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Breeding Academy


Mar 1, 2019
The general idea is a school for teaching Masters (free people) and Toys (sexual objects) their roles. The school is mandatory, and there are several large schools across the country, taking in students at 18. The Masters take courses to practice their sexual dominance, learn about how to care for and use Toys, and how being a master works. Toys learn to be submissive, and some learn special roles such as "pet", "public whore", "urinal" "dairy cow" or "horse". Free people go the schools initiation, and from there are sorted into either role at 18. Initiation is a physical and on paper test, checking for personality traits, strength, submissiveness, and sexual skills. Free people have two options: either they are initiated as either Master or Toy, or they pay their way in, usually old money. Those who were born into Toy status, a small percent of the population, can only be Toys. Teachers often have both roles in each class, with Toys used for demonstration, as well as practiced on and with, and Masters learning using the Toys. Toys also rotate jobs at the school, unless assigned a special role as per testing result or an order. Once schooling has ended, Masters go on to purchase Toys and have a career, and Toys are sold to one of three types of buyers: Personal, Business, or Educational. They are either bidded on, or pre-ordered for a certain role.

Roles of a Toy taught:
Personal slave: Usage by it's Master and anyone allowed by them.
Maid: Cleaning skills as well as usage.
Lover: Houswork skills, usually treated fairly well.
Pet: Restricted lifestyle, no personal choice, often treated as an animal as well as a sex slave.
Public whore: Bondage and usage by guests at a building, fair, or agency.
Urinal: Usually reserved in advance by clubs.
Dairy cow: Usually bought by the dozens, usually whatever was leftover at the end of the sales.
Horse: Pulls carts, wagons, or anything preferred, as well as . Usually bought for personal use or business.
Reliever: Used unlimitedly by staff at any one building. Often are purchased to be set in a bondage system and fed through a tube. Popular in hospitals and banks.

Teachers teach classes on all of these subjects, as well as bondage, health and pregnancy, and cleaning. Toys must learn several roles, unless pre-chosen for an order to fill.

School has a four year program, 18-21, no exceptions, so if your character is 19 they are in their second year, and already sorted.

If you're interested, please feel free to add comments, ideas, or post a character, using this form:

Age (18 - 21):
Type: Master / Toy / Uninitiated
Family history: (rich, toy-blood, etc.)
Any preferred future role:

Breeding Academy Character Profiles


Decidedly British Dom
Apr 13, 2015
Very interested! I'll put this as a place holder for now.

Name: Gaius Vinius
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Age: 20 (third year)
Type: Master
Appearance: tbc
Family history: tbc
Personality: tba
Dec 9, 2017
Name: Alinsa Jade
Gender: female
Sexuality: bi
Age: 19
Type: Dairy cow
Appearance: tbc
Family history: tbc
Personality: tba

Dusk Ebonheart

Latex clad toy.
Dec 26, 2018
Loving the looks of this and I want in!!.

Name: Dusk Ebonheart
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Age (18 - 21): 18
Type: tbc

Family history: toy-blood
Any preferred future role: toy specifically pet
Personality: submissive
Jul 2, 2019
Name: Evelyn Windsong
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Yes
Age (18 - 21): 19
Type: Pet
Appearance: TBD
Family history: Toy-blood
Any preferred future role: I'm flexible and can play any role, honestly.
Personality: TBD (If this gets going)
Jun 21, 2019
I’m interested!

Name: Teddy
Gender: male
Sexuality: virgin, ambiguous
Age: 18
Type: Toy / Uninitiate
Appearance: short, baby face, blue eyes, shaggy brown hair, slight frame
Family history: toy-blood / unknown
Any preferred future role: whatever the masters decide...
Personality: Shy, low self confidence, easily frightened, loner
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