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NBx Any Feminization Prompts


Feb 13, 2019
Please message me if any of these stories interest you!

Halloween Bet
Simple - MC makes a bet seemingly in jest with YC, winner picks the loser’s costume. But when YC wins, MC sees a slutty french maid costume or a latex corset and skirt in his room the morning of Halloween, a collar and leash on the bed with a note to be ready for a long night.

Breaking into Porn
MC is an aspiring actor. Of course he’s heard that plenty of actors need to start with some porn just to get their acting chops and names on credit lines. So he goes to an audition and gets the gig.. only to learn that he’s been selected for a series of new sissy fetish films, and after signing the contract he’s locked in for five films. YC could be the other actor/actress or the CEO of the company that makes sure he’s trained and ready.

Taking Her Place
MC’s mother has always been a skanky trophy wife, so when she married YC when MC was heading off to college it was typical. But when she cheated on him, MC never heard about her being kicked out. When MC comes home for summer break he notices his things are gone, replaced in his room by her slutty items. YC could have decided to turn MC into his slutty daughter or going ahead and making MC pick up where his mother left off, as his trophy wife.

Sorority Scholarship
MC plans on heading to an Ivy League school. He’s so confident that he doesn’t even apply to backup schools. He had a unisex name and overlooks being selected with a sorority sponsorship. It’s his only way to get in, so he has to join the sorority and go through hazing. I figure YC could be his big sister, finds out his secret and uses it as blackmail.

Going Undercover
MC is a new agent looking for a break. When told he’s been selected for an undercover operation, he’s ecstatic, especially when he hears it’s to target a wealthy mob boss known for human trafficking. This would be a huge case with a lot of notoriety. The only catch is that they’ve learned the boss has a penchant for sissies, and MC would make the perfect bait given his smaller frame and feminine features. Then, once he’s in, maybe he slips up and the boss decides to keep his new pet.

Frat Hazing
MC is rushing for the most popular frat on campus. It’s foolish considering he isn’t a jock nor a legacy, but he tries anyways. During hazing, it’s decided they need a house maid - choosing him to dress the part completely. He has to serve drinks, clean up, do laundry, all in a maid uniform. Some guys start getting touchy, then he’s told that, if he wants in, then anytime he’s in the house he has to be the ‘full service’ maid, even for their legendary campus parties. But outside the house and back at home he gets to proudly wear the letters and brag about being in the frat.

Warning - especially dark plots:

Unwilling Darknet Pornstar

He wakes up tied to a chair, unsure how he got there or how long he’d been there. A medical down is covering him, a man (or woman) in scrubs walks in. He recognizes them as his uncle (or aunt) and remembers being sent there for the summer while his mother took a job overseas. That was the last he recalled.
“Say hello to your fans, my cute niece” he says, confusion written all over MC’s face. A chat window appears, a live video feed on him. “Let’s see those tits!” one message says, drawing the attention to the weight MC can feel on his chest.
A donation comes through, a message attached to it.
“Bring in Bruce!” MC recognizes the name, lip quivering. Bruce is the pitch black doberman that he remembers.
His uncle smiles. “You’re going to be a star. No request unfulfilled, the money will roll in” he says as he walks off, whistling for Bruce.

Alternate Reality
The plague hit and, in a cruel twist, mostly targeted women. It’s estimated that 80% died off, the remainder carefully monitored as the repopulation effort commences. But men have needs, and most don’t consider themselves gay. Then along came the idea of recruiting those slender, toned males to become more feminine, to assume the female roles in society, both in and out of the bedroom. Once recruiting efforts were deemed ineffective, more aggressive measures were taken. If a person meets certain BMI requirements, they are taken by private companies and sold to wealthy and lonely men to fulfill carnal desires. The men have full rights to the new slave, including body modifications of any kind.
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