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Gangbang Roleplay (Males and Females Needed)

Feb 23, 2019
United States
I'm currently looking to assemble a group for an erotic gangbang roleplay.

•I am a submissive female

•I need AT LEAST two men and another woman

•It will take place in PMs

•No Limits


Dec 9, 2018
What about femboys or futas? Also we should all at least state what we're NOT into, just so everyone's comfortable.

Dr. Moon

Herald of Brutality
Jan 2, 2019
East Coast
Well judging by our roaster so far, this look pretty promising to me. I can foresee some hard epic sex scene.
Feb 7, 2011
FWIW - The person who started this thread joined BM Feb 23, left some messages, and nothing sense. Her last appearance was Feb 25, before the responses started appearing on this thread. I suggest if this rp is going to happen, it may be up to the rest of us to organize it.

You know, there is a category for group or open role plays. We could move this discussion to one of those, if the interest is still there.
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