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Master Mesmerist
Mar 25, 2018
London, UK
He'd been telling this story for what seemed like ages. A real shaggy dog, that sometimes felt like it was building towards some kind of point, yet never, ever reached its' destination.

Forever waylaid by diversions into some meaningless obscure historical, cultural or mythological reference, she'd long since stopped paying attention to him, zoning out completely.

Zoning out, her eyes drawn to the small campfire that was smouldering between them. So soothing and relaxing, the way the flames bubbled up, curling and wafting away into the night sky. So easy to just relax, not concentrating on the yarn he was spinning.

Just relax, not even really listening to the way his voice droned on and on, his words going in one ear, and out the other, nestling deep within her subconscious mind.

So relaxed now, it was easier just to stare into the spiral, forgetting it all, no worries, no cares, no thoughts, no mind...blank, mindless, his property now.

Wait. Back up a minute. His property?

That got her attention. It was in that moment, the moment that she finally managed to pull her eyes away from the flames, that she looked at him - and really saw him for the first time. Her lover. Her Master. Her owner. Her God.

Of course. She was his property. How could she have forgotten?

He patted his thigh. Instantly, she knew what he meant.

Rising from the lounger, she walked around the campfire, untying the straps of the dress from her neck, letting it fall to the floor, before slipping effortlessly into his lap. She giggled, and kissed him.

"I love you, Master..." she purred. And in that moment, she knew she'd never lose focus on him, ever again.
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