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Pregnancy? why?


The desire to write grows with writing.
Sep 13, 2013
It’s not really a kink for me. It is a big plot device especially since I enjoy playing historical time periods and back then children were a way to make sure the family name lives on. I think it’s fun to add on characters that way.

I ha e one story that started with two characters. Those two characters had five children and now we are playing as one of the five children, who has two children, and we could continue on with that generation if we want too. It keeps the story from getting stale.

I don’t really play it out as a kink. Her body changes normally. I wouldn’t call it ‘cute’ that she’s pregnant. I do think it’s a fun way to spice up the story. And when she gets too big to do anything we skip to the birth and it’s great.


Aug 3, 2019
I don't consider it nor the risk of it a kink either. I like it as a possible plot device to put in at my discretion.


The Book of Love
May 16, 2017
As someone who does have this as a kink, I can weigh in a little bit.

There's something primally satisfying about the idea of making a new life. At its base, there's just something about losing control of oneself and pumping a big load into someone, willing or not, or having it done to you. On top of that, there's a narrative satisfaction to it; for some stories, it's a powerplay thing (knocking up a female superhero to take that piece off the board for close to a year). For others, it's a nice culmination of romance. It's sort of a narrative catharsis, something to be led to.

For me, the kink is about the impregnation itself, not the idea of playing out the full pregnancy. It's not really a terribly glamorous thing after all, for the reasons more than one person has brought up. But there's a lot of narrative weight that can be ascribed to it, and it's a potent mix along with the aforementioned primal satisfaction of conception.

That's what it strikes me as, anyway.


The Half-Brained Prince
Jan 9, 2018
For me, the kink is about the impregnation itself, not the idea of playing out the full pregnancy. It's not really a terribly glamorous thing after all, for the reasons more than one person has brought up. But there's a lot of narrative weight that can be ascribed to it, and it's a potent mix along with the aforementioned primal satisfaction of conception.
What he said.

I am a big fan of it in the RP. The reason for me is two fold. Mostly as a story element, as a source of potential conflict. Anyone who has written with me with that element in the story knows, I offer to jump through the less sexy bits should it happen. Since I write a lot of "illicit" stories, where infidelity is a major element, the idea of having a child by her lover is sexy to me. And if its an interracial story, which i also find myself writing a fair bit, that adds a layer of conflict to a story when the child isn't the same race as the partner.

The other aspect for me, personally, is that when I was married earlier in my life, my ex and I did not have a child. And I want to have one. And at my age, the chances of me doing so are starting to slowly dwindle. So RP is where I can at least fantasize about it some.

And as @RedRose said, its partly the power/ego thing for guys as well.

Just my two cents for what its worth. :D Happy naughtiness, everyone


Feb 3, 2018
As multiple people have already written, it's not as much of a kink/fetish, as it is a plot device.

My female characters are usually powerful, independent, prone to charging-in headfirst and coming out on top. When they become pregnant, their ability to do so recedes, especially if we write her further along. Now, she's round and not as strong/fast as she was before, she can't go raring into situations, her physical abilities are compromised and besides that, she has a seed to worry about. Pregnancy serves to knock my women down a few pegs, kind of inducing vulnerability, and then pushing her to rely on the man she's with. When she's out of breath, she'll need him to lean on; when there's danger or violence, she'll have to shield behind him, instead of taking matters into her own hands. It can convert her independence to dependence, to an extent, and that's why I write it rarely, I like my characters standalone.

For my men, when the woman character they're with becomes pregnant, it just turns them more attentive and protective. She's carrying a new life that's half his creation, he knows it can be physically, mentally, emotionally stressful and exhausting, and wants to help as he can. It sort of extends a type of possessiveness and ownership too, in a way that's hard for me to explain. Maybe because it's his child developing in her body, his seed taking root in her womb? :unsure: Something like, at least.

Besides the above, I tend to keep it as a sub-arc, not the main focus, and I bypass a lot of the more realistic parts that inflict those in RL. It still makes for a great plot device with the right partner, story, and characters though, I've had fun with it everytime it's been done!
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Nov 10, 2019
Don't know whether I'm the odd man out, given that not only is pregnancy a kink for me, but it's somewhere near the top of my list if not at the very top.

I don't know for sure why it appeals to me in that way but I can take a few guesses if I psychoanalyze myself a bit.

I think part of it stems from the fact that it's a bit like a dog marking its territory, as in being an ownership sort of symbol; she's having MY baby and no one else's. Sort of a possessive thing. Probably comes along with always wanting to be dominant in games. More than likely having components of insecurity and jealousy when it comes to relationships in general.

There's probably also some things about me personally that don't apply to others who share this kink but I was raised by a single mother so having no father in my life or even anyone resembling a father figure kind of made me want to become one just to fill that emptiness in me. Being able to be there for a woman who is so dependent upon the support of the man who impregnated her, and the child that is similarly dependent, just feels like a fulfillment that went missing from so much of my life. But I've recently come to the conclusion that I'm not really that personally interested in having children, which had been the case for the last decade or so up until about 2016 or 2017.

Finesse might be another piece of the puzzle. Having to be gentle when every other instinct in me is to be rough and take charge, is an interesting twist on it, and for a reason that can't really be reasonably disputed.

I'm also fond of weight gain and just heavier female figures in general so that creating an organic reason for her to be bigger than she otherwise would be is an attractive prospect cosmetically. Also makes the tits bigger which ain't bad. Plus lactation is a fun kink that comes with the territory so that's just bonus points.

If I'm being honest, there's a bit of a cruel streak in me at times and, as I mentioned being raised by a single mom, it strikes me as the ultimate form of punishment, forcing a woman to bear a child against her will (but only in fiction; I'm staunchly pro-choice in real life). So in games where the object is to be as controlling and domineering as possible, it's a way to cement that in a way that would make her character's stakes raised because it's not only her struggle anymore.

Interestingly enough though, it's not just standard pregnancy that intrigues me, I enjoy a lot of hentai anime and doujins where it's a result of eggs being implanted or some kind of tentacle spawn or other inhuman thing. Those range from being a way to indulge the most base, primal desires where an unfeeling or superior organism that justifies its impersonal use of a female host, to a romance between such a thing and a woman and her love being able to overcome the uncomfortable physical hurdle of breeding a hybrid of their species.

Dirty Fingers

Jul 31, 2019
For me it is seldom about the actual kink/situation itself but more what it allows me to explore. I tend to use these things as devices. I would not have any interest in playing a straight up pregnancy slice of life RP where woman gets pregnant, followed by classes, doctors appointments, stressed out husband, painting the baby room etc etc.

But a couple who want a baby but man is infertile, cue finding a "bull" to inseminate wife old fashioned way? Or a pregnant woman doing porn, pregnant married woman being offered money for sex, some kind of Femdom world setting? Something kind of odd around that, never done it but it could be fascinating and fun.
Jul 16, 2013
Its a fantasy. To be close to someone and share an experience that only the two can have.Since the rp affords lack of pain and can be leveraged as a magical birthing idea as well :).
Its def not about the "actual" pains of physical pregnancy


May 10, 2009
The Asscrack of nowhere, WA
I'm ridiculously pregnant right now, and honestly, it's weird, because I still like these as a kink. But it's not sexual to me in real life.... Like, I guess I compartmentalize. IRL pregnancy is not sexy, but in a story with the right elements it is. I think it's also the sense of drama, intimacy, and other things that can be in built into a story.

Johnny Rico

Dec 24, 2015
Terran Federation
I get most kinks.. OK maybe not poo/pee and amputation..

But pregnancy as a kink in RP?

I've been preggers twice. Neither time was it particularly sexy or arousing. Pain, aches, loss of control of various bodily functions. Insane horomone swings and lets not get into the actual ordeal that is birth. Wionderful act of sharing my arse! puking, pooing myself, trying to squeeze a fecking bowling ball thoruhg my lady parts while my hubby 'shared the experience' .

It seems to be a very common 'like' for men. So I am just wondering, why? Come on guys, enlighten me.
I hate it. It's a weird fetish I'll never understand. However I had a coworker that just loved pregnant girls. He said there was just a unique beauty about it. I can get being with a spouse that's pregnant and still thinking they're sexy and gorgeous and all that stuff. And that's pretty admirable even. But as a fetish, just no way. I think it's kind of weird. But to each their own, I guess.
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