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Oct 7, 2018

This thread is for profiles for Finding Haven.

Rules for the profile....
1. You will create your own profile. If you want to borrow my format, feel free to. If you are having troubles, don't hesitate to ask for help.
2. A novel isn't necessary although the more info given the more we get to know your character.
3. A face claim or a detailed description of your character.
4. Basic info we need:
  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Description or Face Claim
  • A little about personality
  • Short (or long) background
  • How they contribute to the team
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Oct 7, 2018
Sofia Alexandria Lorenzen ใ€

    • โ–ˆใ€Œ NICKNAMES ใ€ Fia but only my close friends get to call me that.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ AGE ใ€ Thirty
      โ–ˆใ€Œ BIRTHDAY ใ€ February 17th
      โ–ˆใ€Œ GENDER ใ€ Female
      โ–ˆใ€Œ SEXUALITY ใ€ Heterosexual

      โ–ˆใ€Œ ROLE ใ€ The โ€œSelf Proclaimed Plant Know-It-Allโ€

      โ–ˆใ€Œ EYE COLOR ใ€ Brown
      โ–ˆใ€Œ HAIR COLOR ใ€ Black
      โ–ˆใ€Œ HEIGHT ใ€ Five feet
      โ–ˆใ€Œ WEIGHT ใ€ One hundred ten pounds.

      โ–ˆใ€Œ PIERCINGS ใ€ Two on each ear.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ TATTOOS/SCARS ใ€ Sofia has a coil burn along her right calf. A vine from Captcidum wrapped around her lower leg in attempt to bring her closer to the giant flowered mouth. The vines secrete an acid like substance that burns into the skin of its prey and attacks the blood stream if held too long.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ EXTRAS ใ€ Sofia is one of the few people she knows with long hair. With all the threats around every corner it is best to keep hair short and not give anyone, or anything, something to grab onto. Yet despite the dangers her thick strands pose, she cannot seem to cut them. When Sofia was young her mother would spend time before bed brushing the tangles free. The feel of the bristles against her scalp was incredibly soothing and the action was often accompanied by her motherโ€™s gentle humming. When her hair was thoroughly brushed, her mother would continue the routine by braiding it into a french braid. She would always comment how beautiful Sofiaโ€™s hair was and so when her mother passed, she swore she would never cut it short. It also brings some form of comfort when she catches a glimpse of her reflection and she can see the similarities she shares with her mother.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ FACE CLAIM ใ€ Some girl on Pinterest. No name. Thanks Google.

    • โ–ˆใ€Œ LIKES ใ€
      - Listening to music when they are lucky enough to find it.
      - Categorizing plants in her journal.
      - Drawing although she isn't able to do it much given the fact that supplies and time are hard to come by.
      - Being well prepared and very organized.
      - Holding onto hope for the future.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ DISLIKES ใ€
      - Admitting she is wrong.
      - Being out at night without shelter.
      - Swimming in general. Bodies of water make her nervous given that the waters are usually murky and hiding predators.
      - Encountering new people. Times are tough and it is hard to know who is friend and who is foe.
      - Her own weaknesses. She is not much of a fighter, her stamina is so so, and her strength is average. She knows she is not the most reliable person when it comes to survival but she tries to make up for it with the plethora of knowledge she holds about the new world.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ Secrets ใ€ Her parents were scientists that helped introduce some of the plants into the world. Her family is partially responsible for the way the world is today. Only one other person knows this and it is a secret she intends to take to the grave. Her parents were the first few to fall victim to the plants they created and it was some time after their death that Sofia searched their belongings. Journals, diagrams, and notes filled with information about the plants and their mutations were at her fingertips. She studied them for years, adding to them when the plants began to mutate and categorizing them when new species were encountered. While she may know quite a bit, she is not an expert and knows even less about the mutation in animals.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ FEARS ใ€
      - That someone will find out her secret.
      - Being stranded alone, especially at night.
      - Almost everything that goes bump in the night.
      - That one day she will lose the hope she has and everything will end.
      โ–ˆใ€Œ PERSONALITY ใ€
      Hardworking - Loyal - Kind - Determined
      Impatient - Hot Tempered - Push Over - Stubborn

      โ–ˆใ€Œ BIOGRAPHY ใ€
    • Sofia was born to the college sweethearts, Lily and Mason Lorenzen. Though they married young, their research demanded their full attention and so it wasnโ€™t until they were in their late thirties that they welcomed their one and only bundle of joy. Despite being an only child, Sofia never had the chance to feel lonely. Her parents raised her in a strict and mostly sterile environment until things started become to quite chaotic in the world. As a child, Sofia remembered the cautions everyone took due to plant life changing the environment. Gone were the days her parents spoke fondly of when they were able to ride their bikes for hours without a worry in the world. Now hands needed to be held a majority of the time and every child played under careful eyes of adults.

      The laboratory her parents worked housed an onsite child care facility where Sofia spent most of her days under the care of Ms. Claudia and her son, Dex. The two were fast friends and spent most of their time playing together in the max security grounds. Though they were aware of the dangers at the time, they didnโ€™t realize just how serious the problem became. It wasnโ€™t until a few years later that a fungus had mutated and began to emit a poisonous odor that the danger became a quick reality. During a game of hide and seek the alarms blared and a voice spoke out on the intercom, alerting everyone to the specific drill that needed to be performed. Without thinking of her own safety, Ms. Claudia ushered the children to the exit before returning back for the those who eventually came out of hiding.

      By the time Ms. Claudia and the others made it to the exit, the poison and worked its way into their system and hours later they were dead. The first case of poison gas was recorded and revealed to the world. It wasnโ€™t until later that evening that Sofia learned the fate of her own parents as well. A deep mourning period consumed Dex and Sofia, bonding them together through pain and loneliness. Without any other family to claim the young girl, Sofia moved in with Mr. Matthias and Dex, forming their own makeshift family. For years, it was just the two while Mr. Matthias continued his head of security job.

      As time passed and the world went to hell, Dex and Sofia found themselves traveling further and further in search for supplies. After a recent brush with death via Captcidum, only saved with quick thinking from Dex, did they come home to discover bandits had raided their town and left many good people dead in their wake. It wasnโ€™t until they stumbled along the back alley of their crumbling home did they discover Mr. Matthias had departed from the living. With heavy hearts, they buried their last parental figure. Sofia realized, after the constant death they encountered all around, that a part of her was becoming desensitized to such finalities. What devastated her years prior now only left a little tug on her heart and feelings of melancholy.

      By the time that his grave was marked, the two made a pack to survive. As it became more and more dangerous to travel, Sofia remained in their bunker like home, reading the journals and findings from her late parents. Studying their work became a ritual for her while Dex honed his body in strength and skill. Each time they ventured out for resources, Sofia began to notice the plants to avoid and signs of danger much faster than before. When met with a new specimen, she commited it to memory to draw in her own journal later. It was through her research and desire to learn more that she held onto hope for the future. If she could help pave the way for a brilliant mind, she would continue her activities until a way of balance was once again brought to the world.

      It wasnโ€™t until recently that a rumor began around their small town, a rumor of a place in the west that had managed to create a safe haven for humans to live. One that promised safety from mother nature and her need for vengeance. Word got around that a group was forming to head to this safe place and Sofia immediately jumped at the opportunity. Though the travels were dangerous, it would be worth it if she could live long enough to help get her parentโ€™s research along with her own, into capable hands.
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Loremaster Extraordinaire, at your service!
Jan 27, 2018

Name: Lucille Wilder
Nicknames: Ghost
Age: 31, appears late 20's - early 30's
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero

Height: 5'4
Build: athletic, hourglass shaped
Hair: dirty blonde, mid-waist length, wavy slightly curly.
Eyes: heterochromia, left eye = light blue, right eye = dark green
Skin Tone: sun kissed tan
Voice: Southern accent
Scars/Birthmarks: Small cuts on her back caused by falling into glass shards. Large and long cut along the left side of the neck down to the breast. And a stab-wound in lower abdomen.
Tattoos/Piercings/Other: On right shoulder-blade; a fungus infected female that appears zombie-like in grey colors. Right sleeve is a large collection of skulls of varying sizes all in black and grey colors. The back of her right hand is another grey skull wearing a golden king's crown with green fumes coming from its mouth, nose and eyes (gang tat). Left thigh; lace garter belt with a dagger in grey colors. Back of her left hand is a colorful mandala with a floral design. The left sleeve is a collection of plants, flowers, and animals or objects.

Traits: Distant, lone wolf type, observant, rude, quick learner, responsible, harsh, stoic, resourceful, ....
Quirks: always wears sunglasses, collects knives and other blades, smokes, ex-junkie (on and off)
Fears: Confronting her past...
Role: Bruiser, former marauder/bandit, can make the harder decisions.

Lucille Wilder grew up with a rougher crowd up till her late 20's. The people she called family were a nomadic group who'd risk it all to travel through the jungles of the Southern States of America. Finding unsuspecting settlements and rob them blind, leave them for dead, and force whatever malleable youth useful enough to join their gang. Violence, Thievery, and anything that could numb the mind whether it was moonshine or whatever toxin that didn't immediately killed you was common place in this marauding group.

But one day it all caught up with her... A raiding gone wrong had left her near death if it weren't for the good people of the very same settlement she had targeted. After a long and painful recovery it was time for the people to decide what to do with her. Let her go, back to the raiders with fear that they might return to try again? Keep her prisoner? Kill her? Her crimes were great but their mercy greater.

The settlement decided to give her a chance to do her part within the community, and if she respected their laws then she was welcome to stay and live among them. A settlement with a small farm, clean water, and safety behind walls. She stayed...but the people never forget who she is and make sure she remembers too.
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