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Fx Male Seeking a passionate writer.


Jan 18, 2019
Hello Everyone! So, lately i've been wanting to try something related to fantasy / sci-fi setting with some darker twists. If interested, please read on! Though I do request you reading some of the 'rules', just to know if our writing will match.

* I am a detailed in depth writer. I tend the flash out the story and describe what my character is doing and her surroundings pedantically. I write a lot. And I mean a lot! Specially when i'm into the story and what is going on. My writing reaches from 3 paragraphs to 10 or more. Really, I can write you a book. XD Though I do like to keep the dynamic, so If I feel that too much description could kill it, I won't include it. For a story as big as this, I need you to be able to match and write in depth. Don't think you can manage? Well...good luck on your search! ( I know it sounds harsh, but I'm sort of fed up with 2 barely managed paragraphs of three lines each. That doesn't make a story go and will cut my interest to the core.)

*I write in third person, past tense. Please do the same if you're signing up for this.

* Side characters are a must! I like to build the world around our characters and that also means creating side characters, starting from close friends and enemies to a random drunk in a bar. For this role-plays I intend on creating many characters that follow along the story and are quite solid so to say, and I will expect you to do the same. On a side note here, you can control my side character and even nudge my main character if there's need. I won't do the same unless I am allowed to and if you plan on doing it, please do ask first.

* As for the smut in the plot the ratio is 60/40 for the plot. Smut is very much welcome! But I find it get's boring if it's the main thing happening. I like to build up to the moment, tease and play with other character until neither of them can take it anymore. I need the plot and action to be the main thing. Let's leave sex for a cherry on the top and let the character's get to know each other.

*While my characters are submissive, they're far from innocent whimpering little girls. If you're seeking a naive girl with zero brain on her, I'm afraid I'm not the partner for you. My characters are strong willed, cunning and dangerous. They own sharp tongues and harsh tempers. Spitfires if you will. Often they have walls built up so high they themselves cannot see past them. They go from sly and flirty with hidden intents to cold and deadly.

*For male characters ( That would be you) I'm seeking a Dom. Someone strong and capable of breaking through her walls. Someone with a tragic past or someone as sly and capable of playing along. What i'm trying to say is, you can shape your character however you please, but don't give me someone incapable seeking for a mistress. Just Don't!!!

*I find slice of life type of role-plays boring, so excuse me, but right now I am not really in mood for those. No mother/son sister/brother etc pairings will get my attention.

*I play only females in FxM pairing! But when it comes to side characters, I have no problem playing as a male.

*First impressions are very important to me. Write something out of lines of 'Wanna RP" and I am likely not to respond. Tell me something about yourself or the idea you want to do. Please!

*This is not as important, but I do like including pictures in the play and character sheets (Face claims, if that's what you prefer.) I strongly lean towards realistic or well drawn characters. Please don't give me slutty looking anime. Please, that will just turn me off and nothing will work. If we go for drawing, which I don't mind at all then let's stick to something beautifully drawn.


Vanilla sex, Bondage, Rough sex, Mild abuse ( hitting, spanking, tying up etc) Anal sex, Wax play, sexual pain ( Where let's say 'he's'too big for her, Oral, Any type of fingering, age difference, Rape, Group sex ( typically two males, one female, up to discussion) 3+ penetration,choking, foreplay, hair pulling, branding ( At certain plays, again, up to discussion), sex toys, Incest.

Water sports ( Everything meant for toilet, stays there), monsters ( like orgs, handsome vampires don't count), children in sex, Multi beasts or any other private parts, Tentacles, Fisting, Vore.

Wow...that turned out long. Anyway, let's get to the fun part! Feel free to come to me with your own ideas as well! Highly wanted plots are in bold!


When the global warming finally hit it's peak and all the ice melted, nearly 70% of dry land disappeared under water. The level of crime grew to the point where police couldn't do anything about it and the system crumbled. Now whats left from dry lands and biggest cities is ruled by gangs who fight for new territories. Fireflies is one of biggest gangs, it's leader known for cruelness and cunning ways to gain more power.

Muse A is a runaway, trying to escape from the previous gang she was part of and find a peaceful place to live in. Things don't go quite as Muse A was hoping when her pursuers catch up and she is forced to trespass on Fireflies territory. Not before long Muse A is captured and brought to the leader of Fireflies, Muse B.

Strangely enough Muse B doesn't kill Muse A, but instead involves her into a game. If Muse A can escape in one month the she is free to leave without being followed. However is Muse A fails to do so, she has to stay with Muse B for forever.

Forbidden zone

Dangerous virus had spread among humans, turning half of the mankind into blood thirsty beasts. The virus had made them inhuman, insane and deadly. They have only one weakness - sunlight. The government had built a wall to separate the infected ones from the rest of the humans. Specially trained soldiers are sent out every night to search for the cure.

Muse A is a leader of a team that is tasked to find the cure. Muse A is ranked as one of the top soldiers and is considered as one of the best. Muse B on other hand is a recruit, and still pretty green to the whole thing. Muse B is a complete opposite of Muse A, reckless, impulsive and doesn't know how to work in a team.

On their first mission beyond the wall all the hell breaks lose due to Muse B's lack of patience and short temper. All the team is killed leaving only Muse A and Muse B who are now stuck in a forbidden zone.They have to work together in order to survive and get home safely.


Rogue x Alpha
Rogue x Hunter
Alpha x Hunter
Human x Werewolf

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Jan 18, 2019
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