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The Gardener (early story by Jennifer Kilmey) NSFW!

Feb 19, 2019
story: the gardener

(one of my earliest stories. I was 16 when I wrote it.)

Posted by jennifer kilmey on the Necrobabes Forum, November 10, 2000

It was a simple tool. A small, hand held garden rake. A claw, really, three long, sharp steel tines shaped like the talons of a bird of prey. He fondled it as he thought of her.

It started out as just a kinky game, or so little Jenny had innocently believed as she let him bind her wrists. He was going to photograph her for a detective magazine, he'd said. And she went along with it. Now, helplessly dangling from the ceiling beam, the petit blonde was so scared she wanted to vomit. He had stuffed a rag into the poor chick's mouth and gagged her. She tried to scream, but her muffled whimpering wasn't going to wake anyone.

"Oh God", she thought, "If I can only get out of this alive..." But it was already too late for a happy ending. He had planned it so well, stalking the young blonde beauty for weeks, marveling at the maddening perfection of her teenage body, the skimpy bikini hiding nothing as she walked slowly down the beach. It had been so easy to befriend her, gain her confidence. Now his barefoot angel was hanging by her wrists, awaiting the end. The end would not be pretty.

She stiffened as he began to undress her. Tears welling in her wide, desperate blue eyes as one by one he tore the buttons off her blouse and ripped her silky bra open baring her sweet little breasts, so white compared to the soft tan of the rest of her. She tried to scream again, but the gag choked her. All was madness and the terrifying certainty of her impending death was unbearable. He pulled her jeans down over her slender thighs. Her skin was magic to him. So soft, tiny blonde hairs glistening with cold sweat. He grabbed her pink panties and tore them from her body, exposing the only other part of her that wasn't tanned.

The sight of her nude, helpless, trembling, was more than he could bear. He grabbed her pussy hair and yanked brutally, dragging the struggling wench to him. "I'm going to kill you, Jenny" he whispered, as she kicked and twisted. "I'm going to tear your lovely tummy open and watch your pretty little body squirm as your guts spill out on the floor.

He touched the rake to the softness of her belly and slowly began to push the claw like fingers into her. Her flesh dimpled around each point. She screamed. a long muffled squeal as the rude weapon bit through tender skin and pierced her abdominal muscles. She vomited then, and began to choke as he wrenched the long talons up into her and finally let go of her pubis.

"God!" "It hurts!" "Oh God, please make it stop!" Oh, NoNoNo..." The poor little bitch's mind raced on though her voice could only gurgle.

He pulled up on the rake handle and raised her higher, kicking and squirming off the ground. The brutal claws slowly ripping her apart as she hung by her belly. Jenny's skinny little body began to convulse in the naked horror of hideously unbearable pain.

"Welcome to hell, Kitten" he whispered, staring into the insanely bulging blue eyes of the dying girl. The young innocence of her tear stained face still lovely through her grimace. Her sad face seemed to ask "Why?" as he wrenched the rake out of her, splattering gore across the floor, her small intestine spilling out and uncoiling between her thighs.

Her limp body swinging free now, her sad little feet twitch as life slowly ebbs away, leaving her inch by inch, as the pain snuffs her out forever, crushing all her young girl dreams and hopes forever.

"I love you Jennifer" he whispers as her final death rattle shakes her shattered angel's body leaving only a lovely brutalized corpse. blonde, bloody, dead.
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