a local diner instead when the farm found and took her.
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Jun 9, 2019
Name: Opal Ross
Gender: Futa (can play other genders if one is in short supply)
Physical Description: A short girl with a dark brown hair and pale skin
Breast Size: D-cup
Breast Growth: Yes, any size as long as they aren't cartoonishly large
Cock/Balls Size: None (to start)
Cock/Balls Growth: Yes, same deal as breasts
Milking Method: Both
Compliance Method: Hypnosis, drugs, lobotomy, etc...
Capture Scene: No
Bio: A normal girl with a successful career in the medical field, before being captured by the farms. Her college level intelligence has been replaced with that of an animal. Has sensitive balls and loves them being played with
Sep 24, 2018
Name: Liam Keogh
Physical Description: A muscular older man, some might call him a silver fox.
Bio: Having sold his own tech start up several years ago, Liam was uncomfortably retired, as in, he had enough money to do whatever he wanted, but wasn't content to just sit on his ass the rest of his life. His wealth gave him access to other well to do individuals who he explained his dilemna to, including the owner of the Sunny-Sweet Dairy Ranch, who after some vetting offered Liam a job working as a ranch hand, a job that suits Liam perfectly.
Cows to Milk: Futa and Female
Cows to Fuck: Futa and Female

Name: Clarissa Brown
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A slender young woman with light blonde hair and deep brown eyes. NSFW
Breast Size: A cups
Breast Growth: Yes (Massive, like half her body weight, eventually)
Cock/Balls Size: None
Cock/Balls Growth: No
Milking Method: Both
Compliance Method:Restraints, Blackmail, Psychological manipulation (Stockholm Syndrome, Doesn't want to leave her "friends" (eventually) Orgasm Denial
Capture Scene: No
Bio: Coming out of a broken home, Clarissa never really excelled academically, and was something of pushover socially, she lost her virginity at a young age because she desperately wanted to please her boyfriend because he showed her kindness, only to be dumped once he had gotten what he wanted. It was a pattern that would be repeated many times as she reached adulthood. When she graduated Highschool, her principle put her on the radar for Sunny-Sweet's acquistions office, as the kind of girl no one would miss.
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Oct 1, 2018
Name: Astaroth 'Asta' Storm
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A slim, pale girl, with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes, who stands at 5'4 tall
Breast Size: C cups
Breast Growth: Yes, as large as you want ;)
Cock/Balls Size: N/A
Cock/Balls Growth: N/A
Milking Method: By hand and machine
Compliance Method: Forced, restrained, drugs, hypnosis, and anything else really
Capture Scene: Yes please :)
Bio: A quiet girl, Asta has always been more interested in books than anything else. She's never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, and likes it that way, since it's allowed her to concentrate more on her studies and get to where she wants to be. She likes the more technological subjects, and loves to explore them. Her favourite pastime other than that would be quiet walks in the evening by herself


Jan 4, 2014
Name: Evelyn Lee
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Pale skin, hazel eyes, short brunette hair, 5'3", prefers a cute flirty style of dress and bright colors. Face claim.
Breast Size: 30C
Breast Growth: As much as you like. I'm okay with a little absurdity in the context of this kind of game.
Milking Method: I think hand might be a little more interactive, but I'm not opposed to machine if you've a fun method that will keep it interesting (not just, you know, you turning it on and me writing all the detail, haha)
Compliance Method: I'd prefer to play my character as not at all there by choice and quite humiliated by the process. However I'm perfectly fine with her being sedated or even having her IQ gradually lowered to a dazed docile cow like state through drugs in a kind of bimbofication type scenario (although she'd still have occasional lucid moments even so). Physical force is also welcome, but I'd rather not do hypnosis or any kind of direct mind control. I'm also willing for my character to be further 'cow-i-fied' (can that be a word? >.> ) with anything from nose rings, ear tags, or even horns/tail if such things are in the purview of the game.
Capture Scene: If someone wants to, sure, but I'm also happy with her just being there and covering the 'how' as I go. Or if someone would like to be the captor but not play it out, we could decide on the details OOC. A quick little capture scene could be fun, but I don't want to spend too much time getting to the hu-cow stuff if that makes sense.
Bio: I prefer to make this sort of thing up as I go, it's part of the fun of writing for me, but right now I am thinking Evelyn is/was a student and perhaps an animal activist and blogger who snooped where she ought not to have been snooping


Dec 1, 2012
Name: Ashley Rosewood
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Tanned skin, olive colored eyes, long and curly brown hair, slim and slender body, 5'3" tall
Breast Size: C
Breast Growth: Yes, as realistically large as you prefer
Milking Method: Both, prefers hand better
Compliance Method: Forced or restrained. Can be drugs, blackmail, hypnosis or anything else.
Capture Scene: No; prefer to start with her waking up already captured and restrained, with a short flashback of her capture scene
Bio: She came from an average family, just graduated from high school and was planning to get married to her long time sweetheart. Their marriage plans were in the verge of being canceled a few days before she was kidnapped to Sunny-Sweet. She believed that she was sold by her boyfriend who had financial problems then.
Jan 4, 2014
Candy mountain
Name: kiryuu
Gender: male
Cows to Milk: female
Cows to Fuck: female
Other - head security enforcer for the ranch, slightly sadistic and often almost ends up killing someone when he finds someone not supposed to be there. Doesn’t take any mercy on those threatening the farm or himself as well as not afraid to fight with his sword or hands. Otherwise quiet and mostly to himself but likes to help depending.
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