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Mh inspired faction Rp interest

Which faction seems interesting to join

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  • Mitsusune

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  • Gammoth

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Jan 4, 2014
Candy mountain

Been playing gen and finally had the first time experience of the old school and was also a bit inspired by this ( there’s 5 tribes but depending on interest there will be only 4 or 6 total so even 1 more than the video) Was wondering if anyone would be interested in like a tribal monster inspired war Rp kind of thing based on the obvious fated 4 monsters. They were the flashships of the original mhgen game and they are the returning flagships as well as the deviant king bloodbath diablos and valstrax being the two new flagships so a crazy 6 of them but I might focus only on the fated 4 unless there’s demand to include the other 2

No one really needs any knowledge on the canon or anything just gonna see if here’s interest and of course will be using OC

The fated 4

- astalos - Thunder ( wyvern)

Tribal emblem -

The green dragonfly of thunder and unparalleled aggression, as well as a close rival and competitor to both the title of and the current holder of king of the skies himself ( ratholos ) he is the king of hit and run attack’s, able to outsmart foes from the skies. with his quick movements and unprecedented tactical coordination of capitalizing with such equally deadly efficiency of missed attacks with thunderous and relentless aggression of his own

- gammoth - ice ( mammoth )

Tribal emblem -

The supreme matriarch of her species, always calm and collected but will stand her ground when and if a challenger aggressively presents itself. It’s movements slow but brutish and powerful, every movement defensive and strong enough to repel many attacks like an unbreakable iron wall.

- Mitsusune - water ( Chinese/Japanese dragon )

Tribal emblem -

The bubble dragon, calm, peaceful, and graceful trickster as well as a living killer slip and slide. It uses bubbles to move around and dodge attacks with such majestic and graceful ease, able to attack and defend in even just one precise movement while its own movement and secretion of bubbles slows down its foes strikes and movement which leaves them vulnerable for any and all retaliation that is justly deserved to the attacker.

- glavenus - fire ( T. rex )

Tribal emblem -

The smartest and brutal of the fated 4. some say he is the most dominantly powerful in their straightforward aggression and unrelentless strategy, every attack coordinated effectively as to not lose that very aggressive advantage they posses. Every swing of a powerful sword tail or fireball blast is set up to trick the opponent into dodging into an even more powerful attack

Soldier/rider armors

And of course what’s cool obviously is they counter each other in terms of element so that should be interesting but of course it’s more with strategy than elemental weakness that wins battles

I’ll maybe update this with actual lore and that i can think of. Of course based on the element you’ll already have some clue on how each tribes tactics and thinking work based on their elements and as well as the video, like water being calm and very very methodical with their tactics or Thunder all about wits and cunning and outsmarting their foe to strike fast and hard like literal lightning.

Was thinking of also having a limit of 1 or 2 characters for everyone to have a chance to be involved in variety with one of the 4 factions but we’ll see. And one last thing is that I’ll probably also include the option to be one of those actual monsters so we can include a rider x monster role too if anyone else wants and with the tribe leaders they will of course be using the more powerful deviants so there will be an option to play the deviant monster along with another persons leader or their own.

so the roles would be a playable leader, regular member/rider/soldier, the monster of a rider, or the deviant monster.
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