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07-30-2010, 05:10 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
General Summary: Charlie is an angel whom cannot remember his distant past. Wake City, the place he used to call home, had turned him into a monster: he stalked individuals and slaughtered them, then reaped their souls just before they'd take their last breath. However, a fairly recent realization had caused him to change his ways and aspire to be a better person.

As I'm sure you've imagined, Charlie fits best in horror-based role-plays, even with his new personality. However, he's loose enough to fit into a variety of other genres. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Let me know if Charlie interests you. You can contact me either through this thread or at the MySpace link here. I'm open to a wide variety of settings.

Charlie's photo gallery.


Charlie's tailored profile can be located here. The following is his official profile, based off of his original creation thread:

[Image: 35902257213700767945o.jpg]
Name: Charlie Mychal Steel, formerly known as "the Angel of Death".

Sexual Preference: Presumably homosexual.

Moral Affinity: Neutral, possibly even neutral good.

Race: Angel.

Focus: Magic.

Element: Air.

Personality: Though Charlie was once a cold, dark-hearted man, something changed, within him, causing him to turn and warp both his appearance and within. Nowadays, he seems lost in thought, most times, and often remains taciturn and keeps to himself, avoiding most contact when at all possible. However, parts of his past still haunt him, meaning he still finds himself wandering into social hubs (like bars) to feel the pull of the souls around him.

Background: Before the 'Big Sleep', Charlie believes he was a very romantic and sweet man. He made sure that whomever he was with, he treated with the utmost respect and took the time to get to know the individual. He was wondrous at remembering things, keeping track of everyone's birthdays, their likes and dislikes, and especially the things that they were good at and enjoyed. He was a scholar, back then, reading up on anything and everything he could get his hands on--medical books, novels, the writing of English critics--because the world fascinated him. He couldn't remember where he had come from, only that he was somewhere new and exciting.

It was all thanks to an acquaintance's few choice words that he snapped and broke apart, becoming part of his old self and dropping what he thought was the Big Sleep. This stranger had denied him his ideals of himself, his theories. He explained to him, briefly, the truth, and that stuck with him, haunting him until it ripped him apart. After his melt down, he released the souls he'd stolen and his wings were returned to him. Knowing the way Wake City worked, he had no choice but to remove his wings. Covered in blood and feathers, he'd traveled out to find the much sought-after Morph, a drug that allows the user to change his appearance.

Nowadays, Charlie spends his time people watching. He sits in front of shops, bars, or even on roof tops, and watches the people play out their lives before him. When he was a monster, he'd find one soul a week that he found particularly interesting. He'd follow them home, lurking in the shadows, studying their every move, noting their every word, devising a plan for himself. A plan for their end. But he's not like that, anymore. He still thinks about his past, every now and then, but he doesn't feel the same about those situations as he used to. When he watches people now, he does it merely out of healthy envy and admiration.

Hobbies: Of course, Charlie enjoys watching people, but he also keeps his old habits of reading and studying, keeping himself updated in the medical field as an old habit. He spends a lot of time in social hubs and roaming the streets. He'd taken up an interest in a wider range of music and animals, finding both relaxing and reminiscent of the ancient legends. He'd taken up writing poetry and short stories, having torn the pages from his old Soul Book that contained the ruined lives he'd taken.

Likes: Charlie enjoys things mechanical and technological. He likes things that make him think and wonder. He is particularly interested with the workings of magic. He enjoys classical music--that from the ancient times--as well as the feeling of velvet and silk, the visual textures of wood and iron, and cool colors, including black. He likes romanticism and often fantasizes about it, believing that he'd never get the change to enjoy another touch (as he now understands was probably never true) like those he'd watch from time to time. He likes the taste of fine whiskey and flavorless cigarettes. He enjoys the pain he causes himself, in whatever form he chooses it to take.

Dislikes: Charlie envies the lives of most others. He doesn't like to wait, or talk about his past. Women frighten him (as he's seen from the outside how they work emotionally) and men make him nervous. He dislikes himself, most of all, and what he once was. Whenever he thinks of his past, he often punishes himself.

Strengths: Charlie does not give up easily. He is very level-headed, always trying to view things from different perspectives. He's very good at understanding the ways of others and his memory is incredible. He has trained himself to see well in the dark and his ears are attuned to the sound of a pin dropping in a crowded hall. His sense of touch is astounding, as well. Because of these things, he has learned to become very stealthy on his feet. He is very agile and flexible. He is a masochist, making him enjoy the pain he receives, and meaning that he's much less likely to give into tortures of most kinds.

Weaknesses: Charlie is stubborn. He refuses to admit that he is wrong and he doesn't know when to give up. Although he is wonderful at seeing other people through their eyes, he has trouble looking in on himself. He has a terrible sense of smell and can barely taste anything, aside from the bitterness of whiskey. He's become somewhat emotional, letting his heart lead him instead of his logic. He is a masochist, making him enjoy the pain he receives, and meaning that he's much less likely to realize just how wounded he is.

Human Anatomy: with his extensive research into the workings of the human body, his anatomy skills are top notch. He knows all of the 'sweet spots', though he hardly ever uses them.
Beastial Empathy: he considers his former self a beast, so much so that he's able to connect with beings of a similar mindset on a personal level. For example, he's able to nearly understand a viscous animal's needs and wants as if he were speaking directly to him, which allows him to befriend such beasts with near ease.

Weapon of Choice: Although Charlie still keeps his scythe in storage as a reminder of what he once was, he will no longer so much as lie a finger on it. Now, he carries with him a simple silver dagger for minor protection purposes.

Appearance: Charlie's eyes are dark silver and often express a deep sadness. His hair is black and shaggy, never shaped. He wears a black hoodie over a t-shirt of the day's chosen color and a pair of worn blue-jeans. He covers his feet with red and white sneakers. Shorter than he used to be--due to the Morph--he's also a bit less muscular. He appears to be approximately twenty-one in age, though he acts more like seventeen or eighteen. It's hard to find him without a cigarette in his mouth or a drink in his hand, or without a smile on his face. When he does part his lips, his teeth are surprisingly straight and white. Over his body are many deep scars, some somewhat fresh wounds. He doesn't care if anyone else sees them.

Height: 5 feet 11 inches.

Weight: About 145lbs.

Current Inventory:
Apartment Key. [x1]
Silver Dagger. [x1]
Pack of Cigarettes. [x2]
Book of Matches. [x3]
Lighter. [x1]

Mood Music: The Graduate's Sit and Sink.

Recent Events
Ñ» Charlie's past life (old profile).

{: Current Characters :}
Charlie ~ Dramatic Uke
Emmerick ~ Sadistic Seme
Codevon ~ Chibi Seme

[-my favorite role play thread-]
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07-30-2010, 10:43 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Kreg "Elook the Destroyer" Gordon (Also known as Kreg the Destroyer)
Sex: Male
Age: 230
Race: Dwarven
Hair: Black
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 200
Build: Built, Bearded, and wearing a kilt

(going to have to add this as I go along)

This dwarven battle hardened warrior destroys everything in his path that is stupid enough to get in his way. Hammer and Shield, Plate armor, kilt, and robe wraps him in mystery. (i can upload a link of my highest 4E D&D character if you want to look)
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08-02-2010, 12:33 AM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Takoda Vega

Age: Ancient, appears mid twenties

Gender: Female

Appearance (you may use an actual picture): LOVEMY HOMIES LONG TIME ;3

Ancestry: Unknown, though it appears from Angelic sources


Telepath - She can read people's thoughts, to a degree. They best be thinking of it loudly.
Aeromancery - mistress of the winds, she can control them, though they react to every mood
Clairvoyance - She can predict the future within the phase of a few years

Weapons: Daggers, but only in close combat. With long range she will use her magick.

Bio: Once the Queen of Heaven, she now resides on Terra as a fallen. Watching over the souls and Terra itself she tries to redeem herself in the eyes of her creator. She was punished seven times for each sin she commited, most of which were false accusations from Angels that wished the "female" side of their people be banished from Heaven's Gates seeing that the Human female could be twisted and contorted for evil's purposes.

Honest and truthful, her name really does not help in her indecisive nature of alliances. The name most call her, Vega, means "hate", while her first name which only she seems to remember means "beloved". Seeking the means to rid herself of her impurity, she aids all who come into her path. However, she bears one problem. She isn't a complete soul.


Name: Kitira

Alias: Chaos

Age: Ancient, appears her mid twenties

Gender: Female

Ancestry: A mismash of various 'darker' ancestries. Most predominantly Succubus.

Powers: Unknown

Occupation: Stripper/Bartender~ :3

Bio: With no conception to be noted, Kitira, or 'Kitty' to only a select few individuals resided in the Chaos plane. Over the years meddling in the affairs of the Mortal realm, the Ancient soon discovered that there was more to her story than ran beneath the surface. And only Vega holds the key.
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08-03-2010, 05:50 PM
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Re: CHARACTER PROFILES [updated 4-26]
Name: Amber Sims
Age: 21

Amber is the kind of girl who is up for most things. She's currently a model and is expanding her career. She has done photoshoots for Victoria Secrets, Cosmopolitan, Elle Magazine and others. She has also worked for Hollister, and is on most stores as a model. Amber is very sex, she's bisexual and believes in enjoying life. She up for pretty much everything and loves to have fun. She was born in Brazil, but now lives in California.

[Image: adriana_lima_victorias_secret_swimwear_catalog_200.jpg]

[Image: al2.jpg]
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08-05-2010, 10:30 PM
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Name: Ace
Age: 24
Gender: female
Species: Human

Physical Description: Her hair, red in colour, was longer than it appeared. Easily falling to the arch of her back when it was straight, but only sits below her shoulders from the light curly waves in it. Her eyes are light green turning to a dark emerald when shes mad. Her nose has been described as a button. She wore mimnimal makeup, mostly because she was to lazy to do anything more complicated.
She stood only five foot four and weighed about 120 pounds. She wasn't musclular to say the least, but stayed fit and was proud to show it. Her skin was a light olive colour and could become fairly dark with a little time in the sun.
She had her belly button and her tounge peirced

Personality Description: Emotions
Emotional experiences and dealing with emotions themselves tends to be difficult for her. This seemingly emotional detachment is what tends to make her appear a bit cold and remote when it comes to deeply emotional experiences. It isn't that she is an unemotional person in general, it just takes them awhile to really let people into her life. Once she lets her guard down, she is a very passionate and loyal person

As stated before, her personality is that of a humanitarian. she has a strong desire to serve in philanthropic and charitable endeavors. her societal beliefs are very idealistic in the sense that she believes that one of her main purposes in life is serving to benefit the greater good of mankind. It's not uncommon to see her volunteering or generously donating money to various charities.

She does not like to be boxed-in. If she feels like she is backed into a corner, the person committing this huge mistake will no doubt be on the receiving end of her temper, which can be explosive. She tends to be bitter and hold grudges, don't expect to be welcomed back with opened arms.

Weapon: She does not carry a weapon, because shes a scardy cat and would rather hide behind someone.

Quirks: She's all around an odd person.

History: Left at 16 to live on her own. She had a wealty family and a proper unbringing, just didn't enjoy the lifestlye. Still loves her family deeply. Would just rather slum around the bars than eat escargot on an estate.
AngelMost people confuse evil with their own trivial lusts and perversions. Now, true evil is as pure as innocence.
[Image: Ace_by_O_P_C-1-1.jpg]
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08-06-2010, 10:03 PM
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Name: Jason Kinsey
Occupation: Busser/Host/Waiter for the Cat's Meow Brothel
Age: 28
Personality: Relaxed and bland, mostly focuses on his job and polite with a business smile.
Bio: Raised to adjust well to his enviroment and blend in.

((Just a side character to help around my thread, not expecting much))

[Image: anime-guy-hair-eyes-31000.png]
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08-07-2010, 06:55 PM
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Name: Kage
Age: Appears to be 19
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Sexual preferance: Bisexual
Personality: Kage isn't your average vampire. Unlike all those fairy tail wimps he's the real thing. He prefers women but will definately go for a guy. He's dark and mysterious with out adding the whole ''emo'' factor into the equation. He doesn't really talk much and when he does, Kage's voice is like dark, rich chocolate. Though he interacts with humans it's not often he dates them. He drinks human blood but never enough to kill, as he see's that as taboo.
Weapons: He prefers to use his own skills but has a gun just in case.
History: Unknown
[Image: Zero_of_Vampire_Knight_by_hanahiwat-1.png]

Well thats it.....So do I just join an RP or what?
Though I gave you my heart it was shattered........ And though I gave you my trust it was lost.....

For every girl with a broken heart there is a boy that made her this way...... But there is also another with a hot glue gun willing to put the pieces back together.....
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08-08-2010, 01:01 AM
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Name: Chimera
Age: she looks to be about 20 something
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red

History: Her father was a warlord, and once defeated in battle, gave her to his enemy to save his own head. As she grew up, she was taught many things, including the art of conversation, flirtation, and seduction. When she became a woman, that man took her against her will. For that, she despised him, and when she had the chance she ran away in the dead of night.
Using her skills she managed to fend for herself, although the more she did, the more she realized that she enjoyed the reaction that she got from them. She enjoyed pleasing them.
With this feeling inside of her, she set out to find a master. Someone who can teach her how to serve a man, and put her to good use. Someone who can quell the fires inside her, and possibly kindle new ones.
With good instruction, she knows that she can, and wants to serve well.
~*this one wishes to learn*~
[Image: avatar_4437.gif]
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08-08-2010, 06:12 AM
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Name: Alexandrea Williams (Alex)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexual preferance:Males
Personality: Alex is your average school girl and is often quiet. She secretly enjoys rough and loves being tied up. Though she is put down alot and bullied she wishes to just tell the stupid bitches off. Unfortunately Alex is way to shy to stand for herslef and often gets into trouble.
History: Doesn't enjoy talking about it
Appearance: [Image: 2767257d-4.jpg]
Though I gave you my heart it was shattered........ And though I gave you my trust it was lost.....

For every girl with a broken heart there is a boy that made her this way...... But there is also another with a hot glue gun willing to put the pieces back together.....
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08-08-2010, 02:45 PM
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Scott the ranger. He is taking time away from his work protecting the forest.

5'9" 150 lbs of whipcord muscle, his sandy brown hair, friendly steel blue eyes and tanned skin make him very approachable. But don't cross him or those eyes will grow cold.

He is a little over 30, and wear rather worn trail clothes, not caring much for fashion.

He has cash as he spends little and will spend it freely to assist a friend.

He has no family, which is why he has chosen the solitary woods life.

He will not be a strong dom, and seeks both rough fun and close friends.

He is straight
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Name: Laura Williams aka Lorie Will (Cat's Meow name)
Age: 22
Appearance: Lorie

Bio: Lorie is a friend of Kelly Luna's from college. She was working at the Cat's Meow until she could pay off her loans...and since she liked it, she stayed on. After the death of the original owner and the shut down of the brothel, she stuck with Kelly, Eli, and Keane as they started up the Blue Moon Strip Club and Brothel. The place is up and running, and she's got her heart set on staying on and keeping the Blue Moon a popular and high-quality establishment.
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08-08-2010, 09:47 PM
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Name: Aurora and Aouran (Auran)
Actual Age: 19 each
Race: Neko
Gender: Female and Male Respectively
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Appearance: (< Aurora And Aouran >)

Bio: Twin nekos of mysterious origins, These two Nekos travel from city to city, playing the music that is their signiture, Aurora DAnces and Sings, while Aouran plays the Shamisen (A Japanese Guitar so to speak).
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08-09-2010, 01:53 AM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2010 02:00 AM by Cane.)
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Name:Chris Cane



Appearance:Chris is a 6ft cowboy he has long brown hair and deep blue eyes.He has a great body with a nice six pack and is known for those tight jeans.
[Image: 12.jpg]
Personality:He is a sweet fun loving guy and knows what the women like
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08-10-2010, 01:10 AM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2010 11:30 PM by Snow Danger.)
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Name: Debra Morgan

Age: 26

Species: Human

Appearance: [Image: DexterThirdDebra.jpg]

Height: Five foot Nine

Weight: 122 pounds

Body Type: Boyish, Slender, Young, Gangly, Athletic, Toned. Slight muscle definition. Generally a very healthy appearance.

Hair: Light brown, medium-long length. Wavy, slight natural curl.

Eyes: Hazel

Personality (based on astrology): Sagittarius.

General: Clumsy. Curses like a sailor. Detective. Unlucky in love, Lucky at work. Tomboy. Athletic. Persistent. Tenacious. Street smart, not book smart. Cares deeply for her brother.

Short Bio: Born to an absent-cop father and an often ill mother, with a brother adopted when she was two and he was three, Deb grew up mostly as a loner. Her mother died when she was a pre-teen, and Deb just couldn't relate to her father and brother, no matter how hard she tried. She didn't feel that she fit in anywhere, and she wanted only to make her father proud. A strange sort of contradiction, she became a cop to make her father proud of her, but that was the last thing that he wanted for her. Her father died before she graduated from the academy, and she now works in homicide. In her first year working homicide, Deb was kidnapped by her fiance who turned out to be the serial killer that her team was hunting. A few years later, her lover was killed by the relative of another serial killer she was hunting. Now Deb acts tough, but those who are close to her know that she may just be one more tragedy away from a complete breakdown.

Sexuality: Straight.

Disorders: Lack of self confidence. Anger issues.

Faults: Smoker. Drinker. Curses often, and loudly. Prefers one night stands. Desperate for male authority figure's approval.

Well I'd serve you drugs on a silver plate
If I thought it would help you get away
I hope that you would do this for me.
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08-10-2010, 03:29 AM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2010 03:56 AM by LoveliiMonsta.)
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Name: AnnaBeth Moria
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Body type: Slim
Personality: thinks before she speaks, obsessed about cupcakes and love itself, habit of chewing hair and nails
[Image: japanese-anime-haircuts3.jpg]
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What is the difference between man and beast? Nothing...When you get deep down to it. Survival of the fittest is nature's only true law, and those born as gladiators swiftly learn to appreciate, understand, and embody that ideal. A plaything of the Stained Hand syndicate, Vallios was sold away by his starving family in exchange for farming property. Raised and modified to dominate bloodsport in an underground replica of the great Coliseum, Vallios has only recently managed to stow away aboard a cargo ship and cast off the shackles of his servitude. Unfortunately Vallios cannot leave all of his past behind him, the changes made to his body are irreversible. At a young age Vallios was subjected to heavy amounts of gene therapy, infected with pathogens that modified his genetic coding to accelerate cell repair and stop the process of aging. Such a gift comes at a terrible price, Vallios' can only perform it's unnatural mending by consuming and metabolizing the flesh of the living to repair his own damaged body, and will not age as long as he can 'feed' regularly off the recently dead. (Feed meaning drink the fresh cadaver practically dry of blood.)
I like my treasure as I like my baby steaks...

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08-10-2010, 10:39 PM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2010 10:46 PM by Shadow_n1n.)
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Name: Thomas Steiner aka Blue
Age: 89 years old
Occupation: Pervert
History: Lately old Tom has been getting on in years and his mind has been slipping. Lately he's been getting the help of an in-home nurse and enjoying the company of her three kids. The nurse thought that'd he'd enjoy seeing his hometown of las vegas one last time becuse it seems he doesn't have long for this world. Although he has fits of anger and mild delusions he's usually a kind man, although perverted as always.[Image: Happy%20Old%20Man.jpg]
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08-10-2010, 11:26 PM
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Name: Elizabeth Snork
Age: 45
Occuptation: At home nurse
History: As a divorce and full custody of her three kids, and an at home nurse for an elderly man, she barley has enough time to sleep, none the less shower or pamper herself, and it shows. Run ragged by her full scheduel she still holds out hope to find a nice man. But with the clock ticking and all the diaper changes and her kids, she's slowly losing hope of mr. right.
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08-12-2010, 02:08 PM
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all my current space chars

Name jqane
space pilot she specializes in engines and other things and is often alone when she travels.
apearance:jane haw soft black hair and several unknown markings on her back though her eye colors change throwout the stories and her powers remain a mystery.

char sheet
race:sentian/plant person real appearance unknown by the humans
appearance:she has pale green skin and milky green eyes the full eye is this color she has fire red hair with leaves and flowers she is 4'5" and childlike in appearance she has assimilated with her biologically grown suit that was modeled and disighned to look like humans to a point so they could walk among them before the war because they evolved from plants zinns species communicates by telepathy and scent glands mainly but they have produced translation collars and chips
tech:biologically inclined tech plant based though they do have lasers translation collars and chips
bio:she is a medical professional and was brought to the planet as the war began top preserve who they could for study and becoming a part of there planet and culture

name: Julia Noals
race: lein
appearance:Julia is a lovely woman with long black hair that reaches the small of her back coming down in thick shiny curls that frame her face.lettign her dark purple eyes stand out against her pale skin.she is no older than 18 (can be younger)and her species has many special features.including faint leopard spots that run along her spine faded they appear as if there are under her skin. the cat within waiting to free itself her species evolving from these cats she has one otehr feature to larger canines in her mouth hidden almost always .she has learnt to smile carefully hiding them. only revealing them when she wishes.
racial traits:the lein are a race of moderate intelligence derived from jungle cats they are very intelligent and .aren't known for backing out of deals or trickery they are very proud as a race and it woudl be unwise to anger one there culture is very intracut and complicated with more classed than countable./physical traits of the species do not vary much normally the hair can be from several shades of brown black even red or blond and they most always have a show of spots along there spines seeming to hover just beneath the skin the females carry to extra traits however of a set of large canines that can easily crush with a 500 pound bite radios however the mouth is very sensitive to touch and can be used very gently as to carry an egg without so much as cracking it they also posses scruffs on the back of there necks/there technology factor is higher than humans there technology is starting still developing there main source is plasma and light energy there offensive weapons are more developed than defensive.
tech: advanced mainly offensive
bio: she has becoem caption after many years of work for her people and is delivering a mysterious package when apprehended
rank:captain highest ranking officer under diplomat

race:spindle spider race
appearance:she has long black hair and human features a second set of eyes her first like that if an earthlings she has pale skin and is 6' even wit u a black and red suit she has four arms and is the captain of the black heart
racial traits:she has fangs as all of her race and the females yell emote she is almost believably human in appearance the same cannot be said for the males all of her kind or most are telepaths
tech:they have very advanced tech used on many basesis but prefer using there minds to warp and confuse the enemy
bio:she was originally a simple pirate her people now at war she will do whatever necessary to get what she wants she is currently fighting several ships and alliances to seek out a legend that's passed threw reliable sources to her.

name:jewel claw
appearance:she is 4'9'' she has ginger hair and dark blue eyes.she is often sen wearing a one piece suit with a purple stripe going down the middle but is sometimes also seen in a silver shirt that's sleeveless with not back held on by elastic strips. and black leather pants like the rest of her race she has no breasts and could be confused with a human child she still has a thin fur on her body having not reached adult hood yet.
racial traits:
tech:simple and midway tech mainly lazer based
bio:she is a young doctor put in charge of julia and will often be sen at her side on the filed outranking Julia in fighting abilities.
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08-12-2010, 05:01 PM
Post: #170
apearance :she has long black hair often put back in a pony tail and a soft expression often being kind to her fallowers even the men when they cooperate.she often wears a simple attire of fine silks and cloths to cover herself.
Bio:she is a young queen but he strongest of her tribe her best weapon the gladios
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08-15-2010, 04:10 AM
Post: #171
Name: marco highland

Age: 19
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight

Bio: "Marco is mnostly a very normal boy, he has a dark aura about him, giving off a "somethings not right" feeling
even with this, Marco is a kind boy, usually helping people and he will never stand for violence against children, Women or innocent men.
he has a passionite hate of Hypocrites and is rather bright and bubbly after you get to know him, but from a distance, he is like an angsty teen


Character 2

name: Linda Lockheart

Age: 27

Gender: Futanari (hermaphrodite)

Sexuality: Bisexual

bio: after testing an experimental drug, Linda was in pain for over a month, but when the pain stopped, she realized that she had a well-endowered penis.
she works as a maid, a bartender, a waitress and part-time handing out flyers.

she enjoys the beach, and has a fetish for nuns, swimsuits, ice-cream and nurses.

on a non-sexual note, she is a rather friendly person to be around, you would be completely safe from rape around her, as she only has sex with people who actually ask for it, or respond possitively to her advances.
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08-15-2010, 11:44 PM
Post: #172
Name: Caim
Age: 23
Weight: 175 lbs.
Height: 5'9"
Profession: Thief
Appearance: See Avatar
Favorite Food: Pie
Favorite Drink: Whiskey

Personality: Sardonic, witty, flirty.
Coming and going like the wind. Entertain me, and I assure you that I will stick around longer.
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08-16-2010, 05:49 AM
Post: #173
Name: Shoxom Rockfeather
Age: 46
Height: 6'6"
Weight 225 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Short, Brown, Starting to Gray
Description: Huge for a man in every respect, Wares Blue suspenders and white shirt covered by a red greatcoat. keeps a Cutlass at his side along with 2 6" knives. on the other hip, is a gun holster with a 6 shot revolver

Personality: Ruthless bandit, takes what he wants and kills anyone who gets in his way.
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[Image: Gotham+Knight+%285%29.jpg]

Name: Bruce Elric
Age: 28
Bio: Bruce inherited his families wealth when both of his parents died in a tragic murder. Since then he has managed to run the company is a great way, and becoming a very famous wealthy man. Alot of people respect him becuase he doesn't just rely on his money. He works out, keep in a well fit state. He sneaks out at times and comes back brused, bloody, and beaten. Why would a man like this do that?

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Name: Akage Tensai
Age: 25
Bio: Being force fed nonsense at a young age, and trained to be a japanese war machine, Akge had no socail life. After going thorugh a military program to be him a bioenginered meta-human, Akgae used the system to esacape and just recently landed in the US
Just call me Kaim.
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Life is a joke, with no punchline.
...but is a joke that makes everyone laugh.
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08-16-2010, 07:16 PM
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Ted is a 20 year old college student wuth rich parents who have abused him.
Only 5'5" and 125 lbs, he only cares for really large and/or heavy women.

He has blue eyes and a gentle hugging disposition but a strong sadness that is alleviated whenever he hugs.
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