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Zombie Rape (NSFW)

Feb 19, 2019

I didn't believe what they said. They said there were dead things in the cemetery. Yeah..... I know but not "dead" dead things. These dead things were still moving. walking around dead things..... hungry dead things..... I didn't believe it. But, I had to check it out. So I sort of "borrowed" Bob's cell phone, and texted his girl friend.... Bob had this really hot little girl named Kelly. Just 16 years old, dark red hair, blue eyes, freckles, little tits.... cute..... way cute. I figured she would make excellent zombie bait. So, I texted her: "Hey, Kel..... meet me in the cemetery at 7:30... we can mess around and I got some good weed" I knew it would be getting dark by then, so if I could get Kelly in there, we'd see if the dead things liked her. Why wouldn't they? Everybody liked Kelly....Sweet, friendly, smart.... just a really nice, kind hearted young girl, besides the fact that she was so awesomely beautiful.
Of course, Kelly thought the text was from Bob, and she was like, so in love with him, she'd do anything he suggested, except go "all the way"..... but Bob was working on that. So all I had to do was wait in the shadows, and sure enough 7:15, here's Kelly... Pedaling up the gravel path. I watched her lean her bike against the cemetery fence...looking sooo fuckin' sweet in a little short denim skirt, bare legs, tennis shoes and a thin, white, flower print spaghetti strap cami that stretched tight over her little tits... I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. I could see the shape of her puffy nipples through the fabric. Even though it was getting dark, I could see she had a face like an angel. A very young angel, with a wild mane of red hair and a splash of freckles across her cute little nose. sooo fine.
The cemetery was far outside of town, the church next to it just a burned out shell. no houses any where nearby, so if there really were monsters in there, no one would hear Kelly scream... no one but me, anyway. My dick started to get hard just thinking about it.

As soon as the silly little bitch was in there, I slipped a padlock on the gate. Then I climbed a nearby tree and pulled my camera out of my backpack. I got a pretty good telephoto lens.

Kelly was wondering around between the headstones, calling "Bob?" her voice sounded a little shaky, like she was already starting to feel nervous. "Bob?....Bobbie?...." My dick was getting harder... she looked so fine in that short little skirt.... I was starting to hope there really were dead things.... and I was hoping they were hungry. Then I heard it. A low, rumbling sound, like some huge dog growling.... Kelly yelped.... a frightened little squeal and she cried out "Bobbie!!! "Cmon.... this isn't funny!!!" Then I saw her staring into the darkness under a patch of dense brush as she slowly began to back up.... a soft, shaky little moan coming out of her... then she spun around and bolted for the gate.... and her scream was awesome. You should have seen her.... man she was beautiful... shaking the locked gate with all her might... her slender little body shivering as she cried, and whimpered. She kept looking behind her, then she screamed again.... a long sweet shriek of absolute terror long, and shrill...ending in a heartbreaking little whimper, as the things came toward her slowly, out of the shadows.... five of them.... fuck... the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I saw them clearly... five dead girls.... definitely dead... and yeah.... they looked hungry alright. Kelly was desperately trying to climb up the gate... she jumped as high as she could, and managed to grab the top bar, pulling her skinny little body up.... her rubber soled tennis shoes helped some... pressing one foot against the trunk of a tree, she boosted herself up higher. The top of the gate was a series of sharp spikes, she would have to somehow manage to push herself up high enough to clear them if she was going to make it over.

I could hear her crying like a little kid as she fought her way up the wrought iron gate... she looked so lovely.... so fragile..... so vulnerable..... My cock was as hard as it had ever been as I admired how slender she was around the waist... the things were almost close enough to grab her and pull her back when she managed to push down on the top bar, and raise her lovely, skinny little form up... her thin arms straightening... lifting herself 'till her tummy was right over the pointy spikes. The camisole had ridden up, so her belly was bare. God... she was so beautiful, trembling in the moonlight. She was just starting to swing one long, lovely, bare leg up, to try to vault over.... her right foot nearly making it, before falling back.... she tried again, and her tennis shoe reached the top ... her foot sliding across the iron rail..... she started to lift her body up.... leaning over... she almost fuckin' made it..... but then a cold dead hand grabbed her left ankle. Poor little Kelly..... she screamed...and squirmed.... and kicked..... but she just couldn't get away..... the dead thing yanked on her ankle, and she fell... and three long, sharp, ugly iron spikes ripped up into her belly...down low.... one directly below her navel... the other two just inside the graceful curves of her hip bones. The poor girl's screams of terror now became screams of agony as the creatures pulled on her bare legs, trying to dislodge their prey... growling and screeching as her little squirming body rocked back and forth on the spikes. The creatures began to climb then... they made it high enough to grab Kelly's long red hair and yank her back... her arms flailing wildly as she arched her back against the agony in her guts... and I swear I could hear the moist, squishy, sucking sound as the spikes ripped out of her abdomen, splattering blood and bits of girl guts as she fell back into the death trap I had put her in. She landed on her back with a "thud" hard enough to knock the wind out of her. Her mouth opening and closing as she tried to gasp in a breath, her long delicate fingers clutching at her wounded tummy.... Rocking from side to side and whispering "God oh God oh God..." But there was no God there. Only five dead girls.... and they all wanted a piece of sweet little Kelly. One sunk her teeth into Kelly's right hand, another bit down on her left wrist.... the third grabbed her right ankle, and the forth pulled off her little shoe and managed to shove her little bare left foot almost entirely into it's rotting mouth, it's teeth crushing bone as Kelly screamed....and screamed.....and screamed..... I couldn't take my eyes off of the blood oozing from the three jagged wounds in her soft, lovely belly . By now, my shorts were full of cum... but my dick was still a rigid throbbing shaft. God Damn..... the little girl was beautiful... her red hair flying as she tossed her pretty head back and forth...teeth tearing at her hands and feet as she struggled helplessly, her arms and legs feeling like they were about to be torn off. And the zombies.... I hate that word, but what else should I call the dead girls? the zombies spread her legs wide....wider.... wider..... 'till she was probably feeling her hip joints dislocate. then the fifth dead girl..... I swear she looked a lot like Alanna... the kid that disappeared last year... anyway the fifth girl pushed Kelly's short little skirt up, baring her smooth creamy thighs, and her thin white panties... then the zombie bitch grabbed the crotch of the panties and tore them to shreds... exposing the writhing girls pussy. Man... how awesome was that? such a cute little snatch that girl had. her pussy hair was as red as the hair on her head.

The Dead girl picked up a big hunk of broken branch... and I swear.... this is true.... she pushed the jagged end of it right up against Kelly's virgin cunt! "Noooo!!!!!" I heard Kelly scream then.... it was the last word I heard her scream before her cries became unintelligible animal howls and screeches. The dead bitch pushed hard, and the branch began to rip Kelly's pussy lips to shreds as the poor girl howled and squealed in mindless agony. Pushing harder, twisting it back and forth.... the zombie forced it deeper up inside little Kelly... when it wouldn't go in any farther.... Kelly was shaking violently now.... convulsions starting to wrack her tender little body... the Bitch picked up a rock and slammed it against the backside of the branch... Kelly's body jerking with the shock of the impact...You should have seen the look on her sweet, innocent face. Her mouth open , and her pretty blue eyes so round and wide with the horror of it! The zombie paused for a moment... looking down at Kelly... just watching her suffer...I'm pretty sure I saw her smile. Then one dead, shrivled hand reached out and grabbed the hem of Kelly's camisole, pushing it up to bare the dying girl's lovely, firm little breasts... her swollen nipples pale and pink...

then Smack! ... again.... Smack! .... Smack! ... her pert little tits bouncing as the monster slammed the rock against the branch, driving the huge, rough, jagged thing deeper and deeper into the tenderness of Kelly's ruptured pussy, making her sweet little body jump and twitch with each brutal blow. She wasn't screaming anymore... just a low.... sad little moan.... an occasional cough.... a gurgle... a sob.... but when the zombies began to sink their teeth into her belly she managed one last sad little keening wail as she felt the teeth and claws tearing at her wounds...making them wider..... pulling out loops of small intestine.... her lovely sweet young body twisting and squirming in her last death spasms... I could see her face.... so beautiful.... a look of absolute horror in those tragically lovely blue eyes.... and she seemed to be staring right up at me.... like she could see me up there, crouching in the branches... like she fuckin' knew it was me that did this to her.

The dead things were all over her now...ripping at poor little Kelly's dying, twitching body... I could hear their low, rumbling growls...and the wet, slurping sounds of the girl's tender, juicy flesh being torn apart. I know it's crazy, but at that moment part of me wanted to be a zombie... so I could sink my teeth into one of Kelly's firm young mouth filling up with her sweet, salty and rich and laced with the spicy taste of her fear.... to chew a chunk of her living flesh while she was still wiggling. I watched in horror and fascination as they feasted on her... It took a long time... but finally, I saw the light go out of Kelly's eyes... and I knew she was dead. The creatures dragged what was left of her skinny little body into the deep shadows.... and everything got real quiet in the graveyard again. I was shaking so hard..... as I finally started to climb down out of the tree, my hands slipped, and I dropped my camera. It smashed against a rock... but fuck..... I didn't need pictures anyway... for the rest of my life, every time I close my eyes, I'll see it all again.

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