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General Bluemoon Etiquette?

May 14, 2019
I'm new to the site and I was wondering if there's a resource available that goes over the general etiquette of this forum. Maybe a masterpost, or a link to a blogpost? Any help is appreciated!


Always dreaming
Staff member
Jun 15, 2011
Theres a few threads that go over different points.
Theres the general rules thread : ***THE SITE RULES*** (updated on 03/20/2019)
A thread that covers Status Updates : Status Update Guideline [Updated 2/24/2019
A guideline for reports : REPORTING GUIDELINE
A general 'helpdesk' area :

They give a good idea of what is ok and what isn't. Only the Helpdesk and maybe the rules would be considered 'long'. No blogs or really 'masterposts'. The Rules and Helpdesk kind of cover everything but the Reporting Guideline and Status updates gives a bit more detail on things. Theres a thread for coding too I believe.
Feb 15, 2013
I haven't seen anything like that but you're going to want to start with an introduction thread, from there someone from the welcome group will swing by that page with some links to help you get around. Then you're going to need three posts "messages". You already have two so just one more and you will be good. roughly 24 hours after you've posted that, you should gain full access to the site. But just be a good and respectful person and you should be fine.... And I was ninjaed so there ya go! :D
May 7, 2019
My reading of the OP was that they were looking for more of a resource on 'board culture', general do's and don'ts that aren't written into the rules. For example some boards tend to have a political leaning amongst it's membership, or there are some topics that aren't discussed because they just start flame wars.

But as @batman4560 says 'just be good and respectful' is a good starting point. My personal observations in the (short) time I've been here is that the board is very low on aggression. People ghosting or vanishing is a fact of life and yes we can complain about it but it will still happen, so why bother. There is also a level of upfront friendliness I've not seen elsewhere. Sending unsolicited PM's also seems to be 'fair play' and to be honest I've received several and they've all been nice!
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