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The Devil You Know: Inside the mind of BlisteredBlood
11-15-2011, 06:37 AM
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RE: The Devil You Know: Inside the mind of BlisteredBlood
Tuesday Early Morning,
November 15th, 2011

You know, last early morning got off to a pretty spooky start for me, especially with the fact that my mom had to go and get a sinus infection from the dust the cat litter gave off. I can probably understand why, but I guess that's what happens when she has those kinds of problems. I guess from here on in when I gotta douche the catbox, I gotta take it outside with me and just do the whole thing from there without the dust troubling her so much. On top of all that, she also had a wicked migraine that probably set it off. She's doing OK now, but I still feel as though I gotta keep my eyes on her.

Anyways, what else is new? Aside from the fact that after being so bored after cleaning up around here, I figured I'd take a walk out to the Super Stop 'n Shop down the street to check up on her while she was out with my brother's girlfriend there, so I did that, nothing new.

After that, I came home, got on Skype and bullshitted with a few people, listened to a Blogtalk radio program and shit like that. After that, I helped out with my brother after he brought home his own 42" Viore HDTV while he passed that 27" JVC that was mine over to his girlfriend's son. Didn't really care for that much, but ehh. It gives the kid something more to do for now. Only rule I gave him is to take care of the thing or else I'll know.

After that, I managed to scope out the new TV with my brother, putting on the 1978 cult classic, Heavy Metal after configuring it to run from the PC he has. Of course, it caused his PC to lag a few times. Must've been a clocking issue or some shit like that. I dunno. I'm not a total tech wizard.

But yeah. Yesterday was actually a reasonable/boring day. I dunno, maybe I just have a thing for chaos, whether I'm in the middle of it or if I'm observing as a spectator. Maybe I guess I was given a little bit of a break from it today. Who knows?

Anyways, as I found out on my YouTube channel, it turned out that I had done the impossible when I saw that someone named BeetleTheGreen was found to be my 200th subscriber. I dunno how, what or why people from all across the world come to see my stuff when all I am is just another one of those guys who makes decent looking intros, talk shit on bad videos and even crack a few jokes along the way. I mean, I know that the Subscribers counter is just an arbitrary number and doesn't measure anything or has any meaning, but I'll be damned if I'm led to believe that you shouldn't give something back to the fans and do something nice for them in return. After all, you worked hard on the shit you do, so why not, huh? So, I figured a reboot of the Q&A session I had going since August would suffice until I can come up with something else to thank them all with.

It's all just weird how I began on there, though. I started out as a no-named person, but then after something caught my attention in April, I guess I got hooked onto the rush of being able to speak my mind on someone without a restriction. I still can't understand it even today. I guess I'll have to continue to analyze the pulse of my subbies and see what I can find out. I guess someone said it best that the Medic character I have for my avatar there suited me a lot more than the previous one I had when I'm wanting to study and learn about everything before I make my move. And when I do, I go in for the kill, even if I do run the risk of reprisal. Well, I guess that's life of a commentator for you. Sometimes you have to be a mixture of being a charismatic, sadistic, sarcastic, comedic, uncaring, informative and overall entertaining prick in order to get far these days or so I've heard it said. Once you're done at the end of the day, you can post up your video and let everyone take in what you've created and do one of the following: Analyze the responses, make another video doing whatever or otherwise call it a day and start chatting with folks.

I still don't know why, but I still feel as though I'm learning everything I see from these other folks. I could go into in greatly gory detail on it, but that would take about another post and a half to convey all of my thoughts into one whole thing. Something that I think Vekseid wouldn't appreciate on the bandwidth end of the spectrum, anyway.

Regardless of which, I think I might as well call this a day and be done with it for now. Besides, the sun's coming up soon and I wouldn't want to be late for the midday matinee I gotta do for the now 200 subscribers I have. Well, you know the old saying, folks. There isn't any rest for the wicked. Take care, guys.
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