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Annual Spring Break Bonfire (NSFW)

Feb 19, 2019

She is so lovely.... and young.... not a day over 17.... perhaps even a bit younger... such a fresh, innocent one... her wrists cuffed tightly above her head... the chains lifting her slender body so her cute little toes cannot quite touch the pile of kindling beneath her. She watches you... her wide, innocent doe eyes begging for mercy... then her expression becomes one of horror as she sees you set fire to the twigs. " No.... Oh God.... No.... Please" The poor child is so terrified she can barely manage a squeaky whisper. Can you see her? A brisk breeze, blowing in from the sea makes her long hair whip around her face... It will deny her the mercy of passing out from smoke inhalation. She will suffer the flames longer for it. She hangs there, terrified, sweet, innocent... helpless. The shackles will keep her arms immobile, though her lithe young body can twist and turn... her legs free to kick wildly.

And kick she will, indeed... and twist and squirm and cry and scream those sweet little girl screams as she writhes in the flames and we watch her lovely, heart breaking agony dance. Like most of the kids on the beach were, she is dressed only in a skimpy bikini and a flimsy gauze cover up.

The gauze hangs loosely, spaghetti straps over her bony little shoulders... the sheer fabric like a cape, billowing around her as she thrashes in wild panic... fuck, what a show. She screams as the flames kiss her pretty little feet... my god! look at those eyes! wide and round... so full of helpless terror as she bends her knees to raise her cute little toes from the pain... but the heat is still sizzling around her... tiny blisters forming in her shins...her knees... and then WHUMP! the cape ignites in a sudden blaze around her squirming adolescent body.... her scream becoming a high pitched shriek as the thin fabric explodes in a blaze of unbearable pain... scorching her thighs,,, her belly... her back... as the flames consume the thin garment, her beautiful flesh reddened by the brief exposure to the fire... The poor, helpless child looks so sweet and vulnerable... Wiggle for us, little one! The cape is quickly reduced to ashes, fluttering around her... she is naked now, except for the tiny bathing suit covering her tender sex and her pert, small breasts. Soon the heat will devour them as well, the synthetic cloth may melt and adhere to her flesh as it burns... but soon her body will be delightfully naked as she writhes in beautiful, mindless agony.

Is your cock getting hard as you watch her squirming? ...She's. trying so hard to keep her feet above the fire.... her legs are getting so tired.... muscles cramping.... soon she will not be able to save her pretty little feet from the hungry flames. Her eyes are squeezed tightly shut. her pretty face wincing... upper lip curling into a snarl as she grits her teeth. Can you see her? Do you love watching her struggle helplessly? The flames grow higher... licking at the smooth milk white flesh of her supple calves, her dimpled knees... Her bikini bottoms are smoldering from the heat.... the thin strings that keep them tied to her pert little round bottom flare and unravel.... the fabric shifts, and falls away from her slender loins, exposing the lovely triangle of soft pubic curls that cover her virginity. God Damn... you love watching this happen to the innocent little nymph! Oh Fuck..... how do you think it feels to her right now?

The poor girl screams as you toss more wood on the fire. Sparks fly around her, stinging her tender flesh like a swarm of killer bees as she arches her back and writhes. You marvel at the perfection of this young one... so nicely tanned, except for the pale skin that was protected from the sun by her bikini.

Her parents told her she was too young to come to Spring Break... her friends were already in college, while she had one more year of high school to get through. So she fibbed to them... told them she was going to Christian Youth Camp... then took her babysitting money and bought the plane ticket to Aruba... You saw her on the beach... younger... prettier... more perfect than all the others... Taking her from the bath house to your motor boat was so easy... now you have her here on your own little island... No one will ever find her body.

You sip your beer and stroke your cock as you watch the poor girl struggle helplessly. Smoke engulfs her and she coughs and retches... choking on the acrid fumes that sting her eyes... burn her lungs... Her muscles cramp, and her knees unbend... though she is trying so hard not to let them... The ocean breeze picks up again, clearing the smoke in time for you to see the look of total terror and agony on her angelic face as her sweet little feet fall into the hungry flames.

Her screams rise in pitch... becoming animal howls as she kicks and squirms ... spreading her legs... trying to move her feet out of the flames... Then, as if in answer to her shrieks... the flames leap higher, searing the soft, smooth flesh of her slender thighs. God! imagine how it must feel to be her right now! Whump! her pussy hair ignites in a brief flash.... and in a heartbeat, her virgin cunt is singed bare.

She looks so fragile... so hopeless.... her fresh young innocence is intoxicating as you watch her suffer.... writhing in a wild frenzy. Her slender form illuminated by the warm glow of the fire as it slowly consumes her. Her feet flailing back and forth in the flames as she screams... the fire feels like millions of sharp needles piercing her tender flesh to the bones... she tries to bend her knees again... to lift her sizzling feet from the unbearable pain... but her knees have locked up and will no longer obey her. Pulling with her arms ,bending her elbows, she manages to raise herself some... but her arms are shaking from the effort... she won't be able to keep from falling back. Her feet are still in the flames.

The nerve endings in her feet are beginning to deaden from the intense heat... the million needles beginning to fade to a hot throbbing sensation.... her little toes stop wiggling... Her aching biceps cramp and fail her and she falls back into the flames... her screams rising ever higher and more desperate as the million needles begin eating at her knees... her thighs.... slowly rising higher..... like an unwelcome lover coming to deflower this sweet little virgin sacrifice.

You are stroking your cock as you watch the erotic scene playing out before you... watching this poor, lovely, doomed young girl suffering.... suffering..... you love watching her feel it. Your voice is a husky growl... "Mmmmm..... feel it Kitten.... here it comes Baby..... here it comes.... oh yeah..... feel it...feel it... feel it" Careful not to cum too soon.... you lighten your grip on your member.... stroking gently.... timing yourself..... you want to cum just at the moment the light finally flickers out of her wide, frightened eyes.

As the heat grows more intense, the elastic melts and the straps holding her bikini top sizzles and pops... the charred fabric pulling loose... baring the pale white perfection of her small, shapely young breasts, so pale compared to the soft tan of the rest of her her sun kissed body. the fabric shrinks and gathers around her pretty throat like a bow.

So sweet... this tender little slip of a girl.... so beautiful in her suffering... her eyes wide with the terror of what is happening to her.... "Oh God..... Baby...... Feel it!!!"

At this point she is breathing so fast.... you hope she doesn't pass out from hyperventilation before the inferno kisses her sweet little cunt. Her screams have become an endless series of rapid shrieks... even as she is inhaling she manages to keep squealing... her perfect little tits bouncing and swaying as she squirms and twists. The cruel flames sear the tender creamy flesh of her inner thighs... the heat of the flames slowly, relentlessly approaching her delicate pussy... as bare now as a baby's... feeling the hot breath of the devouring fire as the flames come to rape her to death.

Her labia shrivel and shrink like frostbitten flower petals, exposing the tender moist membranes of her inner vulva.... her clitoris... her hymen... She pees.... her stream of urine hissing as it hits the fire... a cloud of smoke engulfs her for a moment... she is coughing... retching..... choking...... she feels the hot vapors burning deep in her lungs... then the flames leap as the smoke clears, and you see the moment..... the bright flames rise and touch her most intimate tender place... her hymen bursts and her clitoris blisters and sizzles as the demons of Hell begin to devour her tender virginity.

The poor child arches her back, arms pulling her up one last time...up.. but not nearly high enough. Her elbows bend 'till her pretty little head is almost as high as her shackled wrists.... a last, desperate attempt to rise above the Hellish torment. Her long, silky tresses fly in a wild cloud around her face... beautiful in her anguish... as she shakes her head back and forth as if to plead "no... no... oh God..... please..... just make it stop!"

Slowly.... slowly her arms give up the useless struggle, and she sinks back down into the conflagration... her face a mask of horror.... agony..... confusion.... hopelessness.... Her screams have weakened now, becoming the whimpering, sobbing heartbroken cries of a lost child. You salivate as you watch her last moments... smelling the aroma of roast meat as her legs and feet cook in the center of the blaze.... Sooo erotic... watching the flames lick her juicy little pussy... oooh.... her cunt is bubbling! Fuck, you love witnessing the wanton destruction of tender girl flesh! The heat cooking her as she continues to wiggle. Flames are sizzling the fatty layer of her cute round bottom... the skin of her thighs cracking and peeling as the fire swirls around her slender young form... rising higher still... spreading across her lower tummy... charring.... blistering... destroying all the youthful innocence of her adolescent body... She is soo beautiful... her lovely shoulders... slender arms stretched high... the breeze blowing her long silky hair around... the flames not reaching high enough to mar the perfection of her sorrowful young face.

She jerks and shakes as death finally comes for her... you watch her gasp and cry out one last time... and shudder in a series of wild convulsions as the flames rise, rippling across her belly... her navel... her stomach... her rib cage.... and begin to devour her succulent, puffy watch them blister and swell and redden as her little tits begin to melt. and as her wide, innocent, terrified young eyes roll toward Heaven, she moans softly... and fails to take another breath. Your sperm gushes from your throbbing cock as you watch her limp, lifeless little body twitching in the flames... This was the best Annual Spring Break Bonfire ever!

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