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Virgin Sacrifice (NSFW)

Feb 19, 2019

Young Lindsey has no idea what is about to happen to her. She has been told only that the ceremony is a sort of initiation... like a hazing ritual. She is nervous... everybody is acting weird. Her sweet little body has been bathed and pampered, her long red hair brushed and perfumed. She is lovely... so lovely...and a child like innocence shines in her sparkling blue eyes. We lead her down the long stone passageway. She is wearing only a very thin white silk robe. The stone floor is rough and cold on her pretty bare feet. As we enter the chamber, we tighten our grip on her slender wrists. She sees the altar...and she sees the look of evil lust in your eyes... and she is more than nervous now... she is terrified... beginning to struggle, trying to break free... but we hold her as you approach, and as you unfasten the single clasp that holds the robe closed. The fabric opens wide... exposing her slender, naked body... her small, perfect breasts...thin waist... small tuft of light red pubic curls, and the wonderfully soft, white, smooth, flat perfection of her belly. She looks at you... at her parents... at the gathered coven. Everyone is staring at the poor little girl. She is trembling... breathing fast and shallow. She whispers, "Please....." The robe is thin, and the fabric tears easily and falls to the floor leaving the poor young beauty naked, and as we try to coax her forward, she spreads her fine slender legs and plants her feet firmly... refusing to take another step. So, we begin to drag her... her tender little feet sliding across the rough stones. The poor girl's terror becomes raw animal panic and she screams... the sound of her frail, pitiful young voice thrills you... and you feel your lust rise and your manhood stiffen as sweet young Lindsey kicks, and twists her little naked body wildly... but cannot stop us from pulling her to the altar.
"Shhhh...... there now..... Shhhh...... Sweet child.... do not resist. You have little to fear here." Your voice is soothing... hypnotic... irresistible. The trembling young beauty is no longer screaming... she is too frightened to do anything but whisper "" as we lift the slender perfection of her flawless adolescent body... she is tossing her pretty head from side to side as we pull her arms and legs... tightly stretching her lithe form. Lindsey gasps as she feels the cold surface of the polished stone altar against her back. She is shivering, though the room is can hear the sound of her teeth chattering as her wide, incredibly beautiful young eyes plead for mercy...but we have no mercy for her. You gaze loveingly upon the splendor of her smooth, white abdomen...perfectly flat, but for the graceful curve of her protruding hip bones... all eyes are focused on her lower belly. the area between her navel and her sweet virgin pussy. She is such a thin, fine boned little slip of a girl... I grip her delicate ankle tightly and press her pretty foot hard against my cunt, loving the way her cute little toes curl and wiggle as she whimpers softly. "Shhhh.... Lindsey.... it's alright Baby...... Shhhh.... there there.... It will all be over in a moment. But I am lying to the poor little girl. It will not be over soon at all. Hers will be a slow and brutally painful death, for you must plunge the blade into her sweet young body, half way between her navel and her maidenhead, then as she screams and writhes, you must twist it deep inside her... and open her...until you can reach in and remove her ovaries and womb as she suffers and slowly...slowly dies. We will hold her as long as it takes. Her agony will be like honey on the tongue of Satan. This is our gift to the Master.
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