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Ultra Woman, the series! (plus her daughter Anya)


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
This is the first in a series of stories I wrote with a wonderful couple by the name of Doc Droid & LadyTania (who is a member on this site) back in.... Let's just say it was a while ago when the internet was young. ;)

Ultra Woman is a variant of Wonder Woman of course. Slightly different uniform and such.


"The Test"

The sand molded itself around the two Amazons as they laid upon
the beach of their island home. The warm breeze blew off the low tide that
occasionally splashed over the aroused Amazons. The two sisters, one a
tall, voluptuous redhead descended from the emerald isle, and the other a
lithe brunette descended from the isles of the Pacific, moaned out their
growing excitement. Fingers teased tanned skin and tongues lapped at
sensitive body parts.

Rei's long, dark hair sealed her off from the world as she kneeled
over the redhead's body. Her lips and talented tongue finished bringing the
other girl to the plain of pleasure while her fingers gently stroked and
probed the girl's rear passage. Rei's own moans and whimpers were muffled
by tanned flesh her face was buried in. They were caused by the redhead's
only slightly less talented fingers and tongue tormenting Rei's vulnerable
womanhood that was pressed against her face.

"Ohhh....the Gods surely blessed you, sister Rei..." sighed
Brigida as she pushed her curly red tresses out of the way. "You know how
to touch me like no other of our sisters."

Rei smiled as lifted her face and turned her body so that she laid
side by side with her sister and was able to look into her eyes. "Thank you
Brigida," she sighed as she wrapped one of her legs around her sister's.
The motion pressed each of their tanned bodied to each other. Quiet moans
broke their lips as their full breasts, capped by sensitive nipples touched
each other. "Perhaps the gods have blessed me but I expect that its also a
little of my father as well. According to my mother, he was an excellent
lover. Nothing like a sister I might add but special in his own right."

Brigida closed her eyes. "Ooohh, to be with a man. Tania is so
fortunate to be in the outside world. When she whispered to us about this
Captain Liberty and her night with him, I could see myself in his arms."

Her eyes opened up to gaze up at the oriental beauty riding her.
"Can you see it, Rei, a man? I can hardly wait for my turn to go into the
outside world and be with a man. My child will be lovely, but a night with
a man will be a dream."

Rei considered for a second before answering. "I can see it too,
but we must be so careful in such things Brigida. Tania had but one night
with him and many with men who weren't so kind. We must be....I believe the
word is 'choosy'. Since we may be with a man only one time, we must pick
the right one for ourselves."

Brigida waved a dismissing hand at Rei. "You are always such a
worry wart, sister. We all know that there are evil men out there. That's
why we are here on our island. Not all of them are bad, and I think many
are very good." She grinned like a teenager just through puberty. "Oh
yes, very good!"

"I suspect you're right sister," Rei said with grin. "Although
worrying has kept me out of trouble."

"For me, I want him to be kind and gentle but with a strength
within him. Looks don't matter. All Amazon daughters are lovely. I want
mine to be able to remind of why I picked her father," Rei said with a
smile. "That's what mother always says to me about my father. Do you have
anything that you're looking for?"

Brigida looked blankly at Rei. "I never thought about it. We
will only get one night with a man and I will never see him again."

"True... I guess I want it to be as special as the first time I
spent a night with a sister. Since we only get that one chance, I want it
to be memorable."

"Let me teach you a little more so you can share it with the
others..." Rei trailed off as her head bent down to suckle on one of
Brigida's pink nipples. "Of course," she murmured as she licked the bud.
"You will have to prove to me that you have learned my 'lessons' well. One
of her hands gently massaging the firm flesh as she suckles on it.

Brigida smiled dreamily. "I will, Rei, I swear by the Gods I
will," she sighed as her hands slid down Rei's back.

"I know you will..." Rei whispered as her other hand gently cupped
Brigida's curly mound.

Both paused as they looked down the beach. Aroused by a sister,
neither had lost her faculties, unlike the results when handled by a man.
Running down the beach towards them was Panadia, one of Rei and Brigida's
closest companions. Her flowing white shift flew behind her as she hurried
in great excitement.

"Perhaps she wants to join in," Rei giggled.

Brigida giggled loudly. "Shhh!"

"Rei! Brigida! Hurry! There is terrible news!"

Rei groaned inwardly. "Not nice to get interrupted in middle of
pleasures by bad news," she thought disgustedly.

As the two Amazon disentangled themselves, Panadia came to a stop,
unembarrassed, as all Amazons were, to their sisters' trysts. "Something
has happened to Tania!" she said, both sad and excited. "Her gifts have
returned to the Queen. We know not what has occurred to her."

"Oh no...." Rei sighed, remembering Tania. She had never really
known the champion very well but had thought that she would last for a long
time as the champion. Unlike the others... "Is there any word from Tania's
daughter, Julia or that girl that came with Tania the last time she

Brigida's expression is a mix of terrible sadness, and a hidden
inner hope.

"No, my sister, we haven't heard anything from Julia, but her
enchanted reliquaries have not returned, so she must be in health still.
All I know is that Tania's artifacts have returned to us."

All Rei could think about was Julia and how this would hurt her.
"Poor girl..." she thought. "I hope she returns so we can all comfort her."

Panadia, obviously sad for Tania, seemed excited by the
possibility of becoming the next Ultra Woman and entering the outside world
of men.

Rei smiled inwardly and knowingly at Panadia. The other girl had
told her only the other day when they were resting in each other's arms
about how she envied Tania. "She'll be a good champion," she thought to

"The Queen wishes a new champion to leave by the time Apollo's
chariot rises in the morn. She is holding the contest this night and has
commanded that all Amazons compete."

"Everybody?" Rei asked. "Her Majesty doesn't have a favorite in

Panadia shook her head as she pushed her dark curls from her
face. "No Rei, she wishes to hold some kind of competition for all of us,
and from this she will choose a champion."

"Ah...." Rei said knowingly. "She may not have a favorite, but she
knows what qualities she is looking for."

Brigida smiled brightly. "I am built very much like Melania, even
with the same hair color. Maybe she will pick me," she said, her mind

Rei groaned inwardly at Brigida's remark. "And we all we know what
happened to her..." she thought. "I would think that could lessen her
chances then. Although its heresy, perhaps we should just give up on this
idea. We won't because we Amazons never give up on a fight."

Panadia took a few steps from the two,"Hurry!" then runs back
down the sandy beach.

Rei stood and helped Brigida to her feet. "Do you wish to be the
champion sister?" Rei asked as they brushed the sand from each other. "I'm
not sure that I would want the title in the unlikely even that I were to
win. Besides, I'm much too young compared to the others. I, of course, will
try to win. It would be an insult to the Queen not to do my best."

Brigida leapt to her feet in growing excitement. "Oh yes Rei,
with all my heart. To go into the outside world of men..." Her words
trailed off.

"Don't be too eager dear sister... The outside has already cost us
the lives of the last four champions that we have sent. I don't wish for
you to be the fifth. I know you're strong and skilled but still..." Rei
trailed off and shook her head. "Sorry Brigida. My mother always said I
worry too much."

Brigida nodded playfully. "Your mother is right! The Gods gave
us all of this to enjoy, and you always go around worrying about
something. Rei, you should have joined the philosophers of the Queen
instead of being one of us warriors."

"Worrying is good for you!" Rei said sticking her tongue out at
the other girl. "Its kept me out of trouble. Unlike you! I didn't get
caught throwing the snake into the pool like you did. I made sure I had
better cover. Anyway, many good warriors have also been philosophers. They
learn from the mistakes of others and formulate plans to avoid the same

Rei smiled as she saw looks over Brigida's fine body. She can't
help herself as she pressed her body to the other's and kissed deeply. Her
hands cupped and squeezed the redhead's firm buttocks.

Brigida leapt to her feet in growing excitement, breaking away
from Rei's hands. "Oh yes Rei, with all my heart. To go into the outside
world of men..." Her words trailed off again.

"Don't be too eager dear sister... The outside has already cost us
the lives of the last four champions that we have sent. I don't wish for
you to be the fifth. I know you're strong and skilled but still..." Rei
trailed off as well as she shook her head. "Sorry Brigida. My mother always
said I worry too much."

"We had best hurry or we'll be late," Rei said. She took Brigida's
hand in hers and they ran down the beach, their long hair streaming in the

Brigida smiled. "Yes, we mustn't be late for fate!" she grinned,
before sprinting down the sandy beach next to Rei.

As they ran, Rei caught a glimpse of Brigid's breasts bouncing and
it brought a smile to her face. Unconsciously, she picked the pace up to
make them bounce more. Her own full endowments added to a pleasurable
sensation within her mind.

As Rei, Brigida, and Panadia trotted into the amphitheater, one
which would have made even the vicious, perfectionistic Romans proud, they
joined the growing aggregation of Amazon society. Hundreds gathered
inside the pristine marble walls and benches of the stadium. A buzz rarely
heard amongst the calm Amazons floated over the gathering, all awaiting
movement from the dais, behind which a white curtain lead to a hallway,
which in turn lead down a covered hall to the Queen's chambers.

The three girls sat amongst a group of younger Amazons. While
Brigida and Panadia chatted with the others, Rei sat in thoughtful silence.
She knew that some of her peers considered her 'odd' in that she was a
warrior but also a thinker. Her mother had always told her to seek her own
destiny and not let the expectations of others force her into a slot that
she didn't desire. Rei had taken that wisdom to heart. While her nose could
almost always be found in some obscure scroll or book, she could also
handle herself with the best of the warriors.

She reflected this was probably a result of her parentage. While
her mother Gabrielle was the archetypal 'bookworm', her father had been
Japanese warrior from an ancient and noble family. Her mother had taken the
journey to find a father for her child much later then most of the Amazons.
Many of her friends already had grandchildren by the time she had left.
Gabrielle had told her daughter that she had slept with her father the
night before he left on a suicide mission. That she had told him who she
was and why she was with him. How he was grateful that part of him would
still live on even after he was gone. In gratitude, he showed her a night
of wondrous magic for them both. "I guess I'm honoring the best qualities
of my parents," she thought.

All had chambers, but the Queen was an exceptional woman, an
Amazon, that had survived things no other Amazon could imagine, or so it
was told. Rei could even hear a few whispering curiosities about the Queen
becoming the champion and re-entering the outside world.

"Possible...." Rei thought. "But unlikely. While I suspect the
Queen would like to avenge the death of the first champion, her daughter
Deanna, she is too careful not to sacrifice what is the core of the

Brigida grabbed Rei's arm in her excitement. "I wonder what the
Queen will say? I wonder what she will say?" the redhead kept repeating.
She seemed barely able to stand still as she watched the podium

Rei gently patted Brigida's hand in response. "Calm sister..." she
said with a gentle smile.

As the calm Rei looked over her sisters, most all seemed to be
much like Brigida. All kept an eye on the dais with baited breath, most
every one hoping to be chosen. The loss of four sisters seemed to have
little effect; the idyllic life on the island seemed tame compared to the
great adventure of Man's World.

Unlike many of the others, Rei had more then a fair idea of what
Man's World was like. She consumed any bit of knowledge that sisters
brought back when they made their trips. To her, the outside was nothing to
envy but was something to be pitied. "They expect it will be just a
game...." she thinks sadly. "I would have hoped that losing four would have
finally made it clear to everyone about how dangerous it is. Tania was the
best champion so far and even she was defeated! Perhaps we should just 'cut
our losses'."

Suddenly a hush fell over the multitude as the curtain parted.
First walked the Queen's personal advisors, and behind them, walked the
Queen. Proud yet humble, strong yet always seeming to require the support
of all her sisters, she seemed the perfect image of womanhood, and of the

Rei knelt with all the others to the only mortal that she would
kneel to. Not out of subservience to the Queen but out of deep respect. She
smiled when she saw her mother standing amounts the advisors. Gabrielle was
the chief archivist in the library but also a personal friend of the Queen.
Rei had heard whispers that the Queen thought so highly of her mother that
she had once remarked that Gabrielle would make a excellent queen. Rei had
to bit her lip for many days to avoid shouting the news to the whole

What Rei did not see was the look of sadness in the eyes of her
mother. Before they had stepped past the curtain, the Queen had told her
advisors of what she was looking for in the next champion. Gabrielle knew
her daughter had all of those qualities. Knowing her daughter the way she
did, she knew Rei would be the next champion. Rei might privately disagree
with the idea of the champion but if selected, she would do it.

As her advisors stood in a semi-circle behind the Queen, she held
up her hands. "Rise, my sisters."

As the collected greatness of Amazon civilization came to its
feet, all held their breath. The Queen looked over her sisters and
daughters with benevolence. Her tender, strong mien seemed troubled; the
Queen, like most of her daughters, couldn't help but let her emotions be
seen for all. This only made her subjects, sisters, love her all the more,
for her true heart and love could been seen.

As the silence settled over the amphitheater, the Queen lowered
her hands. "My sisters," she began, her strong voice echoing over the
crowd, easily heard by all, "you all know why we are gathered her. Our
beloved Tania, the champion of our race, has fallen."

A soft groan rose gently from the Amazon multitude. All already
knew of this, but the words coming from the Queen couldn't help but excite
the pity of the women.

Rei closed her eyes and whispered a quick prayer that Tania's soul
would find peace.

"We must have a new champion. We cannot let the fall of our
sister allow our will to relent. We must have a champion to go into the
outside world, and battle against all those things we have fought against
for all our generations. Our champion will continue to be our
representative to the outside world, and will show that we Amazons will not
surrender, will not lose our desire for peace and justice."

Rei softly sighed and remembered the discussions she and her
mother had had on this subject. Gabrielle quietly agreed with her daughter
that it was a mistake to keep 'sacrificing' sisters to the inhuman gods of
the outside. She had carefully broached the subject to the Queen but had
been gently and politely rebuffed. "We Sisters represent the best and worst
of humanity," Gabrielle sadly told Rei. "Beauty, love, strength, but also

"Our champion will be different this time." At these words, Rei
could feel Brigida sag. "We must choose a champion that is both warrior
and scholar, an Amazon that may not be the exceptional at either, but one
that will be successful in either."

Even though she knew it was physically impossible, Rei felt her
heart stop at the Queen's words. "No...." she said in a bare whisper. Her
worst fears suddenly materializing.

"I, and our wisest sisters," the Queen said, with a sweep of her
arm towards the advisors behind her, "have considered all, and have
narrowed our field to six of our sisters."

Gabrielle knew the area her daughter would be sitting but didn't
allow herself to look for her. She couldn't trust her emotions at this

With a slow, seeming sadness, Gabrielle handed the Queen a sheet
of parchment. "Tonight, at first moonrise, your Queen bades these six
sisters to present themselves at the Temple of Venus."

Brigida squeezed Rei's hand. She chewed on her bottom lip as the
Queen held up the parchment.

Rei squeezed back. Though not in nervous anticipation like her
friend but for what pain her mother must have gone through. She knew it was
quite possible her name could be on that list and that her mother had a
role in placing it there. Rei also knew that while her mother loved her
deeply, she would have had to submit her daughter's name for consideration.

"Sister Helia," she said, as eyes turned to the blonde scholar
standing amongst those on the far left. Surprise shown in her face.

"Sister Kyrie," the Queen announced, making the Amazons look
around until they found the tiny, five and a half foot tall redhead, hardly
viewable amongst the mostly six foot Amazons. She too seems flabbergasted.

"Kyrie?!" Rei gasped in shock. She knew the girl and she knew the
redhead was a moderate fighter. Certainly not good enough to last for very
long in the outside.

"Sister Yolanda." Again a slight gasp of surprise rose from the
crowd of beautiful warriors as a thinner than normal blonde Amazon's green
eyes widened.

"Sister Ayisha." A dark skinned Amazon, with short dark hair,
looked up at the Queen in dazed amazement.

"There's something wrong here..." Rei thought. "None of these
sisters are right." Rei wasn't be arrogant, but truthful. She knew most of
them, she what the outside was like, and she knew they would last but days

"And," the Queen said, without pause, "Sister Rei."

Heads turned to face the half oriental Amazon. The entire race of
Amazon culture looked at Rei. Even Brigida, her best friend, looked at Rei
in amazement. Brigida's hand slid from Rei's arm, limp in her surprise.

Rei looked down at the marble her feet rested on, not daring to
meet the gaze of the others. For the moment, not trusting her emotions that
ranged the garment from pride at being selected, to anger at being forced
to compete she didn't believe in. For the briefest of moments, Rei thought
about refusing. "I can not..." she whispered. "If it was anyone but the
Queen... I must obey her..."

"Hera help me..." Rei whispered as she lifted her head, her face a
mask of false determination, and walked down the steps to the dais to join
the other candidates. As she walked past her mother, she wanted to run into
her arms but she knew that wouldn't be 'proper'.

Rei took her place among the other five sisters. Three each on
either side of the Queen. She knew the Queen spoke further but she didn't
hear a single word. Rei concentrated on not running and hiding in her
favorite spot on the island. A small cave overlooking the ocean.

As the Amazons were dispersing from the arena, the buzz slowly
grew as the realization that the island's strongest warriors were not to be
chosen this time. Rei could sense the disappointment from so many of her
sisters, especially Brigida. The redhead could not even bring herself to
look at the smaller, Asian Amazon.

The crowds of warrior women moved off in various directions, back
to duties or places of relaxation, all murmuring about the unusual choices
made by the Queen. A few glanced at Rei, not out of rudeness which was
unthinkable on the loving Island, but simply in disappointment, envy, and,
perhaps, a little shock.

Rei lightly took Brigida's hand in hers as the girl walked past.
"Brigida," she said in a sad voice. "I'm so sorry that you were not picked.
This isn't something that I aspired to or even wanted. It was thrust upon
me and I have no choice in the matter. If the gods so decided it and I
become champion, I wish it were possible for you to be at my side. You are
an excellent warrior dear sister. Always remember that."

"You deserve this Rei, you are so smart and you will do a
wonderful job if you are named champion. That is why you were chosen, for
your mind. The other champions were all intelligent, but I know they want
you because," she paused as a smile crept onto her face, "you are a

For the first time since this all began, Rei smiled. "And you
Brigida are the best friend and lover that a sister could have. If it was a
warrior they had wanted, I know you would have been the champion."

Long arms encompassed the smaller Rei. "I hope the Gods smile
upon you Rei and make you our champion, and see you come back to us."

Rei returned the hug and watched her best friend leave the now
empty amphitheater. She watched even long after the other girl had
vanished. Only when a gentle hand was placed on her shoulder did she look
away. "Come along Sister Rei," an attendant to the Queen said. "We must get
you bathed and ready for the Test." The two Amazons walked together behind
the curtain.


The temple of Venus was cloaked in jumping shadows from the
braziers' fires. The building was a rectangular building, with high
columns that surrounded the inner walls. Only a single, large room was
within. Rei was more comfortable with the temple of Athena, but all on the
island were grateful to Venus for giving them beauty and long life.

She stood before it in a simple red gown. Her long dark hair
drifting slightly as a warm breeze. Shining slightly from the combined glow
of the fires and the moonlight. Her skin scrubbed clean by the Queen's
attendants in the scented bath she was given.

The advisors, including Rei's mother, stood outside the temple.
As Rei walked up, her mother gave the briefest of smiles, but Rei could
easily see the inner struggle within her.

Rei slowly nodded her head towards her mother. She knew that if
they tried to talk at this moment, one or the other might break down. This
wasn't the time nor the place for that. They would share their feelings in
private as mother and daughter.

"Sister Rei," Menalippe said in a grave greeting. "The Queen
awaits you within." Without another word, she gestured Rei towards the

She had wondered what the Test would be. The exact nature of it
was a secret and was said to have changed each time a champion was chosen.
The only thing that was known was that the Queen administered it. With a
last glance towards her mother, she stepped inside the temple to face her

The Queen smiled benevolently upon Rei as the Amazon warrior
entered the temple. Three of her sisters were already arrived, all
kneeling before the altar of Venus, behind which the Queen stood. Flowers
and garlands, which mystically grew within the walls without aid of sun or
water, lined either side of the marble walls. Each was nude as they waited
with great expectation to the announcement of the test.

Rei bowed slightly to the Queen in the normal token of respect.
While she thought the temple of lovely, Athenia's was her favorite as it
was as the island's library.

"Release yourself from the trappings of the unnatural," the Queen
said softly to Rei, glancing at the three small piles of sandals and gowns,
"then join your sisters."

Rei nodded and reached for the simple tie that kept gown together.
With a slight tug, the gown came loose. With a shrug from her shoulders, it
slide silently down. As it did so she slipped her feet from the sandal.

As Rei allowed the gown to fall to the floor, Kyrie entered, and
received the same words from the Queen.

She picked her up the gown and sandal and placed them next to
others. After doing so, Rei went to the alter and knelt next to her

The Queen remained standing behind the altar, her voluptuous body
encased in a translucent gown that hid little, her gold and diamond tiara,
and her bracelets. Before her was the uniform of the champion, Ultra
Woman, folded neatly, with the magic rope, tiara, and bracelets that were
the tools and weapons of the champion. Next to it was a gray marble box,
its lid down.

"Whatever is in the box," Rei thought to herself. "Must be part of
the test." Rei then remembered that she shouldn't be woolgathering at this
time. Her eyes closed as she mentally said prayers to Aphrodite. She asked
the goddess to grant her favor in the Test and to become champion.

As the six Amazons, all amongst the most intelligent of the race,
knelt down before their Queen and goddess, few could not wonder at the box,
or the location of the test. The first two tests had been on the
tournament field, where first Deanna, then Melania, had won. The second
had been on the beach, where each Amazon was commanded to lift and carry
the largest boulder, thus signifying great physical strength, and was won
by the unfortunate, and still mysteriously missing, Atalanta. The fourth
test had been one of both endurance and wisdom, tests for both the body and

Tania had been the best in both, although Rei was confident she
had done well, only the champion's place was announced.

"I don't mind that Tania won," Rei had said to friends who
commented that she was just as good as Tania. "Competition is good to
maintain ourselves and she won fairly. Besides, I have no real interest in
the role of champion."

After the last Amazon had knelt and finished her prayers to Venus,
the Queen finally looked down at the six beautiful women arrayed before her
and the altar. "My sisters, you are all here at the bequest of your Queen
and people. We need a champion to go out into the world of men, to show the
outside world that we Amazons are strong, peaceful, and believe in justice.
We must not allow them to think us weak or vacillating. The sister that is
most successful in this test will be our champion, and live forever in the
lore of our people."

"But if its anything like what happened to the other four," a
sarcastic whisper echoed in Rei's mind before she could suppress it. "She
won't live long enough to read the stories."

The Queen paused, as if reluctant to continue. "I have been
remiss in not preparing our champions for their exit into the world of
Men. They have not known of the dangers. I wish you, my sisters, to know
the greatest danger you must face, and I wish our champion to be the sister
that can resist this danger to the utmost. I wish our champion to be of
great wisdom and intelligence, which is why each of you has been chosen.
You are all minds of greatness, whether you see it or no. Each of you, my
sisters, is also a warrior, as we all must be, for through our strength
comes peace."

The Queen knelt down, picked up the gray box, and stood. "Now, my
sisters, comes the test. I hesitated to choose this test, but I feel you
must know the greatest danger you face, and not succumb. The Amazon that
defies this torture, if we may call it that, for the longest time, will be
our champion."

"Torture?" Rei thought. "Oh joy... Although I can see its

"I know you wonder what it might be. It is not a torture like you
may expect; all of us Amazons can resist any physical pain, and I would
not inflict such a thing upon you. It is far worse, and far better. It is
like nothing you will experience, it will swallow you, as it did me lo so
many centuries ago."

Rei's eyes widened slightly as the Queen's words. She knew every
detail of the Queen's life including a few things not well known. The one
conclusion that she came to shocked her. "She doesn't mean that?!"

The Queen looked up, past the six Amazons and to the door. Six of
the Queen's advisors entered, solemn and quiet. "Fear not failure here, my
sisters, you are Amazons, and none of you are failures, and all will
succumb to this. Remain where you are, kneeling over the altar of our
patron, and watch the wall behind me."

Rei shivered slightly. Not from cold, but from what she expected
to come next. She focused her eyes on the single petal of a single flower
growing out of a wall. Her mind emptying whatever emotions she might have
and concentrating on something simple.

Stepping to the side, the Queen circled the altar until she stood
behind the Amazons. Rei could hear each advisor step behind each of the
six; the felt the footsteps in the marble floor as one came up behind
her. Rei was in the middle, as the fourth to enter, with Kyrie to her
right and Ayisha to her left.

Suddenly Rei heard a feminine gasp from the far left, then another
a moment later, then another that issued from Ayisha.

Her hand clutched the warm stone slightly hard in preparation for
what was to come. She ran through her mind a litany that she had learned.
It gave her mind some thing else to work on.

Abruptly Rei felt something humming behind her, then below her.
With a shock, a soft, hard object, coated with some kind of lubricant,
pressed against her womanhood, and parted her. Without realizing it her
curved ass arched up, allowing the object to push deeper within her. The
hum passed the length of her body as her tight sex was opened for the first
time by something other than a finger of an Amazon.

Rei let out a slight gasp of pain as the object broke through her
virginity. The pain was instantly replaced by pleasure as her channel was
spread apart.

Kyrie let out a cry of surprised pleasure that sent a chill, and
tingle of pleasure, through Rei, followed by a gasp from the far right.
Then the Queen circled around to again stand before the six Amazons, as
each one began to moan under the impact of their pleasure, and the onset of
the Curse.

Rei could feel the object pulsing and throbbing within her. She
refused to give into the Curse which was filling her with pleasure but
weakening her at the same time. Her soft moans came through clenched teeth
as she prevented herself from trying to escape. Rei had experienced much
pleasure from her sisters but never anything like this!

From all around Rei, the room was being filled with the gasps and
soft moans of the six Amazons on their knees. The temple of Venus had
heard such things before, but not by such a method.

To Rei's horror, the object within her began moving. In and out at
first then rotating in small circles, gently stretching her passage. Her
breath became pants as she struggled to control the pleasures rocketing
throughout her body. She could feel the Curse taking her strength away drop
by drop. Making it harder to maintain what concentration that she still
had. "Must. Concentrate," she muttered.

Suddenly, a loud scream of ecstasy filled the chamber as one of
the Amazons orgasmed. Rei felt the sound tug at her mind. Trying to make
her let go and join it but she refused. She diverted all her weakened
strength and all the knowledge she had to the goal of not giving into her

As Yolanda's cries filled the temple's walls, Rei felt the
temptation to let herself follow Yolanda into the lands of unimaginable
pleasure and sweet defeat.

Rei shook her head violently as she struggled to hold on. Deep in
her mind she knew that if she just gave in to the wild pleasure, she
wouldn't have to worry about being the champion. "Can't! Do! That!" her
mind gasped. From birth, all Amazon's are trained to do their very best in
competitions. It was dishonorable to 'throw in the towel' too early. Rei
didn't want to win but she was forced by honor to try.

Suddenly to Rei's right a sharp movement distracted her violet
eyes. Kyrie took her hands from the altar and wrapped them around her own
dangling breasts. The redhead crushed and kneaded her breasts, lost in her
growing orgasm. The Amazon arched upwards, her moans growing silent before
she released a low moan that grew until the sound filled the temple with
the cries of another climaxing Amazon.

The glorious sight of Kyrie arching back and cumming distracted
Rei enough to make her almost lose her concentration. That in turn would
have released the powerful orgasm she had been holding down. Rei jammed her
eyes shut and struggled to rebuild the crumbling foundations of her

Slowly the vibrator moved up and down Rei's vaginal tract,
grinding against her inner walls, places nothing had ever touched before.
The humming ran up her spine and seemed to explode inside her mind, as an
unseen hand slid the smooth white tool almost out of Rei's aching pussy,
only to thrust it back up.

As the vibrator touched the nerve endings on her cervix, a loud
cry finally erupted from Rei's lips. Up to this point, she had emitted only
soft whimpers and moans. It signal that Rei was reaching the end of her
endurance. That soon, she would join her sisters in the seas of pleasure.

Before Kyrie's cries died down, a shriek drowned her moans.
Helia's crying, wailing scream shook Rei to the core as the blonde Amazon
was overwhelmed by the vibrator withering her from within. Helia collapsed
upon the altar as her hips pinned the vibrator against the floor and forced
it deeper within Helia's sex.

Rei began to unconsciously thrust her hips and body up and down.
Forcing the vibrator deeper and harder into her depths. Her hard nipples
rubbing against the smooth alter sending shooting bursts of pleasure into
her already overloaded mind. Her face a mask of trying to hide the ecstasy
that boiled within her. "Can't! Hold!! Much!! Longer!!" she gasped from dry

The long, inch wide vibrator hummed as the unseen hand pushed it
within Rei, only to slow retract it while turning the device in slow
circles. The rounded, smooth tip paused just at the gate to the Amazon's
lovehole, only to have it penetrate her deeply once more, and the cycle
would repeat.

The Queen looked down at Rei and Ayisha, the two remaining
competitors. She could see the inner struggle, the sweat that made each
beautiful Amazon glow in the flickering flamelight.

The Queen took a deep breath, making her gravity defying breasts
press against the sheer fabric that hid nothing, as befitting a priestess
of Aphrodite. Her eyes glanced down at her own nipples, which were raised
and just as hard as those of the six penetrated Amazons before her.

The tidal wave of pleasure finally was about to overwhelmed Rei's
defenses. The Curse had weakened her and the pure power of building orgasm
battered down her remaining defenses. Her body stiffen as every muscled
contracted in preparation for the release. Just at the moment Rei opened
her mouth to scream a scream of pure pleasure, Ayisha filled the room with

The dark skinned Amazon took a hand from the altar and reached
down between her leg. As she pinched the engorged clit, she let out a
shattering scream that slowly died off as Ayisha slumped down. The advisor
behind her retracted the vibrator as Ayisha collapsed in a heap on the
floor, her dark hair slowly absorbing her own love juices.

When Rei orgasmed, it seemed to come from the very depths of her
soul. Every bit of what she had held back was released in one shuddering,
quaking orgasm. Her back arched so far back that in a mere mortal, she
would pulled every muscle. With Rei however, it just pushed her full
breasts higher into the air. Her eyes were open but glazed over into
sightlessness from the passion. Her womanhood gushed a huge amount of
liquid that joined the pool that her other sisters a formed. Later, it
would be collected and offered as a gift to Aphrodite.

Unlike Ayisha, Rei didn't faint from the pleasure. Her body was
weakened but her spirit remained strong. With a grimace, she shook her head
to clear the fog of passion. The Queen caught this and with a subtle
gesture, had the attendant continue pistoning the vibrator within Rei's

It slipped easily in and out Rei's soaked passage, stimulating the
nerves there. She grasped the warm stone beneath her fingers in an attempt
to absorb its strength into her pleasure tortured body. "Can't! Won't! Give
in!!!" she moaned. Of course Rei knew this was a lie. Eventually, the
sensations would win as they always do but she wouldn't give in without a

"Enough," the Queen finally said, holding up her hand. The
attendant quickly slide the vibrator from Rei's body.

Rei threw her head back and moaned in frustration. They had filled
her so much with pleasure and hadn't allowed it to be emptied. Slowly she
let go of the alter and collapsed back into the arms of the attendant who
had brought her to this point. Her lungs gasped for air as if she hadn't
breathed for days. "I believe we have our champion," the Queen said with a

The Queen turned and slowly walked around the altar as her five
advisors rose and stepped back, each still wielding their sexual weapons.
The sixth rose, helping the trembling Rei to her feet.

She stood only because of the advisor's arms. Her legs felt so
weak that on her own, she would have probably fallen down. Rei could also
feel a thin trickle of her fluids run down her thighs.

The Queen held out her hands, and allowed Rei to fall into them.
"You will be our champion, sister Rei." Her lips tenderly kissed Rei's
cheek before scooping up the weakened girl into her arms. She turned to
face the others in the room. "I will administer to our champion. My
sisters," she said to the six advisors, "care for our sisters here. They
are all champions."

Rei rested her tired head on her Queen's shoulders. She didn't
wish to be the champion but she had won the Test so there wasn't anything
she could do about it. "I must do my best now," she thought as she enjoyed
the Queen's warm skin against her own.

Like a holding a doll, the blonde, towering Amazon queen cradled
Rei in her arms. As Rei looked down at her five sisters, three were
unconscious, and only Helia could open her eyes enough to look back up at
Rei. The little blonde scientist smiled vacantly up at Rei, her eyes only
slits filled with numbing pleasure.

Rei smiled at the sight of Helia. She knew that the sister was
considered a 'cold fish' by some of the more amorous Amazons since she
wanted to spend more time in a lab then in a bed. "I think Helia is going
to surprise a few of the sisters now," Rei giggled softly. "She's going to
try to make up for all the sisters she hasn't pleasured."

Each of the defeated Amazons was helped out, back into the cool
night air to recover. One by one, each was carried out, leaving wet
reminders of their defeats behind them. As the last advisor exited, she
bowed and smiled at the Queen, and closed the heavy doors to the temple of

Rei nuzzled her head into the Queen's firm shoulder. She felt so
tired but also aroused. The scent of her's and the other sister's fluids
along with her unfulfilled passions stimulated her greatly. It also helped
that she was in the arms of a woman who was as lovely as the goddess
Aphrodite herself.

The Queen kneeled down before the altar, laying Rei upon the heavy
marble and gold surface. "Sister Rei, you deserve all that we can give you
before you go on your mission to the outside world. You have only to make
your request, and your Queen will serve you before you leave." The Queen
smiled benevolently at Rei, her hand resting on Rei's sweaty arm.


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Rei slowly reached over with her other and and laid it on top of
the Queen's. A thousand different requests went through her mind in an
instant but as she looked into the Queen lovely eyes, one stood out. "Your
Majesty," she spoke in a slightly hoarse whisper. "Will...will you make
love to me? If I must go into the Man's World, I would like to spend the
rest of the night
in your bed and you arms. At least so I can keep in mind what I am
fighting for. Your perfection is more then enough."

Rei turned her head away to look at the far wall. "Forgive me if I
misspoke my Queen," she said. "The Test and being unfulfilled has made me
mistake my place..." Her words were interrupted when a gentle hand turned
her head to face the Queen again. The royal smile was still there and if
anything, even wider.

For the first time, Rei noticed the Queen's hard nipples poking
out of the sheer gown. There was also a dampened spot on the gown where it
touched her mound of hair.

The Queen trailed a perfectly manicured fingernail down Rei's
chest, over her sternum and between her rising and falling breasts.
"Sister Rei, for this night, your wish is my command."

Rei shivered slightly. Not just from the touch but from also the
fact that she was going to make love to her Queen. A woman the Amazons
considered a near goddess. "Thank you my Queen," she whispered.

With a sultry smile up at the violet eyed Amazon, the Queen moved
her finger along the faint depression that ran down Rei's stomach. The
long, elegant fingers tickled and teased the overheated flesh of Rei's
midsection, making the muscles and skin tingle pleasingly.

She sighed softly at the Queen's wonderful touch. Rei's sweaty
skin acting almost as an oil that aided the movement.

The fingernails of the noble woman's went down Rei's neck,
supplementing the tingle running over her body. Blonde hair flowed over
the gold and diamond tiara around the Queen's forehead as she leaned down.
Her tongue darted out to touch Rei's engorged nipple. The Amazon leader
smiled as she felt the effect pass through Rei. Leaning down farther, with
her long curls falling over Rei's chest, her lips encircled the stout
nipple, and gently sucked it within her mouth.

Rei whimpered softly as the Queen's talented mouth erotically
abused her sensitive nipple. The Queen was stoking a fire that had
smoldered within her subject ever since the Test. As the Queen bent over
her, Rei could see the Queen's large breasts pressing against the sheer
fabric of her gown. Not being able to help herself, she reached with a hand
to cup the pleasurable weight of one of them. Her hand gently squeezing,
kneading, and tormenting the the nipple of the royal flesh.

Fingers tantalized Rei's body, one set running up her neck and
through her sweaty, long dark hair, as the other hand tingled their way
down her lower abdomen and into the right crease of her hip. The nails
played over her hipbone, and followed the crease. Fingers descended into
the cleft between Rei's legs. A forearm pushed the asian Amazon's leg open,
forcing Rei's leg to fall off the altar. Rei's toes barely touched the
cold marble of the floor as the Queen's finger rolled over the puffy lips
of her sex and slid up the length of her drenched vagina.

The touch in that most sensitive of all of Rei's body produced a
new gush of her fluids. "Ohhhhhh yessss....." she moan. "So gooddd...." She
could feel her channel throbbing in time with her racing heartbeat. While
one hand cupped the Queen's lovely breasts, the other drifted up to slide
fingers through the silky blond hair.

Finger and thumb came to rest upon the pink pearl atop her
womanhood. With a slow, rolling motion, the spot was pinched softly, as the
Queen inhaled Rei's breast, sucking in as much of the soft, yet rock hard,
mammary within her warm mouth as possible.

"Oh gods......" Rei groaned as the fires of passion consumed her
insides. Her body shivered as she reached the level of pleasure that she
had encountered in the Test. This time however, she didn't try to restrain
or deny it. This time, she let it flow like the liquid that leaked from her

Rei arched her back and hips up off the alter. Pushing the Queen's
mouth in Rei's soft breast and her finger deeply into the young sister. As
Rei filled the room with her deep moans of passion, she could feel the
Queen's lips turn into a smile as the older woman pleasured the younger.
The Queen's magical lips and fingers gently extended Rei's orgasm for
longer then the girl had thought possible. Other sisters had told Rei that
she was talented in the art of love making, but now she realized what true
talent really was.

Finally the Queen stepped back from her new champion. A hand wet
with Rei's juices lightly stroked the younger girl's quivering stomach. "My
Queen," Rei moaned. "Please let pleasure you as well." "Of course Sister
Rei," the Queen said with a gentle smile. "But let us continue in a more
comfortable place."

With that, one of the Queen's hands pushed the sheer gown from her
elegant shoulders. The garment slid to the floor without a sound. Rei
gasped as she the Queen before her clad in only her tiara and bracelets.
The Queen smiled again at Rei's reaction. She approached the wide-eyed girl
and picked her up in her arms as if she was a doll. The motion moved Rei
out of her stunned reaction and she leaned in for a deep kiss with her
Queen. As they kissed, the Queen carried Rei through a unobtrusive doorway
behind the alter. One that led directly to her bed chamber.

Soft steps, so soft Rei hardly knew she was moving, led the two
Amazons through the night air then into the antechamber of the Queen's
private area. The soft, lush red lips of the Amazon ruler caressed those
of the weak Rei. The Queen's tongue darted through Rei's mouth, twisting
around her own tongue like a dancing snake.

Rei's tongue playfully warred with the Queen's. Each exploring the
other's mouth in doing so. While her right arm wrapped around the Queen's
neck to hold her body against the Queen's lush one, the other cupped a full
breast. Her fingers slowly tormenting the her, pink nipple.

She lay the smaller Rei down upon a divan filled with plush
pillows. Smiling, the Queen broke the kiss. "Tonight, Sister Rei, you will
have me as yours." Reaching up, the beautiful woman pulled the diamond and
gold tiara from her forehead and let her blonde curls fall over her face.
She leaned down, eased her arms around Rei's body, and pressed her own full
form against her Champion. Breasts and legs fit neatly like gears meshing
as the Queen brought her lips to Rei's once again.

Rei and the Queen both moaned into each other's lips as their
sensitive nipples and womanhoods pressed against each other. As the Queen
laid on top of her, Rei's arms encircled her to cup and caress the soft,
yet firm buttocks. Her fingers tracing a line in the crack between the
cheeks and gently probing the royal domain within. "Let me show you the
pleasure you have given me this night," Rei whispered into the Queen's ear,
licking it slightly with her tongue.

"Oh yes dearest Rei," the Queen whispered back. She lightly rubbed
her blond mound against Rei's brown one causing both of them to groan in
pleasure. "I wish to feel it so much..."

The younger girl sinuously slipped from underneath the Queen to
kneel on a cushion at her side. Rei's eyes took the long, lush body that
glowed in the moonlight that filled the room. She noticed that the Queen
was watching her with sparkling eyes and a smile. As she smiled back, a
finger traced a line down the Queen's spine from her neck, through the
crack of her buttocks, to the mound of silky wet fur between her legs. "You
are so lovely..." she whispered.

The Queen shivered and whimpered from Rei's touch on her most
private of parts. "So are you..." she whispered back. One of her hands
reaching out to stroke Rei's firm thighs.

Rei leaned her head over to retrace to journey her finger had
taken. When her head reached the delectable cheeks of the buttocks, Rei's
fingers gently spread them apart to reveal the mystery within. Her tongue
probing the wrinkled little hole slightly for a few moment. Resting her
head on the cheeks, she smiled in contentment. "We sisters are but a pale
shadow of your perfection..." she whispered.

"Oh Rei...." she gasped at the touch of the girl's talented tongue
on her neither opening. It had been centuries since she had another woman
touch her in such intimate way. "You are not shadows Rei," she sighed,
reaching down to take one of Rei's hands in hers. "You are your sisters are
everything that I hope that you would become when we came here. I'm so
proud of you all."

"Thank you my Queen," Rei whispered, kissing the small of her
monarch's back. "Please turn over?"

In response a whispered plea, the Queen rolled over to reveal her
bountiful treasures. A Rei's trembling hands gently stroked the Queen's
quivering stomach, she could see the cushions beneath them become darkened
as royal fluids dripped from the Queen's womanhood.

Eyeing the full breasts rose towards the ceiling with each breath,
Rei shifted her body so she laid on top of her Queen. Her head nestled
between the breasts. "I love breasts..." she whispered as her lips sucked
on the side of one of them. "Sister Mariah even let me suckle some of her
milk when she nursed her babe. Royal milk would be even sweeter then hers I
expect." With that, Rei lifted her head slightly and began to suckle on a
nipple. Her lips and tongue stimulating the hard bud. One hand gently
massage the heavy flesh of the breast she was sucking on while the fingers
of the other hand teased the nipple of the other breast.

The Queen smiled as the pleasurable feels raced through her body
at the touch Rei's lips and fingers upon her flesh. Her long fingers
stroked through Rei's hair as she held the girl's head in place. Suddenly,
the Queen gave a very loud sigh as Rei felt her mouth fill with warm,
sugary sweet liquid. Instinctively, Rei swallowed the first gush of fluid
that was immediately replaced by more. "Oh yes Rei!" the Queen gasped.
"Nurse me! Take my milk! Please!"

Rei did as she was told. She sucked and swallowed the creamy milk
as fast as she could. So much poured out that thin trickles appeared from
the corners of her mouth. She pushed her face into the mammary and brought
her other hand over to help knead and squeeze it. Rei couldn't believe this
was happening as she milked her Queen. It was a dream come true of a sort
for her. Against her stomach, she could feel a wetness as the Queen's
vagina emitted more fluid of a different variety.

Eventually, all things must end as this did. To Rei's
disappointment, the flow slowed to a trickle and finally stopped. As her
lips and tongue lightly punished the nub for stopping, she felt the Queen
shift her body slightly. The nipple popped from her mouth as she felt her
head being moved slightly over. She instinctively locked on to the twin of
the other nipple and began to suckle it just as hard. Just as before, a
flood of sweet milk soon sprang from it. "Ahhhh....." the Queen groaned.

The room was filled with the sounds of the Queen whimpering and
moaning in delight and the sounds of Rei suckling like a newborn. The Queen
moved her head back and forth in pleasure as she held Rei's head to her.

Like before, the flow stopped after several minutes but Rei stayed
at the breast. She changed from suckling to tormenting the nipple with her
tongue switching from nipple to nipple several times a minutes. The Queen
gasped and groaned in pleasure. "So good! Soooo long!" she panted. Rei
clasped her hands around the heavy breast flesh and pushed them both
together so she could suckle on both nipples at the same time.

Suddenly the Queen pushed her hips and wet mound up against Rei
and orgasmed in a shuddering climax. "OHHHHH REIIIII!!!" she moaned as her
womanhood poured fluid from its depths.

Rei raised her head and saw the most lovely sight that she had
ever seen: her Queen in ecstasy. She smiled broadly and took hold of the
Queen's buttocks in both hands. Slithering down a bit, Rei used her mouth
and tongue on the intimate parts of her monarch. Extending the Queen's
orgasm even longer and making it more intense.

The Queen arched her back and was supported by Rei's firm grip.
For the moment, she wasn't the Queen of the Amazons but a woman who hadn't
had this kind of pleasure for so very long. She felt Rei's tongue and lips
touch her in ways and places that she herself was shy about. The young girl
set off fireworks behind the older woman's eyes.

Rei knew just how long to continue the pleasuring so that the
orgasmed peaked at just the right spot. The screams had told her so.
Finally, the Queen hung limp in her grasp as Rei finished. She gently and
carefully set her monarch on the now soaked cushions. Cuddling close to the
Queen's body, she stroked it as the woman gasped for air.

The Queen eventually was able to turn her her to look at Rei. She
saw a smiling Oriental girl who's face was plastered with milk and female
fluids. "By the gods Rei," she groaned pleasantly. "Aphrodite blessed you

"Thank you my Queen," Rei replied. "I'm glad I pleased you."

"Pleased isn't the word for it!"

"I was a bit surprised at"

"My milk?" the Queen smiled. "I am the mother of the Amazons and
any good mother must have her milk for her children." She reach over and
gently moved some of Rei's wet hair from her face. "But I only let very
special sisters nurse from me. You are very special Sister Rei."

Rei hugged her monarch very close in reply.

For a time, they both lay there listening to the night. Frogs
chirping and the sounds of distant surf. Suddenly, the Queen leaned over
and kissed Rei on the lips. "It's time for me to thank you for pleasing
me," she said with a giggle as she kissed her way down Rei's body.

The Queen and her Champion spent many more hours 'thanking' each
other until they more fell into an exhausted slumber and dreamed the dreams
of the contented.

As rosy fingered dawn crept up into the heavens to the east, the
light shined through the sheer curtains. As the gentle morning breeze blew
them teasingly, the wafting drapes cast dancing shadows upon Queen Helen
and her champion lying upon the divan. Their naked bodies were sprawled
across each other. Tanned legs twisted and bent amongst their
counterparts, as bodies and breasts were pressed tightly together.

The cushions that they lay upon were stained with the womanly
fluids both had produced in copious amounts. Neither had noticed when one
of the Queen's personal servants had quietly placed bowls of fruit and some
clothing near them. She smiled when she saw the look of total contentment
on the Queen's face. "It's been much too long since I've seen that," she
thought as she silently left the couple.

The Queen awoke, her crystal blue eyes bleary in the morning
sunbeams. Helen sat up and stretched. As her blonde hair cascaded back
over her shoulders, she looked like a cheetah waking up from a long night
of feasting as her body stretched magnificently. Her palpable perfection
moved beneath her silken skin, with every muscle and tendon gliding
sinuously, with the softness of her breasts angling up proudly.

Rei murmured slightly in her sleep as the Queen's body moved
against her. She didn't waken from her slumber however. Just brought her
legs in slightly and gently sighed as her body recovered from the exertions
of the night.

She looked down on the sleeping form of the asian beauty. Rei had
been the victor of the most horrific test the Queen had ever given, and in
return she had given Rei a night few of her sister Amazons had ever been
allowed to share. The Queen had always held her passion within, always
holding back so that it could never be used against her as it had once

"Perhaps..." she thought as she remembered the exquisite feelings
Rei had caused in her. "These are my sisters and children and they are
different. Perhaps it wouldn't be so terrible to let give me the passion
this girl gave me. She did it not to use me but out of simple love. I must
think about it more..."

Queen Helen ran a finger down Rei's side, followed the curvature
of her ribs and muscles, descended to her waist, then ascended the steep
incline over her well formed hips. This would be her champion, this Amazon
would be the one that would survive. The other four had all been strong,
powerful specimens, but all were so typical, so insulated, of her sisters.
Generations, centuries upon her beloved isle had made most of the Amazons
forget the dangers of the outside world. Rei was unlike so many, she had
little interest in the outside world. Helen's only fear was that Rei would
not be a true ambassador of her people. Her cynicism was unwelcome upon
the island, and might put the Amazon race in a poor light to outsiders, but
it would aid her well in her dealings with those that had already defeated
four previous champions.

The Queen's gentle touch finally awoke the sleeping champion. For
a brief moment after she opened her eyes, Rei struggled to figure out where
she was. When she remembered the Test and the 'prize' she had received for
winning it, a smile came to lips. She had never wanted to become the
champion but had won the title because she had been the best. It was up to
her to carry on the honor of the title. Rei knew that some of her views on
the concept of the champion weren't exactly met with favor. Amazons were a
strong, proud race but the outside was huge and evil. Perhaps they should
concentrate on protecting themselves and the best way was to remain hidden.

As Rei turned over, Helen patted the sleepy Amazon on her hip.
"Fair morning, Sister Rei." She stood up, returning to her habitual
aloofness that kept she felt she needed to maintain the respect of her
sisters. She picked up a bowl of fruit from the small table and knelt down
to exhibit it to Rei. "Eat, you will need your strength, Rei. After you
are cleansed from," she paused, and smiled in memory, "the events of the

"After that you will take up your mantle, and I shall tell you
much of the world you will soon enter."

Rei smiled as well and reached out to gently stroke one of the
Queen's hands. "Though the night is over and its dawn, can we still act as
though it is? At least till we go into the public? You are my Queen but in
the darkness, you showed me another side. That you are a woman with
feelings like all Amazons. I have never loved you more then when you
allowed me in. You're not just a Queen but also an Amazon sister. You've
always taught us that sister never hurt sisters." Rei reached up with her
other hand and stroked the Queen's cheek. "It would be wonderful I think if
you were to allow us to care for you as much as we want too." Rei laid her
head on one of the Queen's supple thighs and closed her eyes. "Forgive me
if I was too bold but I love you too much to see you alone among your

Queen Helen looked down at Rei and saw her own reflection in the
pool of dark violet that made up the asian Amazon's eyes. "Dear Sister
Rei, you do not yet realize what weights are borne by your Queen, what
knowledges I keep within so that all of you, all my daughters, may live
your days in joy, love, and peace. I must keep my distance, so that I do
not weakened and share my fears."

"My Queen, you are the mother to us all. I wish to remove some of
that weight so you can live your life as you wish us to do."

Helen shook her head. "I know, Sister Rei, but I could not bear
to place that weight upon another."

She took Rei's hand away from her cheek and placed it between her
hands. "Please, Sister Rei, do not ask me of what I speak. Only trust that
your Queen thinks of you at all times, whether waking or asleep. This is
why you must be our champion, why I must send another of my daughters out
into the world of men, and pray to the Gods that she returns to us safely
and serenity. I have no choice, but must follow the fate of our people."

Rei laid her other hand on top of the Queen's. "I won't ask your
Majesty, but I will listen if you ever wish to tell me. As you know, I have
my doubts about sending Champions out into the world of men. However, if
you think it is the right thing to do then I trust your judgment. You know
more then I in this case. As your Champion and your daughter, I will not
let you down."

"I realize you have doubts, Rei, but you do not know what I know.
The world will wonder about us, our people, our resources, if we do not
show them that we are strong and good. Curiosity will eat at them until
someone from the outside feels the overpowering urge to force open our
doors, just as they did to the homelands of your father many years ago."

"If we show that we are a powerful, just, and good people, we may
only hope they will not invade us as happened so many centuries ago."

"From what I know of the world of men, I fear they would not care.
That even if they knew of our strength, they would still try. I pray to the
gods sometimes that they remove us to a faraway planet or some such thing.
Someplace where we can truly live in peace without a hint of fear."

"If I may make a suggestion my Queen?" Rei asked. "It might be
from my father's heritage but I find that discussions in a hot bath tend to
be better then outside of one." She slowly shifted to kneel before her
Queen. "May I have the honor of washing my Queen's back while tells me of
the outside?" Rei asked with a smile. "I might already know a bit of the
outside however. I ask many of the sisters what they saw outside. While
their views might be colored by pleasure and excitement, we Amazons are
very observant. However, I know my Queen probably knows more then I."

The Queen pulled Rei to her feet. "No, you may not wash my back,
I shall wash and serve you this day, just as I served all of our other
sisters that have went into the world of men."

"I'm honored," Rei said as she stretched lightly. "But, forgive me
for saying, you could use a bath as well. We both smell of lovemaking to
the nth degree. While it is a pleasurable smell, we might tend
to...stimulate some of the weaker sisters a bit too much," Rei giggled.

The Queen smiled politely to Rei.

Without releasing Rei's hand, Queen Helen lead the smaller, more
lithe Amazon out of the bedroom and down a hall of the palace. Rei had
been here before, but being lead by the Queen personally, nakedly, was
nothing she had experienced before.

Rei's sharp eyes caught glimpses of sisters hiding at the edges of
corners. "Uh oh..." she thought. "The whispers will be spreading quickly
about the Queen and me." Rei was about to point it out to the Queen but
before she had said a word, she noticed something. A heavily suppressed
smile and a slight twinkle in the eyes. "She knows and she doesn't care. I
she's doesn't then I don't."

Turning around a row of interlaced marble columns, the Queen lead
Rei into the bathing chamber. A round tub billowed with soft white
bubbles. A sweet morning breeze blew in amongst the columns, separating
bubbles from the mass and sending them floating around the room.

"Now this looks like heaven..." Rei smiled. "A good bathe and
discussion are good for both the body and mind. HMO... I have to write that
down! Sounds pithy. I like pithy."

The Queen went directly into the tub, going down steps unseen
below the mass of bubbles. "Tread carefully, Sister Rei, the marble will
be quite slippery," she warned needlessly, knowing Rei as one of the most
agile of all the Amazons.

"Thank you for the warning. I don't wish to end my days as
Champion because I slipped in the bathe."

Pushing Rei down onto a large unseen step, the Queen circled
around her new champion. "You must have many questions for me about your
mission, Rei. I will tell you of what I know, then you may ask all the
questions you wish."

Rei closed her eyes and took a deep breath to allow the steam to
fill her lungs. "You'll regret letting me ask questions. My mother said I
was born asking questions. She said she particularly disliked 'Why do I
have to go to bed, mother?'"

"You may ask me as many question as you may ask, and as many as I
may answer."

Leaning over to pick up a yellow sponge, she dipped it in the
water and rubbed it across Rei's back. "You will be given the power to
come and go from our island. It is intrinsic to you, and only you.
Tania's young friend was able to follow her, but only through Tania's free
will. You must concentrate, and think lovingly of your island home."

"That should be easy," Rei said with a smile. "What of Tania's
daughter Julia? Does that mean she is dependent on me to bring her home?
Speaking of her... How did she get to be this 'Ultra Girl'? I'm just
curious. Also about Tania's friend. I heard she was...'unusual'. Actually
the word was cursed."

"Julia will have trouble getting home, and I want you to find her
as well. I fear from her safety, as she is still new to that world, and
has not the maturity of yourself, Rei, even though you are only a decade or
two older. Sister Rei, when you find her, please tell her we all wish for
her safety, and wish her to return home. This adventuring about as Ultra
Girl was not in my thinking when I allowed her to visit her mother."

"Is this a command for her to return home or a request? Subtle but
important difference I think. I understand your concerns too. Julia is like
many of the sisters. Strong and confident but not knowing what the outside
is really like. There might be things stronger that can defeat even an
Amazon and you must be prepared for them. I understand and accept the

The Queen hesitated before answering. "I would not wish to
command Julia to return at present, Sister Rei, as I realize she will wish
to find her mother before coming home, and I very much respect this. Once
Tania is found and returned to the island, I will request that Julia return
hence." Rei nodded, knowing that a request from the Queen was much the same
as a command to any Amazon.

"I will convey your request to her. First however, I will have to
find her and that might be a problem. Although making a few appearances
might just make her find me."

"Sister Rei, you will first be appearing atop the building in
which Tania resides. It is called an apartment by the people of that
world. I have been in it, and it is amazingly small and crowded, but it is
common there. We will have you go there first, and I hope you will either
find Julia there, or find a clue to her whereabouts, and those of our dear
lost Tania."

"You have been to the outside?" Rei gasped. The news that the
Queen had left the safety of the island and the sisters shocked her. "My
Queen, while you may go where your heart pleases you, I wish you wouldn't
take such chances! At the very least Tania was there with you. I must
strongly urge that if you were to visit again that you give me some kind of
notice. So that I might prepare suitable conditions and safety for you.

"Have no fear Rei, I have no plans to enter that world again. I
wished to see only a small part of it, which consisted of Tania's abode. I
do not foresee myself returning to that world, my sister."

"That is a weight off my mind then. I just ask that if you ever do
have to make a visit to please warn me. If it wasn't so dangerous I think I
might wish to show you interesting places suitable for you there. If such
places do exist that is. Perhaps I will bring back a gift of some sorts."

"As for Sister Rachel, she was not cursed. I would use the word
'afflicted', and she gained great control over her affliction through the
training she underwent here on our island."

"May I know her affliction? She was close to Tania I understand so
she might know what happened. I find it best to know as much as possible
before undertaking anything. Its so I can prepare better.

"Her affliction was a blood hunger, Sister Rei. This dreaded
affliction that so haunted the middle years of recent civilization claimed
her, and she fought nobly to contain it. You need not worry, as we Amazons
are immune to its hungers."

"A vampire amazon? That's an odd combination... You don't suspect
that she could have had something to with whatever happened to Tania, do
you? Sister Rachel was an Amazon but her hunger could drive her to do
'things'." Rei makes a mental note to be very wary of this particular

"What you do in the world of men will be entirely in your hands,
Sister Rei." As she spoke, Helen dipped the sponge into the water, then
brought it up to Rei's neck and squeezed it, sending a small flood of water
spilling down Rei's chest and breasts. "You must do, as you shall do, only
deeds that are good and just, and will reflect proudly upon your sisters on
this island. You will represent us, all of us, from your Queen to Sister
Brigida to your own mother. They will be seen through your actions and

Rei sighed at the nice sensation of the warm water on her skin.
"Um...'good and just' are a tad broad. Do have have some specifics in mind
of what aren't those? I just want to be clear on things so I don't make a
mistake and shame us."

Queen Helen ran the sponge around Rei's neck, caressing the smooth
skin with the soft, soapy sponge. "You have taken the classes in morality
and ethics, Sister Rei. You know what your people mean when they speak of
justice and goodness. Apply this in your actions, defeat those that intend
evil upon the innocent, and prey upon the powerful and malign. Do not let
yourself be distracted by the lower level of depravity you may see, but
seek the greatest threats that imperil the justice and innocence of that

Rei sighed slightly but not from the gentle touch. Mostly from the
memories of the intense 'discussions', Amazons never have arguments, with
her teachers in those classes. They always looked at things in black and
white while Rei saw things in grays, beiges, half-truths, and compromises.
"I understand and agree my Queen. I should combat those of power that the
outsiders can't or won't fight. So as to help them fight the underlings."

"I wish you first to find out what has happened to Sister Tania,
Rei. If you can return her..." The Queen paused, still rubbing the sponge
over Rei's back in slow circles. "If you can find what has happened to
her, you must. We all worry about her, and so much can happen out there."

"Do you think Tania is dead? That she has fallen is certain
but..." Rei sat silent for a few moments. "I hope she is because I don't
wish to imagine otherwise." She turned to look the Queen in the eyes. "I
swear your Majesty that I will find out what happened to Sister Tania and
return her if at all possible."

The Queen paused in her ministrations to Rei's back. The sponge
went down Rei's back and down into the water slowly. "I fear she may be
dead, but I do not know. We only know that the artifacts of our champion
returned. This is why I wish you to find out what has happened to her as
soon as you can. If she is dead, she deserves the ceremonies of a heroine
here upon the island. If she is otherwise," she said, not needing to
mention the name of Melania, "then we can only hope to return her here and
pray for a cure to her affliction."

"I will return my sister to her home. I promise," she said taking
hold of one of the Queen's hands.

The sponge slid around the outside of Rei's arm as the Queen
caressed Rei's arms with the soft sponge. "I pray every night that Tania
is alive and well, but I fear the worst." She laid her head upon Rei's
back for a moment. "I know you will do all you can to return her here,
Sister Rei, which is why you were chosen as one of the six to be the next
champion." She leaned back up, then ran the sponge over Rei's breasts,
wiping away the dried sweat and juices from her chest. "You are our
champion, and I know you will never make your sisters regret my choice."

Rei repressed a small moan as her nipples broke the surface as
they hardened. She turned her head to place a small kiss on the Queen's
troubled forehead. "I know it is difficult my Queen, but please don't worry
about Tania so much. She, like I, knew the risks and accepted them. She
wouldn't want you to worry so much. You're right that I won't make you
regret your choice. I may be...defeated, but I will never shame you or my

"This is why you were chosen, my sister. I know you will never
shame us or make anyone regret my choice. You are brave, intelligent,
wise, and a warrior. You are also resourceful," she added, almost as if to
say some of the other champions might have lacked this quality. "You may
suffer small defeats and tribulations, but be strong, and you shall always

"You and my sisters have given me that strength so I prevail in
the end. It is not arrogance that I say that, but knowledge. I have you all
in my heart and is strength enough to win any battle."

"Now your Majesty," Rei said pulling the Queen on to the bench
with her. "It's time for your bath as well." She picked up a second sponge
and proceeded to wash her Queen in the same way she was being washed. "You
may wash me but I get to wash you."

The Queen shook off her melancholy. "Ah Sister Rei, you are a
delight. If you are as effervescent in the outer world as you are here in
this tub, you will be as much loved as Tania ever was."

"Thank you," she smiled. "I would rather by respect by those of
good and feared by those of evil more I think. I'll save the love for the
people that count in my eyes. Namely you and the sisters."

"Do not forget those of the outer world, Rei, there are many good
people there as well. Reach out to them, and you will not be forsaken."

"True enough. Though it may be hard to sort out those who are
truly good and those who are so for their own selfish reasons. Being
careful in dealing with outsiders is no vice I suspect."

As she leaned back in the pool of water and bubbles, the Queen let
her blonde hair sink into the water. Rubbing her sponge down Rei's leg,
she said, "What other questions will you have me answer, champion?"

Rei turned a bit so she could face the Queen. Her sponge gently
stroking the Queen's lovely breasts. "Hmmm.... Is it possible for me to
make some adjustments to the uniform? Nothing really major I think. For
example: changing it from a two piece garment to a one. Also removing the
heels from the boots. I can not walk in things like those I'm afraid."

The Queen smiled almost guiltily. "The heels were the choice of
myself and Deanna. We thought, wrongly perhaps, that the heels would make
the champion more acceptable to the people of the outside world, as the
heels are a symbol of femininity there. Curious and strange, I know, but
it is their customs we must respect. However now I see no need for them.
You are welcome to make your changes, Sister Rei."

"Thank you. Perhaps also with the bracelets? I've noticed that the
ones I shall wear have a gem set within them while yours do not. Its not so
much that I wish to copy yours but since the bracelets deflect objects, the
gem might tend to problems in that regard. Ricochets and that sort of
thing. May I have your permission to remove them?"

"Of course, Sister Rei." She looked down at her bracelets, as a
visage of concentration grew upon her face. Like liquid, the metal bracelet
flowed over her wrist as she pulled it off. Once away from her wrist, the
bracelet again took on its solid form, as if she had simply slipped it over
her hand. In a moment, the other bracelet was off.

Rei watched this with her eyes wide. She had heard of such magic
but had never seen it with her own eyes.

The Queen reached out and slipped Rei's hand into hers. "You will
wear mine, my sister. They are also enchanted to return to our home, in
the event I myself fell in battle against inimical forces." Again the
metal bracelets seemed to flow over a wrist, this time that of Rei. Her
skin tingled as the magic band flowed around her wrist until it became a
part of her, unable to be removed. Helen lifted up Rei's other hand, and
placed the second bracelet upon the young Amazon's wrist. "I know you will
wear them with pride and efficiency, my sister."

The young champion was stunned at the honor the Queen had given
her. "I..I don't know what to say my Queen except thank you! It truly is an
honor to wear your bracelets! I shall do them justice and I will certainly
return them to you when I have completed my mission. Will you please do
something for me however?" Rei held the Queen's hands in her own. "Please
wear the other bracelets until I return yours. It doesn't seem right that
your arms are without them."

"I will Sister Rei, fear not." The took Rei's hands in hers and
smiled down on the concerned Amazon. "I have nothing to fear here upon our
island home. My sisters are all the protection I will ever need. If they
fail, then my bracelets will be of little use."

"Still...It is better to be safe then sorry."

"I do not have to wear the costume all the time, do I? It does
make it hard to blend in when dressed like that. I think there are times
when not being noticed might help. Is there a way that I can switch from
one set of clothes to another without actually removing them?

"By crossing your wrists and thinking of the attire you wish, Rei,
you may change your uniform for clothing of the outer world. Your outward
appearance will change, such as your hair, and the facial additions, called
makeup, of that world. It will appear in a flash, as will your uniform of
Champion when you cross your bracelets and think of it."

"Now that is quite nice! Although I've heard of this 'makeup' and
it makes me a bit ill to think of covering my skin with it. However,
sacrifices must be made of course."

"The outside is different from us in that they don't share things
like we do. They use coinage to 'buy' things. As gold is plentiful here
like sand on the beaches, I was wondering if I could receive an allowance?
Enough so that I may have a simple place to sleep. Nothing fancy I assure
you! I am there to fight, not enrich myself."

The Queen smiled patiently. "Sister Rei, you are truly a wise
selection. We have been financing our champions through our resources. We
wish to be subtle about our riches, which is why our champions have lived
most of the time in anonymity, both to have time to rest, but also to have
time to observe the world of men. You will not be in want for the needs of
your life, my sister."

"Thank you your Majesty. Anonymity is a fine feature I think.
There should be a small amount of time where I don't have to look over my
shoulder too much for surprises. This might also help to to complete my
book on the outside and its history. So far I've been dependent on what the
sisters tell me on their trips to the outside. My mother worried that when
I would make mine that I would spend it all in a library instead of with a
man," Rei said with a laugh.

The Queen smiled at Rei's humor patiently. "This is a good thing,
Sister Rei. I would prefer you spend your time in the libraries."

"Perhaps there I would have found the right man like my mother did
and make love amongst all the books," Rei says wistfully knowing that dream
is all but gone now.

"Please take care of mother," Rei asked. "I fear she is taking all
of this very hard."

The Queen kissed Rei upon the cheek. "Your mother shall be safe
here with me and her sisters. She will worry, as mothers do, but I myself
have made the supreme sacrifice, and I would have my sisters chance no

For a very long moment the two were silent as they remembered
Princess Deanna, the first champion and the daughter of the Queen.

"I guess I don't have any questions for now but I reserve the
right to ask more," she said with a smile. Rei then laid her head on the
Queen's shoulder. "I will miss all over terribly. I'm grateful that I can
at least visit and see what I'm fighting for. May we...spend other nights
with each other? I don't mean every night but once in a great while. It is
good for you I think to have nights like that on great occasions. Perhaps
you must be strong for all of us but once in a great while you can be just
a sister for a few hours.

The Queen let the sponge fall from her hand and sink into the
water. She put her arm around Rei's bare back and pressed her body against
the smaller Amazon. "My sister, you are not as reticent as so many of our
sisters tend to be around me. It is a welcome change. Yes, perhaps it
will do me good to share this time with a sister. When you return to visit
and report your experiences of the outer world, we might spend our time
together once again."

"I truly look forward to those times," Rei said wrapping an arm
around the Queen's shoulders. "I think the memories of our time together
will inspire me fight harder so that I may return home in victory sooner. I
shall be careful but inspiration can be a good thing."

"I think I am not as reticent as many of the others as I don't see
you as a demi-goddess. I see you as a great and loving mother to use all
who is also a sister. You are a sister and that makes me love you even
more. How can I love a goddess in the way I love you as I have never met
one before. They are remote and you are not."

Helen placed a kiss upon Rei's forehead. "You are truly a wonder,
sister Rei. I know you will make myself, and your sisters, proud."

"I shall try."

Moments passed as the Queen held onto Rei. Rei could hear Queen
Helen's heartbeat, a slow, rhythmic pulse, powerful and subtle.

Finally the Queen released her hold upon Rei and stood up. She
took Rei by the hand and lead her out of the bath, the bubbles still
patched over their wet, glistening bodies. She gathered up a towel from a
bench and began patting Rei dry. "We have much still to do. You must
still be fitted from your mantle, Sister Rei. We will ensure it fits you

Rei took another towel and began to dry the Queen as well. "I'm
sure it will. It is Amazonian so it's perfect of course," she said with a
smile. When they had finished drying each other, Rei took one of the
Queen's hands in hers and stepped back slightly. "By the gods...." she
sighed as she looked at the Queen's wonderful body. "Are you sure that you
aren't Aphrodite in human form? You are so perfect..." Rei resisted the
urge to bury her head in the Queen's lovely bosom. "We should go before I'm
tempted to ask to spend the day in bed with you."

"We cannot do that, Sister Rei," the Queen said with a faint smile
over her sternness. "There is much yet to do."

She lifted Rei's bracelets up, crossing them before the champion's
chest. "Close your eyes, Rei, and remember how Tania appeared. Now, think
of ourselves in her place. Think of the boots of the champion, think of
the blue panties, think of the bustier making your chest tighten with
anticipation of battle. See the golden tiara of the champion upon your
brow. Feel the golden belt around your waist, the rope of Hera upon your
hip. They will all appear..."

Rei closed her eyes and concentrated on the appearance of that she
remembered. At the same time thinking about the changes: No heels and one
piece uniform. Suddenly a shimmering flash of light filled the room. When
it faded, Rei stood before her Queen in the uniform of the superheroine
'Ultra Woman'. "Wow..." Rei sighed as she looked down at her body now
enclosed in the satin like clothes. She looked up into the pleased eyes of
her Queen and smiled. Rei reached over to takes the Queen's hands in her
own again but moaned slightly as the fabric rubbed again her nipples and
womanhood. "That is something I shall have to get used to," Rei giggled.
"Its pleasurable like a sister's, or a Queen's, touch."

"As you said your Majesty, we have much to do. Please led the


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
The Return of Ultra Woman

Two days had passed while Rei learned much about the world she was
about to enter as Ultra Woman. Her studious activities had served her
well, but there was so much more to learn as the scholars dedicated to the
studies of that world showed and explained much to Rei. Many simple things
she learned, such as pushing a tiny switch that could bring light to rooms,
and machines that could give her information, called such odd things as
teevees, radios, and computers.

Rei realized that in order to operate some of these devices, she would
need to be taught by somebody in the outside. Such things as 'computers'
her sisters could describe but no more then that. "Much still to learn..."

She learned much about some of the people and institutions of the
world, and city, in which she would soon be involved. That there were many
men of evil nature she already knew, but she was pleasantly surprised to
hear of the number of good men and superheroines that also inhabited the
city she would soon defend. The learning she absorbed would touch only the
surface of the world of men, but she would now be able to move about
without appearing like a babe freshly from the womb.

"Unlike poor Deanna," a scholar had told her. "She was sent with
nothing more then bravery and courage. It overwhelmed our Princess in only
a few days." Rei had known of at least one good man from the gossip the
sisters had spread about Tania and night she had spent with a man. A
certain 'Captain Liberty'.

Now Rei stood within the Temple of Hera, preparing to leave on her own
adventure. Her costume's gold glistened in the waning evening sunlight.
The Queen and Rei stood in the middle, with the Queen's inner sanctum
surrounding the pair.

Among them was her mother Gabrielle. Rei could see how hard her mother
was trying to act as the stoic adviser but she knew the pain she felt. Rei
had arranged for many sisters, the Queen included, to spend time her
mother. It might be awhile, but Rei knew her mother's inner strength would
see her through. She knew because that strength had been a gift her mother
had given to her.

Queen Helen handed Rei a tiny sliver of metal, rounded at one end and
pointed at the other, It was of what appeared to be bronze, and, to Rei,
looked disturbingly like the outer world's symbol for a male.

"Everything out there is a phallic symbol," she thought, repressing a
smile. People in a city called Toronto had even built a tower that
resembled one. "Silly people..."

"This is the key to Tania's apartment, Sister Rei. Your search for our
lost sister will have to start there. I would that there were more
information to give you, but you must use your own resources."

As the Queen handed her the key, Rei clasped both her hands around the
Queen's hand. "You've been most helpful your Majesty. The information and
tools you have given me are more helpful then you can imagine. I'm going
out there with some idea of what to expect and how to fight."

Helen put her arms around Rei's bare upper back and pressed her
tightly. "You are my, and our, champion. As Ultra Woman you represent our
people. I will not warn you against rashness, as I feel you are not of that
type. Use your mind, fair Rei, but remember that there are times where only
a warrior may succeed."

Rei wrapped her arms around her Queen and hugged just as tight. "That
I know your Majesty and I know that is a reason you chose me as a
candidate. I believe I remember you saying something about a scholar and a
warrior. My sisters have allowed me to become both."

"Now, close your eyes, and think of that world, a world of noise,
rush, and men. When you arrive, you will appear on the roof of Tania's
building. Let not the cacophony of noises throw you, my sister, but let
them pass. I know that world will appear so much different than our
peaceful island, but always remember your mission and your people."

"I will remember and I will keep you and my sisters close to my heart
as a symbol of what I fight for. I shall pray tot he gods that they may
grant me swift victory so that I might return to my home as soon as I can."

Queen Helen looked over the smaller, asian Amazon in her resplendent
red, blue, and gold uniform. "You look a treasure...Ultra Woman."

Rei blushed at the Queen's kind words. "I am but a single jewel
compare to the treasure that you are my Queen," Rei said as she took in the
tall, voluptuous Queen clad in a gown of the purest white silk. Her gold
and diamond tiara upon her lovely forehead.

She took in one final glance at her sisters and her homeland before
closing her eyes and concentrating as the Queen had told her to do. For
several seconds, nothing appeared to be happening. Suddenly, Rei was
enveloped within a cylinder of white light. Her long hair blew as if in a
breeze but there was none. Within a space of moments, her body dissolved
into motials of that spiraled within the cylinder. The motials condensed to
a fist sized concentration and zoomed up and out of a temple into the
evening sky.

"Goodbye my daughter..." Gabrielle whispered as her sisters gently
hugged her close.


As Rei appeared on the roof of the sixteen story building, she was
higher than she had ever been before. Below and around her was the
blasting of horns, roaring of cars, and other excessive noises of the
city. The smell was that of carbon monoxide and asphalt.

For a second, she was overwhelmed by the noise and smells. "Agh...."
she said as she placed a hand in front of her nose and mouth. "This place
smells as bad as what the legends say Tartarus is suppose to smell like!
How do they stand it!" The only lights she was used to on her island were
candle and lateens so the abundance of light from the city made her curious
but also sad. "I won't be able to see the stars very well as the light
washes the sky of them."

The roof was brick edged, with hard tar under her boots. Numerous
vents and blowers dotted the top of the apartment complex, with a stairwell
not twelve feet from the young Ultra Woman.

"I would expect that there would be an easy way down as they would
have to do some sort of work up here on occasion." Looking around at the
dirt and filth. "And it looks like it has been awhile..."

As it looked the most promising, Rei tried the stairwell. The door
wouldn't open when she attempted it. Just as she was about to rip it off
its hinges, she remembered something about 'locks'. "How silly of me," she
thought. The handle had an opening of the right size so she tried the key
the Queen had given her. After a few moments of fiddling with it, the door
opened to a darkened opening. Rei took a deep breath and proceeded down the
step, quietly closing the door behind her. Her senses alert for any thing
that might try to surprise her.

The stairwell was faintly illuminated by a single bulb which dangled
by a long black wire. Dust and time had covered the bulb with dust, just
like the rest of the top of the stairwell where few residents ever went,
and hence was never cleaned. Rei's soft blue and red boots padded
stealthily down the steps, raising small amounts of dust at each descent.

Rei had to resist curling her nose in disgust. She knew that however
dirty this was, it was nothing compared to other places she knew she would
have to go. "Sister Mary would faint is she saw this," Rei thought. "She
was always making us clean up whenever we children ever made a hint of a

Her sensitive ears, alert for anything, were assaulted. Through the
walls she could still hear the low, steady, dull roar of the traffic,
occasionally punctured and punctuated by a horn blast. Echoing somewhere
down the stairs she could hear the crying of a hungry baby, the steady
thump-thump of someone's stereo, and the shouts of two boys entering the
stairwell from far below.
"I can not believe Tania could live in a place like this! I certainly hope
that I don't lower myself this much. You have to have some sort of
standards as a amazon."

Ultra Woman curved around the bannisters as she descended into the
building. At each floor she could peek through the door to the main hall
of every level. Occasionally she could see someone moving down the halls,
but no one seemed to notice as she continued to move down. As she turned a
corner on one of the bannister, she saw a woman carrying the crying baby
down the hall.

"Sounds like she needs to fed..." she thought as saw the woman and the

"Hey!" a voice suddenly said as Ultra Woman was halfway down a set of
stairs yet still glancing back to see if the woman would enter the
stairwell. Looking down, Rei saw a young man, by appearances not much
older than herself, with sandy brown hair, glasses, and a few odd blemishes
on his face. He gawked at the Amazon superheroine; his expression
widened at her stunning appearance.

"Uh oh..." Rei just stared at him for a little longer then she should
have as he was the first man she had ever seen close up. "I wonder what
those marks on his face are? Sort sort of tribal ritual that we don't know

He grinned as his eyes wandered all over Rei, until stopping at her
breasts. "Hey, Halloween ain't for another week, baby, but you look
great!" He leaned against the wall with an outstretched arm, effectively
blocking the stairs to Rei. "You live here? I ain't seen you around
before, but I know I'm gonna see you again, baby."

For a brief second, Rei considered breaking the man's arms as she
figured she should be insulted by what he had said. "Better get used to
such...comments. I can't break everybody's arms for being small minded.
With a quick flip of her wrist, her rope when from being attached to her
belt to being around his waist. "Now you will do a few things for me," Rei
said as she held the ends of the rope. "First, You will go about your
business and forget you ever saw me. Second, in the future you will be more
respectful of people and not make such comments or actions. Nod your head
if you understand." Rei was please when his blank faced head nodded several
times. "Now go."

Rei let the rope drop from his waist and watched him proceed down the
stairs. "I could get to like this," she said as she coiled the rope back up
and reattached it to her belt. "One person with a new attitude. Several
million to go."

"Ma'am, can I help you carry your baby?" she heard the young man ask
in the hall beyond.

Looking up and down the empty hall, Rei left the stairwell and
approached Tania's apartment. A number on the door confirmed it, so the
new Ultra Woman put the key into the lock, turned it to release the
tumblers, and

Rei took a last glance down the hallway to see if anyone had followed
her. Seeing no one, she softly closed the door.

Closing the door behind her, Rei moved quietly into the dark
apartment. She recognized the light switch from her briefing, and flipped
it on. The apartment before her was trashed. The living room couches were
shredded, with the cushions ripped open and thrown aside. Tables were
overturned, plants dumped out of their stands and pots, television and
stereo broken open. The floor was covered with debris. Past this, Rei
could see the kitchen, its drawers and shelves open and empty, the floor in
there covered from corner to corner with silverware, dishes, pans, food,
and other types of kitchen detritus. Even the trash has been thrown on the

"By the gods!" she thought as she took in the sight. "I doubt it was a
result of a fight as the damage looks too systematic for that. Somehow,
someone found out where Tania was living and looked for something." Rei
bent over and picked up a broken framed picture of Tania and her daughter
Julia. "This is not good at all. Her identity must have been totally

To the left was a small hallway. Stepping over the remains of Tania's
furniture, the lithe heroine turned down the hall. A door was open, with
shredded bedding and scattered clothing the only thing visible in the poor
light. To her left was a bathroom; the medicine cabinet was emptied of
its contents, which were now and the floor with the linens from the closet
next to it.

"I doubt I will find anything as whoever did this knew what they were
doing. Perhaps I can find some trace of them..."

As Rei turned back to the bedroom, a man suddenly stepped into the
open doorway. In the faint light that reflected from the living room, she
could make out a full head mask that left only his chin, mouth, and dead
blue eyes visible. His chest and arms were covered with a dark red and
white striped outfit that adhered to his broad shoulders and ripped chest.
A midnight blue belt, littered with odd compartments, was around his
waist. "What the! I didn't hear him!"

Before Ultra Woman could react, the man raised a small canister. In
the blink of an eye, he sprayed a fine mist in Rei's face. The sickly
sweet smell slapped Rei's senses. Suddenly her legs felt like rubber, as
she felt numb all over.

"Hades..." she thought as she struggled in vain to fight the effects
of the mist. "Not 10 minutes in the outside and I'm already defeated. Some
champion I am..." She fell first to her knees then laid the floor

The mysterious man watched impassively from behind the full head mask
as the young oriental Amazon fell to her knees, then, as her violet eyes
fluttered shut, collapsed onto the floor. Her arms flailed out limply to
her sides and stopped amidst the linens thrown into the hallway. Rei's nose
was buried in some delicate lingerie of Tania's from Victoria's Secret.

Stepping out of the dark bedroom, the man came more into the light.
His pants were midnight blue with a row of dark, almost gray, white stars
trailing down each leg. Captain Liberty stepped over the Rei's
outstretched, unconscious hand, his dark boots glowing at the fringe as he
placed his toe on the glowing rope that lay splayed at Rei's hip.

"Now, just who the hell are you?" he growled under his breath as he
knelt down beside Rei. He grabbed a fistful of the hair that hid her face
and pulled her up so he could see her better. Reaching into a compartment,
he pulled out a small flashlight and shined it into Rei's sleeping visage.
"Who the hell do you think you're doing wearing my friend's uniform?" he
continued as his felt for her pulse.

Rei moaned slightly in discomfort as she was pulled by her hair.

"Strong, you must be in damned good shape," Captain Liberty said as he
lowered her head back to the floor. Without standing up, he moved down to
her boots and felt them thoroughly. "I don't suppose you could hide much
in Tania's uniform, but these boots might hold something."

Her legs twitched a bit as his strong but yet gentle touch pressed the
smooth leather-like boots against her legs

Reaching once more into his belt, Captain Liberty pulled out a small
section of rope. The rope was wrapped around each ankle, then tied together
to hobble her. He took each of Rei's arms and placed them behind her back,
and quickly tied them tightly together with a second piece of rope.

"There, now to have you answer me some questions."

In a tiny compartment at the back of his belt, Cap pulled out a tiny
needle, and abruptly jabbed it into the arc of the curve of Rei's ass.

The stimulant took effect quickly. "Oh my head...." Rei moaned
slightly as she shook her head to clear the cobwebs. "Haven't felt like
this since I drank too much at the Dionysus festival..." Amazons may be
more sensitive to sleeping gases but they can also recover from them just
as quick. That doesn't mean they don't feel the after effects.

Suddenly, she remembered what had happened and felt the ropes on her
limbs. "Great Hera!" With a slight grunt and a tug, the ropes break into
fragments. Before Captain Liberty could react to this development, Rei
reached out and grabbed his ankles. With a hard pull, she dumped him on to
his ass. Rei then sprang up into a combat stance but grabbed hold of the
wall with a hand for support when the room spinned slightly. "Must be
whatever he hit me with is still affecting me," she said to herself as she
shook her head again. "No matter. Fight I will."

As Rei got her bearings after her leap to her feet, the mysterious man
jumped back up after only the fraction of a moment's surprise. He stood
warily, obviously a man with some skill in fighting which Ultra Woman
quickly discerned after the room quit spinning around her.

The two looked at each other, each weighing the other. The man was
silent, the harsh lines of his lips and cold, dead expression in his eyes,
and the light movement upon the balls of his feet the only way Rei could
get any reading on him.

Rei's lovely Asian face was more of a mask as her mind was in its
'combat' mode, taking in every detail around her so she could figure out
what and how to fight.

Still moving slowly as she tried to fight off the last of the gas
still in her system, Ultra Woman jabbed out with a hand. Quickly the man
slapped her wrist aside, but Rei could tell his strength was only a
fraction of her

"He's not as strong as I," she thought. "But he's quick. Then again so
am I."

Swiftly he countered. Dropping down to one knee, he swept his other
leg in a short arc. Before Rei, still dizzy, could react, his foot kicked
her in the ankle, sending her sprawling onto her back. He reached into his
belt and snatched the tiny silver canister that had done her in minutes

"Hades!" she said as she hit the floor. Seeing him pull the sleeping
gas spray from his belt, Rei quickly looked around and found what she was
looking for.

Her red and blue boots pinched Tania's blow dryer between them, and
Ultra Woman threw the thing with her feet. The dryer smashed into the
canister, sending both items tumbling back into the living room. With a
kick of her legs, Rei leaped back to her feet.

"Never be ashamed to use items as weapons in a fight," Rei's martial
arts tutor had taught her. "Being 'fair' is of no use when your enemy
isn't. You're only objective is to win."

Again the two combatants watched each other, again waiting to react to
the other. In a blur, he reached forward, grabbing at Rei's wrist. His
gauntleted hand wrapped around Ultra Woman's bracelet. Bracing herself,
Rei pulled at the same time the man pulled, his fist ready to strike as she
tumbled forward.

Using one of the oldest techniques there is, Rei redirected her
opponent's force against him. Adding some of her own of course.

The man's teeth grated as he, instead, was pulled by the power of the
Amazon heroine. Spinning around, she hurled him past her. Airborne, he
flew into the bedroom, crashing against the far wall and tumbling to the
floor in a burst of plaster, wallpaper, and dust.

Rei smiled slightly as she felt her head finally clear of the last of
the gas. Her opponent was skilled and strong but so was she. She was also a
bit puzzled. "I was at his mercy and he didn't do anything to me. Why?" She
then remembered the Queen telling her that Tania had worked with other
people while on her mission. "Perhaps they are looking for her as well..."

He quickly leaped again to his feet, watching as the young Amazon
approached cautiously.

Rei was ready to counter any moves that he made as she watched him
closely. "I suspect you are a friend of my sister Tania. If you are, may we
cease destroying her residence? If you aren't, then I shall make you tell
me what happened to her."

Harsh lines wrinkled the part of his face that were visible. "I'll rip
that halloween costume off you for mocking my friend," he growled.

The man charged at her like a bull elephant. Rei grabbed his shoulders
and rolled backwards to the floor pulling him down with her. At the same
time, one of her legs came up between them placing the heel of the boot in
the middle of his stomach. At preciously the right instant, Rei's leg gave
a mighty push that sent that combined with their mutual momentum that
causes him to go through the opposite wall and into the kitchen.

The masked man exploded through the wall in a shower of old plaster
and new wallpaper. He tumbled over the top of the bar and smashed into the
kitchen table, quickly reducing it to shards and planks of broken wood.

Rei continued the roll until she ended up back on her feet. She
immediately sprang through the man-shaped hole to see him laying stunned on
the floor between the two halves of the kitchen table that he had broken.
"That must hurt..." Rei unclasped her golden rope and tied his wrists
together with it as she held the end. "Now kind sir, you will cease
fighting and tell me who you are and why you're here. Just so you know, I
am Ultra Woman."

Now in his own fog of stunned pain, he fought stubbornly against Rei,
but her Amazon power easily controlled the man's normal strength. Her
magic rope lashed around his dark gauntlets as he fought to regain his

His teeth chomped tightly together as he mentally struggled against
the power of Ultra Woman's mystic rope. He looked up at Rei standing over
him as if a light inside his mind were suddenly illuminated. As quickly as
this expression appeared, it vanished into a well of sadness that Rei
instantly recognized.

"I am Captain Liberty," he said without of hint of self-consciousness,
and with more than a hint of pride. "I am here looking for my friend,
Ultra Woman." He paused for a moment, his cold, dead, almost emotionless
eyes still looking up at Rei. "I don't know you, but I believe I have
found her. But you're not the one I was looking for."

Rei's eyes widen as she recognized the name he gave. Captain Liberty
was well known through the circles of gossip on the Amazon island as the
lover of Tania. "He certainly is the right man for an Amazon I must say.
Tania had good taste." Rei groaned inwardly. "Back to business girl...
Plenty of time for looking at men later on."

Rei looked at the rope in her hands and around his wrists. "If I were
to release you, you won't attack me? I have no quarrel with you."

Captain Liberty got to his feet, without showing any signs of injury
from the fight. "I won't attack you, now that I know who you are."

Rei was amazed that going through a wall hadn't seemed to injure him
at all. "Amazing...." she thought. "You are looking for my Amazon sister
Tania," Rei said in a respectful tone. "I am truly sorry Captain Liberty
but she has fallen. I and all of her sisters grieve for her loss."

His chinline hardened. "If you're here, it must be true," he says,
with a subtle glance at the rope around his wrists.

"Although," Rei added seeing his expression. "We do not know if she is
alive or not. Only that someone has conquered her spirit. My Queen has
tasked me to find out what happened and return her to our island. I am also
to return Ultra Girl as well. The Queen is quite worried about her being
here. As I am new in this place, I know I could use whatever assistance I
can get. I hope as her friend, you will be willing to assist me in my
quest. I came here looking for any clues as to what happened to Tania.
Although from the damage, I suspect that I won't find much. You didn't
cause this, did you?"

As the rope was removed from his wrists, he rubbed his gloves to get
the circulation back. "I'm not this crude, Ultra Woman. If I wanted to
find something, you'd never know I'd ever been here," he said,

"With how well you surprised me, I'll believe it. I wonder what they
were looking for. Did you find any clues as to who could have caused this?"

Captain Liberty reached into a crook of his belt and pulled out a
small piece of metal. "This belonged to the wrecking crew. I have to run
tests on it first, but I've seen these before. It looks like a piece of one
of Droid's toys, the bastard. If he has Tania, she may be like Mel
already, the sonuvabitch."

Rei sighed softly and sadly. "If she is like Melania, then there is no
hope to heal her. Killing her would be mercy then so she could find peace.
Is there any trace of a girl named Rachel also known as Amber? She's a
fighter with some powers I believe and is close to Tania. She might have
some information. That is, if Droid doesn't have her as well."

The cold eyes narrowed at the mention of Amber's name. "There's a
ponytail ribbon over there," he said with a faint nod towards the bedroom.

"Oh...." Rei trailed off. "They both visited the island not long ago
and I was told that they spent...a lot of time together. You never did meet
her, did you? The Queen told me she that she was cursed by a...vampire. But
that Amber was in control of that aspect of herself I might add. Still, I
wasn't about to turn my back on her."

Liberty's demeanor spoke volumes on the distrust he had for Amber. "I
never met her, and they both disappeared before I could say anything to
Tania. Did she tell you people that she was being hunted? There's a man in
the city looking for her. He told me something interesting things about
Tania's innocent girlfriend."

"I never met her myself either. I can only go on what others have told
me. If she is a vampire then I'm not surprised she's being hunted by
someone. What did this man say about Amber? Perhaps Tania became involved

"Very little. We didn't have a long conversation. I knew he was up
to no good, and he knew I wasn't going to let him try anything while I was

He reached into his belt. "You want to talk to him, here he is."
Liberty tossed a small card onto the counter top next to Ultra Woman.
"He's going under the name of Bram."

Rei picked up the card and looked at it. "Thank you. Perhaps I will
have a chat with him. Is he a vampire himself?"

Liberty barely shrugged. "I don't know if they really exist."

He stepped away from the Amazon heroine. Turning his back and walking
through the kitchen, he turned back to her as he placed his hands upon the
counter. "This Queen of yours wants Ultra Girl returned because Ultra
Woman disappeared? Are you all retreating back to your island so you'll be
safe?" he asked, his voice dripping with barely disguised disgust. "I
thought your kind believed in the good fight."

Rei stood in the doorway watching him. "The Queen wishes Ultra Girl to
return as it was never intended for her to become this Ultra Girl. It was
only to visit her..." Rei stopped as she didn't think it wise to reveal
that Ultra Girl was Tania's daughter. "To visit Tania. Not to become a
demi-champion. We have protocols on how to do things and she is not part of
it. Of course this doesn't apply until we find Tania."

She folded her arms across her ample chest and shot Captain Liberty a
look of defiance. "Truth be known sir, if it was up to me I would remove
our island from this sick world so we could live in peace. I think it has
been a mistake that we send our best sisters to help you. I did not wish to
become Ultra Woman but by our laws when I won the tests, I took up the
duties. Just so you know, my attitudes on this will not prevent from
performing as best as I can. My Queen has faith in me and I won't let her
down. We Amazons do believe in a 'good fight' but some fights should never
be fought in first place. A smart person can avoid a fight in the first

The snarl grew on Liberty's face as Rei's words filled the air. "Let
me tell you something, girl," he growled, punctuating his words with a
finger that stabbed the air towards Ultra Woman, "Tania and Mel did more
things to help people than anyone else in this city in the last three
years. Without them, there would be one hell of a lot more dead, raped, and
generally fucked over people in this damned city, and most of them women.
If you don't want to be here, get the hell out of my city, since all you're
going to do is get killed."

Rei's brow furled as she tried to control her anger at the way this
'man' was speaking to her. "Sir," the word rolled off her tongue like an
insult. "I can not leave even though I would like too. My Queen has ordered
me to take up the mission of my fallen sisters. Honor dictates that I do so
and I will. Although I disagree with this idea in general I would NEVER do
anything to degrade the memory of what my sisters have done. I hope that I
can live up to one tenth of their memories. Also, don't point a finger at
me again or I'll break it off. Along with another piece of anatomy that
'men' are so fond of."

Liberty leaned down. "I wouldn't try it, woman," he growled.

"Why not?" Rei said, not backing off an inch. "I take it you aren't
sufficiently endowed for me to find anything to break off, right?" Rei knew
she was treading on dangerous ground but Captain Liberty's attitude was
something she just could let slip. "Seeing you now, I can't understand why
Tania shared her bed with you. I would think that you would prefer whores
that you may dominate instead of Amazon's who might fight back. Or is that
a.... What is the phrase... Oh yes! A 'turn on' for you?"

White teeth bared, opening the mouth of a face slightly grizzled
under the mask. "Tania never shared her bed with anything having to do with
me, and if you ever say anything bad about her again, I'll stuff that
goddamn tiara down your throat," he said, burning with anger. Mentioning
Tania's name, Rei could actually see his eyes light up for the first time.

Rei knew she had over stepped the ground of courtesy with her last
remarks. The man had feelings for Tania she could see and it was wrong for
her to trample of them like that. "Forgive me sir. I won't mention Sister
Tania's name in such a manner again." Just in case, Rei prepared to defend
herself in case he expressed his anger towards her in a physical manner.

The fires in his eyes burned for a few moments longer before receding
back into the placid pools of dead blue from which they had emerged.
"Tania was a special woman," is all he said before turning away and heading
for the door.

Captain Liberty blew by Rei as he stomped towards the door, his thick
masculine musk and cologne filling her nostrils. He stopped right behind
her, turned, and looked down at the smaller figure, his eyes still dead and
cold, despite his words. "If you're just here to get your sisters, I'll get
them for you so you can go home where it's safe, but if you're here to do
some damned good for the world, you come to Bradenton Park, and I'll see

Rei stared right back at him, not giving an inch. "Where is this park
and when do you wish that I be there? Also why? I intend to take my sisters
back home, but I always intended to fight the evil in your sick, sad world.
Now I intend to do it just to show you what an ass you are!"

A snarl quivered at the edge of his lip, but Captain Liberty forced it
back down. "If you want help, show up. If you know as much about this
city as Tania did, you're going to need it."

"I've always known that I would need help," Rei retorted. "I'm not a
man and therefore ashamed to ask for assistance. At what hour do you wish
me to show up? I do not wish to be late and anger you further. You might
take it out on some poor innocent and I wouldn't want that to happen."

As Captain Liberty walked out the door, Rei caught the faintest
expression of pain on the hero's face, before he disappeared into the

Rei felt for him as she could tell that he cared for Tania very much.
If not as a lover then as a close friend. She also felt bad for getting
into an argument with him at this time and in this place.

Liberty walked to the door, and, without turning back, said, "I know
where Ultra Girl is," then stepped out.

After Captain Liberty had left, Rei took several deep breaths and
tried to prevent herself from punching a wall. "Insolent pig!" she growled.
"How dare he question me." After regaining some composure, Rei closed her
eyes and ran a hand across her forehead. "What did Tania ever see in
that....idiot." She walked over to a window overlooking the lighted city.
"Welcome to my new home," she muttered.

The place was a disaster, even worse now after the confrontation with
Captain Liberty. Ultra Woman stepped over the remnants of Tania's life in
this strange world, looking for anything that might help her discover where
her sister might be. The debris littered the floor. The new heroine moved
across the room, pushing the foam from the couch cushions aside with the
toe of her supple boot, then moving an overturned table, then another
broken item from Tania's home, looking for anything that would help her.

She also looked for any personal items of Tania's that may seem
unimportant to whomever ransacked the place, but would be to Tania or
Julia. She could figure out many of the uses for most of the items but
others, she didn't have a clue. Like boots that had a series of small
wheels set in row on each. "Strange...Very strange..." she said.

Rei generally moved towards the bedroom, stepping over broken plaster
from the hole in the wall, and past all the towels and linens strewn in the
hall. As she moved into the bedroom, she nudged a shredded pillow aside.
Beneath it Ultra Woman found a book. As she looked closer, she could see
pictures of Tania in it, not in her uniform, but in the clothes of this

She sat on the edge of mattress that was overturned on the floor.
Setting the book on her lap, she started to leaf to the it. Seeing pictures
of Tania in ways that Rei could not have imagined before.

The picture Rei saw first was her sister, the beautiful Tania, wearing
blue jeans and a plain t-shirt, holding hands with a strange, giant mouse.

"What on earth is _that_? This world is stranger then I ever
imagined!" Rei also saw pictures of Tania with a girl about her own age
that she knew was Tania's daughter Julia. Know to the world as Ultra Girl.
She also saw Tania laughing and seemingly having a good time with a pale
skinned girl who had long brown hair. "I bet that is Rachel or Amber." Rei
committed that face to memory.

With a deep sigh, Rei closed the book. "Oh Tania..." she whispered to
the empty room. "What happened to you?" Sighing again, Rei stood and set
the book on the matters. She spied a pillow case that would make a good
sack for the things she found and placed it on top of the book.

As she wondered about the room, Rei looked at some of the clothes that
had been dumped into a pile. She picked up an odd looking piece and
carefully looked at it. It was made from lacy white fabric with straps and
a pair of deep cups. "36-D," she read from a tag on it. Rei tried to
imagine what this was for. Suddenly, she realized from the design where it
would be worn. Rei's face exploded in a deep blush as she placed it back on
the pile. "The woman out here are odd. Why restrain that which the gods
have given you?"

Looking through the pile of clothes, she also found a pair of tights,
much like her own. The difference was that while hers covered the crack
between her curved cheeks, this thing had but a single strap that could
only but fit inside the crack.

She also found a piece, much like the other restraining device except
it was made from the same green fabric as the tights. It also didn't have
hooks at the end of the straps to hold them in place. Instead, it seemed
that they tied together. Rei remembered a sister telling her about
'biikenes' and how women wore them to go swimming. "Its going to take me
some time to understand this world. They cover and restrain their bodies
but at the same time, show nearly all of it off. They also must wear
clothes to swim. Odd..."

Rei noticed an object poking out of an overturned drawer. As she bent
down and picked it up to look at, she saw that it was a cylinder about 10
inches long and an inch wide. As she held it, it started vibrating in her
hand. "By the gods..." she exclaimed as she realized its use as something
similar had been used when she had been 'tested' on the Amazon island.
"Tania, you nasty little devil..." Although Rei could understand Tania's
need for sexual release she was a bit surprised that she would use such a
device. It would trigger the Curse and cause the loss of Tania's powers for
a time. "Highly dangerous I should think... It is erotic though..." Rei
thought as she could feel her loins warm slightly. She smiled and set the
device back down.

Giving another sigh, Rei filled the pillow case with the items that
she thought that Tania and/or Julia would like. Giving the wrecked place a
last look around, Rei slipped silently out the door leaving the place in
darkness and silence once again.

After a brief search through Tania's apartment, Rei was easily able to
find a map that showed every part of Megapolis in minute detail;
apparently Tania had needed a map as badly as Rei did.

Rei nimbly and easily leaped from roof-top to roof-top towards the
park using her strength and agility. For her it was so easy that she didn't
even build up a sweat. Back home, one of her usual morning exercises was to
climb along a sheer rock face that had few hand holds and led to a 100 foot
drop to the sea.

The park apparently was in the section of Megapolis called
Reichsborough. The park itself was along a creek that seeped in past the
industrial section and into the residential area. As Rei got closer, the
smell of industrialization became more manifest, almost burning the
virginal nostrils of the heroine.

"Yuk!!" Rei gasped as she held her nose. "These people might need
machines but they could at least try to make them blend in with the land.
No wonder they have such evil! They can't live with even the land so why
expect each other." She dropped down to the street level and started down a
street towards the park.

After literally hundreds of men, all out in the late evening hours,
some smelling of Dionysus, pointed, hooted, and leered at the attractive

Rei ignored them as best she could walked along the street with her
held head high. As an Amazon should when among such lower classes.

The park, Rei found, was covered in a fine coating of autumn leaves.
It wasn't nearly as large, dotted with statuary, or with entertaining
things for the kids, as the park near Tania's, the one called Shay's Park.
This park looked terribly run down, with rusty swings, pits of brackish,
unevaporated water in the landing pit under the swings and ladders, and
with broken monkeybars with a chain link fence around it.

Rei just shook her head at the amount of decay in this place. She was
saddened to see how they treated their children here. "No wonder so many
get into trouble," she thought. "With no places to enjoy themselves they
naturally fall in with the more corrupting elements."

Dead branches were here and there in the park, which combined with the
leaves, carved-onto trees, and broken basketball goals. As Rei walked
through the brown, red, and yellow leaves, her soft boots kicked them aside
making a thin trail showing her movement through the dark area.

She was curious about these leaves as the trees on her island were
always full of life. Rei did notice that some of them were rather pretty
and decided that she would have to study them when she had more time.

Her sensitive ears picked up voices ahead of her. A row of bristly
hedges, all wildly overgrown and long overdue for a pruning, apparently hid
two voice, both male. She couldn't make out exactly what they were saying
over the wind blowing through the leaves and trees, but she knew they were

Rei slowed and stayed close to the hedge. Trying to make out what they
said and to stay within its shadow.

The wind moving through the crackling, dry leaves made most other
sounds undetectable to most people, but the Amazon's hearing was that much
more sensitive. As the wind slowed, she could pick up the occasional word,
all of which made it seem that much more likely that these two voices, both
male, had nothing but malignancy in their hearts.

"...jump 'er bones!" she heard one of the two men say as the wind died
down enough for her to hear the exclamation. Continuing through the park,
Rei could hear the two men paralleling her path from beyond the hedgerow
not fifty feet away. Up ahead, she saw that the hedge angled until it
intersected with her own path...

"I expect they're talking about me," she thought to herself. "Up ahead
looks to be a good spot for them to launch an ambush. I think I shall
disrupt their plans ever so slightly." Rei moved nearly silently along the
edge of the hedge until she reached the end. She bent down so as to project
the smallest possible target. It would also allow her to use her legs to
'spring' out at the them.

"Where she go?" Ultra Woman heard one man say to another.

"Dunno," was the brilliant response. "Fuck it, I say we don't wait,
just run like hell out there. She'll freeze when us two studs come at

"I wonder what a 'stud' is..." she thought.

The two men laughed. "Yeah, let's go get 'er!"

"And now it begins..." she thought as her muscles tensed, getting
ready for the upcoming fight.

With a rush, the two men, both dark haired men with scraggly, half
grown goatees, dressed in run down, nondescript clothes, leaped from behind
the end of the hedgerow. The first one was empty handed, but the second
hand a serrated-edged knife in his hand.

Rei took in all these details in an instant. She just as quick
determined that these two were most likely not a serious threat and
therefore adjusted her actions accordingly.

The two men looked out over the park, then down at the heroine
kneeling before them. Seeing the tiara, uniform, and glowing rope on her
hip, they both gaped. "Uh, rope? I thought she had a flashliiiiunnghH!"

Rei lunged forward, her fist plowed into the second man's stomach even
as her other hand chopped at his wrist, sending the knife flying into the
hedges. He let out a grunt of pain as he stumbled back, bile already
coming to his lips.

Still dazed by the appearance of his target, the other man could only
gape for the two seconds he had to react. In that time, the heroine
fluidly spun around and slammed her boot into his solar plexus, doubling
him over. A quick knee lift sent him flying backwards to land heavily in
the leaves.

Within five seconds, it was over. The two men writhed upon the
ground, making painful leaf angels as they gurgled up bile from the twin
blows to their stomachs. Standing over them, Ultra Woman knew these two
wouldn't be getting up for a while.

Rei smiled slightly as she looked at the two would be attackers on the
ground. "I've sparred against children who were better fighters then these
two," she said in a voice filled with contempt. "But what to do with them?
I certainly can't leave them to go unpunished but I doubt the local
authorities will have time for them. Hmmmmm..." Rei stood there for several
seconds tapping a finger of a hand against her bare thigh as she thought.

"I know," she finally said with a smile. Rei moved the two men until
the laid next to each other. Unbuckling the rope from her belt, she looped
it around their bodies so that she still held one end. "Can you both hear
and understand me?" Getting a couple of grunts of acknowledgement she
continued in a low, even voice. "For the next...oh...for the next year
every dream you have when you sleep will be you reliving each assault and
crime you have committed against people. However, you will experience it
from the victims point of view and you will not be allowed to waken until
the dream is finished. You will know every once of terror, pain, and guilt
that you have inflected upon them. You may not seek any release through
drugs, alcohol, or suicide during this time. If you commit any crime, the
effects of the dreams will be 10 times worse each time. Do you

The two men released audible gasps as the power of the rope blasted
Ultra Woman's commands into their tiny minds. Each nodded numbly, with
fright in their eyes.

"Good. Now take a little nap so you may start dreaming. Sweet dreams,
'studs'." Rei took the rope off of them and reattached it to her belt.
Nudging them slightly with a booted foot, she could tell they were asleep.
She smiled, turned, and walked away. The night air already beginning to be
filled with the moans the men emitted from their 'dreams'.

Satisfied with her handling of her pathetic attackers, Rei went on her
way. She wasn't really sure where Captain Liberty was wanting to meet her,
but everything in the park seemed to center around a large, deteriorating
amphitheater. The concrete structure, complete with half dome to help
amplify the sound of those on stage, had fallen into disrepair, with the
iron rods beneath the concrete showing on the half-dome, and chunks of
concrete lying on the stage where it had landed. A chain link fence
surrounded the structure, with signs on each side declaiming the danger and
demanding all stay out.

Rei moved towards the structure carefully but quietly. Turning her
head this way and that in order to scan the whole area. Also making sure to
watch where she stepped in case there were any traps. When she reached the
fence, Rei proceeded along it.

Moving around the fence, Rei's eye caught what was apparently the door
of the fence. A heavy sign was bolted onto the gate, demanding that
everyone "Keep Out, Danger" within. What got her attention was the single
red star, made of metal, tied with a plastic band to the sign. In the
center was a pair of letters; 'U' and 'W'.

Rei's eyes widened as she saw an unmistakable sign for her. "Might be
a marker left by Captain Liberty," she thought. "Then again, it could be a
trap. 'Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness' I always say." Rei leaned in
slightly to carefully examine the card for writing and/or signs of a trap.

Looking around the small metal plate, Rei peered carefully around the
edges. She couldn't see anything like wires, unless the enter metal gate
were trapped. The red plate itself was pinned onto the fence with small
metal loops held by pop rivets. The U and W were painted in gilt gold,
obviously by a small hand brush.

"Pity..." she thought as she finished examine it. "I was hoping for a
message of sorts. Then again, it is a message in its own right." She
debated for a few moments about removing the plate but decided not to. "No
need to make too much of mess."

Just as she reached to push the gate open, Rei noticed the gate was
secured by a heavy, although, rusted lock. She knew she could easily snap
it in two but decided not to as it would create more noise then she wished.

Rei stepped back, then in one motion, leaped high into the air.
Gracefully the Amazon went over the bobwired top of the fence, then
descended, until landing smoothly on the most solid spot available.

Her boots made hardly a sound on the dusty concrete as she landed.
Standing up straight, she could see even more clearly from the inside that
the half dome of the amphitheater was truly in danger of collapse. Support
struts were visible, and rusting noticeably. However, within the depths of
the halfdome, she saw an old metal door, closed tight. In the middle of
the door was another of the strange little red stars, with a U and W
painted in gold in its center.

Rei frowned slightly as she saw the markings again. "This could surely
be a trap but Captain Liberty wouldn't lead me into one, would he?" Rei
scanned the whole area around the door looking for any signs of a trap or
ways to enter without going through the door.

Rei walked into the halfdome, her eyes darting to and fro
suspiciously. The door was rusted and aged, but the padlock looked like a
more recent addition. However, as Ultra Woman got closer, she could see
the latch wasn't actually welded to the door; a fact that wouldn't be
noticeable from outside the fence.

She also noticed that some of the 'rust' appeared to be cleverly
painted on.

Steeling herself, Ultra Woman bent her fingers around the edge of the
door and pulled it open. Despite its rusted appearance, the door swung
open smoothly, without a creak or groan of the aged metal hinges. With the
door open, Rei could see a set of stairs, all rough concrete, leading down.

"If this is a trap then it is a very complicated one... Also more
detailed and planned that I would think was needed."

Looking back, then down in case of traps, Rei took a few initial. A
single series of small lights illuminated the stairwell. Pulling the door
closed behind her, Ultra Woman headed down the steps.

She proceeded silently down the steps. Always careful that there might
be a surprise in the next step she took. And Rei _hated_ surprises.

The walls were smooth, with an arched ceiling. A few cracks were
visible, and the metal bannister was worn and aged, but the claustrophobic
stairwell seemed solid enough. Rei figured she had descended anywhere from
sixty to a hundred feet when she saw brighter lights ahead.

"Stranger and stranger..." she thought as she took the everything.
There was a light coat of dust but not as much as if it had been abandoned
for a long time. She could also see where some of the cracks had been

She entered an underground shelter of some kind. To one side was a
larger opening, more like the size of the vehicles of this world, with a
black sedan parked in the opening. A small living area was straight ahead,
about thirty feet away, containing a rough cot, kitchenette, and a single
door beyond that. To the right was a much more expansive set of equipment,
all technologically far beyond anything Rei had yet seen.

Rei had a fairly good idea of what this place was. "We all need some
sort of safe place where we can rest. I suppose that this is his. I wonder
who built it?"

A single man sat in a plush chair before all this equipment. Past him
Ultra Woman could see a dozen monitors; one showed the door to the
stairwell, while the other showed the amphitheater area.

He swiveled the chair around to face Ultra Woman. "I was wondering if
you'd show," Captain Liberty said simply.


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
The Return of Ultra Woman - Part 2

"I promised you that I would and I try to keep my promises," she
replied evenly. Rei promised herself that this time, she would hold her
tongue and not cause another argument. "Interesting lair you have here but
area outside leads much to be desired. Two men attempted to assault me so I
assaulted them first. I expect they won't harm anyone for a long time."

Without a glance back at his many monitors, Liberty seemed to nod in
understanding, even if he didn't actually move. "I saw. Giving them bad
dreams for a year is a mixed blessing."

Rei raised an eyebrow at learning that he watched the whole thing and
didn't even try to help her. Not that she really needed it though. "True it
is a mixed blessing but I thought it was a fitting punishment. I can not
kill or maim them and I believed that your 'justice system' would be rather
lenient to them. I suspect they will see the errors of their ways.

Liberty barely blinked in reaction. "Then you avoid the justice
system," he growled. "I can't torture their mind indefinitely," he said,
glancing briefly at the glowing rope hanging on Ultra Woman's golden belt.

"I wouldn't call it torture. More like 're-education'. Also, I told
them it would last for a year but I really don't know how long a command
from the belt will last. A day, a week, a year? I can only hope that it
last long enough for them to see what they have done. Out of curiosity, do
you work with the justice system or outside it on your own terms?"

"I do what needs to be done, and no less and no more. If the system
works, I let it. If it doesn't, I take over."

He stood up, still dressed in his full costume. "That metal shard was
definitely the same type of metal Droid uses in his creations," Liberty
said in a low voice as he gestured Ultra Woman to a neighboring console. A
label on the machine said "Spectrophotometer." The overly masculine hero
picked up the same shard Rei saw him with in the apartment. "See here," he
said, holding it up for Rei's inspection, "these parallel lines show where
the titanium has been leafed within the tungsten. Makes it very strong and
resistance to breakage. It will dent, but not crack."

"Remarkable metal it is, but leads me to ask a question. Why would
Droid leave something that could almost certainly be traced back to him?
There didn't appear to have been a fight that would have resulted in one of
his creations losing it. Only the remains of someone searching for
something. Most curious..."

"I've thought of that, but right now it's the only clue I have, so it
has to be pursued. The idea is that I'll be the bait, and you be the
hammer when the trap is sprung. Can you handle that?" he asked, looking
directly at the heroine.

"Yes I can, but I prefer not to think of you as the 'bait'. More like
an anvil that the enemy will be smashed against."

Liberty looked at the heroine with his dead, icy blue eyes. "Same

Rei surpressed a sigh of frustration. She was trying to be nice but he
was helping very much.

He handed the metal shard to the new Ultra Woman. "There was also a
signature of clay on it, a type of clay only seen down by the Lum River.
From the silt signatures, the clay was probably near the mouth of the

Rei looked at the shard carefully but knew that Captain Liberty had
found far more then she could ever hope to. "I compliment you Captain
Liberty. Your tools have found more then I would have thought possible."

Cap barely acknowledged her words.

He looked at the heroine, seeing if she had understood what he had
said. "I'll talk to some contacts I have in that area tomorrow night. You
can go with me, but you have to do what I say," he said simply. "It's my
area, I know what I'm doing."

"I would certainly like to go with you. Thank you for allowing me to.
I will certainly not wish to cause any problems as I share you're goal in
finding Tania." Rei looked him in the eyes. "However, I think you should be
careful in your questioning. I have an odd feeling that we are being led
down a path and into a trap of sorts. The evidence to Droid having Tania is
_too_ good for my tastes. Almost as if someone planted it in order to throw
off the scent." She handed the shard back to him. "Be that as it may, any
and all leads must be followed up. The very least I can do is to... 'Watch
your back' I believe the saying is?"

"If you come with me, that'll be your job," he said. He seemed about
to finish the sentence with the words 'Ultra Woman', but seemed unable to
quite bring himself to add them. "However, the traces on the metal were
small, so only a lab would have discovered them, had the lab even thought
the metal was significant in the first place."

Rei lightly took one of his gloved hands in her's. "But you did find
them and for that I am grateful. If the gods grant us favor then we may yet
find Tania and grant her peace and safety."

Liberty glanced down at the smooth hand holding his. His strong jaw
jutted out a little more as he steeled himself. After a few moments, he
pulled his hand away. "We'll find her," he said with deathly finality.

Rei stretched slightly, making her breasts expand a bit. "I need to
find a place to sleep for the remainder of the night. Although Amazons can
go without sleep for awhile, I would like to be at my best when we go out.
Do you know of somewhere where I might? It might also be difficult as I am
dressed in this," she said, gesturing to her uniform. "I can change of
course but I do not know of any clothes that would be appropriate in your
world. On the island, we have little need for such things and most

Liberty looked away as Rei's arms rose and she moved her body like a
tired feline. His turn was almost pointed, not so much to be rude to Ultra
Woman, but simply to avoid the way her body moved fluidly in her sparse
uniform. "Go through that door, first door on the right. There are a
couple of things about your size in the third drawer." With that, almost
as if still wanting to avoid seeing the heroine stretch her voluptuous body
again, Liberty sat back down at his console and began scrolling through his
monitor views.

Rei looked at the back of his head with slightly sadden eyes. She
realized that her being in the Ultra Woman uniform was just another
reminder to him that Tania was gone. She couldn't begin to understand, nor
did she really want to, the depth of feelings Captain Liberty had for her
fallen sister. Turning away from him, Rei silently went through the door
that he had indicated.

When she went through the first door on the right as Captain Liberty
had told her to do, she found that the lights came on as soon as she walked
in. "Inventive," she said as she stepped out of the room and saw the light
go off. "Some sort of triggering device I guess." Reentering the room, Rei
noticed that it was fairly small. No more then a small bed, a few drawers
built into the wall, and a sink. Also a shower stall and toilet in an
attached room. "This must be his quarters here. The cot in the outer
chambers must be for when he's on alert." Rei refrained from looking in the
other drawers and just opened the third one. Inside were some neatly folded
undergarments along with some simple dresses, pants, and shirts.

Rei pulled a simple blue dress from the drawer and held it in front of
her. She found that it was slightly too big but would fit just fine. She
smiled when she saw that the skirt went past her knees and the sleeves to
her wrists. "I don't think I've worn so much in the way of clothes before
this," she giggles softly. In addition to the dress, she picked out a plain
white pair of panties but skipped a bra. "I doubt I could breathe in such a

Eyeing the bed, the words of a tutor came back to her. "Never miss the
chance to take advantage of three things in life: food, sleep, and peeing."
She knew some sleep would do her a world of good. "I best inform Captain
Liberty however," she thought.

"That way he would not need to come looking for me. First, however..."
Rei brought her wrists up in front of her bosom and closed her eyes. The
small room was suddenly filled with a ball of light that was centered on
Rei. After a moment it faded leaving her standing there nude. Her uniform
having been transferred back to the Amazon island where her sisters would
make any needed repairs. If she had been wearing any clothes when she first
took on the uniform, they would have replaced it.

Rei felt her nipples harden in the slightly chilled air of the room.
She quickly stepped into the dress, pulled it up her lithe body, and
buttoned the front up. Leaving the room, she padded silently back to the
main cavern where Captain Liberty was still facing the screen. "Captain?"
she said softly as she laid a hand on his shoulder.

The hero's head ticked a few degrees to the side as he heard the
barefoot Amazon enter the room again. He flipped off a few monitors,
showing areas Rei had not yet seen.

Liberty glanced at the hand on his shoulder, then over it. His eyes,
for the barest of moments, rested upon the hard nipples that protruded from
the blue material of the dress. Rei could see his jaw muscles tighten as
he forced his eyes to look up at her.

"Yes?" he said, his voice low and gravely.

"I just wanted to thank you for letting me borrow the clothes," she
said looking into his eyes. "I also wanted to tell you that I was going to
take a nap on the bed. I didn't want you to get worried if I didn't

"Thank you for the consideration," he said, turning back around to
face the monitors.

Rei's brow furled slightly as she looked at the back of his head. She
had had enough of this attitude and decided to do something about it. She
slipped between him and the console before he realized it. The space was
tight so her buttocks rested on the console. "Captain Liberty, what is your
problem?" Rei noticed that his eyes were fixed on a spot away from her.
"Look at me!" she commanded and was rewarded with him turning his gaze upon
her. "Again, what is the problem? I do wish to work with you but we need to
work out whatever problem there is between us. Is it about my being the
replacement for Tania? That I'm a woman? What?!" Rei nearly begged.

His expression remained as bland as ever, but Rei could see his jaws
clenching. "My problem," he said in his low, gruff voice, "is that I don't
know you from any other woman." He stood up, his muscular body flowing
upwards beneath the hard, kevlar-like material of his costume. He stood
six inches over Rei, staring down at her, his body trapping her against the

She instinctively leaned back as far as she could. Pressing her back
against the monitors and console.

He frowned down upon her. "Tania was the only one of your people that
didn't have a chip on her shoulder, now you show up like I should instantly
accept you just because you got her outfit. I'll work with you, but you
have to earn my respect, that uniform won't get it handed to you by me."

His hot breath flared his nostrils as it burned against Rei's neck.
Rei could see the honesty, albeit less than diplomatic, that he expressed.
She had never stood so close to a male, and this man before her was as
close to the masculine ideal as she could imagine. He stood but inches
from her; it were almost as if he could see how close he could get to her
without actually touching her body. She knew she had squeezed herself into
this position so she could pull his attention away from those monitors, and
now she had it...

As she stood, or rather leaned against the monitors, she inhaled his
'male' scent. For a brief moment, Rei envisioned the two of them making
passionate love to each other. She quickly dismissed that though. "Get a
hold of yourself girl!" she thought. "Only a few hours away from home and
you're already falling prey to the temptations of this place." She then
sighed a slumped back slightly as some of her emotional floodgates failed..

"Captain Liberty," she said softly. "I never assumed that I had your
respect just because of the clothes I wear. I know that I must earn such
things. Just as I must live up to the example that Tania has set." Rei
closed her eyes as if in pain. "I know she would most likely say I could
but I don't know if I can. I'm not like her! I never sought to be the
Champion. I was happy to just sit in the library and read books! She
looked up at his face with eyes that glistened slightly.

"Perhaps I would be better if I left. I've given you a bad impression
of me and I don't wish to cause any more problems." Rei gently pressed a
hand against his muscled chest in an attempt to move him away so she could
pass. "I'm sorry if I've offended you. I never meant to." She moved her
body to try and slip by him and in doing so, pressed her body against his.

As her nipple brushed against the semi-hard material of his costume,
she felt a tweak of pleasure, unlike anything she had felt before. Liberty
was impassive behind the mask that hid all but his lower face and those
mysterious, magnetic eyes. He seemed on the verge of replying, but was
unable to find his voice.

The sensation from her nipple was different to Rei then what all of
her sisters had ever done to it. Her violet eyes stared deeply into his and
filled her with a confidence that she had been lacking just moments before.

Rei squeezed out from between Captain Liberty's body and the console
narrowly. As she pulled her leg through, her thigh bumped against the
hero's codpiece. In that moment of stunned surprise, Rei could feel the
organ beneath, apparently bulging with intensity. It felt like nothing the
young Amazon had ever felt before.

"My goodness!" she thought as she took a deep breath. She knew exactly
what it was, but still it shocked her. The size of it and the pulsations
she could feel. Rei now knew why her sisters always came back with a dreamy
look on their faces when they went out to find a man to father their

Even as she jerked her leg away, Liberty stepped back, with the
faintest signs of crimson appearing on his face. "You have not offended
me, but perhaps this would be an appropriate time to end the evening." He
nodded towards the back room. "You can sleep back there or I can find you
a safe place somewhere else, like a good hotel."

Rei equally had some redness on her cheeks just for the embarrassment
of feeling his arousal. "Thank you kind sir. I agree that it might be good
to end today. Perhaps tomorrow we could start again fresh? I would like to
very much." She blinked the excess moisture from her eyes. "I would rather
stay here. At least for tonight. This is my first night away from my
sisters and I would feel more...comfortable here. If Tania trusted you,
then I know I can as well."

Liberty hid his emotions; easy enough for a man that has hid them
most of his life. "You will be very safe here."

"Good night Captain. Thank you again." Before he could do anything
about it, Rei impulsively leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "As
my mother would say, sweet dreams." With that, Rei turned and walked
towards the back room. Without really knowing it, she moved her hips from
side to side in a slightly seductive manner. She could feel his gaze
burning a hole in her back as she did so.

Cap turned stiffly to watch Rei walk away. A gauntleted hand came to
his cheek, but went back to his side before she might see him.

When Rei closed the door to the quarters again, she leaned against the
door and exhaled loudly. "That went well," she sighed sarcastically. "I
hope we, or rather I, can behave ourselves better from now on." Rei yawned
and realized how tired she was. Quickly unbuttoning the dress, she
carefully folded it so that it wouldn't wrinkle. As she slipped the panties
off, she noticed a large wet spot on the front of them. "Oh my... I didn't
know I was _that_ aroused by him..." she thought as she laid them away.

As she sat naked on the end of the bed carefully braiding her long,
glossy black hair into the single braid she wore when she slept, Rei tried
not to think about many of the things that happened this night. "I can see
why Tania like him," she thought. "He is certainly...attractive. I must
keep my mind on my mission however. No matter how difficult that might be."
Rei slid under the sheets and pushed a button labeled 'lights'. Instantly,
the room was filled with darkness. As she slept, her unbidden dreams were
filled with images of her laying naked before an equally naked Captain

Liberty sat, unmoving like a statue, until he heard the door close
behind the new Ultra Woman. As the presence of the Asian Amazon left the
area, he exhaled slowly and deeply. He fell back into his chair and put
his hands to his temples.

Pulling the mask off his head and letting it drape over his back, the
hero leaned back in the monitor chair. "What the hell was that?" he
growled at himself. "What is it about those damned women? Every time..."

He shook his head, then leaned forward. "Time to get to work," he
mumbled as he cycled through the video feeds he had planted around the
borough. "What are you going to do, go out on a date with some Amazon? Not
like you can give her a call. Hell, that one doesn't even know what a
phone is."

A grin creased the hard lines of his lips for a moment. Abruptly he
looked up, his eyes unfocused as he searched his memory. His fingers went
down to the keyboard absently as he leaped from conclusion to conclusion.
Tania's phone and answering machine were missing. The Amazon in the other
room wouldn't have noticed; she had never even seen a phone before.

Cap slammed his fist onto the console in anger and self-reproach. If
he hadn't let himself be distracted by this new heroine, this beautiful
asian woman, so exotic, so beautiful...

The monitor flashed to life as the information he sought was
downloaded. "Damn! Let's see. Sapphire called...then the attack. Who
called last....Jessie!?"

Suddenly the door to the bedroom burst open. Light flooded into the
room, washing over Rei. A form, like a carved statue of the perfect male
body, stood in the doorway, letting his shadow hang over the half asleep

Rei awoke instantly and had the presence of mind to hold the sheet
against her body to cover her nudity. "What's wrong?!" she exclaimed as she
stared at him. "What did I do wrong now...." she thought.

"Get dressed, we got a friend in trouble." As quickly as he appeared,
Liberty left the doorway. Rei could hear him stalk down the hall and go
through the door.

Rei stared at the door for a second before springing out of bed. She
started to raise her wrists to transform into her uniform when she saw the
folded dress. "Might need that," she thought as she quickly slipped into
it. When she had buttoned it up, Rei transformed into Ultra Woman. Her
dress replaced by the red, blue, and gold uniform of the Amazon champion.

When Rei emerged, in her full Ultra Woman attire, Captain Liberty was
equally dressed in his full regalia. He was adjusting various compartments
in his belt as she rushed out. "Listen, I've got a good friend about to get
attacked. We've had some people disappearing recently, got it? First
Sapphire, now Tania and that other one," he said, not mentioning Amber by
name out of his obvious suspicion.

"I realized Tania's phone and answering machine are missing."

Rei searched her mind to see if she knew what he was talking about. "A
phone? Oh! You mean a telephone! And an answering machine is part of it,

"Yes, that's right," Cap said in a stilted, slightly surprised tenor.

Rei just smiled.

"Whoever ripped through Tania's apartment grabbed her phone and
machine and are using it. The same things were missing from Sapphire's
house," he said. Pointedly looking at Rei, he added, "I noticed they were
missing when I searched the rubble. Sapphire hasn't been seen since."

"If I might ask, who is Sapphire? Another friend of yours and
Tania's?" She looked at him carefully. "You mean there are heroines missing
besides Tania and Amber? If one is missing that's a tragedy. Two is a
coincidence. Three means there is someone after them. I suggest you should
contact any others you know so they may be extra cautious. Starting with

Cap's chin tensed, the only sign of emotion he showed. "Sapphire is a
friend of mine; a heroine. She disappeared about three weeks ago. I
didn't know anything was wrong until her house was destroyed. It was
labeled as a gas main break, and a body was found inside. I investigated
and knew it wasn't Sapphire, since her gem wasn't found in the debris."

He glanced at Rei for a moment. "And it wasn't a gas main. It was an
energy projector of some kind. The place glowed with radiation."

"And I assume that weapons of those sorts aren't commonly available.
That means its someone of who has some resources. If its possible, I would
like a briefing of some of the villians and such in this city. My knowledge
is limited I'm afraid."

"They are only found on the black market, military arsenals, and a few
other specialized facilities. It takes some money or connections..." he
said, trailing off.

"Do you have someone in mind that has those two things?"

"One or two, but nothing definite."

"As for villains, it would take some time to compile a sheet for you.
I'll print out some information for you to read after all this."

"Thank you so much. It will be most helpful."

He slammed a small brown cartridge into a compartment of his belt.
"Julia's there, dammit. I dropped her off at Jessie's while I went to
Tania's last night. Apparently Jessie called Tania's, but the call was
rerouted to wherever they have her phone. I don't know how did it, but
they even have had her number rerouted so it goes to their location. They
must be heavyweights, because I can't find any tracks."

"Who is this 'Jessie' and why would you send Julia there?" Rei

Liberty paused to rest his dead eyes upon Rei. "She is a friend, and
that girl would normally be safe at Jessie's."

He walked towards the black sedan. "Look," he paused for a moment so
short Rei almost didn't notice it, "Ultra Woman, that girl had a bad
experience two nights ago. I had to take her someplace where she'd be
safe, since I couldn't find Tania, so I took her to the home of a friend I
knew I could trust."

"Oh no..." she said sadly, following along with him. "You must tell me
what happened to her when you can. I wish to know so I may help her and so
that I may teach whoever did it a lesson they won't soon forget. And I know
if you trust this person with Julia then I know you were right. Do you
think it was this 'Doc' who is doing all of this?"

"I have no idea who's behind this, but it doesn't sound like Droid.
He's not that destructive, and he'd want you to know he did it. Not like
him to destroy evidence."

"Then the item that you found at her apartment must have been a decoy.
Good thing you figured it out or we would looking in the wrong direction.

Liberty merely grunted an affirmation.

"Whoever it is has money, since there's not been any reports about
those things being missing."

Rei looked at him in the eyes. "It's heroines they are after. For some
sort of perverted purpose of course."

"Right, they're after the heroines of this city, but it could be
simply to get them out of the way so they can go on a crime spree, or
simply gain power. We'll know when we find Tania and Sapph."

He opened the driver's side door. "The last call to Tania's came from
Jessie's house. If I'm guessing right, they heard the message she left,
and they're heading over to Jessie's right now. That Ultra Girl is there

Rei just looked at him stunned for an instant.

With a curt gesture to the opposite door, he asked simply, "You

"Of course!" she exclaimed as she quickly figured out how the door
handle worked. Opening the door Rei looked directly into his eyes. "There
is no way that I will allow another of my sisters to be harmed by these
'creatures'. Especially when that sister is Tania's daughter."

Liberty waited until Rei sat down and closed her door, then began
typing into a tiny keyboard. "Just don't be one of them yourself. I don't
know who's nabbing everyone, but if they can get Tania, they're dangerous.
I have a few ideas, but nothing substantial, but you better be on your

"Trust me," she said looked around at the high-tech interior of the
first car she had ever been in. "I will be careful. Please be on your guard
as well. While we know they have been taking women they could also be after
men as well. Would you share your ideas with me if that's all right? I
would like to know what is happening. Perhaps I can see an idea from a
different angle."

Without breaking his concentration on the keyboard, Liberty said, "The
only ideas I have are that this could either be the work of a local mob
leader, or SPAY, and don't ask me who they are, I don't have time to
explain. Just remember SPAY nearly killed Tania once, and I suspect they
did kill that musclebound one. Be on your guard."

"You mean Atalanta," Rei said. "Don't worry as I shall be on my guard.
Even if this SPAY did not take Tania I think I shall have to fight them
eventually. It seems they do not care for Amazons very much."

Cap finished his typing, then put his hands on the wheel. A harness
lowered down over Rei's chest, fitting neatly between her breasts. "Hold

"Hold on to what?" she asked as she looked at the harness.

Sudden acceleration shoved Ultra Woman back into the plush seat as the
car hurtled through absolute darkness. Seconds passed, with nothing visible
but numbers and gauges on the dashboard that gave Captain Liberty a
strange, almost demon dark orange glow to his face. Rei made out tiny
pinpoint of light that grew quickly, until the car burst through a sheet of
water and hurtled down a street.

Rei's eyes were _wide_ open as she was shoved into the seat. She was
glad she hadn't eaten in a while because the acceleration might have caused
her to fill the car with half digested food. "I have GOT to get used to
this!" she mumbled through clenched teeth. She assumed her face was as
green as the time she got into the egg eating contest with sister Callisto.
She won by eating 50 hardboil eggs at the cost of not being able to look at
an egg for months.

Looking back, she could see some kind of dam or spillway, with the
opening of the tunnel from which the car had exited closing up behind them.
"We'll be at Jessie's in ten minutes. It's on the other side of town, I
can't do any better," he growled.

"H...H..How do we get there in 10 minutes?" Rei asked as she tried to
push her stomach back down her throat. "I've seen a map of the city and
though I don't know much about 'automobiles', I know it will take more then

Rei saw the barest trace of smile on his lips as a response to her
innocent question. For some reason, that worried her.

Just as the car was homing in on a brick store, it changed. Panels on
the sides opened, and wings sprouted from either side. The hood became more
pointed and the seat reclined, allowing the roof to become more angles. As
the building grew closer, the car, now plane, abruptly arched skywards.

If Rei's eyes could have been considered 'wide open' before, now they
were WIDE open. Her mouth was open but not a sound came out as she had
stopped breathing. After several seconds, her control reasserted itself and
Rei closed her eyes to go through some mental calming routines. Keeping her
eyes closed as she didn't want to have to deal with the concept of flying
over the city, Rei took several deep breaths.

"You could have warned me this...'thing' could fly!!" she said
disgustedly. "Be glad that I have not had food in awhile or we would have
had a mess in here."

"If you're an Amazon, you won't throw up," Liberty said in that calm,
infuriating voice of his. The car/plane zoomed over the city's skyscape,
easily zipping between buildings and over trees.

"I beg to differ with that!" Rei said with her eyes clenched shut.
"There is no shame in throwing up as its a natural body function in times
like this. Just like what happened when I brushed against you last night."

The muscles of Liberty's face tensed and flickered for a moment, but
he remained silent, apparently keeping all his attention on controlling the

"Listen, if SPAY is there, then they are armed to the teeth and are
dying to get hold of you. I know they won't kill you; they learned their
lesson. They kill one of you and more keep coming," he said bluntly. "The
next time they will do something different. I don't know what they did to
Tania, but I'd bet my life they didn't kill her. So watch out."

"For Hera's sake, why would they want Tania or me? Just because we are
Amazons? That sounds rather, well...silly! There must be more to it then
that! I do pray that Tania is alive as it will give us a chance to save

The leather gloves crunched around the steel reinforced vinyl steering
wheel. "Because, you're powerful women that don't remain locked in the
kitchen and bedroom, giving those goddamn hypocrites food and sex upon
demand. You dare to show your strength and appearance in public, which
those sons of bitches think is irreligious."

Rei's eyes flashed open and she looked at him in shock at his
statement. She was at a loss for words as she had never even considered
such ideas as possible. They were almost the exact opposite of what she had
been brought up to believe.

The car was a blurred as it zipped over the city below. Between Ultra
Woman and Captain Liberty was a small monitor, showing grid lines and odd
circles of glowing green, which meant little to Rei until she noticed that
the dots on the screen seemed to coincide with the towering buildings
around which Liberty guided the carplane.

Liberty's teeth ground together, making him seem more like an animal
restrained by some invisible chains at times. "They will come after you
Amazons because your entire society is without men, which is like telling a
plantation owner that slavery is wrong. They hate Amazons because you
people are everything their religion says they are not; strong,
self-sufficient, resilient, disciplined," he said, with the faintest of
pauses, "and beautiful."

Rei just sat there shaking her head in shock at how depraved some
people were in this world. "Captain, if someone besides you had told me
this I would think they were lying. I find it so hard to think that anyone
can believe such filth! Please tell me that they are but a small group and
that the majority of people do not agree with them. I hope that is not the
case. I can tell that you disagree with them or am I wrong? I don't think
so however. I know Tania and Julia would not have become friends with you
in that case."

Liberty grunted impassively. "I hardly know this Julia. We met under
a poor situation."

"But you took care of her none the less so it some me some of your
better qualities. Although I think I should work on improving your
communication skills as you seem to have a small lack in that regard."

Liberty barely blinked. "I get my point across."

Rei sighed inwardly. "I'll never get a rise out of him this way," she
thought. "I would sure like to get through that exterior and see what he's
really like. From his reactions last night, I know he's got a sensitive
side. It's that armor I dislike."

"In case you didn't know, all but a very small number of my sisters do
not hate men. We find most of them odd and rather comical at times, but
just misguided in their attitudes. There are a few who at least I think,
and don't laugh, are male Amazons." Rei turned a bit red at her odd
statement. The last time she had used it in a debate, she had been laughed
out of the debating hall. "Maybe a better choice of words would be our
'counterparts'. That when we go into the word to become pregnant with our
daughters, we look for them because they are our missing side." Rei shook
her head and sighed. "Sorry kind sir... I should take sister Alexandra's
'advice' and leave philosophy to the philosophers."

Liberty shrugged. "Say what you want, we don't tell people what to
say here. I know you got some women there that hate men; I met one of
them, that muscle bound one."

Rei sighed. "Yes she was rather militant in that regard. I believe you
considered me to be a bit a bit reluctant in regards to helping your world.
That may be true but I think you wouldn't like what she mind though. If she
had her way all men would be kept as 'studs' for women to lord over. The
majority don't feel that way I might add. At least in the concept of
letting them have free will and the rest."
A sneer flashed across Captain Liberty's face. "I hated to see her
go," he said gruffly, without a hint of sympathy for the missing, presumed
dead, Atalanta.

Rei easily picked up his undisguised opinion. "Captain, I shall deny
this if you bring it up again, but I tend to agree with you. While I mourn
all my fallen sisters but with Atalanta, I mourn slightly less then with
Deanna or Tania. Frightening as it may seem, we agree on something."

"How much longer till we arrive?"

Cap started to answer, then simply pointed ahead.

A rows of houses sat in neat, tidy rows amongst various small shops
and buildings. A single house smoldered and smoked with all its windows
and door blown away. In the street before the house was a large, four feet
wide, two feet tall disk gouting a trail of black smoke into the sky.

"What in Zeus's name is that?!" Rei exclaimed.

"It's a smoke pot," Liberty said curtly. "It's used to simulate
explosions during military training exercises."

Flying in the air were two men dressed in white body armor with boot
mounted jet-packs. Another was on the ground, lying motionless in the
debris of the white picket fence. The fourth was vaguely visible within a
white cloud of gas that billowed at his feet. The last form was that of a
woman on her knees being bound by the last man in armor.

"Seems we have arrived at a good moment as the enemy are in the open
and have already been wounded." Rei took all of this into her mind and
began to develop a battle plan. It was only a general one as she didn't
know their capabilities but assume the cloud was some sort of sleep gas.

"Don't get overconfident. There could be five more watching this from
somewhere. Stay on your toes."

"I am _never_ overconfident!" she retorted. "I was stating the obvious
as I see it now. You stay on your toes as well. I don't want to have to
rescue you as well as Julia!"

The woman was wearing tight jeans and a torn red t-shirt, revealing a
white, high cupped bra with what appeared to be red dots. A red ball was
in her mouth, strapped around her head by black bands. Her hands were in
the process of being taped behind her back. Her head lolled forward, then
back, as the dazed woman weakly struggled.

"Is that Julia?" Rei asked as she had never seen Tania's daughter
before. Her voice showing signs of anger if it was. No sister of hers was
going to be treated like that.

As Rei spoke of the woman on the ground, she heard the strangest
grinding sound. At first she ignored it, but it pushed itself into the
front of her mind. Concentrating on it for a moment, she looked over at
Liberty. Unconsciously, he was grinding his teeth.

"That's Jessie, those sons of bitches!"

"Then where is Julia?! If they have hurt Herea shall make
them pay!" Rei's voice was filled with anger that equaled to a smaller
extent Captain Liberty's.

As the flying car flew closer, one of the armored men pointed at the
vehicle. The other looked up, and approached.....

"They have noticed us it seems. Do you have a plan and more important,
a mask for that cloud? I don't wish to be knocked unconscious and leave you
to do the fighting." She looked over at him while keeping her eyes on the

Liberty seemed oblivious to Rei's words; all his attention was on the
downed woman and her captor. "I'll blast you into the dark ages, you
bastard." As he dived down towards the man and his prisoner, the other
armored man approached closer.
Even though the harness held her tight, Rei braced herself against the

From the point of the flying vehicle, a metal object emerged. As the
armored man aimed a vicious looking weapon at the car, Liberty fired. A
missile hisses and flew towards the man on the ground, leaving a trail of
smoke behind it, just as the armored, flying man fired his own weapon.

"Look out!" Rei yelled as she saw the enemy fire.

The missile from the car passed a strange blue beam on its way down.
As the missile was about to strike the armored man, the blue beam engulfed
the flying vehicle. Both hero and heroine were momentarily blinded as the
interior of the car was flooded with the brilliant blue light. As they
both shielded their eyes, the engines on the vehicle sputtered, then froze.

Rei's eyes opened wide at the sudden silence.

"Damn!" Ultra Woman heard Liberty curse as the blue light faded from
within the car. Quickly he crunched the keyboard, but even Rei could see
that it was doing nothing; the screen was dead.

"Want me to get out and push?" Rei said sarcastically

Liberty's face flickered with a frown as he struggled with the
controls of the dying vehicle.

"You better hold onto something!" Liberty shouted as the car dove
towards the fast approaching ground. Houses grew large in the windows as
the vehicle headed towards the earth.

Rei braced herself against the dash even harder and squeezed her eyes
shut. "I just knew this was a bad idea!" she muttered.

The vehicle hurtled towards the ground as Liberty fought to raise the
front end. "Just hold on!" he yelled as a small, white garage leveled into
view. With the wind rushing past, the carplane went crashing through the
doors of the garage in an explosion of metal and wood. It skimmed over the
top of an Escort, bouncing slightly before slamming into the backside of
the garage.

Rei was jerked forward as her powerful arms pushed six inches into the
dashboard. As the flying vehicle slammed into the back of the garage in an
abrupt halt, the seatbelt straps dug into her chest, holding her in place
but pushing the air from her lungs.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped.

Captain Liberty's straps also held steady, but Rei could hear the odd,
sickening sound of a bone breaking. His head narrowly avoided the
windshield as his harness pulled him back at the last second.

A moment of dazed surprise ensued as Rei pushed the hair from her face.
Looking at her companion, she could see he was unconscious, out cold from
the sudden stop, but otherwise in appearance he was fine. He was breathing
slowly, but breathing, with no signs of blood.

"C..C..Captain Liberty?" she asked, shaken from the crash. Liberty's
head was to the side; a cut was across his forehead dribbling blood. Rei
could tell the cut wasn't life threatening.

As she pulled her fingers out of the hard plastic dashboard and turned
to him, she caught a reflection in the mirror. Two of the armored men were
approaching the wreckage of the garage from behind the vehicle, about forty
feet away. As she peered closer, she could see the other armored man in
the cloud of gas. Now at this different angle, she could see at ground
level what was happening. As the gassed flooded from a strange tube under
his wrist, he was spraying the white cloud over someone. Brunette hair
swished from side to side as a woman on her hands and knees fought the
effects of the gas. Ultra Woman could see this woman's pendulous breasts
swaying with her, and the arms that held her up. The woman's arms were
clad in long red, tight sleeves, with white stars down one arm and blue
stars down the other, both ending under wide, glistening bracelets.

"Julia?" she said with widened eyes.

The Return of Ultra Woman, Part V-II

Rei scrambled to unhook the harness and get free. Just as she remembered
the gas and knew it would put her at a disadvantage. "I don't need to get
knocked out twice in a day," she muttered. Rei spied an object that had
been dislodged from Captain Liberty's utility belt by the impact. It was
cone shaped with several filters and straps attached to it. "A 'gas mask' I
presume," she said holding it up for inspection. "I wonder if he was going
to tell me about it. I shall ask him later." After fumbling for several
moments, Rei got the thing on her face and tightened the straps to hold it

She looked in the mirror again and saw the armored men were getting closer
and Julia was getting weaker. "Time for battle I should think," she thought
as her mind switched into 'combat mode'. She saw lots of nice pieces of
debris lying about and that made her smiles for an odd reason.

Rei push the door open hard, making it come off in her hands, and leaped
out of the broken vehicle. She immediately threw the door towards the
nearest armored man with a mighty throw.

The door spun in a circle and flew at the man like an oversized,
asymmetrical frisbee. It curved to the side as the SPAY soldier aimed a
strange weapon attached to his armored arm. The door suddenly veered down
and slammed into the chestplate of the soldier. Both flew back, his arms
and legs trailing behind him as he plowed through the yard of the destroyed
house across the street.

"That's one..." she thought as she looked for the others.

From the cloud of white gas, the SPAY soldier that loomed over Julia stood
up, a white cable attached to the underside of his gauntlet. The other
end pulled Julia upper body out of the ground hugging white cloud,
revealing the cable to be wrapped around her chest, just below her breasts.

Seeing the girl close-up, Rei saw that she resembled her mother Tania very

To Rei's amazement, Julia was wearing her Ultra Girl costume; it was
unbelievably flattering, making her breasts swell in the V-cups. Her tiara
glistened as the young Amazon limply hung in the cable. The SPAY man
holding her lit his jet boots, and the two, captor and captive, shot into
the air.

"Nnnnooooooo!!!!!!" Rei yelled from behind the gas mask. Horrified to see
her sister taken from her when she was so close to rescuing her.

As Rei leaped onto the crumpled trunk of the car half buried in the
garage, she grabbed a plank from the ceiling. With a moment to aim, she
started to hurl it at the quickly fading man and his Amazon prisoner.

She held the plank like a spear, aiming for the man's head. Rei was also
prepared to run to the spot where they would fall. To catch just Julia
though; the man could take care of himself.

Suddenly, a flash of blue light flooded over Rei, blinding her. As she
brought her bracelet up before her eyes, she could see the man that had
shot down the vehicle flying towards her, firing his blue beam. The light
didn't seem to bother her other than blind; but as she watched, he raised
his other arm.

The light didn't bother as much as it might with others. Rei had had many
practice fights in which she was blindfolded. Of course, she still won.

A small puff of smoke issued from the weapon as he got within fifty feet.
As Rei hurled the plank at him to free her impaired vision, she raised her
bracelet to block the projectile. With a clang the projectile hit her
bracelet, but as it did something clamped onto the metal band. Ultra Woman
could feel the magnetism in it.

"What the!?!" she thought.

As the board struck the SPAY soldier's helmet, snapping his head back, his
jet boots flared, sending him flying off at a wild angle. The thin cable
attaching his gauntlet to the magnet on Ultra Woman's bracelet flared into
life, sending a powerful current along its length, and flooded into her
bracelet, through her body, and out her feet into the metal trunk.

Rei screamed in pain as she felt the current flood throughout her body.
The shock caused her to fling her arms back and spring backwards off the
trunk onto the ground, tugging hard on the cable. At the same time,
stunning her mind into oatmeal. The young Asian amazon laid gasping for air
on the grass as her skin fairly crackled with energy. Her mind racing as
she tried to recover her senses.

Current flowed through the heroine as she fought to gather control of her
senses. As she fell backwards, her body arched up in pain as the
electricity shot from her bracelet and through her magnificent body. Lying
unconscious near her with the plank broken over his armored body, the
comatose SPAY soldier could do nothing to stop the voltage that was slowly
killing the new heroine.

"C..C..Can't lettttt itttttt w..w...innnnnnnnn!!!!" she moaned in agony.
The pain was like nothing she had ever felt before. Her island had no
electricity except for the occasional electric eels and she had never been
stung by one before.

Raising her quivering arm up, Rei's violet eyes fought to concentrate on
the thin cable electrocuting her. Ultra Woman followed it to the downed
soldier, and back. With her teeth clamped together and sparks leaping
across the gold leaf lettering over her bustier and down to her belt and
golden rope, she drew her arm forward, then with a violent motion pulled it

The power of the Amazon snapped the cable at the point where it attached
to the magnet clamped onto her bracelet. Rei rolled on the grass to get
away from the cable. Her body trembled from the power of the sheer energy
that had gripped her. Rolling onto her back, Ultra Woman focused on her
quivering fingers, willing them to calm down before...

Rei closed her eyes and ran through every calming measure she knew to try
slow her racing heart and trembling body. Ever so slowly, they took effect.
As her pain fogged mind finally cleared she thought, "Hera! I never
experienced _that_ before! I must advise the Queen that any future
Champions should be prepared for such things."

THWOCK! was the sound of the butt of a white weapon smashing into Ultra
Woman's cheek as she lay on the grass. Standing over her was the third
SPAY man, straddling her body. As he finished his follow through, Rei's
head snapped around. The ground under her shook unsteadily from the
combined attacks of electricity and the second blow as the soldier followed
up his advantage by swinging back and slamming the stock of the gun into
her ear.

Her reflexes had not yet recovered over else she would have tried to at
least avoid the blow. The two blows sent starbursts of pain through her
battered mind. A small moan of pain was all that her pride would let escape

In a fluid motion the soldier spun the weapon around while slamming a
heavy white leather boot between Ultra Woman's breasts and shoved her flat
against the grass. The barrel was pointed a foot from Rei's head as she
looked up at him. Her Amazon endurance served her well as she quickly
recovered from the blows. Touching the back of her wrist to her lip, Ultra
Woman looked down at the tiny drop of blood.

Her eyes narrowed as she saw her own blood on he back of her wrist. That,
combined with his insulting boot on her Amazon body made her angry. And her
sisters knew that you do _not_ make Sister Rei angry. Not if you wish to
remain intact.

"Ready to say your prayers, cunt?" the SPAY soldier sneered from behind
the opaque mask. "I'd fuck you before I blow your brains all over, but
I'll wait and fuck your replacement."

Rei controlled her rage at his words because she knew to lash out at him
would only lead to defeat. She must pick the right opening for her revenge.

Within the barrel, Ultra Woman could see the point of the metal bolt
inside the gun, which was aimed right between her violet eyes. A smirk
flickered over her face as she lay at the gates of Hades.

"Only one chance...." she thought as plan came to mind in an instant.

In a single, unbelievably fast motion that only a bullet-deflecting Amazon
could make, Ultra Woman drove one of her boots upwards. Her toes rigid
under the soft material, her foot crunched into the soldier's crotch. As
she did that, her forearm swung across her body, making her bracelet slap
aside the barrel of the malevolent weapon.

As Rei felt body parts squish under her Amazonian powered kick in a way
she could never have imagined, the gun was fired. A metal arrow, six
inches in length and maliciously sharp fired instantly into the ground
beside her head, narrowly missing her hair. The soldier's hands went numb
as he felt bile rise up in his mouth. "A tad too close for my comfort,"
she muttered. "I must work on my timing." She smiled slightly as she heard
the man filling his helmet with vomit.

Slapping the falling weapon aside, Rei used her other foot to kick the
paralyzed soldier away. His hands around his bleeding groin, the man was
helpless, and even though she'd never felt a groin before, she knew from
reputation that this man was finished. "Their 'organs' are so delicate
that I suspect that I emasculated him. Small lose I should think.

Rising, Ultra Woman took a deep breath. She could see the first soldier
she had downed on his hands and knees and also rising. From behind her she
heard Captain Liberty groan, and across the street, on the sidewalk, she
suddenly heard a female squeal. Looking closer, she saw the blonde woman
writhing on the ground, her hand and legs bound tightly and the strange
white ball in her mouth. The woman rolled back and forth as if under great
duress, but the sounds were nothing like pain.

Rushing across the street as quickly as her shaking legs would carry her,
Ultra Woman unbuckled the magic rope from her hip. As the SPAY soldier
stood up, the coils of the rope draped down over his shoulders. He lifted
his weapon, but Ultra Woman easily jerked it, one handed, from his grip and
threw the gun violently against the damaged tree.

As the gun smashed into pieces, Rei pulled the rope tight around him.
"Surrender," she commanded him, the rope blasting the command into his
pea-sized brain. Having no choice in the matter, he stopped fighting. "Now
I want you to lay down, close your eyes, and sleep until I tell you
otherwise." The soldier closed his eyes as soon as she had finished and
collapsed to the ground with a 'thud'. "This rope is quite useful I should
think," Rei muttered as she hog-tied the SPAY soldier. She knew he would
sleep but tied him up just in case.

Leaving the SPAY soldier in the coils of her magic rope, Rei jogged over
to the woman. As Ultra Woman approached, the woman was arching her body
upwards, her face contorted in a visage of twisted pleasure. The woman, as
Rei could now view her more closely as the heroine ran towards the bound
girl, was about her own height, with long honeyblonde hair at least waist
length, with a tone, deeply tanned body. Her t-shirt was torn open,
revealing a bra beneath dotted with red hearts. Her jeans were tight, but
there was a strangeness about her crotch area. Her wrists and ankles were
handcuffed, her hand behind her back, and a rubber white ball trapped
between her teeth was strapped around her head, stifling the cries that
shrilled around it.

Rei knelt down and studied the strap which the rubber ball was attached
to. She quickly figured out the how to undo it and did so. She then
carefully pulled the ball out of the woman's mouth.

"OHHHHGGOOODDDDD!!!" she wailed, her high, shrill voice shooting down
Rei's spine. That voice sounded so much like the sounds of the Temple of
Venus that night. As the drool from the gag ran down her chin, the woman
cried out, "Take it out!! TAKE ITOUUUWWWWNGGHH!!" Her words turned into a
scream as her climax swallowed her, bending her body up again at the hips.

As her flexible body bent into the air, the lump between her legs became
more pronounced as her body tensed terribly. Rei's sensitive ears picked
up on the familiar humming to which she had been exposed...and nearly

The Asian-Amazon eyes were drawn to the woman's crotch area. "Great Hera!"
she gasped, remembering the Test she went through on her island. Rei tore
the crotch of the woman's pant open to reveal a matching set of red hearted
panties. In the center was a large wet spot with hard circle in the center
of it. She pulled the panties down to reveal an inch wide object protruding
from her vagina. As Rei carefully pulled it out, she could feel it
vibrating in her hand. With a look a disgust, Rei threw the thing far, FAR

The woman gasped and moaned as she rolled onto her side. The handcuffs
around her wrists flashed in the sunlight. "I hate..." she gasped,
"...when...they do...that..." Her body shuddered as she closed her eyes
and leaned back. The aftershock that passed through her body was almost
visible to Rei.

One of Rei's eyebrows went up slightly. "I suspect there is more to this
woman then meets the eye," she thought. "If Liberty knows her then I would
hazrod a guess she's is a 'heroine'." Rei held the woman's body so that she
didn't have to lay on the ground again. "Do these SPAY creatures always
carry such disgusting weapons?" she ask. "If so then Captain Liberty was
correct about them. They must be eliminated."

The woman smiled, the sheen of sweat on her face and the ordeal of the
forcible orgasm seeming to be fast fading.

" keep them people, if you are who I think you

"I'm Re...I mean Ultra Woman and I apologize for that then."

She shivered in the arms of the powerful Amazon. "Yeah I'd like that, but
no one knows where they are. If I knew where to find all their bases, I'd
do something about it."

"And I'll help you do whatever you want to do to them."

She gestured with her head at the cuffed wrists behind her back. "Mind?"

"Not at all," Rei replied. She took the chain between her fingers and
tugged slightly. It quickly snapped freeing the woman's wrists. Rei quickly
did the same to the ones around her ankles. The Amazon stood and offered
her hand to assist the woman to her feet. "We must take care of Captain
Liberty as he was injured in the crash. Then go after Julia. I fear for her
safety if she's with these 'things'." The final word was almost spat out.

Rubbing her wrists, the blonde woman sat up. Smiling, her face glistening
with orgasmic perspiration, she took the offered hand and stood up on
shaking legs. Her hands went to her heart-dotted, spot-stained panties as
her lips formed an "O". "Omigod..." she gasped as an aftershock caused by
her sudden motion shot up from her loins.

Rei easily held her and prevented her from falling to the pavement. She
let her stand on her wobbly legs but stayed close. Rei knew exactly what
was causing this as she had felt the same way on occasion.

"Um, Yeah, go check on Cap, I'll be alright," she said as she worked to
stand up straight. She started to pull her tight jeans up, but a gasp
slipped out, and she gave up.

"Are you sure?" Rei asked. "You have been through much and I don't wish
you to be further injured."

She waved Rei away. "Go, I'll be fine, see how Cap's doing."

"All right...Please ask if you need my assistance."

Again crossing the street, with strange sirens howling and getting closer
in the distance, Rei jumped over the trunk to the driver's side of the
car. She could hear the moans as Ultra Woman nimbly stepped over the
debris of the garage. With a single tug, she snapped the heavy door away
from the car and threw it aside.

She could see that Captain Liberty was already awake and had gotten his
harness off. He also had some sort of box opened on his lap. Rei assumed it
was some sort of medical kit.

Liberty, his head bleeding from a gash over which he pressed a gauze pad,
turned to look at the concerned expression on Rei's face. "Go away," he
said gruffly. Ultra Woman could sense the pain his harshness covered.
"Save Tania's daughter, you hear me?" Cap lifted a foot and put it to the
concrete flooring outside the car. Leaning over, he looked down at the
blood staining the gauze.

Rei was torn between following his orders and staying with him. He was
injured and she thought he needed her assistance. He also knew more about
the city then she did at this moment. Counterbalancing that was the fact
that Julia was in the hands of these monsters.

Without looking up, his eyes only seeing Rei's tanned legs and her soft
boots, Liberty said simply: "You still here?"

"Captain, I don't know this city or these people like you do," she said
simply. "I fear that without some sort of guide, I would blunder into a
trap and this SPAY would have three Amazons for you to rescue. However, I
don't wish to earn your disfavor again so I will try." Without knowing why,
Rei leaned down to kiss him gently on the lips.

Liberty's chin hardened, even as his lips trailed upwards after Rei. The
flavor of her lips rolled over his tongue, tantalizing the wounded
warrior. He swallowed hard as he looked into her deep, soft violet eyes.

As she gazed into his blue eyes, Rei felt feelings that she had never felt
before. She quickly suppressed them and resolved to deal with them later.

"Take care Captain," she said after they broke the kiss. "I shall attempt
to bring Julia and Tania back to you. I thank you for your help."

With a faint nod, Captain Liberty clacked his teeth together. "Give them a
kick for me while you're at it." He held her eyes for another moment, then
tugged them away as he fell back into the car towards his medical kit.

She returned the nod and quickly turned away so she didn't have to say
anything else.

Rei went over to the trussed-up SPAY goon and took hold of her rope again.
"Wake up," she said in a harsh voice and his eye lids flew open. "Now tell
me, where were you suppose to take the woman that you found here,
especially Ultra Girl, to? In detail please with all the defenses spelled

The SPAY man tried to resist, but the commands magically burned through
his resistance with ease, like a cold knife through hot butter. "I...I..."
he grunted and choked, before the words burst through like water through a
dam. "I was supposed to shock her, then watch the perimeter while the
suspected Amazon was gassed and bound. Any others were to be gagged and
dealt with according to the situation."

Rei nodded and said, "Go on."

He took a breath, which sounded hollow under the shining helmet. As he
started on the next part of his story, a patrol car careened around the
corner at the end of the block, and screeched to a halt. Two men opened
doors and kneeled down behind them, weapons at the ready.

Rei spared them only a glance. She knew there was a form of law
enforcement in this city and guess these were it.

"We have a truck near the river. If the target was a superheroine, she
was to be subdued by appropriate means, bind and carry her to the truck.
From there she would be taken to the initial interrogation building. The
building is a waste disposal office, near the Kensington dump. There is an
electrified fence with concertina wiring on top, two dogs that patrol the
grounds and attack anyone not in blue or white armor, and a laser at the
door. Two men are assigned to the building, but there will be three more
waiting if a prisoner was to be captured."

"What is this 'laser; used for and what is the nature of the personal
weapons the men have? Also, what do they intend to do to the captives?" Rei
tugged on the rope to make her point clear. Her photographic memory called
up the image of a map of the city that she had seen. She quickly located
the general area Julia was most likely held. "A 'garbage dump' is the
proper place for vermin like these," she thought.

"The laser is a weapon based on light. It is used like a computer
controlled gun that fires at the door if someone enters the door without
knowing the code for the punchkey," Ultra Woman's prisoner intoned.

"And the code is?"

With a will already broken by the rope, the man instantly answered.

"The captive, since she is an Amazon, will be forced by her rope to please
the men, then placed in a machine that will stimulate her until she
crumbles from within. The leader wants to break her himself instead of
using a woman to do it for him."

"The fiends!" Rei thought with a look of horror on her face. "Just wait
until I get my hands on their 'leader'..."

"Attention!" came a booming voice from the police car. As Rei turned, she
could see one of the men talking into some strange device that amplified
his voice. "The Superhuman Unit will be here in two minutes. You have
until their arrival to lie upon the ground, arms behind your backs,
otherwise they will begin riot maneuvers upon arrival!"

Jessie quickly buttoned her jeans and pulled her tee around her bra,
covering herself, but to Rei, it seemed she was more worried about the
underwear than her body, since her breasts still bulged out. "Wait, don't
do anything!" she yelled at the police. "Captain Liberty is injured in
that car over there!" she added with a nod of her head towards the
destroyed garage.

"Surely they can't be talking to me..." Rei thought quickly, looking at
the surrounding area. "Even if they aren't, I can't take the time to deal
with them. Julia needs me NOW." She easily lifted the trussed up SPAY
soldier over her shoulder. "You're coming with me so don't move," she said
and cause the man's muscles to freeze in place. Noticing a small ball
attached to his belt with the word 'smoke' written on cause Rei to smile
slightly. She had once read a part of a 'news paper' that a sister had
brought back once and it had mentioned smoke grenades. Even to the point of
including a diagram as to how they worked. Rei pulled the grenade from the
soldier's belt, pulled the pin, and threw it at the police officers. While
it was still in the air, Rei used her super strength and speed to run
towards the nearby houses.

The officers behind the car doors could only gape as the oriental Amazon
leapt out of the smoke cloud and over the nearest house. "Hey, John, who
the hell was that? She looked like Ultra Woman...?"


In moments, Rei was blocks away, rushing down the sidewalk as fast as the
quickest Olympic sprinter, her captive bouncing on her shoulder with every
step. With the sidewalk crowded in a shopping area, she began hopping from
car to car, her footsteps so light not a flake of paint was loosened.

The leaps were slightly more difficult due to the extra and off-set load
she was carrying but well within her capacities however.

Finally Ultra Woman arrived at the wharf on the river the SPAY man told
her about. Running amongst the buildings, she found dozens of trucks lined
up neatly, all labeled by a "Proctor's Delivery Service." The warehouse
building itself looked closed, with all the lights within turned off.
Nothing at all was happening here, there was no one in sight.

"Which truck is the one you were suppose to meet?" Rei asked.

"We were told to meet a truck here. It could be any of these," he said,
numb in the coils of the rope. "The prisoner would then be taken to the
interrogation area."

"Oh dandy..." she muttered. She knew they truck could still be here but
the odds of that weren't good. "Better to go to a place I they will arrive
at rather then wait when they might have all ready left." Rei patted the
SPAY goon's armored rump lightly. "Come all my good pervert. We are going
to the area you mentioned. is there anything, no matter how small about
that location you haven't told me yet? "

Without pause, the man replied, "No, I have told you everything."

Assured of his reply, Rei threw the man over her shoulder and took off
across the concrete parking lot. Over the fence, the Amazon soon
disappeared from site.

"Call the Captain and inform him that he will soon have visitors," a man
said as he closed a curtain inside the depot office...

Forty minutes later, a person wearing a set of white SPAY armor bent a
steel pipe around the arms and waist of a man wearing only a pair of blue
briefs and a glowing golden rope around his shoulders.. "Sit there," she
said to the man, "and go to sleep until the police find you."

As the man dozed off under a warming evening sun, the now-armored Ultra
Woman stuffed the rope into a recess in the toolbelt. She could see the
small building the man had pointed out sitting back behind various
earthmoving pieces of equipment. Everything seemed to have a vague,
greenish quality from behind the helmet she now wore over her head, but she
could see that this would help her at night.

"Curious piece of equipment this is," she thought. "It is similar to a
cat's eyes but replicated with machines. A pity such interesting things
must be used for evil. Captain Liberty places his knowledge to much better
uses I think." At the though of her injured friend, Rei felt a certain
warming sensation in her loins. She quickly suppressed that feeling. "Must
keep my mind on business," she muttered.

She ran down a ravine filled with brush and trees that paralleled the back
fence of the landfill. Pausing at a point where she knew a bulldozer
rested between herself and the office, Rei gathered herself, then leaped up
and over the razorwired fence. As she arched gracefully through the air,
she caught a quick glimpse of a mini-copter sitting in an open area beyond
the building.

She was gladdened to know that the armor didn't restrict her movements
very much. What little it did, she easily compensated for. "That must be
another flying machine," she thought. "Looks more of a toy then something I
would fly in."

Walking to the door confidently, Rei punched in the code the SPAY soldier
had given her into the keypad above the doorknob. Taking a breath, she

"Into the den of lions..." she thought.

The door didn't open into an office, but to a room empty except for a
table, chairs, a small refrigerator, cook stove, a weapons rack, and three
men. Two wore armor similar to that which Rei was wearing, while the third
wore armor of a dark blue, with the SPAY letters on his shoulder in white,
reverse of that of her armor. None of the three men had weapons in their
hands, but the two in white were at a table very close to the rack playing

Without preamble, the man in the blue armor pointed to a door. "Get in
there for your debriefing. Where are the others?"

"They were captured by Captain Liberty," Rei said in the deepest, most
guttural voice she could manage. Trying to imitate Captain Liberty to a
certain extent.

Rei could sense the thoughts racing through the man's head behind his blue
helmet at her poor attempt at faking the voice of a man. She knew it
didn't help that she had heard a man's voice for the first time in her life
this very week.

"Well.." she thought. "I at least got in before being found out. I was
never good at this disguise stuff."

"Get herRRKK!!" he started to command the two men before Ultra Woman spun
around. The heel of her white armored boot arched up to strike him
squarely on the side of his helmet. His feet left the floor as he twisted
in midair, his head leading the wall into the wall. With a crash of armor,
he bounced off the wall and collapsed to the floor. Moaning, he weakly
started to push himself off the floor.

"That's one!" For good measure, Rei gave him a quick kick into his armored
belly. The force of which bounced him off the wall again. She was too busy
to notice the command that she had cut off.

Chairs scattered as the two SPAY soldiers leaped to their feet. Cards and
chips sprayed across the floor as one threw the cardtable at the armored
and helmeted heroine while the other crossed the five feet that separated
them from the weapons rack.

"Can't let him get those weapons!" she thought quickly.

Slapping aside the cardtable with her forearm like deflecting a bullet,
Rei rushed across the room. The first reared back to swing at her, but a
quick feint to the left followed by grabbing him by the belt was enough to
throw him far enough off balance for the Amazon to pull him past her and
hurl the soldier across the room to crash through the plaster wall.

His armored body went through the weak plaster easily. He hung there, only
his legs and arms visible as the rest of him was in another room.

"Hold it!" the last one screamed as he snatched up a weapon and aimed it
menacingly at the armored heroine standing ten feet from him. The gun was
long, with a very wide barrel, at least four inches in diameter, with an
odd, round tank under the stock.
"Don't fucking move a muscle!" he screamed. "Get on your knees or you're
toast dude!"

Through the filters on the helmet she wore, Rei could smell an odd odor
coming from the weapon. One that she had associated with the vehicles of
this world. "Some sort of combustion weapon I presume," she guessed. "This
armor could be flameproof but I'm not sure. Best not to take that chance
unless I can help it." Her hidden eyes quickly darted around the place she
was standing. "Have to make this good..."

Rei started to slowly crouch down as if she was preparing to kneel. When
she was close to the floor, a hand darted out quicker then the eye could
follow and grabbed a fallen chair. Flinging it with a powerful throw, it
traveled in an upward arc aimed at the underside of the weapon. Rei's legs
launched her body after it towards the soldier.

As flames toasted the ceiling over Ultra Woman, her shoulder plowed into
the SPAY soldier. Her momentum slammed him into the wall, sending the
weapon flying as he was bent double around the Amazon. Drawing back, Rei
slammed him into the wall again, driving his armored ass and back through
the paneling and sheet rock.

Ultra Woman stepped back and let the man fall to the floor. Now that she
had worn one of their helmets, she knew how to remove it. Reaching under
the helmet behind the man's head, she quickly popped the button that
released the clamps. Pulling the helmet off the stunned soldier, Rei
banged the back of her bracelet into his temple, knocking him out cold in
an instant.

"It's quite a good thing these men are wearing armor," she thought as she
surveyed the wrecked room. "The walls could have seriously injured them.
Although I feel worse about damaging the walls then them."

Tossing aside the man's helmet, the still armored heroine turned towards
the only door in the room. With the three men behind her down, she opened
the door confidently.

"Now to find Julia and get out of here before more of them arrive..."

Suddenly, with a puff of smoke, a weapon fired at her from within the dark
room. In the blink of that instant, as she instinctively raised her wrists
defensively, she saw the magnetic clamp open...

"What the!" she exclaimed, trying to dive out of the way of the thing. At
the same time, mentally kicking herself for becoming overconfident.

With the native instincts and reactions of an Amazon, Rei jerked her wrist
away from the clamp and fell backwards. The clamp and magnet had too much
of a start on her though. With a metallic clang, it latched onto the chest
plate near her left shoulder.

The rush of electricity shot throughout Ultra Woman's body, stiffening her
in an instant. As the current passed down to every nerve ending. It was
not painful, but her muscles would only quiver, frozen in place by the
electricity entering her through the cable magnetically clamped to the
chestplate of the armor.

"N...N...Not a...a...a..again!!" she gasped.

Teeth clenched, Rei fought to reach up to the cable. Her fingers twitched
uncontrollably as her arm raised up. As she grabbed the cable in the crook
of her thumb, her hand went instantly numb and lifeless. Shaking, it fell
from the metal cable to her side, quivering.

Another metal clamp clanked into her chest, and another on her abdomen.
The current trebled in intensity, making the heroine under the armor quiver
helplessly. Ever muscle tensed, relaxed, tensed, and relaxed against a
dozen times a second. Under the armor, a sheen of sweat covered her body
from her unwilling exertions.

Rei hated this feeling of utter helplessness that the current caused her.
She prided herself at being in control of her own body and this weapon took
it away from her.

Exhaustion slowly filled Ultra Woman. Weakly she slumped to her knees,
the metal plates on them clanking against the concrete. The SPAY soldiers
watched the Amazon fall, then slump to the floor as her exhausted muscles
turned to weak jello. As the heroine in the white armor quivered weakly,
prone on the floor before them, did the current finally, mercifully, turn

She gasped for air as she could finally breath without a struggle. Unlike
the last time, her mind wasn't fogged by the incredible pain she had felt.
The current had been set at lower levels. Enough to stun but not kill.

Rei felt a hand reach under the helmet, just as she had done minutes ago,
and pull it off her head. As her dark hair spilled out, she weakly turned
her head with a struggle to see around her.

Her view was partially blocked by the mass of her glossy back hair. "I
should really tie my hair into a braid," she thought absently.

The man in the blue armor stood over her. On the wrist of his armor was a
keypad, which he began to play with. As he did so, he turned to the two
men in white armor. "Get this harlot out of our armor. She doesn't
deserve to wear such pure trappings. Get her bound and prepared for

"Harlot?!" she thought, eyes frowning. "This 'harlot' will show you a
thing or two when I get my strength back."

As the two men knelt down over Rei, she fought to do something. Her
muscles were exhausted and aching; she couldn't do more than move her
fingers, and that made her ache all the more. A piece at a time, the armor
on her was removed, as the men bounced her roughly around.

She felt a slight chill as her sweaty skin was exposed to the cooler air
of the room. All the time, Rei's tired eyes watched the room and the men.
Making and rejecting fighting plans.

"This is number thirty-eight," the man in blue said into his
communicator. "We have captured the new Ultra Woman slut. She is being
prepared for transport. ETA, forty minutes."

"That must be some sort of communication device," she thought. "If only
Captain Liberty was here. He knows more about those things then I."

As the heavy, metal plates boots were pulled off, revealing her soft blue
and red boots, Ultra Woman was rolled onto her back. She could see, hear,
and feel everything happening to her, but she couldn't move her muscles. As
her legs were bent up and ropes lashed around them, pinning her calves to
her thighs, her wrists were pulled in front of her and tied together with
the rope snatched from her belt.

"No!" she thought widely. She would be forced to do any commands given her
as long as she bound by it. The rope was a great too but was also a large

Tightly bound, Ultra Woman was allowed to fall back against the legs one
of the two men. She could feel herself recovering quickly; she could
already move her arms, and knew her strength was returning.

Rei allowed her body to fall as she didn't want to waste the energy it
would take in order to catch herself.

Suddenly her head was bent back by her hair. Looking up, she was a four
inch long...thing... It looked like what she had been told a man's sex
organ appeared, but this one had fleshy straps on either side of the flesh
colored thing. Slowed by her weakness, Rei had no chance to close her
mouth before the penis gag was shoved into her mouth. As the head of it
forced itself past her gag reflex and into her throat, her teeth chomped
into it, too late though. Her head was bent forward, sending her hair
spilling over her breasts as the straps were tightened around the base of
her head.

"MMMPPPPHHH!!!" Rei yelled from behind the gag as she tried in vain to
spit it out. Many of her sisters had whispered that when they spent their
night with the father of their daughters, they had used their mouths on
them. Rei had always been curious but this was no way to find out what it
was like.

With her muscles aching still, she could flex her legs enough to make the
ropes creak. Ultra Woman knew she couldn't break them yet, but she didn't
want the rope to strain enough to warn the SPAY men that their prisoner was

"Just a little more...." she thought as she moved her bound wrists
slightly. She knew that even at full strength she couldn't break her own
rope. However, given time she work her hands free. The slight movements
seemed to struggles but were actually her determining how well tied she
was. "Not a problem," she thought as she found would eventually work a hand

When he released Rei's head, the man stepped back, letting her fall to the
floor. Her lips were stretched wide around the plastic penis trapped in
her mouth and throat. Looking up, she saw the leader walk towards her
bound, spread legs. In his hand he held a white, foot long device, knotty
and rounded at the tip. A tiny white wire came out the opposite end to a
small white box with a strap attached to it.

"Amazon, huh?" he said under his blue helmet. "This thing should finish
you off in a few minutes," he said as he knelt down between her boots.
Reaching down, he twisted his fingers under the lower blue part of her
uniform and tugged them aside. "The grand leader will be very pleased with
our work here," he said as he put the tip of the white tool to Rei's lower

She gasped as her eyes opened wide as the soldier touched her in most
private of places. Rei brought her bound hands up in an arc to catch the
blue armored soldier right under the base of his chin. The strength of the
blow surprised even Rei as he was thrown up and back into a wall. This one
seemed more solid then the previous walls and one a spiderweb of cracks
were created were the man hit. The solid nature didn't help the SPAY man
though. He landed an unconscious thud.

A last moan slipped from his lips, before he rolled over and stopped
moving. The communicator on his wrist beeped twice, paused, then beeped
twice more.

Before the other two behind her could react to this development, Rei had
twisted her bound body so that she way laying on her front. In a single
movement, her tied together hands lifted her body up and her legs broke the
rope tying them together. With a powerful kick backwards, the two remaining
SPAY soldiers were thrown into the plasterboard wall.

As the two white armored men tried to clear the dazed fog from their
brains, Rei got to her feet. With a determined look of revenge on her
lovely Asian face, she used her fists as a bludgeon to knock the two

Victorious, Rei stood in the middle of the room. With some twisting of her
wrists, she extracted her hands from her rope and replaced the glowing gift
on her golden belt where it belongs. Rei then tugged at the straps of the
gag and spat the disgusting thing out. "My first full day in this world and
I already get captured," she muttered in a disgusted voice. "I really must
do better then this."

The gag bounced across the floor like a pointed ball, until coming to rest
atop her foot. With a flinch, the gag flew through the wall like a spear
through paper.

She really wanted to question some of them but sadly, they were all
unconscious and so unavailable. As she turned to leave, Rei suddenly
remembered the blue leader communicating with his bosses. "Captain Liberty
might be able to make use of that thing," said going over to the body of
the leader. After a certain amount of fumbling, she was able to remove the
item the man was talking into.

Rei stood up and looked at the odd wristband. It looked nothing like her
own, through which she could see her own reflection, but more like a
strange contraption with a dozen tiny buttons, a tiny screen, and little
holes to either side of it.

She sighed slightly. "I really must find someone to teach me about the
devices found in this world. I am so handicapped right now."

As she looked at it, on the screen came a series of words scrolling across
it. "Owner incapacitation program initiated."

"What's this?"

The communicator beeped twice, paused, and beeped twice more. Suddenly
Ultra Woman heard a strange, muffled explosion at her feet. Jumping back
by instinct, she knelt down defensively from ten feet away, holding a wrist
up before her, ready to deflect any attack.

The room was the same; she couldn't see what had caused the odd sound.
Then she noticed blood seep out from the base of the blue helmet of the
leader of this group. Steadily it flowed onto the concrete.

Rei's eye widened at the sight. "By the gods..." she whispered realizing
what just happened. "He must have had some information to tell me and his
superiors made sure he couldn't say. That is so cruel as not to give a
person a choice in such a thing." Shaking her head at the scene again, Rei
left the room.

She quickly searched the building and found no trace that Julia was there
or had even been there. "Hades...." she muttered. Just before she opened
the door to the outside, Rei remembered the dogs. Not wishing to hurt them,
she found a way on to the roof. With a bit of a running leap, she easily
sailed over the dogs and the fence. "Now, back to Captain Liberty's lair. I
must speak with him and that is a place he'll eventually show up in."

She looked at the communicator in her hand for a moment. "I wonder if SPAY
could use this to find his place..." Remembering something called
'batteries' and that they made things work. She looked it over and found a
small cover on the back. Prying it open, she extracted a couple of small
round disks. "Hopefully that will take care of that chance."

The two disks sat like tiny, cold metal stones in her hand, seemingly
having no more life than the pebbles on the beaches of her home. With the
communicator in one hand and the little disks in her other hand, the thing
was bereft of life to the best of her knowledge.

"I would rather smash it against the wall," she thought. "But it could be
of use."


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
The Return of Ultra Woman - Part 3

An hour later, the heroine arced high over the razorwired fence and landed
gracefully within the area of the dilapidated amphitheater. As cloud
overhead began to drop tiny spatterings of rain, Rei squeezed past the iron
door at the back of the amphitheater and headed down the stone stairs.

Suddenly a single voice said, with eerie calm: "Intruder, halt. State
your name."

"I never saw anybody else in there," she though. "So this must be what
they call a 'computer'."

Rei's violet eyes darted around the stairwell, and came to rest upon a
tiny metal tube in the ceiling about four feet above and ahead of her. With
her already too many experiences with gassings, she hardly needed to guess
what would come out of that tube.

"Oh joy..." she thought. "I do hope Captain Liberty told this thing who I
am. Otherwise I will probably be taking another nap." In a clear, loud
voice she said, "I am the new Ultra Woman, Captain Liberty's friend." Even
as she spoke the words, Rei readied her body to try and leap clear of any
oncoming gas.

There was a long pause that seemed interminable to the impatiently waiting
Amazon. The cold of the stone beneath her feet was noticeable through the
soles of her boots as she waited.

Again the voice sounded: "Step down two places for retinal scan." Still
watching that tube, Rei stepped down as asked, breathing a slight sigh of
relief. Her soft soled boots scuffed silently on the hard stones as she
stood on the step mentioned, now only about ten steps from the heavy metal
door at the base of the stairwell.

"I wonder what a 'retinal scan' is," she thought. "Retinas are back of the
eyes so it must have something to do with them."

Suddenly metal clamps, their tips made of the stone step, circled from the
back of the previous step around Rei's ankles. A moment later, as Ultra
Woman started to kick them off, a white gas hissed from the tube over her.

"Hades!" she gasped.

Rei acted instinctively. With a powerful kick, she shattered the steel
clamp around her left ankle, then broke the right clamp from around the
other ankle. Leaping up, her palm crushed the tube down against the stone
from which is exuded. She landed near the door at the base of the steps.

Her head wobbled for a few moments from the gas. Kneeling down, the Amazon
paused to let her head clear. At least she had defeated an attempt to gas
her this time.

"I am going to have to have a long talk with Captain Liberty about this,"
she thought, shaking her head a bit to clear the effects of the gas. "I
don't think I would enjoy be gassed everytime I come to visit. On the other
hand, it certainly is a nice trap. Lets a person relax their guard because
they think they've passed through."

With the effects of the gas fading from her body and mind, Rei turned to
the door. Twisting her fingers under the edge, she braced. Standing up
slowly, Ultra Woman pulled the door upwards. The motors and wheels that
controlled it whined as the
Amazon's mighty strength pulled it up. When it reached the height of her
belt, she stopped and held it. With one quick motion, Rei ducked under the
door and let it slam down behind her.

She rubbed her arms slightly as the weight of the door and the power of
the motors did tax her strength slightly. "Now that was a heavy door," she
muttered, walking into the cavern.

The room was unchanged from the way it had appeared in the morning, except
for a few things. The black car was gone, destroyed by SPAY. The monitor
area was much darker, with only a few poorly lit buttons visible. However,
lying on the cot was Captain Liberty.

"He didn't react to all that noise?" she thought. "He must be sound

Even as Rei thought about it, she could see the steady rise of his chest,
and the lack of motion in his limbs. His sleep was deep, almost too deep
for such a man of action.

She wondered if he had taken some sort of narcotic for the pain she
expected he must have. Such drugs were used on her island but very rarely.
She herself had never taken any so didn't know their effects.

Rei slowly approached him. The hero appeared to be in a deep sleep. A
blanket was around his chest, leaving half of his muscular upper body
bare. A swath of bandages was on one side of his lower chest, of which
Ultra Woman could see the outline under the blanket. A strange device
beeped softly from a metal pole. Out of the device was a plastic tube, one
end running to a bag of clear fluid and the other end to Liberty's wrist,
where a metal needle was under his skin.

"I'm surprised he isn't in some sort of medical facility after what he's
been through." she thought as she gazed upon him. "Is there someone else
here? I truly doubt he could have gotten himself here on his own. I should
check to make sure..." Her train of thought derailed as her looked at the

His mask and costume lay on the floor at the foot of the cot, and for the
first time Rei could see his face. His hair was cut very close to his
head, which was well rounded. His cheekbones were prominent, but hardly
skeletal. His bare shoulders showed the musculature of his body, but
looking past that, Rei could see the scars, some large, some small, that
seemed to dot his head, shoulders, and bare arms.

Unconsciously, Rei's hand went to her mouth as she realized that it was
possible that he was naked under the blanket. That and is handsome features
brought to the surface the new emotions she had pushed away before. Ones
that had made her all warm inside. Ones that she had one felt with her
sisters before. "By the gods," she thought. "He's certainly been in some
battles judging from those scars." Before she could stop herself, she
reached down to lightly trace a faint one on his bare shoulder with one of
her short-nailed fingers.

As the touch of her fingernail glided over his chilled skin, Captain
Liberty blinked once. Looking up through the drug induced haze that was
being pumped into his body to speed his healing, Brian saw a vision of
Asian beauty hovering over him. She seemed to exude a warmth and heat that
he could sense even in his weakened condition.

When he opened his eyes, Rei was worried that she had hurt him some how.
She was relieved to see that she hadn't. She was puzzled however by the
look in his eyes. Instead of the arrogance and strength that she had always
seen, there was now a difference. Not weakness but just softer.

His dark eyes blinked open into a world of fog and mist. "Angel?" he
mumbled huskily. Reaching up with his hand, he exposing that side of his
body, from the outside of his bare, tanned hip and across his midsection to
the opposite shoulder. He took Rei's hand in his, and, with little strength
behind it, pulled her down to him.

She was so surprised at his touch that Rei didn't even think to resist
him. All she could do was stare with widened eyes at all the exposed skin.
She didn't realize it but her silky black mound of hair that was hidden
under the blue part of her uniform started to become moistened.

Brian stared up at the figure of beauty as he gazed into her violet eyes.
The medications made his head swim and blotted out all other thoughts but
the Amazon vision of heaven over him. The self-restraint Captain Liberty
imposed upon himself faded under the drugs that healed him. His powerful
masculinity pushed forward.

Rei gasped softly as she saw the large bulge form in the blanket. She had
felt it once by accident in this very room but there had been layers of
clothing between them. Now, however there was only a thin piece of cloth
that prevented her from seeing him. As if in response to her stare, the
bulge started to pulsate. Rei forced her gaze elsewhere as she could feel
herself begin to breath faster.

Raising his other arm, IV still taped to his wrist, he slipped it behind
Rei's neck as she allowed herself to be pulled to her knees. "Lower,
angel..." he whispered, as if from a million miles away.

She carefully knelt next him, her eyes beginning to glow with a kind of
passion that she had never felt before. One of her hands rested lightly on
his bare chest where the bandage didn't touch.

As Ultra Woman leaned down to hear what he might have to say, his head
raised off the pillow. The normally harsh lines of his lips were soft,
and, as he pressed them to hers, warm and yielding as Brian kissed the
Amazon warrior passionately.

Rei returned the kiss just as deeply with her tongue reaching out from
between her lips to probe at his. Her head lightly circling on his chest
and her throat made whimpering like sounds. She could feel a distinct
moistness developing between her legs along with a feeling that her uniform
seemed just a bit too tight.

They suddenly broke the kiss together, both gasping for air as they stared
into each other's eyes. Rei knew what would come next... What she wanted to
come next... However she was deeply scared as she had never been with a man
before. A little voice inside kept saying that this was happening too fast.
Not that it was wrong mind you. While the look in his eyes was
unadulterated passion, hers was passion mixed with the fear of the unknown.

The hand at the back of Rei's neck moved down her back. Over every bone
in her spine his fingers trailed, over the lip of her bustier and down the
zipper. When his hand reached her golden belt, somehow he instantly found
the hidden latch. With a pop, the belt snapped open from behind and fell
from her waist and to the floor at her feet.

She shivered slightly in response to his touch upon her flesh. Rei's mind
was a spinning as she realized that she so very close to the moment that
she and her sisters fantasized about. The time when they make love to a man
for the first time. In an instant the weak doubts of the wisdom of this
were silenced within her mind.

"Angel...lay with me..." he breathed, his voice still sounding as if it
were coming from far away, not as in-your-face as Rei had experienced
before. He leaned up to meet her lips again, his tongue darting past them
to probe her mouth. The hand on her back pulled her down weakly, yet full
of the unlimited power of his passion, as his other hand reached up.

As Rei leaned closer to him, she reached up and quickly removed her tiara
dropping it to the floor next to her belt. Her black hair spilled forward
to shield their heads from the room as they deeply kissed each other. Her
tongue playfully warring with his as it explored his mouth. One of her
hands reached around to hold his head to hers. The long fingers running
through his short hair.

A medicated smile crossed his lips as he felt her react as his hand cupped
the breast in the bustier. His fingers pressed gently down at the soft
gland bulged upwards on her chest. His palm pressed the nipple down as it

She jumped slightly at his touch but didn't try to remove his hand from
her plump breasts. She did whimper softly into his lips as he tormented her
hardening and sensitive nipples. As if in response, one of her hands
started to gently rub and play with his smaller nipples on his chest.

Suddenly Rei heard, then felt, the zipper on her bustier sliding down...

She broke their kiss and leaned back slightly. Still close enough that
their noses nearly touched. She could see fires of passion within his eyes
and knew that it was mirrored in hers. Rei could feel a thin trickle of
wetness running down her thigh from her womanhood to show her need.
"Captain," she whispered, her hand stroking his hair. "I wish you to make
love to me as I would like to make love to you. Do you wish it as well? you
will be the first man I would make love to so I do not have the experience
in pleasuring you."

His thumb made tiny circles over her nipple, making the entire soft breast
shimmy as he toyed with the hardness under the gold lettering. "I want you
Angel..." he breathed. Under the blanket, his erection grew as her fingers
played with his own nipples, making the harsh army blanket rise up in the
middle of the bed.

Rei smiled in response and started to stand. As his hand left her loosened
bustier, it started sliding down her body. She reached up with her hands to
grip the edges and ever so slowly push it down her hips. With a quiet
'plop', the satin like fabric fell to the floor. Rei bent over to slide the
hidden zippers on the sides of her boots down. Her breasts wobbly slightly
in the air from her actions.

Standing straight again, she was nude but for her bracelets before his
eyes. Her long black hair covering her full breasts slightly.
The mound rose and fell from her quick breaths. The black mound of fur
between her legs glistened in the dim light and highlighted wet trails down
her legs. She looked down at him with a smile.

"Come to me..." Brian whispered huskily as he took Rei by the hand and
pulled her onto the bed. Throwing back the rough blanket, his hard cock
pointed up towards the ceiling at a slightly curved angle. The head was a
blood red as his body's fluids surged into it.

"Oh my..." Rei gasped as she stared at his manhood. As if in response, it
started to throb and jerk before her eyes. Rei suddenly felt a twinge of
fear that it wouldn't fit inside of her soft depths. She quickly dismissed
such concerns as childish. Taking a deep breath, which caused her to take
in his musky scent, Rei gently cupped a hand around his cock. She found
that she loved the hard yet soft hotness of him. "You're so lovely..." she
breathed, looking deep into his eyes with unmasked adoration.

The organ was blazing hot in Rei's hand. She could feel it pulsating with
life and urgent need. "Angel..." he breathed again as his hands moved up
her well formed arms until the fingers curled around her shoulders.

Rei had never felt anything like what she held in her hand now. Hot and
hard but still soft and smooth. She could feel him squirm and moan as she
rubbed a thumb of the wide head of him.

Unable to sit up, Captain Liberty brought Rei down atop him, gripping her
gently by the shoulders and pressing her to him. Her soft breasts and hard
nipples squeezed against his muscular chest, spreading the soft glands over
him and drawing sweat from them both. His lips again searched for hers as
his hands slid down her bare back until the encircled her ass cheeks.
Lifting them up, he kneaded her backside as his cock rubbed against her
thigh. The thick, hard organ felt as hot as a branding iron as it touched
the sensitive skin inside her thigh.

Rei let him control and move her body as he was her tutor in the art of
love now. Her hands moved under his back to grip his shoulders and pull him
to her slightly harder. It drew a gasp from each of their lips as they
deeply kissed. As she felt him along her thigh, Rei could feel the Amazon
'Curse of Troy' beginning to take hold. The curse would rob her of her
strength when she was taken by a man. However, as the test proved, Rei knew
that she could fight the Curse for a time. She gently broke their kiss and
moved her lips to one of his ears. "You will be the first man to make love
to me Captain..." she whispered. "I am grateful it is you..."

Brian lifted his head from the pillow, his breathe hot against her neck as
he dropped wet kisses against her throat. "First..." he echoed distantly,
almost as a question. His hands moved up and down her body, pausing to cup
the outside of her bulging breasts then slide back down to surround her
firm ass.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt his rough hands travel down her
body. Her tongue began to lick in and around his ear lobe. Rei could feel
her nipples getting harder as they poked into his hard chest. She lifted
her body up off of him slightly. Just enough to rub her hard nipples
against the rough surface of his lips. As Rei did so, his throbbing cock
slid up her thigh, becoming coated with her juices, to nuzzle the sensitive
lower lips hidden within her mound of fur. She moaned deeply from the
feeling of both.

His fingers cupped her ass and pulled the cheek apart gently as he pulled
her down. His thick cock pressed between her arched hips, pushing the
puffy lips of her sex wide. While his lips encircled and trapped her left
nipple between his nibbling teeth, his pole pushed deeper within her body,
sending pleasures up her spine she had never experienced before.

Rei threw her head back, groaning deeply as he slide into her hot, wet
depths. Her mind was filled with massive amounts of new pleasures. Her test
had placed in object into her womanhood but that was nothing compared to
him! Many a sister had suckled on her nipples but none felt like this
before. She pushed down to take more of him in deeper until his pubic hair
met her dripping wet mound.

"Angel..." he sighed, sending hot breath blowing over her glowing breast.

"Oh Captain..." she breathed, looking down at him nursing on her breast.
"This is so good! So...Wonderful!" She squeezed his cock with her muscles
as she felt it throb in her. Cradling his head between her breasts, she
whispered, "Tell me how to please you Captain... Be my teacher..."

With his eyes closed as he absorbed the sensations, Liberty sighed
huskily. "Yes...angel...teach... Squeeze, use your muscles down there to
hug me, Angel."

Rei nodded, knowing exactly what he meant somehow. Her muscles began to
throb around his massiveness squeezing him slowly. As she did so, his cock
jerked in response. The two of them moaned as pleasurable sensations filled
their hungry bodies.

His hand rested in the middle of Rei's back, guiding her upwards. As her
sheath moved up, his pole slid against every nerve ending in her body. Rei
could feel the swollen head of his cock bulging in her womanhood as it
traveled towards the exit. Just as her lips bulged around the head, his
hand stopped her, and guided her back down.

He slid easily in her passage as it was flooded with large amounts of her
honey that dripped on to his thighs and the cot. The scent of her and his
arousal flooded both of their nostrils, driving their passions higher.

Brian leaned up, wincing slightly from the pain in his shoulder and
ribcage. His other hand cupped Rei's breasts, as his lips surrounded the
pink bud. "Oh Angel..." he sighed, making his hot breath cascade over her
nipple. In a moment, her pink nipple was sucked within his mouth. His
teeth nibbled at the base of the nipple while his tongue playfully batted
at the tip.

Rei whimpered softly as his lips suckled on and played with her nipples.
She supported herself by leaning on elbow while the hand of her other arm
held his head to her breasts. As Rei leaned down to kiss the top of his
head, her long hair cascaded down to curtain their heads from the rest of
the world.

Back down his hand guided Rei. The sound of parting wetness was the only
thing that could be heard aside from the moans of the hero and heroine.
Again her sheath was penetrated by the thick head of his lovepole, parting
her to the depths of her body. Rei's track sliced open, surrounding
Brian's manhood with her warm wetness.

She began to move her hips with him. Pushing down as he moved up into her,
pulling back as he moved out. "Now I know why we're suppose to only spend
one night with a man," she gasped as they moved together. "The pleasure are
so good! So right!"

Her fingers pulled him away from her nipples just long enough for them to
deeply kiss one another. Their tongues gently exploring the other's mouth.
They broke apart and moaned deeply when Rei pushed down hard and took him
in even deeper. The thick head of him rubbed against the nerves at her
cervix. The very tip poking into her womb. In response, the muscles of her
channel squeezed him tightly.

A groan slipped from Brian's lips as Rei's pussy swallowed even more of
his cock. Arching his back, he pushed himself deeper, forcing the member
to spread her wider and deeper as he winced in a moment of pain from his
injured body.

Rei gasped as he slid into her womb, her hips pushing down to meet his
arching ones. Forcing him even deeper into her. She threw her head back and
groaned deeply. She could feel the Curse trying to take her strength but
she battled with it like she did during her test. Trying to extend the time
she had in order to please the Captain and herself.

His organ twitched in need as his hand squeezed Rei's breast tightly for
that moment. He took a deep, shuddered breath then again swallowed the
hard nipple before him.

"Oh Captain...." she gasped as he suckled her again. Her hips slowly
rocking back and forth. Moving his cock in and out slightly.

Relaxing against the hard cot, Captain Liberty sagged tiredly as his organ
finally and completely entered the lovely Asian girl atop him. Pulling Rei
down by her breasts as his head lay against his pillow, Brian pulled her
nipple gently with his teeth.

She loved how he tormented her hard nubs. So different, it seemed, then
how her sisters suckled. Rei really didn't care to compare at this time
however. She just loved the sensations and rode the wave of pleasure. Rei
rested on her elbows above him. Enough so that he had access to her breasts
and that she could piston on him easier.

With the two pendulous breasts dangling down over his head like ripe
melons on the vine, Brian moved to the other piece of fruit. His tongue
teased the hard tip before his lips sucked it deep within his warm mouth.
"Angel.." he breathed, washing his warm air over her sensitive, rockhard
nipple. His hips moved slowly in small circles as the girl over him
pistoned herself over his member.

"Oh Captain..." she whispered in response. "You are so good... So
perfect..." Rei could feel her sweet honey dripping from her mound on him
and then the cot. It made it much easier for him to slide in and out as she
quicken the pace.

The head of his blazing rod ground against the sensitive walls of her
vagina as every thrust of her hips and every turn of his. His cock was
everywhere within her, touching every nerve ending and making each one
explode with unimaginable pleasures.

Rei's eyes were squeeze tightly shut as her face pointed towards the rock
ceiling. "So good!" she whimpered. "So very good!" Rei picked up the pace
of her thrusts even faster. The friction on his cock driving Brian wild
with pleasures too.

Small gasps came faster from the man under Rei as his cock continued to
grind against the Amazon's inner walls. Hot bursts of his breath washed
over her breast as his teeth bit teasingly at the new nipple.

"I...c...can't hold...out!" Rei gasped, the force of the pleasures were
too new and much too good. As she thrust down on him, she also arched her
hips so that her clit dragged on his pubic hair. "Must...orgasm!!"

His hips moved to match Rei's downward movements, thrusting his organ
deeper within her. Faster he moved to keep time with the passionate woman
atop him. His lips moved from her breasts as his hand cupped the back of
her head. Pulling her down he locked those lips on hers, sending his
tongue darting within the young girl's mouth.

Rei pushed her lips hard against Brian's to slide her tongue into his
mouth as well. Her eyes looking deeply into his as her thrusts descended
into a series of quick jerks up and down his cock. Suddenly, Rei could
stand it no longer. Her lips broke free of his as she arched her head back
and screamed a scream of pure pleasure. Rei's powerful orgasm shook her
body to the core as she gave into it completely. The walls of her vagina
began to squeeze his steel hard cock tightly as every muscle in her body

As her sex clamped down on his pole, Brian grunted from the effort of his
thrusts. Painful at first, it became wonderfully tight as the Amazon's
strength almost instantly began to slowly fade.

As Ultra Woman's sweet love juices rolled down his cock and over his
groin, Brian arched upwards. His organ pierced deeper within her as it
shuddered and inflated one last moment.

Her eyes had been clenched shut as she orgasmed but suddenly flew open as
he grew even larger then before.

With a guttural groan and a husky "Angel..." Brian could contain himself
no longer. Burying his cock at the deepest part of Rei's spasming sheath,
his balls boiled up their contents.

Rei's screams turned to deep and pleasurable moans as he filled her with
the seed of a man for the first time. The walls of her vagina throbbing and
almost milking Brian to make him produce more and more.

The Asian amazon leaned on her hands as she looked down into Brian's
equally flushed face. The pleasurable sweat glistened on each body as each
panted hard. Rei could feel his cock still shooting its hot jets of seed
deep into her womb. Each time causing her vagina to squeeze him and making
him fire again. Rei knew that she had never ever felt such a feeling as a
man cumming inside of her.

Rei lowered herself on to his hard body when she realized that she lacked
the strength to hold herself up anymore. While she knew she probably could
have held out against the Curse for a longer time, Rei realized that she
had willingly given into the wonderful man. "Oh Captain..." she whispered
into his ear. "Thank you for being my first man..." Rei lifted her head
slightly to tenderly kiss him on the lips.

Sliding his fingers through Rei's sweat-dampened hair and resting it on
the back of her neck, Brian returned the kiss before sagging back onto the
pillow. "Fir...? Yes, my angel..." he murmured under his breath.

She snuggled into his body, his semi-hard cock still inside her, while
closing her eyes. "So tired..." she thought. "A nap might be good..."

Wrapping her lithe form in his wiry, strong arms, Brian held the weakened
Amazon as tightly as his injured, drug and sex addled body would allow.

Rei unconsciously moved her legs to squeeze his strong thigh and wrapped
her hands under his shoulder in order to hold herself against him better.
Forcing their bodies even closer against one another and making both sigh
in comfort.

Her breasts angled around the side of his chest, each one pressed warmly
against him. Rei's hair spilled wetly over their sweaty bodies, while
their crotches glistened with their combined love juices.

Feeling slightly chilled from the cool air in the room, Rei reached down
and with the last of her strength pulled the blanket over their naked
bodies. The rough fabric pleasantly stimulating her sensitive skin.

In moments, both weakened, cursed Amazon and battle-injured, drugged hero
were deeply asleep...


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
The Morning After...

Every muscle ached as Captain Liberty's eyes blinked awake. He started to
stretch out his sore, bruised muscles when he sensed something different.
In an instant, he froze.

A woman was lying upon him, and a naked one at that. His hand upon her back
felt gently at her under the blanket. From the muscles in her back, this
woman was in great shape.

Mentally he did a catalog of this woman. Her bare, smooth legs were
intertwined with his own. Moist warmth covered her soft, velvety bush as it
pressed against the side of his hip with her thigh nudged against his wet,
now-flaccid member. Her flat stomach nestled tightly up with his
midsection. Her breasts, soft and warm, were parted at the angle of the
side of his ribcage. Raven black hair was mussed over the two of them. A
single arm stretched over his chest; a thin, sinewy arm that ended with an
argent bracelet. Liberty groaned. The instant he saw that bracelet, he knew
what he had done.

Getting home after the battle with the aid of Venus, Liberty had known he
was too injured to do anything more. Using his knowledge of medicine
gathered from a lifetime of getting bruised and battered as a hero, he had
induced a haze of medicated sleep that would accelerate his body's natural
healing process.

He couldn't remember a thing. He and she had made love, that much was plain
to see. If he could move his arm without waking her, he would have slapped
himself. He knew she was an Amazon, and thus long-lived; hell, she was
probably older than his own 41 years. But she looked 17.

"Shit.." he growled under his breath. Glancing around the room, he could
see her uniform and accouterments lying on the floor next to the cot. Her
magic rope gleamed off his pale eyes as he thought back to another Amazon
that had laid upon his chest just as this one was

"Get your shit together," he growled again softly to himself. He needed a
distraction to get his act together. He couldn't wake this girl up and
pretend he was overjoyed at what he had done. He needed that distraction.

Moving slowly, his hand slid off Rei's back and to the floor below the cot.
He knew the remote for his monitoring board was down there somewhere. His
fingers fumbled slowly around the base of the cot as he looked down at the
sleeping Amazon.

As his arm moved, Rei squirmed slightly on top of his body. Her normal
reflexes dulled by the activities of the night before. Her thigh rubbing
against his member slightly. Just enough for it to stiffen a bit.

Liberty frowned as the smooth, warm flesh of Rei's leg touched him. He felt
the arousal again, and instantly moved to stifle it. He really needed that
distraction now.

Rei's thigh moved against him again as the sensitive skin reacted to the
slight throbbing against it. The smooth thigh stroked him again and caused
his member to harden even more.

With his arm positioned differently, her head moved upwards enough to allow
Liberty to see her face. She looked peaceful, so calm and assured. He
paused for a moment to gaze down at the young, innocent face sleeping
against his chest. Minutes passed while he looked, again amazed at how
these Amazons always could look so very peaceful and innocent.

"Just a little while longer mama..." Rei mumbled softly in her sleep as he
moved. "Tutoring isn't for awhile yet..."

Finally his fingers found the remote. He knew exactly which button to

Suddenly the room was full of flashing red lights and a blaring klaxon!

Rei's eyes flew open as she was roughly yanked out of a sound sleep. She
instinctively leaped to her feet and assumed a combat stance. As she leaped
off of the cot however, she had placed her knee in such a way leverage
herself into the air. The spot she had placed it and applied extreme
pressure was Liberty's groin. In particular, his penis.

Instantly twisting his hips as he felt the pressure on him enlarged member,
Liberty let out a low grunt. Chomping his teeth together to stifle the pain
he felt, he also moved to get on his feet, although much more slowly that

Rei shook her head a few times to clear out the last of the cobwebs. A
smile came to her lips as she remembered what happened the night before.
"My first man..." she thought. "If they're all like him then I may never go

With a lurch he walked nakedly to the monitoring board. "Damn," he said,
his eyes looking everything over. He knew he needed a crime, any crime, to
distract this girl and get her dressed and out until he could think more on
what had happened.

She followed him to the board, eyes locked on his tight ass and how the
underlying muscles moved as he walked. For some odd reason, the word
'yummy' came to mind....

"Listen, there's been," he paused as he pressed buttons that made various
maps come up so fast Rei couldn't keep track of them, "been a drug shooting
about seven minutes ago." Not a hint of his searching or confusion came
through his gruff voice. He half-looked over to Ultra Woman. "You think you
can get there quick? It's six blocks south and three east from here. Looks
like there's someone trapped in a car too. I'd go but my car's destroyed."

When she didn't reply, he looked at her more closely and saw that Rei was
staring at his semi-hard cock. She realized what she was doing and turned
away with a blush. "Sorry," she said embarrassed. "I've never seen one of
those close up before last night. Of course I can get there quickly and I
shall do my title proud when I get there." Rei slipped an arm around his
waist and gently kissed his shoulder. "After I get back you can teach me
more about how men and women make love. I never felt how you made me feel
last night."

Liberty ignored the young heroine's gaping gaze at his bare ass. He tried
to continue to concentrate on the monitoring board until her hand and the
cool metal of the bracelet wound around his rippled abdomen.

He put a hand to the back of the Amazon's head and gave her a quick hug and
placed a brief kiss on her forehead. "You need to get going, there could be
some people needing help," he said with some tenderness in his voice.

She sighed slightly and nodded in understanding. "I know that we have to
put the welfare of the innocent above ourselves but can we not take a
moment once in a while for us alone? We are but human." Rei smiled.
"Sometime I shall make us a pot of tea and we can have a long discussion
about life, the universe, and everything."

Rei walked quickly over to the cot and smiled when she saw the large wet
stain on it from their activities the night before. As she bent down to
slip her uniform on, she displayed both of her holes to him.

Liberty pointedly kept his eyes on the monitoring board. He knew he had
been weak last night, and he would not allow it to happen again.

Quickly pulling the fabric up, she held the cups of the bustier against her
breasts. "Be a dear and zip me up?" she asked looking over her shoulder at
his face.

He nodded and grabbed the zipper. His lips were pursed tightly together,
showing little of his emotions other than he was obviously keeping them
down. In his mind, that was where they belonged.

Rei could feel the warmth of his hands through the fabric and smiled as she
remembered when he moved the zipper in the opposite direction. As she felt
the fabric tighten around her, Rei inhaled so that it would fit even more
snugly. She tugged at it in a few places to even out any wrinkles and
adjust the appearance until it was perfect.

Backing up slightly, her satin covered ass bumped into his hard cock
causing him to jump. "Oops! Sorry about that!" Rei giggled, clearly lying.

His lips curved down in a disapproving frown. "We don't have time for
this," he said, although it didn't sound nearly as harsh as such a
statement might usually have sounded coming from him.

The smile she gave as she looked up at him was so sweet he thought he might
go into sugar shock. The gleam from her eyes nearly blinded him. "Quite
right sir, we shall have to make the time after I defeat the villains and

She quickly put the boots, belt, and tiara on and walked to the steps.
"Oh... And could you make that silly thing recognize me? It nearly gassed
me last night and I didn't like it at all." Rei blew him a kiss as she
walked up the steps. "Toodles."

Liberty nodded perfunctorily. "I'll add you to the computer. Be careful out

Before Rei could leave, he had already turned back to the computer...

"I shall be kind sir," Rei said with a smile as she lightly ran up the
stair. She knew the hard ass persona he gave off was a cover for a real
person. The previous night, he had let her inside and she had liked what
she had seen. "Just a question of finding the right spot to lever that
shell off of him," she thought as she ran into the sunshine.

Ultra Woman ran down the street, her loins still tingling from her night's
activities. Her strength had completely returned during her sleep and she
felt as vibrant as ever before in her life.

"I might just have to suggest to the Queen that Amazons should sleep with a
man before battle," she thought with a smile.

She went south three blocks, just as Liberty had said, then turned to the
east towards the rising sun. The area around the park was old, obviously,
and some places were better than other, but overall it was somewhere in the
middle of what she had seen. However, as she passed a sign stating simply
"Zwicken," the buildings showed more age, with a few burned out and more
abandoned or fallen into tremendous disrepair.

"By the gods..." she breathed. "If I didn't know better, I would have
thought a war had been fought here! Why the authorities don't do something
about this I beyond me."

As she got a block away, a car came careening towards her. Past them she
could see a black and white car, with globes on its roof, burning. Two men
sat in the front of the fast approaching vehicle. Each was scrubby in
appearance and as they saw Ultra Woman rushing towards
them, their faces, already twisted in maniacal rage, heightened into hate.

"I assume those are the evil doers and that they have attacked the local
law enforcement," she observed. "They do appear quite upset about

The passenger leaned out the window and fired four quick blasts from his
pistol as the car bore down on the oriental heroine.

With a flash of argent, Ultra Woman easily slapped the bullets aside with
her bracelets. The first two were sent flying, but Rei slowed down to
concentrate on the last two. One deflected back and skittered under the
approaching car. The last bullet went exactly where the
heroine aimed - directly into the radiator.

"Got it!" she said.

As the steam hissed from the damaged radiator, the car continued to bear
down on Rei. Just as it was about to reach her, the athletic heroine leaped
into the air.

Grabbing the edge of the roof, she twisted around in, using the momentum of
the car to turn her sideways. Her fingernails dug deep into the metal roof.
Despite her Amazon strength, the speed of the car nearly sent her flying.
Instead she angled to the side of the car.

"I forgot to add velocity in the calculations for this idea," she muttered.

Missing the front window due to the speed of the car, Ultra Woman dove in
through the back door window on the passenger side. Just as she landed,
boots first, in the dirty, cluttered back seat behind the two men, the car
abruptly crashed blindly into a building.

Rei was thrown into the front seat. Her back slammed painfully into the
dashboard as the back of her head dented the steering wheel.

"Uhhhhhhhhh" she gasped as the impact made her see stars that faded into
blackness for several seconds. Rei's Amazon constitution quickly revived
her from unconsciousness. She rubbed a dusty hand against the back of her
head. "Now that hurt..." she moaned. Rei was happy to see that there wasn't
any blood but did feel a goose egg there.

Sitting up in the destroyed car, bricks fell off her back. In the
floorboard under her were a pair of handguns, a box of cash, and a strange,
pink dust zipped in small, clear plastic bags. As she looked up, she
instantly took in that the car was inside one of the empty, crumbling
buildings she had just passed. She was alone in the car.

"Hades," she thought. "Now where did they get too..." Climbing out of the
car through the open driver's side door, Rei stood next to wreck vehicle.

With a crash, one of the men leaped up onto the hood on the other side of
the missing windshield. His left arm hung at an awful angle; it was clearly
shattered in a dozen places. A cut on his face was bleeding profusely, and
Rei could see this man wouldn't live for ten more minutes with that kind of
blood loss.

Her eyes widened as she saw the extent of his injuries. "How in Zeus's name
is he still up right?!" she thought. "This is not good..." Rei kept her
eyes on him but also used her senses to look for the man's companion. "Now
just surrender evil doer and I'll make sure you receive medical attention,"
Rei said calmly, moving to get a better position.

Then she saw his face. It was twisted in horrible, animalistic rage. As she
moved, he raised a crowbar with his one good arm...

With a lightning reflex, Rei grabbed the steering wheel of the car and
yanked it off. Like a discus, she threw it at him aiming for the arm that
held the weapon.

With the terrible sound of bones crunching, the man's radius and ulna
cracked in half as the bent steering wheel bounced off his arm. The crowbar
skittered over the scattered bricks, but the man barely blinked.

She just looked at him with widen eyes at his reaction, or rather the lack
of one.

With his arms hanging lifelessly from either side, the man, foaming white
at the mouth, dove at Rei. Teeth bared, he lunged at her. Dodging to the
side of the man, Ultra Woman kicked him in the knee, sending him tumbling
down amongst the bricks and mortar piled next to the destroyed car.

"Stay down sir or I shall be forced to hurt you more and I don't wish to do

Unable to stand on a damaged knee or move with two arms, the man insanely
crawled towards Rei as his life's blood oozed from his body.

Looking down at him in astonishment, Rei couldn't help but notice the
strange, pink powder that stained the man's scraggly mustache.

"I wonder if those bags of powder I found have anything to do with this..."
she said stepping back to be out of his reach.

Suddenly Rei was struck in the back. In a pile Ultra Woman and the driver
tumbled over the bricks, each one striving to get control over the other.
The man's strength was immense, certainly not the strength of any normal

"Gotta get him off..." she grunted as he grabbed at her arms, trying to
control her.

With a short blow of her fist, Rei knocked the man off her. Jumping to her
feet, she dipped under his grasping hands and flipped him over. In an
instant, her rope was around his shoulders as he stood up.

"I command you to surrender to me!" Rei ordered in a loud voice.

Ignoring her words, the man, eyes glazed and nostrils pink, dove at her

Rei ducked slightly and used his own momentum to fling him into the wall.
He hit it with a dull thud and slide to the floor in a heap finally

"By the gods..." a very dusty and dirty Rei said as she looked over the
scene of the battle. She saw that the other man was unconscious as well
from his blood loss. Finding a rag on the floor, she wrapped it around the
would to try and stem some of the bleeding. "Now you stay here sir and I'll
find you some medical attention," she said and ran from the building to the

As she stepped over the unconscious man, she couldn't help but notice that,
even dying, he was still twitching. Also she noticed, now much more aware
than she might have ever been before, how he had the largest bulge in his
pants. Even unconscious, which she didn't think would have been possible...

"I must tell the Captain about this," she thought. "I suspect he knows what
is causing all of this."

As Rei rushed through the front of the car and through the hole, suddenly a
black boot swung down from an old, rusted flagpole. Before the Amazon, her
thoughts on the two injured and dying men, could react, the toe of the
boot, tipped in steel apparently, slammed into her chin.

"What the...." she started to say as the attacker appeared from seemly

Caught completely unawares, Ultra Woman's feet continued forward as her
head snapped back. She crumpled, dazed, onto the bricks and debris on the

"This has not been a good day..." she thought as starbursts of pain
traveled through out her head and body.

With the sky spinning around over her, she made out her attacker through
the fog that was quickly clearing due to her Amazon heritage. The woman
that landed lightly on a pair of soft velvet boots had glistening blonde
hair. She wore a matching velvet skirt and gloves of midnight black, and a
top that covered her body and arms with shining spandex. A crescent white
moon rested between her breasts on the tightly stretched material.

The outlandish dress let Rei assume that this wasn't a normal citizen of
the city. Most likely a villianess or another heroine. Though if it was a
heroine you would think they would have recognized the uniform of Ultra

A pair of harsh blue eyes glared down at Rei from behind a midnight blue
mask. A smile grew on her face as she looked over the oriental Amazon at
her feet.

As she smiled, Rei's eyes narrowed ever so slightly. She so disliked people
who gloated. It tended to make her ever so slightly....the best word to
describe it is 'pissed off'. Especially after being hit by them.

"We're gonna have some fun..."

Instead of replying, Rei shifted into combat mode... Firstly snatching a
loose brick and firing it like a bullet as the woman's head.

At the last second the woman dodged the brick. Her eyes were wide,
obviously at the thought of what that brick might have done had it

Seeing her opening, Rei swiped a boot at the woman's knees, sending the
blonde tumbling down. Jumping to her feet, Rei could see that she had this
woman outclassed as a warrior.

"Novice," she thought.

The woman got to her feet just as Rei grabbed her by the spandex of her top
and threw her down to the ground. With the wind blown out of her sails, the
blonde rolled onto her side, her skirt riding up over her hips to expose
the midnight blue thong underneath.

With a flick of her wrist, Rei wrapped the lasso over the woman's
shoulders. Pulling her up, Ultra Woman tugged the rope snug around the
woman's healthy breasts.

"Stop fighting me," Rei commanded her. The rope blasted the order into the
woman's mind

As Rei stepped up to her, the woman suddenly leaned forward and fastened
her lips upon Ultra Woman's lips. Shadow's pink lips pressed hotly against
the amazon's, sending a few odd tendrils of pleasure shooting through Rei.

"Wha....." Rei started to say.

With the suddenness of a lightning bolt, an orgasm exploded the length and
breadth of Rei's body and soul.

Rei gasped as she felt the pleasure blast throughout her body. The front of
her uniform instant developed a age wet spot as a burst a fluids gushed
from her womanhood. It felt different from the "normal" ones. More like the
one in the Test. Impersonal was the best way to describe it. Rei could feel
the curse attempting to sap her strength but she concentrated hard to fight
it. Quickly it all past leaving her panting slightly with sheen of sweat on
her body.

She grabbed the other woman by the neck with a hand and lifted her off the
ground while the other kept hold of the rope. "What did you do to me you
bitch!?" Rei said through gritted teeth. "And if you EVER try to do
anything like that again I will personally put you through a wall! You are
ordered to never do anything to me, got it?"

The blonde looked alarmed for a moment as her boots left the ground.
Hanging in the air with the hand of an angry Amazon around her neck
bothered her. However, once she saw that Rei wasn't going to truly harm
her, the woman's aplomb returned.

"I can't do anything to you?" she echoed in a deep, sultry voice. Ultra
Woman's rope kept her from moving her arms, but her hands reached down to
her skirt. "You know what I want to do to you, Ultra Woman? I want to lick
you until you scream, until tears run down your cheeks."

Rei's eyes widened at first the woman's words but then narrowed. Amazon's
were, by nature, more open about sexual matters then outsiders but they
were not sluts. At least not in the way Rei was perceiving this stranger as

Her breasts swelled against the tight spandex top and the glowing rope.
Nipples poked out, making the tips shine in the morning light. The green
eyes looked down at Rei, filled with lustful ideas. "Don't you feel it,
Ultra Woman? Isn't your body aching for attention? I'm your sister, a
fellow heroine, I could do so many things to you. I'm sorry about kicking
you, but I thought you were one of," she nodded towards the damaged
building, "them."

"If this is what it takes to be a 'heroine' in this world," Rei thought
disgustingly. "Then I wish to have no contact with them. They must have a
rather low sense of honor to act the part of common harlots."

Her fingers gathered up her skirt an inch at a time. The thong beneath, not
quite at Rei's eye level, was revealed. A diamond shaped cutout was
missing, revealing the natural blonde bush and the blossoming mound that
sent hints of pleasure riding on the soft, cold morning breeze.

Rei took in one eye full of the woman before looking away. She had to admit
it was quite tempting but she had more, and actually better, things to be
taking care of right now.

"Please Ultra Woman, let's go somewhere, please, I so want to please
you..." she almost begged.

Rei placed the woman on the ground, not rough but not gently, and stepped
back while keeping the lasso in hand. "You may please me by telling me what
makes you act the whorish slut? And I have no intention of ever allowing
you access to my body. I enjoy pleasure but not when done by the likes of

Shadow put her face in her hands as if to cry. "No...please..." she begged
again, her words muffled. "I have to..."

Suddenly, with a speed that was blindingly fast compared to her earlier
movements, Shadow lashed her boot upwards. The flat of her foot slammed
into Rei's tender, vulnerable womanhood with a power that again was
unhinted at by this woman's previous actions.

The Amazon gasped in extreme pain that caused her to fall to her knees, one
hand holding her crotch. Her body was more sensitive then others so that
the pain was worse.

As the Amazon heroine doubled over in sudden shooting pain, the blonde
woman quickly grabbed Rei by her raven tresses and pulled her head back.
Still trapped by the lasso, Shadow seemed to be ignoring the very commands
that no one else could have ignored. "Don't make me beg," the woman said
coldly before locking her Halycon-treated lips onto the full lips of Ultra

As she felt her body exploding into another orgasm again, Rei was able to
keep at least a small part of her mind functioning despite the pleasurable
feelings racing through her. A fist, actually speeded up by orgasm,
connected the blond under her chin causing her head to snap back and
breaking the kiss. It also catapulted her into the air and right into the
light pole but that's beside the point.

With an ugly crunch, the blonde slammed into the pole, her body bending at
a bad angle. She fell to the ground in a heap, her skirt high on her hips
as the cutout thong peeked at Rei.

She saw what happened to the blond and the impact made her wince slightly.

In the distance, sirens could be heard...

Rei shook her head several times to clear the pleasurable feelings. "Fool
me once, doom on me," she muttered angrily. "Fool me twice, doom on you."
She slowly got to her feet, wincing slightly from the fading pain in her
womanhood but still ready for action. "I can't kill her but
I can 'punish' her a little..."

The two women, one bruised and aching from being struck by the orgasmic
strength of an Amazon, the other still gasping for air after two
unbelievable, instantaneous orgasms that just ripped through her body, both
struggled to get to their feet. A small crowd of locals began to gather,
but stayed far enough away to remain safe.

Rei noticed the crowd forming but took no notice other then to make sure
they didn't attack her. In the meantime, her body recovered enough from the
attacks and orgasms so that she was back at fighting strength. Later on
however, Rei knew she would be hurting.

Shadow grabbed her side in pain until her green eyes met the violet eyes of
the angry, flushed Amazon ten feet away. "Ultra Woman, please, I need
you..." she gasped as she saw Rei's breasts heaving against the rim of her
bustier. "Please...let's go inside together..." she added while taking a
defensive stance.

Rei also took a defensive stance but even a novice could tell that the
Amazon was much more experienced then the blond. "I wonder..." Rei thought
noticing the beating Shadow had taken so far. "Could what is affected those
two men be affecting her as well? Is so, then I must disable her so that
she may find help." She carefully bent down to retrieve her lasso but
didn't let her guard down for an instant.

"You are not well," Rei said to Shadow. "Let the authorities take you to a
place where you may receive some help. You don't need me, you need medical

Shadow looked around as the sound of the sirens grew louder. "I need you,"
she said huskily, "but if you won't come with me now I'll find you later."
She reached into her boot and pulled out a small metal disc about two
inches across. "I want you so much, Ultra Woman. I want you all over," she
said as her empty hand traced across the front of her skirt, pressing the
dark material against her skin.

Rei saw the disk and carefully watched the other woman. She knew this
person was desperate and might resort to anything.

Suddenly she hurled the disc directly at Rei's chest.

In a blur, Rei dove out of the way of the disc. As she rolled and ended up
back on her feet, she threw a stone at the still flying disk. With a clang,
it ricocheted into the air. "I don't think I want to know what that was..."
Rei thought as she stood, again watching Shadow for any sudden movements.
She wanted to subdue her but Rei didn't know the extent of Shadow's drug
induced powers so it would be foolish to try.

As the disc skittered into the building, the air was abruptly wrenched by
an explosion. A metal support beam creaked, then buckled. With the two
unconscious, dying men lying below it, the roof of the old, damaged
building began to sag, then collapse...

"Oops...." Rei whispered as she saw what happened with widened eyes.

"Too bad we didn't get to play, Ultra Woman, I really wanted you so bad,"
Shadow purred as she leaped into the crowd gathered around. She licked her
lips as she ducked through the crowd to keep herself free of Rei's rope.
"Kiss kiss!" she said before running off.

The building started to buckle...

Without even a thought of going after her, Rei raced back to the two men.
"MOVE BACK!!!" she yelled to the crowd of onlookers. They needed no
persuasion and quickly scattered out of the way of the falling building.

Rei easily scooped the two unconscious criminals up on to each of her
shoulders as dust rained down upon all three of them. The air filled with
the rumble of the collapsing building. "Going to be close...." Rei thought
as raced from underneath the danger area. Moving more off to the side from
the area where it was most likely to fall.

As the ceiling collapsed around her, Rei bounded through the falling
debris. The two men bled unconsciously on her, both near death from the
drugs and violence they had experienced this day.

As a hole gaped open in the falling roof, Ultra Woman gathered herself. In
the fraction of a second, she leaped through the gash in the roof. The
whoosh of the collapsing structure gave her an extra push as she flew into
the street. Smoothly she landed in a crouch and dropped off the two men as
policemen and EMTs rushed up.

Looking around quickly, Rei saw no sign of Shadow...

"Hades...." she muttered as she saw that Shadow has escaped. As she saw the
members of authority coming to her, Rei thought of what she was going to
say. "Not exactly the introduction I had in mind..." Rei thought as she saw
that was caked with dust and dirt interrupted with streaks of blood and
sweat. "And how I do want to take a bath!"

After giving a brief report to the police officers, both of whom were very
respectful of Rei, she headed back to the park.

As she trotted down the stone stairs into the hideaway of Captain Liberty,
Rei found it cold and empty. The cot was folded up, the floor was clean of
the remnants of the lovemaking of earlier.

"Where on earth could he be?" she wondered aloud very surprised that he had

Walking over in confusion, Rei found the monitoring system shut down, but
atop the console was a note, with a strange card on it:

"Ultra Woman:

I have to take care of business. You have a room at the
Centerville Hilton set up for you. The card is a credit card, it
has a very high limit; use it to pay for clothes, your room, and
whatever else you may need. I will be in touch.

Captain Liberty"

Rei read the note with more then a bit of shock as she had thought he would
be here waiting for her so that they might resume making love. She wasn't
crushed or anything as she knew the attraction between the two of them was
only physical. She did miss the idea of being in bed with a man though as
she enjoyed it so much. "Oh well..." she thought with a slight smile. "We
made love once so I expect that we shall share a bed sometime in the
future. Hopefully the very near future!"

She carefully examined the credit card. "I've heard of these thing but I
wonder where they store the money in there. Awfully thin...." Rei then
looked down at her dirty uniform and body. "I don't think I can go to this
'Hilton' looking like this. Least not as Ultra Woman. A clothing change is
in order along with a bath." Rei crossed her wrists in front of her ample
chest, closed her eyes, and concentrated for a moment. In a flash, her
uniform vanished! She knew it was back home on the Amazon island where it
would be cleaned and repaired.. Her bracelets were still on her wrists but
magic causes them to be blended in with her skin tones.

The now naked Rei padded slightly towards the door that led to the room she
had been in before. Where she had taken a nap and had left a dress. Once
cleaned up a bit and with the dress, she could go to this 'hotel' place.


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman and the Plant Master - Part 1

Weeks had passed since Rei had last seen Ultra Girl or had been with
Captain Liberty. Her time was spent learning of her new home, Megapolis.
The place Liberty had chosen for her she soon discovered was an upscale
hotel in the center of the busiest part of the city. People bustled
hurriedly from place to place, often bumping into the well dressed, young
Asian girl without a second thought as Rei walked down the busy, crowded

Even though Rei had gold that she brought with her from home and also a
high value credit card from Liberty she bought very little. Just some
clothes, in a style one might call 'dowdy' and a few books that so that she
might better understand this place. Rei was also on the lookout for a more
permanent place to live since she determined the hotel was more for short
term stays.

During the three weeks Rei had stopped various muggings, burglaries,
fights, and other simple crimes, but she had come no closer to finding any
of her missing Amazon sisters than the first day she had arrived in this

Not that she hadn't tried though. It was just due to the fact that she had
no contacts in this world. At least not the kind that would be of help. She
did have a source that told her where to find the best fresh fruit in town
for the cheapest prices...

Few crimes happened in broad daylight, as Rei soon learned, so she had
begun to explore her new home during daylight hours so as to save Ultra
Woman for the night when so many crimes took place.

The weeks had passed by quickly, but she had learned that there were many
places of refuge in this teeming city of glass and steel. Shay's Park, a
large forested area near the hotel, was one place Rei could wander at least
for a few minutes amongst trees, animals, and water.

Another was the river to the north, along whose banks the city had set
aside a long walkway. Rei could walk down the trail of the river and listen
to its babblings.

On this day the manager of the Hilton had told Rei about the reservoir, a
large, man-made lake not too far away. With Captain Liberty still not
keeping solid contact with her, and no clues as to her sisters' locations,
she had nothing better to do than to get some peace and quiet.

Also to do some quiet meditation so as to clear her mind of extraneous
thoughts. Like how nice Liberty looked naked....

The area around the reservoir, except at the control building, was covered
with trees. At twilight, she could see the small animals that bounded
through the grass and leaves left over from the winter. A squirrel came up
to Rei without much hesitation to take food from the peaceful Amazon's

Suddenly she heard a heavy splash. With a few quick steps through the trees
so she could get a clear view of the water, Rei's violet eyes zeroed in on
two men near the water's edge, down amongst the heavy, oversized gravel
rocks that lined the reservoir.

Two men were watching some heavy, bound sack sink into the water as they
held another in preparation of dumping it in as well. Through the dimming
sunlight of the dusk it was hard to see the two clearly...

"This looks like something to check out...." she thought, ducking back into
the trees. In an instant, she changed into Ultra Woman and began to make
her way silently but quickly towards the two men.

Moving softly through the dead leaves of the trees, hidden partially behind
the hibernating bushes, Ultra Woman approached the two shadowy figures at
the reservoir's waterline.

Holding up the last bundle, which wasn't quite large enough to be a body,
unless it were that of a child, they were about to dump it into the water
when they abruptly paused.

"What on earth are they doing?" she thought. "Zeus help them is there is a
child in that bag because I'll tear them part!"

Slowly one of the two turned around. Rei couldn't make out the face in the
twilight's shadows, but she knew from the angle of the head that this
person was looking directly at her. She knew she hadn't made any noise, and
she was even now behind a tree that hid the shinier parts of her attire.

"This is most odd...."

The one looking at her knelt down and touched the ground. It was a strange
thing to do, as if he were feeling the large rocks that made up the sloped
bank of the reservoir.

Suddenly the tree Rei was behind moved. Before the surprised Amazon could
react, a heavy branch swung down and swiped into her side, sending her
flying towards the water...and the two shadowy figures...

Rei yelped in surprise and a bit of pain as she flew threw the air. A she
did so, she twisted her body so that would land feet first rather in a
heap. In attacking her, they satisfied any doubts she might have had in
fighting them. When she landed, it just happened to be on the second person
rather then on the one who was kneeling. Rei immediately leaped back to her
feet in a combat stance.

As Ultra Woman looked down at the two forms, their faces looked back up at
the Amazon. Knees bent, hands out to her side ready to react to the two
men, her violet eyes widened as the last of the twilight reflected off
their faces.

They were green.

"What the?!" she exclaimed.

Mottled green skin with brown eyes that ogled out at her were what met
Rei's surprised gaze. The hair and much of the face was like soft, pliable
bark, with green mixed around the lips, eyes, and cheeks.

"Goooo away..." a voice issued from the mouth of the one kneeling. Raising
a hand, four needles shot from its wooden, barklike skin.

Instinctively Rei deflected the sharp needles, her bracelets flashing of
argent. The needles shot off into the water harmlessly as the man leaped up
at Rei.

Grabbing her by her bracelets, he bored down on Ultra Woman. With her
skills undiminished by her surprise at their appearance, she feel back,
planted her soft boots in his chest, and hurled him over her head and into
the water.

"That's one..." she thought.

As he splashed into the water, the other man grabbed Rei's boot. His
strength was greater than a normal man's, but nothing compared to the
Amazon at his feet. Pulling him down by the grip on his boot, Rei kicked
him solidly in the chin with her other foot. Spinning back, the man hurled
over the lip of the bank and into the trees out of Rei's vision.

"And that's two..."

Getting to her feet, she could hear the man in the water struggling to stay

Rei knew that she should probably go after the man she threw into the
forest but since the one in the water sound like he was in trouble, she had
to save him first. She couldn't let him drown even if he had attacked her.

She unclipped her lasso from her golden belt and made a quickly loop in one
end. With an accurate toss, she caught the man and started to pull him to
shore. All the while knowing that the other man was still out there and so
keeping her sense on alert...

As the strange man parted the waters at the pull of the Amazon on the
shore, Rei could hear his companion beating a hasty retreat through the

"Well I guess I don't have to worry about him," Rei thought as she pulled
the other man in. "Just like evil doers not to concern themselves with the
well being of their partners. No honor."

The man climbed onto the rocks at the water's edge, allowing Rei a moment
to study her catch. Her lasso glowed a garish leafy golden off his greenish
brown skin. He looked up askance at her. From his expression, Rei could
tell he couldn't decide whether he should attack
her again, or submit.

Rei was fairly sure her lasso would command him to do her wish although she
knew from experience that it didn't work on some people for some reason. "I
command you to surrender to me and not attempt to fight me. Also tell me if
you are injured and what was in those bags." She watched him carefully to
see if she could read any information from his expression.

The man slowly got to his feet as he climbed onto the rocks. His eyes took
on an odd, glazed look as the rope's magic began to affect him.
"I...surrender," he said stutteringly.

Rei gave a tiny sigh as in this instant, the rope worked.

" injured," he said, his voice low and grating. It was hard for
Rei to make out, but from the way it sounded, she doubted it could get much

He stood very still, face to face with the beautiful oriental heroine. "The master's...seeds."

"Who is your master and where can I find him? Also, what will his seeds do
to the lake and the city? Finally how can they be stopped?" She started to
wonder that if this might be more then the robberies and such that she had
been dealing with lately.

"My..master..he the floronic the
Kensington...Arboretum..." the man said in a magic-induced haze of truth.

From her studies of the city, Rei quickly located where that was and the
best route to it.

"The seeds? not know. I...was only...told to dump...them here...or
else... I don't to stop...them..or what they...will do...but the
master...has an..antidote...he gave to...some woman..."

"Do you know who the woman is and what kinds of defenses your 'master'
might have at his location? I just might have to make a visit there... Also
who exactly is your master and what kinds of powers or abilities does he

"My master...created..." he looked down at himself in sorrow, "me. He rests
in the hydroponics geodesic in the north side of the grounds."

Rei's eyes widened at this revelation. "A human who thinks of himself as a
god and creates new life?" she thought. "This certain is a person who must
be stopped!"

"I do not..know the woman. Defenses?" He seemed confused. "He has us."

"Thank you for you information sir. Now please go to the local authorities
and tell them what you have done in terms of dumping the bags. Don't
mention my conversation with you however. Also don't tell your master about
me either." Rei took the rope off of him and quickly
vanished into the gloom of the forest.

Without a word, the sad, twisted visage of manhood walked up the bank of
the reservoir, and disappeared into the gloom.

It was dark when Rei arrived outside the old stone and mortar wall that
circled the Kensington Arboretum. With a single leap, she lightly stood
atop the ten foot high wall. Scanning the park, the heroic Amazon could see
the cobblestoned walkways that wandered around
the Arboretum. Small greenhouses were here and there, with many of the
bushes and plants covered to protect them from the cool late winter

Unlike most people, Rei wasn't cold even though she wore such revealing
clothes. Her Amazon constitution kept her warm enough that even snow
wouldn't effect her much. Even if it did, Rei knew how to divert unless
feelings such as cold.

There wasn't a soul in sight that Rei could see. A main building was on one
side of the square, dozen acre grounds, apparently a gift shop, restaurant,
and gateway for visitors to the Arboretum.

"Everyone must be home like all good citizens..." she thought.

However, towering over the grounds was a huge glass enclosed dome of sorts,
made from triangular plates of heavy glass set into an odd looking dome.
The glass, from here, was translucent, but opaque.

From here Rei could see a set of large double doors in an extended entryway
pointing towards the center of the grounds.

"Now that looks like a place where his 'master' might reside. Large enough
I should think."

The trees waved their stark branches in the cold breeze. As Rei's breath
visibly wafted behind her, following her brunette, silken hair, the ghostly
appearance of all the plants in hibernation, glowing in the wan moonlight
gave the Arboretum an eerie appearance.

Rei looked carefully at the area as she tried to form a plan on how to
sneak in. "Hades..." she muttered softly. "I don't see any other way in
except for those doors. Its not wise to use the direct way as that is bound
to be the most watched. However, I must get in there and if there isn't
another way, so be it."

Circling warily across the grounds, Rei took a wide approach as she
stealthily moved towards the huge geodesic.

At the back of the dome Rei could make out a larger, garage style door with
an asphalt drive, apparently meant for deliveries. Next to it was a
standard metal door. Both looked solid enough, but the Amazon knew neither
could slow her down.

"If I were to attach a trap to a door I think I put it on the one most
people would use," she thought after looking at the doors for a moment.
With that, Rei proceeded to the garage door. With a bit of a tug, she was
able to slowly lift it up until enough of a space was created that she
could squeeze through. Once she was inside, she returned the door to its
normal position.

As soon as she entered, Rei could feel the heavy, humid heat of the
interior of the dome. Looking through the faint light that filtered in
through the translucent glass panes that made up the geodesic, Rei was
suddenly in the midst of a jungle. A concrete pathway veered off at a
rounded angle into the foliage, with small plaques on stands to point out
various types of jungle fauna.

"Nice place," she thought. "I just might have to come back here on a normal
visit once everything is calmed down."

The plants moved slightly in the area as the sounds of a heavy blower
reverberated throughout the dome. Rei couldn't hear her already soft steps
over the sounds of those blowers and the rustling of the leaves. No one was
in site, but she couldn't see any distance, even with her heightened Amazon
senses, into the glooming interior of the planted areas.

"I don't like this.... Easy for an ambush to be sprung so I must remain on
my guard." Her body, already a coiled spring, became even tighter.

Down the sidewalk the violet-eyed heroine moved, her lithe body moving
smoothly as she scanned around her for any signs of movement or sound. Past
dangling bananas growing ripe on the tree, over a wooden bridge overlooking
a small pool in which moss grew, and past vines that dangled from rubber
trees. The wound its way through the domed jungle, every few yards
revealing some new plant as signified by a small descriptive plaque.

"Hades... I wish I had a map to this place. I could walk right past
something and totally miss it!"

Finally, like pinpoint in the shadowy jungle lit only by tiny glittered
from her golden tiara and uniform and the glow of her magic rope, Rei saw a
faint light twinkling amongst the weaving plants. From where she had been,
she knew the path didn't lead towards that light, so her soft red and blue
boots took a step off the path, then another. Ducking under a heavy
willowing tree, Rei soon left the sidewalk behind as she disappeared into
the foliage.

She liked the feeling of the grass beneath her feet. So much better then
the usual concrete of this world.

Ahead, after she went twenty feet, she saw a small greenhouse, its glass
darkened apparently in a heavy olive color. Heavy vines hung over its
opaque glass walls. Creeping ahead, Rei found a light shining from around
the single door. She came closer, and as she got within five feet of the
door, she suddenly felt something wind around her neck...

Rei gasped slightly in surprise as her hands instantly went to whatever it
was around her neck. Seeking to tear it away.

The surface of the vine that wound around Ultra Woman's neck was rough,
like the surface of a sapling. As Rei's fingers wrapped around it, two more
swooped down from the heavy fauna that hung from the trees over the
greenhouse. One slithered around her waist, pulling her hips up and behind
her. With her boots lifted off the dirt flooring, Rei lost much of her
leverage. The second vine wound around her chest just above Rei's soft
breasts and hugged her tight, making it difficult for the young Amazon to

"Got to get loose!!" Rei thought wildly as she struggle both with vines and
with breathing itself

The vine around Rei's neck seemed to be stronger than any plant she had
ever known. Her fingers dug into the vine as her oxygen was cut off by the
one around her neck and the second vine crushing her chest. High into the
dark geodesic Rei was lifted as she struggled. Outlined by the golden glow
of her rope, Rei fought to free herself. More vines draped down over her
as she pulled the vine around her neck far enough away to get her breath
back as much as possible with another squeezing her breasts.

"Great Hera!" she gasped. "What are these things?!" These 'things' were
unlike anything she had ever fought before. It was like fighting an
intelligent octopus.

With an effort, Rei forced the vine off her neck. It flailed like a wild
snake as she was lifted high into the dome's insides. Another vine wrapped
around her left boot, pulling her leg down and out away from her body. A
separate shadowy vine tried to wind around her other leg but the agile
Amazon was able to pull it away at the last moment.

She was also able to give the vine a swift kick that knocked it well away
from her. A minor victory in the ongoing war. Rei couldn't figure out the
exact strategy but she assume it wanted to take hold of her limbs and choke
her unconscious.

As another vine whipped around her waist, it pushed down the crack of Rei's
upturned, athletic ass. Down past those soft, yet muscular, cheeks, it slid
between her legs.

Rei's eyes widen in shock as she felt it begin to probe her most private of
regions. She knew that she had to escape before it came into contact with
her womanhood. If it did, it would trigger the Curse of Troy which would
rob her of her Amazon strength.

Her struggles intensifying, Rei looked up as another shadow drew her
attention. Suddenly she was face to face with some odd, flowering bloom. As
she fought the vines, the bloom opened up...and suddenly lurched at her

Rei pulled her head to the side in a vain attempt in keeping it away from
her vulnerable face.

Distracted by the vine slithering between her legs and against the blue
satin covering her nether lips, Rei moved a split second too late. The
bloom thrust forward, it's flowers surrounding her mouth. The petals seemed
to suck around her cheeks and chin, holding the flower in place over her
mouth and nose. Her violet eyes widen in alarm as the tips of the
dark petals partially blocked her vision.

Rei shook her head violently in an attempt to shake the bloom off but it
gripped her face too strongly. She could smell a sweet scent that was
undesirable, but quite erotic. Enough so that Rei could feel the mound of
fur between her legs become moist. "Oh no..." she thought, panicked. "Not
this too!"

Two more vines wound down over Rei, grabbing at her arms. More of the
unbelievably strong vines were attacking the heroine every second. Only her
leg was free until it too was finally brought into the chilling embrace of
two more vines. Another twisted around her left arm, pinning it back and
out behind her, forcing her body to arch painfully.

Her full breasts thrust out so much that they almost seemed ready to
explode from her bustier. Rei's struggles made their soft yet firm
plumpness quiver in response. The satin like fabric stimulating her nipples
to become like rock hard nubs.

Her hips were arched up higher behind the Amazon by the two vines around
her waist, making her more vulnerable as the vine between her legs
slithered back and forth over her slit. More of the dark green vines
wrapped around her lithe legs, pulling them out from her, which made Rei
that much more vulnerable as the tip of the vine pressed into her
moistening satin tights.

Rei could feel the Curse taking beginning to take hold of her even as she
tried to fight it. Every stroke of the vine took a bit more of her strength
away and caused her struggles to become weaker. She did try to shunt all
the pleasurable feelings away so that they didn't swallow her up.

In the shadows, as she struggled violently, two more blooms rose up out of
the darkness. It floated upwards on a stem like a king cobra, ready to
strike. As the two stems rose towards Rei, the petals opened up, revealing
a stamen that was at least an inch long. To her relief it retracted into
the stem, but the petals opened, just like one over her mouth, and
came to a weaving stop, just a few feet in front of her breasts...

Her eyes widened in horror as she realized what was about to happen.
"NOOOOOOO!!!!" she screamed but the sound was muffled by the bloom already
on her face. Rei tried to struggle but the vines held her tight. All she
could do was watch as the blooms moved in the air so close to her
vulnerable and sensitive breasts.

More vines draped down from the overhanging branches of the trees to
surround the bucking beauty's body. Rei writhed in the vines like captured
prey seeking an escape. The two blooms hovered before her breasts, as if
timing her wild freedom-seeking gyrations.

Just like the snakes they seemed to be imitating, the blooms abrupt darted
forward. The petals surrounded Rei's luscious melons in an instant. Her
thrashings increased but the flexible vines simply moved with Ultra Woman's
motions with ease.

She could feel the petals massaging the firm plumpness while the stems at
the center rubbed her hard nipples. Every time her body moved, the blooms
moved in the opposite direction. Tugging and squeezing her breasts
together. Rei moaned in exquisite agony as the plants molested her flesh in
such wonderful ways.

Meanwhile the vine between her legs continue to slither over her moistening
pussy. Unbidden, the Amazon's passion rose as the rounded tip of the vine
stimulated her most sensitive spot. Every few seconds the tip would grind
its semi-rigid tip against her clit, driving her closer to the edge of the

Even as she tried to fight it, Rei knew it was a losing battle. The Curse
always won over an Amazon in the end. All she could do was try to delay it
and perhaps escape somehow. Even as her body weakened, she still struggled
and looked for some sort of opening.

Abruptly the vine slithering over Rei's slit stopped and retracted. The
vines continued to hold her in place, but no more attacked her. It was as
if she were in the eye of the storm. The dozen vines that held her kept her
almost immobile, even if bent arched almost painfully. It was hard to move
her head with the bloom over her mouth and nose, but the sweet smell was so
wonderful, and she had no choice but to breath it in.

Rei whimpered softly as she felt so full of the sensations. She also felt
how unfair it was to be attack in two different ways at the same time. She
might have fought one more easily but both robbed her of the concentration
she needed. Try as she might she felt herself giving into the pleasure with
each passing minute.

Then she felt it. The satin panties were being pulled away, directly down
between her legs. She felt a thread pop, then another, followed by more. In
seconds, her blue tights were flapping free, letting the hot, damp air of
the dome touch her most private parts.

She sighed in almost delight as the air felt almost as warm and moist as
her womanhood. Rei shook her head in a vain attempt to clear away the
fuzzyness she felt. She so wanted to just give in and let herself feel

The vine tip against rolled against her womanhood, this time pushing open
her nether lips until the tip against thumped wetly against her clit,
sending pulsations of pleasure rushing through Rei.

"Oh gods....." she moaned. The sweet scent becoming more and more heavy,
her lungs and brain filled with it. Her body on fire from all the pleasure
that she was feeling from its touches. Rei still struggled but it was so
weak as to be easily mistaken for the someone making love rather then

Rei could guess what was about to happen, but she was powerful to prevent
it. The tip nudged between her lips, and like a thick rubber snake, it
pushed inside the helpless heroine...

As it slid ever deeper into her, Rei threw back her head and gave a loud
scream of pleasure even as tried with every last bit of her strength to
defeat her attacker. She could feel her strength draining away like water
down a drain so she had to escape now or be defeated.

The vines twisted and slithered into her aching sex, sending Rei to new
heights of pleasure. The rough surface ground against her most sensitive
flesh. Slowly the vine overcame her resistance to delve deeply into her

The tidal wave of sensation finally broke Rei's will. All the pleasures she
felt along with the scent finally drove her over the edge into a madness of
ecstasy. Her eyes squeezed shut as she gave a long low moan of utter

The blooms mashed and kneaded her breasts while the stamen within teased
her satin enclosed nipples. They wrapped around the hard bud, tugging and
toying with it as if wishing to draw milk from her.

She had never felt such feelings as what these blooms were creating. It was
as if two separate people were molesting each of her breasts at the same
time. Not to mention how each of the vines wrapped around her limbs and
body slowly throbbed as well. Rei felt like she was in a cocoon of

Her struggles were useless as the Curse weakened her far past the point of
breaking the vines that held her in place, high off the ground below.

Rei's movements slowed from the violent struggles of earlier to more of a
gentle kind. Enough so that she slowly swayed back and forth in the grasp
of the vines. Her strength reduced that of a small child but just enough so
that she could respond to the vine within her movements. As it thrust into
her, she slowly moved her hips in a circle so as to have
more of it rubbed her over sensitive walls.

With their prey now assisting them, it was easy for the vines to hold the
gently swaying heroine in their grasp as the thick vine plunged eagerly in
and out of her wet slit. Its thrusts weren't wild, but controlled, lengthy
pushes that split Rei's womb open and pressed against
every cell of her velvet sheath.

She felt it press against her cervix and rub against it on the downward
portion of the thrusts. Causing a gasp to escape her lips each time it did
it. As she did so, she would take more and more of that erotic scent into
her body until her open mouth pressed against the petals. Drops of the
liquid that produced the scent dripped into her mouth and cause starbursts
of pleasure in her mind. With a scream that filled the dome, she came with
every fiber of her being.

High in the air Rei floated in the vines as they methodically forced her
body to submit to their pleasures. Her mind, drowned in the flood of
ecstasy, was close to shutting down as the vines pulled the unbidden orgasm
from the shuddering heroine.

From somewhere, a burst of strength came into Rei's body. She struggled in
the grip of the vines. Not to escape, she was past caring now, but just
pulling at them hard. Her sheath squeezed the vine within it so hard that
it actually compressed it. Unlike a human man, it wasn't hurt and just kept
thrusting into her.

They held her easily, even as her body arched, strained, and came. Down the
vine her love juices ran, turning the green vine white and shiny as it
continued to pull every last bit of her orgasm from Ultra Woman.

The juices quickly soaked into the vines as they continued to molest the
Amazon heroine they had at their mercy. It was almost as if they fed upon
the juices she produced and wanted her to make more them.

With the heroine too weak to even hold her head up, the vines easily kept
Rei helpless high over the floor of the jungle floor below. In the shadows
the curvaceous silhouette struggled feebly, only to cum again and again as
the vines lead her over the precipice of orgasm over and over.

A single vine carefully moved into the crack between her round and full
buttocks to slowly stroke her puckered asshole. It went no further then
that but each time it pressed against it, Rei squealed slightly. The tip of
another vine rubbed and massaged her clit in opposite time to the thrusts.
The vines worked as single unit to make Rei feel every once of pleasure her
body could produce.

Rei lost track of the time she spent in the darkness, her pussy now the
home of the viney invader. Orgasms hammered her mind, soul, and body,
turning the powerful, heroic Amazon into a limp, drooling puddle of a

And still they worked at her. More like a machine then an intelligence. An
intelligent being would have know that she was utterly defeated and that it
was time to use her in other ways.

Mercifully, it ended after uncounted orgasms, as Rei's mind finally shut
down, sending her spiraling into a darkness of pleasure. The shadow
slumped, and hung like a fly in a web, as the vines even then continued to
penetrate and use the unconscious heroine...

Rei's mind may have shut down but her body still responded to the orgasms.
At least in how her vagina continued to throb and grab at the vine invading
it. Also in that she still fed them the love juice that they seemed to

Rei's violet eyes blinked open, slowly bringing faint light into her mind.
Her head spun in a post-orgiastic fog. The voluptuous Amazon's body still
tingled from her rape.

She felt no shame in what had happen to her as she had expected to no less
when she had come to this world. Men would take advantage of her and her
sisters but Aphrodite had granted them all peace of mind. As long as she
kept her honor, nothing would ever touch her.

Looking around, she seemed to be inside the greenhouse, perhaps in some
backroom. Dark glass panes surrounded her. She was in the air. Green vines
bound her arms behind her, pinning them to the middle of her back. More
wound around her chest and shoulders, keeping her dangling in midair. Her
legs were free, but they felt as heavy as lead weights. Her torn blue satin
panties hung in tatters, the ends of the satin shreds tickling her dark
pubes as she swung slightly.

She could also feel that her breasts were still within the satin bustier
but felt even more sensitive then normal. As a matter of fact, her whole
body felt so sensitive. From the tips of her boot enclosed toes to her
tiara. Her muddled thinking assumed that it was from all the orgasms she
had been subjected too.

She was about four feet off the brick floor, in a room filled with vines,
large plants, and a few trees. The ceiling was covered with vines, from
which she hung.

Rei didn't even try to struggle because she knew it would be hopeless. The
Curse had drained her strength to point where a newborn kitten would be
stronger then she. She knew that the only thing she could do was look for
whoever had taken her prisoner to make a mistake that she could exploit.
Either that or what to be rescued by someone. She closed her eyes and tried
to rebuild her reserves of energy.

Rei had no idea if she dozed off, but time in the greenhouse room, cut off
from the outside world and trapped in the vines that bound her arms tight,
was hard to discern. In and out of a world of sleep Ultra Woman passed.

As she would sleep, her eyes twitched slightly as she dreamed. They were
peaceful ones of her beautiful island home which helped to heal any damage
to her thoughts that her encounter had left. Every time she awoke Rei could
feel more of her strength returning to her. She knew however that she had
been raped so hard that it would awhile before she was back to full power.
That was also only if she wasn't molested again in the meantime.

The single door opened, which caused Rei's violet eyes to open. Any motion
but her own slow swinging was something to get her attention.

A single man entered. It was hard to make much of him out in the dark
greenhouse, but as he approached Rei in plodding, heavy steps, she could
make him out. He was a large man wearing a pair of dirty brown overalls
with a dark plaid shirt beneath. His face was clouded in shadows as he
paused at some bench. It was difficult for Rei to see what he was doing but
she could hear this man talking softly to someone.

She was surprised a bit at his appearance. "He doesn't seem to be all that
powerful but then again, looks can be deceiving." She also wondered who he
was talking to since she had noticed no one else in the room. "He can't be
talking to the planets, can he? Sister Miriam does that and I always
figured she was crazy."

He was apparently oblivious to the dangling heroine that swung slightly
from the vines in the middle of the room. He walked around the edges of the
room, big hands gently caressed the plants he passed. Rei could turn her
imprisoning vines enough to allow her to follow the man's movements, but
not a word did he give to the helpless Asian Amazon.


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman and the Plant Master - Part 2

She didn't know what worried her more: being all but helpless before this
man or the total lack of interest he seemed to have for her.

Finally he turned to Rei and walked up to her. As his face came into view,
she first noticed the heavy brownish-red beard that covered his face. His
skin, unlike the two men at the reservoir, was ruddy, suntanned skin, but
definitely not green or brown.

Rei didn't turn away from him but coolly looked him directly in the eyes.
She was determined not to show him any fear. "I say kind sir," she said in
as normal voice as possible. "Would you care to release me? I'm quite sure
I could find you some help and I would think the authorities would allow
you to keep some of your plants." She was under no illusions that he would
actually let her go, but it had to be tried. Who knows, it might actually

The man reacted as if nary a word has left Rei's lips. He approached her
like she might be one of the man plants, perhaps with less enthusiasm.

His meaty hands, rough from callouses, ran down Rei's lower back beneath
her bound arms, then over her bustier, belt, and the remains of her
panties. Wordless still, ignoring anything she might say, the man squeezed
an ass cheek of the heroine before him.

A small gasp escaped her lips as her skin was still so sensitive and his
rough hands triggered many nerve impulses to her mind. She shifted her
weight slightly and spun away from him in order to try and escape his

Too weak to stop him, the man lifted Rei's left leg. His hand pressed and
squeezed the muscles and tendons. Releasing her leg, he pushed her hip
forcing her to spin around to face him again. His hands came back up
thighs, against feeling the muscles, now almost quivering, then over her
hipbones. He kneaded, of all things, her belly, despite the heavy, firm
breasts just above it. Like a doctor doing an exam, he scoured every part
of her abdomen, feeling every part of it until satisfied.

Rei closed her eyes for a second and gave a tiny sigh as he unknowingly
massaged out some of the knots in her muscles. Just as quickly, her opened
again to keep watch on what he was doing to her. "I feel like an animal
being examined by a future owner," she thought distastefully.

He paused at her breasts only for a moment, before turning to her face. He
looked up at her in the blandest expression she had ever seen. It were as
if Rei was nothing different from the tables around her. His dark green
eyes drank in her face as his hand pressed against her cheek.

It took all her determination not to jerk her head away from his hand. She
allowed it to remain there as she figured it might make him mad if she did
so. It was better to keep him bland rather then upset. However his
seemingly bland attitude did worry her since he might not care what he did
to her.

"Yes," he said, breaking the eerie silence with a voice low, soft, and
gravely, "Yes, you'll work perfectly. Tell me, flesh, are you barren like
the other two?"

Rei's eyes narrowed ever so slightly at his words. They didn't sound all
that comforting and she again took stock of her reserves. Still not enough
to break free but that's what she expected. "What other two and what do you
mean by 'barren'?" she asked, not sure she really wanted to know.

He looked up at Rei, his passive, bearded face hiding any hint of an
expression or emotion. "Barren, flesh, incapable of bearing progeny."

Her eyes widened at his answer. The gears began to turn within her head and
she didn't like the possible reasons he would want to know such a question.
"That is a highly personal question sir and I refuse to answer it," she
said in an indignant tone. Rei didn't want him to know that yes, she could
bare children but that she hadn't done so as of yet. All Amazons always had
one daughter once in their live. Most thought that they could only have one
child but Rei was of the opinion that this was false. The Amazons only had
one child because they only went out to find a father once in their whole,
long lives.

The man didn't blink or shrug, instead he simply went on as if Rei had
never spoken.

The man released her cheek and stepped back from her. From some pocket in
his overalls he pulled out a measuring tape. Unrolling it, he continued to
speak in that low, quiet tone. "As repugnant as your fleshy, weak body is,
I must use it to continue not only my DNA strain, but also to bring forth
the next step in evolution." As he spoke, he swiveled Rei around by her hip
so he was behind her. His calloused hands reached around her soft skin and
measured her hips. "With your physiology, I estimate you'll survive the
embryo placement and gestation period, but I am unsure about the birthing
process," he said emotionlessly as he measured Rei's waist and breasts.

Rei gasped in shock from his words and from his touch. If anyone else had
told her what he had said, she would never have believed him. After seeing
the two beings at the part, she knew it was within his power to attempt
such a thing with her. "There is no way on earth that I will allow you to
do that to me!" Summoning all her strength, Rei brought her feet together
and tried to kick him backwards, towards the side of the room. At the same
time tugging at the vines holding her arms.

He moved slowly, but in Rei's current condition, both weak and bound, she
wasn't much faster. By the time swung her legs enough to actually move the
man, his forearm was in front of him and blocked the kick at her calves.

Rei felt his body and thought it was almost like she had tried to kick a
tree. She had never felt such strength within a person!

Without any leverage and her body still stunned by the vines that had
ravished her, Rei was helpless as the man calmly grabbed her ankles and
held her in place as if she were nothing more than a baby. His strength was
incredible. At full strength, Rei thought she might be stronger than this
man, and definitely faster, but in her present state, she was helpless
until the Curse wore off.

What was a little surprising to Rei was the fact that he didn't punish her
for her actions. "He must think me so weak as not to worth it," she thought

As he held her ankles immobile, vines came down from the ceiling to hold
her in place. Wrapping around her thighs and spiraling down her legs until
stopping over the lower half of her boots, Rei soon found herself even more

"Hades..." she sighed under her breath. Instead of being in vertical
position, the vines now hand her hanging in a kneeling type one. One that
exposed her womanhood much better then before.

"From your struggles I assume you are not barren." He paused as he walked
around Rei again. "Then again, the other two fought but were barren. Your
species confuses me."

A quick thought went through her mind as she recalled his previous words.
"'Our physiology' he said. Could it be that attempted this with Melania and
Tania as well?" she wondered as she recalled two of the previous
incarnations of Ultra Woman.

Without another word, the man unbuckled his overalls and let them fall from
him, revealing a thick shirt which soon came off as well. He had a broad
chest, covered with thick hair like his face. As the overalls hit the
floor, bundling around his boots, it revealed his manhood.

As she looked from his face down his body, Rei had an unconscious thought
about how attractive he could be in a rough neaderthalic way. But since he
had captured her and had his minions molest her she disregarded such
thoughts quickly. When her eyes fell upon his groin, she gasped.

The thing was, almost literally, a log. From the waist down this man had
skin of green and bark, just like the two men Rei had met at the reservoir.
His penis was just like the rest of him, heavy, slow, and covered with soft

"By the gods..." she whispered as she took in the sight of him. She could
conceive of no magic that could turn a person into something such as this.
It was a perversion of nature to all her sensibilities. The gods had
created humans and nature and did not intend for the two to intermingle on
such a basic level.

The vines pulled Rei's legs together as the man stroked his treepole. It
slowly got harder as Rei watched, growing larger with ever stroke of his
hand. The vines lowered Rei down closer to the floor while others pulled
her legs apart...

She struggled with every once of strength that she had. Rei knew she had to
get away from this creature. If she didn't, he would have her way with her
like his plants had. If she thought she was weak now, she knew being with
him would finish her not for hours but for days! Rei had another reason to
escape as well, one that she dare not let him know. She was in her fertile
time and could conceive.... The horror of what might happen at the hands of
the monster and his 18 inch penis causes her to thrash within the tangle of

His hands took her hips in his powerful grip. The hands were rough and raw
upon Rei's sensitive, smooth skin as he easily held the beautiful Asian
heroine in place.

With the vines holding her legs apart, his hips stepped between her bent
knees. Rei was tilted backwards until her torso was about forty-five
degrees to the floor. His thick dickwood was now level with her rosebudding

"NO!" she yelled as she continued to fight him. "You don't know what you're
doing!! This is a perversion against the gods!!" Rei silently pleaded with
the gods to give her the strength to escape this oncoming horror.

He looked at Rei with a degree of placidness that was almost dead. "This is
not perversion, this is evolution."

The vines keeping her bound and in the air tightened, nearly crushing the
breath from Ultra Woman. As she gasped at the sudden tightening around her
breasts, she was swung back. The tip of the rough cock touched her
still-sensitive nether lips, and nudged them open.

The instant he did so, her struggles ceased as the Curse once again stole
what strength she had built up. A tiny whimper came from her lips as she
felt the not unpleasant texture of his cock. She didn't want to give in to
him and tried her best not to.

"With your Amazon body, my intellect, and my plant's strength, my child
will fulfill my mission," the Plant Master said softly as his cock gently
pushed into Rei's pussy...

Rei slowly shook her head in an attempt to disagree with him as his massive
cock slide ever deeper into her. "No...." she whispered. "Stop...."

Plant Master pulled Rei's hips towards him, pushing his thick log inside
her fast-moistening pussy. The wooden spike split her open with ease as the
strong man overcame what little resistance she had left.

Rei moaned in desperation as he began to fill her. Instinctively she tried
to tighten her pussy to keep him out but his relentless cock pushed past
easily. The Curse taking so much of her strength that she could barely keep
her eyes open let alone fight back.

Impassively he pulled her over to him and calmly watched as his barky pole
disappeared within the heroine. Inch by inch Rei was forced to take more of
him inside her. Her hips groaned as the mass compelled them to expand to
make room within her sheath.

The room was silent except for Rei's moans and whimpers. Also a tiny
dripping sound as juices dripped from her pussy on to the brick floor. A
small vine snaked across the room to absorb the liquid even before it hit
the floor. The vines holding her legs made them widen slightly to help
their master enter her better.

Still no emotion showed on Plant Master's face as Rei's heaving breasts,
trapped and bulging within her red bustier, touched his hairy chest. Her
nipples poked against his skin and his bristly, curly hair poked between
the threads of her bustier and pricked her sensitive melons.

It felt as if a fur rug was stroking her plumpness. Rei closed her eyes as
she tried to fight of the pleasurable feelings coming from her breasts.
Plant Master's only comment was to say, "I have not determined whether the
offspring will be of such flesh that you will be required to nurse. You
will do so if it is needed." By his calm tone, Rei knew she wouldn't have a
choice in the matter.

With at least five inches to go, Plant Master pushed Rei back off him half
the distance, then pulled her forward with a strength that Rei had little
chance to resist, especially at the Curse stole the last vestiges of her
Amazon power.

Rei gave a combination of a gasp and a whimper as he buried the last of his
massiveness within her. He overflowed her sheath so much that his fat head
poked past her cervix and lay within her womb. Beyond, lay a defenseless
egg which was about to be raped by thousands of sperm. "Oh gods..." she
pleaded, trying to hold back the pleasure that she didn't want to feel.
"Help me...."

Plant Master's jaw jutted out as he started sawing his pole in and out of
Rei. He seemed not to be doing it to get a rise out of her, or him really,
but simply to finish this part of his job. Back and forth Rei swung in the
binding vines, his rough cock plowing through her sheath and punching into
her womb with long, slow thrusts that seemed to Rei to stretch up into her

She clenched her jaw as she tried not to feel the pleasure that he was
causing her. Her eyes locked on his as she used his face as a way to
motivate her inner self. He may have defeated her physically but she wasn't
going to give him the satisfaction of making her orgasm. She could try to
deny him that one victory. It wasn't easy though. His cock felt so good in

Wedging the thick log inside her Plant Master ravished the young Asian
Amazon as he fought to bring himself off. Her breasts surged and struggled
to seek release from the restrictive red bustier, but Plant Master ignored
the two ready handholds beckoning to him as the bumped and compressed
against his chest.

Rei tried not to moan as her over sensitive breasts rubbed against him hard
furry chest. Her nipples bending as they compressed against. She felt so
tired and just wanted to give in but she wouldn't let herself. She had been
defeated too many times so far and needed a least a tiny victory.

"Nnghh.." he groaned as he shoved his woodmeat into Rei and left it buried
in her womb. "Disgusting method..nggghhhhhhhh.." he groaned under his
breath as the precum spurted into the superheroine's body.

" is!" she gasped, her pussy grabbing and throbbing
around his cock. "You...should..go.copulate with a TREE!!!!"

Tilting his head back and arching his body, he forced his cock to drive the
last inch into Ultra Woman as his cum rumbled out of his balls and exploded
into the Amazon womb. His cock shivered and strained, enlarging her slit
that much more as green cum filled her. It pumped into Rei relentlessly
until it seeped out around his cock and ran in thick, viscous rivulets down
the inside of her quivering, sweaty thighs.

Rei moaned loudly as she felt his hard jets fire deeply into vulnerable
womb. Her pussy throbbing about his jerking cock as it fired. His cum was
so hot and thick that she could actually feel it pooling inside of her. Rei
tried to somehow force it out of her but it wasn't possible. In an unknown
period of time, her egg would be running into an ambush.

She leaned her head forward and rested it on his chest as she panted
loudly. Her body filled with unfulfilled pleasure. At least she had one a
tiny little victory against him. It wasn't much but it did help her moral
ever so slightly.

With an audible 'pop', Plant Master pulled his log out of Rei and released
her. The sagging superheroine swung back away from him in the vines,
leaving a dotted trail of green cum on the floor.

She gasped as he slid out of her. A gush of fluid were released as he did
so. A mixture of her juices and his cum made a small puddle on the floor. A
vine quickly mopping up her juices. "I must analyze your fluids flesh as my
plant seem to enjoy it. Perhaps your flesh might have uses besides being a
vessel for the future," he said quietly. Rei ignored his words as she was
attempting to control the pleasures within her body.

As Plant Master leaned down to pull up his pants over his deflating
man(plant?)hood, the vines moved the captive Amazon towards the back of the
greenhouse. Like interconnected cables she was easily passed from one to
another, her arms and body released and various times as more vines grabbed

As much as she wanted to, Rei couldn't even summon the strength to lift a
finger let alone attempt to escape. She knew it was impossible even for her
to try. With her powers she thought she might be able to avoid the vines
but with how smoothly and quickly they transferred her, there was no

The vines easily controlled the Curse-weakened Amazon as Ultra Woman was
passed from the center of the room to the back. As she floated over the
tables, pots, plants, beakers, and other items of Plant Master's villainy,
Rei was kept under wraps.

From the number of vines around her, Rei didn't know if it was feared that
she might escape or just that they didn't want her to drop on the floor.
She suspected the latter since she was 'valuable' to the Plant Master.

Finally she was brought to a sagging stop. Her costume hung heavily upon
her as her outfit was damp with sweat, and her boots had the added fluids
of Plant Master's seeping cum along the insides.

"Do I ever want... No, NEED a bath," she thought absently. "I feel
absolutely icky." She slowly moved her head buy couldn't generate the force
required to pull the sweat plastered hair from her face. "I wonder if I
should cut my hair as it can be a pain sometimes..."

Below her was a large, bulbous plant, easily eight feet in diameter. It was
shaped somewhat like an onion, with all its large frondy leaves coming to a
point at the top.

Barely able to see over her gasping breasts, Rei leaned forward, her damp
hair sticking to her face and breasts as she tried to look at the plant.

"Now what?" she wondered. "It can't get any worse then it already is!"
Actually, it could...

As she watched, a drop of green cum dripped from the toe of her boot and
onto the plant. Instantly the leaves opened in a long, slow motion,
revealing the insides of the plant.

While this was happening, several vines reached down and began to poke
slightly at her her uniform. They caused Rei to moan every time they
pressed the satin against her sensitive skin. Suddenly, two of them found
the tiny, hidden zipper in the back. Fumbling, they were able to pull it
down to the base of the gold belt. Another pulled at the back of the golden
belt and caused the latch to open after several hard tug. The vines lifted
the uniform away while others pulled the sodden boots off. Finally, Re was
naked in the humid air of the greenhouse but for her bracelets and tiara.
For some reason, the vines ignored those.

A long stamen, dark green with light green veins, rose up from the center
of a bulbous base. Thick green bulbs oozed and rolled under a thin
membrane. The leaves themselves were thick with large, soft cells that
seems to undulate.

She saw that most of the inside of the plant was empty except for a sheen
of rose colored liquid. The odor floated up and enveloped her. The smell
was indescribable. Like all the flowers in the world combined into one
scent. Rei couldn't help but to breath it in. As she did so, her mind began
to become a muddled mass of clay again. "Can't think..." she moaned. Her
head nodded slightly but she picked it up and looked down again.

As Rei watched, her arms were pulled back behind her, and her hips again
raised and angled. The central stamen rose upwards towards her, centering
between her green-coated thighs.

"Not again..." she thought dejectedly. Her mind awash in thoughts of
fighting or just giving in or of nothing at all. Her toned muscles were
slack and pliable. She had never felt so defeated or tired. All Rei wanted
to do was for this to be over with...

The stamen undulated higher as Rei was lowered to meet it. With a wet,
squishing sound it pushed between her lips and easily parted her. In two
seconds, where before it would have been a challenge for something so
thick, the stamen plunged its way up into the exhausted heroine until the
rounded end reached her womb. It wiggled deep within her belly as she was
lowered until her bare feet were just above the bulbous surface of the
bottom of the plant.

Rei closed her eyes and moaned deeply as she was penetrated yet again. Its
movements sending pleasurable chills up her spine to her befuddled brain.
Her toes stretched down and were able to feel the surface of the plant
below her. It was a warm, soft slickness to it and she could feel and low
throbbing from her. When she opened her eyes again, she could see Plant
Master watch the scene intently.

Soft scents bombarded Ultra Woman's mind, making her dizzy and confused.
The stamen undulated at a slow, steady pace inside Rei, widening her
vaginal tract as the bumps under the bottom membrane flowed and shimmied.
Finally one of the large bulbs moved under the base of the stamen. As the
heroine's drooping, violet eyes watched, the bulb began to ascend into the
stamen and towards her.

Rei moved her head in circles as she tried not to drift off to sleep. The
sensations and the scents felt so wonderful to her exhausted mind. "Wonder
if I can play with that ball..." she sighed in a child like voice as she
saw the bulb coming towards her.

It was as large as a baseball and rounded at the ends like a rugby ball. It
was simply enormous to Ultra Woman as it rose towards her defeated, wet,
oversensitive body. The pungent aroma of the plant kept her from realizing
what was happening until the bulb was halfway to her defenseless,
penetrated womb.

Something finally clicked within her mind as she realized that the bulb was
traveling up the stamen and the stamen was in her! The part that finally
figured it out attempted to warn the rest of the mind so that some action
could be taken. It wasn't easy though as so much of her just wanted to
ignore everything and ride the waves of ecstasy she felt.

Higher it went as the Amazon futilely struggled to bring herself to life.
Her mind was weighed down into lethargy by the aphrodisiacs of the plant,
and her body was ravaged and ravished by the Curse and vines. Helplessly
she watched in her mental fog as the thick bulb rose higher along the upper
half of the stamen. As it moved, the veins on the stamen bulged
frighteningly, then retracted as the huge thing came closer.

The stamen vibrated from the movement of the bulbs as it traveled through
it. The vibrations caused shivers of excitement within Rei and caused more
of her juices to flow down the stamen.

"The egg will germinate well inside your body, flesh. You will be the
mother of a new race that encompasses all the greatness of two kingdoms,"
Plant Master said matter-of-factly as he watched his plant's egg reach the

Rei looked at her tormentor with eyes that showed that she barely
comprehended the words. Her mind was being pulled in so many directions at
once that she barely understood what he was saying.

Rei felt the egg press against her lips, knowing there was no way this
thing could ever get inside her without killing her. The stamen undulated
again, sending unimagined pleasures throughout Ultra Woman's body. The
rounded egg began to push, forcing her vagina to stretch around it, just as
it had forced the stamen to do. Her body shrieked with pain and pleasure as
the plant egg, through brute power, pushed her open and slowly disappeared
within her.

Rei threw her head back and gave a scream that almost seemed like it could
shatter the glass of the greenhouse. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
she screamed. It almost felt like she was giving birth but in reverse. If
not for the fact that her vagina had been so relaxed and so lubricated by
all that she had been through, Rei would have been seriously injured.
Within long seconds, the egg had passed fully her vagina and paused.

She panted hard as her tear filled eyes looked at the Plant Master as if
pleading for him to stop. The stamen shudder slightly as it gathered
strength for the final action: insertion. Rei screamed again, even louder,
as the egg pressed against her tender cervix and kept going. With a gush of
green liquid, the deed was done and the egg was within her womb.

The pain vanished to a dull ache which slowly began to fade. Rei collapsed
backwards in the embrace of the vines, he trim stomach now bulging with the

As the exhausted Amazon slumped down in the bowels of the plant, the stamen
remained inside her abused body, sending fresh nutrients to the new embryo
trapped under her belly. The bulbous base of the interior of the plant
shimmied and moved until tiny tendrils of great strength oozed out,
wrapping around her bracelet wrists, then her bare ankles, effectively
holding her in place. The stamen lifted the superheroine up until she
slumped almost standing up.

"So tired......" was the only thing Rei's equally exhausted mind could
think. Every time she blinked, it took several second for her eye lids to
open back up. She could her belly trembling as the egg started to do things
that, at this point, she could have cared less about.

The long fronds rose back up and started to envelope Ultra Woman. The
heroine, her head on her chest as her belly bulged from the plant egg, hung
by the tendrils and the stamen that kept her transfixed. Like a flower
closings its petals, the huge plant's long, narrow leaves rose off the
floor. The moments seemed ages as the formerly perky Asian Amazon, dripping
with sweat and green cum, could barely open her eyes much less resist the
fate the Plant Master had in store for her.

The flowery odor increased as she became trapped within the leaves and
quickly overcame the fallen heroine. Her eyes closed for a final time and
she dropped into a deep, dreamless slumber.

"I will see my child in only a few weeks," the Plant Master said to no one
particular as the Amazon heroine disappeared inside the leaves of the


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman and the Plant Master, Part 3

Days passed...

The birthing plant held its captive, the heroine Ultra Woman, trapped
within its fronds as the aphrodisiac kept her mind in an induced fog of
semi-consciousness that left the heroine's mind little more than centered
around the stamen that kept her vagina penetrated. Nutrients flowed through
the stamen and into Ultra Woman's womb ever twelve hours. As each feeding
the stamen would enlarge and gyrate slowly, bringing the entrapped Amazon
heroine to a gradually overwhelming orgasm that would shatter any thoughts
of resistance as the Curse would steal her powers and leave her again a
limp, voluptuous doll inside the fog of odors and warmth of an incubator.

Ultra Woman had no idea of how long she was in the plant; time had a way of
melding into the fog she lived in. Daily the plant embryo inside her womb
would get a feeding, causing the plant to vibrate and shake as the weak
heroine within came with an ear-shattering scream of a climax. The plant's
feeding done as her sex clamped down on the stamen only trapped the
nutrient fluids in her womb, nourishing the growing embryo.

After the embryo had been fed and she had calmed down from the orgasm, a
tendril would appear at her lips. It would gush liquid nutrients that kept
the heroine's body nourished and hydrated. Not for her sake of course, but
for the embryo's. If Rei's body failed then it would endanger the embryo.

And the days passed...

Faint light, bathed in green from the dark stained glass of the greenhouse,
washed down on the naked Ultra Woman as her violet eyes blinked into the
world of the conscious. Her muscles were like jello as she first tried to
get to her feet only to stumble forward over the wide open fronds of the
plant. The tendrils around her arms and feet were gone. As she wiped the
plant slime from her face her other hand went to her sex. The stamen was
gone, but then she noticed something else...

Rei slowly moved her head and eyes downward to see what it was her hand was
resting on. As her blurry vision cleared slightly, she saw that her breasts
seemed to be larger and plumper then before. From between the cleavage, she
could see that her hand rested upon her belly. A belly that was a least
twice as big as before. As her horrified eyes took the sight in, she felt
something within it kick strongly at her hand. Rei did what just about
anyone might do in a similar situation: screamed her head off.

Soon she ran out of breath to scream and just laid back on the massive
petal. Her head and long hair still within the plant and laying in the
gooey liquid. Her braceleted hands cupping her huge belly as she silently
sobbed how defeated she had become.

Suddenly cold water was sprayed over the sobbing heroine. The sudden chill
nearly took her breath away as Plant Master hosed off the pregnant heroine.
The water hit her strongly, but not hard enough to hurt her, or the embryo
within her. The slime from the interior of the plant was slowly washed away
from her as Rei writhed under the cold spray.

She squealed as the water hit her. The cold an incredible shock to her
system. Rei tried to roll over but found that she couldn't because the
belly got in her way. She couldn't fight it so she just tried to crawl away

Her movements were slowed by both the Curse still affecting her and the
embryo and her own growing belly that seemed to absorb so much of her
energy. The water followed her, hosing her down from her wet, tangled hair
to her bare feet, washing away the slime and green cum that still stained
her overly voluptuous body. The Plant Master cleaned the pregnant Amazon
completely as he walked closer to her to intensify the hosing on the harder
to wash stains.

"Stop it!" Rei cried as she tried to curl up into a ball so as to try and
avoid the water. "Please!" To her the simple washing was a torture by a
cruel and sadistic person.

With his pregnant captive cleaned, he turned off the hose, turned, and
wound it up as he walked towards a table. He seemed to ignore Rei as she
lay gasping from the chilling cold water. In his usual, plodding way the
Plant Master placed the hose on a shelf, then turned to look over his
dripping captive. "Get up, flesh, your body requires sustenance and
proteins," he said as he walked toward the door of the greenhouse.

In a moment he was gone, leaving the naked, pregnant heroine alone in the
greenhouse. Plants covered the ceiling and walls, with tables dotted with
potted plants and tools for gardening.

Rei ever so slowly got to her knees. The cold water at least helping to
clear her mind of the fog she had been in. She just sat there for several
minutes as gathered her strength and remembered what had happened to her.
"Courage...." she whispered as she wiped a stray tear away from her cheek.

As she stood up, her unused muscles protested but she got to her feet. Rei
stumbled toward the door Plant Master had gone through. Her steps more like
shuffles as it was so hard to lift her feet to take each step. Her sense of
balance was way off from her enlarged breasts and stomach. She grabbed
tables and supports in order not to fall over many times. It took many
minutes to cover the short distance but eventually she arrived at the door.

As Ultra Woman got closer to the doors, the vines in the ceiling lowered
menacingly. As she got to the closed door, a vine wrapped around her neck
as two more grabbed at her wrists. Slowed by the Curse and her condition,
Rei was easily snatched up and dragged back from the door. The vines were
more gentle with her now than before, but they were relentlessly powerful.

"I guess they don't want me to leave..." she thought as she lightly tugged
on the vines. Not so much to escape, as she knew she couldn't, but mostly
to keep her balance and avoid falling to the floor.

She was pulled into the back of the room and deposited on the floor. The
vines retracted into the ceiling, but Rei knew she had no chance of getting
past the vines that infested the room. Even the greenhouse window panes
were thick, and as she touched them she knew, at her present strength, they
would be impossible for her to shatter.

Rei leaned back against a pane and tried to bring her knees up so she could
rest her chin on them. It was her favorite thinking position. She found she
couldn't because the stomach got in the way. "Gods...." she thought herself
as she pulled the tiara from her head and tossed it on
the remains of her uniform. "For me to be this big, I must have been in
that plant for months!" she gently rubbed the swollen flesh and felt a
series of kicks. "Active little girl I must say but I don't care for who
the father is."

The door opened, and Plant Master walked back in carrying a tray. He set it
down on a bench near Ultra Woman, revealing food and a glass of water. "Eat
flesh, and you will survive. Refuse and you will be cut open so that the
prodigy will live."

From what he had done to her already, Rei knew that he was serious. This
'prodigy' of his was more important then preserving human life and besides,
she was starving.

The tray contained nuts, berries, and slices of fruit. The Plant Master
stepped back. "You may ask questions, flesh, if you wish. If not, I have

Rei knelt and began to gobble the offered food down without regard to
manners. Stuffing pieces into her mouth almost before the previous mouthful
had been swallowed. Quickly, the tray was cleared and she back cross-legged
on the floor. Her stomach nearly resting on her knees and her swollen, but
still firm breasts, rested on it. "Thank you for the food," she said with a
hint of burp.

His expression did not flicker an iota, and not a word was said. Blandly he
watched the heroine eat.

"What are your intentions for me after you have this child? After I give
'birth' to it, I won't be of use to you so do you intend to release me?"
She didn't expect he would but it didn't hurt to ask. "Also what are you
plans for her and why did you need me to do it? Surely with your skills,
you could have found some sort of artificial means for gestation."

"When you have produced the child, you will remain here until the prodigy
can consume nourishment on his own," he said as his coarse hands rubbed a
leaf that has started to turn brown.

"So that means you will release me once this is accomplished?"

The only answer the odd man gave was silence...

"I think he just answered my question," she thought. "He doesn't intend to
allow me to leave after this over. I wouldn't be surprised if he wouldn't
have me bear another of these things!" Rei kept her realizations to herself
though so as not to let on what she was thinking.

"I have attempted independent gestation with two other Amazons. They were
both barren so other means were needed. The first Amazon escaped after her
transformation was complete, but it was going to be a failure in any case I
later discovered."

Rei closed her eyes and shook her head that other of her sisters had to
experience what she had been through so far.

As he rubbed the leaf, the greenness slowly returned. "The second attempt
was even less constructive. I obtained a mindless Amazon, and tried to use
her womb for gestation, but without her own DNA in the embryo her body was
torn to pieces." He said all of this as if were nothing more exciting than
the weather report. "I even attempted to feed her to a plant that could
produce the embryo, but her DNA was simply destroyed in the process, no
matter what I tried."

Her hand flew to her mouth in horror as he calmly described what he had
done. It took her several seconds before she was able to trust her voice
with a question." What...what did this Amazon look like? Did she have a
name that you knew?" Rei suspected that it was once of her predecessors.
Both Atalanta and Tania had vanished without significant clues as to what
happened. "I swear by all that's holy," Rei thought as she kept her face
calm. "I shall have vengeance for my sister..."

The Plant Master reflected none of Rei's shock, only scientific, numb
calmness. "Her name was unimportant, just as yours is unimportant. She was
large for her sex and species, with pale hair."

"Atalanta..." she thought sadly. "At least we now know what happened to you
sister and that you are at peace."

Rei absently rubbed a thigh as she shifted on the rough brick floor. "Since
I can see you won't let me leave, is there someplace I can be other the
floor? Its quite uncomfortable. That reminds me... Just how much longer
will I have to carry her? Since I must be at 8 months or so, it shouldn't
be too much longer, right?"

He seemed to ponder what Rei was telling him. He looked at the hard brick
flooring, then at her swelled belly. "I will bring you a mattress and
pillow," he announced. "As for the birth date, it should be in three days.
You have germinated for thirty-five days, but you had to be brought out of
the germinating plant to cycle through the regular birthing process of your

Rei's eyes widen at the number of days. "But that's not poss...." she said
trailing off. "You used some sort of accelerated growth factor, didn't
you?" she asked him after thinking for a few seconds. "I compliment in your
research as I would have thought such a rate not
possible without harm."

The Plant Master picked small, green berries from a potted plant and placed
them on Rei's plate. "There is no harm, that's true, but it took many
efforts and much wasted material to find the proper vehicle. Only your
Amazon subspecies could withstand the implantation of the final seed, all
others of your species were torn apart."

"'No harm' he says..." she muttered softly, remembering her implantation
with a shudder.

"Would it be possible for me to study information on some of work?
Especially of the off spring within me? Since I am the 'mother', I am
curious to know." Curious she was, but not for the reasons given. Rei
wanted to know so that she could destroy this _thing_ when possible.
"Besides, I shall be here with nothing to do and my mother always said I'm
dangerous when bored."

"You are only here to give birth and nurture my prodigy. You'll do nothing
else, and think of nothing else." His ponderous gaze turned from his plants
to Rei. "If you are dangerous, you'll be placed back within the gestation
plant, with the nutrient stamen reinserted, and I'll cut open your womb to
birth the prodigy, and risk the nurturing."

"Understood," she said softly, knowing any defiance on her part would be a
mistake. He could and most certainly would, do what he threatened so the
only option for Rei was compliance. At least for now...

"May I have your leave to at least walk around within here?" Rei asked. "It
would help the process if I was able to get some sort of exercise. I have
been coped up for a month in your plant and if I'm more ready, the birthing
process could be easier." She held out a braceleted hand to him for
assistance in getting up. "Your vines with make sure I don't escape."

Plant Master turned back to his potted plants, healing them with a touch.
"You may move anywhere but close to the door. I know your species requires
motion for exercise. If you move to the door, you will be punished."

"Your vines already convinced me that would be a mistake so I shan't try it
again," she said as she watched his remarkable healing power. "At least not
at this moment in time," Rei thought to herself.

He looked at the outstretched hand out of the corner of his eye, but didn't
move. "If you seek exercise, my assistance would inhibit that undertaking.
Your species makes no sense to me," he said, almost shaking his head as he
looked back at his plant, cooing and massaging a bent leaf until the
injured part became whole again.

"Its called 'good manners'," Rei muttered as she looked for something to
grab on to. The bulk of her stomach making quite difficult to get to her

As Ultra Woman got to her feet with the aid of a nearby table, she saw her
shiny red, gold, and blue costume sitting in a corner, minus her magic
rope. It was in a bundle, the ends of the torn blue satin still stained
with green. It apparently had been kicked in the corner with the rest of
the garbage, as it was piled around empty burlap sacks, a broken shovel
handle, small bent tools, discarding fertilizer bags, and other debris from
the greenhouse.

Rei slowly made her way over to the pile, her steps becoming surer as she
got use to her new bulk. She picked up the uniform and boot while making
sure as not to notice any other items within the pile. "Not much I could
use there..." she as she made her way mossy patch of within the greenhouse.
"Although the fertilizer might be of use as it can be made into an
explosive. Not an easy task under these conditions but something to keep in
mind." As Rei look at the inviting green spot, she asked Plant Master, "May
I have you permission to sit there?" Nodding towards the green.

Plant Master glanced in the direction Rei pointed, then nodded and turned
back to his plants.

After sitting with a bit of strain, Rei brushed the dirt from her uniform
as best as possible. Then folding it neatly, she set it aside. Rei sat
there with her eyes closed, legs crossed beneath her, and her hands on her
knees. She tried to empty her mind of thought and to work out a strategy to
escape this place...

The Plant Master worked on his plants for a few more minutes, then looked
up at the door abruptly. With nary a glance at Rei, he hustled out the

Alone in the room with only the hundreds of vines draped over the ceiling
and the huge gestation pod in the corner, Rei could feel the baby within
her kick..

Days passed for Rei. The Plant Master fed her well, including meat which
might have been surprising considered his forte. Three times a day with
simple regularity the villain would bring her a plate of food, and
maintained a separate water source for her. Every day she could sense the
creature within her growing, at times kicking, inside her body.

When not eating or sleeping, Rei spent the time meditating or exercising.
Her attempts of conversation with Plant Master were all rudely rebuffed.
She was pleased to note that her formally slack muscles were in much better
shape then before. Rei was still naked but for her bracelets as her uniform
was in tatters and would never have fit in any case. Her nudity didn't
bother her as she considered it a fact of life. Back home, clothes were a
decoration rather then a necessity.

Only the meals and her own internal clock gave Rei any sense of time. From
the meals and her sleep periods, at least six days had gone by as she sat
in the corner feeling the child inside her kicking. It wasn't so much
painful as it was an unbelievably odd feeling.

Even though Plant Master and his vines had not molested her again Rei still
didn't regain very much of her Amazon strength. She was stronger then she
had been days ago but it seemed to have leveled off at about the level of a
normal woman. Rei assumed it was due to child draining her strength as it
grew. She hadn't tried to escape in the days she had been here. She knew
any such efforts would be futile at best and life threatening at worst. Rei
did watch and study everything in an effort to find an eventual escape

The oddest thing was that this was different than what had happened to her
Amazon sisters. Every one that came back to the island after mating spoke
of the blissful mating process, the terrifying weakness that came next, and
the recovery. As they grew more pregnant, they always kept a degree of
their Amazon strength, diluted only by pregnancy like any other female
nurturing a life within her. She had seen this process with her very eyes,
how her pregnant sisters, even on the verge of giving birth to their
daughters, still had the great strength of an Amazon. But Rei felt as weak
as a kitten, at least compared to her normal strength.

Rei wondered if the difference was due to that fact that she had been
impregnated against her will. It was possible that she was experiencing a
form of the Curse that had never been seen before. Or seen, but never
admitted too. Her only other theory was that the extreme growth of the
child was causing her body to divert her strength into caring for it. The
fact that she had gotten at least some of her powers back gave Rei hope
that the rest would eventually return.

This day, and Rei knew it was day from the slightly increased light that
filtered into the greenhouse through the thick vines, started differently.
Plant Master brought her food, but it was sparse. Instead of tending his
plants, the villain stood behind Rei on the other side of a table and
simply stared at her. He would pace to one side, at an backside angle to
the Amazon, and stare, then walk to the other angle.

"What is he up to now..." Rei thought as she forked a piece of lettuce into
her mouth. She had admitted to herself that he did grow some excellent

It was eerie, and as Rei felt a kick in her belly, the Plant Master ended
his study of the eating, pregnant heroine to walk over to the strange pod
that had held Rei unconscious and germinating for those many days.

"Now it is time, my child," she heard him say softly to the huge plant. "He
is ready."

Rei stopped chewing and lifting her head in response to his words. "Uh
oh...." she mumbled through the food. Slowly she turned to face him,
swallowing as she did. "I take it I'm to give birth now?" she asked.

The Plant Master ignored Rei as he continued to preen and pet the huge
plant. "Yes, child, soon you will be the vessel through which my progeny
will enter this world. The intelligence of humans and the power of plant
will join in my son, and he will bring the world to the next level of
progress. This is the genesis!" he exclaimed as he stood up until his fist
was raised to the sky, his voice raising for the first time in Rei's

"He is totally insane..." Rei thought to herself. "If I am to bear
this...thing then I must try destroy it or at least take it from him.Evil
such as his must be deny any sort of power."

The Plant Master turned to Rei, as if just remembering she was in the room.
"Come here, flesh, it is time for your destiny. You are the mother of the
progeny, the Eve just as I am Adam. I have given you a gift and you will
respond by birthing the future. It is an honor I am sure you cannot

"You got that right," she whispered softly, not rising from her chair as
she watched him. Silence filled the greenhouse as Rei defied Plant Master's
order. She only rose from her seat when she felt a vine slithering over her
back. "All right," she said. "You don't need your cursed creatures. I'll
come willingly."

The vine retracted back up towards the ceiling as Rei rose to her bare
feet, but it didn't entirely return. Three hovered over Rei as if watching
her closely in their eyeless fashion.

The broad, high leaves of the plant opened, rolling back until the stamen
within came into view. "Step inside. It will be painless, and you will
live, I promise you that. After the birth you will be needed."

"As painless as when you inseminated me?" Rei as sarcastically as she stood
next to him, looking into the plant. "And what further need will you have
of me after this?" Rei turned her gaze to the windows before her and saw
the reflection of herself. "Will you let me go if I do this?"

Turning to Rei, the Plant Master looked down at her swollen breasts. "You
will need to share your flesh with the progeny. You will remain here until
the progeny no longer needs you. When that comes, he will decide your fate,
not I. He is the next leap in Darwin's chain, and I am the creator."

Seeing where his eyes rested, Rei nodded in understanding. "You need me to
nurse him for a time until he is independent. I expect that could be quite
quick judging from the growth rate so far. Although you might slow it down
once he is born as it could cause some damage.

He gestured ponderously towards the open plant. "Get in, flesh, it will be
over quickly, and you will be given time to recover afterwards. I warn you
not to make this difficult, or you will feed my plants after I pull the
progeny directly out of your womb," he said, for the first time actually
resorting to direct threats. It was obvious that Plant Master was under
some stress and strain. "You will survive, my research of your Amazon race
convinces me of this, otherwise I would not have accepted your flesh to
carry the progeny."

"You need not remind me as I know you are more then capable of such
things," Rei said as she stepped into the plant that had held her for
weeks. Her feet sinking slightly into the soft, moist surface. "Has your
research also shown you that there has never been a son born to an Amazon?
Your results might not be what you expect as that is a factor. There are
more to us then just flesh," Rei said as she stood in the middle of the
plant. Casually tossing a lock of hair from her face.

"That possibility has come to my mind, but I will feel that flesh is flesh,
and you will give birth to healthy male progeny without risk to yourself or
the progeny. He will be the ultimate in evolution, the crossing of the
finest of female flesh and the greatest power on the earth, the power of
the plant world."

"At least you recognize that Amazons are superior in terms of physical
attributes. That puts you one up on most in this world," Rei said as she
moved a foot back and forth on the slick surface. Enjoying the odd
sensation she felt. "What do you have planned for 'our' child? The usual
dream of evil doers: world domination?"

As she listened, Rei noticed a sweet smell in the air wafting from the open
plant. She instantly recognized it for the sweet aroma that had so fogged
her mind during her impregnation. As she listened to Plant Master's dark,
grumbling words, she felt her body reacting. Her nipples hardened, her mind
began to swim, and her sex grew achy as her body moaned for a touch.

Rei struggled again to keep her mind focused on what was happening. As this
was not a new experience like before, she was able to to shift some of her
reasoning away from the pleasure. "Must...Concentrate..." she muttered
through gritted teeth.

Suddenly, the child within her belly began to struggle as if he was trying
to tear through her flesh. Rei gasped loudly and fell to her knee, hands
holding her swollen belly. The aroma helped to deaden the pain but it still
HURT. Rei's mind was awash in a combination of pleasure and pain.

The stamen rose up like a snake as Ultra Woman fell to her knees in the
midst of the upcoming birth. The stamen wiggled and moved, waiting...

"It hurts...." Rei whimpered softly, struggling to lift her head up. She
had never experienced such pain as she felt right now. "You said it

Suddenly it lurched forward as Rei arched her head up to look one more time
at the Plant Master standing over her. As she did, a wave of pain passed
through her, making her gasp. As her lip opened, the stamen struck, driving
into her open mouth and slithering down her throat. Instantly from its tip
it gushed a sickly sweet liquid.

Rei had no choice but to swallow as the liquid gushed into her stomach. The
fumes drifted into her nasal passages and immediately began to affect her
mind. She could tell this was much different then the other liquid. That
one caused sexual stimulation while this was more of an anesthetic. Plant
Master was keeping his promise of it being painless to her. At least for

The wide leaves began to roll back up to encase the Amazon within them as
the chemical pumped into Rei's stomach took effect. The labor pains
continued, but weakened each time. The stamen in her mouth pushed Rei's
head back, allowing it to wriggle deeper down her throat and force more of
the plantish anesthetic into her.

Rei didn't attempt to fight the effects. On the contrary, she welcomed
them. Anything to release her from the unbearable tearing and kicking she
was feeling now. The pain was nothing like anything her sisters had told
her giving birth was like. This was sheer torture.

Darkness, by-product of the stamen's liquid and the leaves swallowing her
up, surrounded Rei as her mind grew more and more foggy. Tiny vinelets
inside the plant grabbed her around her bracelets and hands, pulling her
down onto her back as the stamen forced the weakening, pregnant Amazon to
go to sleep. As the tiny point of light at the top of the plant disappear
upon the merging of the dozen long leaves, the helpless Ultra Woman was
again encased inside the plant.


Violet eyes blinked back into life as Ultra Woman slowly fought off the
grogginess that filled her mind. As she looked around and tried to focus on
what was around her, she could tell she was bound, and from the feeling of
the restraints, she was bound with ropes this time. Finally her eyes
cleared enough to see around her as she weakly twisted in the ropes.

"Oh gods...." she thought tiredly as she tried to fit the pieces of her
thoughts back together. "What happened..." Rei closed her eyes again and
concentrated on what had happened. Her last thoughts were of being in
unbelievable agony that had faded to blackness. "The child..." she
whispered as her eyes flew open and took in a clearer view of her

She was dangling in the air, hanging from some kind of hoist in the middle
of the greenhouse. She was parallel to the floor and facing it, her
pendulous and still pregnancy-inflated breasts weaving and aching in the
air. As she moved, a faint aching filled her loins. She didn't have to
look, but instantly knew she was no longer pregnant; the child had passed
from her. Looking around, the greenhouse wasn't any different except for a
single item. The huge plant that had both impregnated her and swallowed her
to take her child was lying on the floor, brown and lifeless.

"I wonder why he tied me with ropes instead of his cursed vines," she
wondered as she tugged on them experimentally. She found that she still
hadn't regained her Amazon strength yet as she couldn't break the ropes.
"Hades..." she thought. "I can only pray it'll just take time for them to
return. Have to use my mind rather then my strength to escape." Rei sighed
and tried to relax within her bonds.

As the Asian Amazon hung in the tightly wrapped ropes that held her bound
in the air by the hoist, her mind whirling with thoughts. She felt stronger
than when she was pregnant, but that didn't mean her full strength was
returning - if it ever even would. No Amazon, to her knowledge, had ever
borne a male child.

"It's possible that I won't get my strength back," Rei thought as a chill
went down her spine. "Perhaps that I did have a male child will cause the
Curse to remain in effect forever!"

The door abruptly opened, and Plant Master entered, still wearing his odd
overalls, looking more like an Amish farmer than a supervillain. In his
hands he carried a small child, perhaps six months old. It was plainly
oriental in origin, with dark strands of hair hanging around its head. The
child wore a green blanket, but as Plant Master entered the greenhouse, he
took away the blanket, leaving the child naked.

Rei saw what he held was stunned beyond belief. Part of her never really
believed that she could be carrying a child. That it had to be some sort of
trick. To see the living proof rocked her mind for several seconds. She
quickly closed her eyes and regained control before opening them again. Rei
knew that she had to stay calm and collected if she was to eventually get

Ultra Woman could see the child was a male from the tiny genitalia. He
seemed so vulnerable, but the child couldn't have been hers, it was far too

Then she remember that Plant Master had caused the pregnancy to be speeded
up so that she had come to term in less then a month. "Its possible he
wants the child to grow quickly out of the infant stage," she thought.
"With what he's shown so far, I wouldn't doubt that he would be able to do

Carrying the child with great care, Plant Master approached the controls
for the hoist. Without so much as glancing at Rei, he hit the buttons that
lowered her closer to the floor. She was about four feet from the floor
when he stopped the machine, and finally turned to look at her. His eyes
looked her over completely, then seemed to zero in on the burgeoning
breasts that bobbed on Rei's chest.

Rei followed where his eyes rested and saw that they were on her enlarged
breasts. For a moment, she wished she could have covered herself from that
intense gaze of his.

Walking over towards her, Plant Master still carried the child gently in
his large, calloused hands. With one hand he grabbed a section of the rope,
and pivoted Rei until she was almost upright. He glanced back down at her
oversized mammaries with some satisfaction on his face. "Time to feed the
progeny, flesh."

It took a second for her to realize what he meant. Rei was about to protest
but didn't as she knew it would have been a wasted effort. With her
weakened and bound state, she was in no position to protest. Beside, if he
was going to use her like a 'cow', he still had some use for her rather
then feed her to his plants.

Without ado, he placed the baby boy up to Rei's breast. The baby opened his
mouth and sucked the breast inside his tiny mouth. His few teeth dug into
the sensitive flesh as it suckled on her nipple. With a strange lurch that
echoed throughout Rei's formerly pristine body, her breast shimmied, then
spurted forth milk.

She gasped from his bite and from feeling the milk begin to flow. Normally
such actions would have cause erotic sensations within her but not this
time. Rei felt...different as her son suckled her milk. Almost maternal in
a way. The young Amazon looked down upon her child. The first male ever
born to an Amazon in...well a VERY long time if ever. "I can not destroy
him," she thought as she felt his little hands begin to rub and squeeze her
fat breast. "I know I should destroy this...abomination but I can't. He is
my child." Rei made the decision that when she escaped, she would take him
with her. "He must at least be given a chance to grow up to become a good

Rei lifted her head to look into Plant Master's eyes. "Will you untie me so
that I might hold the child as a mother should? It is said that a mother's
touch can help a baby very much to calm them. I swear as the Amazon
champion that I won't harm him in anyway. If you know my sisters, you know
we keep our word no matter what."

Plant Master, with his usual eloquence, said absolutely nothing in reply.
He watched the baby suckled on the captive Amazon's breast with subdued
satisfaction. He held the child carefully, making sure it stayed close to
Rei's burgeoning breast.

Somehow, she really didn't think he would have responded. At least not now.
"It wouldn't surprise me that he does allow me to hold him later on," she
thought. "Properly surrounded by his vines of course."

Ignoring Ultra Woman, he just stood there, watching the baby feed for what
seemed like an eternity. The baby bit and nibbled on the sensitive nipple
as he drank down the Amazonian milk.

Eventually, the milk from that breast began to slow to a stop. Even Amazon
breasts have their limits. The child began to give the sort of cry that any
parent knows if from a hungry child. Rei was about to say something when
Plant Master placed the boy on her other breast. She gasped again as her
tugged on her nipple until the milk began to flow.

Again, the greenhouse had but one sound: the sound of an infant nursing on
his mother's breast. Finally the boy let the hard point go and gave a
satisfied burp. "Have enough small one?" Rei asked her child kindly. She
was rewarded with her son looking up at her mother. She smiled when she saw
that he had violet eyes like her own.

The child smiled back, but he was quickly pulled away by the Plant Master.
The little baby boy murmured some gibberish, but he quickly settled against
the Plant Master's broad chest and buried his head in the madman's clothes.

Rei was a bit put off at that action but made no sign of it. She needed to
stay on Plant Master's 'good side'.

Plant Master walked away from Rei, like anyone would walk away from a
gasoline pump; with scant notice. He walked over a short, wide-leafed
plant, and calmly set the child down on an outer leaf. Normally there would
have been no way the broad leaf could have supported a child, but this one
did, and it held the boy easily, letting him sink down into it a slight bit
to help hold him steady.

She stared at the action for a moment. "He's going to do it?" she thought.
Not surprised anymore at the actions of the plants in this place. If there
could be ones that could act as an incubator, this was nothing.

Turning around, Plant Master approached Rei. "You will have two hours, and
no more. Once the dawn arrives, we will leave." He lowered the hoist to the
floor, letting Rei lie flat on her stomach for a few minutes as he slowly
unbound the ropes that trapped her.

"Thank you", Rei said sincerely. "I know you won't say but what are you
going to do with him next?"

"He will begin the lessons that will bring him and his legacy to fruition,"
the Plant Master said in his usual subdued tones. "He will learn the path
to greatness, and begin a new era in the history of the universe."

"And this new era is suppose to include what?"

For the Plant Master, his voice was positively rhapsodic, even if dull and
low by normal standards. "It will be the culmination of the evolution on
earth. It will be the joining of the two kingdoms of God, the kingdoms of
plant and animal. In one being will be both cycles of life, both the
creation of oxygen and the use of oxygen. The compliments will conjoin."

"He's mad...." she thought simply to herself.

He was slow, but finally he pulled the last rope from around Rei's wrists,
releasing her completely. He stood back, looked at the child, then again at
Rei. "You have until the dawn. An attempt to harm the child or to escape
will be severely punished."

Rei sat up, rubbing her wrists and legs where the rope had rubbed. "I
promised you that I would not harm him. I am also intelligent enough to
know that I am in no shape to attempt an escape."

His threat reinforced by the vines that hovered on the ceiling over the
baby, he turned and walked out the door, leaving Rei along with...her

She gingerly, because her body still ached, went over to him and knelt
down. "Hello small one," Rei said in a soft voice, taking one of the
child's hands in her own. "I'm Rei...: She looked into the boy's eyes. "I'm
your mother."

The small child looked up at Rei with his own set of violet eyes. A tiny
hand reached up until it grabbed Rei's thumb in its weak embrace. His body
was soft, his skin smooth to the touch. He still had much of his baby fat,
but for a child she had given birth to only recently, he had grown

Rei also noticed that they way his eyes looked at things was different from
how she had seen babies look at things. These were eyes who actually
_looked_ at things rather then just wandering around its field of vision.
It made her uneasy for a moment but she quickly dismissed that thought.

The baby smiled with his eyes wide as he gazed up at the heroine holding
him. One hand released her thumb as it tapped her dripping nipple
curiously. Taking a drop of the milk on his finger, he promptly put the
finger in his mouth and suckled it.

His mother gasped slightly as her nipples were still quite sensitive. Rei
just assumed that he was still hungry. "Sorry little one but you'll have to
wait for a bit before I can nurse you again."

The child suckled on his finger for about ten seconds, then pulled it out.
He looked at the finger with evident curiosity, then looked up at his
mother. Deeply he stared into the matching eyes, violet matching violet. It
was almost mesmerizing the way the child gazed into Rei, seemingly into her
very soul.

Even if she had wanted to, Rei couldn't have broken the stare. It was
almost as if he was holding her head in place to maintain the look. She had
never experienced such power before the likes that this child had.

Abruptly the pupil of his eyes changed. The violet suddenly was surrounding
not a black pupil, but one of a deep, dark green, like that of a steaming
jungle. A moment later the baby's mouth opened. In the flash of an eye, a
thick, green tongue darted out. Upwards it slinked like a blur until the
curled tip struck Rei directly between the eyes.

"What the?!" she gasped.

The tongue hit her as if she had been struck a mighty blow. A stunned
feeling washed through her, but she felt no pain. Her head did not jerk
back, but she was dazed as though hit hard. Unwilling to hurt her child,
she could only stand and hold him.

The tongue stuck to her as if it had been glued on. She could feel its heat
and a throbbing like sensation. Not painful but just very very odd!

It was numbing. Rei could see her entire life flashing before her eyes, but
she could only stand there numbly. The tongue between her eyes made her
entire body tingle. The baby rested in her arms comfortably as she cradled

Slowly, Rei fell to her knee while still holding her son. It felt like she
was being forced to remember everything she ever learned, knew, or
experienced all at once. Her mind was not her own as it seems to be a vast
whirlpool draining away to some point. "Noooo....." she gasped as she
closed her eyes and tried to regain control.

The child's eyes remained wide, and if anything, brighter. The violet
irises were nearly gone, outshined by the inner green light that glowed
forth from the baby's pupils. He watched his mother intently, unfazed by
the moaning words escaping her open lips.

The present around her faded from view as Rei was forced to concentrate on
what was going on inside her mind. It was as if her son had hacked his way
in and was now in total control of her brain.

Her memories, her experiences, her lessons learned, her knowledge,
everything was flashing across Rei's mind in a rush that was overwhelming.
It was as if she was being forced to relive every moment of her life from
her earliest childhood to this very moment. As each one zoomed before her
mind's eye, it disappeared, leaving her feeling empty and devoid. It wasn't
entirely gone, and some part of her realized that, but this child was
surely revisiting her life, and filing it away for his own uses.

Rei knew that she wasn't forgetting anything but it felt that way. All
these seldom recalled events coming to the forefront again to be suddenly
shoved aside for something else. What little of her mind that she
controlled realized that her son was taking a crash course at learning
about life. Instead of years, he wanted it all in a few minutes!

Plant Master walked back in, and approached the dazed, staring heroine. Her
violet eyes were also taking on a faint greenish hue, not nearly as bright
as her child's eyes, but obviously affected by them. The supervillain took
the child from the kneeling heroine's arms and cradled the baby gently.

His normally expressionless face changed slightly to one of pride as he
watched what happened.

The tongue detached from Rei's forehead and receded into the baby's mouth
like a recoiling serpent. The Plant Master looked down warmly at the baby,
forgetting about the heroine as she fell to the floor numbly. As a speck of
drool slipped out of the corner of her mouth, vines moved down towards

The suddenly stop to the control of her mind left Rei in a state of limbo.
She shut down until her mind control somehow reorganize into a thinking
unit again. With a moan, her eyes shut and she fell back into the embrace
of the vines.

As Rei's cognizant abilities returned to her, she realized she was, yet
again, bound tightly by the vines again. Still under the heavy green dome
of the arboretum, Ultra Woman was lying on her back, with her arms bound
over her head as the vines spiraled the length of her body, keeping her
legs tightly bound as well. Rei was apparently lying on a conveyor from
what she could see. Past her feet, about twenty feet away, was a large,
square opening. Between herself and the opening to the huge machine beyond
was a collection of dead brush scattered along the length of the conveyor.

Between herself and the end of the conveyor was the remnants of her
uniform. Most of the blue panties were in shredded tatters, and the bustier
wasn't much better. Her boots were in decent condition, and her tiara,
belt, and lasso were apparently unhurt, other than tarnished and dirty.

"Wha..." Rei moaned as she tried to clear her pounding head. "Where am I?!"
Instinctively she started to struggle and found that much of her strength
had returned to her. The vines however where just as strong as before and
she could barely even wiggle.

The conveyor was slowly moving towards the opening. Her head throbbed and
her arms still felt heavy, but she could quickly estimate she would be in
the opening in about twenty seconds. As the sounds of the brush being
chopped into a fine mulch reached her, she knew those twenty seconds might
be all she had left..

"Got to get free!!!" she gasped as she pulled an struggled even harder then
before. She knew that if she didn't, what happened to the third Ultra Woman
would happen to her as well.

Suddenly Rei realized that her tiara was laying on the bare toes of one of
her feet, the only part of her legs free of the vines. She also could see
where the control panel was for the mulcher. "Just one chance at this...."
With a flick of her foot, the tiara went flying into the air. For a moment
Rei thought it would arch past her. She lifted her head as much as she

"Success!!!" she gasped as the tiara landed on her face. Just as she heard
a grinding sound as the first of her uniform began to get chewed, her head
threw the tiara again. With a 'clang' it hit the off button for the
mulcher. The belt made a few final jerks forward before all was still.
Rei's toes were but a few seconds from getting chewed up!

The heroine laid back and gasped a sigh of relief while still in the grip
of the greeny vines....

Moments later, as if timed, the living vines that held the heroine in place
released her. She could do the math, and easily realized that by now her
bare legs would have been deep in the thresher, which would have left her
nearly gone, and the vines letting her continue on to her death. Her boot
had been chewed up, and parts of it had already arrived on the other side,
now a fine mulch of red and blue velvet.

"The vines must have the ability to be ordered to do something without
Plant Master being around," she thought as she slowly began to sit up. "He
must be gone or otherwise I'm sure they wouldn't have release me."

Up to the ceiling the vines retreated, as if Ultra Woman had been chewed up
and spit out and the arboretum was now empty. Looking around, the heroine
couldn't see a soul. The sun outside had apparently set, as the building
was a dark place full of waving shadows. Rei could see only so far, but it
was silent, and the only movement was that caused amongst the leaves by the
huge fans that blew in fresh outside air.

Rei determined quickly that the time had finally come to escape. "I know I
should do something for the child," she thought. "But I have a bad feeling
about him... I think if I did have him with me, I would end up destroying
him in the end. I don't know if I could do that..."

Shaking her head to rid herself of those thoughts, Rei slid off the belt
and gathered the remains of her uniform. Including the mulch that was once
her boot. The heroine carefully proceeded towards the direction she thought
the was in. Always expecting to be attacked by something. Except for the
soft rustle of her footstep, Rei heard nothing. Suddenly, as she pushed
aside a large leaf of a plant there in front of her was a door. From the
large metal one next it, she assumed that this was where she had come in.

"Appropriate I guess that I should leave the same way I came in," she
whispered. As Rei reached for the handle to the door, she realized
something. "Hmmm... Might not be the best thing to walk around outside
naked." Holding the remains of her uniform, Rei crossed her braceleted
wrists in front of her chest. In a brief, dazzling display of light, the
uniform vanished and her naked skin was clothes in the dress she had been
wearing before she had arrived. Rei quickly unbuttoned a few of the topmost
buttons of the dress as it seemed much too tight. It exposed a generous
amount of her much larger breasts then before.


An hour later, nearly exhausted after her run from the Arboretum downtown
to the old dilapidated park in Reichsborough, Rei arrived outside the
decrepit amphitheater that disguised Captain Liberty's home. She knew now
she was finally safe, even if her constitution was still weak from her

When she appeared in the control room, Captain Liberty demanded to know
where she had been for the last month. Even though he hide it well, Rei
could tell that he had been worried. At least a little bit. She told him
the whole story of what had happened through mouthfuls of combat type
rations Liberty had on hand. Captain Liberty didn't seemed surprised about
Rei being molested by the vines but his eyes did widen a bit at the
mentioning of the baby.

Captain Liberty indicated that he was going to go back to the Arboretum to
check it and quickly made for his vehicle. Rei convinced him to take her
along with. 'Convinced' him by threatening to rip his place apart with her
bare hands if he didn't. The look in her eyes told him that she wasn't
joking. With a slight scowl, which Rei thought was cute, he produced some
clothing more appropriate for a heroine then the dress Rei was wearing.

Two hours later, wearing a feminine version of Captain Liberty's uniform
under her belt, tiara, and bracelets to replace her shredded and mulched
uniform, Rei and Liberty arrived at the Arboretum. What met their eyes was
seven fire trucks, innumerable police vehicles, and a fire that reached
into the sky.

"My gods...." she whispered.

"Officer," Liberty said to the first patrolman he found, and spoke in his
most serious of voices. "Were there any survivors?"

Rei just looked at the fire.

The officer, after giving Captain Liberty's new 'sidekick' a sidelong
glance, shook his head. "Nossir, weren't no one inside as far as we c'n

Rei quickly pulled Captain Liberty out of earshot of the officer. "Brian,"
she said softly. "He's still out there with the child." Liberty nodded and
said, "Plant Master found that you had escaped and left. The fire is to
cover his tracks." The two turned back to look at the raging fire as
Liberty gently placed a hand on Rei's shoulder. Both of them knowing that
Plant Master's plan was still in motion. They would have to fight it
another day..


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman: Harem - Part 1

Slowly Rei had recovered over the next month. Day by day her body adjusted
back to being a full powered Amazon. Her swollen breasts returned to their
natural, firm buoyancy. Her strength slowly recovered from the forced
pregnancy she had had to endure, and after two weeks of slightly
interrupted rest, she was back to full strength.

When she had recovered, Rei moved into a slightly more permanent residence.
Captain Liberty had helped her in setting up bank accounts using the gold
Queen Helen provided as an allowance. Using some of the money, she had
moved to a nicely furnished apartment in a semi-exclusive neighborhood. Rei
truly didn't care much of about the plush surroundings. She had chosen it
due to the amount of privacy and security it offered. That she did

As the apartment was already furnished, Rei didn't need to buy much in the
way of furniture. She did buy a few items though.... Chiefly three Pentium
IV computers and 29 inch monitors. Rei laughed at the expression Cap had
when he saw them sitting in the sitting area. All arranged so that she
could work on all three at the same time. She quickly learned to love the
amount of information she could dig out of them. She stuck with
non-classified stuff for the time being but was still amazed.

At Captain Liberty's insistence, Rei developed a 'secret' identity. As "Rei
Takashima", the Amazon passed herself off as the orphaned daughter of a
wealthy couple that had disappeared at sea years ago. She kept to herself
and avoided situations where she would have to do a lot of explaining. Rei
also changed her manner of dress so that she appeared more dowdy. Long
dresses that hid her ample figure, glasses, and tying her hair back into
various braids and ponytails. Subtle changes but enough to distract from
her Ultra Woman image.

Rei was getting back into the swing of being a superheroine. Starting with
minor crimes and making sure she got plenty of rest. She figured that she
was back to normal but it was better to play it safe for the time being.

The explosion rocked Rei out of the dreams she was floating in and back
into the darkness of her bedroom. The glowing clock next to her said 3:36
in the morning, and the stars outside her bedroom reinforced that. A second
explosion made her jump as she felt the floor bounce under her. The source
of the explosion was above her, she knew after the second blast as its
echoes still reverberated throughout the floor beneath her.

Her eighteenth floor apartment shook as a third explosion knocked pictures
off the wall. She knew for sure this explosion was above her, in one of the
three remaining floors of the twenty-one floor apartment. The nineteenth
and twentieth floors were like her own floor, four luxury apartments
soundproofed and made for quality. The top floor was owned by a Kensington
billionaire, and from the questionable women she had seen escorting him up
the elevator, he must have used the room for his liaisons.

For a half a minute, there was silence, then the staccato sounds of machine
gun fire ran around from one of the upper floors. In the distance, Rei
could hear sirens and the approach of the police.

Rei quickly leaped out of bed, crossed her arms in front of her chest, and
closed her eyes. In a flash of light, her formally naked body was clothed
in the uniform of the Ultra Woman! Racing to the door to the hallway, Rei
used a small monitor linked to a hidden camera that Cap had installed. She
knew it wouldn't be good if any of her neighbors saw Ultra Woman leaving
her apartment. "Good," she said when she saw it was still deserted.
"Probably hiding like civilians should in times of danger." In a blur,
Ultra Woman raced from her apartment to the nearby stairwell and proceeded
to go up towards the noise. Already figuring out plans of attack as she

Taking the steps three at a time, the youthful Amazon went up, peering
around each bend in the stairwell. Her finely tuned body easily climbed the
rarely used steps, her soft boots making barely a sound on the hard
concrete. She made it to the door of the nineteenth floor, and could see
through the narrow pane of glass on the door that the hallway there was
quiet and undisturbed. In five seconds she was on the twentieth floor, and
through the door glass there she saw a couple of tenants looking around in
worried concern, but no signs of shooting or explosions did she see.

"Must be an attack on that person who owns the top floor..." she thought as
raced up the stairs.

As she turned the corner on the way up to the next level, Rei heard the
sounds of men shouting. She couldn't make out what was being said, but she
knew she'd found the source of the trouble. The door to the stairwell was
closed, and she couldn't see anyone, so Ultra Woman stepped lively up the
last of the stairwell and peeked through the glass on the door.

"Hades..." she whispered as she saw that the window had been blacked out on
the other side of the door. That would force her to use more risky means to
see what was happening.

Ultra Woman had to open the door, which was to the left at the end of some
hallway in the penthouse condo. Peering down, she saw the backs of two men,
both clad in black and wearing what appeared to be bandoleer's of
ammunition over flak jackets. Each was carrying assault rifles in their
hands as they looked down at the man she had seen in the elevator. Nothing
was between her and them but two closed doors to the left.

She was so tempted surprise these two villains by assaulting them from
behind. Ultra Woman didn't though. A thought that it was somehow too easy
ran through her mind. Enough things had happened to her in this world to
cause her to be cautious.

Ultra Woman gave a slight smile as she spied an item mounted on the wall of
the stairwell: a firehose. She quickly but above all quietly unrolled
enough of the hose to reach the door and turned the water valve on. As she
did so, she felt the hose stiffen as it filled with water. Ultra
Woman peeked through the door again to see the men were tying the owner's
hands behind his back. Smiling again, she pulled the handle on the nozzle
back to release a powerful jet off water directly at the two villains...

The water struck the two men in the back like a giant hand swatting two
flies. They both pitched forward like oversized bowling pins, the one of
the left sending his gun clattering across the marble floor while the other
man held onto his as he slid across the slick flooring. The two slammed
into the paneled wall within the room at the end of the hallway.

Ultra Woman enjoyed the fact that she was able to defeat these evil doers
without really causing much injury. She disliked having to cause people
physical damage even if they really deserved it.

Ultra Woman kept the powerful blast of water on the two men. The one with
the gun tried to turn around and fire, but the dousing water hit him
squarely in the chest, knocking the air from his lungs. Moving the hose
slightly, Rei snatched the gun right out of his hands with a well aimed
blast of water, sending the weapon clattering away from the two men. Within
thirty seconds, the two men were in fetal positions against the far wall,
trying vainly to protect themselves from the gushing water. Seeing they
were no longer anything but exhausted, thoroughly pummeled men, Rei turned
off the water, tossed down the hose, and walked down the hall towards the
bound man on the couch in the room beyond.

She wolf free this man and take him to safety before returning to force the
attackers to disclose their plans. All the time, she was careful not to get
too confident as there could always be more then these two.

As the Asian Amazon walked out of the hallway entrance and into the room,
the bound man looked up at her oddly. Then, out of the corner of her eye,
she saw movement, then heard the single report of a weapon. Instinctively
she raised a bracelet, only to instantly comprehend the three prongs
attached to the end of a long wire rapidly approaching her bracelet, just
like the weapon that had nearly electrocuted her the last time she saw
Ultra Girl...

Ultra Woman yanked her arm away with lightning speed and dove out of the
way of the dart. As she rolled, Ultra Woman grabbed a small end table that
had been upturned and flung it in the direction the attack had come from.
She wanted to cause the attacker some distraction while she recovered from
the attack. As she sprang to her feet, Ultra Woman faced the direction of
the attack. Ready for any other....

Diving to the side, the gunman barely avoided the hurtling table as it
crashed against the paneled corner at the edge of the adjacent hallway. He
rolled over in a heap, and immediately began fumbling onto his knees. With
one hand he grappled with a canister and slid it into place on the
odd gun he was carrying as he eyed Ultra Woman with some panic in his eyes.

In a flash, Ultra Woman reached down, picked up, and flung a saucer like a
frisbee towards the gun. She expected that it contained some sort of
noxious gas. While the saucer was still in the air, Ultra Woman took her
golden lasso from her belt and threw one end towards the villain. Intending
for it to bound him.

The man dove to the side at the saucer shattered against the wall behind
him. Before he could turn back around and aim his weapon at the beautiful
heroine protecting the bound man, the golden rope landed around his
shoulders. In an instant, his arms were jerked tightly against his body.
His weapon hit the floor as his eyes took on a glaze that was familiar to
Ultra Woman.

"That's three," she thought as she saw that the villain was under her
control. "Now to find out just how many attackers there are..." Before
Ultra Woman could could start to ask her captive a question, she was rudely

"Excuse me, mind untying me??" the bound man said loudly at the heroine
standing before him. "Hurry!"

Ultra Woman didn't bother replying as she much more important business to
take care off.

As Rei pulled the lassoed attacker to his feet and started to approach him,
she heard a noise behind her. Turning slightly to glance back at the bound
man, she noticed his seat was empty. In that same moment, his left arm
circled her waist. Grabbing onto her at well as he could, his other
hand came around her head. A large white cloth was placed quickly over
Ultra Woman's nose and mouth, filling her senses with a sickly sweet of

"No!!!" she gasped in shock, her mind already spinning from the effects of
the liquid. Ultra Woman jabbed back with an elbow purely by instinct. She
heard the 'crunch' of a broken rib and the scream of pain of the man behind
her. The cloth fell away from her face as he stepped back,
groaning in agony. Ultra Woman attempt to turn to face her attacker but as
she did so, she could feel the room spinning. Her feet got twisted with
each other and she feel to floor with a soft thud, releasing her end of her
rope. The fall broken by a soft cushion from a couch.

As she laid there trying to recover her senses, she saw the attacker she
had lassoed shrug off the lasso and come over to her prone body. With a
grin, he picked up the chemical soaked cloth and put it back on her face.
Ultra Woman weakly tried to resist but it was no use. As her eyes shut, she
felt him fondle one of her breasts and say, "If I didn't that I would get
reamed for it, I would give you a nice fuck for the trouble you gave us."
With that, Ultra Woman drifted into a deep and dreamless sleep...

"Bitch!" the attacker who had first tried to chloroform and got some broken
ribs for the trouble yelled. Grabbing his excruciatingly painful side, he
gave Ultra Woman a quick kick in the midsection. "You broke my ribs!"

The sleeping heroine groaned in pain and tried to curl up into a ball in
order to protect herself.

Abruptly the entire wall next to a small mirror crashed inward, into the
room. Through the plaster and timber that tumbled down, out stepped a huge
man whose bald head plowed through a part of the ceiling tiles before he
thought to duck. He was bare chested, wearing only red leather pants,
black boots, red leather gloves, and a black harness on his massive body.
Muscles compounded over muscles on his hairless, immense torso. He was an
epitome of the word 'huge'. Behind him came two more of the black clad men.

The man sneered dangerously at the injured thug that had just chloroformed
then kicked the down heroine. "Lissen here, ya dumb fuck, if ya kick that
slut again, I'll rip yer head off, got it dumbfuck?" he said, extending a
thick finger down towards the injured man.

All the injured man's bravado wilted like a plant in the Sahara. "Uh,
yessiree, Mister Mayhem. No problem, won't happen again," he stuttered,
involuntarily taking a step back from the digit extended at him like a
deadly gun.

“Yeah, I thought so, dumbfuck," Mayhem glared. Still scattering wall
debris, he walked over to the sleeping Ultra Woman. "Goddam, ya ain't bad,
baby. I'd love ta fuck yer brains out, but I promised da boss I'd just
bring yer tight lil' ass back. Since my plan didn't leave no bruises on ya,
I still might get a blow job outta ya though," he said with a leering grin.
Reaching down, he snatched the lasso from her hip and went to work.

Rei was rolled onto her back. The indestructible golden rope was wrapped
around her wrists tightly, then her boots were brought up and bound,
binding them up towards her wrists. The rope was then wrapped around her
neck twice before going back to her boots, forcing Ultra Woman to be bent
back at a nasty angle. "Ya got that other thing yer boss wanted her ta
wear?" he said to one of the two that had followed him through the wall.

One quickly, almost too quickly, nodded and handed him the item. It was a
small plastic, hollow ball, dotted with small holes. Mayhem grabbed a
fistful of the Amazon's glistening brunette hair and pulled her head up.
Past her slack lips Mayhem pushed the plastic ball into her mouth, then
using the attached straps, gagged the sleeping heroine. Letting her head
drop back down, her breaths whistling through the holes in the ball, tiny
drops of drool began to seep out the corner of Ultra Woman's mouth.

"Call it in," he said to one of the men. As he got on a cellular phone,
Mayhem rolled Rei onto her side. Her body was bent back by her bondage,
forcing her breasts to arch out impressively. Mayhem poked the soft glands
as the bulged over the top of her bustier. "Goddam, that's some fuckin'
nice meat there, babe. When Gabbie ain't lookin', I'm gonna hafta stick my
shaft between them babies and let 'em pop me off." He cupped her upper
breast, making even the impressive mammary look small in his massive hand.

She moaned in her sleep slightly as he molested her firm flesh. The satin
fabric rubbing against her nipples causing them to harden and making little
points in the bustier.

An evil grin spread over Mayhem's face. "Fuck, this slut is hot! I can feel
her nipples turnin' inta a little rock! Fuck!" he exclaimed. He lifted
Ultra Woman up by the soft breasts, and pressed them into his crotch,
rolling the gentle flesh around his bulging erection. Abruptly a frown
replaced his smile, and he threw her roughly back to the floor. "The things
I give up for a half a mil. Fuck."

She moaned softly from the rough treatment she had gotten from him.
However, it wasn't enough to fight the effects of the chemical that was
keeping her asleep. It would off soon as Amazon bodies can process such
things much quicker then normal humans.

"Fuck!" Mayhem exclaimed as he shoved Ultra Woman away and quickly stood
up. He adjusted the rigid organ in his pants. "Get that goddam helicopter
here before I fuckin' shoot my load in my pants."

The men chuckled as all eyes rested on the sleeping, voluptuous heroine
lying helpless on the cold floor.


The sound invaded Ultra Woman's senses as she groggily started to return to
the world of consciousness. The world seemed to bump and bounce around her,
all of it wild with wind. Slowly she came to realize she was in a
helicopter. Her head was bend back by her lasso around her neck as she lay
on her side. Her hair was in her face, mostly obscuring her vision as her
head rested on the hard metal flooring of the helicopter. She felt a foot
on her hip, using the heroine for a footstool. The corner of her mouth was
wet from the drool seeping around the odd gag in her mouth. She couldn't
make out any voices; the helicopter must have been too loud for much oral


She didn't try to struggle as she knew it was impossible to break her lasso
even with her considerable strength. Ultra Woman could tell that they must
have not molested her as the Curse of Troy hadn't reared its ugly head.
Also, she was still in her uniform and other then a fading ache in her
side, unharmed. Her chemically muddled thoughts cleared quickly as she
tried to figure out what was going on. "Could this have been a trap for
me?" she wondered in her thoughts. "If so, why?" That question, she had no
answer for. She laid there feigning sleep as she knew if they knew she was
awake, it could be dangerous. Better to act asleep so as to find some way
of escape.

The heavy foot on her hip rocked her back and forth. The helicopter ride
seemed to take an eternity as Rei was rocked over and over, until it
finally struck her why; her left breast compressed against the flooring,
and she assumed her rocker was getting some perverted pleasure doing it.

"Animals...." she mentally spat. Ultra Woman had often wondered why so many
men acted like this. On the other hand, there were a few like Brian, also
known as Captain Liberty, were kind and respectful. She had often meditated
on this subject but had never come up with even a hint
of an answer. If she did, she figured, the gods would invite her into the
pantheon as a discoverer a one of the universe's secrets.

Finally the helicopter descended, and came to a smooth landing. As the
blades slowed, she heard the door open. Like a sack of potatoes, Ultra
Woman was grabbed by the lasso around her and thrown over Mayhem's
shoulder, which was uncomfortable with her arms and legs bent behind her.
Glancing out semi-closed eyes, her face hidden by the hair that fell down
over it, she could see was on some kind of estate. The helicopter pad was
next to a cliff overlooking the ocean; from the geography she assumed she
was somewhere north of Megapolis.

Mayhem carried her indoors, and immediately down a flight of stairs. Rei
was unable to see what kind of building she had entered, other than it
wasn't very well lit, and very sparsely decorated. The stairs were sturdy
concrete, as were the walls of the hallway to which the stairs descended.
Down a short hallway, past two closed door, she was carried.

Ultra Woman memorized every detail she could. Down to and including the
smells. They might be useful later on when she tried to escape.

Abruptly she was thrown down, landing heavily on her chest and stomach onto
the hard, cold concrete floor. "Close 'er up, I'm gonna go get my
collection fee." A heavy metal door clanged shut, but Rei could hear two
men scuffle around outside the door of her spartan, empty cell, as Mayhem
and cohorts left...

Rei slowly opened her eyes fully and took in the cell she was in. Luckily,
her kidnappers hadn't used the lasso for more then binding her. If they had
given her a command, she would have had to obey them no matter how
repulsive it was. "I can't break my rope," she though as she began moving
her hands and wrists carefully. "But maybe I can get out of it...." Rei
remembered what a sister had shown once as a child. About knots and such.
She had seen the other night a show on the television where people actually
paid to watch people do this. Hopefully with the right hands movements and
a proper amount of skin oil she could slip a hand free...

The two men outside were oblivious as they sat down on a bench outside the
door. Sliding odd looking guns off their shoulders, they sat them down
between their legs and leaned back.

"She ain't going nowhere with that magic doohickey tying her up."

"Yeah, you know Mayhem tied her up right. She looked like she was still out
anyway. Travis said she got enough chloroform to kill a bear."

The other guard chuckled. "Yeah? I bet it was a hoot to see them slant eyes
roll back in her head. Man, I heard Mayhem was two seconds from raping the

"Yeah, I heard. She's got better boobs than any gook I ever saw in my life.
Hell, I'd give a nut for us to double team her," he said with a mean little

"Yeah," his partner agreed, adding in his own laugh. "I heard Mayhem say
before he left that he's raped three of those other Ultra Woman's. He only
missed the first one and this one. I know he wants her bad."

"She looks pretty young though."

"Yeah, but they say her kind of women are like a thousand years old."

"Oh yeah? No kidding. Still, she looks good for her age."

Laugh. "Yeah, damned good. I'd do her in a second."

Matching laugh. "Hell yeah, just looking at her gives me a boner. Speaking
of which..."

He stood up, picking up his weapon as he did. Turning around, he peeked in
the bars. Eliciting a short gasp, he was suddenly eye to eye with Ultra

With a 'crunch' ran into the guard as door flew open from Ultra Woman's
powerful kick. Following close behind the swinging door was the Asian
Amazon. Before the second guard could even think to raise and alarm or use
his gun, Ultra Woman had her lasso around him. "Surrender," she demanded.

The other guard lay quiet and still with a growing bruise on his temple
from the door thumping him, as he partner stared blankly at Ultra Woman.
His weapon dropped from his hands and clattered on the floor as he stood
entranced by the magic of the lasso around him.

"Answer me the following truthfully," she said forcefully, tugging on the
lasso to make her point. "Where is this location at in regards to
Megapolis? Who is in charge here besides this Mayhem person. How many
guards are there and what exits are there. Preferably the more private

His voice was a monotone, almost robotic. "We are fifteen miles up route
twelve, north of Megapolis. Doctor Medelin is in charge, but works with
Mayhem. There are twelve guards. There are seven exits from the mansion.
There is the front door, the garage, the underground exit to the beach, the
patio door, the access door leading to the helipad, the upstairs balcony
doors, and a sliding door on the far side of the mansion. All have cameras
on them so none are private."

"Cameras...." she thought, as a plan clicked into place. "Is there a
control room for those cameras and if so, does if also control the various
alarms for this place? Also, its exact location in regards to where we are
now." Ultra Woman thought that if she could get to the control room and
disable it, it would improve her chances of escape.

"There is a main control room," the lassoed guard affirms, "it also
controls the alarms for the building, grounds, and for the yacht. The
controls are on the first floor in the center of the building. Go up the
stairs, turn right, go down the hall, turn left, fourth door down the

Ultra Woman smiled as her ideas for a plan came together nicely...

Getting her answers, Ultra Woman gave a final command to the guard, "Go to
sleep for at least 3 hours." As he slumped to the floor, she carried him
and the other guard into the cell. She then closed the door and using her
strength, bent the latch back into position.

Giving the corridor a final scan, the heroine proceeded down it...

The corridor was short and lead immediately to a stairwell. There were four
doors in the corridor, each one a different cell; Rei had been in one of
the two back cells. The area was very plain, very spartan, with concrete,
steel bars, and a pair of benches the only objects around. As
she reached the stairs, she could see they were equally plain, with only
the concrete steps there, no bannister, nothing.

"Someone certainly saved on decorations..." she thought.

In the distance she could hear a faint buzzing sound, but it could have
been anything; she had no idea how far underground she was, but Mayhem had
taken 31 steps down the stairs when he had delivered her here. Carefully
she made her way up the stairs. She made it up 15 when she came to a
landing where the stairs turned back on their way up. Peeking around the
corner, she could see the plain door at the stop of the stairs.

With no one in sight, she turned and headed up to the only exit from the
underground prison. As she made it halfway up the last set of stairs here,
the door suddenly swung open. Mayhem's enormous form appeared in the door
as he stepped onto the upper landing. He looked down and came eye to eye
with the Amazon superheroine.

A phrase she had heard often in this world sprang to mind in an instant:
"Oh shit..."

"What the fuck....?" he said, surprised...

Ultra Woman immediately launched an attack on him. With his size and
presumed strength, she had to take him down quickly. Her powerful legs
caused her to leap up the remaining stairs in a flash. One arm was cocked
back with a certain target in mind. An area of a male that could cause
extreme pain if hit....

Mayhem's movements weren't quick, but with the self-survivals instincts of
any man, he twisted his hips at the last minute. Ultra Woman's fist bounced
off his inner thigh at the last second, sending a shiver of pain up her
fist and into her shoulder. It was like she had just punched the
shield of Aegis.

"By the gods...." she thought as she felt the pain. "Just what is he made

She landed on her feet with her knees bent. With her hand throbbing, she
almost failed to notice the huge fist plummeting down at her. Mayhem swung
his fist like a sledgehammer in a downwards, hacking motion. Jumping back,
Ultra Woman felt the fist whoosh past her head, the fingers flipping
through her raven hair as it buried itself in the concrete landing. Chunks
of concrete exploded out like an artillery shell had landed at her feet at
Ultra Woman fell back away from the powerful blow. Using her bracelets, she
deflected the chips and hunks of concrete, with the rest bouncing off the
walls, tumbling down the stairs, or rebounding into smaller pieces after
hitting Mayhem's indestructible frame.

"By the gods..." she thought again.

"Ya slut! Try and hit me inna balls will ya? Ya wanna touch it? Fine! I'll
give ya a good long feel of it!" Mayhem said, half in a rage. He swung his
other meaty fist in a wide arc. Using her much greater agility and
training, Ultra Woman leaped up as the fist swept under her boot and plowed
into the wall. Again concrete flew and the steel reinforcements inside it

"Must avoid him," she thought quickly. "One solid hit and I could be
finished...." She looked for an moment that she could slip her lasso around
him and order him to stop. Ultra Woman dared not attempt it yet. It was all
she could do to dodge him now. She must weaken him just a bit so that she
had the opening she needed.

Before he could pull his fist out, Mayhem was kicked solidly in the jaw by
the leaping heroine. The heel of her red boot cracked him squarely, causing
his head to jerk back as the Amazon again felt like she had never struck
anything harder in her life. She landed smoothly on her feet, ready
to dodge his next blow.

"Ya fuckin' bitch!!" Mayhem roared as he lunged forward, his fingers
extended, to grab Rei's neck. Taking him by the wrist, Ultra Woman stepped
aside and, using his own momentum, slammed Mayhem into the wall behind her.
The mighty villain smashed into the wall, making a huge crater.

"That should take care of him," Ultra Woman thought, her hand beginning to
move to her lasso on her belt. Her opinion quickly changed as she saw that
he hadn't even been stunned. "Or perhaps not...."

Pulling himself out, Mayhem turned around. Ultra Woman could see he was
beyond all reason in his rage. Specks of foam spurted from the edges of his
lips as he huffed. Doubling his fists over his head, he brought them down
in a powerful blow. After seeing his strength in action already, Ultra
Woman knew she had to dodge this blow; he just might be able to defeat her
with one overpowering punch.

Stepping quickly to the side, Ultra Woman watched the double fists plunge
into the landing. The concrete flooring lurched, nearly knocking the agile
superheroine off her feet. Then she heard a noise like a deep explosion,
then suddenly the landing under her feet disintegrated into dozens of
chunk of concrete and steel.

"Oh shit...." she muttered as the floor gave way.

Both heroine and villain hurtled down sixty feet amidst the heavy blocks of

The gods must have been watching for the heroine because all the blocks
missed landing her. Ultra Woman in turn landed on something slightly softer
then the concrete floor: Mayhem. She literally bounced off his body a
couple of times before coming to rest on top of him. The wind was knocked
out of her and she saw stars as she fought to stay conscious. Both of them
were coated with the gray concrete dust that billowed all around them.

Coughing in the cloud of powdery concrete, the stunned Asian Amazon looked
up into the face of the villain she was laying upon...

Undamaged, Mayhem grinned at the dazed heroine atop him. "Yeah, I like 'em
doe eyed. Or bloody eyed," he gloated. His hand shot up and grabbed Ultra
Woman by the face, his meaty hand surrounding her face and squeezed. His
thumb and ring fingers ground against Rei's temples just below her tiara.
With his other hand he grabbed the tiara and hurled it one way as he
abruptly twisted his body, and lifted Ultra Woman by her head. With a
titanic explosion, he slammed her head down into the shattered concrete in
a blast of silken hair and cement while the golden tiara bounced at the far
end of the jail hallway.

Ultra Woman was still so dazed by the fall that she couldn't even begin to
fight him. She could only scream as her head exploded in star bursts of

Before the great heroine could react, Mayhem lifted her up by her head and
slammed her down again. Then again the back of her head slammed into the
concrete in a tiny explosion of concrete. With foam flecking from his lips,
he growled, "Howzat feel, ya fuckin' cunt!? Try and ball me will ya!?!"
Again he hammered Ultra Woman into the concrete below.

The gray concrete started to become colored red by the blood that flowed
from her nose and lips. Her body was totally limp as Ultra Woman fought to
remain at least concious rather then give into the welcoming blackness.

Mayhem clambered to his feet, spun, and threw Ultra Woman into the wall
just a few feet away, face first. With a hand to her head and ass, he
shoved her into the wall, slowly making an indent in the heroine's shapely

Ultra Woman moaned loudly in pain. The only time she had felt more agony
was when she had to give birth to the Plant Master's offspring. She wanted
to fight back but she couldn't seem to make her limbs move in more then
weak jerks. If it wasn't for the fact that her Amazon body was strong and
tougher then a human, she would have suffered countless broken bones by
now. As it was, her lovely features were a mass of bruises, cuts, and
scrapes which would heal quickly however. Once the beating stopped that

Mayhem didn't relent despite the obvious helplessness of Ultra Woman; if
anything, it seemed to incite him even more. "What's wrong, cunt!? Ain't
gonna try fer my balls any more, are ya!!" he roared as he shoved her legs
and arms into the wall. Ultra Woman was face first and getting every part
of her body shoved into the wall. Next he pushed her booted feet into the
wall, making the concrete compress and crack away. Finally satisfied,
Mayhem paused to look at the superheroine, now a living fresco inset into
the concrete wall.

Ultra Woman screamed again in agony but the sound was muffled by the
concrete that she was now part of. Behind her closed eyes, her years of
training took over. Her mind shunted the pain away from her thought
processes. She still felt it but her mind was still a rational thing.

"Ya don't look so fuckin' tough now, do ya bitch!?" he screamed at her,
sending flecks of foam spewing across her back. With an angry tug Mayhem
pulled his belt loose and threw his pants down to his knees, baring his
enormous organ. It was already growing sturdier by the second, and with a
few quick hand tugs on it, it was erect and pointing at the helpless
female form moaning in the wall.

She didn't hear a word that he was saying. It was all that she could do not
to pass out. That would surely make it easier but by staying awake, she
might get lucky somehow and salvage some sort of victory from this debacle.
Ultra Woman still had her strength so if she could find any sort of
opening, she could exploit it.

With her boots a foot off the ground, Ultra Woman was at the perfect height
for the seven and a half foot tall man. He tugged once more on his cock,
gave it an angry, satisfied nod, then stepped up behind Ultra Woman. His
hand curved under the blue satin of her panties, and he started to pull...

"Not that too...." her mind whimpered as she felt the material press and
pull against her mound. Ultra Woman began to wiggle ever so slightly in
defiance though if you looked at her you wouldn't have noticed it. It
wasn't much but it helped to loosen her body from the wall just a bit.

"Mayhem!!" a female voice shouted down at the villain. "Don't ruin that
costume, and don't you even fucking think about raping that woman!"

Mayhem stopped, but didn't release the shiny material in his hand. "Fuck
you! You know what this fuckin' cunt did?!" he roared up at the woman.

The heroine moved just a bit more to extract herself from the wall. A small
pile of dust and concrete bits piled unnoticed at Mayhem's feet.

"Listen to me, right now dammit. You ruin her or her costume and I'll cut
you off, you hear me??"

Mayhem snarled. He looked at the helpless Ultra Woman, then back up at the

"Fuck you!" he said, but it didn't seem to have as much steam as before.
He turned back to Ultra Woman, and instead of ripping her tights pulled
them far to the side of her ass. "Fuck you," he hissed in her half-buried
ear. He got up close to her, his huge body shadowing her completely. His
hands pried her ass cheek apart, and placed the thick head of his cock at
her puckered hole.

Ultra Woman gasped in her throat as she felt him against that most private
of areas. She could feel the Curse of Troy begin to take her away her
strength. She knew that if she was going to do anything, it would have to
be now!

"Mayhem!!!" the woman yelled at him again, more beseechingly.

"Don't fuckin' worry Gabby, she'll still be a fuckin' virgin!" Mayhem
laughed as he porked it meat into Rei's ass.

Ultra Woman threw her head back and scream loudly as Mayhem shoved his way
up her dry, tight ass. All the muscles of her body tensed as a single unit.
At the same time, her arms pulled free from the wall. One grabbed the busy
Mayhem's head to hold it in place while the other started to knuckle punch
him in the eyes. The Curse may be weakening her but she still had the
strength of an enraged bull.

Mayhem's snarled grin at the sight of his massive fuckpole half buried in
the athletic ass of an Amazon was quickly changed as his head was
bulldogged by his victim and the blows began to rain down on his hairless
face. Each one rocked him, since his head was trapped and the full force
of the blows fell directly.

Ultra Woman held on to his head and actually pulled it in as she punched.
Each blow aimed for his eyes. If she could, she would ripped each eyeball
from the socket.

“Ya...Owww!! fuckin' hole!!" Mayhem roared as he ducked and twisted his
head. Grabbing Ultra Woman by her hips, he flexed his powerful muscles and
jammed his thick dick higher inside her backside, plunging the knobby head
into her bowels and splitting her ass nearly in half.

She whimpered loudly as he shoved his way into her. The pain was intense
but no more so then when Mayhem had pushed her into the wall. Each of her
blows got just a bit weaker as she felt her Amazon strength leave her body.
"Must win!!" Ultra Woman thought through clenched teeth. She threw
everything she had into her fight against Mayhem and the oncoming Curse.
The latter would win in the end but the former could be beaten. At least
she hoped so.

"How d'ya like that, ya cunt!!" he shouted as he twisted around and pulled
the gasping Amazon from the wall. Violently he hurled her bodily across the
small landing and into the opposite wall a few feet away. He followed Ultra
Woman quickly, stomping her in the middle of her back as she rebounded off
the wall.

The Amazon gasped in pain from his blow and landed in a heap at his feet.
However, with his cock withdrawn from her body, the assault of the Curse
had ended. She was weaker then normal, but still retained a good measure of
her strength and speed. With a little more returning every moment. Added to
that, a burning rage against this creature. "If he's going to destroy me,"
she thought. "Then by the gods he'll know he was in a fight."

"Howzat feel, ya fuckin' hole!?" he foamed.

Ultra Woman's answer was to grab Mayhem's ankles and give a hard tug that
pulled the giant off his feet. While in mid-fall, she twisted his legs so
that he landed face first. He landed with a shuddering 'thud'. Immediately,
the bloody heroine leaped on to his upper back, took his head in her hands,
and began to slam it into the concrete over and over and over. The
piledrive like strength began to insert his face into the floor like he had
done to her with the wall. "How does it feel you bastard!" she yelled.

Mayhem tried to grab the heroine straddling him, but she was far too quick
for his overmuscled, slow movements. "Ya *blam!* fuckin' *blam!* cunt!!"

Spying out of the corner of her eye her lasso laying nearby, Ultra Woman
grabbed it with lighting speed while Mayhem's head was buried in the floor.
She quickly looped it _tightly_ around his throat and gave a single
command: "Surrender to me!"

Mayhem's head bounced a few more time in repetition, his face not nearly as
battered as the Amazon's. "Fuck yooouuuuuuuu...fuuu....I..." He paused,
obviously fighting the command, but as his rage faded, so did most of his
resistance. His hands dropped to his sides as he became as docile as a

She sighed in relief as he calmed down showing that she had finally won.
"Now," Ultra Woman commanded. "You will go to sleep for at least 6 hours
and not wake for any reason until then." The heroine was rewarded
immediately with the sounds of loud snoring as Mayhem carried out her
commands. "Now to get out of this place..." she thought.

Suddenly someone dropped next to Ultra Woman, literally out of the sky. A
pair of stiletto white boots landed right next to her. As Ultra Woman's
violet eyes darted up to see what was next, she caught a glimpse of a
female form glad in a white bodysuit with some odd blue symbols. Long, wavy
blonde hair flashed, but before she could see more, the newcomer struck.

"Who..." the Asian Amazon started to ask.

Four fingers, formed into a single point, jabbed into Ultra Woman's back,
just above the left shoulder blade. Instantly she was struck in the same
place on the opposite side, making her arms numb. Her assailant was strong
and just as quick, if not quicker, than Rei. The heroine's arms felt like
lead weights, and her attacker had struck at the precise nerve point
required to do what had just been done to Ultra Woman. The only warriors
that Rei knew that understood the warfare of pressure points was Amazons...

Rei knew this attacker was more dangerous the Mayhem in that she was more
crafty. Mayhem just used brute force which eventually helped to defeat him.
She knew if the attacker had used the right technique, and she expected she
had, the effects wouldn't wear off for at least half an hour. However the
heroine still had her legs...

In a single motion, Ultra Woman rolled and twisted her body on top of
Mayhem's. Her long legs moving in a sweeping motion that caught her
attacker's behind the knees. As she was knocked off balance, Ultra Woman's
drew back together and kicked the woman into the concrete wall with a

The mysterious blonde slammed into the wall with a gasp as the air rushed
from her lungs. She dropped to the floor, giving Ultra Woman a quick chance
to survey her new foe. The woman was dressed in thigh high white leather
boots with the stiletto heels. The woman was in fantastic shape which was
easy to ascertain since the woman was almost naked. She wore a white thong
dotted with a single blue star covering her mound, matching the skimpy bra
with matched stars over each nipple; the bra could barely support the heavy
breasts the bra was meant to control. Around her neck was a white strap of
leather, with four letters on it, but Ultra Woman couldn't make them out
with all the blonde hair covering the woman's face and neck. It was
finished with a pair of white leather gauntlets.

"By the gods..." Ultra Woman thought as she saw her attacker clearly. "She
could almost be an Amazon..."

Ultra Woman sprang to her feet with her arms dangling uselessly at her

The blonde quickly recovered. Barely a moment before Ultra Woman got to her
feet, her opponent kicked two large chunks of shattered concrete. Ultra
Woman was able to duck first one, then the other, but without her arms to
maintain her equilibrium, she was off-balance as the blonde leaped up and
tackled the heroine. Both women tumbled to the floor as they flew over the
sleeping Mayhem. Her opponent was slightly stronger than Rei, and without
her arms, the heroine was very vulnerable to the skills this woman seemed
to possess.

Ultra Woman attempted to entwine her legs with her opponents in an attempt
to roll her beneath her. That way, the heroine would have the advantage of
being on top. However, the villainess seemed to anticipate that move...

With her legs the main priority, Ultra Woman felt a sharp blow just inside
her right thigh that sent a tingling shock down the length of it. Her arms
numb and useless, and her blonde enemy pinning down her legs, she was in
trouble. The woman reared back and jabbed four fingers into the other
thigh, making the entire leg jerk and buckle, then flop numb and useless to
the ground. Even as Ultra Woman tried to kick out with her last, sore,
tingling leg to defeat her foe, the blonde woman ducked to the side and
drove the four gauntleted fingers into the interior of that thigh. With a
spasming flash of sharp pain, the leg quickly subsided into numbness and
dropped lifelessly to the floor.

"Hades!" she thought dejectedly. She still had all of her strength but it
was of no use to her now. Not without the limbs to channel it into action.
Just who WAS this woman? Someone as strong as she and knowing how to use
pressure points. A skill that even she wasn't sure of using. Applying
pressure even a fraction off the right spot could cause serious injury or
no effect at all.

Ultra Woman was still sore from the battering and battle with Mayhem, but
she couldn't feel any of that from her arms or legs. The blonde stepped
over Rei's body, placed one stiletto's boot between the heroine's breasts,
and leaned down. Grabbing the heroine by the hair over her tiara-less
forehead with one hand, she pulled her own wildly wavy hair from her face.

It was Tania.

"Tania?!" Rei gasped in shock. She was stunned beyond belief by the
revelation that her attacker was the missing fourth Ultra Woman. She and
Captain Liberty had searched for her but then a few hints, had never found
out what had happened to fallen champion. "What in the Queen's name are you
doing? I'm your sister!" Rei was beside herself that a fellow sister would
attack her. She had heard about Melania's conversion to evil but brushed
that off to the mechanical devices Doc Droid used on her. The Asian Amazon
struggled to somehow get control back of her body so that she could defend

Tania's blue eyes were blank, and didn't flicker in the slightest at the
words Ultra Woman gasped out. Those eyes were frozen, filled with icy
emptiness. She held Rei's head up by the bangs, ignoring the weak movements
the heroine was making, especially with Ultra Woman's inability to use her
arms or legs.

"Tania...." Ultra Woman signed sadly as saw those eyes. "What did those
monsters do to you?" The former champion could have been a living statue
for all the life her eyes showed. Rei knew that somehow, somebody had been
able to eliminate Tania's personality while retaining her skills and
knowledge. Whoever did that, to an Amazon no less, was HIGHLY dangerous.

Rearing back those four fingers that had done so much damage, Tania looked
down with her wide blue eyes at her victim. Helpless, Ultra Woman could
only look up with her own violet eyes filled with horror at the sight of
her defeat at the hands of her sister. Turning Ultra Woman's head to the
side, Tania drove the fingers into the base of Rei's neck.

"Noooooooo!" she moaned, her voice suddenly silence as if a switch was
turned off.

A sharp pain stabbed into Ultra Woman's neck, making her entire body lurch
upwards like a fish on a line, then land like a wet bag of cement on the
floor. Her entire body was numb, she couldn't feel a single thing from the
neck down. Her neck ached like it had been broken then set, but it was a
dull ache rather than a piercing pain. Still, as Tania released her hair
and let her head bonk against the hard floor, Ultra Woman knew she was
defeated until this wore off.

"From what I know about pressure point attack," she thought to herself.
"They wear off in roughly one half hour. By then however, they will have
bound me in my lasso or something again. I do have admire the planning that
went into this. Quite prudent to have back-ups and the like."

Tania walked calmly over to the tiara on the floor, picked it up, then
walked back. She scooped up the lasso and coiled it neatly. Returning to
Ultra Woman, she knelt down and pushed the hair from Rei's face. Setting
the lasso aside, she slid the tiara into place, perfectly on Ultra Woman's
forehead, and pulled the hair around it as if she had done that same thing
a million times. Taking up the lasso again, she clipped it into place on
Rei's belt.

The heroine was surprised at what was going on. She expected that Tania
would have tied her up with the lasso. Not give it back to her. That was
the one thing that would definitely bind her no matter what her strength

Grabbing the heroine by the neck and sliding an arm under the knees, Tania
lifted the limp Ultra Woman into her arms like a helpless baby. Tania
gathered herself, leaned down, then powerfully propelled herself up the
fifty feet to land smoothly on the landing far above. She stood up
straight before the six armed men, and the single woman.

"The mastermind I presume," Rei thought.

The woman wore a black business dress covering a thin, almost skinny frame.
Her thick black hair and oversized nose gave a hint to her origin, but she
was obviously in charge from the way the men around her looked to her for a
command as Tania appeared with the captive. "Well done Tania, Mayhem
certainly has a few things to learn. Take Ultra Woman to the alternate
holding area, strap her into the tub, then later she'll be cleaned up. Gag
her properly while you are there. After you do that, clean yourself up and
return to your quarters."

"A TUB?!" If she could have, Rei's eyes would be wide open in surprise. She
had half expected to be given to the men as an object for their lust. "Just
what is going on here?? If I didn't know better, I would think I was a
prize of sorts for somebody."

Without a nod or a word of recognition, the blonde Amazon carried Ultra
Woman past the ogling men. Down the hallway she went, then up a set of back
stairs, down another hall, then walked into one of the upper level rooms.
Without so much as a word yet, and nary a glance down at the beautiful,
helpless heroine she held in her arms, Tania set Rei down in a large metal
tub. At each curve at the head of the tub was a heavy manacle, and
methodically Tania snapped each of Rei's wrists into them, trapping her
hands at forty five degree angles to her body. At the end of the tub,
attached to the bottom, was another set of manacles, and into these Tania
snapped Rei's booted ankles.

Instinctively, Rei tried to struggle but couldn't even move her limbs in
the attempt. From the planning for her capture that she had seen, she
presumed that the manacles were expected to hold her even at full strength.
Rei couldn't wait to try them out. From what Rei could see
being able to turn her head, the room quite well furnished. Frescoed walls,
gilded fixtures, and the like. All the signs of some one with a lot of

Once her charge was comfortably manacled in, Tania simply turned and walked
out the door, leaving Ultra Woman in the darkness, helpless and manacled...


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman: Harem - Part 2

Time passed slowly. The room was adorned like some kind of Roman bath, with
frescoes of agrarian antiquity, which actually reminded Rei much of her
home, other than the males in the frescoes. Everything else was either
elegant pottery placed atop short marble columns, or brass and glass
displays of other antiquated items.

The tub itself was of steel or titanium, from what Ultra Woman could make
of it, but the fixtures were of brass, with the knobs of marble. It was the
bathroom even the Queen would be proud to own. It was the height of luxury.
The tub was inset into the floor, putting Rei's head just below floor
level, but leaving her wrists at floor level where the metal manacles kept

"I must say," she thought as she took in the room. "Whoever owns this place
does have taste. For an evil villain that is." She smiled in her mind at
the thought of being in such a tub with the Queen. They had shared one once
but only for a wash, not a good long soak. A soak followed by other

After Ultra Woman had lain in the room alone, she could feel the sensations
in her arms and legs return. First she could simply move them, then she
grew more strong. After another fifteen minutes, she was back up to full
strength, and ready to rip out of this place.

"Finally..." Ultra Woman sighed, able to speak and move at last. She turned
her head to study the manacles more closely and found them to be made from
a bluish-gray metal. They were lined with a soft, spongy type material that
prevented chafing and fitted her wrists and ankles exactly. There would be
no sliding out of these like with her lasso. The heroine began to pull at
her bonds gently, then with increasing force. Eventually, gritting her
teeth and using all over incredible strength on them. Finally her body
relax and she let out a gasp of pent up breath. For all of her effort, the
manacles hadn't budged even a millimeter.

"By the gods!" she exclaimed softly, her Asian features covered in sweat
from her efforts. "Whoever created such a material knew exactly how strong
to make it in order to keep an Amazon prisoner. I expect they used poor
Tania as their test subject." Ultra Woman relaxed into the tub as best she
could. She made no more efforts against the bonds. It would be futile and
wasteful of her strength to keep trying.

More time passed...

Ultra Woman heard footsteps outside the door, heavy, high heeled footsteps.
A moment passed, then the dark haired woman entered, followed by Mayhem and
Tania. She nodded to Mayhem, who frowned darkly but waited for both women
to enter, then closed to door and remained near it. It was obvious to Rei
he didn't want to be there, standing guard like that, but...this woman
must've had something on him. Her power over him was odd, since he had
never been known as an order-taker.

She could see how angry he was towards her. "I expect he hasn't been beaten
by a woman many times and doesn't like it one bit," she thought with the
trace of a smile. "Good."

The two women continued over to her. The thinner woman stopped as Tania
circled Rei, then hopped down into the deep tub. With her blue eyes still
dull and lifeless, the blonde Amazon leaned down to Ultra Woman, pushed
aside her raven hair, and slid the tiara off her forehead and neatly set it
aside. Next she moved down to the belt. Tania reached around Rei's waist
and with a twist of her wrist unbuckled it from behind, took it off the
heroine, and set it aside just as neatly.

"Tania what are you doing?" Rei asked her Amazon sister with widened eyes.
She then remembered the thin woman's order to Tania to have her taken to
the tub to be 'cleaned'. "They're going to bathe me??!" she thought with a
shock. Rei could not figure out what was going on. This group wasn't acting
like a normal set a villains. Well Mayhem was but he was a man.

Tania paused for a moment, then again reached around Rei's body. Finding
the hidden zipper on the back of Ultra Woman's bustier, Tania loosened it
up, then pulled it down, freeing Rei's flowing breasts. The firm glands
moved gently to the side to their natural positions, but remained high on
the heroine's chest.

Rei's pinkish-brown nipples harden in cool air to make hard peaks on her
plump, D sized breasts. She kept her eyes on Tania, trying somehow to make
a connection with her but failed. All the time, she could hear Mayhem
slowly grinding his teeth in frustration.

Over Rei's hips went her uniform, the elastic material expanding as it
stretched over her hips. It moved down her silken thighs, revealing her
trim bush between her spread legs. Tania stopped when the costume became
too stretched, but she changed positions so she was facing away from Ultra

Rei caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned her head to see
what it was. She saw that the thin woman was smiling and nodding as if in
approval of her body. The heroine blushed slightly and turned her eyes
away. She had been naked before people most of her life but in this case,
she felt like she was on display.

With her gauntleted fingers of one hand on the inside of Ultra Woman thigh,
using that as an implicit threat that any struggle would end up with that
leg going numb again, Tania released the manacle around the boot. Within
seconds the boot was off and setting on the floor next to the tub. The
uniform was then pulled down and off her leg as well and Rei's leg was back
in the manacles. Tania then did the same with the other boot, leaving both
feet bared and manacles down to opposite corners of the rounded rectangular

She would have loved to struggle and fight but Rei knew that would have
been futile. Between the manacles and Tania's hand, she would have been
defeated quite quickly. Even if she had somehow been able to get free,
Mayhem was there and Rei shuddered inside at facing _him_ again...

Tania climbed out of the tub, leaving the heroine trapped and naked but for
her bracelets. She stepped back from the metal lip of the tub. Her eyes
rose to stare straight ahead, blankly.

Rei vowed that she would take Tania back to their home after this was all
over. "There must be something we can do for her," she thought with a great
amount of pity for her fallen sister.

Finally the dark headed woman stepped forward. She walked over to the shelf
at the end of the tub and picked up a silver urn. Wordlessly, she opened it
and held it out over Rei. Out poured a heavy, amber liquid that flowed like
syrup. She poured it on Rei's bare thigh, then over her mound, circled
Ultra Woman's firm belly, ran it across both of her solid breasts, then
finished by letting the syrup pool up on her chest between her breasts.
Before putting it up, she poured more of it right over the drain, the
replaced the urn on the shelf.

Rei gasped slightly as the thick, perfumey smelling liquid landed on her
sensitive womanhood and nipples. Amazon's are much more sensitive in those
regions then a normal woman, both a blessing in that it helps to give them
strength and a curse in that its a weakness as well. She figured it was
some sort of soap or bathing liquid. The portion on her mound flowed ever
so slightly over her clit causing Rei to try and thick about less pleasant
items. Like calculus...

"Tania, turn on the water," she ordered, which the blonde Amazon promptly
followed. The marble fixtures were turned, and into the tub was released a
warm flow of water that splashed down between Ultra Woman's bare feet.
Slowly the tub filled, and as it foamed and splashed in the syrup, bubbles

The Amazon felt herself enclosed by the warm water, the grime, sweat, and
blood loosening quickly. Her long glossy black hair began to float in a
mass as it rode the water. Rei couldn't help but relax in the warmth. She
liked nothing better to sit in a tub and enjoy the feeling for a long time.
One advantage of Amazon skin, it didn't 'prune' from being in the water for
long periods.

Mayhem stood by the door still, his erection bulging inside his red leather
pants, the bruises on his face adding more glower to his expression. But he
didn't move from his spot.

As the water flowed higher, filling the oversized tub slowly, Tania kneeled
down. She unlatched the white boots, and stepped out of them. Next came the
white gloves, revealing her bare arms. Her bracelets, somehow, were gone
off her wrists, and they were supposedly irremovable from an Amazon.

Rei was quite surprised at what she saw. Since Tania's hands had not been
cut off, someone must have used a form of magic to remove them. She didn't
suspect the thin woman however. She had showed no signs of being a magic
user yet. Rei wondered if the manacles on her limbs couldn't have been made
from the bracelets. The metal was certainly the right appearance and it was
unbreakable to Amazons. "An Amazon being imprisoned by something created by
Amazon," she thought. "Ironic."

In moments, Tania was naked, her magnificent body elegant and proud. At
least that hadn't changed, she was still one of the most beautiful of the
Amazon race, her proud breasts high on her chest, her long legs perfectly
shaped, as if the Gods themselves had carved her. Tania picked up the
sponge from the shelf next to the urn, and moved down into the bubbling
warmth of the water.

The Asian- Amazon looked at her sister in shock. "She's going to wash me?"
she thought. Rei thought it was a form of degradation in the person who
captured her using one of her sisters in this. She gasped slightly, to the
pleasure of the other woman, when Tania's skin touched her own. The water
and the warmth making it feel so much the better. "Tania," she said softly.
"Please don't do this...."

Tania was oblivious to Rei; Ultra Woman could have talked to the wall and
gotten a similar response. The dark haired woman seemed to take some
pleasure from what Rei said, as the outline of her harsh lips softened.
Tania turned off the water, leaving it so it was just over Rei's breasts,
making them float on the surface of the bubbly water.

The hard, brown-pink nubs poked through the foam as the flesh they were
attached to jiggled in the waves Tania created. As the ripples battled
against them, they sent pleasurable feelings into Rei's brain. She closed
her eyes for a moment as she tried to discount what she felt.

The blonde Amazon started with Ultra Woman's feet, rubbing the soft sponge
against the bottom of them. Between each of Rei's toes Tania rubbed gently,
parting them to let the sponge caress her. She took a bar of pumice and
softly rubbed it against the harsher spots on the bottom of Rei's heel. Her
naked body was facing away from Rei as Tania squatted over the manacled
heroine, their combined sexes only a few inches apart as Tania dropped the
pumice bar and worked her way up Ultra Woman's legs with the sponge.

Rei giggled a bit from the touch of the sponge on her feet. "Bad time to be
ticklish...." she thought as she stifled another bout. The heroine sighed
softly as she felt the pumice and sponge work their magic on her body. Her
muscles were massaged by Tania's firm strokes and her skin cleaned of the
debris of her battles. The feelings were such that Rei had to force herself
to remember that she was a captive.

Over the perfume of the bubbles and soap, Rei could smell another perfume.
One that she was so familiar with. That of an Amazon aroused. She couldn't
tell if it was hers or Tania's mound that was creating it. Regardless, it
was heady scent for an Amazon who had not laid with a sister for so long...

Tania turned around, facing Rei, her blank blue eyes crystal clear, and her
hands like two multi-fingered feathers that lilted over the heroine's soft
skin, caressing and cleaning every pore they came across.

Rei closed her eyes and smiled at Tania's expert touch. Her sensitive skin
relayed every bit of feeling to her mind. This kind of treatment was so
much different from what she had come to expect from being captured. Not
raped or abused like with Mayhem but treated kindly. It made it ever so
slightly harder to resist....

Her captor sponged past Rei's warm puss, bypassing it as she sponged the
trapped heroine's hips, then moved around to roll the sponge across Ultra
Woman's belly. She rolled the wet sponge along the underside of each of
Rei's breasts, washing away the dust and grime Rei had rolled and flown
through in her battles. Tania palmed the soft, warm melons in one hand
while brushing the sponge across the nipples, her actions almost blatantly

Rei trembled from the touch of the sponge across her firm, flat belly.
Small whimpers came from her mouth as Tania played with her harden nubs.
Rei felt fortunate that her hands were within the manacles. If they hadn't
been, she would have had to struggle not to pull Tania's mouth to her so
hard nipples. "Oh yesss...." she whispered so softly that her own ears
barely heard it.

Over Rei's shoulders went the sponge, as Tania dipped it in the water then
let it cascade down over her captive's breasts and chest. Next Tania washed
Rei's face, wiping away the grit and dried blood from the heroine's lips.
The sponge rinsed Rei's face until the smooth skin spotted with bubbles was
all that remained.

Rei looked back into her eyes with ones filled with a deep longing. It was
hard for her not fight the arousal building in her body. It had been so
long since she had made love to a sister and making love to an Amazon was
so special and missed. And Tania was an Amazon... Rei could feel that most
private of area between her legs warming up even further.

Tania crossed her leg over Rei, straddling the young Amazon. Through the
clear water and the floating bubbles, Rei could see that patch of dark
blonde hair floating in the water between Tania's legs, and the excited
slit below it, as Tania pressed it against Rei's pubic bone. Dropping the
sponge in the water, Tania placed one hand on Rei's cheek, and the other on
her breast, and bent down to press her full lips against Rei's.

The heroine at first turned her head so that Tania's lips landed against
her cheek. "This isn't right..." she thought to herself. "I'm a captive and
they are using Tania against me. I must resist...." As she was thinking
this, Tania's hand on her cheek turned her to face her fallen sister again.
Tania again kissed her and this time, on the lips. All the time, Tania's
other hand gently kneaded Rei's breast while rubbing the nipple with a

Tania leaned her long body down onto Rei, pressing her swollen labia
against Rei's pubic bone, and sliding her warm mound along the Asian girl's
muff. Dark blonde curls of pubic hair mixed with the dark hair as the
former heroine rubbed against her successor. As she continued to roll the
hard nub of Rei's nipple with the flat of her thumb, Tania trapped Rei's
other breast between her own full mammaries.

Rei whimpered softly into Tania's lips as she felt the friction of their
mounds rubbing together. Her clit becoming engorged and so sensitive. The
tickle of Tania's wet hair sent shivers up Rei's spine. Her eyes closed as
she tried so hard not to give in. It wasn't easy when she could feel that
hard nipples of Tania's breasts poking into her chest. Both of them just
begging to be suckled and Rei's mouth watered at the thought.

She didn't know for how long she tried to resist Tania's manipulations but
eventually the sensations began to win over. They and the Amazons' mutual
scent of arousal took there toll on the younger girl. She could feel how
hot Tania's mound was against her body and knew that she mirrored her
sister. Finally, Rei sighed in defeat. Her tongue licked at Tania's full
lips as she began to return kiss her back....

Tania's tongue darted within Rei's mouth, as her hand creeper behind the
heroine's head to help hold her in place. Her lips caressed Rei's full red
ruby lips, as her hand surrounded and kneaded the heroine's soft gland.
Faster Tania rode Rei's pubic bone, allowing her lower lips to slowly part
open like a pink flower in blossom.

"Oh godssssss....." Rei moaned into Tania's mouth as her own tongue
explored the blonde's mouth. She could feel her own lips parting so both of
their flesh rubbed together. The younger Amazon could feel the hard bump of
the older woman's clit rubbing against her own. She was filled with such
feelings as she had last felt during that wonderful night with the Queen.

Suddenly Rei broke the kiss and began licking the inside of one of Tania's
ears. "Make us cum sister..." she murmured in a lover's voice. "Let us
revel in the pleasure of the gods..."

Tania's blank blue eyes belied the soft purr that came from deep in her
throat as her clit rubbed and twisted around on Rei's bone. She ignored
Rei's soft words, but glided up Rei's web, soapy body, rolling her clit
along the center of the heroine's wet abdomen. Breaking the kiss, Tania
rose up in the tub. She placed both of her hands behind Rei, cupping the
dark, wet hair in her hands as her bare breast came up to greet Rei.

The heroine lost herself in the pleasure she was feeling. For them moment,
the fact that she had been captured and manacled was forgotten. Rei lick,
kissed, and gently nibbled the smooth wet flesh that slid past her lips.
Down Tania's chin, over her throat, and past her clavicles. Until her head
was cradled into the cleavage between the blonde's breasts. Rei moaned
passionately as she moved her head from side to side, licking the firm
flesh as Tania's thigh rubbed her mound and her clit.

Tania pressed her powerful thigh against Rei's slit, prying the puffy lips
apart with the rigid muscles of her leg until the clit was riding along
them. Up and down slowly Tania ground her leg into Rei's clit, twisting the
sensitive point around slowly.

Rei pushed womanhood back into Tania's thigh. Loving how the wonderful
feelings it gave off made her not care about anything at all. If she could,
she would have done the same to her sister. So that she could feel this
wonderful as well.

A guttural growl, deep from Mayhem's throat, rolled across the room at the
sight of the two Amazons writhing sexually in the tub. With a sharp,
withering glance from the dark haired woman, Mayhem averted his eyes as he
twisted his crotch to realign his bulging meat to a more comfortable

Pulling the heroine's head back slightly, Tania presented the proud mammary
to Rei. The pert nipple was soft and warm from the water, but growing
quickly erect in the cool air that began to dry it. The blonde, the lower
half of her long hair dark and drenched, rolled her head back as Rei
surrounded her nipple, and held it in her mouth. Tania let out a soft sigh,
the first sign of emotion from the former Ultra Woman, as she rode her clit
over Rei's belly and felt the lips working her nipple like an experienced

The other Amazon may have been younger but as many sisters could attest,
she was no less experienced then her older sister. Rei's lips, tongue, and
teeth gently tormented the hard bud. Suckling, biting, and tugging on it
were but a few of the pleasures she gave Tania. It was simple repayment for
the massaging her clit was receiving from Tania's thigh.

Tania cupped the back of Rei's head, pressing the captive Amazon into
Tania's fleshy mounds. As Rei nibbled on one breast, the nipple of the
other rubbed amongst her dark, wet hair, which stuck to the shiny, soapy

The Asian moved her head over to the other breast. Suckling on the nipple a
final time before kissing and licking her way down the satin smooth skin to
the center of Tania's cleavage. Rei rested there for a second. Nuzzling a
nose into the other breast before climbing that one to its pink peak. As
she ever so gently bit the nipple, Rei pulled her head back stretching the
heavy flesh out. She suddenly let it go so that it jiggled like a bowl of

The water in the bath soon became a mixture of water, soap, and the juices
of Amazon's in the throes of pleasure. Honeylike liquid dribbled out of the
slits to fill the tub, coating their bodies in a perfume of desire...

Like a goddess emerging from the water, Tania placed her feet on the bottom
of the tub and stood up. Straddling Rei, Tania brought her wet, swollen
mound over Rei's face. Pulling gently on Rei's hair, Tania brought the
other Amazon's lips up to her clit. Throwing her head back, and unbeknownst
to Rei, Tania showed some emotion on her face as her sister's magical
tongue and lips went to work on her leaking pussy.

Rei went to work right away on Tania. Her tongue licking up and down the
slit in long, loving strokes before beginning to probe the opening. Rei
licked up the sweet liquid the flowed from her sister while her nose gently
rubbed the hard bump. The heroine finally locked her lips on Tania's clit
and proceeded to suckle and nibble on it with her lips. She showed her
sister the talents at lovemaking that many a sister had taught her in
nights of passion.

Throwing her head forward and sending water splashing across the floor from
her long, blonde hair, Tania whimpered as her passion grew higher. Soft
gasps came from her full lips as Rei filled Tania with wild, Amazonian

Rei kept at Tania's clit, drawing out the orgasm for as long as her sister
could last. Her honey pouring over the Asian's chin in gushes, filling the
tub with even more of Amazon love liquid. The room become heady with the
scent of pure passion.

Curling forward until her hair hid her face and her tits touched the top of
Rei's head, Tania whispered, "Oh Rei...."

The younger Amazon suddenly stopped licking at Tania. It was all that she
could do not to look up at her sister in shock. Rei wasn't sure if the
others had heard Tania give a form a recognition but didn't want to let on
if they hadn't. The girl tilted her face, shiny with the fluid of please,
back so that she could look up at Tania...

With her blue eyes half closed and her lips slightly open, Tania looked
ahead, her head bobbing slightly with every stroke of Rei's tongue across
the blonde's clit. Her hands held Rei's head gently as she rode the rising
passion within her. "Oh Gods, Rei..." she sighed again in a voice that Rei
could barely hear.

"It is her!" Rei thought excitedly, licking harder and faster at her
sister's clit. "Our passions must be freeing Tania from whatever imprisoned

"MAYHEM!!!" the darkly dressed woman bellowed at the villain as he stepped
out the door. "Get in here, now!" she barked. "Get in here and shut this
stupid bitch up!"

"Must do more..." Rei murmured as she sucked and nibbled on the clit before
her. She thought if she could stimulate Tania enough, her sister could be
free of the poison within her mind.

Tania looked down, her blue eyes mostly blank but Rei could make out the
flicker of passion, and life, deep within them. She could see a struggle, a
strange twisted soul wanting to break free. "Oh Rei..." she echoed once

"Just a little more I think...."

Suddenly, two red gauntleted hands grabbed either side of Tania's head and
jerked her up. The blonde Amazon brought her hands up to grab Mayhem's
wrists, but in that moment his enormous, ruddy cock was thrust forward as
the villain slammed Tania's mouth over it. Her head twisted forward,
elongating her neck as the meaty pole shoved it's way down her throat.

"NO!!!!" Rei screamed as she saw what happened over her. It tore at her own
soul to see her lost sister come so close to freedom and have it snatched
away again.

Rei felt Tania's feet leave the bottom of the tub and the blonde Amazon's
toes brush against the captive Amazon's hips as Mayhem lifted Tania bodily
from the tub by her head. Dragging her out, Mayhem manhandled her head with
his hands, thrusting and driving her mouth with his shaft mercilessly.
Tania seemed to be trying to suck him off, but his violence and speed were
too much for her to control anything as she was dragged from the tub on her

"No Tania!!" Rei yelled as she tried in vain to break free. "Fight it! You
can do it sister!"

Tania was far beyond Rei's ability to reach now. Her powerful arms drooped
weakly at her sides as she mindlessly strained to suck and caress Mayhem's
thick organ with her lips.

Spinning Tania around and stepping over her, Mayhem dropped to his knees,
forcing Tania onto her back. Still cupping her head, he ravished her mouth
by jerking and pulling her ruby lips over his massive cock as fast as

A line of tears traced Rei's cheek as she saw Tania so viciously taken
before her eyes. So close but she could do nothing to help her sister. Her
struggles against the manacles again proved to be futile.

Rei could see the flicker in Tania's eyes instantly disappear before that
blank, staring expression returned. Her hands dropped down to Mayhem's bare
thighs as her lips suckled on the shaft of his cock as well as she could.
Occasionally Rei could hear the hollow thump as the back of Tania's head
bounced off the marble flagstones of the floor as Mayhem abused her mouth

Rei wished to turn away but found she couldn't. Something kept her eyes
locked to the scene. Perhaps it was the brutal passion or perhaps she was
taking in every image for use later. Later when she was again free and
could rip Mayhem apart with her bare hands....

Then something else drew her eyes away from the terrible scene. The dark
haired woman had taken off her shoes and stocking, and was unzipping her

"And what do you think you are doing you wench?" Rei spat out in disgust.
"How dare you allow my sister to be molested by that...that thing!!!"

The woman let her dress drop down in a pile at her bare feet, then calmly
stepped out. She was a very thin woman, so thin her ribs showed. She wasn't
particularly tall without her stiletto heels on. In fact, she looked rather
plain in her black bra and panties. Ignoring the muffled moans of Tania or
the angry grunts of the wild Mayhem, she approached the manacled Ultra

Rei hadn't seen many non-Amazon women naked and so she was always surprised
at how 'different' these outsiders looked. Very few had the combination of
beauty, voluptuous figures, perfect skin, and underlying firmness of
muscles. The sisters had to do very little to keep their bodies in perfect
shape as they were blessed by the gods.

"I can have you gagged, so don't give me much of your nonsense," she said
in a deep, slightly accented voice. Her voice reminded Rei of the odd
accent of some of the people of inner Reichsborough. "I'm just finishing
the job. You need to be clean. You can't sit around covered in concrete
dust and dried blood."

The Amazon knew that this woman could and would do it. "I had best not
anger her," she thought. "Better to act submissive then 'noble' in
circumstances such as these." Rei visible relaxed her body and stopped
straining at her bonds. She knew that Tania's body might being abused but
her soul wasn't. It was locked somehow away but Rei knew how to access it
now. "I don't need a gag to add to my list of troubles so I shan't cause
trouble." Rei said calmly. "As if I am a real threat being in these

She circled the tub and picked up a small purple bottle off the shelf, then
walked behind Rei. Still ignoring the gagging sounds of Tania and Mayhem's
incessant lude comments at the gagging ex-heroine, she sat down just behind
Rei's left shoulder. Her feet dangled down into the water. First unscrewing
the top of the bottle, she set it aside then reached down and gathered up
Rei's wet hair. Slowly she collected all the wet, wild tangled mass in one
hand. Picking up the bottle, she poured a sweet, floral scented liquid upon
the black tresses.

Rei leaned back slightly to avoid getting her hair tugged at by the woman.
While she loved her hair, cleaning it was a bit of a pain and wasn't
something she looked forward too. Waist length tresses may look nice but
they require a lot of maintenance. The heroine was still so puzzled by this
treatment. The person she considered the chief villain washing her hair
rather then abusing her body? Just what was going on?

"You can call me Gabrielle. From what Tania said, you must be Rei. Odd, I
always figured your kind were all tall and European." She lathered up the
floral shampoo and started to thoroughly wash Rei's hair. Her tone was
conversational, even with the thumping of Tania's head on the floor and her
regular gags as Mayhem stuffed his cock down the blonde Amazon's throat.
"Maybe there's even some Sicilians there too?"

"Yes my name is Rei," she spoke casually, trying to ignore the rape that
was happening close by. Understandable that you thought that considering
your pool of knowledge was limited to my predecessors. Our fathers come
from a variety of places in your world. A Sicilian is from Sicily if I'm
not mistaken? I am not certain but it wouldn't surprise me at all if one of
my sisters doesn't have such blood in her veins."

The woman ran her fingers through Rei's soapy, wet hair with care; she
seemed to know how to clean hair, especially with her own thick, spiraling
mane. "Why would you say that, Rei?"

"Hmmm? Rei said, resting her head of the woman's legs. "You wonder why I
might expect a sister to have a father from Sicily? Just logical since we
go have no one place to find the father's for our daughters. It's quite
possible a sister laid with a man from that island." Rei leaned her head
back so she could see the woman's face. "Who knows, perhaps this sister is
related to you distantly."

"You said your name is Gabrielle?" Rei asked. "That is my mother's

Gabrielle paused for a moment, and Rei could see the distrust flash across
the woman's face before returning to her more pleasant demeanor. "Really,"
she said, not as a question.

"I seemed to have touched a nerve..." Rei thought, catching the look. "Oh
yes," she said, wanting to push this a bit further. "My mother is a
librarian of sorts. More at home amongst dusty scrolls then out on the
beaches. I suspect that if she ever used this 'internet' she would have a
heart attack from the sheer volume of information. I taught me some of her
'bad' habits I'm happy to say."

Her conversant remained quiet, only nodding to even acknowledge that she
had heard a thing Rei had just said.

The Amazon decided to quit that track as she could tell that she wasn't
going to get anything useful from the other woman.

"If I may be so bold, just why am I receiving this treatment? From my
knowledge of this world, I would have expected to be treated like that,"
Rei nodded toward Mayhem and Tania. "Instead," nodding at the her body in
the tub. "I am treated like this. I am quite curious to know why. As it
appears you went to a great deal of effort to capture me. Which also begs
the question as to how you found out where I live." Rei shrugged slightly.
"I don't expect answers but it usually never hurts to ask the questions."

"I don't mind answering your questions, Rei, and I'll be honest with you
and give you the answers I suppose you deserve. You see, I'm the head of my
family. It's not a family in the common sense of the word, but 'La
Familia'," Gabrielle said, obviously expecting the words to have some kind
of meaning to Rei. "My responsibilities are great. Much like a family's
breadwinner, I am expected, as head of the family, to bring in much money.
There are the usual ways, but my family has no desire to get into the
devil's drug money. We have children of our own, and we would never sell
some devil's drugs to anyone."

Rei knew of the type of group she was talking about. Brian, Captain
Liberty, had mentioned a criminal enterprise such as this. He had not gone
in too great of specifics. Only to warn her that they were quite devious
and to avoid them when possible. Rei hadn't like his attitude at moment as
he was acting like she was a child. Now, she could see how right he was in
their cleverness.

"So, we find other ways. Some members of the family do simple things you
see. A little protection, some petty theft, and so on. The higher up the
rungs you go, the more money you're expected to bring in, although the
extra benefits compensate. So, as head of the family, I'm expected to bring
in the most. If I don't," she paused for a moment, as her hands stopped
kneaded Rei's mass of brunette hair, "someone else will be in charge."

"Let me guess..." Rei said softly. "The change in leadership would involve
your death and perhaps others close to you, correct?" She received a silent
nod in confirmation. "Sad..." Rei thought. "She seems to be quite
intelligent and resourceful. I do believe I would care to have long talks
with her. If she wasn't doing something unlawful that it."

"Now I come to you, Rei. You see, there's a great number of people that
have a fascination by your kind. You can take that two ways, either your
kind means Amazons or superheroines, take your pick. Anyway, the reason
you're here, and the reason I bought Tania from those old fools as SPAY,
was, really, just to sell you for a hefty profit."

Rei's eyes widened slightly at this news. "Now everything makes sense...."
she said calmly as certain thoughts clicked together. "I wondered why I was
treated this way rather how someone like Mayhem would treat me. Tell me,
what kind of advertisement did you do for me? I'm not vain, just curious."
Rei noticed a look a surprise on Gaby's face at Rei's reaction. "You're
probably wondering why I'm not acting outraged. Two reason: 1. Acting that
way would serve no useful purpose. 2. I've been through worse things then
being sold." Rei shuddered slightly at remembering being impregnated by
Plant Master.

"I'm glad you're so reasonable," Gabrielle answered. "I know you probably
want to escape, but I can tell you that you won't be able to. Only if some
idiot like Mayhem screws up will that work. We've been planning this for
some time, Rei." She paused and looked over at Mayhem.

"I wouldn't say impossible to escape just unlikely as of yet. Nothing is
never impossible," Rei said with a smile and a wink. "I'm must compliment
you on your planning as it was most thorough. If you don't mind me asking,
just what are these manacles made from and how did you discover where I was

Gabrielle shrugged with a mysterious, knowing smile. "Unless some idiot
screws up, you're stuck, Rei. If I thought you would give your word, these
chains and manacles wouldn't be necessary, and neither would he," she said
with a nod to the lugging villain next to Tania.

I quite agree with the idiot part," Rei replied with a smile. "Generally
the idiot in question is a male who is thinking not with his brain but his
manhood. And you could always ask me. I don't promise to give the answer
you wish however."

She shook her head with another mysterious smile. "I won't tell you, Rei,
it would only upset you. I'll just tell you that I was sure they would hold

"I've been captured, nearly beaten to death, partially raped, found a lost
sister, and been told I'm about to be sold into slavery. I don't think you
can upset me anymore my dear."

Gabrielle shook her head. "That's Mayhem's doing. I was glad to hear the
chloroform worked, but I was disappointed you weren't handled in the cell
better. Trust a man to do the tying. He was probably eyeing your body while
doing the tying up. See? The word foolproof is an oxymoron; nothing is
proof against fools."

"You won't get any argument out of me regarding that. Especially when the
fool is a man. I have found very few who have earn my respect. Most seem to
twins to Mayhem at least in attitude towards women. Luckily, there are a
few who aren't like that..."

"Try being the head of a family like mine, Rei, in a city like this. Your
people are lucky in some ways, since you don't have to put up with it."

"True enough," Rei admitted. "We have our own problems but they are much
more subtle and not as easily admitted to."

The villain's mutterings and grunts were growing more intense, as Tania's
head bopped off the floor more frequently. Suddenly Mayhem let out a
guttural shout of pleasure. Tania gagged as her hands slapped at the floor.
"Swallow, ya cunt!" growled Mayhem between grunts before the sound of a
heavy gulp came from Tania.

"Tell me, just how do you control that creature? He doesn't seem the type
to succumb to normal persuasions.

Yet another mysterious smile. "You ask a lot of questions, Rei. I can't
tell you that either. I'd be very upset if he got loose. I'm just guessing,
but I'd bet you'd rather see him here and under my control that running
loose in Megapolis, right?"

Rei smiled back at her. "People do say I ask a lot of questions. You are
correct that I would rather he be here under some sort of control rather
then causing havoc on his own. At least until I get free, defeat you all,
and send him to prison," Rei said with a wide grin.

Gabrielle frowned as her expression darkened. "Rei, I'm a very patient
woman, and I try to make all this as pleasant as possible, but don't think
I'm a fool like these others," she said with a nod towards the satisfied
Mayhem. "You won't get free, and I do not like all the comments about jail.
I've been there, it's nothing to see." She bent down to get closer to Rei
before going on.

The Amazon looked Gabrielle directly in the eyes, not wavering her look for
a second.

"I could always let Mayhem be your personal guard tonight. Now, be
pleasant, drop the act, and don't mention getting free again, and we will
get along just fine."

"Since I wouldn't want to have injure Mayhem again," Rei said calmly. "I
shall be pleasant. And this isn't an act either. I am, as someone put it, a
'sarcastic little bitch'. Since you've been kinder then the hulking mass of
steroids over there I'll be nicer."

"Besides, I've invested a lot of time and money on him," she said, in a low
enough voice that Mayhem couldn't hear her. I may sell him too, there's
some interested in him. Not nearly as interested as they are in you or
Tania, but there's interest. I've not really spread the word around on him
like I spread the word on you, but close."

"Sell him to somebody who need to replace a ox or something along those
lines," Rei said in the same low voice. "He would be well suited for such
things. He's strong and the other oxen would have to worry about the
competition in the intelligence department. Their IQ would be much high of
course." Gaby couldn't tell if Rei was serious or not about selling Mayhem.

She dipped Rei's hair into the water, rinsing it slowly but thoroughly.
"Thanks to that idiot Mayhem, you're dirty and bruised. How long will it
take you to heal?" she asked conversationally.

"I'm not exactly sure how long its been," Rei said. "But I believe I should
be unblemished or nearly so by now. If you could find some way to do that
for normal humans, you could certainly make some money."

"Playing with genetics sounds more like Droid or Archimagus' work. I'll
stick to making my money the old fashioned way."

"Oh yes... The 'old fashioned way'. That means you steal it. That also
means people like myself or the authorities must stop you. The great game
as I think of it."

Gabrielle gathered up Rei's uniform and walked towards the door. "I
wouldn't call it a game, just a way of life. My family's been at it since
they came to Megapolis. It's what we do." She stepped out the door, gave a
sharp word of command, then handed Rei's attire to someone, then returned.

"Game or way of life," Rei said as she watched her clothes vanish. "Same
thing, different terms."

As Gaby finished washing her hair, Rei asked. "Tell me, do you play chess?
Its been a while since I've played someone who I couldn't beat in 3 to 4
moves. I think you could play a good game."

Gabrielle released Rei's now silky clean hair and climbed to her feet.
"It's been some time since I have played, Rei. so I imagine you would
defeat me at chess handily. Perhaps we can try later, but for now we need
to get you cleaned, dressed, and find you a meal." She looked over at Tania
as Mayhem stood up, a satisfied leer on the man's face as he stuffed his
manhood back into his pants. Tania rolled onto her side, her face stained
with Mayhem's seed. The blonde appeared dazed.

"I think you are too hard on yourself. I think you might be rusty but I
also suspect you have some talent," Rei said honestly. "If you intend to
clean my uniform, you need not worry about damaging it in a washer. That
I've found out on my own. Thank you in advance for the food. Nothing with
liver, mushrooms, or what you call ice cream," Rei said the last with a
small shudder. "I can not stand those things." She looked sadly at her
sister on the floor. "Don't worry Tania," she thought. "I'll get you home
where we can care for you."

The dark haired captor of the two Ultra Women unplugged the bath, then
picked up a sprayer and rinsed Rei off with warm water. "I'll have to have
her cleaned and put into her costume too."

Rei felt clean for a change after the hours of being covered with sweat,
blood, and dirt. She had to admit that Gaby does know how to give a person
a bath. "I am in no position to ask for favors of course but would you give
Tania the same treatment that you gave me?" Rei asked, nodding to the blond
Amazon. "I mean in terms of a bath rather then turning a hose on her or the

"Why does that matter? It's just her body, Rei, just a pile of flesh.
Believe me, I've seen enough dead ones to know. There's nothing in that
head of hers worth worrying about." She shrugged. "Just a bag of bones."

"Still, she is my sister. I am honor bound to help a fellow Amazon as best
I can. Would you do any less for a family member that you loved?"

Gabrielle shrugged. "I've had to have family members killed. I ordered the
hit on my own brother, Rei, so I know family only goes so far. Anyone that
says blood is thicker than water is an idiot."

For some reason, Rei was not surprised and did not react at all to that
evaluation. She had seen the nice side of Gabrielle but had also seen the
hints of the dark side that lay under the mask of kindness. However, there
was just something about her that attached Rei to her. She couldn't put it
in words but there was something...

Gabrielle picked up a pair of towels then climbed down into the tub with
Rei. Starting at Rei's feet, Gabrielle meticulously dried Rei's off, soon
leaving only the heroine's hair damp on her back.

"Rei, I don't want to keep you in bondage, and I don't want to leave you to
him," she said with a nod at the now-leering Mayhem. "So, all I will ask is
for your word you won't try to escape for one day. If you give it to me, as
an Amazon, I'll release you and you'll be treated well until the auction

Rei looked at her carefully. "If I were to give you my word such as that,
you know I wouldn't break it. To do so would mean that I wasn't an Amazon."
She thought for a second. "I make you a counter offer: I will give you my
word not to try to escape for one day, _if_ you treat Tania as I asked.
Bathe her and care for her as if she was me. You promise on the honor of
your family to do so and I will swear. Besides, if she's 'pampered and
pretty' she's fetch a higher price." Rei looked at Gaby in the eyes. "What
do you say? Perhaps we could even have our game of chess."

Gabrielle looked over at Tania as the blonde Amazon got to her feet, her
face still stained with Mayhem's seed. Looking down, the mobster was lost
in thought for a few moments. Nothing happened in the room, other than
Mayhem's leering grin as he ogled Rei's bare breasts.

For a strange reason, the theme to the show "Jeopardy" started playing in
Rei's mind...

She turned away from Rei and looked to Tania. "Come here, Tania." She
waited until the blonde was next to her, and looked up at the taller,
mind-blanked Amazon. "When I release Ultra Woman from the tub, you will
pour yourself a bath. Go get towels, and come back and prepare the tub for
your bath. While you are there, get the red robe we have prepared for Ultra

Rei nodded in thanks to Gabrielle. She figured the 'pampered and pretty'
part was more what convinced Gabrielle then anything else. Still, if Tania
was treated nicely, it was worth it.

As Tania moved to fulfill her orders, Gabrielle pulled a small porphyry box
off the shelf at the foot of the tub. Opening it, she pulled out a small
key and replaced the box on the shelf. "You have a deal, Rei. You will not
escape, and you will not assault any of my people here. I want you here, in
this building, tomorrow morning, deal?"

"I swear not to escape nor to assault any of your people..." Rei turned her
head to look directly at Mayhem. "I shall defend myself if they attack me
first. I swear as an Amazon and champion of the Queen. Acceptable to you?"
she asked looking back at Gabrielle.


She walked behind Rei, and in a moment the locks on her manacles were
released, freeing Ultra Woman's wrists. "Unless you're some kind of
renegade Amazon, I have faith that you'll keep your end of the deal. Tania
always did." She handed the keys to Rei, then went to her clothes and began
to dress herself. "You can come with me, I'll have Tania taken well care
of, you have my word."

Rei sighed slightly as her wrists were finally free. She sat up in the
empty tub and rub them for several moment to get the circulation going
again. Taking the key, she unlocked the manacles around her ankles and
stood up. As Rei stepped up out of the tub, she stretched her body to get
the kinks out of her muscles. She could hear several grunts from Mayhem as
her firm breasts were out thrust by her actions.

"I wonder what you word is actually worth...." Rei thought as took a comb
from a shelf and began to comb her hair. She had to work at those long
tresses while they were still wet and manageable. "Lead on madam," Rei said
as she walked up to Gabrielle, still combing her hair out.

Tania offered her a red silk robe that Rei accepted with a smile. "Thank
you sister," she said and was reworded with a blank stare. The heroine
slipped the robe on and loosely tied the belt around her trim waist.

Leaving Tania behind, Gabrielle nodded Mayhem towards the door, then
followed him out, who was in turn followed by Rei. "Mayhem, we're done for
the night, take the rest of it off." She glanced at Rei, then look back at
Mayhem with a direct stare. "Mayhem, you'll leave Tania alone tonight. I
don't want her bruised for tomorrow."

Mayhem grumbled under his breath, "Yeah, whatever," before stalking off
down the stairs.

Rei could tell that he had had other 'ideas' in mind for Tania and more
then likely her as well. "I best be on my guard," she thought. "Gabrielle
might have control over but its better to be safe then sorry."

Gabrielle watched him until he disappeared around the stairs, then
continued down the hallway. "You know, Rei, controlling these people isn't
very hard. My father taught me that everyone has a weakness. Like you, your
weakness is Tania. I've no doubt if I held a gun to her head you'd do
anything I asked. Mayhem has his weaknesses too. Once I traded him a hit
for a blow job. I don't really do that too often, but it's amazing how much
cheaper that is. Then I found out his true weakness, now he's just a bitchy
lap dog."

"Your father was quite an intelligent man," Rei replied. "It must easier to
use someone's weakness, or strength as the case may be, against them rather
then attacking in the obvious direction. The Queen selected, though I
believe a better term is 'drafted' me for this position because I tend to
think that way. Some of the previous Ultra Women were a bit too arrogant
for their own good."

Gabrielle glanced at Rei as they walked. "Really? Now, who would you be
talking about, Rei?"

"The third one in particular," Rei replied, glancing over to Gabrielle. "I
know I shouldn't speak ill of the dead but she's a special case to me. She
was always of the mind that Amazon's are superior to the people of your
world in general and men in particular. She assumed that she could defeat
all challenges and therefore walked blindly into defeat." Rei shrugged
slightly. "I don't think I or my sisters are superior to others. Actually,
since we haven't had the challenges your people have had, we've become
complacent. With luck, we'll solve that slight problem."

Gabrielle crossed her arms over her thin chest and watched Rei
thoughtfully. "Complacently powerful? There's a lot in this city that's
like that, Rei. Those rich pigs that live in Kensington are like that." She
frowned as she spoke, but didn't let her suppressed ire get the better of

"There's more to her then meets the eye," Rei thought. "She isn't just a
criminal mastermind but...." She tried to clear her mind of those thoughts.
"I must remember that Gabrielle captured me so therefore is my enemy. No
matter how I think of her..."

Changing subjects again, she added, "I never met that third one, the
muscular one. She wasn't around long, and there were rumors about what
happened to her, but who knows? I don't think anyone really minded after
she nearly killed that cop."

Rei stopped in mid stride to look at Gabrielle with look of surprise. "I
never heard about that... It doesn't surprise me though sadly. If Mayhem
has many of the worst traits of men, she has the worst of Amazon. Overly
proud, arrogant beyond belief, thinking that her muscles could get her out
of any situation." Rei shook her head sadly.

Gabrielle came to a door and opened it, revealing a comfortable bedroom.
The bed was large and looked very comfortable, with a pitcher of ice water
and a glass on the night stand. A television was opposite the foot of the
bed, but Rei noticed there was no phone, and the window was heavily barred.
"You'll be staying here tonight, Rei. I'll have a guard outside the door,
but that's not because I don't trust you, the thing is, I don't trust
Mayhem or some of my men. I'll have someone bring you a meal, and your
uniform will be brought back to you in the morning."

"Thank you much. I do think I shall rest with one I open though. While I do
see you have control over Mayhem, I fear his....libido might get the better
of him. He tries to assault me again would you mind terribly if I damage
the furnishings with his body? I won't try to escape however."

Gabrielle gave a slight shrug. "Mayhem knows better. Earlier, when you two
were fighting, his blood was up. This is different, plus I've already
arranged for him to have a distraction tonight."

Rei made a slight face. "I pity the poor woman who's his distraction."

"Just out of silly curiosity, what did you do with my uniform? While my
lasso might be a threat, the rest isn't."

"It's being cleaned and any repairs it might need it's getting. Don't
worry, you'll make a very good appearance tomorrow Rei. I can guarantee it
will be in the best shape it's ever been in."

"You needed have worried. I could have taken care of that quite easily."

Gabrielle shrugged. "I wasn't sure, and this way I'm sure. I've learned to
never take any unnecessary chances when I can take charge and be sure it's
done right."

"Quite reasonable," Rei said with a nod.

"Anything else?" she asked, more like a prompt hostess than a hardened

Rei's eyes brightened as she thought of something. "When they bring the
food, please have them add a pot of Earl Grey tea. You're welcome to join
me if you wish." Rei started to turn to go into the room when she stopped
and look back at Gabrielle. "For what its worth," she said honestly. "You
do have quite a few traits of an Amazon. Least ones I wish more of my
sisters had. While I can't like many of your goals nor means, I do admire
your attitude." Rei wanted to say a few more things at that moment but felt
it was neither the time not the place to even think them.

"I'll see if we have the tea, Rei, but I won't guarantee it. We're a coffee
family, such fine teas are a rare thing here."

"I wouldn't will to put you to any trouble then. Coffee is quite

She walked to the door, then paused to turn around to face Rei one last
time before leaving. "I have more things to do for tomorrow, Rei." She gave
Rei an odd look at the strange compliment. "Me, an Amazon? I doubt it. I'm
not one of your kind of warriors, I prefer to handle things in other ways.
As for my goals..." She shrugged. "How can I expect you to

"Gabrielle," Rei said with a slight smile. "_I'm_ not one of the typical
Amazon warriors. I prefer to fight with my head rather then my fists. I
only learned to fight to stop being teased by others. A few defeats of the
biggest tormentors tended to solve that problem," The Asian gave a small
sigh. "I did not want this title. I was selected because the other
candidates were unqualified. On purpose I suspect. My only goal is shear
survival. I don't expect to 'defeat all evil' or what not. I bet I could
understand your goals. Give me a try."

Gabrielle shook her head curtly. "You can't understand, and if you did,
you'll be gone tomorrow night, Rei. I already have a priest anyway." She
looked out into the hallway, then glanced back in one last time.

"Good night, Rei."

"Pleasant dreams Gabrielle."

Gabrielle closed the door behind her and in a moment, Rei heard a 'click'
as the lock was engaged. The Amazon leaned against the closed door and
rubbed her forehead absently. "What's gotten into me," she wondered aloud.
"She's the enemy, not a friend!" She sighed softly as she begin to explore
the room and deal with some conflicting emotions.

Within a half an hour, the door opened and a goon walked in with a tray of
food. He quickly set it down and back out of the room, near taking his eyes
off the heroine. From the look of lust in his eyes, Rei could tell that if
Gabrielle hadn't ordered him to leave her alone she would be in a fight
right now. The food was plentiful, well cooked, and gone very quickly. Rei
hadn't eaten since she had gone to bed in her apartment so she was hungry.
A note on the tray instructed her to place the tray next to the door,
knock, and then back away. She did so and the door open for a goon to take
it away.

With that, Rei was left alone for the rest of the night. She practiced her
daily exercises which also help to clear her mind. After some meditation
and prayers to the gods, Rei crawled under the satin sheets of the bed.
With practiced ease, she tied her long hair into the braids she wore when
she slept. The Amazon slept soundly but not deep enough that someone,
especially someone as noisy as Mayhem, wouldn't surprise her.

It was early the next morning, with the sun barely peeking over the eastern
horizon, that Rei's door opened. One of Gabrielle's goons walked into her
room without a word of explanation for his intrusion. He had his hands
inside his pockets, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the
oversized lumps meant his hands weren't the only things in his pockets.
Pausing inside the door as he looked at the Amazon on the bed, he turned
and nodded.

The moment the lock had 'clicked', Rei's eyes had flashed open. Her muscles
tensed to combat ready when the door swung open. When she saw it was just a
goon, she realized that this wasn't a real threat. It was just her wake up
call. Rei sat up against the head board to look at him,
holding the sheet against her naked breasts.

Next came another of her goons, this one carrying a tray. He set it down on
the small table in the nearest corner. As he stepped away, Rei could see
the breakfast steaming next to the coffee and juice. Unable to not take a
peek, he glanced at the beautiful heroine before walking back out the door.

Rei could feel that satin rubbing against her nipples had caused them to
harden and form little peaks in the sheets. The way she held the sheet, it
was molded against her chest leaving little to the imagination.

Lastly, a third goon came in, carrying Rei's Ultra Woman uniform on a
separate tray, all neatly folded from her boots to her tiara. He set it at
the foot of the bed after a barely concealed leer at Rei's form under the

She stared right back in his face, not intimidated by his look in the
least. This was just another of the silly things she had to put up with in
this world.

As he turned around and headed for the door, the superheroine noted the
costume was very clean, with all the gold parts from her tiara, to her
belt, to the U and W letterings were shined brightly. Immediately
afterwards, she noticed her rope snapped on the belt. It had no inner glow
of magic, like her true rope, but was obviously some fake. It looked real
enough, and probably would fool anyone that had never seen it much, but to
Rei's violet eyes, it instantly belied itself as a copy.

"Gabrielle is too smart to give me back _all_ of my uniform," Rei thought
with a slight smile.

"The boss says you gotta be ready in two hours. Be in yer tights and we'll
be back ta pick ya up," the goon announced. "Be ready." Having done what he
was told to do, he stepped back out and closed the door behind him.

Rei slid from the bed as soon as the door closed. The first thing she did
was closely inspect her uniform. It hadn't really been damaged in her
previous fights, just dirtied. "From the look of it," Rei thought as she
held it in her hands. "Its been hand cleaned. No doubt Gabrielle paying
attention to detail. Like I would..." She quickly shook her head of those
thoughts and set the clothes down. The heroine again went through her
exercise routine, putting in enough effort so that she was covered with a
sheen of sweat when she was through.

After a leisurely breakfast, Rei took a shower in a bathroom only slightly
smaller then the one she was in the previous day. After drying herself with
the soft towel and combing her out, she stood before her uniform again.
Firstly, she sat on the bed and quickly slipped her feet into the boot.
With a couple of tugs, they were zipped up. Next, she stepped into the
one-piece outfit and slide it up her body. Sighing softly as she always did
as the satin like material rubbed her skin. Rei adjusted the bustier so the
cups fitted her breasts nicely and then took a exhaled deeply as she pulled
the zipper in the back up. The cloth surrounded her almost like a second
skin. With the belt and tiara on, Rei was gone and Ultra Woman was in her

It was still a few minutes before the allotted time the men had given her.
Her costume looked as good as it ever had, if not a bit shinier than her
sisters would have allowed; Gabrielle had added a little shine using
something to make the golden logo over Rei's bustier even more glossy.

Rei rubbed a finger on the gold then held it up to nose to take a sniff.
"Hmmmm," she thought. "Some sort of metal polish I believe. More then
likely to enhanced my appearance during the 'sale'. Well it might be
debatable but I believe that I've held up my end of the promise. I stayed
the night without escaping. Now to figure out how to rescue Tania and get
out of this place." Rei sat on the edge of the bed and started running
through ideas as how to escape.

As she planned, she noticed she was sleepy. She had had a solid night's
sleep, as much as an Amazon would need. Yet she couldn't help but let out a

"This is strange..." she wondered aloud.

The yawn caught her attention. As the room started to seem misty, she heard
the faint hiss. She couldn't see anything, but the slightest hiss was
issuing from the vent high in the corner of the room.

"Gas!" she gasped, struggling to get up and get to the door. "Gotta get out
of here!!!"

Rei started to stand up, but as she rose her legs felt like warm jello, and
she fell back down on her butt, then bounced off the bed and onto the
floor. The room was disappearing as she tried to rise, but the gas worked
quickly. In moments, the heroine was a voluptuous bundle of sleeping
femininity lying next to the bed.

Rei's body was in an 'S' curve with one arm lying under head and the other
draped over her Lucas ass. She was sound asleep with only the rise and fall
offer her breasts showing that she was still alive.

The hissing continued for another five minutes, then the air in the room
reversed, gradually pulling the gas from the room, but still leaving Ultra
Woman sleeping peacefully on the floor. Another five minutes passed, then
the three goon of Gabrielle's entered, followed by the woman herself.

Gabrielle, dressed in black and gold and obviously ready for the auction,
kneeled down next to the sleeping heroine. "Sorry about that Rei, but I
can't take any chances," she said, running her fingers through Ultra
Woman's silken hair. Standing back up, she nodded to the three men. "Okay
boys, lock her up, but be careful. No smudging or bruising."

Some time later, Ultra Woman's violet eyes blinked, allowing the intense
lights to blind her as the four bright spotlights immersed her. As she
looked around, she could see nothing past those bright lights at first, but
as her pupils adjusted and her brain merged from the gassed fog, she could
see Gabrielle behind them talking to more of her goons. Also she could see
two sets of cameras. It looked like she was on the set of some television

Almost immediately after awakening, Rei began to struggle. "What the!" she
tried to exclaim, but found that her words came out as "Mnnnmmnm
mmnnnnmmm!!" Also, she couldn't move her arms or legs. She quickly calmed
herself and began to run through what her senses were feeding her. Rei
assumed that this was the 'auction' that Gabrielle had mentioned to her.
"Nice touch Gabrielle...." she thought. The thin woman had spoiled any
chance the Amazon might have had to escape before the sale just by using a
little gas.

Ultra Woman was manacled in a slightly uncomfortable way. Starting at her
feet, a spreader bar of the strange metal kept her legs wide. The frame was
hidden behind her as it paralleled her legs until it met at her waist.
Around her trim midsection, over her belt, was a rounded ring of the metal
that kept her from moving her body at all. From the back of the ring two
bars went out to each side, at the end of which was a manacle that trapped
her wrist, forcing her hands to curve around each hip. From the back of the
ring another thick bar paralleled her spine. In the middle of her back a
round spot, with a thin pad on it, pushed into the middle of her back
enough to make her chest press forward. Her lush breasts compressed inside
her bustier and slightly bulged at the top of the red and gold attire.
Finally the bar continued behind her neck where another metal ring held her
neck in place. She was trapped and practically immobile.

Only by turning around could she see any of the metal that trapped her.
From the front, she knew the only things visible were the crossbar that
spread her feet wide, and the metal rings around her neck, waist, and
wrists. To finish it, a ball gag she couldn't see was keeping her silent.

Rei couldn't feel the floor through the soles of her boots so she knew that
she much be at least several inches in the air. At a level so that the
cameras were pointed directly at her breasts. She could also that she was
nearly in the classic 'superheroine pose' of hands on hips, legs apart, and
breasts out thrust. She herself never used it as she thought it
was...well...silly. Many of the other heroines did use it along with giving
nice little speeches about 'righting wrongs' and all that drivel. Rei
always shook her head at that stuff.

The last touch was the final thing she noticed. Off to one side, standing
quietly and stoic, was Tania. She was wearing what appeared to be her own
Ultra Woman uniform, down to the magic rope on her hip. She stood like a
statue; the only thing that differentiated her from a statue was the way
her breasts swelled against the lip of her bustier with her every inhale.

"So Gabrielle is really going to sell her too," Rei thought. "If there was
only some way I could awaken her again. Between the two of use, its
doubtful they could stop us. Pity the only way to wake her it seems is to
make love to her. I don't think I'm the position to do so right now...."
Rei settled back to relax as best she could within her bonds.

Rei could see Gabrielle moving around the background, checking equipment
talking with her people, insuring everything would go smoothly. Finally she
glanced over at Ultra Woman, and saw she was awake. Despite her deep
involvement with the camera angles, she stopped what she was doing and
approached the manacled heroine.

As she laid there, Rei could feel herself getting rather warm from being
under all the intense flood light.

"Good afternoon Rei," she said as she stepped up onto the slightly elevated
stage. She stopped in front of the bound heroine so Rei could easily see
her. Looking closely, she saw the few dots of perspiration from the intense
lights running down the trough created by Ultra Woman's lush breasts.

She looked over her shoulder at the men, wincing in the lights. "Hey,
Bruno, kill three of these damned lights! I don't want her getting baked
before it starts."

Rei nodded and gave Gabrielle a look that said 'thank you.'

Moments later three of the lights dimmed, leaving Rei able to see the still
somewhat silhouetted mobster princess. "I hated to gas you this morning,
Rei, but I couldn't take any chances." She reached around Ultra Woman's
head and loosened the ball gag enough to pry it out of Ultra Woman's mouth
and rest it on her neck. "I'll have to keep this thing in during the
auction; I don't take chances."

The Amazon worked her jaw slightly after the discomfort of the gag was
removed. "I can tell you don't take chances Gabrielle. Again, my
compliments on your planning. Better to plan for situations that never
arise then have to deal one on the fly. Pity we never played our game of
chess. I expect with a little practice, you could be quite excellent at

Gabrielle leaned back to look at Ultra Woman's enforced stance. "The men
thought you would look better this way. I thought having you in tighter
bondage would be more erotic to my purchasers, but the men preferred this
bound pose. I go with what they think, since they have the same urges my
purchasers will have. So, you're stuck in this cornball pose until we
finish here."

"'Cornball' is another way to say silly, right? I tend to agree with that
in regards to this pose. I have never been able to understand why so many
of the other heroines use it though," Rei said, shaking her head. "It must
be from dealing with the attractions of men all the time."

Gabrielle looked at Rei's stance once more. "I don't know, there's a
certain air of confidence that is gives off. I suppose a guy stealing
hubcaps would be in a panic if some superheroine stood like that. Most of
my guys would just plug her though."

"Plug her in more ways then one I should think with the way men usually
reason. With lust rather then sense."

"Tell me, who shall be at this auction and how much am I and Tania worth?
Slight case of vanity, I'm afraid. Also I would like to know who I shall be
escaping from.," Rei remembered the last time she mentioned escaping and
Gabrielle's reaction. "Excuse me Gabrielle, I didn't mean to mention hat
word again. However once I'm 'sold' and away from here, its none of your
concern anymore. So you shouldn't worry."

"Rei, once you're delivered, you aren't any business of mine any more. In
fact," she said, stepping closer to Rei so her men couldn't overhear her,
she added, "I'd like to see you escape from your buyer. There's a few
reasons too. First, I like you. You're not some doe eyed, big breasted,
innocent babe in the woods like Tania over there," she said with a nod of
her head towards the blonde Ultra Woman. "You're smart, and I like that.
Realistic too."

Rei nodded again in thanks. She wished that she and Gabrielle had more time
together as she felt odd about this woman. Gabrielle was, in some ways,
more like her then most of her Amazon sisters. Rei doubted she could ever
really trust her, but she would like to find that out.

Gabrielle gave Rei a devilish grin, whether in amusement or not was hard to
tell. "Also, you could make me more money if you escape, either by allowing
me to return you for a reward, or by selling you again."

For the first time since she had been captured, Rei broke out in a serious
case of the giggles. "Gabrielle, I would expect no less of you! _When_ I
escape expect to get a message from arranging a meeting with you. You still
owe me that game of chess and I think I would like a nice long conversation
with you. I happen to like you as well. We may be on opposite 'sides' but
that doesn't mean we can't like and respect one another."

Gabrielle nodded. "I would like that, assuming you make it back to the
city. That really depends on the purchaser. There are four altogether, and
two of them I would think someone as smart as you could escape from. The
other two..."

"The other two might be a bit more tricky," Rei finished for her. "The
difficult I can do immediately. The impossible just takes a little longer.
Just leave a few hours open in....oh lets say a few weeks to be on the safe
side." Rei smiled at her.

Abruptly one of the goons from behind the cameras spoke up. "Ten minutes,
Ms. Verducci."

"Back to work?" the heroine asked.

Reaching down, Gabrielle picked up the gag resting at the base of Ultra
Woman's neck. "Sorry to use this Rei, but I can't have you saying anything
during the auction. You're to be seen, not heard." She brought the white
ball up to Rei's mouth, "Now be good, Rei, and open up. Don't fight, since
if you do, it could get ugly. There's so many things I could have Mayhem do
to you to get your mouth open..." She paused, with a pointed glance at the
blonde Amazon standing like a blank eyed statue, "...or what he could do to

Rei sighed and softly smiled. "You need not threaten me any longer because
I know what you're capable of. As you know what I'm capable of as well."
She opened her mouth to allow Gabrielle to insert the gag again. "Quick
question," Rei said just before the ball went in. "Are you interested in
woman? For some silly reason, I really like you."

Gabrielle did a double take at Rei at the Amazon's question. She hesitated
as she looked into Rei's violet eyes. Finally, without a verbal response,
she pushed the ball gag back into Ultra Woman's mouth, and quickly buckled
it under the hair at the back of her neck. "Sorry Rei, business to attend

Rei nodded in understanding, looking back into Gabrielle's eyes. She wished
she had asked this earlier so they could have had a longer conversation. It
might have been quite an interesting one...

Quickly, with a little flush to her face, Gabrielle walked away from the
bound Amazon. Without another glance back at Ultra Woman, the mobster
princess went around the backdrop of the stage and out of sight.

"Well that was interesting," Rei thought as she remembered Gabrielle's
reaction to her question. "She didn't say 'hell no' so I would say that she
does have a bit of an interest. Least in me..." The heroine smiled as best
she could around the gag.

As the half a dozen goons moved around behind the cameras, most couldn't
help but look at Ultra Woman, with her body trapped in the uncomfortable
pose, at the satin that glistened as it curved between her legs, and at the
way her breasts bulged out against her bustier.

Rei breathed a sigh through her nostrils and shook her head as she saw the
men ogling her. "Why do men _have_ to be that way?" she wondered. "I would
like them much more if they were more like Brian and be respectful but
passionate at the same time."

Five minutes later, Gabrielle walks back out, dressed in an outfit much
less conservative, with a higher hemline and lower neck. Her face was
covered with a black mask outlined in gold, hiding her identity as her hair
was combed somewhat forward to finish the obscurement. She gave Rei a quick
look, then nodded to Tania.

The heroine's eyes widen a bit as she took in Gabrielle's new outfit. For
some reason, the word 'yummy' came to mind. "Down girl..." she thought.
"Neither the time nor place for such thoughts..." Rei redirected her
attention to the situation at hand but did give
Gabrielle's ass a quick look. "Yum...."

The blonde former Ultra Woman walked to the stage. She stopped next to Rei,
turned to the cameras, and assumed the same position as her Asian
compatriot. She smiled vacantly, like a poster girl. Spreading her legs
more, her satin curved down over her pussy, and reflected subtly in the
lights. She arched her back as well, just like the other Ultra Woman,
making her breasts bulge just as dramatically. Like a statue, she stood,
looking doe-eyed into the cameras.

"Gods....." Rei thought as she sighed again. "If I actually look like that,
I am SO embarrassed...." Rei had the odd talent of being able to worry
about things other then what some people would be concerned about. "Why
worry about things you have no power to control," she had once told a
sister. "Easy way to become terrified so its better not to worry."

The two cameras zoomed in on the two Amazons, each in similar poses but
held in them in much different means. Tania continued to stare absently
ahead, the vacant smile on her face making her look so much like a bad

Gabrielle looked past the cameras to one of the smarter goons in her
employ. He finally held up ten fingers, and counted them down. When they
got to two, he stopped, and the set became completely silent.

"Hmmmm...." Rei thought. "Never been on TV before so this should be

Over the nearest of the two cameras a red light energized. The camera
seemed to zero in on the two Amazons. First it turned to Rei. Dipping down
to her booted feet, it slowly followed her legs until pausing at her blue
satin, then on to the rest of her body until it stopped at her face. The
other camera then did the same thing to Tania as the red light turned off
Rei's camera on Tania's turned on.

Rei looked back into the camera, not wavering her gaze an iota. If the
people on the other side of the screen wanted to see attitude, they saw it.
This was not a broken Amazon.

Finally one camera backed up, panning out to take in both Amazons, as well
as the stage. Gabrielle walked over with a sexual swagger than had yet to
be seen yet. "Good morning, afternoon, and evening gentlemen," she said in
a subtly seductive voice. She seemed nothing like the Gabrielle that had
been talking to Rei only minutes before. Her masked, sexual persona was
different, almost to the point of being another person.

"This is interesting..." Rei thought as she watched Gabrielle. "I wonder
which is the act. This one or her more 'proper' face. Either way she is
quite the interesting woman..."

"I would like to welcome all four of you. Yes, four, only you four have the
means to truly bid on the merchandise we have for you today. As I informed
all of you, what I have for you today is very special. These aren't
standard women, these are not your man on the street. These, gentlemen, are
true Amazons."

"I do wish she had told me who these four were. Just so I would have an
idea as to what to expect."

She turned, letting the gold laminate skirt flare up to reveal the black
lace thong panties, and walked until she was between the two posed
superheroines, then turned back, again flaring the skirt purposely. "As you
can see, both are in prime condition, without a bruise or mark on their
perfect bodies."

Rei didn't hear a word Gabrielle said. Her eyes were still taking in the
site of those panties. "Yummmmm..." her mind thought.

"They are both very powerful. To my left is the current Ultra Woman, an
Amazon named Rei." She put a gold gloved hand to Rei's cheek with a sexual,
almost predatory smile that to the captive heroine seemed so unlike
Gabrielle. "As you can see, she is held in place by force. These manacles
are capable of holding her, and the gag is to keep her from interrupting
our transactions." Gabrielle ran a finger through Rei's silken hair.
"She is very fiery, with the will of an Amazon."

Rei looked at Gabrielle in the eyes. "Let me loose my dear and I'll show
you fiery. In more ways then one I might add..."

Gabrielle tilted her head towards Rei, but showed little signs of emotion
before looking back at the camera. "This Amazon is not as tall, or as
voluptuous as the others, but she certainly makes up for it." She took
Rei's face in her hands and turned the lovely visage until Rei's profile
faced the camera, then she continued. "Ultra Woman here is the only Asian
of her kind, a truly unique item."

"Hmmmm..." Rei wondered as allowed her head to be moved. "Did I tell her
about sister Ming and how her father was a Chinese emperor? I don't think

Gabrielle twisted to face Rei, a sparkle in her eye but otherwise not a
sign of her blatant lie. Her gold hand released Ultra Woman's chin. Her
fingers ran down Rei's chest until she cupped the nearest of the heroine's
breasts. "As you gentlemen can see, these are real. She is entirely real."

The firm grip caused the satin material to rub against Rei's nipple,
causing it to harden. A small peak appeared in her bustier to press against
Gabrielle's palm.

She released Rei's breast, allowing it to relax inside the cup of the
bustier. She started to move away from Rei, then paused as if suddenly
remembering something. "Oh, and gentlemen, we understand this one is a
virgin." She paused to let that sink in, then moved on.

Rei raised her eyebrows at that comment which was untrue considering that
she had spent a night with Captain Liberty and had a child with Plant
Master. She caught Gabrielle's eyes with her own and gave the woman a look
that said, "Oh no I'm not."

Gabrielle then turned to Tania, as the camera followed. "This one is known
as Tania. She was the Ultra Woman previous to Rei. I am sure many of you
know her, and I know at least two of you have enjoyed her pleasures. She is
now a vacuous slave, incapable of conscious thought. She is completely
subservient and will do anything told of her. If I so wished, she would
give every one of my men oral sex without a moment's hesitation. She lives
to serve, gentlemen. When she is purchased, I will order her to henceforth
follow that man's orders, and she will do that until her death."

"Two who have enjoyed her pleasures?" Rei wondered. "That must mean a
couple of her former foes of which there are many. Interesting that
Gabrielle didn't tell them that the spell can be broken. Somebody might be
in for a bit of a surprise."

Gabrielle stepped just before the two Amazons as the camera again zeroed in
on her, with the Ultra Women as a backdrop. "I won't try to prove to you
that these are the real articles. They are, and any proof I may give could
easily be a trick. My track record speaks for itself. These two are truly
Amazons, one a virgin and one a slave. They will both be perfect additions
to any man's harem."

"Perfect additions until we escape that is...."

She gathered her hands together, and smiled into the camera. "The bidding
begins, gentlemen, at four million pounds."

"Roughly seven million dollars I believe. I'm impressed!"

One of the goons at the control panel, wearing a earpiece, held up a small
white panel with, in black ink, the following written on it: "4.5 mil".

"Gentlemen, we have a bid for four and one half million pounds for our two
amazons here. Are they worth five million? I certainly believe they are."

"Hmmm.... I should have asked Gabrielle if I could have bought our freedom.
I'm quite certain the Queen would have advanced me the gold. Oh well...
Opportunity lost."

The board came up again, now stating "4.7 mil".

Gabrielle shook her head coyly. "Now gentlemen, these two are unique,
unlike any other women in the world." She glanced back at the two Ultra
Woman, their costumes shining brightly in the floodlights. "Then again,
perhaps..." she said as she turned back to the cameras with a devious look
on her face, "perhaps a demonstration of the passion of an Amazon will
entice you, gentlemen."

Rei quickly turned her head to look at Gabrielle with widened eyes. "You
can't be serious?!" was what her look said.

She turned to Tania, still posed and glassy eyed. "Tania, I want you to
kneel down and please your sister here until she orgasms. I want you to
make her cry out within five minutes. Understand, Tania?"

"She is..."

Tania nodded as her hands dropped from her hips and she moved towards Rei.
"Yes, mistress," she said blankly.

"Uh oh.... Since I can't prevent her from doing this, do I just give in or
do I fight? That is the question..." Rei wondered. "Giving in would end
this quickly but fighting would be...well...interesting."

Gabrielle gave Rei a quick, quirky glance before stepping back to let Tania
by. "Gentlemen, enjoy, and I will be back as soon as our exhibition is
complete." With that, she walked off the stage, and the two cameras zeroed
in on the two Amazons.

"Why do I know what you're going to be doing behind that curtain?" Rei
thought watching Gabrielle leave. "Am I ever going to bet my revenge for

Tania kneeled down before Rei, without expression, as her hands reached up.
She nimbly pulled aside the sleek blue material covering Rei's bush and
womanhood. As one camera was moved to get the side view and another was
raised to see over Tania's head, the blonde ex-heroine dove in, her tongue
immediately sliding down the length of Rei's soft sex.

The Asian-Amazon closed her eyes and gasped in shock. She immediately felt
the wonderful pleasures that Tania's talented tongue inflected upon her.
The blond knew just where to touch and lick to cause Rei the greatest
amount of pleasure. From behind her closed eyes, Rei tried to focus her
mind on anything but the feelings Tania was creating. Calculus tended to
help but it wasn't easy. She could feel her womanhood creating fluids that
coated Tania's face and dribbled down her thighs. "Oh gods she's good...."
Rei whimpered in her mind. She wanted to at least bust Gabrielle's five
minute deadline.

Perhaps it was a learned skill, perhaps it was a inbred quality in all
Amazons, but Tania could pleasure a woman like few beings on the planet.
Her tongue knew the location of every nerve ending, every corner of Rei's
luscious lipped sex. Her lips pursed to pinch the blossoming clit of the
Asian Ultra Woman, pulling at it gently before releasing it to again batter
it with her tongue.

Rei's nostrils flared as she panted in passionate need. Her fingers
clenching and unclenching as she tried to resist the urges. If it wasn't
for the bonds, she would be squirming and twisting her body as well. As it
was, Rei squirmed as best she could. "Oh yessss....." Rei moaned from
behind the gag. Suddenly from the depths of her passion filled mind she had
a thought. The heroine opened her eyes and looked down to see if Tania was
awakening at all. Perhaps giving pleasures would do it as well as receiving

Ultra Woman couldn't see much of the blonde Amazon driving her deeper into
the abyss of passion. Her breasts, shoved out by the pad in her back,
blocked her view except for a bobbing glimpse of blonde hair that was
visible between those two shimmering mounds of female flesh.

Rei again closed her eyes before the waves of pleasure over took her mind.
"Can't...fight....have..too...." she thought frantically. Her body
quivering in unreleased need, her limbs pulling at her bonds with all of
her considerable strength.

The magical tongue rolled Rei's hard clit around in circles, pausing only
to lick at the lower base, pass down the length of her gushing slit and
roll back up it, only to again attack her love button. The tongue would
dart into the drenched slit of the bound heroine, roll around inside her
pussy, then exit only to beat on the clit again mercilessly.

The passion built steadily within her bound body. It wasn't easy to hold
back as it had been so long since she had made love to ecstasy with anyone.
Let along a sister. The time in the tub the other day had increased the
longing even more. Tania was _so_ talented in this and knew just what to

As beads of sweat and passion coated Tania's face, making it shine in the
bright lights, Rei was further tortured by the sensation of beads of her
own passion rolling in long lines down the insides of her quivering thighs
until gathering at the blue rim of her boots, turning the soft material a
darker color. Drops of the love juice dripped from Tania's chin onto the
stage, making a pool of love no other female but an Amazon could ever

The odor of the pool caused the henchmen in the room to develop large
bulges in their pants. Most shifted on their feet in need to relieve
themselves. If it hadn't been for the knowledge of what Gabrielle would do
to them, they would have gang raped the two Amazon right then and there!

Back beyond the lights, oblivious to the two Amazons seemingly locked in
their sexual contest, a wide board was held up now stating "6.5 mil".

Rei suddenly felt a pair of hands sliding along her upper ribcage from
behind. A pair of gold gloved hands cupped and lifted her breasts, then,
between finger and thumb, grabbed the nipple of the gasping heroine
struggling to keep down the onrushing orgasm. With a twist of the wrists,
the gloves pinched and rolled the hard points of her breasts around in a
sharp, singular motion, using the points to lift the soft, gasping breasts
of the heroine higher.

The heroine's eyes flew open as she felt the hands on her mounds.
"Gabrielle??!!" she moaned. Deep down, she had wanted the other woman to
touch her like this but hadn't even asked as it wasn't the time or the
place for that question. Also, she didn't know the woman well enough, yet.

The touch of the hands broke Rei's concentration and allowed her to lose
the war. The orgasm that she had denied exploded in her mind and body.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" she moaned in her throat as her body tried
to arch with her bonds. A gush of liquid came from her womanhood to cover
Tania's face and chest. The orgasm kept going as the blonde continued
probing with her magic tongue until every bit of pleasure was drained from
the Asian. Rei panted as she tried to regain control of her pleasurably
fogged mind...

As the white board jumped up from behind the cameras to announce "10.4
mil", Gabrielle released Rei's hard nipples, allowing the tender nubs to
roll back down into her red and gold bustier. The steady sound of dripping
came from the amazon cum that fell regularly from Tania's chin and her own
her lips. Rei's boots were a much darker color along the inside of her legs
and feet from the enormous amount of cum the orgasmic heroine produced.

Rei shivered again from the sensation of the buster rubbing again her
sensitive nipples. As she slowed her breathing down to a more normal rate,
she took in the heady scent of Amazon lust. Her own this time. "Gods that
was so good!" she thought. "Pity it had to take place in this setting."

As Tania stood up, her blue eyes still glazed, her face was coated in the
juices that had just exploded from Ultra Woman's pulsating pussy. Tania's
blonde hair around her face was dripping and limp from all the cum. It ran
down her chin and over her breasts, making her chest glisten under the
powerful lights.

"It appears that Tania must be pleasured to break that spell. Oh well....
It was a thought." Rei had an odd thought about how Tania look like a true
Amazon sister. Least one that looked like she and another had spent the
night in love making. With luck, she and Rei would be able to both look
like that after they had escaped from this.

Gabrielle gave Rei a half smirk as she stepped beside the gasping, dazed
heroine. "Stand back over here, Tania," she ordered the glassy-eyed blonde
with a gesture at the side opposite Rei.

Rei thought looking back at Gabrielle. "Just wait until I do that to you!"

Gabrielle met Rei's gaze with serene calm...although Rei, at this close
proximity, could see the raised points of her captors nipples inside her
black silk dress.

"I do believe she likes women..."

Waiting until her command was fulfilled, Gabrielle turned back to the
camera. "Gentlemen, you can see what has happened to Ultra Woman here," she
said, gesturing now towards Ultra Woman's open legs. "No mortal woman could
ever produce anything even remotely like that, as each of you certainly
know. Now, may we have a bid of fourteen million?"

Rei closed her eyes as concentrated to reorganize her thoughts into
something more coherent then the muddled mass they were now. Quickly, the
thought patterns smoothed out and she redirected her attention to the
physical side. Her heart and breathing returned to a steady, normal rate
and when Rei's eyes opened again, her face a a serene look of calmness.

As the last of the Amazon's cum dripped off the inside heel of her red
boots, her auctioneer looked past the cameras at the white board that came

"23 mil. TWENTY THREE!" it said.

"Impressive. Someone with plenty of money to spend. Not the average villain
I should think. Somebody else..."

Even Gabrielle seemed somewhat flabbergasted. She leaned forward slightly
as if to get a better look. A broad smile grew on her, like the grinch
stealing Christmas. "Gentlemen, unless someone wishes to go over
twenty-three million, I believe we have a purchaser."

"I pity the person," she thought. "He has wasted his money as I fully
intend to escape with Tania at the earliest opportunity.

There was a long pause as Gabrielle put her hands on her hips to await the
answer to her query. The man holding the board shook his head finally.

As the two Amazons, each wet and glistening in different locations, stood
posed at either side, Gabrielle put a gloved hand on the shoulder of each.
"Gentlemen, we have the sale of two Ultra Women at a rate of
eleven-point-five million each. I would like to thank each of you for your
time, and I plan on having another auction in four days. We have a
wonderful young heroine for sale then. She's no Amazon," Gabrielle said,
with a coy look at Rei then down at the puddle between her legs, "but she's
powerful and nubile," she finished with a sly smile.

"Well that's over with," Rei thought looking down at Gabrielle directly. "I
wonder who the other girl is? No doubt I won't be allow to meet with her."

"Again, gentlemen, thank you."

As the red light over the cameras turned off, Gabrielle's smile changed,
from the sultry vixen she had been playing to a smile of success. The
mobster princess turned to Rei, almost apologetic. "I had to give them a
demonstration, but I doubt they taped the performance. Not to worry, I
won't be selling any videotapes, that's would be so crude." She shrugged a
little to the gagged heroine. "I try to maintain a certain reputation, and
common video tape production wouldn't do."

"Somehow," she thought. "I believe you when you say that. You're more of an
'honorable' villain rather then one who exploits others for pure profit.
Must be why I have a respect for you."

She glanced back at one of her men on a telephone, then patted Ultra Woman
on the shoulder. "I have business to finish, we'll talk more tonight. I
might take you up on that game of chess."

"I hope we see each other later as I have a bit of vengeance to give to you
over this...." Rei's mouth smiled a pleasurable smirk as best it could
around the gag. She was determined to show Gabrielle a thing or two about
many things.

As Gabrielle walked off the stage and to the main communications board
behind the cameras, two of her men approached the heroine. To her surprise,
one of them was carrying her lasso. Then she saw that the other was
carrying a bottle and a large white pad. The two goons acted like Ultra
Woman was nothing but a mannequin from the way they acted towards her. One
slipped the lasso around her shoulders while the other poured a few drops
of a clear liquid onto the pad. As he placed the pad over Rei's face, she
could smell the sweet scent of the chemical.

"Chloroform...." she thought as the chemical went to work on her mind.

"Now breath it in, girl," the one holding the lasso ordered. "We ain't got
time for no games."

Obeying the command the lasso gave, Rei breathed deeply. Within moments,
her eyes drooped closed and she was asleep.


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman: Harem - Part 3

s Ultra Woman woke back up, her head ached from the heavy dosage of
chloroform she had been forced to inhale. Her bleary violet eyes were
filled with fog that closely matched the one in her head.

"Oh I so HATE that stuff..." Rei mumbled tiredly.

"About time you woke up, Rei, I was starting to think those idiots had
killed you," a female voice said.

"Huhhhh?" she groaned as tried to blow away the fuzz inside her brain. She
quickly remembered what had happened and where she was.

As the heroine's vision cleared, she could finally see Gabrielle seated
next to her. Rei was bolted down to a chair of that strange metal that even
her Amazon strength was powerless to bend. Her ankles were manacles to the
two front legs, her waist manacled to the back of the chair, and her wrists
to the armrests. She was without her uniform, but was wearing a comfortable
red kimono that kept her at least mostly clad. She also felt freshly
washed, with none of the residue of her experience with Tania left on her
tanned, clean skin.

"Hmmmmm..." she thought. "I wonder who changed and bathed me. I don't
Gabrielle would trust her men to do it. Also she wouldn't risk Tania
awakening again. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't do it herself."

"I apologize for having that awful stuff used on you, Rei, but I really
couldn't take any chances. You'd agreed not to try to escape before the
auction, but you hadn't said a thing about afterwards." She held up a glass
of red wine to the heroine's lips. "Here, this should wash away the nasty

Rei took a sip of the wine as a taste then a deeper drink. "Excellent
vintage," Rei said, savoring the taste. "You must send me a bottle
sometime. Again Gabrielle, my compliments for your planning. You are an
excellent tactician."

"As much as I'd rather do it differently, this is the best way to deal with
you, Rei. You're too smart to be trusted in any way other than unconscious
or tightly bound."

"I quite understand Gabrielle. No apologies are needed if you are offering
them. In your position I would have done the same."

Ultra Woman found herself in a parlor, for want of a better word. It wasn't
an office, it was far too cozy for that, but it wasn't quite a bedroom.
Gabrielle was wearing a blue kimono, much like the one Rei was wearing, but
it was obvious that Gabrielle had some items on beneath hers, unlike the
naked Amazon.

"If this is her quarters," Rei thought. "She does have a fine sense of
taste." The soft silk rubbed against the heroine's sensitive nipples
causing small peaks to form in the robe. Rei noticed that Gabrielle's eyes
had noticed them as well.

"We won't be able to play much chess tonight, Rei. I'm getting your outfit
cleaned right now. Your ship leaves in two hours, so that leaves us about
thirty minutes before you have to get dressed and we drive yourself and
Tania down to the docks."

"Pity," Rei said with a sigh. "I was looking forward to it and a nice long
discussion about various things. Oh well, its merely postponed and not
canceled," she said with a small smile. "After I escape we'll have our get
together. I won't use it to capture you either. I promise."

Gabrielle took a sip of her red wine, and said, "Anything you'd like to ask
before you go?"

"Just a repeat of my earlier question: Are you interested in women? If so,
perhaps I could show you what it felt like to have Tania pleasure me. If
you aren't, forget I ever asked. I did notice however that you were a bit
aroused at Tania's and mine 'performance'." Rei decided to go all out and
ask, "In simple terms, would like to go to bed with me sometime?"

Gabrielle paused in mid-sip. Her olive cheeks flushed faintly as she
hesitated before answering. Finishing her sip, then allowing the blood-red
wine to swirl around her mouth, she obviously used the time to regain her
typical aplomb.

"Rei, if I did, I'd be no better than those testosterone inhibited idiots
that work for me. Each one of them would cut off a ball to spend an hour
with you." She looked away for a moment. "I refuse to go to their level."

The heroine nodded in understanding. "I can accept that Gabrielle. You're
standards are a touch higher then theirs." Rei sat quietly until the other
woman looked at her again. "Please accept my apologies on this matter
Gabrielle. We sisters are much on this subject. I keep
forgetting that the people out here are quite different in many things. And
just so you know, I am usually very choosy as to who I sleep with."

"I shall rephrase my original question: Are you interested in going to bed
women period? I'm interested in knowing if I have chance with you. I would
like to Gabrielle but only at your time and choosing. After I escape and we
get know each other a bit more."

Gabrielle gave Rei a Mona Lisa smile. "If you escape and come back here,
we'll discuss it more." With that, she offered Rei another sip of the red

Rei took the offered sip of the fine wine. "When I escape we shall meet in
a place of my choosing to discuss it more," Rei countered with a smile. "I
swear that I won't use it as a trap or such. Dinner perhaps? I am a fair

Gabrielle smiled gamely. "If you make it back, I might take you up on it,

Turning back to the trapped Amazon, her face was more serious now.
"Anything else? We do have to go soon."

"Just who did buy us? I doubt one of the normal villains in this area has
that kind of money to spare. Not just for carnal pleasures!"

"You're right, Rei, no one around here. You and Tania are very visible
commodities, especially so in this city. Most villains with any sense know
that, so only the ones without much sense offered serious bids, but since
they have no sense, they couldn't afford you." Gabrielle laughed softly at
her confusing logic. "I'm sure you see my point. Only one or two had both
the money and the sense to keep you out of sight."

"That I do Gabrielle," Rei said with a smile. "Much like people who buy
stolen art works. You can never show them without risk of arrest. You can
only keep them for your personal enjoyment. That doesn't sound like most of
the villains I have encountered or have heard about. Except for yourself of
course. You're in a class by yourself Gabrielle."

She chewed lightly at the rim of the glass in thought. "I suppose I could
give you hints of who your purchaser was, Rei, but I won't tell you
everything. Unlike fools like Droid or Archimagus, I won't rattle on about
my entire operation just to gratify my ego."

"Pity... That kind of information does help a heroine form plans."

"Your purchaser was a very rich prince. A hundred years ago his family was
dirt poor, but when his little island was found to have some of the richest
concentrations of oil, they became filthy rich. It helped to have some
diplomatic skill also, but with that much money, you can buy allies.
Anyway, he's your buyer."

"Hmmmm...." Rei hummed as she thought. "Middle east I should think. A

She leaned in to Rei as she offered the Amazon another sip of the red wine.
"Be careful Rei, he has a very potent bodyguard."

"You mean 'potent' as he's like Mayhem in ways, correct?" Rei asked after
taking another sip.

"Something along those lines, Rei, but he's perhaps worse. He's more cold
blooded than Mayhem. His name is something like..."

A knock on the door interrupted the conversation. Gabrielle sat back in her
chair, looking positively regal as she held up the glass of wine. "Come!"

"This person Gabrielle was mentioning sounds quite dangerous," Rei thought.
"Mayhem is brutal but his passions tend to make him vulnerable. Someone who
is more controlled is much more dangerous..."

The goon opened the door no more than two feet. "Boss, the box is ready."

"Box?" Rei said quietly. "Oh this sounds like it will be quite

"Good," she replied, "get Tania up here."

The goon nodded and closed the door.

Gabrielle set the glass down, and reached under the small tray. "Rei, time
to put you to sleep again. I'd rather not, but again, you're too smart to
be trusted." She brought up a cloth and a small bottle. "I know you won't
make me get the lasso either."

"Quite true Gabrielle," Rei said settling back in her bonds. "It has been
most pleasant to converse with you although I wish we could have done it
under more pleasant circumstances. Perhaps next time. I won't say goodbye,
but till we meet again my love."

Rei closed her eyes and began to breath deeply.

The sweet fumes of the chloroform were becoming very familiar to the bound
heroine as she lilted off to sleep..

Ultra Woman awoke to the feeling of a pinprick in her left wrist. Blinking
awake, and yet again suffering from the after effects of chloroform, it
took her a moment to recognize one of Gabrielle's goons leaning over her.

"OW!" she said or rather, didn't say.

The superheroine was manacled on her back this time. She was indeed lying
in a large box, much the size of a coffin. Instead of lying on the wooden
box though, Rei was manacled down to a large sheet of metal, with rings
around her ankles, waist, neck, and wrists, each one seemingly impossible
to bend even with her fantastic Amazon strength. The gag was back, keeping
Rei from doing more than moan or groan.

"The 'box' I presume," Rei thought as she looked around. "I really must
find out just what this material is that Gabrielle has been using. She
certainly seems to have a quantity of it."

The goon had just stabbed a thin needle into her wrist, and was taping it
into place. Next to it, past the end of her hand, was a small infusion
pump, and a bag lying beyond it.

"It's ready, boss," the goon said before stepping back.

"Hmmm..." the heroine thought as she looked at the set up. "Something to
keep me asleep longer then the chloroform I imagine. Least I won't get
bored on however long the trip takes."

Gabrielle came into Rei's view, her dark hair fading into the dark sky
around its edged. "Rei, it's been very nice to have met you, and in a way I
hope we meet again. If I can offer you any advice in your situation, it
would be this; make the best of it. You and Tania are going to be joining
some other heroines, and from what I hear they're as powerful as you, and
they haven't escaped yet."

Rei gave a nod of thanks to Gabrielle for the information. "Hopefully
that's just gossip, but with the information she seems to have gathered I
wonder..." On that morbid thought, Rei saw her hopefully future bedmate's
arm reach into the box.

She reached down and turned on the infusion pump. As it clacked softly into
action, Rei could feel the warm chemicals flow into her veins. "Good luck
Rei, and have a good life," Gabrielle said, then nodded as the lid to the
box was closed. As the drugs took effect, Ultra Woman was unable to tell if
the lid, or the drugs, caused the darkness...

Unbeknownst to dock workers, the two boxes they loaded aboard the
freighter, bound for distant lands, held two of the most beautiful women,
deeply asleep within each. The two Amazons, drugged and bound, were on
their way to their final destination...

As the crowbar pried the lid of the heavy wooden crate, light finally
shined down on the sleeping Ultra Woman for the first time in four days.
Her body was pale from lack of food, but the large IV had kept her in
fluids, as well as drugs that kept her docile.

Fortunately the Amazon constitution is such that the days without food
affected them only slightly. In a normal human, it would as if they had
skipped lunch and were going to have a very late supper.

Two men leaned over as the workman stepped back. One was a swarthy, bearded
man, his head swathed in a long robe and heavy turban, the other a large,
muscular man with a bare chest and long, loose pantaloon. Together they
could have fallen from 'A Thousand and One Nights'.

The smaller, heavily paunched man grinned as if this were his birthday
present. Rubbing his hands together in glee, he looked at the larger man
across from him. "She looks very good for the trip, does she not?"

The larger man, towering over the opposite side of the crate that held the
sleeping Rei, nodded in agreement. "Yes, master, she is truly a gem. The
other one is nice, but looks much like the others. This one has

"Well said, Daya. She will be a delicious fruit, and I shall suckle at her
nectar for many nights."

"Shall we begin her training soon, master?"

"We will give her the opportunity to learn the ways of the harem first. If
this fails, I will give her to you for training."

The larger man smiled with the obvious hope that the lovely Asian in the
box would fail. "Thank you, Master."


For the umpteenth time in what seemed the last two days, Rei woke up from
another drug or chloroform induced sleep. Her head throbbed again, but her
body felt even more stiff than ever before.

"Ohhhh my head....." she moaned as she woke. Rei kept her eyes shut as she
tried to bring a hand up to rub her temple. She quickly found that wasn't

She found that her wrists were manacles tightly together behind her back,
with two thick bars of that strange metal holding each manacle close
together. Her ankles were also manacled, but they were held together by a
foot of chains. It would give her enough range to walk, but hardly to run
or do much else that required a great deal of balance.

"I guess I'm not expected to escape," she thought. "Just means I have to
use my brain rather then my strength in this. Firstly I have to find Tania
and waken her again. Perhaps also try and get some of those other heroines
Gabrielle mentioned to help escape." The heroine relaxed as best she could
and took stock of her situation.

Rei was still fully dressed in her uniform she quickly realized, although
the fake lasso was missing. Looking around, Ultra Woman could see she was
in a wonderfully airy room, with wide, glassless windows on one side that
overlooked the night sky and an ocean vista that wandered to the horizon.
Lying on a pile of soft, silk covered pillows, she still felt groggy and
stiff, but her powers were still with her.

"At least I haven't been molested so the Curse hasn't taken affect," she
thought as she looked around. "I suspect I'll need every bit of strength
and brain power to get out of here. Nice room though...." Rei had always
liked places that were more open to the outside then enclosed in glass or
other materials. Back home on the island, her favorite thing was to sleep
out under the stars.

The room around her, other than the open windows, was of thick, sandstone
bricks, each one probably a half ton or more. She could see why no mortar
had been needed to build at least this room. From the view, she was at
least three stories high, or more. Most of all, she was alone...

"Impressive...." she comment softly looking at the bricks. Slowly getting
up as her muscles protested the effort, Rei slowly shuffled to the windows
to look outside. A warm night breeze blew her long, glossy black hair back
a bit.

The view was very reminiscent of her home. The coastline was edged with
beige sand that disappeared into gently lapping waves that rolled out of
the horizon in little swells. From this window she couldn't see any other
buildings, but only the ocean. Down below, she could see a yacht floating
at an anchorage next to a concrete wharf. As she leaned forward to see
directly down the side of the building, the window suddenly came alive with
bluish energy.


Electricity hit Ultra Woman as she leaned, sending her flying back into the
middle of the room in a tumbling heap. Her teeth chattered for a second or
two, but she quickly recovered from the shocking experience.

"OWW!!!" Rei yelped in pain. She quickly checked her body and didn't notice
that there were any injuries other then a slightly bruised pride. "Nice
security system..." she thought. "Although if I could find a way to ground
it, I might be able to get through it...."

Moments later, the door opened. Through the double doors walked a mountain
of a man. His dark olive skin glistened with perspiration as he stepped
purposefully into the large room. He wore loose, gold colored pantaloons
and a thick rope belt, with purples shoes with toes that curled back up
towards the leg. On either wrist he wore a huge gold bracelet, with a
matching gold earring in his left ear. He was bald but for a long tuft of
hair at the back of the head that hung down to his mid-shoulders.

Rei blinked slightly as she looked at her new visitor. Somebody who
probably could handle Mayhem with an arm tied behind his back. "I certainly
hope this isn't the man Gabrielle warned me about," she thought as she
studied him. "If he is, this might not be good...."

He stopped only a few feet from Ultra Woman. Crossing his burly, hairless
arms over his chest, he stood, looking down on Rei with a malicious smile
that spoke eloquently of this man's feelings of superiority to the bound

If she could, Rei would have crossed her own arms and stared back. Since
she couldn't, the Amazon just stared back at him with out wavering her eyes
a millimeter. For better or worse, Rei wasn't about to show him that she
feared this man in slightest.

Abruptly, he spoke. His voice was deep, and booming, as if coming from afar
though he stood only a yard or two from the heroine. Ultra Woman didn't
quite understand what he said, but when he repeated it, she picked up the
words. He was speaking in Malaysian.

Rei had learned quite a few of the languages of the world in her studies
back on the island. She was fluent in only a few but knew the basics of
most. At least enough to ask where the bathrooms are. "Hmmmm...." she
thought. "I must be farther east then I expected I would be."

"Get up, slave. The master wishes his newest concubine to be present!"

She just stared back at him for several seconds weighing the options. Rei
knew she could tell him where to shove his 'slave' talk but being bound
restricted how well she could defend herself. She knew she in a fight right
now she would be badly beaten. Ever so slowly and with a clinking of the
chains at her feet, Rei got up. "I am neither his slave nor his concubine,"
Rei said quietly and deliberately, looking him in the eyes. She flicked her
head back slightly in a slightly show of arrogance and the push her mane of
hair to her back.

The man smiles with unconcealed malevolence. "The master wishes to see you,
concubine. He will want to interview his newest pleasure toy, and taste of
your fruits, little bird." He leaned down to Rei, so his face was but a
foot away from hers, although he had to bend greatly to reach her lower
altitude. "I sincerely hope you displease him, little bird, for I will be
the one to administer your punishment."

"More assuredly the man Gabrielle mentioned...." Rei thought as she raised
an eyebrow slightly at his words. She had to restrain the urge to spit into
his face as it wouldn't be a smart thing to do just now. "Be careful what
you wish for oh hulking one," she said calmly, never wavering her gaze for
an instant. "I badly injured one of your size earlier. If you dare to touch
me in such fashion I will do the same to you and your 'master'." The last
word clearly had scorn written all over it.

With a snap of his fingers, Ultra Woman suddenly felt something around her
neck. From the leather collar she now sported, the Amazon could see a black
leather leash extend from it to this man's hand. "Come, concubine. I will
drag you if I must, but you have dignity, and I do not believe you will
struggle." He stood up, turned and took a step before pausing to look
back. "I will enjoy taking your dignity from you as well, should you
displease the master."

Rei's eyes widened slightly as she felt the collar around her neck. "Now
how did he do that?" she wondered. "I never saw his hands move!" She
decided not to struggle, least not yet, as it would be a waste of energy
and futile to say the least. "You can't touch my dignity so you can not
take," she replied to him calmly.

Ultra Woman was lead down a wide, airy hallway made of the same huge
sandstone bricks as her room. Every door was made of what appeared to be
solid bronze. The huge man turned right at the first intersection. At the
end of the hallway Rei could see that it opened up into a larger room.

"Impressive...." she thought as she took in the building. "Nearly puts some
of buildings back home to shame!"

The man walked into the larger room, and mostly blocked Ultra Woman's view.
He stepped aside, not to allow her to see, but be seen.

"My words...." Rei breathed as she saw what lay before her. The 'master'
was reclining on a pile of pillows, his pudgy body freshly oiled and
perfumed. He was mostly naked, but for a silk towel that covered his groin
below his overhanging belly. Around him, amidst the wide spread pile of
pillows that were in a crescent on a dais, were various women, all wearing
garments looking much like harem girls from the stories Rei had read in
Arabic legends. All the women were beautiful, with curvaceous bodies that
would make them equal to most Amazons, and each was wearing a different
colored harem girl outfit in various pastels.

"They must be the other heroines Gabrielle said that this man had
'bought'," she thought as she looked at the other women. "I wonder why they
haven't escaped! Our 'master' seems to be more of a seeker of pleasures
then a fighter." Rei looked at him with a measure of disgust for buying
humans for his personal pleasures. "I would think that two or three of them
could easily handle this walking mountain before me. Especially if they
have some sort of powers!"

Most of the half dozen women Rei didn't recognize. One was an Asian girl
like herself, although this one didn't have nearly Ultra Woman's voluptuous
body, but she was still very fit and trim. She wore a soft peach harem girl
outfit, and looked at Rei with passive curiosity. The others didn't attract
Rei's eye much, until...

"Hmmm..." Rei thought as she looked at the Asian girl. "I wonder if she's
from Japan? If she is, I hope we can talk a bit. I know so little of
father's homeland."

Then she found one that did, and it hit her like a ton of bricks. Lying on
a sofa very close to the 'master' was a woman wearing a pink veil, tight
top, and baggy translucent pink pantaloons. Her veiled face was outlined
with dark brunette hair. Around her neck was a bronze collar etched with
ornate engravings. Her mouth was gagged with what appeared to be a bronze
stopper, although Rei had no idea how it was held in. The woman's dark,
haggard eyes looked at Ultra Woman almost beseechingly.

The heroine thought she recognized her right away. "No way..." she
whispered. Captain Liberty had told her of the rumors of a powerful woman
who acted as a mercenary for several criminal elements. Her chief weapons
were cunning and magic. Rei had wondered if she could be the same person
hinted at in some of the Amazon's histories. A woman as old, if not older,
then Rei's sisters and who despised them. The descriptions from both
Liberty and the books matched this woman.

It was the Silver Sorceress.

"How did he get HER?!" Rei wondered as she stared at the broken woman.

"Bring her forward, Daya!" the fat, bearded, turbaned man said jovially to
the huge man leading Ultra Woman by the leash.

Rei quickly turned her attention back to the man who had bought her and
Tania. Just his appearance reinforced the disgust she felt for him. "At
least Plant Master and Mayhem actually captured me with their own hands,"
she thought. "Even Gabrielle at least planned it out. I have more respect
for them then this thing. He depends on others to do his dirty work." Rei
turned away as she led to him.

The six women also watched as Rei was brought forward, each one watching
with a variety of expressions on their faces. Four looked on blankly, as if
they were hardly looking at anything important. The Sorceress looked at Rei
pitifully, but the Asian girl in her peach outfit gazed directly at Ultra

The Amazon looked back at the other girl. Something told Rei that she was
different from the other women. They seemed to be more broken then this
one. "I must get alone to talk to her," she thought.

Rei was lead forward until she was at the foot of the arched dais that held
all the pillows with man and women.

"O mighty Master, scourge of Allah and the mundane earth, I present to you
a new prize of your many conquests, a concubine to ease the stress of your
daily successes and overthrows of the evil one's machinations. She will
bring you many nights of pleasure and happiness."

"Like Hades I will..." Rei thought staring daggers at her 'master'.

With a bow, the large man stepped back, presenting Ultra Woman to his

The bearded man grinned toothily at the luscious, bound heroine before him.
"Come here, my flower, and present yourself to your master."

"There's a phrase I've heard that seems to fit this situation although its
anatomically impossible," Rei said calmly, looking his in the eyes. "I
believe the phrase is 'go fuck yourself'."

Besides the 'master's' lack of immediate comprehension of the meaning of
Ultra Woman's words, the first thing she noticed was the fear that leaped
into the eyes of all six women on the pillows around him. The unknown four
visibly blanched and tried their best to hide amongst the pillows as the
pointedly looked at absolutely nothing. The Asian girl winced, with hints
of fear in her own dark eyes, but she watched the upcoming events, unlike
the other four. The Silver Sorceress shivered and looked away, like a
person looks away from a road accident.

"Did I say something wrong?" Rei thought as she took in the reactions of
the others. She wasn't about to submit willingly to this. If this creature
was going to molest her, she was going to put up a fight. No matter the
cost. "Looks like I did. Oh well... In for a penny, in for a pound."

The 'master' blinked in confusion. "Fuck myself?" His jowls hung open in
amazement at the brazen nerve of the concubine before him. " dare
you speak to me, the Sheik Al-Akazam!" he sputtered, spewing out bits of
grapes still in his maw. He looked quickly at the huge man bowing just
behind Rei.

"Yes evil sir," Rei said with a slight smile. "Perhaps if you were spanked
a few times as a child you would treat women more...."

Suddenly the collar gripping Rei's neck became a choke hold. Her air was
instantly cut off as the collar squeezed painfully. With her arms bound
behind her back by the manacles, she was helpless as she fell to her knees.

Instinctively Rei struggle to breath. Her body shaking as she struggled to
break the manacles and have at the collar. Suddenly in a single motion, she
scooted back to create some slack in the leash, twisted her body to face
the giant, and laid on her back with her bound legs raised. With all her
might, Rei kicked back at the knees of the giant...

Ultra Woman's boots struck the back of the man's knees like a ton of
bricks, sending him tumbling forward. The collar around Rei's neck loosened
enough for her to take in a few short breaths, but as soon as the man spun
around, his eyes blazing with rage, the collar again collapsed around her

"Well that didn't work," Rei thought as she tried to struggle free again.
With a clinking of chains, the heroine tried to get to her feet. She had
only got to her knees when she began to see spots before her eyes from the
lack of air.

Suddenly Rei was jerked off the ground by the collar. No hands were nearby,
and she could feel the leash dangling between her breasts, but nonetheless
she abruptly found herself floating in midair with the collar allowing her
just enough air to survive and speak.

"What the?!" she gasped as she floated. Her mind quickly figured from what
she had scene that the giant must be able to use some form of magic. If so,
Rei knew she had a bit of a problem on her hands. Magic in the hands of
someone who knew how to use it tends to be a bit better then raw strength.
And the giant seemed to know how to use it...

The man rose up slowly, and now even the Sheik was fearfully watching the
cold, angry man rise up until he was eye to eye with the dangling heroine.
He stayed back, out of range of her red boots, but still, with those boots
a foot off the floor, he still was a bit higher. He glared at her, matching
her own steady gaze.

From nowhere, out of the very air around her, Rei could feel a tingle of
mystic energy, followed by the abrupt appearance of two foot long bronze
needles. They floated for a moment to either side of her chest, glinting in
the burning torches and mystic lighting that gave the ambiance to the room.

Rei's eyes were wide as she saw these objects appear from nowhere. Even
worse was the fact that from their position, only two objects on her body
were in danger of attack. "No!" she gasped in horror.

Flashing coppery reflections, the floating needles darted in towards their
targets. Like narrow missiles, the two needles attacked. They both struck
at the precise location needed, penetrating each of Rei's nipples and
coming out the other side of her costume, impaling her nipples and pinning
them to her bustier.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" Rei screamed as her eyes rolled back in her
skull from the searing pain. A pain the likes of which she had never felt
before. Her whole body arched back as she was tortured in those vulnerable

Tiny flecks of blood tinged the needles as they came to a halt, puncturing
the dangling heroine's nipples painfully, looking like two red-stained
bronze propellors. The evil smile on the huge man forced his lips to widen,
revealing jagged, shark-like teeth. He watched the heroine twist in pain,
barely able to breath.

Rei's eyes were squeezed shut as she tried to control the agony rather then
letting it control her. Her mind racing as she performed the calming
rituals that she had practiced for so many years. "Fear is the mind
killer," she thought quickly. "Fear is the little death that brings the
dark. I will allow the fear to wash over and through me. When it has gone I
will turn to face my fear's path. Where it has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain." She repeated the mantra over and over in her pain
filled mind. Ever so slowly, Rei pushed the pain aside and opened her eyes.
While she still felt the pain, her eyes were free of

He held up his hand, palm towards the ceiling. As it got higher, the
needles lifted up, pulling Ultra Woman's breasts with them. First the
impaled, aching nipples supported the heavy weight of the Amazon's luscious
melons, then her chest added to the weight. As the large hand moved higher,
those painfully punctured nipples were the highest point of the
superheroine's body as she dangling now from the two needles that sent
searing pain through her breasts and body.

"Youuuuuuuuuubastardddddddddddd!" Rei groan in agony as her breasts felt
like they wanted to rip off her chest. Her fingers curled in her palms and
her toes in her boots as Rei struggled to make no sounds other then the
grunts of pain that came from her clenched teeth. All the time, her eyes
locked on his even as tears of pain rolled down her cheeks.

The man watched Rei, and seemed almost amused by the steady violet gaze
that looked back at it. The others in the room, including the Sheik, were
visibly pale. "Daya, train her not here, this is a room of pleasure and
joy, not pain."

The fact that he seemed amused scared Rei in a way. She remembered
Gabrielle words but hadn't really believed that somebody could be _that_

The Daya held his hand up for another few seconds, then abruptly dropped
it. The needles pulled out of Ultra Woman's nipples, sending her crashing
below to the ground. "Yes master, I shall begin her training during the
time of the moon?" As she rose from the floor, Rei's nipples were
healing,although tiny specks of blood still stained the tiny twin holes in
her red and gold bustier.

Rei tried to keep track of the conversation but it was difficult as the
release from the agony was so pleasurable. "Oh am I going to teach
Gabrielle a lesson for getting me into this....." she thought as she felt
her nipples healing.

"Yes Daya, we shall see how she feels come the morning light. Take her
away, and bring her forth as a loyal, loving concubine."

The Daya turned towards the Sheik and bowed deeply. "As you command, O
dread master."

"What does that toad have that he can control this creature?" Rei wondered.
From what she could tell, the Sheik was no fighter so he couldn't have
defeated the giant in battle. Nor did the giant looked like somebody who
could be easily bought.

The Sheik looked at Rei, as if pitying the Amazon for her future
experience. Shrugging, he turned to a blonde, opened his mouth, and went
back to eating his grapes. The Asian girl behind him again wafted a huge
leaf, fanning the Sheik slowly as she watched Rei get dragged away with a
wide, concerned expression on her young face.

Rei saw the girl look at her and was about to say something when she felt
her scalp burst into pain. "HEYYYY!!!!!!!!" she yelled. "Let me go you
bastard!!" Rei as she struggled to keep up with the giant and avoid getting
her long hair yanked out by the roots.

Huge hands grab Ultra Woman's dark tresses, and Rei was unceremoniously
dragged from the audience hall by the Daya. He ignored her words as he lead
her down a hallway until reaching a shaft. Without ado he walked into the
empty air, dragging Rei into the dark shaft until she hung by her hair.
Down, as if on an invisible elevator, went Amazon and man.

The Amazon tried to avoid twisting and such as it just hurt more that way.

The two went past six openings, and from the distance they descended, Rei
knew she was now deep underground. As they finally touched the lowest level
of the shaft, the Daya held her aloft, keeping her at arms length but also
keeping her from touching the ground. The area was dark, with only a torch
every twenty feet or so, making the area shadowy and dim. A distant scream
echoed down the hall, followed by the crack of a whip. A moan could be
heard from somewhere in the labyrinth, full of anguish and loss.

"What is this place...." a wide eyed Rei asked herself.

The Daya carried Ultra Woman around corners, past horrendous torturing
equipment, through small rooms in which Rei could make out the shadowy
forms of people in various horrible devices, barely visible in the light.
The twists and turns were obviously on purpose to confuse Rei, as she well

She kept track as best she could of their path although it wasn't easy. Rei
couldn't believe this place. The only frame of reference she had was the
stories of Hades she and her friends whispered about as children when they
tried to scare each other.

Finally he stopped and threw Rei down into the middle of a small room with
two exits. The floor was warm to the touch, not the cold stone she had
expected. The room appeared empty, with only a single torch against the
back wall.

"Uhhhhh....." she gasped as she hit the hard stone, ending up in a bit of a

"You shall be sorry for your words, little bird. You will spend many nights
down here until you learn your proper place," he said in a deep, heavy
voice. It took Rei a moment before she realized that he wasn't speaking
Malaysian as upstairs, but the Amazon dialect of Greek.

"How do you come to speak my sister's language!?" Rei said, highly
surprised. From what she had learned in this world, her language wasn't
just dead it was totally unknown. Few knew even the most basic of Amazonian
history other then myths and quarter truths that dotted the history books.
For him to know even this, said there was more to this giant then meets the

Ignoring her words of surprise, the giant continued.

In her moment of shock, he took advantage. The bar connecting her metal
wrist manacles disappeared, and before her stunned mind or achingly stiff
muscles could react, she was jerked up by her wrists. Over her head went
her hands as chains mystically appeared. In a flash, she was dangling by
chains that extended from somewhere in the dark ceiling overhead. The pair
of manacles around her ankles remained, but the bar holding them together
fades. Chains appeared on them as well, extending from the either side of
the floor, parting her legs wide as they pulled taut. In less than ten
seconds, Rei found herself hanging in an X position, facing the torch
against the back wall.

Rei let slip a groan of discomfort as she hung in the air by her wrists. It
was futile she knew, but Rei struggled and tried to break the chains. All
it did was to cause her body to sway ever so slightly in the clinking
chains. Eventually, she settled down and look at her tormentor with hate
filled eyes.

"Now, do you surrender yourself and your will to the master? I expect not,
little bird, but I offer you this chance before your training commences."
As he said this, a low howl of horrifying pain echoed in the distance...

For a brief moment, Rei wavered in her defiance. From what she has
experienced so far, she knew her 'training' won't be at all pleasant. In
the end however, her Amazon upbringing won out. No Amazon would surrender
without resisting as best she could for as long as she could. Steeling
herself, Rei looked him in the eyes again. "Thank you for the offer but you
are correct in that I refuse."

The Daya was satisfied with the answer, as it was the one he had hoped to
hear. "Thank you," he said to her, his voice almost a hiss. "By the end of
this night, you will shiver when you hear my name. You will beg me to
remove that atrocious garment and you will happily take the veil for our

"I doubt that very much," Rei said though she doubted herself a bit. Part
of her figured that in the end, she might retain some of her dignity like
that Asian girl. Just act the 'willing' slave. "And what 'training' did
that to....that gentleman to make you his servant? You don't seem the type
to give in to the likes of him."

"He is my master, I have no choice but to obey his bidding." He leaned down
closer to Rei, his hot breath hinting of the sandy desert. "Besides, I
greatly enjoy breaking little birds that sing far too often."

"It must be terrible for one such as you to have a master such as him. I
would think you would like to destroy whole nations rather then abuse a
single person."

The Daya looked narrowly at the chained Asian girl. "He is my master. You
could not understand, little Amazon bird."

"Quite right. I haven't and won't have a 'master' so I don't understand."

When the talking died down, the Daya stepped closer to Rei, drawing his
shadow over her and outlining him in fiery edges formed by the flickering
torchlight. He stepped closer to the bound heroine, still taller than the
stretched Amazon. He ran a fingernail down from her collarbone to the
concave area between her sweaty breasts. His face leered a smile at her as
he glided his fingernail over to her still tender, but healed, nipple. He
pinched it and rolled the nub between his finger and thumb.

Rei shivered as he touched her skin and the void formed by her deep
cleavage. A soft moan came from her lips as he tormented the so sensitive
nipple. She closed her eyes and tried to prevent the natural reaction from
occurring but couldn't. As he played with it, the buds formed hard peaks in
the satin cloth of her bustier.

As the nipple hardened, he continued to play with it as he reached for her
other nipple. Rolling it around in the fingers of his other hand, he worked
them over as they continued to get more stiff.

Her muscles tightened a bit as she felt the pleasurable sensations from his
hands. He maybe be a horrible creature, but he certainly did know his way
around a woman's body.

Satisfied with his results, he ran his hands down the front of her bustier
and past her belt. He teased the inner creases where her legs met her hips.
Next his fingers moved down each crease to the mound of blue, glistening
material curved down between her parted legs. Cupping her mound for a
moment, he then passed his thick finger up between the lips of her sex.
Pausing at the precise location of her clit, he rolled his finger around in
a circle.

Rei's eyes flew open as she felt his hand on her most intimate of places.
"Get your filthy hands off of me!!" she exclaimed to him as she tried to
pull away. The Amazon could feel the first traces of the Curse starting as
he touched her clit in such nice ways. The area of blue developed a spot of
moisture as her womanhood produced its sweet honey.

"Can't let him do that to me...." Rei thought as she tried to fight the
reactions of her body.

Again satisfied with the reaction he got from the chained, unwilling
Amazon, he again moved back to her breasts. Surrounding them in his massive
hands, he kneaded the soft mammaries. Rolling them around on her chest, he
fondled the voluptuous melons with malicious glee. Releasing them, he
watched closely as the two glands shimmied back to their position
inside Rei's bustier. He pinched her nipples once again, not painfully, but
to tease them into protruding steely points.

"Noooooo......" Rei moaned softly as her body shook in the chains from his
molestations of her breasts. His hands fitted the size of her breasts quite
well actually. Most men couldn't have cupped all of their softest but he
could. All of his touching made the Amazon pant slightly, forcing the
mounds into his hands more. The nipples long, hard and oh so sensitive!

He moved his hands to either side of Rei, and in the blink of an eye, the
two bronze needles returned. He smiled darkly at her as he saw the hint of
apprehension on her face.

"Oh no...." she moaned in her mind as she saw them. "Not again...."



The Daya was pleased by the howl of pain that came from the chained woman
as each nipple was pierced. He made sure the needles were immovable, then
released them. Tiny drops of blood stained each one as the needles again
pinned Ultra Woman's nipples to the red and gold bustier.

Rei again attempted the difficult taste of trying to overcome the terrible
pain he had inflicted. Tears again streamed down her cheeks as her
beautiful breasts were so abused.

Putting his hands back down, he again cupped her mound below, undulating
his hand to rub and knead the moist, soft lips of her womanhood. His huge
hands rubbed and moved around, forcing her swelling labia to move with
them. He reached a finger between her legs and rubbed her anus with his
largest finger as the palm of his hand pressed and rolled her clit.

The trapped heroine gasped as he touched her again. Not only did she feel
the pleasure, which conflicted with the pain, but also the Curse of Troy.
On coming like a freight train with her tied to the tracks. "Nooooo...."
she moaned as she felt him. Rei tried to pull herself away from him but all
it did was drive his other finger deeper into the crack of her ass.

The Daya watched Rei's face as he continued to play with her satin covered
mound. Trapping her rising love button between his first and second
knuckle, he rubbed it between them, grinding on it gently to raise the
Amazon's passion even higher.

His fingers suddenly became moist as her opening began to leak honey in
large amounts. The blue satin becoming stained by it. Rei whimpered in
agony as she tried to deal with the conflicting feels of pain and pleasure.
It was hard enough to deal with one alone and now she had both. Along with
her strength slowly draining away. Rei moved in her chains as her whole
body quivered from what she felt. The only sounds her ears could hear were
the crackle of the torch, the clink of the chains, and her moans and
whimpers from her lips.

Watching the mighty Ultra Woman fight off the rising passion within her,
The Daya was pleased. This Amazon was easily manipulated if one only knew
the proper methods. He rubbed and twisted her clit with one hand while
shoving his finger deeper into her anus. The blue material she wore to
cover herself strained, and finally with a few popsas the threads gave way,
he tore through the satin. Poking past the hole in her panties, he jammed
his thick finger deeply into her asshole.

"Ahhhhhhh!" she gasped loudly as his finger went up her neither regions.
The dry passage not aiding him as he forced the finger past her anus. Rei
clenched her teeth to avoid saying as she tried to pull her ass away from
his hand. It didn't work as her anus ring seemed to have clenched on to the
finger violating it. When Daya began to wiggle the invading digit, the
feelings cause Rei to cry out. "Get it out!!!" All the while the rest of
his hand rubbed at her clit. Making her passage leak more and more fluids.

Satisfied again with the reaction this brought forth, he retracted his
finger and released Rei. Stepping over the chains, he circled around the
aroused Amazon. The Daya palmed each of her rear cheeks, feeling the
softness on the outside and the firmness beneath. He rotated them in
circles, pulling them apart and looking at the puckered hole inside the
torn spot in the glistening, shiny material.

The Amazon tried to pull away from him but his grip was much too strong for
her to resist. She cooed ever so softly as he manipulated the firm flesh of
her. Rei's head shook as she tried to fight all the different feelings.
Ones of pain and pleasure that she felt. So many flooded her that it was so
difficult to know what to do.

Releasing her, he grabbed the back of her golden belt, and pulled Ultra
Woman back. He ignored her moans of pain as her manacled ankles were
stretched. The Daya lifted her ass back and up, forcing her body to bend.
With the twinkle of an eye and the static charge of mysticism, a bronze
spike, rounded in its length, at least six feet long and three inches in
diameter, with a slightly rounded tip but definitely pointed at it's closer
end, appeared in his free hand.

Rei tried to see what he was doing behind her but the angle of her ass
wouldn't allow it. All she could see was his hand on her belt as he held
her and a smile on his face. That simple smile frightened her like nothing
else had. She was so vulnerable and he was a creature who lived to inflict

He aimed the sharp point at the opening in Rei's blue tights. He met her
violet eyes as she strained to look behind her. He reveled in the hint of
fear he saw in them. He jerked her higher, almost making her ankles snap,
and in a single, violent motion, drove the spike deep inside the heroine's
upcurved ass.

Her eyes nearly bulged out of her skull as she threw back her head and
screamed in utter agony. "AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The
spike forcing its way up her dry, tender passage beyond where his finger
and Mayhem's cock had ever been. "Out! Get it OUT!!!!!!!" she screamed.

"Ah, the brave Amazon cries out for pity," the Daya crooned and enjoyed the
sweet screams of agony that emanated from the female form before him. He
held her back, keeping her hips arched, as he forced the spike farther up
her rectal tract. His mighty hand moved the point into the belly of the
heroine mercilessly. Rolling the lower end of the long spike, he forced the
tip to grind around inside her body. It wasn't so deep that it would kill
the heroine, but would cause pain...and grind against the inverse side of
her G spot.

All the muscles in her body tensed as she screamed and screamed from the
horrible feeling of the spike inside her. She could feel every millimeter
of it going in until it felt like it was going to go through all of her.
The pain overrode whatever pleasure it might have caused but thin trickles
of fluids leaked from her stained panties and rolled down her thighs.

Eventually, the Daya ceased shoving and just held the spike in place. Rei
was able to quit screaming and just moan in, to the Daya's ears, wonderful
agony. A tiny line of blood traveled down the spike to show the torn and
raw flesh it had inflicted on the young Amazon.

A brick in the floor faded from sight, and the Daya bent down and placed
the butt (ha! Err..) end in the spot vacated. Planting it solidly in place,
he released both the spike and Rei's golden belt. As she sagged forward
into a more natural position, relieving the painful tension on her ankles,
the pole was forced another two inches inside her gaping anus.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" Rei screamed again as the force of gravity caused her
to take more of it in. She could also feel her strength getting weaker as
the Curse over took her. In any case, strength wouldn't have done her much
good. The spike ceased to go in any further as she had reached the lowest
point gravity would pull her down. Rei tried not to move so as not to cause
any more agony. All she could do was hang there, whimpering, and sobbing.

The Daya walked back around the impaled Ultra Woman. Crossing his arms over
his chest, he laughed loudly. As his hearty laugh echoed around the twisted
halls of this dark dungeon, it sounded more fearful when it drowned out the
cries, moans, and wails that haunted the halls. Rei could even hear her own
cries of pain occasionally come echoing back to her from some far off

The Amazon had never felt so alone in her whole life. Alone but for the
creature before her. Someone who's pleasure came not from ravishing her
sexually but by causing her physical pain. Calmly and coldly doing such
things that Rei had never thought could be done in her worst nightmares.
Her breath coming in hard pants as she carefully tried to pull her body off
the spike. It was of no use as the Daya had place it in so deep and the
Curse had taken too much of her strength.

The Daya enjoyed watching the Amazon squirm as she fought to reject the
spike embedded so far inside her backside, and again laughed at her pitiful
attempts. He had not had this much enjoyment since he had tortured the
gagged witch.

"Little bird, do you know your place? Are you willing to submit to my
master as his loyal, subservient concubine?"

Rei looked up at him through eyes filled with tears and unbelievable agony.
So tempting was it just to give up and submit to end the pain. She nearly
said the words until the tears cleared just enough to see the gloating face
of her torturer. His look gave fuel to her defiance and she answered him
with an accurate spit to his face.

As the glob rolled down his darkened face, the Daya was pleased. This one
had spirit, and was a challenge. He had not broken an Amazon since the
Eleventh Century when he broke that Byzantine Amazon.

"Little Bird, you shall know extremes this night like no others in your
life," he hissed as he stepped forward again. "The master thinks you a
virgin, but I know the truth. He will not know anyway."

" you....know?" she gasped in pain and surprise. "
can...can't be...h..didden."

The Daya smiled with utmost confidence, and it grew every second. He soaked
in Ultra Woman's weak words with evil glee. "I know much, little bird. I
know you are not like other Amazons. You are different. You are magic, like
the other three here, and your kind I know much about."

Rei shook her head in not understanding what he meant. "I be

The Daya smiled mysteriously, creasing his tanned, dark face. "You are all
magic, foolish little girl. Your so-called Gods are nothing but charlatans
and magicians that have fooled a desperate and ignoble race of females into
thinking they are special."

She shook her head as she tried not to listen to his words, knowing he was
just trying to break her spirit. " lie!!" she gasped.

The Daya shook his head from side to side in slow, sweeping motions.
"Hardly, I need not lie to you in your pitiful state, Little Bird. I could
pull your intestines out over the course of the next week if I so chose, so
why waste my time lying to a useless creature such as you? Amazon, you are
the daughter of a defunct race that could not survive in this world, so
you were hidden away by charlatans. If your people could survive, you would
not be in this state."

In a horrible way, Rei knew he was right. That her race couldn't stand the
light of day in this world. They would be overwhelmed by the corruption if
they were ever found. This was the basic line of reasoning her and mother
agreed upon when it came to this world and why they should find some way to
leave it. "W..w..why then? Why" Rei gasped, wanting answers.

The Daya knew he had Ultra Woman in the palm of his hand. "Why? It was two
things, Little Bird. You see, the leader of the charlatans, the one called
Zeus, is a lustful, sexual man that would fornicate with a tree if he
thought it were female. What would be better than allowing his
prostitutional, so-called wife create an entire island of females with
which he might fornicate?"

From all the legends and stories she heard of Zeus and his 'appetites', Rei
knew that was totally possible. Had not some sisters whispered of dreams
were a man visited them and spent a night in their beds? That they were
still untouched in their womanhoods didn't mean anything if the man was a
magic user. A simple spell to heal a touch of flesh is all that it would

"The other reason was pity. Pathetic pity for a race of creatures unable to
survive without protection."

Rei began to sob as the Daya's simple words hammered at her battered mind.
"Stop it!" she cried. "You lie!"

The Daya stared down at the sobbing heroine. "You know I do not. I am not
here to give you truths, foolish little girl, but to teach you to obey your
new master. Now that shall begin."

With a whisp of heat and the smell of sand, the Daya's pantaloons faded
into a brown mist, then were gone. Now Rei could see the curved dick,
looking much like an Arabian scimitar. It visibly grew, both upwards, in
hardness and in size. He reached down to cup the agonized Amazon's mound
once more, only this time his fingers dug into her painfully. With a
violent tug that jerked the spike in her ass around inside her body, he
ripped away the satin from her puss, and took a few dark hairs with him as
he did it.

"OWWWWWWWWWWW!!" Rei moan/gasped from the pain of the spike and the hairs
being ripped from the sensitive area. As she gasped for air, she just
stared at the massive organ before her. The Daya's cock put even Plant
Master's wooden woody to shame. This one was of hot, throbbing flesh rather
then the 'wood' of the other.

He was pleased by the liquids that stained his hand as he forced the shred
of blue in his hand to burst into flames and disappear in the blink of an
eye. Dropping the immolated dust that was a piece of Ultra Woman's costume,
he stepped forward until his curved cockhead rubbed against her bustiered

Rei just moaned as she felt his hot hardness throbbing against her. She
knew what his cock would due to her in terms of her powers. Those were her
chief asset next to her mind. Besides, she didn't wish to think of what it
would feel like with both the spike AND him in her at the same time....

"I know what this shall do to you, Amazon. Know you that I shall not rest
until you are subjugated, and if I must slice you open with this, I shall.
When I impale you, your screams of pleasure at its embrace will be unlike
any you have experienced before. I give you one more option."

As before, Rei was tempted to give in but she just couldn't. Every fiber of
her being was of Amazon and Amazon's resisted to the end. At least that's
what she believed herself. Hadn't the Queen been through her own horrors
long, long ago? "If she could find her way through it," Rei thought. "I can
as well." The Amazon looked up and into the Daya's eyes with her own red
rimmed but defiant ones. With a simple shake of her head, she gave him her

The Daya was thrilled by Rei's continued refusal to submit. "Very well,
little bird. You shall be singing soon."

Rei's lips trembled a bit as she clearly knew that the next moments would
be utterly horrible for her.

Putting his hands on Rei's hips, he lifted the heroine up, pulled the stake
partly out of her rectum. Kneeling down, the throbbing heat of his curved
cock rubbed down over her belly, past her belt, then down her abdomen.
Finally it reached her puffy, moistened labia. He kept a firm grip on Rei's
waist and easily held the weakened heroine in place.

The Amazon's body shivered as his cock slide down her, her lips groaning in
pain as the stake moved against her torn flesh. As it slide from her, the
metal shaft was show to be stained red with her blood. The Curse came
rushing forward to take more and more of Rei's strength as the Daya's cock
throbbed in her slit. The thick, dark head becoming slick with the juices
that flowed from her.

Ultra Woman's ankles again ached as they were strained. Her red boots were
beginning to tear along the edge of the manacle, but that was the farthest
thing from her mind as the thick head pushed in a bit, making the wet lower
lips compress and start to bulge open.

As they opened, her lips a gush of fluid roll down her thighs and his cock.
Rei moaned as she felt his steel hard cock press against her so intimately.
Although she tried to fight it, she couldn't help but be afraid to what he
was was doing to her. Of what he was making her feel. Of what she might do
after this was all over. Without knowing it, Rei started to tremble in his
grasp. The pain and pleasure assaulting her so powerfully, overcoming
whatever defenses she had built up.

Revelling in the fear he could smell emanating from the brave heroine, the
Daya kept his dark, burning eyes riveted on Ultra Woman's violet eyes. He
enjoyed the horror she was experiencing as his raised his hips and parted
the Amazon's pussy. He moved his cockhead up so she could see every bit of
it disappearing inside her sex. There was no greater thrill for the Daya
than this, watching a fantastic creature such as this Amazon cringing and
falling apart before his very eyes, melting into his hands.

Rei so wanted to close her eyes and make that evil vision of his face go
away but she found that she couldn't. His gaze forced her to look at him
like a rabbit to a rattle snake. "Nonononononono," she mumbled over and
over as the Daya began forced his massiveness into her narrow, but so slick

The knobby cockhead disappeared inside Rei's slit, and the vein covered
shaft began its ascent into the heroine's nether regions. Between the stake
in her ass and the enormous organ penetrating her womanhood, Ultra Woman
abdomen ached with the internal pressures. Under her smooth abdomen, she
could almost see the cockhead bulging inside her body, making the remnants
of her blue panties swell outwards as it entered her more deeply.

"OH GODS!!!!!" Rei whimpered as he spread her tight walls and pressed them
against the stake on the other side. She could feel every vein, every ridge
of the Daya's cock as it speared into her. The last of her Amazon strength
fleeing from her body as the Curse took over fully. She didn't want to feel
it but his cock caused exquisite feels to race through her body. "Oh
please...." she whimpered in a near whisper. "No more...."

"You were given a chance, Little Bird. Nay, two chances. It was your
choice, freely made. I will make you regret your choice this night."

Rei looked at him with terror filled eyes.

The Daya watched Ultra Woman a few moments more, savoring the fearful
suspense he knew she was experiencing. Satisfied with it, he abruptly
thrust her back down, impaling her ass on the stake again and forcing her
pussy to suddenly swallow the thick cock that curved upwards inside her
feminine body. The way it curved upwards and back towards him made its
passage grind against Rei's g-spot as it burrowed upwards inside her. The
golden belt around her waist suddenly snapped off and clattered across the
floor from the intense internal pressures of both cock and stake embedded
in her belly. Under her flat stomach she saw the cockhead forcing her
athletic body to bulge horribly.

"AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" she groaned/screamed as the Daya forced the rest
of his huge cock into her passage. All of her muscles contracting as she
spasmed from the sensations of the assault. Both her ass and her pussy
clamped down on the objects violating them with what strength could be
mustered. Rei still couldn't break the lock the Daya had upon her tear and
terror filled eyes. Never, not even the other times she had been captured,
had she felt like this. So out of control and at the mercy of someone.
Someone would could cause incredible pain and wondrous pleasure. She saw
him watching her with a smile on his broad face and a throb in his cock.

The Daya felt a thrill run through him as his thick meatpole was surrounded
by the dripping warmth of the little Amazon's vaginal slit. He moved his
hips around, forcing the curved cock to grind against the inner walls of
the superheroine. He pulled the thick head back down, forcing her slit to
bulge around the enormous head, then again slowly shoved it back in. Back
and forth he moved within Ultra Woman's body, enjoying the emotions of pain
fade and the rush of pleasure rise inside her. He could see it in her
violet eyes, see it in the way her mouth opened and her lips trembled, see
it in the way her fingers twitched, and see the way her nipples, even
impaled by needles, grew even harder. He didn't move her hips at all, so
the stake would fade from her consciousness, but continued to impale the
beautiful girl on his monstrous cock with slow, generous movements that
made it touch every part of her inner sanctum.

Rei gasped as it felt like his cock was driving the very air from her
lungs. Every time the Daya pulled his cock a bit, a gush of perfumed honey
was pumped from her slit to race down Rei's thighs and form a puddle on the
stone floor. As he pumped the cockhead past her unresisting cervix and into
her womb, Rei threw her head back in pleasure. "Godddssssss......" she
moaned as her eyes stayed locked on his. The pain in her body was overtaken
by the pleasure just as the Daya wanted. She had never felt anything like
this at all. The horrible pain had ripped her defenses apart and the
pleasures scattered the shreds. Part of her didn't wish to feel it but
there was no way she couldn't. Her whole being was one huge pleasure

"How does that feel, Little Bird? If you submit, you can feel this every
day of your existence. I know your body revels in these emotions and
actions, you cannot help yourself. You can feel this every day if you
submit. The alternative is a lifetime of..."

Suddenly, with his enormous cock buried deep under her belly, the Daya
grabbed the needles penetrating each of her nipples, and abruptly gave each
of them a violent twist, turning them ninety degrees until the bronze
points were up and down. Her shimmying breasts were ripped sideways on her
chest, as her red uniform tore around the agonizing points on her chest.

The young Amazon didn't scream in pain this time, she howled.
"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" echoed throughout the hellish
dungeon she was in.

The Daya could no longer suppress the joy Ultra Woman's cries brought to
his ears. He threw back his head and laughed as her cries of anguish echoed
back to them both. Again his laugh echoed around the dungeon, bringing a
moment of silence to the various screams, moans, and cries that emanated
from other cubicles in the underground lair.

His laughter also silenced his victim before him. She looked up with redden
eyes and a tear streaked face twisted in agony.

Releasing the needles allowed Ultra Woman's wrenched nipples to turn back,
windmilling the bronze needles as they remained transfixed on the ends of
the Amazon's breasts. Without a word, as the Daya's laughter subsided, he
yanked out the fuckpole from the gushing pussy before him. He stood back,
his pole angled upwards and shining in the torchlight from the coating of
lubricant belonging to the gasping, helpless superheroine before him.

Rei moaned in pain again as her breasts returned to the normal position.
The normally brownish-pink nipples were cherry red from all that had been
down to them. A 'splat' like sound filled the room as a large amount of
honey left her pussy to join the increasing puddle on the stone floor. It
quickly slowed to a steady drip as Rei gasped for air, her body filled with
unreleased passion.

In the twinkling of an eye, a bronze pole, much like the spike in Rei's
ass, appeared in his hand. This one was the same width, but the end of it
was curved, again like a desert scimitar. Instead of a point, it was a
replica of the cock still rigidly shining before the Daya.

The nearly beaten Amazon looked at the thing before her with widened eyes.
She knew exactly what he intended to do with it and where it would go. Part
of her wished it so that he would let her orgasm and release that
incredible need he had built up.

With a smirk on his dark, torchlight glaring face, the Daya placed the
rounded, fat tip of the bronze shaft to the gates of Rei's womanhood,
nudged it past her lips, and roughly shoved it as deeply as it could go.
The heroine was lifted up by the thick, pussy-splitting shaft, allowing her
a moment of release from the point penetrating her ass still.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" she gasped as she felt the metal go in so deep. Her
juices aiding in making the shaft slick so it slide in easily. Rei's fiery
pussy heating it up as well as the muscles clamped down upon it. With a
final shove, the tip was in her womb making her belly bulge outwards again.
Rei again tried to catch her breath, gasping loudly.

Stones in the floor faded in a wisp of sand and smoke, and the Daya placed
the butt end of the bronze shaft in the hole, then released it. The
pressure on Rei's womb relaxed enough to allow her to breath, but that also
allowed her to again slide back down the point piercing her anus. Double
penetrated, with the fat head of bronze bulging in her pleasure sheath and
the pointed stake impaling her ass, it was hard to know which was pleasure
and which was pain.

Rei's eyes bulged outward as she felt the renewed pain from her ass. The
other one was discomfort as well but was more of a pleasurable fullness
rather then pain. The Amazon didn't know what to think. Her mind was being
bombarded from so many sides and with so many different feelings that it
was being overloaded. Whimpering like sounds came from her lips as she
tried to deal with it all.

The Daya crossed his arms over his chest again and watched the emotions
flicker across his violet-eyed captive's face. He waited for a moment, then
the bronze shaft burrowed inside Ultra Woman's womb began to, very subtly,
vibrate. It made no sound, but the vibrations of that thick, rigid pole
inside her was, in her weakened condition, unlike anything she had ever
known, and the Daya grinned as he saw this fact in the way her face and
body reacted.

She gasped again but not in pain but in pleasure. It was like when the Daya
had his cock in her but different somehow.... All she knew was that it
caused tidal waves of passionate feelings in her battered body and mind.
Her body quivered as best it could without causing more pain from the stake
in her ass. The chains clinking as she writhed erotically.

Satisfied to see his training in place, the Daya took Rei's chin in his
hand and brought his face within an inch from her sweaty skin. "Enjoy your
night, Little Bird. I will ask you again in the morning how you wish to
serve our master."

When he asked again, Rei knew the answer she would give....


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman: Harem - Part 4

The Daya watched the passion rising in the swelling, needled breasts of the
Amazon chained before him. He knew she would soon be sharing her orgasms
with the dungeon. She would lose track of which was pleasure, and which was
pain, and then she would be broken.

With a heavy tread, he left her presence. Rei was alone, chained in a human
X, with one pointed stake impaling her ass and another, this one curved and
rounded, vibrating deep within her womb. It was only a matter of time.

"Sooooo.....soooo gooodddddddddd!" she moaned as she hung from the chains.
Her pussy squeezing the stake within her womb as juice flowed down it,
making it glisten in the torchlight. Rei's breasts heaved as she came
nearer and nearer to exploding with passion.

The pole that curved around inside her and made her belly bulge was causing
no pain, but the vibrations as she hung around it was hard to ignore.
Alone, hearing only the echoing cries of pain and pleasure in the distance,
were almost as overwhelming.

A passionate, nearly animal like, scream filled the room and echoed
throughout the dungeon. Like a firestorm in a tinder dry forest, Rei's
orgasm consumed her mind and body. Her sweat covered body arched as she
presented her breasts to the wall. The blue boots tearing more as she
struggled erotically in the chains. Her mind a blank but for the passion
flowing through it. All the time, the spike in her pussy keeping up the
constant vibrations.

As the first orgasm made her body tense and rise up in the chains,
suddenly, from the shadows behind her, a whip cracked. Ultra Woman's body
shrieked with pleasure from the bronze cockhead pulsating within her. The
mysterious whip waited until the moment when her passion filled mind was
far along in the orgasm to strike. It lashed at the middle of her back,
ripping into her red bustier and biting her skin. Down to the floor went a
tiny shred of her uniform, as the whip reset, then lashed her left ass
cheek. Another piece of her uniform floated to the floor as the whip struck
again, and again, as long as her orgasm continued...

"AWWWWWWWW!!!" Rei cried again and again as the whip bit into her. Her
orgasm not letting up for a second even as the wipe fell upon her.
Eventually the orgasm faded to leave her body trembling in pain and
pleasure. Rei hung from the chains as her violet eyes closed, her mouth
gasped for air as a line of drool ran down from the corner. Uncounted
lashing had ripped open the back of her uniform to cause blood lined welts
on the smooth skin of her ass and back.

Suddenly she realized the bronze cock/spike so deep within her hadn't
stopped its movements. It kept up vibrating and her so sensitive body began
to react again. From the darkness behind her, Rei heard the crack of the
whip as it readied itself again. "Noooooo...." she whimpered. "Please

Her sobbing moan echoed back, mixed with the fading screams of the
pleasurable agony of her whipped orgasm. As her passion rose within her
again, the whip laced her back, dropping more of her uniform at her feet
and raising more stripes on her back.

The whip seemed to know exactly how much force to use. Enough to slice her
uniform open and cause thin cuts upon her back and ass but not enough to
gouge or endanger her life. The lashes came in irregular patterns as well
so that Rei couldn't even try to prepare herself for when they hit.

For hours, a chained, spread eagled form, voluptuous, lovely, and once
powerful, hung helplessly. The two bronzes shafts kept pain and pleasure
constantly pummeling the will of the luscious shadow in the dark,
horror-filled dungeon. As her terrible screams of pleasure echoed around
the sandstone walls, the whip would crack, and her screams would become a
strange mixture of unbidden, wild bestial sex and twisting agony.

If one were to have looked into Rei's eyes, they would have seen not a
rational human but something akin to a feral animal. It seem that everytime
she tried to organize a logical thought, the whip and the shafts knew and
would step up their efforts. Waves of agony and ecstasy would then blast
the thoughts to bits.

Once the powerful heroine known to the world as Ultra Woman, a unique
individual, a champion amongst the powerful race of Amazons, Rei was now
but one of the countless voices crying out in the darkness of the unknown
chambers of this underground dungeon. Her wails, moans, and shrieks merely
joined the echoed chorus of voices begging for release in the Daya's
horrific world.

Finally, Rei's overloaded mind just shutdown. The pains and pleasures were
just too much for her battered mind. Her eyes were still open, her mouth
still made sounds, and her body still responded but they were reactions
that one of Doc Droid's droids could do. What made 'Rei' had been slammed
into the deepest corners of her broken mind.

Rei had no idea when the curved pole that impaled her womanhood had stopped
vibrating. The orgasms had been countless, then whippings had been lost
amidst the many climaxes she had endured. Rei had no idea which one had
been the pleasure, and which one had been the agony. Near the end, she both
dreaded and desired the whippings that had lashed her from neck to the
curve of her ass. By morning her uniform had fallen from most of her; the
back had entirely been striped from her a piece at a time by the mysterious
whip. What was left of her uniform had remained on her only because of the
needles in her nipples had kept part of her bustier literally pinned to her

Her eyes closed as she collapsed into exhausted unconsciousness. Her body
being supported only by the chains. A large, dark shape filled the doorway
and gazed upon the beaten heroine. With a truly evil laugh, he waved a
massive arm before her and a cackle of magic filled the room. In an
instant, the shafts, the needles, and the chains all vanished. The
unconscious Amazon landed in the puddle of her own juices that coated the
stone floor. "What is your answer now Little Bird?" he asked her.

When the Rei didn't reply, the Daya strode over to her and looked down upon
her as she laid on her stomach. With a flick of his toe, he turned her over
on to her back. A back covered with open wounds inflicted by the whip. A
weak groan comes from Rei's lips as the pain wakes her up a bit. Again the
Daya asked, "What is your answer Little Bird? Do you submit or do you wish
more of my touch?"

"Noooooo...." Rei whimpered softly. "Please no..... I submittttttt...."

"Stand up, concubine," he ordered. "Now. Tell me who your master is, and
tell me you shall be his willing concubine this very night."

Rei tried to do as the Daya commanded but she couldn't even roll over she
was so weak. "I can't...." she sobbed. "Please don't hurt me again! I
can'tttttt...." Her whole body trembled as she wept. She didn't saw whole
sentences but things like "I be his" and "Yes will me" tended to get the
point across.

The Daya crossed his arms and smiled down at the remnants of the defiant
heroine over yesterday. There was no greater feeling than a broken foe,
and, although she might recover, for now Ultra Woman was broken.

Reaching down, he grabbed a handful of Ultra Woman's dull, sweaty black
hair and slowly, as if to emphasis the point of his domination, lifted her
off the ground. "Answer me!" he boomed, letting his voice wash over her,
enjoying the shiver that visible passed through her. "Will you submit to
our master and become his loyal concubine!"

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" she screamed in submission.

Nodding at the answer, he waved his other hand over Rei's body. With a
splash of heat, wisps of sand appeared and circled the abject heroine. Her
uniform faded away into the sandy mist, including her tiara and bracelets,
and was replaced with a harem girl outfit, in blue, just as the other
heroines upstairs had worn. It started with silken sandals on her feet,
then to baggy, translucent pantaloons that allowed all to see her legs and
other body parts beneath. Her midriff was bare, but her heaving, sobbing
breasts were held by a loose, translucent top. A veil was pulled away and
gathered as part of the band that held her hair back. She was clean as the
mystic sand removed the sweat, blood, and tears from her. Her hair again
was lustrous and shiny, her skin was healed and back to its usual hue of

Rei felt clean but also dirty at the same time. That she was made to wear
these revealing clothes disgusted her completely.

The Daya held the once-again beautiful Amazon by the hair as his other hand
reached down. Placing two fingers at the gateway of Rei's womanhood. At
first Rei felt a painful wrenching in her womb, but that quickly subsided
as pleasure rippled through her. As the orgasm filled her, she felt
something different, but could barely breathe, much less concentrate.

Her sobs ended for a moment as the feelings flowed through her body. She
had been force to feel wonderful things before but this was different
somehow. Almost like a power was flowing into her body through her

Dropping the Amazon back to the floor, the Daya again commanded. "Rise,

She did feel stronger now, somehow. There was also something different.
Normally after an orgasm, her vagina and thighs would have been coated with
her juices, but this time...nothing. As she slowly got to her feet, Rei
knew the Daya had done something to her body, but...

Then she realized. She was a virgin.

The implications of how out of control of the situation was like an anvil
landing on an egg. That he could torture her, make her feel things that she
didn't want to was one thing but this? Doing something so totally intimate
was more then she could stand right now. Rei's body went totally limp as
her eyes rolled back into her head. Her body landing in a silken thump.

Scooping up the unconscious, overwhelmed Amazon in his arms, he easily
tossed her over his shoulders, and whistling merrily, took her upstairs to
her new existence.


As the world around Rei slowly came back to her, she felt a washcloth
touching her face. She was lying on her back, but she felt no pain there.
She tingled, but that wasn't unusual after the orgasms she had endured. As
her violet eyes blinked awake, she made out a face in the mist over her.
Her mind cleared, and Rei squinted to concentrate on the face.

Rei felt weaker then a new born baby as she struggled into awareness again.
Her mind still a muddled mess from what she had been through during all
those hours. Most of what she did was by pure instance alone.

Slowly it became clearer. It was a redheaded woman; the woman seemed
vaguely familiar, but Rei couldn't place her. Rei was lying in this woman's
lap, as another woman dabbed cool water on Rei's forehead. This one
was the Japanese woman she had seen in the Sheik's audience chamber.

"You are safe, for now," the girl said in Japanese.

Rei's only response was to burst into wretched sobs.

The redhead and Japanese girl looked at each other knowingly. "It's
alright, you'll be safe for now," she said, putting Rei's head on her
shoulder. "Shhhh, you're safe." She paused for a minute, thinking of the
right thing to say to the distraught heroine. "Um, you're among sisters
here," she added, trying to reach the Amazon.

The kind touch and words comforted the broken Amazon in ways words can't
describe. After the horror of the previous night, her soul needed to be
refilled. With what strength she had, turned her body enough to wrap her
arms around the red head and hold her own body to the others.

The Japanese girl put her hand to Rei's shoulder and gently caressed her.
"Do not cry, be strong, we must all be strong so we may one day break free
from this place."

Ever so slowly, Rei's tears slowed and finally ceased. She didn't let go of
the red head though. Almost as if she was afraid this was but a dream in
the middle of the nightmare she had been through. The warm touch let her
bruised mind latch on to something real and slowly begin to rebuild itself

Other voices piped in. In a Germanic language, a woman with short, bobbed
blonde hair added her concerns and sympathy. An African woman kneeled down
to run her fingers through Rei's hair. "Please, look at us, you are among
friends." Another attractive blonde haired woman kneeled down at Rei's
feet, and in an English accent added, "Chipper up, dear, you will be fine.
We will take care of you."

Shakily, Rei began to regain control of herself and her emotions. She was
still weak in terms of power and sprit but less of a basket case. The fact
that these women probably had gone through similar things gave her the
confidence to come back instead of hiding away.

Each of them was wearing a harem girl outfit. None were chained or
manacled, although when Rei finally looked up, she could see the Silver
Sorceress alone in the corner of the harem, the bronze stopper still
gagging her mouth. The villainess seemed to be treated like a pariah, as
the dozen women all ignored her pointedly, continuously.

Rei could see that she was dressed in a blue, silk like outfit. All the
remains of her uniform were gone. In place of her tiara, a blue ribbon tied
her hair back and kept it off of her lovely face. Most surprisingly, her
bracelets were missing! Those were supposedly impossible to remove but as
she had seen with Tania, they could be. Probably with magic and the Daya
was most assuredly a magic user.

Looking up through bleary, tear-filled violet eyes and meeting the soft
blue eyes of the redheaded woman, Rei finally realized where she had seen
them before. This redhead was from Megapolis, and was known as Shadowgirl.
The blonde she recognized as the heroine Victory from England. The black
woman was the Leopard, from Nigeria Rei thought. The German was Frau Licht,
a light-powered heroine from Berlin. The Japanese girl she had seen in
pictures, her name was Skygirl. The other five that gathered around she
didn't recognize, but all were doing their best to show Rei she was hardly

"Where is my sister Tania" Rei asked, scanning the room for her Amazon
sister. "And where are we?"

The redhead looked up at the others for a moment, as a scowl appeared on
Leopard and Frau Licht's faces. "Well," Shadowgirl started to say, then
seemed to decide to just spill the beans. She looked back down, pointedly,
at Rei. "Ultra Woman, or whoever she is now, is helping the Sheik." She
nodded over towards a young brunette lying quietly on a pillow, deeply
asleep. "That hag and the Sheik played with her all night."

Rei closed her eyes and shook her head sadly. With Tania's condition, she
had expected no less then this. If only she could get to her for a little
while.... She wondered just what that other girl had done to earn such

Shadowgirl helped Rei sit up and dabbed at the tears on the Amazon's cheek.
"We have a lot of questions for you, but I am sure you have some for us."

"Please don't blame Tania for what she is doing," Rei said softly as she
rubbed her wrists where her bracelets should be. "Her mind had been taken
from her before this ever happened. She will do whatever someone commands
her to do. Ask any questions you need of me, I'll help however I can."

"Poor girl, be nice to her," Victory said softly. "Listen love, my name is
Victoria, who are you? Are you from Japan like her?" she asked, nodding
towards Skygirl. "We've all been," she paused and glanced down at the floor
in a non-verbal way of signifying the dungeon that none in the room would
actually mention, "down there, love. We know how you feel. If you gave in,
don't feel ashamed. It's horrible."

"I'm Ultra Woman but you can call me Rei. I'm not from Japan but my father
was," Rei replied. "I'm an Amazon."

A look of confusion passed over the faces of a couple of the assorted
heroines. Shadowgirl spoke up. "Something happened to the blonde Ultra
Woman, Rei here," she said, glancing down at the blue clad woman, "took her
place. Everyone in Megapolis wondered what had happened to Tania, I guess
now we know."

Frau Licht and Leopard nodded, seeming to look at Rei in a new light. "Ve
did not know der vas die, Ultra Voman. Ve haf been here very

Rei wondered how long was 'long' but didn't ask that question. "From what
Gabrielle told me after I was captured, she bought Tania back from a group
called SPAY to sell us together. I assume they were the ones that did this
to her." She looked around wondering if there was anybody she couldn't
trust. "There is a way she can be brought of it though," Rei said in a low
voice. "A little something to keep in mind I think."

Shadowgirl looked up at her compatriots, then back at Rei. "Brought out of
it? What do you mean?"

"Its like her mind is asleep but I know how to awaken her. Although I have
to be in contact with her to do it. Intimate contact...."

An eyebrow or two was raised, but no one said anything.

"Has...has anyone not given in?" she asked in a whisper.

Looking from heroine to heroine, Rei could see none had been able to resist
the Daya's torture. "You were there," Shadowgirl said, "you know how
horrifying it is...down there. What could we do?"

Rei nodded. Some would say that it was better to die rather then give in.
They however, doubtless had never been in such situations. Everyone has
their breaking point, even superheroines.

Amidst many heads that hung down now, Victory said, in a very low tone,
"You too have given in, but it is no shame, we're all helpless here."

"Helpless how? Has something been down to our abilities?"

A couple shook their heads. "No no dear," Victory said, "I have all my
abilities. But, you see, everything we do is seen. The D..." she paused, as
a shiver passed through her proud being, "that man is too powerful. He
knows everything that happens. Once..." Victory's face paled at some
memory, and her words dried up.

"Ultra Woman," Shadowgirl said, trying to pick up for Victory, "you saw
what happens when you refuse. You can only imagine what happens when you
try to rebel. Most of us have tried it, and got another night..down punishment. The second time..."

"And the second time is worse...." Rei thought in horror, not being able
imagine how it could get worse.

Rei, still touching the redhead, felt the shudder of fear, and saw in the
heroine's blue eyes the effects that a second night in the dungeon had on
the brave heroine.

"Its okay," Rei said, holding a hand to Shadowgirl's cheek. "You needn't
mention it anymore. I get the picture. That 'thing' knows all that we do?
What kind of control does that 'master' have over him. I can't believe its
out of sheer loyalty!"

Shadowgirl shrugged. "We don't know why he does the Sheik's bidding. We
have our suspicions, but we can't prove a thing."

Leopard nodded in agreement. "There are a few strange things about this
place, like the vault down in the dungeon that no one has ever entered. We
have all talked about where we were taken down there, but there is a
hallway none of us have entered."

Frau Licht continued. "If you can remember, there vas a hallway ending mit
a bronze door. It vas der only door in the dungeon. Unless it ist some trap
it is der very curious."

Rei's brow furled slightly as she tried to remember. It was hazy but she
did remember something like that. At least a glimpse of it. "I do seem to
recall something like that." She suddenly remembered a legend that she had
run across once in the library back home. "I wonder if he isn't something
very old.... Would she know anything?" Rei said looking at the gagged
Sorceress. "I do know that she has powers of magic. Not enough it seems."

As the group of heroines turned to look at her, the Sorceress seemed to
cower in her corner. Rei could see the former arrogance that she had heard
resided within the powerful Silver Sorceress, but there was very little
but a shadow left. Whatever the Daya had done to her must have been very
convincing to turn a woman as powerful and confident as the Sorceress into
a creature that quaked whenever someone looked at her.

"He must have really done something to her. Something worse then to us..."
Rei suppressed shudder as she couldn't imagine anything worse.

"From what we're guessing, he must have taken her powers away somehow,"
Shadowgirl replied. "We think he also gagged her as a way of keeping her
from casting spells."

"And she's the only one who's powers have been taken away? Curious...." Rei
observed. "Almost like he's concerned that she could actually be a threat.
Has anyone tried to communicate with her?"

The heroines looked at each other again, then back to Rei. "We tried once,"
Leopard said finally. "He," and she didn't need to say who 'he' was, "came
in as we were talking to her. Both Shadowgirl and I had to spend a
night...there. We were told never to speak to her, ever."

Rei winced and nodded, making a mental note of that. "I would certainly say
she could be of use then. If only we could find out what she knows without
harming us.... Have to think about that one."

Shadowgirl nodded. "Right, we've thought about that too. That man has eyes

"Like in cameras or that he just seems to 'know'?"

"We don't know, Rei," Shadowgirl answered. "We don't think he'd use
cameras. We've never seen any modern equipment anywhere around here. Just
walls, bronze things, a few portraits of the Sheik, and nothing much else.
It's my guess he just..knows."

"That complicates matters a bit then," she sighed.

Just then, Rei had a nasty thought. "Is there anyone here that you don't
trust?" she asked in a near whisper. She remembered a comment about another
heroine they had made when she had first woken up.

"Other than Tania," Shadowgirl replied, "there's a brunette, very harsh
features. You'll know her when you see her. She's some heroine from Morocco
we think. We don't quite trust her."

"I told you about Tania so its not her fault. However I don't know how deep
the blackness within her extends," Rei admitted. "She'll do just
about...well...anything it seems. Even to me!" Rei blushed a bit from being
brought to orgasm in front of those cameras. "If only I could get alone
with her I could awaken her. If she could keep them thinking she was still
under their control, it would certainly be an asset."

Shadowgirl looked at the other heroines for a moment, then back to Rei. "I
don't think any of us know what you're talking about, Ultra Woman. But, if
there's a chance for us to get out of here - a good chance - we would all
be willing to try it. If Tania can get free and fool 'him', it would be
worth it. But Ultra Woman, if he found out what you were doing, it would be

Rei took Shadowgirl's hand in hers. "Please, call me Rei we need not be
formal in such circumstances. I know realize what it could mean if he found
out. You can be sure I would try it unless there was a very good chance of
it working. I would also make sure that when I try it, the only person who
would be endangered is me. I won't put any of you in danger."

Shadowgirl managed a small smile. "Don't be so dramatic Rei, we are all in
danger already. I'd rather die than spend my life here.." She looked up at
the other heroines before continuing. "And I'd rather die than go down
there again. If there's a way to escape this place, we all want to find it,
but we want to be very sure of ourselves before we try it."

"I understand all of that," Rei said looking at them all. "I know one thing
for sure, we will get out of here. I'm not sure how or when but we will.
Mostly because I made a promise to visit the person that sold me into this.
I try to keep my promises."

Suddenly the heavy bronze doors open, making most of the assembled women
jump. The Daya stood in the doorway, almost filling it. "Come, the Master
wishes to suckle on the fruits of his newest concubine!"

The Asian-Amazon looked around at the faces of fear on of the other women.
She knew who he meant by the newest and what that meant. Ever so slowly Rei
got to her feet, wobbling slightly as her legs felt like rubber. Stumbling
a bit, she made her way to the doorway. This time, she didn't look her
torturer in the eyes. Fearful of seeing the image of her broken mind
reflected back at her.

"Be careful.." Rei heard Shadowgirl say under her breath...

The Daya led Rei through the huge, wide hallways of sandstone. He said
nothing to Rei at all. His imposing presence, and the previous night, said
far more than his words could ever convey.

With each step, Rei felt stronger. Not as strong as she usually was but
less like that of a child. She didn't try even a thing however. Rei just
kept her eyes to the floor and followed.

With a wave of his hand, another pair of heavy, bronze doors opened. Rei
was taken into the bright sunlight as they walked onto a patio. It was
wide, overlooking the ocean and palm trees. Couches and cushions dotted the
patio, with a few serving tables here and there. Male servants wearing
medieval Arabian dress held dishes of food and golden decanters, but stood
far to the sides and almost out of view.

For a moment, Rei nearly brought her hand up to shield her eyes from the
sudden glare but didn't. She didn't wish to do anything to antagonize her
masters. She didn't feel as broken as she had the previous night but the
fear of going to that hell made her think before she acted.

Three women stood around the couches, surrounding the Sheik. Two Rei didn't
recognize, but the blonde waving the oversized frond to cool him was Tania.
She looked the same as she had at Gabrielle's mansion. Her blue eyes were
wide but empty, but she was now wearing a lilac harem outfit that allowed
much to be seen, just as Rei's outfit did.

"At least you're here sister," Rei thought at the sight of Tania. "I truly
doubt they sent you to For that, I'm grateful."

"Ah, Daya, how is our newest prize this morning?" the Sheik asked as the
two arrived.

Rei stood there as demur as she could: eyes focused on the ground and hands
clasped in front of her.

"O Dread Master, she has repented her actions, and comes willing to serve
and obey." The Daya didn't move, but Rei felt a pressure in the middle of
her back, impelling her forward.

She stumbled slightly from the pushing but moved forward to her 'master'.

The Sheik clapped his hands, which made his jowls shake. "Very good, very
good! Well, bring her forward, I await her delights!"

When she was a few feet from him, Rei knelt down. Keeping her eyes down on
her primly folded hands on her lap. For her sake, she hoped that she was
doing the right thing. As last night showed, defiance was insane at
this point. She had to survive as best she can so that she could help the
others to escape this place. If it meant doing some repugnant things, so be

"This slave exists only to serve you my master," Rei said in soft but clear
voice. A single tear running down her cheek.

The Sheik laughed in glee. "Very good Daya, you have served your master
well yet again! How may I reward you?" he asked, almost as if incanting a

The Daya bowed deeply. "Serving you is payment enough, O Dread Master.
Breaking this frail creature was a bounty beyond words."

Rei tried to hide a tiny shudder at his words.

Popping a pomegranate into his mouth, the Sheik then nodded. "Very good.
Thank you Daya, you are excused."

The Sheik waited until the Daya was gone, then waved Rei forward. "Get up,
girl, come here, pour me a goblet of wine. We must get to know one another

The evil scent in the air seems to fade as the Daya left the area. The
Amazon smoothly rose to her feet and walked nearer her 'master'.

As Rei approached the Sheik, she could see his flabby skin, the way the fat
hung from his bones without much muscle tissue beneath. This man was
wasting away due to his hedonist lifestyle, and she could see that the
moment he raised his pockmarked, pale face to look the standing Amazon
over, and the way the flesh hung from his arm. This sybaritic had not long
to live at this rate. Anyway, she knew, if she dared, she could have killed
this pathetic weakling before he could gasp.

She dared not even try such a thing she knew. Firstly, as an Amazon she
wasn't allowed to kill on purpose. More importantly however, Rei figured
that the Daya would take his revenge out on the other heroines. She
couldn't allow that to happen. At least she knew that the Sheik wouldn't be
around too much longer. Taking a decanter from a nearby table, Rei filled
his goblet without spilling a drop. She set it back and awaited his next

"Lay down here at my feet, I wish to touch my new concubine. How do you
wish to serve me, child?"

Even though it disgusted her, Rei did as she was told. She laid at his
feet, resting on an elbow as her legs curled back behind her slightly. "I
wish to serve you in any way that you wish me to master," Rei said quietly,
shivering as his fat finger touched her arm.

Holding the goblet in one hand, the Sheik used his other to feel first her
arm, then without a blink, palmed Rei's left breast. "Splendid!" he
exclaimed at the firm, yet soft, feel of the luscious Amazon flesh. He
twisted and played with her nipple, toying and teasing, but mostly testing.

The Amazon gasped softly as his hand fondled her plump mound through the
silk-like material, the nipple hardening quickly. She wanted to slap his
hand away but didn't. "I feel like a piece of meat," she thought sadly, as
she trembled a little.

He set his goblet down, then ran his fingers through Rei's silken hair.
"Oh, fiddle faddle. Girl, open my pants for me. I can't wait anymore, I've
been wanting to taste your pleasures since I saw you in that video. How
soon can I make you cum?" he asked, grinning as he reminded Rei of her
manacled tryst with Tania.

"Oh am I ever going to get back and Gabrielle for that...." she thought,
blushing, as she was reminded of that again. Having no real options, Rei
felt sick to her stomach as she reached over with one of her hands to
between his doughy thighs. She could see the material pulsing and she knew
exactly what was causing that. As her finger grazed him, she couldn't find
out how to open his pants. She didn't really try either. "I'm sorry master,
but how do you open these pants? I know not how."

Closer now, Rei could tell this man was no taller than her, but he must
have weighed at least three hundred pounds. Flesh lay upon flesh. "Rip
them, girl, I can get more. Show me that body of yours! Get with it!" he
demanded in his shrill, annoyingly demanding voice. Still, behind him was
the power of the Daya, and he knew it.

"Like a spoiled child..." Rei thought as reached in with her other hand to
take hold of the fabric. With a slight tearing sound, she ripped a large
hole in the crotch of the Sheik's pants. A oily, musky smell rolled out to
her nose as she did so. She could see that her 'master' while large in body
was tiny in cock. Very unimpressive compared to the ones she had seen so

As he had also ordered it, Rei reached down to take pull the translucent
vest like clothing over her head, her breasts bobbing slightly as she did
so. Dropping the silk, she next sat back slightly and search for something
at her waist. It took several seconds but eventually Rei found a tiny cord
that acted as a belt. Untying it, she was able to push the pants off her
legs so she was naked but for the veil and the sandals. "As ordered master,
my body presented for your enjoyment," she said in a soft voice.

Cupping the back of her head, the Sheik gently pulled Rei's face down to
his open pantaloons. "Girl, I want you to get me as hard as you can, but
don't you dare let me cum. I have better places for that!"

Rei looked up at him with widened eyes at what she thought he wanted her to
do. " master? This slave is inexperienced is such things. I do not
wish to be wrong and make a mistake." It was true that she didn't know how
to do such things. She hadn't been made to do such things, even in the
rapes, so everything was a 'learning experience'.

He looked at Rei incredulously. "What? You have never pleased?" His face
grew angry and his bloated skin turned red. "Open your mouth, idiot, and
play with it like a lollipop. You'll figure it out. With lips like those,
and a body like that, I will teach you to become the best of my

The heroine cringed a bit under his words. For a moment, she wondered if
the Daya would come to drag her back to his domain. She knew she couldn't
resist a second visit there. "This slave would wish to be taught by a
master such as you so that I may please you greatly."

With his pole, small and unimpressive as it was, hanging flaccid and limp
from between his bloated white legs, the Sheik pushed Rei's head down into
his crotch. "Use your hands to pick it up, girl, and put it in your mouth.
Love it, and it shall love you."

Even though it truly disgusted her, Rei gently picked the organ up with her
warm fingers. As she did so, it began to swell. "Like a lollipop..." she
thought. Reaching out with her tongue, Rei began to end of it with her
tongue. Noting it had a very salty, weird taste to it. She did most of her
licking on the smoother end near the tip as it grew and throbbed in her
hands. "Disgusting..." she thought.

"Now, girl, you suck on it, gently. Take the head in your mouth," the Sheik
instructed as his hand on the back of her head pushed her down. "Take it
all the way in, into the back of your throat."

Doing as she was told, Rei took the smoother, round end into her mouth.
Having to basis of reference on what to do, she sucked as if the cock was a
straw which caused the Sheik to whinny in delight. She gagged a bit as he
forced her head down on his cock but it passed quickly. The position he
held her in force her breasts to pillow against his fat thighs, the hard
nipples digging into the doughy flesh.

Compared to the cocks she had met thus far, the Sheik was either an
exhausted specimen of manhood, or he simply had a tiny dick. He was
pathetic compared to Captain Liberty, or Mayhem's mutated penis.

He barely filled as she sucked on him gently, not wishing to hurt and anger
him. A part of her thought that if she put Captain Liberty in place on this
troll, it might be better. Closing her eyes, she imagined that to be true.
That she and Brian were making love again.

The Sheik moaned in agreement as the heroine's cheeks sucked inwards around
the small slab of meat. "Very good, girl, you are a very quick study. Pull
it in with suction, and let your lips caress and please it. Your tongue
should roll around the end, hungrily. Surely you desire nothing but to
please your master?"

"Mmmmmmmmnnnnn," she murmured as her head pulled back a bit while still
sucking, her tongue swirling around the tip quickly. Rei braced her hands
on either side his massive thighs to help support herself over him, her
mane of hair falling to the right. "Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnbbbbbbnnnnnnn" she
moaned again, no way for the Sheik to know that she had just said "Oh

The small penis grew stiffer by the moment, but it was very slow about it.
As her lovely hair fell over his crotch, the Sheik gathered it back up
again so he could watch the beautiful oriental girl blow him. Up and down
he watched her lips tease and warm his manhood. Even as the warm dick lost
much of its softness, it still didn't get nearly as hard as the others Rei
had come in contact with, even if she'd never had one in her mouth before.

Quickly she moved her head up and down to make him over her lips. Her mouth
easily took mostly of his small cock with out difficulty. Rei probed the
slit at the tip with her tongue as was rewarded a few drops of a thin,
salty fluid as the cock throbbed a bit harder. The Sheik suddenly pushed
her head back.

"Very well done, girl. Get it nice and hard, because you will be wanting to
mount your master soon, will you not, my concubine?" he asked as he tugged
on Rei's hair so she could answer him.

Rei lifted her head from so that her mouth was free. "Yes master," she
replied, trying with some difficulty to keep the fantasy in place.

"What you do is you come up here now. Straddle your legs across my chest,
and present your chaste portal to my lips so that I might prepare the
grounds for the honor of feeling my royal cock within you, girl," he
explained and ordered, licking his fat lips. "Come now, once you are
prepared, you will be given the gift of my seed."

She did as she was told, her thighs spreading wider to get across his fat
chest. "Am I suppose to keep sucking on you master?" she asked. It would be
difficult as she would have to try to lean over his massive belly to get to
him. In the meantime, one of her hands stroked his smallish cock.

"Yes, girl, keep sucking on it, but do not let me cum, do you understand?"
he asked. "If you start to taste my seed, do not continue, only hold your
master's mighty organ in your mouth, and do not move. Understand that,

"I understand master," Rei replied, stretching her body to reach over his
stomach. She could just get his cockhead into her but don't much else.
Using her lips and tongue, she sucked and licked him carefully. Her hands
holding and stroking his cock as she used her mouth. The fat of the Sheik's
body did serve one nice purpose though, it was like she was laying on a big
soft cushion. Quite useful as the Curse was quietly taking her strength
away as she worked on him.

He leaned forward, his beard brushing against Rei's inner thighs. The next
thing she felt was the tip of his fat tongue splitting her labia and
trolling up the length of her slit until he bumped it against her clit.
"MMmmmm, you truly do taste of the nectar of the virgin, girl. Inexperience
will lead you down the path of bliss, to your goal of giving your master
his pleasure. You will learn to please me in any way I wish, yes girl?"

Rei's eyes went wide and her nostrils flared as she gasped with his cock in
her mouth as she felt his tongue touch her there. She could feel his hands
on her ass cheek as he held her steady for his probing tongue. The heroine
hadn't felt anyone but a sister put her mouth on that most private of areas
before. The Sheik's thick tongue able to touch nearly every nerve ending it
seemed. The nectar he tasted increase as Rei's passion was increased.

His tongue licked the insides of Rei's lower lips, tasting the juices that
began to be generated. He didn't delve too deeply, but was content with
toying with her labia and touching her burgeoning clitoris. Occasionally he
would dart inside her, but never too far, as he concentrated on her outer
areas. He paused to kiss the inside of her thigh, his rough beard rubbing
against her skin. Starting at her left knee, he placed gentle kisses on the
soft flesh of the heroine until he reached the point where it met her
crotch, and again slid his tongue up her cunt until bumping into her clit
again. Taking his time, he worked his way up her other leg, from knee to
pussy, pleasing her tender skin with soft kisses.

She had a hard time concentrating on sucking his cockhead as he was
stimulating her so well. The Sheik's beard and face were getting soaked by
the thick honey that oozed from her opening. Her body trembling as her
strength faded away. The feelings so good that Rei didn't try and fight
them. She knew she should but the abuse the previous night still affected
in that she knew defiance brought punishment. Rei's mouth sucked hard on
his small cock as her hands gently stroked and pumped it.

"How does that feel, girl? Surely you have never felt any such power from
anyone but your master, yes?"

Lifting her head from him, causing a small 'pop' from the suction, Rei
moaned "No gooodd...." She went back to suckling on him.

Rei could feel a shudder pass through the fat man both times, as Rei moaned
her agreement, then again locked her luscious lips around his little
meatpole. "Yessss...very good, girl. What a concubine you shall make.." the
Sheik groaned.

For some reason, she felt pleased at that remark...

He went back to work on Rei again, this time exclusively working over her
clit. With slobbers and suckling sounds, he gulped down the flood of love
juices that could only come from an aroused Amazon. His hips moved up and
down slightly, matching the head bobbing superheroine that sucked his cock.
His tongue batted around Rei's clit, bouncing the blood-engorged point back
and forth.

Rei was nearly panting with the passion that was roaring through her body
but she couldn't use her mouth to breath. Her nostrils flared as she took
noisy breaths as the Sheik's cock pushed deeper into her sucking mouth. The
fat man under her was rewarded with even more Amazon honey as his tongue
caused such wonderful feelings through his concubine. Suddenly, one of
Rei's hands slipped from his sweating thighs to accidentally talk hold of
his balls and squeeze slightly...

Rei noticed his hips had stopped moving, and even his tongue paused and it
pressed her clit down. She tasted fluids leak from the tip of his cock,

"AARGGGgghhhhhHhhHH!!" the Sheik groaned into her clit as his cock
exploded, spurting cum deep inside Rei's mouth. Each wad blew into her
throat, loaded heavily and nearly choking the surprised Amazon. His cock
may have been small, but the amount of jism that filled Rei's mouth was
unbelievable. Each spurt of his cum splashed like a cupful of his sperm
that Rei, being inexperienced, had no chance of swallowing it all.

She tried to swallow as fast as she could but because his cock still filled
her mouth, she didn't have the option of spitting any of it out. Quickly
she fell behind as her mouth was filled and filled. The amount Rei was able
to swallow felt like molten lead in her belly. Her hand on his balls felt
them jumping and contracting in her small hands.

He leaned up at his cum continued to blast away inside Rei's mouth. He
shoved her hips off his chest and grabbed the back of his head. "Swallow
it, girl!" he said in his heat, his gasps timed with the spurts of his
heavy, thick sauce. He pinned her lips deeply over his cock, forcing her to
drink from his apparently inexhaustible fountain.

Rei's tongue rubbed against him as she tried to keep up with the incredible
amounts of seed he was releasing. Small lines erupted from the corners of
her mouth as she couldn't keep up with him. The one hand still on his cock
inadvertently pumping up and down as he squirmed under her.

With a grin on his lips, he suddenly pulled Rei off his cock by her hair.
Cum splattered against her face. He moved her head around, hitting her in
the cheek, then the other. He moved her down to shoot his cum into her
hair, then finally, he placed her directly over the head of his amazing
organ. Cum filled her eyes, blinding her. "Catch it! Drink it down girl!"
he shouted as he held her loosely in place, making sure the heroine's head
and eyes caught everything he was unloading.

"OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." she moaned as she was given a cum facial by her
master. Her lips trying to catch the jets but failing for the most part as
she was blind. Her tongue licked the area around her mouth though.

The Sheik released Rei's hair, and gently pushed her beside him on the
wide, pillowed couch. "Come, girl, lay next to me," he said, holding up an
arm. "Lick that off your face, them come over here. I wish to talk with
you, then send you back to the harem. You may be frustrated now, but hold
yourself in readiness, for you shall be fulfilled like never before, when
you return this night."

For many seconds, Rei just laid where she was as she didn't have the
strength to move. The Curse and her own passions having drained her very
much. Eventually, she slowly crawled to where he wanted her. Her hand
wiping as much of his seed from her face towards her mouth as her tongue
licked it up. When she reached the spot next to the Sheik, Rei collapsed
with an exhausted sigh and her eyes closed.

"Now child, you have tasted your master, how does he taste?" he asked Rei
in a gentle, but commanding, tone. He laid his arm around her and ran his
hand across her back in a sliding caress. Playfully he toyed with her hard
nipple as her breasts pressed into his side.

Rei whimpered softly as her sensitive nipple was gently fingered by his fat
fingers. "It was....different," she said softly, her eyes still closed. "I
don't know what I expected but I wasn't repulsed by it. Hot and rich I
guess I would say." She looked up at him with a hint of fear in her eyes.
"Does that please you master? I don't wish to cause you to send me back to The final word was said with a trembling of her body.

The Sheik patted Rei's breast playfully. "Yes, my concubine, you have
pleased your master wonderfully. For your first experience, my virgin, you
did well. Your master is pleased."

She sighed a bit as his hand bounced off the firm, yet soft flesh. "Please
forgive me if this is a silly question master," Rei said with a quizzical
look on her face. "But why is that males seem to like breasts so much? I
haven't figured out the attraction.... Please forgive me master," she said
with lowering her head slightly. "People say I ask too many questions."

"The female form is unique, girl. There are two parts of your body that are
not like mine," he said with a gesture towards his bloated form. "Surely
you do not wish me to pat you on your pussy, correct, my concubine?"

Rei blushed slightly at his question. "If it be your will master, you may.
As you slave my body is yours to do with as you please."

He nodded towards a bowl of fruit. "Very good, girl. Now, feed me three
grapes, then jog back to the harem. Tell the other concubines to cleanse
you and dress you properly. Tonight you will be honored. Tonight, girl, you
will be blessed, for tonight you shall surrender your virginity to me."

For a second, Rei also said that she wasn't a virgin. That Captain Liberty
had been her first man and that there had been several others, his servant
the Daya included. She didn't as she thought that might displease him and
she didn't want to do that! "I will be honored," Rei did say bowing her

Taking the bowl of purple grapes, Rei selected the three biggest, juiciest
ones there. After feeding the grapes to her 'master', and nearly getting
her fingers bitten off in the process, Rei reached down to slip on the
silken garments that she had cast off earlier. Inadvertently spreading her
ass before the Sheik.

Unable to resist the opportunity, the Sheik leaned up to give Rei a quick,
open handed slap directly atop her puffy pussy. The sound of flesh striking
flesh echoed around the room.

"OOOHHHHH!!" Rei yipped, literally leaping into the air from the burst of
sensation he caused. She landed on the balls of her feet and whipped to
face the Sheik. Her eyes wide as she panted from the unreleased passion
within her.

He chuckled at Rei's reaction. "Now, girl, surely that felt pleasurable,
did it not?"

"Umm...well yes," she admitted, blushing slightly.

Leaning back in his pillows, the Sheik watched closely as Rei dressed in
her harem girl attire. The top now seemed tight around her aroused breasts,
with her nipples poking out into the skim material. The baggy pantaloons
stuck to the sticky insides of her legs and her moist bush.

Finally, she was dressed and standing before him again, head down and hands
clasped in deference. "May I have your permission to leave your side?" Rei
asked. She did wish to have a bath so she wash him off of her. It was more
for aesthetic reasons then anything else. She dislike the sticky feeling of
his dried cum on her.

"Bend over here, girl," the Sheik commanded. Once Rei was in place, he gave
her another playful slap, this time on her pert ass. "Now, shoo, go back to
the harem, and have my wenches do as I commanded."

Rei didn't even wince from his slap as she had been hit harder during games
of tag back home. "You will send for me?" she asked. "I don't wish to
displease you by being late."

"My servant will bring you forth for the greatest gift of your life, my
concubine. You have much to behold this night."

She shivered noticeably at the thought of seeing the Daya again. "Would it
be possible master for someone else to bring me?" Rei said with a nervous
twinge in her voice. "Your....servant frightens me so. The fear may cause
me not to be as outgoing as my master desires. This lowly slave only wishes
the best for her master." Rei did fear the Daya but she also wished to see
just how much the Sheik depended on him. Did he trust anyone else with his

The Sheik patted Rei on the cheek, like one calming a small child. "Have no
fear, girl. If you do as you must, and do what pleases your master, you
will need never fear my servant." His voice lowered, and his hand dropped
away. "Refuse me, and you shall know torment like none other."

"I know what it means to disobey you master," Rei whispered, trembling. "I
don't wish to experience that again."

Abruptly he waved Rei towards the door. "Now go, and ask no more

She backed away from him, not turning her back until she reached the large
bronze doors. There she waited with her ass pressed against them lightly
for them to open.

The door swung open with the faintest of nudges. Rei found herself again in
the hallway, alone this time. She knew the way back to the harem, but there
were many other hallways all of which led off in various other directions.

It was very dangerous but Rei went down the hallway that lay next to the
one leading to the harem. She needed to learn the layout of this place and
this was the only way it seemed. Rei already had a story made up to cover
what she was doing if she was caught: In her fear of the Daya, she had just
followed him without paying attention to where she was going. When she was
sent back, the pleasures she felt caused her to make a wrong turn. She
would return to the harem but after a slight detour....

Rei padded silently down the hallway, opposite the direction of the harem.
Soon she came to another of these heavy bronze doors. Putting an ear to the
door, she could hear two men talking in a language she wasn't entirely
familiar with, but she suspected it might have been Mongolian. Also mixed
in with the men's grunting, gasping voices Rei detected the faint sounds of
feminine squeals and moans.

After a moment, Rei heard the female voice beg, "Ja...oh ja..." It sounded
disturbingly like Frau Licht.

Her eyes widen slightly at those noises. She wondered that when the Sheik
tired of a slave if he didn't just turn her over to the other males in this
place. And by the sounds of it, she was with more then one man... "Not
good," she thought as she continued on. "Not good at all..."

The next door Rei came to was open, revealing a wide banquet hall, filled
with all manner of foods on tables, with pillows in the middle of the room.
The food appeared fresh.

"Some sort of party?" she wondered. The way the pillows and tableware
arranged, it appeared that something was to happen in the center with
everyone else as the audience. With a sinking feeling, Rei suspected that
she and the Sheik would be in that place.

The hallway turned to the right. As Rei approached it, and the door
adjacent to it, she heard footsteps approaching her. Peeking briefly around
the corner, her eyes were filled with the massive shadow of the approaching
figure that was the Daya. Behind him was Shadowgirl and another unknown
heroine, both with heads down as they meekly followed him.

"Oh gods..." she thought, scared beyond belief at the sight of him. Rei
knew that it would be almost impossible to fool him. Hoping it wasn't a
mistake, she tried the adjacent door. Intending to hide behind it.

The large bronze door opened with an easy swing, and the frightened heroine
quickly jumped inside the closed it as quietly as possible. Hugging the
backside of the door, she kept one ear on it, straining to hear if she had
been discovered.

"Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...." Rei's mouth said but without any words
coming out. Her fear of the Daya beyond all reason now.

The steady, heavy tread of the Daya, followed by the two softer steps of
the submissive heroines, came closer and closer. Rei held onto the door
latch nervously as the footsteps grew louder. They approached the corner,
turned it...and continued past the door and down the hallway.

Rei's body went almost totally limp in relief as she hadn't been found out.
She knew that she couldn't have sustained her story against the questioning
by him. Rei also knew that it might not be wise to mention any of this to
the others as well. Just in case they were to say something...

It was such a relief to the Amazon that only now did she realize that there
was a man standing in the room, naked, grinning at Rei like a child at
Christmas. He was standing at the edge of a pile of pillows, his clothes
neatly set aside in the corner. A small table held fruit and wine. He
didn't seem to know what exactly was to happen next, but his expression
showed plainly enough that he knew it would be fun...

The heroine knew she couldn't leave the room just yet as she had to give
the Daya time to leave the corridor. However she had an idea what this man
expected and it wouldn't be good for her... "Umm....excuse me," Rei
stuttered, trying not to look at his engorged cock. One much bigger then
the Sheik's she had to admit. "I seem to have taken a wrong turn back to
the harem. Please excuse me!" Rei turned quickly and reached to open the

The man, a Vietnamese from his appearance, seemed confused. "Wait..." he
said in Japanese to the oriental Amazon. Rei could still hear the Daya's
slow, steady footsteps down the hall, and she knew she would be taking a
terrifying risk if she left this room right now. "Aren't you here
to...well...accompany me?"

"No," she said in a soft voice, afraid that the Daya would hear her. "I was
one may way to the harem and I got lost. I'm new here and I got lost." Rei
just wanted to get out of here because she knew she was having trouble
holding it together. The fear of the Daya was driving her nuts.

He walked across the pillows, his organ bouncing as he hopped off the end
of the dais. He approached closer to Rei, as she finally heard the
footsteps fade away.

Just as Rei began to turn the hand on the door, the man placed his hand on
hers to stop her. His enlarged cock poking into her silk covered ass as he
did. She could feel his breath in her ear as she could also feel the
unfulfilled need within her body. "You have to let me leave..." Rei started
to say as she turned her head to face him. As she did so, he stopped her
words with a kiss.

Smothering her explanations with his passionate lips, the man dipped a
surprised Rei backwards, cupping her back as he deeply kissed the Amazon.
Using the moment of surprise, he slipped his other arm under her knees, and
scooped her up into his arms, his lips still pressed against hers.

At first Rei began to raise her arms to push his head away from hers but
just as her fingers touched his face, they dropped away. She couldn't
explain it but for some reason, she began to return the kiss. Perhaps it
was the unfulfilled desires in her body or perhaps it was something else
but she didn't fight him at all.

Finally he came up for breath. "Come, spend time with me, and we will talk
later," he said, half smiling, half leering down at the voluptuous woman in
the silken clothing. He could see her perky breasts bob in the thin, sheer
top, which only enticed him that much more. "I cannot wait to spend a night
with a beautiful woman like you...what is your name?" he said as he turned
to carry Rei back to the pillows.

Oh was she so tempted to say yes but Rei knew what would happen if she
didn't get back to the harem very soon. Let alone what would happen if she
stayed here. "Its...its Rei," she said in slight stutter. "I must get back
to the harem before they come looking! The master ordered me back there to
be prepared for his taking of my..." Rei blushed as she was embarrassed at
what was going to happen. "If I don't get back there his...servant will
punish me. So please!" As he looked down upon her, the man could see a deep
fear in her violet eyes. "Perhaps another time we can get together..." she
said as she buried her face in his shoulder.

Sympathy conflicted with lust inside the man holding the vulnerable Amazon
in his arms. The pillows invited him, tempted him to bring this beautiful,
curvaceous woman to them, and spend a wild night of passion. As he felt a
hot tear touch his shoulder, he surrendered to his sympathetic side.

She heard and felt a reluctant sigh just as they reached the pillows. Just
then, his arms shifted to she felt herself moving down.

Setting Rei down on her feet, he gave her a disappointed nod. "Get going,
but I will take you up on that promise," he said, glancing down at the
erection that pointed directly at Rei's belly button. He nodded towards the
door. "Go."

Glancing down as well, Rei saw that incredibly, his cock seemed even larger
then before. "I didn't mean it as a promise," she said looking back up at
his face. "But I do now and I keep my promises." The Asian-Amazon stepped
forward slightly and leaned up on her toes to kiss his soft lips again. As
she did so, his cock rubbed on the silk of her transparent gown.

He wrapped his arms around her lithe waist and pulled her to him,
compressing her soft glands against his slightly soft, businessman's body.
His kiss was passionate, but he forced himself keep the kiss brief. "I will
request you, but if you wish to go, go now," he said, glancing down at his
tool, aching to touch more than Rei's attire.

Rei could feel his cock throbbing against her hard as she moaned bit from
her nipples rubbing against him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and
just leaned against after their kiss ended. Rei didn't know who this man
was but she was attracted to him mostly because he was so gentle compared
to the other men in this place. Finally she stepped back to look up at him.
"I think if I could, I would stay but I can not. I would be punished for
this and I fear you as well. The master wishes to take my virginity and he
would be displeased if someone else took it." Rei placed a hand on his
curved cock and felt its heat. "I think if I had a choice, I would rather
have you take it then he..." She then looked up at him and smiled.

She walked to the door, feeling his eyes focused on her swaying ass. Just
as she was about to open the door, Rei turned and asked, "What is your
name? I would like to know the name of my first lover in this place."

"I do not wish to give out my name; this is not a place for names," he said
seriously. "You must go, shoo," he added, making a waving gesture towards
the door.

With that, Rei left the room and raced back towards the harem.

As Rei entered the harem breathlessly, she saw only three people inside;
Tania sitting on a cushion, her blue eyes staring straight ahead blankly;
the Silver Sorceress, lying on her side, cringing at the sight of the open
door; and the Japanese girl, sitting on the pillow and looking through the
small skylight at the clouds drifting by.

The doors closed behind her as Rei stood and caught her breath. She had
seen two of the heroines being led someplace and heard the German one with
a couple of men. Rei assumed that they did more then just lay around the
here all day. Exactly what they did she really didn't wish to know.

The short haired Japanese woman glances over at Rei and nodded briefly. At
the same time the Sorceress calmed down slightly, but still quivered in
repressed fear.

Knowing she couldn't talk to the Sorceress, Rei walked over to the Japanese
woman. Tania seemed all right and she didn't want to put her plan into
motion just yet. Things didn't seem 'right' for her to try and awaken her
sister. "May I sit down?" Rei ask the other woman politely.

Skygirl watched Rei approach with diffidence. "If you wish," she replied in
her native language, "we all are here, we should give respect to one
another. We will be sharing our evening together anyway, I understand. My
name is Yumiko, but my people call me Skygirl."

"Manners are always proper I think," Rei said as she sat down. "You can
call Rei. I'm afraid I doubt we will be together this evening.
Our....master ordered that I am to be bathed and prepared for his taking of
my virginity. Which isn't the truth I might add. That...._thing_ did
something to my body to give the appearance of it." Rei sighed in defeat.

Yumiko curtly shook her head. "No, the master wishes us both. I have
already bathed and am prepared for his despoiling. I too am a virgin, as
are we all after a night with our master," she said, with a hint of

She glanced at Tania, then back to Rei. "You are both Amazons, and you are
both here. So, I am here as well, and it brings me great shame. Many times
I have thought about death, but I find it is impossible here. One cannot
die, as I have tried many times, only to waken in this very room of shame."

Rei just stared at her for several seconds. "My mother told me that my
father's people have such a code of honor. Its not my way but I respect it.
It shames me as well to be here and to have done the things I have done so
far. I keep it in mind for when the right time appears. If I die, I plan to
take many of my enemies down with me." Rei took Yumiko's hand in hers.
"When we get out of her I wish you to go to my homeland where you can
rejuvenate your soul."

"Your father must come from my island I will guess, but I must presume your
mother may not, from the way you speak of her?" she asked as she looked
down at the joined hands. "You must not come from my homeland, but I do
recognize your face. I heard you speak with the others, but I do not speak
their languages, and I am very alone here."

"No, my mother came from the island of the Amazon sisters. Normally leave
it to travel in this world but once in our lives. To find a father for our
daughters." Rei smiled as she remembered the stories her mother had told
her of her father. "According to my mother, my father had all the best
qualities of your people. That he honored to have helped conceive a
daughter who would continue his bloodline. I've always been fascinated by
his people so I learned as much as I could. Including the language," she
said squeezing Yumiko's hand gently. "You are no longer alone here."

Yumiko tried to stay aloof, but she was starting to melt. "We are all alone
here, Rei, that creature will drive us apart if he can. We are only cattle
to him and our master. We are only here to satisfy his carnal needs."

Rei wrapped her free arm around Yumiko and held the woman to her. "Yumiko
he can't drive us apart if we don't let him. We can draw strength by just
being here, in the same room. He may have our bodies but our spirits he
can't have bruised as they may be."

Yumiko shivered as Rei's arm was placed around her. "That may be true, Rei,
but after so many times of being deprived of our purity only to have that
fat slug rip it from makes one yearn for the great beyond."

"Yearn not to quickly I hope. Truthfully, I've had worse done to me then
what that slug has done or will do. We have to survive, if only to get our

"You honor us by wishing to know of your father. From the way you speak of
him, I believe he is no longer with us. My regrets to you."

"You're welcome. The night my mother spent with him was the night before he
went off to a battle for which he knew he would return from. He was a
kemacazi, or however the term is pronounced. Mother always has the fondest
smile whenever she talks about him." Rei smiled as she remembered just how
her shy little mother smiled when talking about that night of passion.

Yumiko nodded understandingly. "The Divine Wind. He was a true hero, not
false creatures like myself. He was willing to die for his beliefs, while I
am unable."

"Unable or unwilling?" Rei asked. "A large difference between the two I
think. Just because you aren't allowed to do something doesn't detract from
who you are Yumiko. Have you done everything that you are capable of doing?
Resisted to the best of your abilities? I think if my father was here he
would tell you to hold your head up and not be ashamed. The monster made me
do things I'm not proud of but I'm not ashamed. I did the best that I
could. No one can ask a person to do more then that." With that, Rei hugged
her new friend to her tightly.

Yumiko attempted a weak smile, even as she pressed against Rei warmly.
"Thank you for your words, you are very kind." She put her arm around Rei's
shoulder, with her fingers playing with the Amazon's much longer dark hair.

She looked over at Tania. "What about her? From the way your face grows sad
when you look at that woman, I believe she is important to you. I have no
spoken to her but she only sits and stares. Even when the monster enters
she shows no emotion, although all of us fear him worse than death herself.
Is she a robot? May we do something to help her."

Rei looked as well. "Her name is Tania and she is a fellow Amazon. She was
'Ultra Woman' before me until a group captured and broke her. My Queen
selected me to come into this world to take up Tania's duties. Until I was
captured myself and sold here I hadn't been able to find any trace of her,"
She shook her head sadly. "Somehow her mind has been closed off from her
body. Almost as is she's sleepwalking of a sorts." Rei lowered her voice
almost to a whisper. "I did find a way to awaken her though, at least I
think I can.:

Yumiko paused for a moment, then in a voice very low, added, "I envy her,
not to know the touch of the monster, or the life we are living here..."

"Perhaps... In her state though she has no chance at freedom. I refuse to
believe that there isn't a way out of here. Maybe a tiny chance but there
is a way if we look for it and dare to chance it."

"Should we do that? I would not stand back out of fear of the monster, but
she seems tranquil, unlike us who are living a waking death. She has been
blessed with unconsciousness, or so I pray."

"If she was a person I did not know, I might allow her that hopeful peace.
I can't though. Tania is my Amazon sister and I must help her free herself
from that prison. In my heart I know that is what she would wish as that is
what I would want in her position."

Yumiko sighed gently. "If I were in that state, I would yearn for freedom,
even the freedom of this nightmare. Yes, I will help you revive your
sister, Rei."

"Thank you."

Yumiko touched her hand to Rei's thigh, and sighed. "What may I do to help
you? If she can be helped, is there some way she may assist us in escaping
this living nightmare?"

Rei smiled slightly at Yumiko's soft touch, so different from the men in
this place. "I don't think I'll need much help in actually waking her up.
It involves me...pleasuring her." Rei blushed slightly at that. "What she
might be able to do is be awake but make them think she is still asleep.
That may allow her to do things we would never been allowed to do since to
them, she's under their power." She shrugged slightly. "Its not much but we
can use every chance we can get. The others..."

A hint of red came to Yumiko's face as Rei explained. She looked away as
her fingers stopped fiddling with Rei's hair. "We...I was told that
Amazons...please...each other on your island." She peeked up at Rei
nervously. "This is true?"

Rei smiled back at her. "Of course. There are only my sisters on our island
so we have no else to share pleasures with. Although since coming to this
world I have found that that some of the people out here can be just as
good." She looked at Yumiko carefully for a second as a thought crossed her
mind. "Have you ever had pleasures with anybody before you came here?" Rei
so hoped the answer was yes as she didn't want her new friend's first time
to have been with that evil monster.

Yumiko's cheeks turned a brighter shade of pinkish red. "Yes, once, my
boyfriend and I...we..."

Rei just smiled.

She bashfully looked up at Rei, then back down at her hand on the Amazon's
thigh. "But I have always wondered..." she said, leaving the rest shyly

The Asian-Amazon laid her hand on top of the other girl's hand. "I told you
that after we escape you should visit my island to recover from all of
this. If you wish, I can show you what its like to receive pleasures from a
woman." She smiled at Yumiko again. "If you wish, that is. I would never
make someone do anything they don't feel in heart they want to do."

Reluctant to admit her strong curiosity, Yumiko shyly looked up at Rei and
nodded, then turned back to look at her hand on Rei's thigh with her cheeks

Rei decided not to press the issue as she could see how embarrassed it was
making Yumiko. She just squeezed the other girl's hand gently and said, "I
can see this is affecting you deeply so I won't press you on it anymore.
Neither the time nor place for such things I guess." Rei reached out and
gently tipped Yumiko's head up so they made eye contact. "We can talk about
this more when we reach my island."

"Mmnnnhhh!!" a sound moaned in the room. Across the harem, in her blighted
corner, the Sorceress's haunted brown eyes yearned towards the two talking
oriental girls, as if having something to say but unable to say it.

The Asian-Amazon looked up at the other woman and then at Yumiko.
"Hades..." she muttered. "The other women mentioned that if they tried to
talk to her, they're punished. Is that true? She knows something," Rei said
nodding to the Sorceress. "I believe she's a magic user of considerable
power and that's why the monster has taken precautions such as those. We
could use her..."

"I have not seen anyone punished, Rei. The monster told us we would be
taken back..down there...if we spoke to her. She is a horrible person so we
did not need to be told to let her lie in her own tortured nightmare. From
the things I have heard of her, she deserves her punishment." Yumiko looked
back at the Sorceress with a withering stare. "If she knows anything, I
would rather cut her throat than deal with such vermin."

Rei sighed a bit. "Evil wouldn't begin to describe her I think. I suspect
that she's the one that placed Tania is this state. However," she said as
she looked carefully at the Sorceress. "Sometimes an enemy who is also the
enemy of my enemy can be my ally. It seems that alone none of us is a match
for the monster, not even her. Together on the other hand...."

She had a burst of courage that seemed to be blinding after all that she
had been through lately. Rei got up and before Yumiko could say anything,
went over to the Sorceress. "Do you know how to defeat that monster and
would you help us to do it?" she quickly whispered.

The Sorceress's dark eyes flitted around the room like those of a scared
kitten. It was plain to see that the villainess was terrified of the
thought that the Daya might walk in at any time. It took her a few moments
to even breath through her nostrils enough to keep her from

To be truthful, Rei's heart was beating wildly as well from the same fear.
She was terrified but knew this had to be done.

Looking down at the pitiable woman, Rei could see the deep, dark circles
that lined the Sorceress's eyes. Finally, slowly, the shivering woman
nodded up at Rei. The closer the Amazon looked at the villainess, the more
the strange gag in the Sorceress's mouth appeared to literally be melted
into the woman's lips. The Sorceress had her lips inside the bronze
stopper, keeping her from doing anything more than a moan or mewl.

"Good gods....." Rei whispered as she realized how the stopper fitted on to
the Sorceress's mouth. To be honest, she wasn't all that surprised that the
Daya did something like that. It did gladden her heart to know that there
was still some remains of a person within that beaten woman. The nod
showing there was a way to beat their mutual enemy.

Carefully, like walking on eggshells, Yumiko came up behind Rei. Placing an
arm on the taller oriental woman's shoulder, Yumiko looked down at the
Sorceress. "Can this pathetic thing help us?"

Knowing that was the wrong thing to say, Rei quickly placed a finger on
Yumiko's lips to shush her.

The Sorceress looked up at the two with a hint of flame in her eyes as she
heard Yumiko's words. With a quick glance that spoke volumes, the Sorceress
stole a look at the comatose Tania.

Rei caught the look and its direction. "If I can wake up Tania," she
quickly asked, knowing every second they continued was dangerous. "She can
defeat him? Get something from behind a door in his lair below to use?"

The Sorceress nodded her head. She growled in frustration with a slight
glance down towards the bronze stopper that gagged her words. She looked
around the room for something...then found it. Nodding, the Sorceress
gestured towards a knife on a table of food.

Ultra Woman picked up the knife and after a moment's hesitation gave it to
the Sorceress. "Quickly, tell us if you can. If we get free I promise you
will be as well."

The Sorceress lifted a hand to accept the knife, allowing Rei to notice the
way the villainess's hand quivered. She placed the knife on the side of the
wooden base of an ottoman, and started to engrave on it. In a line of
scratches, she spelled out a single word.


With a nod towards Tania, the Sorceress next carved another word: 'bottle'.
Looking back up at the two oriental women, she peered at them for signs of

"Of course!" Rei said as the pieces clicked together at last. Now she
understood why the Daya would obey a slug such as this sheik. Whoever
controlled the genie's bottle controlled him. Now she just had to find the
thing and Rei had a fair idea as to where to start looking...

Unfamiliar with the English word carved into the wood, Yumiko looked
blankly at the two. "What is it, Rei?"

"No time to explain now," Rei said as she stared at the words, hints of
plans forming in her mind. "I'll tell you later."

"Thank you my friend," the Asian-Amazon told the Sorceress as the took the
knife and placed it back on the tray. She then quickly rubbed the scratches
so the finish melted in and hide them. "I understand and it explains a lot.
No matter what you did in the past, you'll be given you're freedom like the
rest of us."

The Sorceress looked up at Rei, still fearing the door opening, but with a
mix of renewed hope and repugnance at the thought of requiring assistance
from an Amazon. Finally, she nodded, understanding the need to work

With a quick squeeze of the Sorceress's hands, Rei led Yumiko back to their
original spot. "Tell no one of this," she told the other girl excitedly.
"She's just given us a good chance of getting out of here!"

Yumiko looked over at Tania, then back to Rei. "How? Your sister is a
z...wait, you said you can bring her around? If the monster thinks she is
still mindless he will not think of her, is that right?"

"Exactly," Rei said with a smile. "They would think nothing of her since
they would think she's still under their control. Tania could get into
places we can not without extreme risk. The monster is a being of magic and
whoever controls a certain item of his, controls him," she explained. "The
slug must have found the item, a bottle I guess, and so has the monster at
his command. If we can get a hold of it...." Rei trailed off with a look of
joy on her face.

Yumiko didn't quite understand what all Rei was talking about. "Bottle?"
she wondered to herself. However, the look of hope on Rei's face was enough
for her to get the idea.

Rei suddenly realized the amount of time that had passed since she had left
the Sheik's side. "Hades...They'll be coming for me soon and will wonder
why I haven't been bathed or dressed. Where do we do that?"

The look of anguish that had faded from Yumiko's face returned. "That
monster will soon be back for us, we must hurry. The bathing area is," she
said, gesturing at a row of opaque curtains in one corner of the room,
"behind those. Everything we will need is there."

The other woman nodded. "Where are the others? I noticed they were gone but
I hadn't gotten around to asking." Rei had a good idea where the other were
but wanted to hear what Yumiko knew.

Yumiko's face twisted up in distaste. "His Fatness gives us to his visitors
for their pleasures. Our other harem mates are right now with his guests,
forced to do whatever they wish. We were kept for the master tonight, but
tomorrow we will probably be assigned to one or his guests, or more."

Rei winced a bit even though she knew that's what was probably the case.
Especially after her run in with that gentleman when she hide from the
Daya. Still, it wasn't the greatest thing to have your fears confirmed.
"Who would want to visit him?" she wondered.

Yumiko could only shrug. "From what I have overheard it consists of
pathetic creatures here to get a piece of His Fatness, mostly his money. He
is incredibly rich and many come here to grovel for his money while
enjoying the toad's captives."

With a sidelong glance at the blonde numbly sitting on an ottoman, Yumiko
added, "Um, should we take her with us?"

"I guess we should," Rei said as she went over and took Tania by the arm.
"We don't have the time to attempt to wake her I think. I don't want the
monster to come in and find out what we're doing." She looked sadly over at
her friend. "I'm sorry but we'll have to go through with what is to come.

Yumiko bit her lip. "Can we not free her now, and have her look for this
bottle you speak of? Maybe she can trap the monster before that fat thing
takes you as well....?"

With her other hand, Rei cupped Yumiko's cheek. "I'm sorry but I fear it
would take more time then I fear we have. Tania is our only hope Yumiko. We
can't risk the monster finding out about this." Suddenly the door banged
open, causing the Asian heroines and the Sorceress to jump in fright. They
calmed down when they saw it was only another woman. The one from Morocco
that the other's said that they didn't trust. Rei could see the sadness in
her friend's eyes when she understood that they certainly couldn't attempt
to waken Tania now.

Yumiko curled her mouth distastefully. "The monster will be for us, this is
true. Very well, we get bathed and dressed, then we will start our escape
to freedom."

Rei cast a glance towards the newly arrived woman and saw that she hadn't
caught a word they were saying. "Yumiko," Rei said in a normal tone of
voice. "Don't even hint at such things when others are around. In a place
like this, its okay to be paranoid and I'm very paranoid."

Yumiko looked over her shoulder at the door. "I am getting too hopeful too
soon I suppose..." she sighed.

"Its okay to be hopeful but better to remain cautious. Least that's what I
was taught."

Gently tugging on Tania's arm Rei said, "Come with us Tania."

Meekly Tania stood up, mindlessly following Rei's orders and the three
walked behind the curtains.

The doors to the harem swung open wide and the Daya walked in, leading
three of the other heroines by a leash around their necks. Each of the
three looked worn and haggard. Frau Licht was visibly exhausted, her thighs
and face dotted with male sperm, her hair matted to her neck.

Rei, Yumiko, and Tania stood next to the curtains in the clothing that had
been laid out for them. Their bath finished only minutes before the others
had arrived. The Asian-Amazon saw her friend's lip tremble a bit at the
sight of the Daya. Rei's was nearly trembling in fear too but she tried not
to show it. She caught her friend's eyes to show her that she wasn't alone
this time. Whatever happened, they would go through it together.

Yumiko's head went down to her chest meekly, her fingers quivering with
fear. The lively sparkle that had been in her eyes was gone, replaced with
a quiet type of dread. Her peach outfit clung to her body with great
allure, but the expression on her face belied any other emotions but abject
fear and hopelessness.

Rei knew that the look upon Yumiko's face was mirrored on her own. All she
could do was cling to the hope of freedom that the Sorceress had created
not too long ago.

"Come, the master calls you," the Daya said to the two oriental girls.

The Asian-Amazon moved towards the door, stopping at the door so she could
be lead by the Daya.

Her head still down, Yumiko meekly followed behind the huge, hairless man
as he led the two lovely heroines out the door.

Yumiko shuddered as she and Rei circled the table. More than a dozen eyes
followed the two oriental women as they walked in their harem attire.

The nearly transparent fabric revealed all of there lovely bodies to the
men. If it hadn't been for the Daya standing next to the door, it was
likely that they would have had their way with the heroines. Regardless of
their host's wishes. They could only hope to be able to have a few hours
with them later on. One of their number already knew of the "in" he had in
getting the Asian-Amazon.

The Sheik sat back in his throne-like chair at the end of the table. "You,"
he said to Yumiko, "may feed me. Start with the fruit slices."

He reached up to cup Rei's breast in his stubby fingers. "You may kneel
down before your master and bring me pleasure," he said to her. "Put your
head between my legs, and we will prepare for dessert later."

Rei shuddered inwardly as he massaged the firm flesh. She remembered what
happened earlier in the day when she was 'taught' how to please him. She
wished that she didn't have to do what he commanded, especially in front of
all these men, but Rei knew how foolish that would be. With the tiniest
sigh of defeat, she knelt and carefully opened his silk pants to expose his
small but hard cock.

Yumiko shot a quick glance at Rei as she picked up a handful of papaya
slices. Carefully she placed one to his lips as he bit off a large chunk
and chewed away. The men around the table watched expectantly...

As her fingers held him, she bent her head down to lick the tip of him. At
first gently but then more firmly while her fingers tugged up and down the
small length of him. Eventually her mouth fastened upon him and she began
to suckle....

The small, flaccid cock of the Sheik began to harden under Rei's
ministrations, even if it didn't grow all that much. The chubby little man
placed a hand at the back of Rei's head, gathering up some of her silken
dark tresses in his hand. "Is she not a delight?" he asked the collected
men that peered to watch the heroine suck off the man at the end of the

While he played with her hair that spilled over his fat thighs, Rei lowered
her head to take more of his cock in her mouth. As before, it easily fit in
there due to its small size. All the time her tongue licking it and her
mouth sucking on it. In response to small tugs by his hand, she began to
raise and lower her head, sliding her full lips on him.

Yumiko shuddered but gently gave the Sheik another slice of papaya. She
could feel the eight men eyeing both her and Rei, waiting for what might
come next.

The Sheik quickly confirmed her fears. "Mrmphh...on the table..." he said
between chews, "...on hands...yummrhh..and knees, you're the next course,
girl." He gestured Yumiko to crawl up on the table. He took the papaya from
her and stuffed more in his mouth, despite the other woman bobbing up and
down the length of his little pole between his cellulited thighs.

Rei heard his command to her friend and knew there wasn't anything she
could do to help. All she could do was pray to the gods to make this quick
and give them the strength to go on. She quicken her pace to try and bring
him off quicker as that might help Yumiko somehow.

Seeing this new dessert on the table of food, the men nearest Yumiko rose
like a howling mob. One to her side pulled her top over her dangling
breasts and climbed under her to suckle at the teat. Another climbed on the
table and quickly unzipped his trousers. In moments the oriental heroine's
face was buried in his crotch. Others climbed onto the table, sending food
clattering away, as they fought to get behind the attractive heroine.

She was horrified to hear the near riot behind her as the men went after
Yumiko. Rei had expected that the Sheik would be the one to do things to
her, not this mob! What made it worse was that she could do nothing to help
her friend in this.

The Sheik's pudgy little cock grew harder in Rei's mouth as the fat man
became aroused. His fingers tugged and pulled on Rei's hair, prompting her
to speed her bobbing and sucking over it.

One of her smooth hands reached in to find his walnut sized balls. She just
cradled them in her hand, not wanting to squeeze them or do anything that
might cause him the pain she knew these things could cause. Her palm gentle
stroked them as he moved her back and forth with his tuggings.

Feeling himself nearing release, he abruptly jerked her head back. "Not
yet, girl, you will learn about timing eventually," he told her, not
realizing she was trying to get him to cum to get this over. "It's time for
you to surrender your greatest treasure to me. This will be the moment that
your entire life has been building towards!" he announced with both
solemnity and pride.

Rei just about laughed in his face at his words as she kneeled between his
fat thighs. She thought that he truly believed them.

He looked down at the little cock rigidly pointing up at her under his
flabby belly. "Mount this, and surrender your virginity, girl."

As she stood up with a sigh, she glanced over her shoulder and saw the orgy
that was taking place behind her. The only man not involved it seemed was
the one she met earlier. He just sat at his place and watched her as she
slowly climbed up on to the Sheik's soft thighs. The silk of her outfit
moving smoothly on his moist skin.

The men climbing around Yumiko started to work together after her harem
attire was nearly torn from her. One of the men climbed under her, his
erection pointing up between her legs. Another was already thrusting into
her face lustfully, as another was spreading coconut oil on her pert anus.
He lined her arched ass up, and porked his cock inside her backside.

The other heroine couldn't tear her eyes away from sight going on behind
her. In all of the times she had thought about sex with men, she had never
even considered the idea of more then one man at a time. Even after all the
things that happened to her, Rei was still a bit naive when it came to that
intimate subject. As she watched her friend her violated in all of her
orifices, she didn't notice the Sheik tearing open the silk covering her
dark mound of hair between her legs.

The Asian heroine arched her body as the invasion as the man under her
pulled her hips back down to receive his own lovepole. In a moment, he
nudged it inside her, forcing Skygirl to accept the three way, even as
other men bent down to suckle on her bare breasts. In moments the man in
her mouth exploded, spilling his seed inside her. Before he could even
finish his release, he was pulled aside and another lust-maddened man took
his place.

For a moment, Rei and Yumiko's eyes locked. She could see the fear that lay
behind the glazed look on her friend's eyes. Rei could now understand why
the other woman so wanted to kill herself. To go through this would be
simply unbearable!

"See that, concubine?" the Sheik said to Rei with a nod at the scene on the
table. "She did not please me suitably the last time, and therefore she is
given to the visitors. Please me properly, and you shall be treated well."

"I...I understand master," Rei whispered as she turned her head away from
the scene behind her. "I will please you. Just tell me how."

"Sit in my lap, girl, and nature will takes its course. You will learn, and
learn well, from a master. You will live until your dying day remembering
of this moment that I, your master, took your cherished virginity. It will
be a day you always look back to."

As Rei moved closer to his fat belly, she could only be grateful that he
wasn't really taking her virginity. Only a ersatz version of it. The Queen
had helped to take it physically in the test that had made her the Amazon
champion while Captain Liberty had been her first man. The slug could never
take those away from her.

He placed his chubby hands on either side of Rei's hips, and slowly guided
her down.

Rei gasped as his cockhead touched her lower lips. Instantly they became
moist as she felt the Curse begin to weaken her. Her arms gripped his fat
shoulders in order to steady herself more as his little cock began to
slowly slide in. Rei couldn't help but grasp his cock with her muscles when
he bounced off her restored hymen. "Ohhhhhh....." she gasped from the
feeling that shot up her back.

The Sheik kept his fat fingers on Rei's hips as she descended. His small,
chubby cock poked inside her velvet sheath easily as her natural Amazon
physiology became wet instantly at the contact with the organ. He let her
descend along the short length of his pole, enjoying the way her wetness
hugged him. Her thighs widened across his fat lap, spreading them farther
with every centimeter she went down.

Her eyes bulged out as her hymen ruptured under the pressure from his cock.
"Awwww....." Rei whimpered as a brief burst of blood joined the growing
flow of juices coming out of her slit. She could see a look of pleasure on
the Sheik's face as he knew what had happened.

Finally Rei's pussy touched the base of his short little cock. With his
meat fully inserted, the Sheik released her hips and got two handfuls of
her fulsome breasts floating in front of his face. "Now, girl, move up and
down, I want to thoroughly ruin your virginity tonight, so you will be my
concubine until the day you die."

The heroine panted slightly as she tried to deal with all the things she
was feeling. The Sheik's cock was tiny compared to the few others she had
felt in her but it did touch the right things in the right way. His fat
hands unable to capture all of her breasts settled on playing with her
nipples and the smooth area around them. Slowly Rei began to move up and
down as he commanded. Not going to far up so that his cock would pop out of
her though. As she did so, her body got weaker and weaker from the curse.

The Sheik guided Rei up and down using her breasts for handgrips. His
chubby fingers couldn't hope to restrain the luscious manmeat bouncing up
and down on Rei's chest as the helpless heroine rode his little cock like a
horse. "Faster, girl! Or you shall be handed to the mob like that other
useless whore!" the Sheik demanded as his passion rose within him. His
hands pulled and tugged at Rei's breasts in a frenzy as his balls boiled.

As she moved, Rei could hear Yumiko's whines and cries of both passion and
pain as her savage gangbang continued. Another man came in her mouth,
coating her chin with more seed. Two others, tired of waiting, jerked her
off the table by her hair and the tatters of her harem girl outfit and let
her fall to the floor. Too weak and submissive to resist, Yumiko lay on her
back as the two men mounted her. One viciously raped her mouth as the other
raised up her knees until the right height, when he slammed his cock deeply
inside her abused slit. The two man went at her, using her like a limp rag

Not wanting to have happen to her what was happening to her friend, Rei did
as her master commanded. "Y...yes master," she gasped as she moved faster
up and down on his cock. The small thing doing a good job at rubbing her
sensitive regions and making her hotter. Her pussy leaked more and more of
the heady juice that Amazons make when they are aroused.

Rei took hold of her fatty shoulders with her hands in an attempt to brace
herself better as she rode him faster. Her breasts bounced up and down in
his hands as his fingers tugged at the hard nipples. "Oh yessss..." the
Amazon moaned. She had been brought to passion many times today and not
allowed release. She couldn't have controlled herself this time if she had

As Rei's pussy clamped onto his chubby little cock, the Sheik squeezed her
breasts and tried to hold down the spasming Amazon.

"Grrhh," he grunted as his cum started to fire into Rei's freshly
deflowered body. He leaned forward to bite on her pointed nipples, each one
hard and swollen. As his cock continued to somehow fill her slit with his
seed, the Sheik took one of her heavy breasts in both hands and held it up.
He bit and nibbled on the nub while his meatpole just kept splashing more
and more of his cum inside the taken, enslaved heroine's body.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" Rei moaned/screamed as she orgasmed with him. Her
pussy clasping and squeezing his small cock as it filled her deeply with
its hot seed. The Sheik's sharp teeth brought Rei over the edge into
ecstasy. Her hands reaching up to pull his face into her breasts as she
continued moving up on down on his cock. Trying to draw all the pleasure
she could from it to satisfy the craving she had.

"Very good girl," he said, sounding almost blasé` despite the fact his cock
was still jerking and cumming inside her. His massive amounts of cum and
Rei's own, naturally overactive Amazon cunt juices both splashed between
his legs and ran down Rei's longer legs. It rolled down her taut thighs,
past the insides of her knees, and down over her well-formed calved, until
it splashed off the bottom of her feet and her toes.

All Rei could do was pant in almost a whimper as she leaned against his
flabby body. Her head resting against his shoulder as she tried to catch
her breath. Just as his cock moved within her, her pussy continued to throb
and grab at it in milking like actions.

"You are doing very well, you will be an excellent servant, girl," the
Sheik told her, as if bored by yet another orgasm, and another harem slave
freshly fucked.

"Th...thank you...." she moaned tiredly, her eyes closed. Rei felt another
person standing behind her but she didn't have the strength to open her
eyes and see who it was. Strong hands lifted Rei off of the Sheik and
cradled her. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a slumber.


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman: Harem - Part 5

Her knees shaking, Rei padded barefoot back down the cold, empty halls. She
was wearing only the torn remnants of her harem girl attire, but it did at
least cover her sensitive breasts, even if it were ripped to shreds around
her waist.

It had been a long, long night for the Asian-Amazon heroine. First the
Sheik had taken the virginity that the Daya had restored to her and caused
her to orgasm mightily. All the while her new found friend Yumiko was being
gang raped behind her. After he had cast her aside, the man Rei had run
into earlier in the day carried her from the banquet hall to the room they
had met in. There the two had made passionate love with Rei giving herself
freely to him. The man, she still didn't know his name, had shown her many
ways to pleasure a man in the hours they had spent together. As if in
reward, he had brought her to ecstasy time after time. Finally they had
fallen asleep in each other's arms, exhausted by their passions. When Rei
awoke, he was gone except for a rose in the spot next to her and the
feeling of a kiss on her cheek.

She entered the harem quietly, seeing the many heroines sleeping on various
pillows strewn about the room. It was still dark, with only a hint of
morning sunlight glinting on the horizon past the open air windows. All the
heroine-slaves were exhausted from another night of being forced to
pleasure the Sheik's guests, and they were scattered around the room.

Looking around, she found a single person awake. The Silver Sorceress sat
in the corner, alone, still mystically gagged and chained to the floor. Not
far from her, the only heroines nearby, were Yumiko and Tania. Tania sat on
a pillow, her open eyes staring blindly ahead, her voluptuous body moving
slightly with every breath, making her pink harem girl attire move each
time. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a silver clasp, showing her lovely
face to its best advantage.

Rei was a bit surprised that Tania hadn't been brought with them like she
though would happen. The only thing she could figure was the Sheik was
saving the blond Amazon for some other time. Also perhaps that in her
zombie like state, she wouldn't react like he like.

Lying on the large pillow was Yumiko, her head in Tania's lap. Thin lines
of tears still stained her cheeks. What was most odd was that, although
Tania was impassive, looking so much like a beautiful zombie, her hand
rested gently on Yumiko's head, as if Tania might have been caressing the
oriental heroine.

The Amazon sighed softly at seeing her friend's pained faced. She knew from
their talk earlier that Yumiko must have taken what happened badly. Rei
resolved to get them out of them place and take the two as fast as possible
back to her island home. She knew some time amongst the love of her sisters
would help Yumiko a lot.

Tania stared straight ahead, her blue eyes blank and unblinking as Rei

Kneeling beside the two, Rei gently pressed a hand against Yumiko's mouth
as she whispered "Yumiko? Its me." into her ear.

Yumiko blinked a few times then looked up at Rei through sleep-hazed eyes.
"Rei...?" she said, still half-asleep. She sat up, rubbing at her eyes with
her fists. She was back in her peach colored harem girl attire, the entire
outfit complete and untorn. No longer did Yumiko smell of the men and their
scents of the night before.

Rei assumed that she had bathed and changed after what had happened. "I
know I would have," she thought.

"Where have you been, I was worried that the monster had taken you
somewhere," Yumiko whispered urgently. The heroine had a odd, almost wild
expression on her face as she grabbed Rei's hands. "This is evil, I cannot
take this any more! We must go now, before our minds fail and we become
numb to what has happened to us. Look over at them," she said, gesturing
towards a group of three heroines. All three lay on large pillows, benign
smiles on their sleeping faces. "They have been here so long, they don't
understand what they are doing any more. They have been completely
defeated, and they only could live here."

She was unsure on how to exactly describe what had happened. Rei wasn't
sure Yumiko would understand. "I was...taken by one of the other men and
spent the night with him." The look in Yumiko's eyes told her that her
friend was losing control of herself.

Yumiko glanced at the oblivious blonde Amazon next to her. "I cannot stand
this any more, Rei! We must make our escape tonight! It will not be dawn
for another two hours. The pig sleeps, and the monster is playing in his
dungeon. We free the evil one in the corner, release the mind of your
sister, and find the vault and do whatever we must to free ourselves! If I
endure many more evening like this last one, I will become one of them,"
she said urgently, again glancing over at the three defeated, satiated

Rei's mind spun as she listened to her friend's wild words. Everything was
moving faster then she had planned for it to. What Yumiko had in mind was
so dangerous but.... Rei thought back to the previous night and an
invisible shudder past through her body. A knowledge that she herself was
proceeding down that same road.

The oriental heroine had a hint of wildness to her expression. It was the
look of desperation, like a trapped animal knowing it is about to be

"Yumiko," Rei said taking the other girl's hands in hers. "We'll do it now
but you have to control yourself. I know your fear because I feel it too
but you can't let it control you. Your thoughts need to be focused because
we can't make any mistakes." Rei hugged the other girl closely.

Wild eyes met the calm, cool eyes of the Amazon. It took willpower from Rei
to give Yumiko the strength to calm her. Rei's calm expression, the firm
grip on Yumiko's hand, started to calm her down. She took a few deep
breaths then nodded to Rei. "Yes, you are right. We have to do this
perfectly or that monster will take us all into his dungeon."

Rei rose to her feet, her hands pulling Yumiko and Tania to theirs as well.
"We need someplace private to wake Tania and I know just the place." As she
led them to the door, Rei remembered somebody else. Quickly she went to the
Sorceress and held her hand out to her. "If you still want to help us and
yourself to get out of her," she whispered. "Come with me!"

The Sorceress, her eyes still haunted by her nights down in the Daya's
dungeon, beseeched the two Asian heroines as she held up the chains that
bolted her to the floor. She rattled them for a moment.

"Oops..." Rei thought to herself. "Forgot about those..."

Yumiko knelt down and tugged on the chain that went from the Sorceress's
collar to the ring in the stone floor. She gave it a testing tug. "Rei, how
do we get her free?"

Kneeling down next to her Rei studied the chains for a moment. "I'm too
weak right now to break them and I suppose you are as well?" She didn't
know exactly what kinds of powers Yumiko had.

Yumiko shook her head. "I am stronger than a normal woman but I could never
break these chains."

Suddenly a thought occurred to her. "Tania," she said pulling her sister
next to them. "Please pull this chain apart for us. Quietly if you can
please." Rei placed a length of the chain in Tania's slack hands. "She's
still got her strength," Rei explained to Yumiko. "Hopefully I can make her
do it otherwise we'll have to come back for her." Nodding to the Sorceress.

Tania took the chains in her hands. Her powerful arms flexed and the chains
began to screech. With a sudden jerk, Tania pulled them apart, shattering
two links of the steel chains in her bare hands. She never looked down at
the chains, and when she finished, she stood there, mute and unseeing,
holding the two ends.

"Thank you sister," Rei said as she took the ends of the chain from Tania's
hands. She smiled as she saw how wide Yumiko's eyes had gotten as the
display of Amazon power. Rei's own eyes widened as the gag that was
actually part of the Sorceress's mouth seemed to melt and fade away. She
never really did understand magic but figured that being chained must have
had something to do with the gaga.

The Sorceress, with collar and the end of the chain in Rei's hand, felt
both a flicker of hope for freedom, and the indignation of tables turned.
Once she owned an Amazon, now an Amazon had the end of her chains in one of
those immortal, bitch hands. She looked up at Rei, a hint of fire in her
haunted brown eyes. She shook off the amazed, hopeless expression and some
of her old icy, haughty resolve returned. However, it still wasn't enough
to show that this supervillainess, no matter how powerful elsewhere, was
just as fearful of a return to the dungeon.

Rei's eyes narrowed a bit as she saw the slight glint of malice return to
those eyes. She knew that the Sorceress was an evil and dangerous woman who
had no love for Amazons. She also knew that this was the person who had put
Tania in this state. Rei was very tempted to leave her here to face
whatever the Daya had in mind for her. However, the Sorceress knew magic
and they needed a magic user right now.

She stood up, her silvery harem outfit fitting her tightly as it did all
the heroines trapped with her. "I can free Tania, but you have to give me
your word that i..." She paused, almost saying 'if', but stopped herself.
"...When we get free, you will go your way, and I mine. I will want your
word as an Amazon warrior."

"I know how to free Tania too," Rei said quietly. "I also know I shouldn't
trust you at all but I fear neither of us has a choice in the matter. For
better or worse, we need each other to get out of here." She gave a small
sigh and let the chain go. "Free Tania and help us get out of here and you
have my word. Double cross us and I will kill you. I've been through too
much of late to let that commandment stop me." Rei's voice was so cold it
could freeze an ocean and told the Sorceress that she meant it.

The Sorceress met that gaze, challenging Rei, will for will. Yumiko watched
the two uncomfortably, shifting from foot to foot with many a sidelong
glance at the door. Although she couldn't understand the form of Greek the
two were speaking, she could recognize that they disliked each other

"You two must solve your differences later, this is not the time. The
monster may find us at any moment," Yumiko said to Rei, her words urgent.

Rei sighed as her took in Yumiko's words. "You're right," she replied in
Japanese knowing the Sorceress would most likely understand. "Its neither
the time nor the place for this. You will be allowed to go your own way
once we get out of here," Rei said to the Sorceress. "I swear."The
Sorceress nodded. "Agreed."

The Sorceress turned to Tania. "You realize, Amazon, that we will have to
work together to free her. I did not do this to her alone, I had weakened
her with orgasms and used her lasso in addition to my magic. At best, she
will require to be in the throes of an orgasm, and we may hope for the

"I found out that she can be awakened if an Amazon pleasures her," Rei said
as she took Tania's and Yumiko's hands and led them towards the door. "I
know of place we may try it that doesn't have a lot of people in it like
here. Afterwards we can find that lamp and escape."

The Asian-Amazon quietly opened the door a crack and found that the hallway
was deserted. Slipping through, she led the three others to the room she
spent the night in.

The Sorceress followed the three heroines, speaking in soft undertones as
she fearfully looked around every corner. When she looked at Rei or Yumiko,
her naturally arrogance could be seen, but it was obvious that the thought
of being caught by the Daya frightened this powerful villainess like
nothing else.

"Least she has some fear," Rei thought to herself. She knew the Sorceress
would sell them out if she could but the Daya would punish her equally so
it wasn't an option.

"She may be awakened but it will be temporary, I can assure you, Amazon. It
will open a window to her mind, but that window will close when she comes
down from the sexual high. I know, I tested it on others," she said with a
malicious smirk. "I can keep the window open permanently."

Rei wanted to strangle the evil woman but restrained herself because she
was needed. She did promise herself that one day, the Sorceress would pay
for her crimes. "I promise you that Tania," she thought as she glanced at
her sister.

The Sorceress smiled inwardly, knowing there would be aftereffects from the
experience. Still, knowing a weakness of this blonde Amazon would be well
worth her silence.

"And just how did you get yourself captured?" Rei asked, wanting to take
the Sorceress down a peg or two.

The villainess frowned at Rei then turned away ostentatiously. "Mind your
own business, Amazon."

"I would have thought somebody such as you wouldn't have gotten caught. You
must have really pissed him off somehow." Rei had real trouble hiding the
mirth in her voice. While she would have said that nobody deserved to be
tortured by the Daya, she might make an exception in the Sorceress's case.

The Sorceress turned back to Rei and pointed a finger threateningly. "If
you are wishing to anger me, you are succeeding, Amazon. Tania is hardly
the first Amazon I've turned into a servant, so mind your tongue."

"And just how many times have you been turned into a 'servant'?" Rei fired
back. "From what I saw probably a lot of times. Some magic user you

Yumiko stepped between the two women. "This is not the place!" she said,
her voice low and fearful. "Please, you two may battle after we have gotten
our freedom!"

Rei said nothing but gritted her teeth and led Tania further down the
hallway. Yumiko was right of course but just the fact that they needed the
Sorceress rubbed her wrong.

The Sorceress gave Rei a last sneer before making a show of turning away
from the plucky Amazon.

The hallways were cold but quiet as the four women padded up to the door.
Rei knew it would be empty now, it's occupant already left, having finished
his business with the Sheik. The room has a set of wide pillows off to the
left, and a half-eaten supply of food to the right.

The moment they were all inside, Rei silently closed the door to seal them
in the room. A erotic like perfume filled all their nostrils. The scent was
the lingering traces of the honey Rei had produced during the long night of
passion she had spent in here. For a moment, Rei's thoughts drifted back to
that wild tangle of limbs and cries of ecstasy that had occurred not too
long ago. "Not the time or place for that," she thought as she shook her
head. Rei did smile a bit at the thought of how a man and a woman could
make love as she led Tania to one of the pillows.

Both Yumiko and the Sorceress looked at the rather large stain in the
middle of the pillow bed. Yumiko turned a subtle red and looked away, but
the Sorceress gave Rei a smirking, evil grin. "Indeed, you are so much
better than I."

"Heh," Rei replied. "Remember one thing: I freed you. I may have had some
fun before it happened but that's beside the point."

As she guided Tania to a laying position, Rei knelt between her legs. "You
don't know another way to waken her, do you?" she asked the Sorceress. She
expected that if the other woman did know, she wouldn't tell as she would
like to see the Amazon's have to do this.

The Sorceress scoffed. "This stupid blonde slut is our only way out of
here, if I knew another way I'd tell you. If I wanted to get off, I'd rip
your minds to shreds and force you three to fuck until I got tired." The
Sorceress shook her head and circled around the three heroines. "Hurry up
and get her off, that beast may find us missing at any minute. No time for
your soft love, get her hot in a hurry," the Sorceress demanded

"You keep this up bitch and I'll send you right back to him. If you're so
powerful, why didn't you free yourself or did you enjoy being his toy?"

A sneer met Rei's comments. "Do what you're here for. It's the only thing
you Amazons are any good at anyway. Get busy, so we can get the hell out of

With gentle hands, Rei pulled Tania's silk pants down far enough so that
her blond mound was exposed. Rei's sensitive nose caught the scent of her
sister's womanhood and she couldn't help herself but nose her way through
the curls. With eager fingers, Rei spread Tania's lips and began to lick
quickly up and down the gash. "Mmmmmmmm...Tania...." she murmured as she

Yumiko's eyes widened at the sight of Rei kneeling down between Tania's
legs. She felt a tingle in her own loins at the sight of her oriental
friend buried in the blonde bush of the taller Amazon. She sat down on a
pillow, unable to look away from something that she had been told was taboo
all her life.

Tania let out a soft moan, the first sounds she had uttered since arriving
in this place. Her knees shook as Rei's tongue moved up the length of her
slit. Her hands were still at her sides, but the drops of moisture forming
on her pussy told Rei everything she really needed to know.

Rei quickly found the hard little point at the top of Tania's slit. As she
licked, she twirled her tongue of that spot before lapping up the fresh
juices Tania was making. One of her hands made sure her sister's lips were
spread while the other cupped her large breast. Rei kneaded it with her
thumb rubbing her sister's hard nipple as she suckled harder.

Tania moved her hands from the limp position on her sides to cup the back
of Rei's head and hold it in place against her burgeoning clit. Her moans
grew louder with every passing second as Rei worked the blonde Amazon over.
The blonde's pussy blossomed like a ripening rose, her lips opening up like
the pedals of a flower.

"Mmmmmmmnnnn Tania....." Rei sighed as she licked at the pink flesh. The
tip of her nose rubbing Tania's clit as her sister held her head in place.
That allowed Rei to concentrate on the tight opening of Tania's channel.
When she spread it open, Rei was rewarded with more Amazon honey that she
quickly lapped up. Her tongue moved in to explore the hot depths as her own
pussy heated up in time with Tania's.

Hesitantly Yumiko walked up behind Tania. She wasn't sure if she should get
involved, but she presumed that the faster this blonde woman orgasmed the
faster they might get free. Besides, after all the sex she'd been forced to
have, touching and loving a woman was something she was interested in now.
Yumiko pushed Tania's hair to the side and kissed her on the neck as the
Asian girl's hands reached around to fondle Tania's full breasts. Her
squeezing hands pushed Tania's breasts outwards, making the nipples stick
out as her hand held Rei's in place on the heavy mammary.

Rei grinned as she felt Yumiko's hand against hers. She adjusted her
fingers a bit so that Yumiko's were intertwined with hers. As her tongue
plunged into Tania, Rei's free hand slide around and cupped Yumiko's
lightly furred mound. The Asian-Amazon wanted to show the other girl what
real pleasures were instead of the rapes she had faced here.

Yumiko let out a soft gasp of surprise as Rei's hand surrounded her fluffy
sex. She wasn't sure what to do, but she did know that she wanted Rei's
hand on her like this.

Ever so carefully, Rei's fingers searched out Yumiko's lower lips. She
didn't try to part them yet, only trace them as her thumb rubbed the spot
where's the other girl's clit was located.

The Sorceress crossed her arms, ignoring the heat forming in her crotch.
She knew that this oriental Ultra Woman would be very vulnerable right now,
and that she could use this to steal her mind as well. However, the
villainess needed these three, needed them to help her escape. When they
were all back safely in Megapolis, this little Japanese Amazon bitch would
get hers.

Just as Tania was heating up, Rei's own body was becoming aroused with
passion. As she laid on the soft pillows, her hard nipples rubbed on the
fabric causing soft moans to fill Tania's pussy. Rei couldn't wait until
they were all back home on the island and could spend hours together like

Trapped in the darkness Tania saw a little strip of light. She had been in
this dark hole for so long she had given up on ever getting free. Tania
knew that she was being stimulated by one of her sisters and it was
wonderful but it was like she was drugged and only knew about it
secondhand. She remembered the last time she saw the light and that was Rei
and it was different. She could almost see herself getting free like a
drowning person almost out of the water but now it was like she was chained
down in the bottom of the sea of darkness.

Tania's hands held Rei and her lips moaned, but even Rei could sense
something wasn't the same. Back at Verducci's, Tania had been more
receptive, more vocal instead of these soft sounds and bare movements.

Rei concentrated on pleasuring her sister more. She brought her hand down
from Tania's breast, leaving Yumiko to knead those shapely mound, and
carefully thrust several of her fingers into the blonde's channel. Her
tongue centering now on Tania's clit as juices flowed over Rei's chin and
on to the pillow.

Yumiko held Tania's breasts in her smaller hands. The oriental heroine had
trouble encompassing the heavy Amazon mammaries, but did her best as she
kneaded and rolled the nipples between her fingers, trying to aid Rei in
getting Tania to orgasm as quickly as they could. She wanted to lean into
Rei's hand, but she was so worried they would be caught and sent down to
the dungeons again.

Tania felt a curtain opening, like a slit in the blackness that kept her
mind engulfed. She was aroused and wanting to make love to Rei like nothing
else. The love of her sister was beginning to free her like it had before.

Suddenly Tania was getting pulled back into the darkness from which she was
emerging. Deep inside her mind she let out a gurgled scream as her rising
orgasm faded, and her mind disappeared into the abyss.

The Sorceress stepped next to the two Amazons and placed two fingers on
Tania's forehead. The villainess closed her eyes, concentrating. She hated
doing this, freeing one of the damned Amazons, but she had to get free,
then she could enslave all three of these sluts.

"Damn!" the Sorceress hissed. "Damnation!"

"What?!" Rei mumbled from her mouth buried in Tania's sex. Her eyes lifted
up to see what the evil woman was doing.

Tania's hands slipped off the back of Rei's head and slumped to her side.
The flushness of her face started to fade, and the arousal Rei could sense
in Tania ebbed and slowly dissipated like water in a desert.

Rei knew for sure something was wrong. She hadn't seen the Sorceress do
anything so she didn't figure the evil woman was involved. This had all
been guess work on the part of Rei and she dearly hoped that she hadn't
guess wrong.

The Sorceress looked down in disgust at the little Amazon suckling on the
other Amazon's clit. These Amazons couldn't think of anything but this.
"Listen, Amazon, your friend here is not going to recover like you think.
The beast has realized how she may be freed, and had devastated her very

With a groan, Rei leaned back from Tania and looked up at the Sorceress. "I
should have thought of that...." Rei thought to herself. The Daya had must
have known what had happened to Tania and did something else to her. Just
in case somebody had a bright idea...

Yumiko looked at the two women, confused. She felt Rei's hand slipping from
her puffy vaginal lips and knew something was wrong. She relaxed her hands
as she started to figure it out. Tania's breasts were softening, her
nipples calming down at Tania's pulse returned to normal. For some reason
the arousal Skygirl's heightened senses had detected in Tania was fading.

The Sorceress looked at Rei very seriously. "Her soul is damaged. It may
only be repaired with another soul. Are you willing to give up your soul to
let her live and free us?"

It only took an instant for Rei to make up her mind. Tania was a sister who
needed help and any Amazon would lay down her life for a fellow sister. "If
you know Amazon's like you say you do, you know my answer," Rei said. "Of
course I will."

The Sorceress nodded. She wasn't thrilled about killing this Amazon by
moving her soul into the blonde. That would only reduce their numbers, and
the Sorceress figured, at worst, these heroines would distract that beast
while she did her best to escape. "I presumed you would say that. You
realize that you will be no more, that your soul will be diffused into
Tania, restoring her soul to normal and bringing her back, at the cost of
your life."

With a sigh, Rei just shook her head. "Of course I realize it you harlot.
Just be done with it so that Tania and Yumiko can get out of this foul
place." She knew exactly what she was doing. Her only regret was that she
couldn't say goodbye to her beloved mother. Rei could only hope that
Gabrielle would find peace with this somehow.

Yumiko's dark eyes widen in alarm as the other two continued to speak in
her native language. Rei was going to die to let Tania live? There was no
way Yumiko could let Rei sacrifice herself to let the others escape. Rei
was the most intelligent, brave, and tender woman Yumiko had ever met. She
could never let her die.

Yumiko, known as Skygirl in her homeland, knew what she had to do. She cast
her eye about until it came to rest on a heavy, golden-inlaid goblet.

"Sorry mother...." Rei thought silently as she prayed to the gods she hoped
existed to grant her some sort of peace.

The Sorceress gestured for Rei to stand up next to Tania. "Once this
begins, it is irrevocable. Your soul will be in your sister. She shall
return to her normal self, but you will be an empty shell, and wither and
die. You will be no more." She had no reason to lie to this foolish Amazon,
so long as the blonde Amazon was repaired and helped them escape. This
tramp could wither, the Sorceress could care less.

"Will you just get ON with it already...." Rei grumbled as she stood to
face her blonde sister.

Then the villainess saw the other oriental heroine coming up behind Rei.
Her gaze did not flicker, she gave no intimation of what was about to
happen. One or the other, whichever died made no difference to the
coldhearted woman.

Rei was too concentrated on finding a final peace within her soul to notice
what was happening around her.

"Rei, I cannot let you do this," Yumiko whispered under her breath, "I hope
you can forgive me." With a single swing at the already weakened Amazon,
Yumiko slammed the edge of the heavy, solid goblet right at the base of
Rei's neck.

"UHHHhhhhhhhhh!" Rei gasped as her brain filled with starburst of pain. At
full strength she might have been able to shrug the blow off but not now.
With a soft thud, Rei crumpled to the soft cushions. As she did so, her
violet eyes closed to the blackness.



The voice seemed to come from a distance as the oriental Amazon fought to
regain consciousness. A vague figure was over her.

"Ohhhhhhhh....." Rei groaned but quickly stopped. The vibrations from her
throat made the pounding in her head even worse. She wanted to rub her
forehead with her hand but didn't. Just being a lump seemed much easier and
less painful.

"Rei? Wake up little sister. What in the Hades are you doing here?" the
feminine voice said. As the heroine's violet eyes blinked back to
awareness, through the fog and pain from her neck, she saw a face outlined
by blonde hair. A gentle smile seemed to glow down over Rei, warming her
like a psychological sun.

It was Tania.

"What the...." she whispered as the last thoughts she had before the
blackness flooded back. She had been going to sacrifice herself to awaken
Tania when something hit her from behind. The pain made it hard to think so
Rei really had to concentrate on what had happened to figure out the

"I was worried about you, little sister," Tania said as she dabbed a wet
cloth on Rei's forehead. "I need you to wake up very badly. You have to
talk to me, Rei, tell me what is going on."

Rei didn't understand who could have hit her. The Sorceress had been to her
front and Tania was asleep so that left.... "Yumiko!" Ignoring the pain,
Rei sat up and looked around. Looking for her new found friend. "There was
another girl here! Where is she?!" Yumiko wouldn't have done what Rei had
feared she did, would she?

Tania's skyblue eyes widened as what had happened started to dawn on her.
"Yumi...oh dear Gods. Rei, she..." Tania put her hands on Rei's shoulders
to steady her, "She is over there," Tania said, nodding across a row of

Almost afraid to look, Rei turned her head towards the direction her sister

On the pillows laid Yumiko, lying just as she had fallen. Her eyes were
open but unseeing, as she stared blindly into the ceiling. She had a faint
smile on her face. The Sorceress was nowhere to be seen...

Pulling away from Tania's hands, Rei crawled over to her friend and laid
next to her. From the touch of their bodies, she could feel that Yumiko was
gone. The coldness had no trace of the person that Rei had briefly known.
The Amazon wanted to mourn the girl but she knew it wasn't the right time
for that. Yumiko would have wanted her to leave, now rather then be caught.

With a gentle touch, Rei closed Yumiko's eyes and then kissed her cheek.
"You're free now my friend," she whispered. "I know you will have a safe
and wonderful time in that place where we dream the endless dreams. One day
we'll see each other and smile. I promise."

After taking a deep breath, Rei rolled away and slowly got to her feet. Her
head was finally pounding less and it was time to get out of here. "There's
too much to explain sister," Rei said as she held her hand out to Tania.
"We are in great danger and must leave now. I know how but I fear an evil
woman called the Sorceress is going to betray us even though we have a
mutual enemy. We must get out of here now."


"Silver Sorceress...?" Tania said as she took the smaller Amazon's hand.
Her memory flashed her back to that terrible day and... "Amber? Is Amber
here??" she asked quickly. She remembered defeat at the hands of the
Sorceress, then that one time when she knew an Amazon sister was with her,
then she was here. That defeat was, for her, quite literally yesterday.

"Amber...." Rei said as she tried to place the name. "Oh yes....The one
was called Rachel and visited our island." She didn't add that Captain
Liberty and her suspected that Amber had something to do with Tania's
disappearance. "She's not here sister. I've been looking for her in your
city but there hasn't been a trace of her." Rei squeezed Tania's hand in
hers and tugged on it. "Come sister, we have to go right now!"

"Rei, please, wait, at least tell me a little bit. I need to know what is
going on, the last thing I remember defeat," she said
hesitantly, hating having to even admit it. "Now I am here wearing this,"
she said, looking down with distaste and the harem girl attire her proud
Amazon body now wore.

"Sister, I don't know exactly what happen to you. All I know is that I
was capture by someone who also had you in their custady. We were then
sold to a slug who has many other heroines as his slaves. He has a
magical being of great power to keep us here." Rei look towards the
dorr. "Once we get out of here I promise to tell you all that I know but
we need to leave."

Tania's mind raced to figure out everything Rei was blurting out. It was
very confusing. "But Rei, why are you not...on...Oh Gods, you took up the
mantle of Ultra Woman...and..." She was slowly piecing it together, but
also had to pay attention to where Rei was leading her. She would ask more
of Rei when the time was better, that was for sure!

The Asian-Amazon nodded slowly and regeretfully. "The
Queen...'convinced' me to take the mantle since we all though you were
gone. I did try to find out what happened to you sister but neither I
nor Captain Liberty found anything." She took Tania's other hand in
her's and look her sister in the eyes. "Since you're back, the title is
yours again Tania. I'm sure the Queen will agree with me!"

Tania gave Rei a lukewarm smile. "We may talk about that more when we have
a better time, little sister."

"That we will sister. Once we're out of here."

She nodded towards the door. "Lead the way, but please tell me what is
going on while we are moving, this is all very confusing. And," she
Rei's hand and pulled the sex-weakened Amazon to her with ease and touched
Rei's cheek, "I am very sorry you have lost your friend."

Rei gave her sister a brief hug and quickly lead her towards the door.
After making sure the corridor was clear, Rei led Tania down the hallway
towards the dungeon. "The slug who bought us controls the magical being
by being possesion of lamp," Rei whispered. "If we control, we control
him! The Sorceress knows that and I fear she's trying to get to it first
so she can leave us here."

"The Sorceress is here...trying to take the lamp away? But if she is here,
she was a captive too, since she is betraying us?" It was tough trying to
come up with logical conclusions while a sister that you thought was on
your island home far away is leading you to a dungeon in a place you know
nothing about is very, very trying.

The two rushed down the hallway, dodging around corners as Rei held onto
Tania's hand and lead the blonde Amazon in the pink Harem outfit. The ran
past bronze doors, a couple from which echoed soft moans of Rei's fellow
heroines still enslaved and serving the guests of the Sheik.

Suddenly, Rei and Tania heard a scream, a scream of mortal agony. In an
instant they both stopped as they tried to discern the location of the
horrible scream as it echoed around the twisting sandstone hallways.

Rei's blood froze at the sound since she knew that not too long ago that
she had made a similiar sound. Her hand squeezed Tania's even tighter in

It took Tania, for some reason, less than a second to figure it out, even
though Rei still had no idea as the screams continued echoed wildly. "This
way!" she whispered to Rei, pointing ahead to a hallway that bisected and
turned to the left.

"No Tania!" Rei whispered back as her stronger sister pulled her down
the hallway. "We can't get involved! We just have to escape!"

The two Amazons in the harem slave outfits carefully turned the corner.
screaming gurgled, then stopped. Ahead, a door flashed with argent energy,
then a darker energy flashed, as if someone within the room were arc
welding with some strange new power source.

Her flesh became one big goose pimple as Rei's eyes went wide. She knew
exactly what could cause such energy and she knew that they had to get
away from it. Tania didn't understand the danger they were in. As her
blond sister went to look around the corner, she looked as well.

Peering around the corner, Tania looking around door at one head level
higher as Rei knelt down to see, they both saw the Sorceress. She was
dangling in midair, impaled upon a stake of coppery looking metal, much
like Rei had been dealt with down in the dungeon. She was freshly gagged
another stake came down from the fact, looking at it, the two
stakes might well have been one complete pole that utterly punctured the

"Oh my gods...." Rei thought as stared helplessly.

"Foul creature!" the Daya growled at the impaled villainess as blood
out of her sex and down the pole, "I know not how you escaped your
but you shall pay for your rebellion!"

Rei could feel Tania's body tensing next to her and knew her sister was
about to rush in there. She clamped a hand around Tania's mouth and
wrapped her other arm around the blond's body. With strength she didn't
know she had, Rei dragged her sister back away from that evil room.

Tania glared around the corner at the monster torturing the Sorceress.
wicked woman had done many evil things to Tania, but the blonde Amazon
would never leave anyone to such horrible agony, especially a sister! She
gathered herself to charge in, not noticing the coldness of Rei's hand in
hers. Before she could, Rei's other hand grabbed her around the mouth,
blocking the soft gasp of surprise, and released her grip to pull Tania

Grabbing Tania's face in her hands, Rei dragged it so close their noses
nearly touched. "THAT's what's keeping us prisoner!" she whispered with
terror filled eyes. "We can't fight that thing sister. We can't! It'll
win everytime! We need to get to that lamp. Please Tania! Please!"

Tania looked at Rei, her blue eyes irritated. She jerked Rei's
Curse-weakened hand away from her mouth. "What in Hades is
Her words trailed off as she saw the unbelievable fear in Rei's eyes.
had never seen that in any of her sisters before. Rei's hands were so
but the palms were sweating.

Rei trembled violently against her sister. It was all she could do not
to run from here as fast as she could. She thought that is the Daya
caught her again and sent her to that dungeon, her heart would literally
burst from the agony.

The irritation melted away, replaced by sadness. "Oh Gods Rei, what did he
do to you?" She knew she could not leave Rei here like this, whether she
attacked the monster or not. Tania took her Amazon sister's hands on hers
and lead Rei down the hallway. "Come, hurry, show me the way, then I shall
repay that thing for what he has done to you!" Tania hissed, feeling a
she almost never felt boiling inside. If that thing had turned the brave
bookworm into this shivering leaf, Tania would slay him for doing this to
one of her daughter's friends!

With a nod, Rei wiped the tears from her eyes and lead her sister down
the hallways to the door that led to the dungeon. Since the Daya was
here and not there, it made her a little less afraid of that place. It
also helped that Tania was holding her hand tightly.

Down the cold, stone stairs the two Amazons went, the oriental dressed in
blue harem outfit, the blonde in pink attire. The darkness was relieved
only by a wall sconce holding a flickering torch of flames that made the
heroines' shadows dance wildly.

Rei wasn't exactly sure this was the right way because the last time she
was down here, the Daya had taken her by way of an vertical shaft.
However, the shaft was next to the stairs and they both led down. The
cold and the lack of clothes besides the torn blue silk chilled Rei a
bit. Goosebumps again appeared on her skin.

As they approached the bottom of the spiraling staircase, the screams and
lashings echoed eerily through the flame-lit dungeon. The walls seemed
alive with writhing female forms as other shadows struck them with whips

With a deep breath and hard squeeze of Tania's hand, Rei led them down
the hallway and past the rooms holding the women. She couldn't spare
them a glance because if she did, she would have run back up the stairs.
Rei moved them quickly to a door at the end of the hallway.

They reached the door, a huge bronze structure amidst the hellish dungeon.
"In here Rei?" Tania said, her rage at the effect that man had had on her
sister hardly diminished by the screams of pain she could hear down in

Rei nodded and clentched her hands, trying not to cover her ears from
the awful sounds down here. A glint from the corner of her eye caught
her. When she turned to look, Rei gasped softly. It was from one of her
bracelets that laid in the middle of an empty room. She quickly went in
and knelt down to pick it up. Rei recognized the room as the one she had
been in before. Also laying their was the shredded remains of her
uniform and the other bracelet. She quickly gathered them up and raced
to rejoin Tania at the door. It helped a little to be holding that
symbol of who she was.

Tania walked up to the door and took the bronze handle in her hands.
Placing a pink sandal on the wall next to it, she pulled with all her
considerable Amazon strength. With a slow shriek, the metal bent, then
snapped. Tania stumbled back a step, holding the huge door in her hands.
With a shrug, she tossed it aside.

The other girl cringed slightly from the noise Tania made. They were so
close that Rei feared that they wouldn't be allowed any closer to
freedom. It would be proper in this place for that to happen!

The room beyond was entirely empty except for a single solid gold pedestal
in the back of the room. Resting upon the top of the pedestal was a small
bronze lantern, just like one might see in a bad Arabesque movie.

"That's it!!" Rei exclaimed as she raced into the room. She wanted to
take hold of that thing and get free.

"Wait, Rei!" Tania said, trying to grab her sister before Rei could charge
in. Her hand reached out, but the other Amazon's hair slipped through
Tania's fingers before she could stop Rei.

"Gotta get it...." Rei mumbled as she ran towards the lamp. Nothing
could keep her from her goal!

Rei went across thirty feet of the cold stone floor in a flash. Her
strength and speed was starting to return from the ravages of the Curse of
the night before, and she moved like few other people in the world.

She was ten feet from the lamp when the room lurched, throwing her off
balance. Rei landed to the side of the long, narrow room, about eight feet
from the lamp as she scrambled to her feet. "Going somewhere, little
a deep, rumbling, condescending voice said just behind Rei. Looking over
her shoulder, she saw the Daya smiling down at her as a mystic sandstorm
settled around his teleported form.

"Nnnnooooooooooo!" Rei sobbed as she saw the form of her tormenter
appear in the room. Her body frozen in absolute terror, Rei shut her
eyes and hoped this was all just a horrible dream instead of reality.

"Stand up, little bird. You will suffer only a little punishment for your
actions. I will not keep you down here long, but your will shall be
completely destroyed this time, until you are no more than the mindless
sister of yours behiiuuunNGHH!"

The noise made Rei open her eyes and she was stunned by the sight.

Tania lunged forward and drove both her sandaled feet into the back of the
Daya, slamming him into the wall past Rei. Tania said nothing to Rei, but
only gave her a curt nod towards the lamp, and dove at the rising Daya.

Her sister's nod broke Rei's frozen state and she moved towards the
lamp. If she could reach, she could end this...

"You!?" The Daya roared as he blocked the descending fists of the enraged
blonde Amazon. "You were trapped! How...that spellcaster!" As Tania pulled
her arms back to prepare another attack, the Daya grabbed her left wrist
and tossed her into the wall. "She shall pay for her interference!!"

Tania slammed into the sandstone wall and tumbled down to the floor in a
heap of blonde hair and voluptuous Amazon flesh. She had not been in a
fight in some time, and she knew she was rusty as she got to her knees.
Throwing back a wave of her hair from her face, she looked up just in time
to catch a fist in the cheek that spun her around and drove her back to

Her fingers were but inchs from the polished surface....

The Daya spun around and reached out a hand towards Rei. A rope grew out
the flooring just as Rei was reaching out to the lamp. Her fingers missed
its gleaming surface by inches as the stone rope wrapped around her ankle
and pulled her to the floor. "Little bird, continue and you shall spend an
eternity down here!!" the Daya roared at the oriental Amazon. "When I
finish with you, you shall be a mindlLLKKKGGGGHH!!"

Rei clawed at the floor with her fingers as she fought the force of the
rope. She was strong but the stone rope was stronger. Suddenly the
powerful grip slakened and Rei was able to reach the base of the pillar
the lamp sat on.

Tania had shaken off the Daya's blow and turned about. There, just within
reach, was the huge man's pantaloons. Knowing she had to distract him
forcefully, she reached forward and hoped he was built like normal men. In
her powerful Amazon grip she gathered his testicles within the gold leaf
pantaloons, and squeezed with enough strength to shatter a rock to powder.

The Daya forgot about Rei in an instant. His pain and rage turned on Tania
as he grabbed her wrist to keep her from doing anything but squeeze. "How
dare YOU!!" he roared down at her between clenched teeth. He raised his
other hand over his head, and, in a whiff of mystic sand, a double tipped
stone spear appeared. "To the abyss with you, Amazon!" he bellowed and
drove the spear down.

"Tania!!!!!!" Rei screamed as she saw the spear pierce her sister.

Tania had no time to dodge, and couldn't have on her knees with one hand
his grasp. The spear came down like a lightning bolt, and drove into
Tania's chest just above the cleavage point. He drove through her body as
the tip exploded out her lower back. Blood ran down the spear as the tip
hit the floor. Her body lurched downwards and her grip on his testicles
fell away.

Rei's body turned so that her back was resting against the piller as she
watched with horror filled eyes at what happened to her sister. She knew
that with Tania's death, two people would die. Tania and what remained
of Yumiko's spirit within her. If that happened, Rei didn't want to
remain alive herself.

The Daya smiled down with satisfaction as he released the spear embedded
the Amazon's torso. He spit down on Tania as she began to sag to the
then turned back to Rei. "Now you, little bird." He took a few steps
towards the smaller Amazon, ignoring the dying one bleeding on the floor.

She couldn't move, couldn't even breath as the monster came towards her.
Suddenly she saw something happening behind the Daya.

He walked towards Rei as she knelt on the floor, frozen in fear. Then she
saw Tania rise up, the spear transfixing her body. Tania's breathing was
ragged and her body was running with her life's blood, but her eyes were
horrifying. Tania was living on rage. There was no way she would go to her
grave as this demon ravaged her daughter's friend, her sister. Tania
gathered herself, took two quick, bloody steps, and leapt at the Daya's

"Come, little bird, time to find the end of yoUURKKKHHH!!" The Daya
forward as Tania drove the spear impaling her into his back and wrapped
arms around him, holding her body to him and forcing the magical stone
spear to punch into the Daya's back.

Instead of blood, sand poured out of the Daya's body.

"Rei..." Tania said, her lips sputtering blood, "go...get it..." she said
with a shudder. Her fingers clawed into the Daya as the genie reached back
trying to get her off him. "Hurry..."

With a sob, Rei turned and reached up while the Daya was distracted by
Tania. Her fingers touched the warm metal of the lamp and pulled it
towards her body. The magical power radiated through her body as she
held it against her bosom. "Its mine!" Rei screamed as she rose to her
feet and faced towards the Daya. "I control it and you!!!"

Finally the Daya wedged his fingers between his back and Tania, and shoved
the dying heroine off him. He glared down at Rei and the lamp in her
but for some odd reason did nothing. He only stood there, glaring, as a
thin line of sand fell from his back to the floor.

For a change, Rei glared right back at him. The power she felt radiated
throughout her body making her eyes almost seem to glow in fury. The
magic didn't actually affect her but just the fact that she was in
control for a change brought back some of her old fire.

Tania landed heavily on her own back, driving the stone spear back through
her. She mewled in agony as she grabbed the bloody spear and wrenched it
out of her body, and slumped to the stony floor.

Rei wanted to go to her but couldn't. The final confrontation was now.
If she won, they would be okay. If she lost it wouldn't matter because
they would both be dead.

The Daya took two slow steps towards Rei, his eyes burning with hate.
me that, you foolish little whelp. You do not know the torment your soul
will reap." His voice was low but intense, hardly the usual bluster he
gave. "I will rend your mind and soul for an eternity, until you daily beg
me to slay you. Do you understand, you whelp of an Amazon?"

"If you want it," Rei said in a firm voice, not moving an inch. The lamp
clasped tightly in her arms. "Then come and get it. I don't think you
can though. _I_ have it and I think you can't hurt the one that controls
you. You're MY slave now and I order you to heal her." Rei nodded
towards Tania.

The Daya glared at Rei with the intensity of a feral animal freshly
chained. His motions jerking and spasmodic with rage and unwillingness,
Daya raised a hand towards Tania. Around his outstretched fingers appeared
a swirling mist of sparkling sand. It spun, rose, and darted away from him
until it was over Tania. Swirling over the blonde Amazon, it spun around
like a miniature spiral galaxy, until it coagulated and plunged down into
the wound in the middle of Tania's chest.

As she watched, Rei didn't know exactly what would happen. From the look
on the Daya's face however she knew that she was in command of him. She
wasn't sure of the limits but she would do what she could in order to
heal what had happened in this place.

"RRRRNNGGGHHH!!" Tania screamed in pain as her body arched upwards. The
sand shot through her wound, making her glow for a moment with magic. As
faded, the excruciating agony on her face faded as Tania mercifully passed
out, even her Amazon constitution finally overwhelmed by the level of
Slumping to the floor, her chest and back were healed, and the blood was

Rei's strong fingers clentched at the lamp tightly. An ordinary piece of
metal would have been shredded under her grip but the lamp was unharmed
aside from some smudges. She knew she should have assumed that the Daya
would've obey her but would have found any possible way to hurt her.
"That won't happen again...." she vowed silently.

The Daya turned back to Rei, smiling with evil intensity. "There, I have
healed her, although, dear mistress," he said sarcastically, "It was an
unpleasant process."

With a look of cold fury on her face Rei knew she would have her revenge
on this creature. "I order you next to heal all those that have been
forced here of their mental and physical injuries. You may NOT caused
them any discomfort. YOu will then send all of them save for myself, my
sister, and the Sorceress home with no memories of this place." That
would hurt him Rei knew because he would be seprived of his 'toys'.

The Daya audibly growled, his face growing a purplish color in his
entrapped rage. He waved his hand quickly, angrily. Rei felt a tingle of
magic pass through her. "There."

"Nextly," Rei said with a smile. "Send that slug who was your _former_
master to the poorest section of the poorest city on earth. He shall
have nothing but the clothes on his back to provide him comfort.

The Daya seemed almost vaguely amused. "With pleasure, little bird." This
time his hands move more slowly, as the Daya relished the opportunity to
send his bloated, ignorant master off to his just reward.

"Finally, open up a one way portal to the center of the sun." Rei
thought for a second. "And I mean that you can only go from here to
there. No allowing the fire to come here you bastard."

This time purple splotches definitely appeared on the Daya's face. He was
an genius level intelligence; genius and genie were no accident of
language. He started to spit out something to Rei, but the enchantment of
the lamp made him her servant. He waved at the wall, and a round spiral of
sand rotated until the blazing light of a star burned into the room,
blinding Rei. "Should you do what you intend, little bird, when I become
free again I shall shred your spirit into material fit for the emptiness
outer space!" he roared at Rei.

Rei thought for a second and then said, "I change my mind, change the
portal to open into center of the planet Jupiter. There you and your
lamp will be quite safe in core of that mighty planet. The core is a
solid diamond the size of the Earth I've heard. There you will spend
eternity and I forbid you from trying to escape." Rei stared at him with
a smile on her face. "Check and mate you bastard."

Once the portal had stabalized into the inky black of the center of
Jupiter, Rei gave him a final command. "Close the portal once you're
through it." With a throw that would have sent a football flying for
miles, Rei threw the lamp into the portal.

Knowing his entire essence was tied up with the lamp, and without it his
existence on any plane would end, the Daya had no choice. "I will return
and make slay you and your children!" he roared before willingly diving
into the heart of Jupiter. The portal closed behind him, still echoing his
raging threat.

With a smile, Rei listened to the Daya's final roar before it was cut
off by the portal's vanishing. "Well that was fun," she sighed with a
smile. Rei suddenly felt her wrists get heavier. When she looked down,
her bracelets were back on her wrists. Not just her bracelets, but her
uniform in perfect condition. Rei smiled as she picked Tania up her arms
and carried her to the stairs in the now empty dungeon. "Time to find
the Soceress and get us out of here...."

As Rei picked up her unconscious Amazon sister, the entire building began
to rumble. The bronze door and gold stand both shook and turned to dust.
Next the walls themselves began to disintegrate. Closing her eyes to
protect herself from the choking dust, Rei felt the floor disappear out
from under her.

It was strange. The next thing Rei knew was when she opened her eyes. She
was standing on a sandy beach. The entire palace had faded away as the
Daya's power over it had left. All that was left was a few dazed men
looking around in confusion, some miscellaneous items that others had
brought for the "Sheik", the two Amazons, and a single unconscious woman
wearing the remnants of a silvery costume.

At least it was over...


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman: Tania, Captain Liberty, and Rei - Part 1

Ultra Woman, also known to her people as the Amazon named Rei, appeared in
a flash of light inside the crumbling amphitheatre. In her arms was the
unconscious form of her Amazon sister, Tania. The Silver Sorceress had, in
gratitude for her freedom, given Rei a small gemstone that would teleport
the two Amazons to any location in the city. There was only one place she
felt confident of getting Tania both rest and security in this world.
Besides, if Rei returned Tania to their home island, the blonde Amazon
might not ever be allowed to return, and Rei knew now much Tania wanted to
be out here...

Rei remembered Tania sobs about how she had disgraced their people with
what had happened. The younger woman knew that wasn't true. Tania would be
welcomed back with open and loving arms like the Amazon sister she was. In
her condition however, Rei knew it might do more harm then good right now
to take her home. She had been stunned to learn about Tania's night of
passion with Brian/Captain Liberty but she made sure her sister hadn't
learned of her own night.

Pushing the secret panel next to the rusted out bombshelter sign in the
back of the crumbling outdoor amphitheatre, Rei took a covert look around.
The old park, overgrown with trees and brush in this rough area of Zwicken,
was devoid of humans, other than homeless. The criminals that infested the
destitute borough avoided the park; drug dealers and other lower forms of
life were known to get greviously injured in the area.

Within a room deeply under the ruins, a loud beeping awoke a man dozing in
a small bedroom. Instinctivly he switched a monitor on and caught the sight
of Ultra Woman approaching the enterance to his lair. She was carrying
something but he couldn't see what. "About time..." the man muttered. He
had been searching for weeks after the place he had fixed her up in was
attacked. "First she gets herself captured by Plant Master and now this!"
he said as began to put on some clothes. "She's going back to that damned
island of hers even if I have to carry her there myself."

The door to the abandoned bombshelter, rusted and apparently fused shut by
three decades of neglect, opened silently inwards. Carrying the naked
blonde Amazon in her arms, Ultra Women turned sideways to get the taller,
unconscious woman inside. A row of subdued red lights dotted the stairs
that circled downwards as the door closed behind Rei like that of a tomb.
Her red boots padded softly down the concrete steps swiftly as Tania's
shallow breath made the air steam.

"Nearly there sister..." Rei whispered, not wanting to awaken her.

The door at the bottom was hardly rusted; it looked like a steel bastion,
impervious to penetration. As Rei approached within six steps, the door
slid upwards, allowing her ingress.

"Nice to see that his silly computer finally recognizes me," she thought,
having had some problems on previous occasions. What Rei didn't know was
that Captain Liberty had programed the 'problems' into the computer to
discourage her from coming around. It hadn't worked however...

As she entered the wide area within the shelter, supermodern monitoring
board to the left, motorcycle and another exit to the right, and a simple
cot and door opposite, Rei sighed. Despite the subdued lights that made the
place look forbidding and the light in the dome in the center that made a
circle of red light in the middle of the rectangular room, Rei could
finally relax for the first time in weeks. The Amazon knew she was safe
here, and she knew her sister, Tania, the former Ultra Woman, was safe as

Rei saw the cot and smiled slightly, her memories going back to that one
night months ago. The night she had been introduced to the pleasures a man
could give a woman. The rememberance was rudely interrupted when a door
bang opened.

"What the hell happened?" growled a wiry, athletic man as he burst from the
door across the open area. Crossing the middle of the floor, his short
stubbly blonde hair shining red for a moment as he rushed across the center
of the room, he quickly approached Rei. When he came close enough, he
recognized the bundle Rei carried in her arms.

"Shhhhhhhh!" Rei said as she tried to shush him, not wanting to awaken
Tania. The Amazon needed all the rest she could get after what she had been

"Tania...?" he said, his harsh but haggard expression melting.

Liberty wouldn't admit it, even to himself, but he did have feelings for
the blond Amazon. In his case though, he tried to deny they even existed.
Seeing her alive and not dead like he expected was a shock to his system.

The blonde Amazon blinked slowly awake, her body and mind still utterly
weak as she heard the familiar voice of her old friend, and the feel of her
sister, Rei, holding her.

Tania looked up at Rei and a very tired smile appeared on her face. She
touched a weak hand to the gold tiara she now had on her forehead thanks to
the mysteriously kind Silver Sorceress. "Rei, where are w..."

Rei just smiled as Tania began to recognize where she was.

A shiver that Rei could feel passed through her body when Tania heard Cap's
voice. She turned her head to look at him seeing the concern and worry in
the lines of his face. "Oh, Cap," she said her voice quivering.

"Miss me?" Rei asked him with a smile.

Liberty reached up and cupped Tania's cheek with his own large hand. For a
moment, it seemed like he was about to say something but he didn't. The
Asian-Amazon could see a play of emotions behind his eyes as he struggled
for control. Finally he withdrew his hand and smiled at her. "Glad to see
that you're safe Tania," he said simply. Many other words remained unspoken

Tania placed her own hand to Cap's stubbly cheek. Her smile was weak but
she beamed at him. "I...I missed you, Cap."

"I missed you as well," he admited as they gazed into each other's eyes for
long seconds. Finally, he took a deep sigh and lifted his head to look the
other woman.

"What happened?" he growled at Rei.

"Long, LONG story that I'll tell you about after we put her to bed," Rei
replied, nodding at Tania. "She's been through a lot and needs a place to
lie down. You still have those quarters I was in once?"

Looking at the door, Tania knew where the quarters were. Many times she had
daydreamed about that room but always resisted the temptation. But now, she
did not feel like an Amazon anymore. Her bracelets were gone and she did
not have the quick reflexed to deflect a bullet anymore anyway.

"Of course," he said. "After Tania has been tucked in you'll tell me
exactly what happened. I've been looking for you ever since your apartment
building was raided." He placed a hand on Tania's bare shoulder and
squeezed it gently. "After we get you taken care of that is," Liberty said
with a smile.

Returning his smile Tania tingled again. two of her favorite people were
both with her, except...

"Where's Julia!?" she said in sudden alarm. She gripped Rei's hard weakly
but still stronger than any normal person.

"Don't worry Tania," Liberty said. "She safe back on that island of yours."

"The Queen requested that she return home," Rei added. "She didn't go too
willingly I might add. Quite a bit of attitude in that girl..."

"Like her mother," he said with a smile.

Rei couldn't remember the last time she had ever seen him smile this much!
"For sure there's something between those two..." she thought, surpressing
a grin.

Tania choked back a sob as she felt Cap's hand on her. She did not feel
complete any more. She was no longer a full Amazon, even if she did have
these strange new powers that had been Skygirl's before...

"What's wrong?" he asked, afraid that his touch had hurt her somehow. As
Liberty looked down at his hand on her shoulder, he finally realized that
Tania was naked except for her tiara. His eyes went wide as he took in all
that firm, exposed flesh cradled in Rei's arms. Certain natural physical
reactions within his body started up....

Her blue eyes widened. Tania heard a strange thumping. Tired but curious
she looked around. Everything else was quiet except for Cap and Rei.

"Omigods," she mumbled out loud. It was Cap's heartbeat she was hearing. It
was speeding up. Concentrating she could even hear the elastic of his
underwear creaking and stretching. The sound made her shiver again with
tiny goosepimples popping out on her arms.

Rei could feel the goosebumps as she held Tania and she saw Liberty's face
go deep red as he averted his eyes. She had a sneaking suspicion that the
strange modesty of the outworlders had just reared its head again. She just

"Come along sister," Rei said as moved towards the door. "Time for bed. We
can all talk more in the morning."

Liberty moved quickly ahead of Rei and opened the door for her. "Use the
door opposite of the one you used before," he said, making sure his gaze
wasn't on the naked Tania. "That one is...nicer."

"Will do," Rei said as she went into the corridor with her lovely burder.
As she came to the door, it opened as she stepped toward it. The lights
came on to reveal a much larger bedroom then the one she had been on
before. This one included an actual bed rather then an overgrown cot
masquerading as one. Even wood paneling and pictures on the walls."Nice..."
Rei breathed. She wondered just why Liberty had such a place here when he
had so few visitors.

Tania looked around the familiar room. Cap had helped her and let her stay
here when she had first arrived from the island. "Set me down, Rei. I
should at least walk into the room under my own power."

"Okay sister," the younger woman said as she carefully set Tania down on to
the soft carpet. She stayed close to her just in case the the blond was
mistaken about her abilities.

She walked to the closet, easily finding the hidden latch on the paneling
and opened the door. Inside were an assrtment of clothes, most of them
Tania's size. Some were for men too but most were for a tall female. Not
really thinking about what Rei must be wondering, Tania pulled out a
skyblue robe and pulled it over her weary shoulders.

"She's been here before," Rei thought as she watched Tania. She wondered if
her sister wasn't part of the reason why Liberty had rebuffed her on

"I am so tired Rei," she said turning around to face her sister. "But you
must be tired too, why do you not rest first?"

Gently grasping Tania by her shoulders, Rei guided the blond towards the
bed. "I admit I could use some rest but you need it more then I. A sound
sleep in a comfortable bed with people who care nearby will do wonders for
you," she said with a smile. "Trust me."

Tania patted Rei's hand. "Promise me you will rest and not go out again for
a few days?"

"Certainly sister. I could use the rest too."

She thought again for a moment. "I should try to tell Cap where we have
been," she said coming to a stop. She bit her lip and fell onto the bed.
"But I do not remember what has happened."

Rei made sure the fall was a gentle one and then sat on the edge of the
bed, holding Tania's hand in hers. "I'll tell him all that happened sister.
Please don't concern yourself with such things." She looked towards a
pretty painting of a landscape. "Perhaps its better that you don't
remember," she said softly.

Tania leaned over and kissed Rei on the cheek. "I know enough my sister,
and it makes me shiver when I think of it." Putting a hand to Rei's chin
she turned Rei to face her. "Please do not tell Cap everything, sister. I
do not want him to know, please. I could not bear him knowing of the things
I was forced to do. To you, other of our sisters, even my daughter when I
was with SPAY. I could not live if he knew." Tania's eyes begged.

The younger woman instinctively wrapped her arms around Tania and hugged
her tightly. "Rest assured sister that I won't," Rei promised. "I will tell
him enough so that he knows the people involved but I agree that he doesn't
need to know the details. Especially if you don't wish him to." Rei leaned
back a bit and held Tania's hands in her on her lap. "I suspect you will
tell him someday when you're ready. At least to unburden your soul. Only
when you feel ready however."

She ran a finger over the golden tiara that held Rei's beautiful hair back
and remembered when she was the champion and when got to wear that
champion's tiara. Tania felt a tear form in the corner of her eye knowing
she had been defeated exactly like Melania, Deanna, and Atalanta. She was
free only because Rei, a horrible sorceress, and a wonderful sister that
she would never know had worked together to return Tania's soul.

Rei could tell that her sister was thinking the fact that she, not Tania,
was the champion now. She had thought about telling her that if she so
desired it, Rei would gladly give up the job. Just looking at Tania's face
now, Rei was glad she hadn't said anything like that.

Tania spoke very softly. "What do I do now Rei? I am no longer the champion
of our people. I am not even a true amazon anymore." She held up her bare
wrist. "Look, my bracelets are gone. Only a true Amazon can wear them and
mine are gone. I am not champion and not even one of my people any longer.
I cannot go back to our home. My shame is too great. I know they would love
me and care for me but I still could not go back and live with pity and
consolation even from those that love me."

"Oh sister," Rei sighed softly. "You are and will always be an Amazon! It
is a birthright that can never be taken away because its in your heart, not
some silly metal we wear on our wrists." She squeezed her sister's hands to
emphasize the point. "You will return to our island sister. You will return
with your head held high with the knowledge that we all respect and honor
you. Just give it time."

Tania tapped her chest with two fingers. "You do not understand sister Rei,
I feel different in here. I do not feel like an Amazon any more. I feel so
very different." She tried to think of a way to explain it better but could
not come up with the right words. "I cannot explain it Rei but there is
both something missing and something new inside me."

After all she had been through, Rei knew that Tania would need a period of
readjustment. She could only hope that being with people who cared for her
would help her see it through.

Tania jutted her jaw out showing some of the resolve she was feeling again.
"I must stay here in this world and become a part of it. I must never go
home again other than to care for Julia. I will use what amazon powers i
have left plus the powers that poor girl gave me. I can feel her, here."
Tania tapped her chest between the swell of her breasts. "She is here
inside me. Her name was Yumiko and she was a very special girl. I must do
her honor I think she would say by staying in this world and fighting for
things she would believe in and also things our people believe in. Yes,
that is what I must do, sister Rei, I will forge a new identity for myself
and continue even if I am not champion."

The Asian-Amazon smiled sadly as she remembered Yumiko. Their friendship
was brief but she would carry it with her forever. "I know she would be
pleased to hear you say that Tania. That is a proper memorial for her.
Deeds rather then marble or statues. I, and I know our sisters will agree
with me on this, will always consider you an Amazon. Someday I pray that
you will permit yourself to think like that too."

Her expression softened as she looked at Rei in the mantle of the champion.
"You are so beautiful Rei. If I did not have the gods blessing of Julia I
would wish you were my daughter. You are the true champion of our people
and you have proven that you should be the champion. Gods you are

Rei blushed deeply at Tania's kind words. "Thank you sister. Your words do
me great honor. I also suspect that exhastion also plays a role in them as
well." Reaching down, Rei pulled the silk sheets and soft blankets back.
"Time for you to go to bed Tania. I want you to crawl under those covers
and go to sleep while go talk with our host. If you want, I'll return
afterwards and stay with you for the remaineder of the night." With that,
Rei got off the bed and stood next to it with arms over her ample chest,

Tania crawled under the covers and pulled the sheet and blanket up to my
chin. "Rei?" she said, "please do not tell Cap about what I have done. I
must tell him in my own way." She turned herself to face the wall and tried
to close her eyes and not see the bad things she had done. "Good night, my
dear sister."

"Sweetest dreams dear sister," Rei smileed as she left the room, turning
the lights off as did.

Awhile later, Rei and Liberty were sitting before the banks of monitors in
the main section of the cave. She had been tell him the edited version of
what she and Tania had been through. As she sipped a cup of tea, Rei could
tell from the quivering of his jaw that Liberty was enraged. "And then we
showed up here," Rei said as she finished.

He stood up quickly and walked around to stand behind the chair. His
knuckles white as his fingers dug into the black surface. "There's more,
isn't there?"

Rei sighed softly and set the empty cup in the saucer. "Yes, but I can't go
into it."

"Tania asked you to I imagine."

"Exactly. She wants to tell you in her own time and way."

"That sounds like her," he said with a nod. "You've told me enough to get
started on taking Ms. Verducci down though. She and her whole 'family'
won't know what hit them."

She was horrified at his cold tone of voice and the knowledge that he meant
every word of it. "Brian, Rei said, standing and taking hold of one of his
wrists. "Please don't. Not to her. What Gabrielle did was wrong and I'll
make sure she's punished for it myself. However, your anger is better
directed at the group that did these evil things to Tania in the first
place. Go after SPAY and leave Gabrielle to me, please?" she asked softly.
Rei couldn't tell him that another reason she had was that she had certain
'feelings' for Gabrielle and truely didn't wish to see the vengeance
Liberty would wrought brought down upon her.

Liberty just gave a curt nod in acquiescence.

"Thank you. And now I think I'll be off to bed and get some rest." She
leaned up and kissed him on his cheek. "Night kind sir," Rei said as she
walked towards the quarters.

Liberty watched Rei go through the door and close it before he sat down at
the monitors. "Sorry Rei," he said quietly as he began to type into the
computer. "But you can't hurt Verducci as much as I can. That bitch only
loves one thing and that's money. Deleting a few of her bank accounts
should be a good start...."

Rei quietly stepped into the bedroom Tania was staying in. She had only
wished to check on her but Rei suddenly realized that she didn't wish to be
alone tonight. That maybe Tania's company would help. As the door closed,
the room was lit only by Rei's lasso and a small night light in the corner.

Tania was lying on her side facing the wall. Her breathing was slow but
steady. Her halfamazon body was recuperating from the terror of the last
six months of being a slave at the hands of so many people.

Smileing at the sight of her sister sleeping, Rei quickly but quietly
unzipped and slipped out of her uniform. She folded it neatly and set it
aside. Not wanting to bother Tania by climbing into bed with her, the now
naked Rei silently padded across the soft carpet to some shelves built into
the wall.

Grabbing a blanket from them, she went back to the side of the bed and sat
on the carpet. As she quickly braided her hair, Rei cleared her mind of
extraneous thoughts and began to meditate as she normally did before bed.
It tended to make it easier to go to sleep when she wasn't thinking of
anything. With eyes closed, she wrapped her body in the soft blanket and
laid down. In an instant, she was fast asleep.

It seemed to Tania like she had been asleep forever. She felt so stiff. She
moved her arms over her head and stretched like a blonde kitten.
"ooooohhhh..." she groaned trying to stretch the kinks out of her stiff
muscles. The skyblue robe at the foot of the bed made Tania. Why had she
picked that one? It was old and had a bunch of loose threads. She had
always used the red one, since it was longer and more comfy. Why had she
chosen it?

"This is creepy," Tania thought sitting up in bed. Tania had never liked
soft colors all that much, she liked bold, bright colors. Her uniform had
fit her perfect, with the bold red and blue and gold of it. Now she could
only think of a powdery blue as her favorite colo...

"Omigods!" she gasped aloud. That had been the color of the uniform Skygirl
had worn. Tania let out a sob with her hand on her mouth. She realized why
she suddenly liked that color. It was Yumiko! She was inside her, a part of
her."Just a few minutes more mom...." Rei mumbled in her sleep, turning
over to face the wall.

A tear trickled down her burning cheek. Yumiko! Tania had been a mindless
zombie when Yumiko died but Tania felt like she knew everything there was
to know about her. Her father's name was Hideki, her mother's name was
Usagi. Yumiko believed she had gotten her powers from her grandmother, who
had been outside Nagasaki when the atomic bomb hit. Her mother had shown a
few weird powers but she had been too fearful of dishonoring her family to
use them. Yumiko was a modern girl that did not want to be like that, she
wanted to use her powers to do good.

Tania stared blankly ahead. Tears ran down her cheeks and dripped off her
chin onto her sobbing breasts. Yumiko was part of her now! "Oh Gods!" she
cried out loud.

Rei's eyes popped open at the sound of her sister's cry. Immediately she
sat up, threw off the blanket, and looked around for some sort of danger.
The only thing she saw was Tania sobbing. With a small sigh, Rei craweled
on to the bed and wrapped her arms her sister to hold her close.

Tania held onto Rei like she was drowning. She did not know how long she
held onto her sister but it could have been forever. Her arms held Rei so
tight. Words were meaningless, only the physical realisty of her amazon
sister was the the anchor that Tania needed to keep herself from being cast

As they held each other, Rei rubbed her hands softly up and down Tania's
back. She tried to comfort her sister as best she could. "It'll be okay
sister," Rei whispered softly. She wasn't sure what caused this latest
eruption of fear but with what Tania had been through, it could have been
most anything.

"Uh, Rei?" Tania said with a final sob. She had noticed something strange.
"Rei? Am I floating off the bed?" she asked in amazement. Finally she had
realized she was flying in place, hovering about two inches off the bed.
Only Rei was holding her down.

Rei's eyes widened as she realized it too. "Um..." she stuttered as she
tried to take in that Tania was actually floating. "I...I think so but for
the life of me I don't know why!"

Her mind was spinning around again. Skygirl had been able to fly like this.
"Rei..." she said choosing her words carefully, "I have part of Yumiko in
me. I think I also have some of her powers. Is that possible??"

She didn't answer for many seconds as she processed the information. "Its
possible," Rei finally said. "Yumiko gave you part of her soul but only the
gods know what else she gave you.. That sort of transfer is beyond anything
I've even dreamed off." She smiled at her hovering sister. "Maybe you can
consider this a gift from her to you. Something to replace what you think
you've lost."

Tania wiped a hand across her cheek to rub away the tears. "Do you think?"
she asked. "I had not thought of that." Her mind raced around. She remember
being able to hear Captain Liberty's heartbeat earlier, and also the way
his pants had creaked when... "Rei, I believe you are right. When we first
came here last night I could hear things I should have been able to hear. I
thought that I was hearing things but now I know why. I have lost some of
my Amazon powers but i have some of Yumiko's powers now."

"Its almost as if her powers filled the void in you that was created when
you lost some of your powers," Rei mused. "I'll have to do some studies on
this... I doubt even the people in this world have heard of such a thing. I
know I haven't come acrossed it in the library." She smiled and shook her
heard. "Sorry. I tend to go off on silly topics."

She shook her head in wonder. "Can you imagine that?" She gave Rei a kiss
on the cheek. "I may not be an Amazon like you anymore but I have something
else to make up for it. I was so worried I would have to go home and be a
liability to our people, but now if I have these others powers, I can stay
here. I love it so much here Rei, it is so unlike our home. There are so
many things I would not miss in this world. Like the smell and the twisted
men we meet. Yet there are many things I do not know if I could part from."
Her mind swirled while she tried to name all the things she would miss.
"Cap..." she mumbled under her breath.

Rei surpressed a grin from the name Tania had said. She knew there was
something between the two of them just by the way they acted around each
other. If Tania was going to stay in this world, she hoped those two would
get even closer and admit the things they now hide. "You sound the opposite
of me sister," she said. "I can't wait to go home for good. Her Majesty, I
believe the word is 'drafted', me into being the Champion. I'm more at home
in the library then doing this job."

Tania smiled at her younger sister. "You are doing such a wonderful job
Rei. Besides think of the things you can add to our library back home! I am
not like you, I am not patient. I am only a warrior and do not know about
such things as your books. You must stay here so you can write about what
you have seen and help teach our people about this wonderful place. So many
bads things happen to us out here but they are nothing when we think of all
the special people we have met. You should tell our sisters of the good
things here instead of our sisters only hearing about this world when one
of our champions falls. They should know of all the wonderous things that
exist here!" Tania's eyes shined when she thought about the good things she
had seen and all the wonderful people, like Cap, she had met. It was plain
to see that she loved the outer world of men and would never leave it
without a fight.

With a smile Rei said, "You should be the one to tell them Tania! You have
the enthusiasm for this place that I could never match! Please promise me
that you will come home someday for at least a visit. I just know her
Majesty would love to see you. You could then tell us all about the great
things in this world." A thought occured to Rei at this moment. "I am the
champion of our island and you could be the champion of this world. Perhaps
that's why you have Yumiko's powers, to help right the wrongs out here."

Tania thought about that. "Could it be my fate? I do know if I beleive in
destiny anymore. I would love to think that this is my fate to stay here in
this world and continue my work instead of having to be back to our home as
a failure. Rei I do not know if the gods truly look over us," she whispered
half ashame that she would even say such blasphemy. "I do not mean to
insult our people but after every thing that has happened to you, me, Mel,
Deanna, and Atalanta I wonder if we have gods to look over us or not."

"I don't consider it an insult sister. That....thing that kept us prisoner
made me doubt many of our teachings regarding the gods." Rei sighed and
shrugged. "I don't know what the truth is Tania but I do know one thing.
That we have to made our own destiny. We shouldn't depend on somebody doing
it for us. Use this chance sister and live your new life."

"You are right sister Rei. We must make our own path through life. I will
have to learn all about myself again, Rei."

"And it will be my pleasure to help you!"

Tania gave Rei a shameful smile. "Some Amazon I am, look at me crying like
a baby." She patted Rei on the back and gently pushed her down onto the
bed. "Here, you lay down up here and not on that hard floor. You deserve it
more than I do, little sister. You rest here and I will wake you in a few
hours. I will go clean myself and try to talk with Cap. He also deserves

"All right sister," she said snuggling into bed. "I could use the rest I
guess. Don't worry about our host's reactions to what you say though. I
know he'll just care for you like I do." Rei pulled the sheets up to cover
her naked body. "Please tell him to make a pot of tea for me when you wake
me," she said as she closed her eyes.

Tania leaned down and kisses Rei on the forehead just like she would have
done to Julia. "I will tell him. Good night, sister Rei."

Tania watched Rei doze off and wondered to herself. Rei was so very
beautiful and such a special person. She wrapped her arms around herself
and leaned against the bedpost and watched Rei sleep. The way her bosom
rose and fall and the way she looked so peaceful enchanted Tania. If Rei
was older Tania would have laied down with her and made love but Rei was
the same age as Julia. It was an amazon taboo. Tania knew she should stay
with amazons of her own generation like all the other amazons did. Rei and
Julia would make a beatiful pair but Tania was so tempted to be with Rei.

The other woman turned a bit as she slept so she laid on her side. Her long
braid of black hair moving to rest partially on her stomach.

She loved the outer world and the freedom it gave her but she still tried
to follow the amazon code. She had always resisted the urges that wracked
her whenever she was around Cap. She wanted so badly to make love to him,
to let herself go and enjoy the pleasures of a man. It was against the code
of the amazons to be with a man more than to procreate her one daughter and
she had done that during the war. The night with the pilot named Steven had
always been a night Tania kept dreaming about. Whenever she was with Cap
she could see Steven in him. The way they were both alone when they fought
and all the courage they had to do that.

"But i am not an amazon anymore," she thought to herself. She was in some
ways but after everything that had happened she was not like Rei or Julia.
Even her mystic bracelets were gone. Why did she follow those silly taboos

She leaned down to kiss Rei on the lips, only tickling them. Tania felt a
quiver but she knew this was not the time. She had to speak to Cap. Pulling
the skyblue robe around her body putting on a pair of matching slippers.
Tania quietly opened the door and went out to face cap.

Brian, aka Captain Liberty, was just finishing up the final touches that
transfered much of Gabrielle Verducci's overseas wealth into other bank
accounts besides her own. It had taken several hours of typing on keyboards
but the work was finally done. "Just the start Ms. Verducci," he thought as
he stretched out his aching muscles. "I intend to repay you for what you
did to my friends."

When Brian heard the door to the other rooms open, he turned the chair
around and expected to see Rei. To his shock, he saw somebody else.

Tania was surprised at the way her name came so wonderfully from Cap's
lips. "Um hi, Cap," she said. For some reason she felt embarassed. She
tugged the robe closer around her and walked up to him. She thought about
putting a hand on his shoulder but she could only hug herself. "How have
you been?" she said knowing she sounded so very lame.

Quickly getting over his shock at her sudden appearance Brian stood up
before her. "I've been okay but knowing you're still alive makes it much
better," he said with a smile that hide many different feelings. Brian
glanced over her shoulder but didn't see somebody he thought he would.
"Where's Rei? I figured she would be up before you."

"I wanted her to get some rest. She is so brave and she does not want
anyone to know how weary she really is. She went through so much that only
she knows about. My dear sister has been too busy caring for me to take
care of herself."

"Sounds like her. We've gotten on each other's nerves a few times," he
admited. "But she's a good person at heart I guess. If only she would drop
that attitude of hers...." He shrugged slightly.

"Rei is a sweet girl. You must have patience with her. She is very smart
but she is too smart for her own good sometimes. She would do anything and
is a very good person."

"I know that Tania and I do try." What he thought but didn't say was "But
she's not you."

"No we are different. Rei is still very young by the standards of my
people. I am not that old but in my land she is still a teenager. She will
mature quickly and from what I have seen in the last days she has grown up
so very much. She has lost much of her arrogance and stubborness and she is
making a wonderful champion of my people."

"Maybe in your eyes..." he thought to himself. "Still too stuck up for my
tastes." Brian remembered one of the last times they had met before Rei
disappeared It had ended with the both of them nearly at blows before they
both calmed down. He knew that this would probably be the style of
relationship they would have. They both got on each other's nerves too

Tania went to run her hands through her hair but they caught on the gold
tiara. Wanting to be more comfortable Tania pulled it off shaking her hair
to pull the tiara loose from her long blonde hair. She set it down next to
the computer.

Brian's eyes just boggled at the sight loosened hair. It made her seem
so....feminine. He had to take a deep, but silent breath before going on.

Take Tania's hand in one of his own, he led her to one of the chairs before
the computers. They both sat down, facing each other. "I did miss you
Tania," he admitted.

Tania looked down at the floor so Brian did not see her cheaks turning
pink. "You have?" she asked sounding more like a bashful teenage girl than
a superpowered amazon. She could hear his heartbeat again and feel the
blood pulsing through his hand in hers. Why did she feel so tingly? Why did
his hand feel like it was on fire? "I...what did Rei tell you Cap? I do not
know what I should tell you about what has happend to me but...after my
dear daughter Julia I thought so much of you too."

"For the millionenth time, call me Brian," he asked with a smile that
quickly faded. "Rei only told me what I needed to know Tania. She didn't
give me the details and I didn't ask. All I needed to know was how bad it
was for the both of you." He looked away towards the darkness of his lair.
"If only I had found some traces of what happened," he growled. "I would've
gone through the fires of hell to free the too of you!"

"I...I know you would have Brian if it had been possible. I fear I would
have hurt you if you had tried though and I could not have lived with that
thought." Tania shivered at the thought of being commanded to attack Brian.
If she had hurt him she would have died.

"You didn't so lets forget about that, okay?" he asked, trying to switch
the topic to something more pleasent. "I expect you to stay here until you
are fully recovered. Consider this a vacation."

"That depends on some things Brian. Where is my daughter Julia? I must find
her before I can rest any. "

"She's safe Tania. Don't you remember that we told you when you first
arrived? You Queen ordered her to go back to your island after she escaped
from SPAY. She's quite safe."

"Thanks the gods!" Tania said with relief. I was worried something might
happen to her. She is so young and not as mature as Rei. She worries me
something awful."

He smiled a bit at her words. "She might be young Tania but I can certainly
see you in her. You need not worry about how Julia turns out when she's
older. If she's anything like her mom, she'll do very well."

Tania knew her senses had been increased so many times over when she took
some of Yumiko's powers but she had not realized how powerful they really
were. She could hear his heartbeat and feel his pulse. She even smelled
something but she was so nervous about talking to him again and confused by
these strange senstaions she had never noticed before that she could not
place it.

The blond Amazon's sudden silence concerned Brian. "Tania?" he asked,
squeezing her hand slightly. "Is there something wrong?"

Tania's big blue eyes almost popped out of her head. She was glad she was
looking at the floor when she figured out what the smell was. It was her
own arousal! Her little womanhood below the ropes was so wet. Tania felt a
tiny drop of her arousal run down the slit and roll onto the blue robe.

His nostrals flared slightly as Brian smelled a very faint but somehow
familiar scent. He couldn't place it but the pheromones within it had an
immediate reaction on certain sections of his brain. Sections that delt
with intimate actions of his body...

"Omigods!" she thought to herself when she heard that noise again. Only she
could have heard it, but it was the second time. It was Cap's pants
stretching. She looked up from the floor enough for her supersensitive
vision to see the way the threads in his crotch were being moved a
micrometer at a time.

Brian was so concentrated on Tania that he failed to notice that his pants
were begining to tent as his shaft grew. By the time he did, it has almost
half hard and his breath was increasing. "Steady...." he thought as he
tried to will himself softer without effect.

She was so confused. She knew what she wanted to do but should she? Her
body was screaming at her, demanding that she do it. Her breasts felt like
boulders on her chest and her nipples were like daggers stabbing into the

"I...I think it might be a good idea for you to get some more rest Tania,"
he said as he tried to control his arousal. The memories of their so close,
but not consummated encounter flooded back. He did want to make love to her
but she had been through so much that Brian didn't wish to cause her any
more pain.

Cap could have been reading the Gettysburn Address and Tania would not have
heard a word he said. Her mind was spinning around like a clothes dryer and
her body was supplying the heat.

"Use this chance sister," Tania heard Rei say in her mind. She took a deep
breath and looked back up at Cap. Her eyes smoldered with blue flames. She
would take her chance and hope he did not refuse her. She could not stand
that but she would make her own fate and let taboos be damned!!


Apr 9, 2016
Back and Beyond
Ultra Woman: Tania, Captain Liberty, and Rei - Part 2

The moment Brian saw her eyes he gasped slightly. He saw not terror or pain
but raw lust. Finally his mind clicked and he remembered when he had
smelled that odor before. After he and Rei had slept together, the cot they
had used was permeated with it. The smell of Amazon lust.

Tania's face was red with so many emotions. Fear of rejection, lust for
this wonderful man, and arousal that was almost blotting out everything
else. She slipped her hand away from his and stood up. Looking down at Cap
with her starving expression she untied the knot and let it fall. Putting
her hands down to my sides she let the silk robe fall off her shoulders and
slide to the floor. She stood there naked before Cap.

His jaw dropped as he took in her so exquisite body. It was everything
thing he had ever dreamed of! Brian's eyes took of her in. From her firmly
muscled yet still graceful legs, to the patch of dark blond curls at her
crotch, her trim tummy, large but firm breasts, finally to land on her
beautiful face. His chest rising and falling as he silently panted from a
deep need.

"I have wanted to love you for so long," she said her voice pleading for
release from her arousal and fantasies.

"Oh god Tania...." he breathed, his fantasies coming true. "So have I!
Wanted to make love to you forever!" Brian couldn't have stopped himself if
he tried when he stood up and locked his lips upon hers. His kisses hungry
for hers.

Tania wrapped her arms around Cap's broad shoulders and hugged him to her.
Her soft breasts pressed against the hard muscles of his chest giving her a
rush of pleasure. Her lips touched his and she thought she was going to
swoon. Nothing she had ever tasted had been as sweet. Tania put her hand to
the back of his head and ran her fingers along his spine.

As he wrapped his around her back, he felt her hard nipples digging into
the cloth covering his chest. Brian's body trembled a bit as he felt her
fingers on him. Her touch was gentle but perfect.

"Mmmmnhh," she moaned into his mouth. His body pressing against hers was
unlike anything she had ever experienced. She had been raped so many times
and had many male bodies against her before but it had never been willing.
This was so different! She wanted him inside her so badly but just to hug
and kiss him was enough. Even if the embrace ended now Tania would die

"Mmmmmnnnnnn," he sighed into hers. The long fantasy he had of wild
passionate lovemaking with this Amazon seemingly about to be fulfilled.
Brian had never wanted a woman like he had wanted Tania. Now it was about
to happen!

She decided to risk even more. With a moan of her arousal she slipped her
tongue into his mouth. She teased his tongue while her hands ran down his

Echoing her moan, Brian slipped his tongue into her mouth as well. Their
tongue played with each other as the long kiss continued. His hands running
up and down her bare back. For an instant, they cupped her full ass and
pressed her to his bulging crotch.

Tania could not take it anymore. She brought her hands around and tried to
unbuckle the thick utility belt he always wore. She fumbled around with it
her kisses more frantic. Finally she figured it out and tossed it aside.

While she worked on the belt, his hands pulled on his uniform top. He was
willing to rip it to shreds in order to be free of it. Finally it was off
and Brian threw it into the dimly light corners of his lair. He had to get
his pants off before his erection burst through the fabric. He had just
unbutton them when his eyes were drawn back to hers....

"Oh the gods I want you so badly and I have always wanted to be
with you," she practically cried. She was overheated and knew it but this
was something she had spent nights alone dreaming about. So many times she
had teased and played with herself wishing this wonderful man had been on
top of her.

With a strong arm, Brian grabbed Tania and pulled her to him. "Oh yesss..."
he gasped into her ear. "I've dreamed about this for so long and now its
finally coming true...." His words trailed off as he kissed her wildly

Sweet kisses over his neck and his bare chest. Tania kneeled down to trace
her lips over his hard stomach. His hairs tickled her nose unlike any
stomach she had ever kissed on the island. She started to pull his pants
down but stopped to look up at him. Her eyes were pure methane, flames of
blue burning with passion for this wonderful man. She saw her own hunger
reflected in Cap's face and smiled. This would be the night she had always
dreamed of.

Brian realized what she was about to do. He made no protests as he could
tell this is something Tania wanted to do to and for him. With a smile, he
reached down with a hand and ran his fingers through her silky hair. His
pants throbbing against her wrists as her hands held his pants.

Tania leaned into his hand loving the feel of his fingers in her hair. She
hoped he would not stop while she reached under the edge of his pants. She
could not wait any longer when she reached his curly browish-blonde bush so
she jerked them down to his thighs.

"Ahhhhh...." he sighed as his shaft was freed from its tight confinement.
His pants didn't have the room for his arroused cock to have any degree of
comfort. The cool air of the room felt like the arctic on his steamy hot

"Oh!" she gasped when his manhood bounced out at her like a striking snake.
With trembling hands she reached up to take the stiff manhood in her palms.
She had never had the time to look at one without being sodomized or raped
before. This was the first time she had touched one willingly and it was
giving her a guilty thrill.

The soft touch of her hands on his sensitive flesh rocketed up his spine
and nearly made Brian's eyes bulge out. He began to grow even more then he
had before. It took a certainly amount of will power not to pull Tania's
head to him by her hair. Brian wanted pleasure but he also wanted her to
enjoy it as much as he.

Her naked puss was screaming at her but she took her time. She studied the
way his manhood was getting harder in her hand. She looked at the head of
it and the little hole at the end. She studied the loose skin at the base
of the head and the way it was disappearing while his manhood got even
harder and longer.

As his cock grew to its eight inch limit, Brian's other hand joined its
twin in her hair. He panted softly while his fingers ran through her hair
and watched her study his organ. Brian still couldn't believe that this was
happening. Her touch and the smell of her arousal told him that this was no

His testicles hung under his manhood and Tania studied them next. While she
looked, Tania absently stroked his manhood in her hand. She cupped his
testicles and the big wrinkled sack. She gently felt his balls moving in
her hand. Without knowing it she continued to stroke his manhood.

Brian closed his eyes and whimpered softly as she felt his goose egg sized
balls. They were so sensitive and so full of his seed that the slightest
touch caused exquisite agony. "Gently love...." he moaned as Tania squeezed
them. "Gently...."

A tiny trickle of arousal ran down between her legs. "What am I doing?" she
thought to hserself when she noticed she was stroking him. Where had she
learned that!? She glanced up at Brian and could see he was really enjoying
it. Did she learn that while she was a slave and it was still with her?

With his eyes closed and his face turned toward the ceiling, he couldn't
see her eyes watching him. He was at her mercy at this moment. All he could
do was try not to push her down and take her hard to relieve the pressure
within his body at this moment. It wasn't easy to resist that.

She noticed she was licking her lips. Had she meant to do that? She knew
what she had to do next. Now that he was hard as a rock she kissed the tip
of his manhood. Her lips tickled down the side of it then back up. She
pressed gentle kisses against his testicles with his hard manhood pressed
against her face and covering her eye. She felt like creaming on the floor
right there.

"Taniaaaaaaa!!" he moaned loudly as he felt her soft lips on first his
thick, hard shaft and then his balls. For a moment, he nearly exploded
right into her face. It was only that deep feeling of wanting this to be as
special to her as it was to him kept that from happening. Besides a tiny
pearl of his seed leaking from the tip, the only sign was his racing heart
as shown by how fast his cock throbbed.

"Oh gods I want you to love me," she moaned. Tania looked up at Brian to
see his face when she opened her mouth and sucked his manhood inside.

"I love you!!" Brian gasped as his cockhead was bathed in her hot, wet
mouth. His face a mask of ectasy as his looked down at hers. His hand
gently gripping the sides of Tanaia's head to steady her as her lips
wrapped around his thick, throbbing shaft.

Tania froze with her lips surrounding the head of his manhood. What did he
say?? She stared straight ahead but did not see anything. She replayed his
words in her mind. 'I love you!'?!

The feel of Tania's soft, full lips tightly around him caused Brian to pant
even harder. He could feel the wonderfully rough texture of her tongue
laying against the velvet head of him. The feelings were undescribable!

Did he really say it?? Was he saying it because she was giving him the
first blowjob of her life? Or did he say it because she had never given him
a reason to say it? All these questions zoomed around Tania's head making
her forget what she was doing.

He needed her so badly that overcoming his early reluctence, he gently
pulled her head towards him. Not hard enough to force his cock deeper but
enough to encourage her. All the barriers he had put up over the years to
shield himself from feeling things fell away. Brian could allow himself to
show his true side this wonderful woman. At least for this one night.

His fingers that were playing with her hair tenderly pushed her mouth
farther over his manhood reminding her what she was doing. It was hard to
see him and also suckle his head but Tania saw enough to see he was lost in
passion. She felt so happy seeing Cap melting and showing the side of him
she always thought was there. She had to give it all to him and this was
the day to do it!

His knees wobbled a bit but Brian stayed on his feet. The thick seed in his
balls was boiling and he wasn't sure how long he could resist not filling
her mouth with it. She was arrousing him so much. More then any other woman
ever had!

Tania let him guide her over his hard manhood until the head of him rubbed
against the back of her mouth. She resisted the urge to gag and instead
hummed letting the vibrations of her voice tease him. Her supersenses told
her he enjoyed it from the way the pulsating blood in his manhood moved
faster and the way his heart beat faster.

"Oh god..." he moaned from the sensations her mouth caused. "Oh
good!" Looking down he thrilled at the sight of her taking most of his cock
in her mouth. "K...keep doing that! Want you so bad! Wanted you for so
long!" It was a pleasure to be at the mercy of this wonderious Amazon.

"Mmmmmm" Tania moaned. Hearing him say that nearly made her orgasm right
there on the spot! Instead she held onto his manhood with one hand and the
other went between her legs. Her knees were spread apart leaving her wet
sex wide. She put a finger to her clitty and toyed with it feeling so
hungry and for the first time in her life feeling very empty down there.

Brian could smell Tania getting more and more arroused. The wonderful odor
making him want her so much more. It was becoming harder and harder to
withstand the feelings her lips were causing. Brian clentched his eyes shut
and gritted his teeth as he tried.

She wanted to please him so very badly! Tania pulled her head back feeling
every little tiny vein and ripple of his manhood on her lips. She kisses
the head again and licked all around it leaving it shining with her saliva.
She stopped to look at the manhood she held in her hand. Her grip was tight
but not too hard. She wanted to keep it warm like it might shrink if it got
cold. Tania knew she did not have much experience. All her other
experiences had been forced.

"Ahhhhhhyessss....." he gasped as she pulled her head off of him with a
sucking like kiss. All he could think about was what she was doing to him
and how he wanted it to last forever. Tania's rough tongue on his sensitive
head made Brian's body quiver even more. His balls jumped slightly as a bit
of the huge amount of the seed he had built up was released.

A tiny drop of thick white oozed out of the tiny little hole at the end of
his manhood. She knew what is was but she did not know that it meant Cap
was very close to blowing up and shooting his seed at her face. She held
out her tongue and lapped the drop away. She had tasted cum before but she
had never had the chance to think about the taste. It was salty and thick
unlike anything she had tasted before.

As his cock throbbed hard before her lips, Brian looked down at her. His
eyes wide and full of lust. His lips parted as he panted in need for her.
"Oh Tania...." he gasped. "Got to cum! Gotta cum now!!!" Brian's
hands on her head pulled her lips to his cock. Not to force it into her
mouth, but just to tell her he couldn't stand it any longer. "Please!?"

"Oh yes Brian, anything for you!" I moaned wanting so badly to make this
wonderful man happy. Tania let him guide her head. She was getting a very
guilty thrill at the power he had over her but it worried her that she did
not know if it was the training she had been forced to endure or if she was
only thrilled because of her love for this man.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm" he sighed as he slid her hot mouth back over his cock. All
he wanted to do was cum in her mouth and then take this wild Amazon to bed
to thank her for doing this. Brian feared they would spend only this night
together so he vowed to express his feelings in passionate love making.

Tania sucked his manhood backed into her mouth locking her lips around him.
Her senses overwhelmed by his scent and the texture of his manhood. Her
supersenses were picking everything up. When his manhood met the back of
her mouth and she could almost touched the end of it with her lips he
tugged gently on her head. She knew his heart was racing and as he got
closer to his orgasm her own sex's screaming got louder and louder. She was
so close to cumming herself!

As she sucked his throbbing cock, a little burst of seed escape from his
tip to show was was just about to happen. If the blood pounding in his ear
hadn't deafened him, Brian might have heard the drip like sound of Tania's
juices leaking from her womanhood.

Tania pulled back sucking on his manhood hoping to make a man cum for the
second time in her long life. Not since that night during the war when she
concived Julia had she wanted to do this with a man. Her finger toyed with
her clitty knowing that when Brian cum she would too. The curse would see
to that but for a change she wanted to cum with a man so badly.

Brian's hands held her head as he pulled her head back and forth along his
straining shaft. He loved the feel of her mouth on him as she sucked. Not
even that night with Rei, if he could remember it that is, compared to
this. Pure magic! His balls began to tighten as he bordered on the edge.
Suddenly, Tania drove him over...

She bobbed her head back and forth running her lips over the veins and
length of his manhood. She sucked on him when she pulled back and ran her
rough tongue over him when she swallowed him. Faster she moved her head
using her newfound superspeed to move like a blur over his manhood her
blonde hair flying wildly everywhere. Tania moaned loudly into his tool
since she was getting closer and closer to having her own dreamy orgasm!

With a low, deep groan Brian threw his head back and exploded in Tania's
wonderfui mouth. His cock jerking as it fired hard and thick jets of seed
down her throat. "Ohyesssssssssssssssss!!!" he groaned as he orgasmed like
never before in his life. Brian's hands tried to hold Tania's head steady
so that she wouldn't spill a drop of his hot fluids.

Tania coughed once when the first load hit the back of her mouth. She loved
the way he held her head in place. She felt so submissive but there was
something wonderful about it. She did not have time to wonder when she had
started feeling like this. The Curse of Troy which made all amazons cum
when a man orgasmed inside them hit her like a looad of bricks.


Tania pinched her eyes shut but she still screamed. Her voice gagged by her
lover's manhood. Orgasm juices splattered on the floor and her body
quivered like a bowstring after being shot. Frozen in place Tania could not
even swallow and Cap's sperm seeped out the corners of her mouth. The
orgasm was incredible but there was something missing. The orgasm faded and
Tania knew what it was. She felt so empty!

Brian's eyes went wide at the feeling of her scream around his throbbing
cock. The vibrations enhanced an orgasm that was already beyond ectasy. He
could smell the scent of her lust and knew that they had both cum at the
same time. That fact pleased Brian greatly. With a final hard throb, his
cock fired one last blast into her wonderful mouth.

Tania gagged on the last blast but a thick swallow later and she could
breath again. There was something so magical about giving this to Brian but
she also felt so soft and warm. She could not get over how fantastic it
felt to have Cap holding her in place by the back of her head. The way he
ran his fingers through her silky hair. The drops of sweat that ran down
his abdomen. The smell of his musk. It was an amazing experience!

He smiled a smile of contentment as she swallowed the last of his seed.
With his knees wobbling a bit, Brian knew that he would have to sit soon or
collapse on top of her. "Now there's an idea..." he thought wickedly.

She was feeling weaker with every second but it was not the same weakness
as when SPAY raped her or when some other villain had taken her. It was
different. Tania swallowed Cap's cum in her mouth in a big gulp her body
glowing with pink sweat and lust. She held onto the base of his manhood her
hands trembling both from her orgasm and the need she had to feel more of
this wonderful man!

When he looked down at her, his eyes melted at the sight. "You're so
perfect...." he whispered as he slowly pulled her head off his still hard
cock. Brian's fingers gently massage her head as he gazed deeply into her

"Ohhhh....." he groaned as he sat heavily into the chair behind him. His
hands pulling Tania down with him to rest her head on thighs. "That was
unbelieveable Tania! I don't think I've ever...well..." he grined with an
embarrassed smile. "You are a treasure."

Tania kneeled down between his legs. She looked up at him her eyes full of
love for this incredible man. Had he really said those magical words 'I
love you'? Or was it a dream?

"Oh Brian, this was so perfect so wonderful. I did not know if I would ever
have a chance..." Tania stopped wondering if she should go any farther or
not. She had always held back her emotions and her needs for the greater
good of being champion like an amazon is supposed to do.

It pleased him a lot that she had enjoyed what had happened as much as he
had. Brian could feel Tania's warm, firm body through his costume pants
that were pulled down his thighs. Just the feel of her made his cock stay
hard and throbbing.

"Oh Hades! Brian, I love you!" she blurted out blue eyes wide and pleading.
"I have loved you for so long and I wanted to do this for you since that
night I walked away." Tania knew she had hurt him when she had pulled away
even though she had wanted to make love to him so badly. "I could not do
that then but now I am no longer champion of my people but only a woman in
this world now. I had to hold myself back knowing I could never weaken and
let myself be defeated. But now.."

His eyes widened a bit as he heard her admit her love for him. There had
always been a certain tension around the two of them but he didn't realize
until now that it was love. Brian could also tell that Tania had been
wounded in her soul by all that had happened to her. He hoped that somehow
he and Rei could heal her. They both loved Tania, for different reasons.

Tania let herself trail off. She had never felt all these emotions rolling
around inside her. It was hard to know where love and lust started and
ended. Not knowing what else to do Tania laid her head down on his inner
thigh his manhood pressing against her cheek. A tear trickled down her

A finger from one of his hands gently wiped the tear from her perfect
cheek. "Don't cry my love," he said as he stroked her hair with the other
hand. "I've wanted you for so long too but I couldn't make you do something
that was against your beliefs." With a sigh, he leaned back into the chair
as he continued to stroke her hair. "I'm no therapist but maybe this all is
part of your healing. This was a night that was meant to be I guess. We've
wanted each other for so long and this was the right moment."

Tania looked up at her new, or old, love. His words were so sweet to her,
unlike anything he had said before. "Brian I am not an amazon anymore." She
held up her bare wrist for proof. "I still believe all I was taught as a
young girl but I know that I can be with a man and not need to fear all of
them. I can trust you."

Brian gently took her wrist in his hand and laid her fingers against his
cheek. "Tania, I don't care if you're an Amazon or not. I never did. I just
care about you."

With a smile, Brian reached under arms and pulled her astride his lap so
that her long legs dangled off the chair. "In the morning we can see where
we are at and where to go." His lips were right before one of her tempting
nipples but he restrained himself from capturing it as he didn't know if
Tania wish to make love more. "Sweethart," he whispered. "Can I make love

Tania turned her body so she was facing Brian. She threw her leg over him
and straddled his body. She sat down pushing his erect manhood between her
buttcheeks. She gave him a tempting short kiss. "Brian I have wanted to
make love to you for so long." She sat up straight making her breasts press
out towards his face. With one hand she reached behind her and grabbed his
manhood firmly.

He closed his eyes for a second when he felt his hard shaft nestle between
her warm buttocks, but he opened them quickly. He didn't want to miss a
moment of the sight of Tania on his lap. The dim lights in the ceiling
almost making her golden hair glow. He sighed as her soft hand took hold of
cock again. "Oh Tania...."

Tania put her other hand around his head and pulled him to her aching
nipple. "Oh gods Brian, fuck me! Gods, I have wanted you for so long!!" she
cried openly, admiting what she had secretly desired.

"In due time my love...." Brian said as he rubbed his face on the firm
flesh of her breast. The feeling more pefect then he dared to dream. "I
want to make love to you in a better place then this chair...." His words
faded as he took her hard nipple into his mouth and began to suckle it.
Gently at first and then harder. His tongue tongue rubbing on it and his
hands stroked up and down her spine. One drifted over to capture the other
breast in a firm grip. The thumb rubbing the nipple as he gently kneaded
the wonderfuly heavy flesh.

As suckled her harder, his arms went around her waist and he lifted them
off the chair. Her body pressed against his. "I love you!!!!" he moaned as
he rubbed his head in her cleavage. "I always have...."

Tania felt like she was about to explode. The way the light shined on his
sweaty chest and his chiseled chin was enough to make her cream herself
right there! She kept her hand holding the back of his head. She felt weak
from her orgasm but not as weak as she usually got after an orgasm given to
her by a man. In a way she felt exhilirated!

Brian slowly made his way towards the small, cot-like bed. It wasn't easy
holding Tania in this position and he couldn't see where they were going at
all. However, he wasn't about to move his head from her wonderful breasts
for anything. If they had to make love on the stone floor, then so be it!
He moved his head over a bit to take her other nipple into his mouth and
sucked hard on the nub.

Her breast tingled with his mouth tugging and sucking her nipple.
"Ohhhyyyessssss!!" she cried her voice echoing all over the cavern. His
tongue batting away at her nipple was driving Tania crazy! She wanted to
hurry up and let him make his sweet love to her but she knew she had to
take it slowly. No reason to rush this dream night and wear him out too

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm" he murmered as he suckled and played with her nipple. Loving
the hard, rubbery yet still soft feel of it in his mouth. He didn't know if
it was just Tania or that his was making love to a woman he loved but
somehow her breasts seemed perfect. Brian could begin to imagine what her
womanhood would be like if it was anything like her breasts.

Keeping a tight grip on his manhood Tania lowered her hips enough for the
tip of it to touch her sex. She was so wet her thighs were sticky and her
love juices were still flowing although much slower. His lap was coated
with her. She took his manhood and pushed it along the length of her sex as
she watched his face. Thrilled at the expression she saw.

He lifted his head up to her face and gasped in pleasure as he felt the
humid blast furnance her mound had become. "Much more of that and I'll
explode and I don't mean down there!" he said with a laugh. His lips
finding her's again for a quick but deep kiss that left them both gasping.

Tania did not have any experience at making true love to a wonderful man
but she was going to try her best! She rubbed his manhood up her sex and
bounced it against her clitty bringing a grin and a moan from her. "Oh gods
Brian I want you to fuck me so badly! I have never felt like this in my
life!" she gasped. She kissed his head and pressed her breasts into his
face. She could not believe what she was saying she had never said that
word before in her life!

Brian panted like he had just run a marathon as his still clothed knees
bumped into the cot. "Neither have I Tania!" he gasped as she pushed him
into her breasts again. "I want you so badly! I want you now and forever!!"
He lifted his head to kiss you soft lips as he ever so slowly laid her body
on to the cot. When she was finally on it, Brian slowly pulled his body
away from hers. Her hand sliding off his cock and drawing a deep moan from
his lips as the shaft bounced in the air when free.

As he stood next to the cot trying to catch his breath and naked but for
his boot and undone pants, he gazed upon her wonderful body. "You are so
lovely Tania," he whispered. "I want you to be with me tonight, tomorrow,
and forever." He bent over and pushed his remaining clothes off quickly so
that they were both equal in clothes.

With a gently touch, Brian placed an index finger on the tip of her nose
and began to trace it down her body. First over those soft lips and chin.
Then along the smooth throat to between those perfect breasts. Dipping
along her quivering tummy to finally rest just above her wet blond curls
between her legs. "Lovely..." he whispered

Tania closed her eyes and a soft moan came out of her mouth. His finger
sent chills running up her spine. Her whole body was alive and tingling.
She let out a little giggle when his finger went over her tummy. Putting a
hand over her mouth she tried to smile at Brian anyway. "I am sorry to do
that but this feels so wonderful and I have never felt so alive!"

Leaning down, Brian placed a hand under her head to lift her up to meet his
lips. "My love," he said after breaking the kiss and smiling into her face.
"Don't ever be sorry for laughing. Its music to my ears!" He then planted
gentle kisses on her forehead, chin, and each cheek. "Just as your face is
a vision to my eyes."

Brian slowly climbed on top of her. His throbbing cock against her thigh
while her breasts pressed up against his hard chest. Most of his weight
rested on his elbows on either side of her head. His lips claiming hers as
his tongue went into her mouth to find his.

Tania wrapped her arms around him and kissed this gorgeous man. She ran her
fingers down his back her fingernails leaving eight parallel lines of red.
Her legs parted letting him slide down between them. When his manhood
rubbed between her legs she let out a soft moan into his mouth.

"MMnnnnnnmmmm...." he moaned in sweet pain into her mouth from her
fingernails. His body tensing as she did so. As he legs parted, his rock
hard cock lay against her most intimate of places. Their heat and mounds of
hair mingling.

She could feel the every muscle of his back with her supersentitive touch.
She felt every cord and knot in his muscles and she used her knowledge of
amazon massage to gently rub out the tiny knots in his back. Her tongue
moved around his mouth wrestling with his tongue.

In response to her wonderful massage, Brian moved his arms down a bit so
that rested on her more. His hands sliding between their bodies to take
hold of her breasts. They both felt like warm, fresh bread in a way.
Spongy, but still firm. So ample that his large hands couldn't take hold of
all of her. Brian trapped both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers
and twisted them gently.

Tania could handle it no longer. She moved her hands around his side moving
through a gap between their bodies to take his manhood in her two hands.
She held it like a broadsword and for the first time she wanted to be the
victim. She put it to the gate of her womanhood nudging herself open. She
was vulnerable like she had been told never to be to a man and it was

Brian's eyes nearly popped out of his head when his sensitive head became
embedded in Tania's hot and oh so wet channel. His lips breaking with hers
as he panted with sweet lust for her. Brian looked deep into Tania's eyes
and saw that there was no pain or fear. Just a mixture of love and lust
that was mirrored in his eyes. "Are you sure Tania?" he asked for final
time, not knowing what he would do if she said no.

Ever so slowly he moved down into her wetness. His hips guided by by her
soft hands of his ass. Brian whimpered softly as he felt the wonderful
sensation of her passage opening up before his throbbing shaft. He had an
inch in her with 7 more to go when suddenly his tip bounced off a membrane
within her.

He couldn't believe what he was feeling. Tania had been assaulted many
times and had even given birth to a child. It just couldn't be her hymen!
"Tania," he whispered. "What...." Brian couldn't form the words to ask the

"What in Hades name??" Tania thought to herself even tho her face showed
what she was thinking. "Brian...I..." Then she remembered what Rei had told
her. The thing called Daya had used magic to repair the hymens off all the
heroines and Tania had been given her virginity back too!

Brian held himself steady even though it was so very hard not to thrust
forward and fill her hot depths. What he could feel so far was incredible!
He could see the puzzled and shocked look on her face so he gave her the
time to work it out.

"Brian I am a virgin," she said worried that he might ask how that had
happened. Tania did not really know when or how it had happened she only
knew what her sister Rei had told her. "If I can surrender myself again it
would be a dream to surrender to you, my darling."

His lips curved into a wide smile as he leaned down to kiss her softly. "I
don't know how this is possible my love but I love it! I can show you what
real lovemaking is like now. How men and women were meant to express their
love for each other. I'm honored that you let me be your first."

Not sure if Brian would do it, Tania decided to take charge herself. She
arched her hips up and put her hands to his firm backside. It felt so
wonderful in her hands but now was not the time for that. She leaned up to
kiss him her lips searching for the passion he had shown her moments ago.
Now that she had his attention, she held him in place with what was left of
her amazon strength and drove herself up onto his manhood.

He had held back because in his heart, he didn't want to hurt her.
"Mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn!" he groaned into her lips as his sensitive head poked
through her barrier. A gush of fluid stained with blood coated their thighs
and the cot below. Brian knew that he had taken her virginity and now
prayed that he show her the pleasures he wanted her to know.

"Mmmaaahhhhhnnnnnn!!" she moaned when his manhood punched through her hymen
ripping her virginity from her for a second time in her life. He sank into
her sex filling Tania with his essence. She bent backwards closing her
eyes. Having Brian inside her felt so wonderful! The Curse made her feel a
little weaker but it was not as strong as before. The curse for some reason
was not affecting her as powerfully as it used to. Knowing that gave Tania
another thrill. If the gods were kind she would have the strength to spend
the entire night with this wonderful man!

Moaning all the way, Brian slowly pushed his cock fully into her silky
depths until their pubic hair mingled. The feeling of his hard length being
massaged by her throbbing passage couldn't be described in words at all.
"Oh Tania!" he moaned after breaking their kiss. "Feels so good! So
perfect!" His hands squeezed her breasts firmly before leting them go so
that his hand could run up and down her sleek sides.

He laid fully on her on her with her breasts pillowed so nicely against his
hard chest and her hands on his buttocks.. His cock not moving except to
throb in time with his heart within in her. Brian wanted her tight passage
to get used to his massiveness before he moved any. He didn't want to cause
her pain, only pleasure.

"This is so wonderrul Brian!" Tania sighed. Her eyes closed. Her hands ran
up and down his back in long strokes her fingermails not digging in but
leaving little white lines.

"More then wonderful my love..." he sighed into her ear as his lips nibbled
on the lobe. His hands rubbed the velvet soft flesh of her breasts as they
bulged from being pressed against his chest. Lifting his head slightly to
look upon her angelic features Brian smiled and kissed her again. He found
he couldn't get enough of those lips of hers.

Ever so slowly he pulled a little ways out of her satin depths and felt a
suction like sensation pulling on his cock. Brian closed his eyes and just
enjoyed the feeling. Her hot juices coating him and making it so easy to
slide along her passage.

Tania wrapped her legs around Brian pulling him down into her helping him
part her velvet depths. Despite all her time with SPAY she was still so
very tight and tender and every little move he made gave her such a rush!
She let him back out then come down on her again working him deeper inside

Feeling her firm legs around his body, Brian let himself sink further into
her then before. Less of his weight resting on his knees instead on her
hips forcing them closer together. "You feel so wonderful Tania!" he
groaned as she wrapped herself around his length. "So
wonderful......" Brian's hands slipped under body to find the small of her
back where they rubbed the smooth skin gently.

Tania put her hands on his shoulders holding herself in place. She was
grinding against the cot under her loving every second of him fighting to
get all the way inside her! "OhhhBrian! Unnhhhhoohhhaaahhh," she groaned
her voice soft but loud enough to echo in the round ceiling. "Feels ssooooo
good my darling!" She arched her hips up so he could move more easily
inside her giving him access to everything that made her an amazon. "Oh
darling sooo wonderful!"

"Oh Tania!" he moaned as his cock went in so deep to bounce off her cervix.
"I want you! Want to cum in you!" His hands moved down to cup each full
cheek of her buttocks to hold her against him hard as he rotated his cock
in her. His hips grinding againsts hers as they both gasped hard. "I love
you!" he moaned over and over into the dim light.

Rei blinked her eyes as she awoke from her nap. Moving one of her thin arms
to the other side of the bed, she didn't feel what she had expect. Namely,
her sister. "Tania?" she asked in the darkened room and didn't get an
answer. There wasn't a clock so Rei couldn't tell how long she had slept
but she did know she felt much better now for it. "I bet she and Brian are
still talking," she thought as she stretched. "Might as well go see what I
can find for a snack."

As she got out of bed and looked down at her neatly folded costume Rei
decieded not to go through the trouble of putting it on. Instead she pulled
a robe from the closet. She could tell it was one of Tania's as it was too
long for her shorter body. When she went out of the room and into the
corridor leading to the carvern, she absently untied her hair from the
braid it had been in.

Tania looked down past her heaving boobs seeing Brian's manhood moving in
and out of her. Seeing of a man's sex slamming into her sent Tania over the

"Oh yess....yessss!" Brian panted as his pushed back and forth in her hot,
wet depth. He never imagined making love to Tania could be this good. He
had never been with a woman this wild, this passionate. Faster and harder
he moved in her. His hands guiding her hips as she moved with him.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed crushing her eyes shut. She bent upwards
thrusting her boobs up at Brian. Her legs stretched out to the sides
pointing at opposite sides of the room her toes pointing outwards. Tania
squeeled and twisted under Brian riding the waves of the orgasm. Her sex
gushed out her warmth and love filling the room with the sweet smell of an
Amazon climax.

From the corridor, Rei heard Tania's scream and ran towards the door at the
end. Her senses went into full combat mode as she figured some enemy had
attacked the hideout. Rei slowly and quietly opened the door a crack to see
what was going on. She wasn't going to blindly run out there and into a
trap. "Oh my gods...." she gasped softly as she caught sight of the cot.

Brian could feel her muscles squeezing his thrusting shaft, creating a
wonderful tightness and almost making him cum too. He was able to hold back
however and kept thrusting in and out to extend his love's. Bending his
body, Brian was able to fasten his lips on to Tania's full breasts. His
lips sucking and pulling on the nipples, stretching the mounds out as she

Tania was lost in her orgasm her head spinning from the powerful emotions.
"Ohhh my darling! So wonderful!" her voice sounded like it was a million
miles away.

He smiled down at her as he released her breasts, his cock still moving
slowly in and out of her. "You feel so great Tania!" he murmered as he
licked her lips lightly. "I hope I pleased you my love. I want to spend the
whole night making love to you."

From her vantage point, Rei grinned as she watched and heard the two
lovers. She knew she should leave them in peace but she couldn't shut the
door for some reason. Just the sight of them made her feel

Tania rolled her head from side to side thrashing wildly and slinging her
hair over the cot. Listening to Brian only made her orgasm harder. Then he
nibbled on her nipples again.

One of his strong hands left her buttocks to reach up and take hold of the
breast he was suckling one. It held the firm mound steady as his lips
suckled and stretched it. Brian's steel hard cock throbbed within Tania's
squeezing channel. He almost had to grunt in effort to piston in and out of
her. His other hand rubbed her round buttocks while his fingers traced the
crack between the two cheeks.

"Oohhhh - oohhhhh - ooohhHHHHHH!!!!" Tania screamed multiple orgasms
hammering away at her making her strain and freeze in place like an erotic
statue. She grabbed wildly at Brian's shoulders not able to get a grip on
him but wanting to touch her lover. Her sex gushed out her sweet love
filing the room with the wonderful rosy smell of an amazon orgasm.

Finally Brian couldn't stand it any more. Between her squeezes and touchs,
the wonderful smell of her passion, and just the fact that he was finally
making love to the woman her love he lost control of himself. Grabbing
Tania's ass in both hands and pulling her hard to him so his cock was in
deep. Arching his back and throwing his face up towards the ceiling, Brian
gave a loud roar as he orgasmed so hard. "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" he
bellowed as his cock jerked with each hard, thick jet of seed fired into
his love. His whole body trembling as if his very being was being forced
into her.

Tania did not know if it was the curse or if it was her but when she felt
the first burst of sperm hit her it no longer mattered. "Ahh - aahhhhHHH!"
She orgasmed for the third time this one nearly making her black out. Her
head was swimming and she could barely even make out Brian's handsome face.
Perspiration rolled off her body. She was exhausted!

Rei's mouth was open in stunned surprise as she watched a man and woman
make love for the first time. It looked so...beautiful to her. So perfect
and proper. Without realizing it, one of her hands had drifted through the
gap in the gown as was gently massaging her clit. By the time she realized
it, her legs were weak and she head to lean against the door frame for
support. "Shouldn't be here...." she whimpered in her mind as she stroked
herself harder. She couldn't force herself to leave however.

"Ohhgoooddsssss" Tania moaned her head spinning unable to see Brian clearly
after her blinding orgasms. She lolled her head to the side barely able to
comprehend anything around her. She felt weak from the curse but she knew
she still had some strength left in her. The curse had not taken everything
unlike all those times before!

"Oh yesssssssss....." Brian groaned as he laid on top of her her. His body
still jerking as he came back from that incredble orgasm. He could feel his
cock still trying to fire within Tania's honey and seed filled depths.
Brian could also feel their hearts pound like jackhammers through their
skins. All he could do was close his eyes and try and catch his breath
before making love to her again and again.

A blurry person focused in Tania's sexfilled blue eyes. A person was
standing at the door to the rooms watching. At first Tania was alarmed but
then she could see the long dark hair and the beautiful violet eyes.

It took a second before Rei realized Tania was looking at her. She trembled
in both need and fear that her sister would be upset that she had been

Tania smiled full of bliss and warmth. She held out a hand to her sister.

Releaved by her sister's smile, Rei was shocked by the offered hand. "She
wants me to join her?" Rei thought as her wobbly legs carried her to the
couple before she realized it. Taking Tania's hand in her own, the
Asian-Amazon leaned down to kiss her lovely sister's lips.

Brian felt a silken brush of hair across his sweaty cheek. Looking up his
eyes were stunned to see what he saw. "Rei!?" he gasped.

Tania grabbed Rei jerking her down to crush her lips against her sister's
lip. Tania had never been so alive and full of love. She could not admit
that it was mostly lust!

Rei quickly knelt down on her knees and returned her sister's kiss. One of
her hands caressing Tania's sweaty cheek while the other ran through her
blond hair. As their lips parted and Rei's tongue moved into Tania's mouth,
she could taste the tangy flavor of male seed. He lips curved into a smile
as she realized that Tania and Brian had been quite busy before she had

Her tongue darted into Rei's mouth searching for her sisters tongue. Tania
kept Brian locked between her legs holding him inside her silky depths. She
kissed Rei long and hard holding Rei to her without given either one of
them a chance to take a breath.

The orgasm had befuddled his brain a bit so Brian just stared at the two
Amazons kissing each other deeply. Two Amazons he had made love to at
different times. He didn't feel anger at what was happening, just surprise.
Actually, it was sort of wild to see them kissing just inchs from his eyes.
His cock jerked a bit in Tania as that thought blew through his mind.

Remembering her lover Tania released Rei and looked up at her handsome man.
"Oh Brian! Gods you are so wonderful! I want you to know the love of us
amazons unlike any man has ever known before! I want you to be with us both
letting us show you all the things I have wanted to show you for so very

Two pairs of eyes looked at Tania in stunned surprised at her words. Rei
and Brian looked at each other for a second and then back at Tania. Neither
of them knew just how to answer her. 'No' wasn't on their lips but they
didn't know if 'yes' was the right answer. At any of ther time Brian would
have refused but tonight was so very different from any other time.

Tania barely waited for him to answer before she went into action. She
tugged him off the cot rolling him over so she landed on top of him but not
so fast that he hit the floor hard. "Eeep!!" she giggled in surprise when
his butt hit the floor jabbing his manhood inside her. She ran a hand
through her hair pulling it back and she stretched giving Brian a view of
her body from a new angle. She lifted up letting his manhood nearly come
out of her then dropping back down. She moaned with a bright smile when he
went back inside her.

Brian gasped as his cock bounced off her cervix and from the cold stone
against his buttocks. He loved the sight of Tania sitting on top of him.
The light making her hair nearly glow as her breasts were thrust outwards.
He couldn't resist the temptation of them so he sat up a bit and fastened
his lips on the pink peaks. "Oh Tania...." he moaned.

She took Rei's hand. "Come my sister, let us give Brian a night he will
never forget!"

With a smile and a nod to give her acceptance, Rei slipped her hand from
Tania's just long enough to let the robe fall. Kneeling before the couple,
Rei again kissed Tania deeply as her only slightly smaller breasts pressed
against Brian's cheek.

Feeling the soft mounds, Brian turned his head to suckle on this new treats
as his fingers rubbed and tormented Tania's. "Mmmmmmmmmm....." he sighed as
he tugged on Rei's nipples, causing her to gasp in pleasure."Lets go to the
bedroom," Rei sighed as she reached up to pull the others heads back to
look at her. "Lots more comfortable then this floor."Tania did not want to
move did not want to have to take Brian's manhood out of her. It was so
wonderful to feel him inside her after all this time!

Brian looked up at the faces of the two women. Truthfully he would have
taken both of them on the stone floor with out complaint. A bed however
would be more enjoyable however. "A bed sounds like a good idea," he said
as he rubbed his face between Tania's breasts. "I want a better place to
make love to you then a cold floor. Much better with a soft matress.

She saw that Brian did not seem to mind the idea of a bed. She knew it
would not be comfortable on the hard floor for him. "Very well sister."
Tania sat up letting Brian's wonderful manhood pop out of her. She nearly
giggled again from the wonderful way that felt!

A mixture of her juices and his seed gushed out of her to slash on Brian's
thighs and the floor. He moaned softly as her soft walls slide along his
hard shaft then as it was exposed to the cool air of the cavern. As soon as
it was free, his cock throbed hard in time with his heart beat. He was so
hard, as if Tania hadn't brought him to climax twice so far.

Rei just stared at Brian's cock. She wanted to take it in her hands and
take it within her again, but she didn't. There was more then enough time
for that. All she did was stroke Brian's sweaty back with a hand, feeling
the hard muscles there.

Tania stood up. She was weak but only from the intensity of their
lovemaking but only a litle bit from the curse. She kissed Rei and
whispered in her ear. "Rei! The curse! It is not affecting me like it
always has before!" she said urgently and joyfully.

Seeing Tania stumble a bit, Rei sprang to her feet and held her sister to
her. Their soft skin feeling so nice against each other. She smiled at her
sister's words. "That's because of Yumiko's gift silly!" She whispered
back. "You've got more strength now then a normal Amazon."

"Yeah that could be it!" Tania whispered. "I still feel a little weak but
not like before. I also feel so alive, so whheeep!!" Tania gasped when
Brian swooped her off her feet.

Brian smiled at the sight of the two Amazons together. He rose to his feet
and lifted Tania up into his cradling arms. "You two can talk later," he
said with a grin. With that, he carried his love into the corridor with Rei
following close behind. Her hands sneaking feels of his hard buttocks. As
he walked, his hard manhood brushed Tania's cheek with each step.

When they entered the bedroom, Brian gently placed Tania in the center of
the bed and then stood back to look at her. "I can't get enough of you...."
he smiled.

Rei stood shyly off to one side, not exactly sure what to do next...

Tania looked up at her handsome lover filled with desire and a warm fuzzy
feeling she did not remember having since she was with Julia's father.
Brian was so noble and handsome. She loved the way his manhood had that
little drip of white stuff showing. She observed it the way is shined with
their lovemaking.

Brian's sticky shaft throbbed harder as he realized she was staring at it.
With a broad smile, he stared back at her lovely body. Especially her firm
breasts and that very wet patch of hair between her legs. Tania was so
wonderful. Passionate and beautiful but also kind and generous. In short,
the perfect woman and she was his.

She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into the bed and tried to jump
on top of him again. She pinned his legs down letting his manhood play in
her blonde bush. She ran her fingernails over his wonderful tummy feeling
his muscles tingle.

He laughed as Tania playfully manhandled him as she sat on his lap. His
body shivered a bit as she stroked his tummy and rub his cock in her fur.
In response Brian ran his large hands up and down her sleek sides and back.
Taking hold of her breasts, he squeezed them and let the nipples run
between his fingers to bend them just a bit.

"Oh Rei! Please lay with us," Tania said when she could make herself look
away from Brian's wonderful body under her. She reached out to take Rei's
hand looking for a moment at the bracelets still on her sister. She kissed
Rei's nipple while Rei stood at the edge of the bed. "You take his face
sister how would that be?" she said looking up at Rei with a teasing grin.

Rei held Tania's held to her nipple and sighed in pleasure at the feeling
of her lips. A trickle of her honey rolled down her thighs in response. "I
would love that!" she moaned as she quickly climbed on top of Brian's
chest. She looked down at his face and winked as her fingers ran through
his hair. Rei then turned to Tania sitting behind her and kissed her sister
on the lips.

Tania was so alive and it was almost like being home again on her island.
Except for the sticky penis under her! She was turning into her old self
again and it was so empowering to be in charge. That was always something
she liked.

She grabbed Rei by some of her hair and pulled her close. Tania locked her
lips on her sister, kissing Rei's neck and sucking on her sweet hot skin.
She used all of what was left of her strength to suck hard making the skin
turn red. She held onto Rei and worked on her neck with all her horny
amazon energy.

Brian groaned in pleasure as he felt the touch of two Amazon's against his
skin. His hands moved to Rei's smaller, but just as wonderful body.
Squeezing and pleasuring her breasts just as he had with Tania's. He wished
he could remember that night he had spent with her. It must have been
wonderful for her from that wink she gave. Slowly sliding his hands down
her back, Brian cupped her ass and pulled her fragrant womanhood to his
lips. With a smile, he began to lick at the lips hidden under the soft

Rei moaned at the touch of Tania's soft, full lips. One of her hands left
Brian's hair to reach around to find Tania's. She let her mind go and just
enjoyed everything that she was feeling. A wonderful man beneath her and
lovely sister behind her. What could anyone ask for?

Brian groaned in pleasure as he felt the touch of two Amazon's against his
skin. His hands moved to Rei's smaller, but just as wonderful body.
Squeezing and pleasuring her breasts just as he had with Tania's. He wished
he could remember that night he had spent with her. It must have been
wonderful for her from that wink she gave. Slowly sliding his hands down
her back, Brian cupped her ass and pulled her fragrant womanhood to his
lips. With a smile, he began to lick at the lips hidden under the soft

Tania grinned when she heard Rei gasp. She dug her teeth into Rei's neck
like a vampire and nibbled on Rei's neck. Tania was getting so excited
again! Knowing what Brian was doing to her sister was driving Tania crazy.
His manhood between her legs bouncing around like Brian was hinting at her.

"Ohhhhgggggoooddddddsssss!!!" Rei whimpered loudly. Her hands holding both
Brian's and Tania's heads to her. She could feel his tongue lapping up the
juices that all Amazon's produce when aroused. Every touch of his tongue
against her sent shivers up Rei's spine which ran into those produced by
Tania's teeth. All Rei could do was close her eyes and ride
the waves as her breasts rose and fell from her panting breaths.

She rose up her legs over his hips. Tania used her hand to guide him to
her. She could feel his excitement knowing he was ready for the third time
which amazed Tania. Even all the times she had been raped very few
unpowered men
could have done that! Now that she knew Brian was capable of it made her
pulse race. She put him to the lips of her sex then sat down on him letting
him part her warm sex like a knife through butter.

Brian groaned into Rei's sex from Tania's touch as he licked the younger
woman quickly. One of his left Rei's ass to grab the other Amazon as he
slide into her again. He guided her as her hot channel surrounded him once
again. With his other hand, he gently spread Rei's silky lips so his tongue
could find the opening to her channel. Ever so carefully he probed it and
the little bump above it. Deep moans started to come from the woman as her
hand held his head into her fragrant sex.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!" Tania moaned her mouth still sucking on Rei's neck.

With a firm thrust that lifted his ass off the bed, Brian buried his full
length into Tania as lips sucked Rei harder.

Tania lifted up, loving every curve and ridge on his manhood rubbing
against her insides. She sucked on Rei's neck pulling her sister's skin
into her mouth and tickling it with her tongue. Tania reached under Rei's
arms and grabbed
two handfuls of Rei's breasts. She pulled Rei back stretching her sister
back to her and crushed her own boobs into Rei's back.

As Tania's hips lifted up Brian's pushed up in pursuit of her's. When she
lowered, he went down faster then her. All of this allowed his hard length
to fill her twice as often. Brian couldn't think of anything else then
pleasuring these two wonderful women on top of him. Thrusting deeply into
Tania with his cock and equally as deep into Rei with his tongue. His chin
and chest become wet with Rei's juices that he didn't lap up.

"Mmmmmmm" Tania moaned when she sat down on Brian's lap. His manhood
reached so far into Tania's sex making her gasp when it bottomed out inside
her. She tugged on Rei's breasts pulling them this way and that rolling
them around her beautiful sister's body.

Rei just whimpered and moaned as she rocked back against Tania's breasts
and their hard nipples. Forwards with her womanhood pushed against Brian's
expert tongue and lips. She knew how good Tania felt by the moans she heard
from behind her. Rei couldn't wait until Brian was in her again and she was
sucking on Tania's sex. She thrust her breasts out into Tania's expert

She felt so good! Tania lifted her hips up and down taking her time and
riding Brian's sex letting it penetrate her over and over. She did not know
if he could do anything more after a third orgasm so she was going to take
her time and enjoy this one!

Suddenly Brian's fingers on Rei's wet lips went from spreading them to
entering her channel. He pistoned them back and forth, fluttering them a
bit, in time with his strong thrusts up into Tania. His tongue
concentrating on Rei's little pearl, licking and teasing it more and more.

"Muhmuhmuhmuhmuh" Tania moaned every time Brian thrust into her. She
bounced up and down on him raising off the bed and loving the way he
reached his hips off the bed to stay with her. Her lips sucked on Rei's
neck hoping to see a sign of their lovemaking but knowing that her sister's
amazon healing would get rid of it by morning.

The younger girl's eyes flew open and her moans filled the room.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Brian's fingers were so thick compared to the others that
had been in her. Rei's whole body shivered as she felt such wonderful
feelings. Her hand that held Tania's blond head pushed down to squeeze a
plentiful breast firmly then further down. With fingers just above Brian's
thrusting cock, Rei's fingers moved to find Tania's clit and gently rubbed
the little bump.

"Oh!! Tania gasped when Rei rubbed her clitty. It was big as a button from
Tania's two orgasms already and every time Rei touched it Tania was ready
to explode again. Her love juice rolled over Rei's hand and Brian's manhood
and Tania bounced faster and faster. "To hades with taking my time, this is
so good!" she whispered into Rei's neck.

Feeling the Tania's movements and the gush of new honey, Rei instinctively
rubbed her sister's clit faster. Her fingers slick for the juice that
leaked from Tania's sex. At the same time, Rei's own womanhood was feeding
Brian's mouth her own juices. Rei didn't know if she could last much
longer. Between Brian's fingers in her channel, his tongue on her clit, and
Tania's hands kneading her breasts she was nearly ready to cum!

Brian's arm wrapped around Tania's thin waist as much as it could to steady
her as he thrust harder into her. He could feel his balls tightening as he
got closer and closer to cumming. He could feel that Tania and Rei were
nearly there too and wanted to cum with them. He thrust up even harder then
before, his ass lifting off the bed as his cock went deep into Tania. At
the same time, he licked and sucked on Rei's enlarged clit as three of his
fingers worked themselves deep into her tightness.

Tania was about to orgasm! She let go of Rei's breasts and grabbed her
head. Pulling at her hair Tania's mouth was wide open in a whining scream
that was very low and hard to hear. Tania bounced up and down totally lost
in her rising climax that was about to bring her tumbling down into an
exhausted pile of an amazon body on top of her two lovers.

Rei's sensitive hearing could hear her sister's oncoming scream and knew
what it meant. She rubbed Tania's clit even faster as her other hand buried
Brian's face into her mound. With her eyes closed and her mouth open in
pleasure, Rei tilted her head back to face the ceiling as she gave herself
over the tidal wave of pleasure.

She did not know if anything existed in the world except for her sister's
fingers on her clitty and Brian's manhood splashing and slurshing in and
out of her puss.

The two Amazon's on top of him were just about to cum Brian knew and so was
he. His arm around her waist pulled Tania down as his hips thrust up hard
to bury his steel hard cock deep into her. At the same time his fingers
went as deep as they could go into Rei and spread apart a bit as his lips
sucked hard on her clit. Brian could feel his balls squeezing and his cock
jerking as they filled with his thick seed.


"So am I!!!!!!" Rei screamed as she orgasmed. Her womanhood squeezing
Brian's spread fingers almost painfully. A gush of her honey covering his
face and chest as she let her passions fly. As she arched her back, her
shoulders bounced off Tania's breasts behind her.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Brian yelled as thick strands of his seed erupted
from his cock and deep into Tania's depths. He planted his arms on the bed
and powerfully lifted his body and both girls on top of him off the bed as
he trembled.

"Eeeep!!" Tania gulped when Brian pushed her into the air punching his
manhood totally inside her and lifting her knees off the bed. Her sex
clamped onto him holding him very far within her sending his sperm
exploding far down inside her womb. Tania grabbed hold of Rei's shoulders
to hold her steady while she fought to stay on top of Brian's hips while
the orgasm made her tremble and feel stiffer than a board.

His body stayed rigidly arched for several seconds as shot after shot fired
into Tania. With a deep moan, Brian collapsed to the bed but his hips still
made quivering like thrusts into Tania's depths. All the while his face
stayed buried in Rei's perfumed mound where he gulped down all the fluids
he could.

Tania held onto Rei and prayed to the gods to let her always be able to
love Brian like this. She loved the way she could sense his manhood inside
her blowing his seed into her. Tania could look over Rei's shoulder and see
his face so enraptured.

Rei leaned forward with an arm against the wall and the other on Tania's
clit. Her long, dark hair falling forward to cover Brian's head as she
gasped for air. "So good...." she whimpered softly. "So very very good..."

Tania laid her head against Rei's back her wet hair lying on Rei's sweaty
shoulders. She was both very tired and very exhilarated. Her head was
buzzing from three orgasms that were unlike any she had before. It was so
wonderful to make love to her sister and her man!

Tania lifted her head up. Her man? What was she thinking? Brian was a
friend but not her man like in the way people in this world thought of it.
He was just a friend!

Brian finally laid his head back from Rei's sopping wet mound as he tried
to catch his breath. He licked his lips several times to get the last of
Rei's wonderful juices from them. To his astonishment, his manhood was
still hard even after three mind shattering orgasms. It was slightly softer
then when he exploded inside his love but he knew with a little rest, it
would be ready to pleasure again. Brian didn't know if it was from
something these Amazons produce or just the fact that he was making love to
them. As he opened his eyes, he saw the enticing melons of Rei's breasts
hovering over him as she leaned against the wall. Unable to help himself,
he leaned his head up to capture the hard nipples. In doing so, he moved
his hips which moved his cock inside Tania's hot depths.

The Asian-Amazon moaned softly as she felt Brian's soft lips take hold of
her nipples. One of his large hands pulled on a breast to make her lower
herself closer to him. That drew more sighs from her lips. Rei lower her
body on to Brian's, enfolding his head in her cleavage as she did. She felt
Tania laying against her as well so Rei was trapped between their wonderful

"Oh!" Tania gasped when Brian wiggled his hips making his manhood move
around inside her. She grinned down at him over Rei's shoulder. "You both
look so beautiful." She kissed Rei on the nape of the neck grinning against
when she saw the purple spot she had given her sister.

With a smile, Brian looked back at Tania. "You are beautiful my love. And
you," he grinned and kissed the end of Rei's nose. "And so lovely."

Rei giggled from the kisses she got from them both. "You both are....well
the words escape me but this is so wonderful!"

Brian's gentle but strong hands guided the two Amazons from a top him so
that they laid on the bed at his sides. Tania to the right and Rei to the
left. He wrapped his arms around them and pulled them close to him so that
they all snuggled together. "I can't believe this is happening..." he
sighed in pleasure. "I'm almost afraid that this is just a dream that I'll
wake up from."

Tania wrapped an arm around Brian's chest and laid her head down on his
shoulder. She sighed loving the way she tingled and the warmth she knew he
felt for her. It was like a dream for her too. "This is a dream," she said
too but she knew it was her dream come true and it was real.

"Is this a dream my captain?" Rei asked as her tongue licked the inside of
his ear. "Or this?" as a hand gently stroked his throbbing cock making it
harden again. "I've dreamt of this too.... That one night we had was so

Tania peeked at her sister across Brian's chest. 'My captain'? A pang of
jealousy hit Tania. That night? Tania turned her head to look up at the
ceiling her head spinning around. Brian had made love to Rei? After all the
sexual tension between her and Brian all those times Tania had went home
and wore out that vibrator thinking of Brian and imagining it was him
inside her. While she was frustrated but being a good girl Brian slept with

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......" Brian sighed as he closed his eyes and sank deeper
into th