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Fine Arts Building (Art, music, drama, etc)


Sep 30, 2016
Here is where the various art classes take place, in addition to clubs after hours as well. Firstly, on the ground floor, here, students will learn to paint, sculpt, carve... just about practice in all art forms, but will not be limited to a brush or just their hands, either. Additionally, in this building also happens to be a home economics room that allows for cooking and other home-practical skills.

On the second floor, there's a music room as well as a practice staging room for those intending to get into acting. Like all the rooms, there was very little to limit visual access within, but they were pretty sound tight, though not entirely sound proof. That being said, however, both rooms are incapable of interrupting one another.

There is a stairway that allows students to head up onto the roof of the building, where they may opt to practice in peace by themselves should they desire some sense of privacy in what they do. The roof may also be a hang-out spot for any and all students if they so desire at any time after hours, based on their preference.
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