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Jan 27, 2018
So I've done a thread like this elsewhere and had some pleasant results. So I figured why not try it here as well?

So the purpose for this thread is to ask each other for quickie questions about the worlds you are building whenever you struggle. For example; you have a vampire race but can't quite figure out what kind of culture to give them? Why not ask here? maybe there are writers out here than give some inspiration.

I've got several projects going on so I'm always struggling and sometimes you just need a little feedback from people who don't have tunnel vision. :p
So I'll start us off since I'm on a worldbuilding streak at the moment.

One of my projects is a fantasy world that combines victorian technology with teslapunk machines and a magic system that is more witchy and voodoo-esque in style instead of arcane. So it has some paranormal/supernatural vibes.

Anyway. a group of sentient species I added are known as Beastfolk. Anthros basically. So far i've decided to use the following races;

* Lionfolk: both genders have the manes and tail of a lion but they can have the fur colors and patterns of other large cats as well. So imagine tiger stripes with the manes and tail, or jaguar, etc... Even extra tuffs of fur like the lynx are included.
* Ratfolk: well, basically rats. Nothing special to note here. They live in a more underground zone, are highly intelligent if not a bit chaotic.

But I've been brainstorming to add more anthro's. No scalies though cause I already have a separate group for them.
So maybe an anthro race for an arctic region? Some bird-types for the floating island region? And then maybe another one for a mild temperature region or mountainous one?

So what kind of anthro's do you think would be neat to have?
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