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Physical Education (Field, Gymnasium, etc) (Ursula Ullman's Class)


Sep 30, 2016
Nothing about the course is too different when compared to other physical education courses; the only significant difference really is, of course, the nudity of the students and the teacher herself. A disciplined woman, she knows her way around the course having been a student here before, and she will do whatever she deems as necessary for the students to learn while keeping them all in shape. Of all the courses, when it comes to the teacher's 'green light' towards sexual play among students, at least how it was with previous physical education teachers, the students were tasked to practice more 'Karma Sutra'-themed positions to practice overall endurance. Now, whether Ursula will follow the previous example, or throw in her new methods, the students would have to come and learn for themselves on joining in...
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