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The Devil You Know: Inside the mind of BlisteredBlood
11-04-2011, 04:02 PM
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RE: The Devil You Know: Inside the mind of BlisteredBlood
Friday Afternoon,
November 4th, 2011

You know people, I cannot understand how the human mind works sometimes. I can't even begin to grasp what sparks certain synapses that cause people to speak some of the most asinine garbage coming straight from their mouths. I dunno if some of you know this, but there is one certain individual on YouTube - all of whom I will not name here - that has been driving me and pretty much all known commentators on YouTube berserk over the past few months. The worst part of all this is the fact that while I commend him for the fact that he's decided to tone down his false-flagging spree and to take the criticisms I gave to him, he thinks he can dictate to anyone on there how they shouldn't criticize him for anything or to move their videos onto whatever other video hosting website. Something about this just aggravates me to no fucking end.

I issued a response to this person, stating very clearly that he did not - I'll repeat this again: DID FUCKING NOT - have any authority in telling me or any other person what they can or cannot do. It doesn't work that way, if you want my opinion on this. He is NOT my father. He is NOT my mother. He is nothing to me except for the excrement that I scrape off the heel of my shoe on the curb of the sidewalk. If he thinks he can push me or anyone else around, he's got another thing coming. I don't budge for anyone, be it animal, man, woman, infant or manchild. The only way you can get rid of me is if you ignored me and took what I said to you to heart and learn from your mistakes so that in some small way that you can better yourself in the future. Keep in mind, folks. I'm not a psychologist or do I have any training in this field, but I know full well for a fact that I can smell copious amounts of bullshit coming from miles away and can react accordingly.

For this, I can thank Seraph Nicholas for the conditioning and instilling it into my mindset. Wherever you are man, I hope that you're reading this so that way I can tell you how much I appreciate it.

But here's the thing that has gotten me so aggravated beyond comparison. He thinks that his own father has harassed him and bullied him when in reality, he hasn't done any videos on him - not commentaries, not OSCs, not rants, not a goddamn thing - in months. But for this lowbrow piece of puerile garbage stating this horseshit is something that I take offense to.

If you wanna know what it is I'm talking about, you can look at my response video to him and from there, you'll see that rambotweety1 - the father of said individual - has issued his son a final ultimatum. I won't speak of what he said, for this is something you have to see with your own eyes and listen very closely with your ears.

This is the only thing I'm going to say here and then I'll move on to something else.

I. Do NOT. Under ANY circumstances. Move for anyone. I don't move for any of those YouTube whores including RayWilliamJohnson, ShaneDawson, iJustine, SHAYTARDS or even someone as low on the totem pole as rambotweety1's son. He is not God. He is not the law. He is not even my parents. More importantly, I'm 26. I can do whatever the hell I feel like in accordance to the laws that are set. If I fuck up, hey. That's on me. I'm willing to accept whatever consequence comes my way. But if someone were to falsely indict me for something that I had nothing to do with, that is something that I refuse to take laying down. I will make my voice heard and I will take the proper actions necessary to ensure that no one has to suffer what I had to deal with. You may not like me for what I have to say to you, but at the end of the day, you WILL respect me, give me my goddamn space and leave me the fuck alone before I have to beat it into your fucking skull. Figuratively speaking, of course. Besides, I wish no ill will towards anyone or wish to inflict physical harm. That's the last thing I want to do. Sure as hell doesn't mean I'm not going to bash your for your god-awful diatribes, because I sure as hell am. You can count on that, ya Fruity Pebbles eatin' jag-bag jabroni yabba-dabba roody-poo candy-ass maggot infested bitch!

OK, now that I probably alienated everyone for channeling The Rock, I feel better now that I got that weight off of my shoulders. I apologize right now if I went off on a massive tangent, but the thing is, I can't stand certain kinds of people in this day and age. Of all the things I cannot stand is liars, thieves and people who lie about being a thief. I can't stand it.

*sigh* So, as for what else has been going on. All I can say is not much. Besides, it's been rather crazy these past few days, but you don't see me going anywhere anytime soon, do you? To quote the Engineer from Team Fortress 2...

So yeah. I might as well end this entry here. Besides, I gotta get to posting in RPs before I slack off too much. Gotta entertain the masses somehow, right? Anyways, take care folks. I'll see you all next time.
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