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Dormroom A-4 (Chloe Williams and William Thorn)


Sep 30, 2016
As with all dorm rooms, on entry, there will be two separate bedrooms, a single bathroom with a bath/shower combo, and a well-spaced out living space with attached kitchen, basically furnished but can be customized to the student's taste for the years to come. All doorways are glass in a metal frame, to provide an open feeling at all times for all students, including the door that leads into the dorm room itself. All 'A-#' dorm rooms are on the second floor; this dorm room features a large window in the living space designed to look out on campus to witness the other students and their activities taking place. Students of N.A.K.E.D Academy, enjoy your stay!


Will dragged his luggage into his room, studiously ignoring his own erection and his beautiful naked roommate. He unpacked his very few clothes and his many electronics. Finally, he tenderly retuned his violin, settling it into its new environment like a rare tropical fish, before closing it up again.

He had mercifully lost his erection during his violin yoga, and was able to settle in to his new situation without too much awkwardness.

Despite his stage fear, which was callibrated at five thousand people in evening clothes for a forty minute solo, and his textbook geeky appearance, Will was fairly comfortable in his own skin. Likewise, his sexual experience was in tune with the bohemian musician crowd and the idle rich, so he was no virgin either.

"Well, could have been much worse," he reassured himself in the mirror. "Still way less kinky than band camp."


Aug 25, 2014
Chloe finally arrived and looked around noticing Will was also there on his part of the room, "Looks like your my roommate". She moved her hair back as she tossed all of her stuff on the corner of her room and nodded at herself. Giggling she took her stuff and the small bag she bought to carry things around since she would have no pockets and tossed the keys, her phone and a few others stuff like ID in it making it ready for the chance where she would need to go out. Stretching her back she looked inside one of her bags for another small bag of lollypops and tossed her inside her carry-on bag. Noticing a message she could not help to smirk as she noticed who it was, "Going to town huh? should be interesting going to town naked". Picking up her carry on bag she walked over to the door before looking back, "I am going to the mall with one girl, you are free to come if you want to we will meet at the gate in a couple of minutes".


"Oh hey," Will greeted Chloe with a friendly smile, and couldn't help glancing down at her body. "Er, gosh you are beautiful, er..." He blushed.

"That sounds great, I appreciate the offer. But are you sure I won't be in the way? That one girl seems really into you." He smiled knowingly.

"I should probably take the opportunity to practise while the dorm is empty, and come along next time. Thanks though!"

He suddenly remembered something.

"Oh by the way, if you ever want me to give you guys the room for... anything, just say the word. I really hope we can be friends, Chloe!"


As soon as Chloe left, Will went through his to-do list:

- don't faint
- unpack
- make friends??
- fiddle (masturbate)
- fiddle (rachmaninov!!)

He checked off 'unpack' and 'make friends' then went to masturbate, and then checked that off too. Finally he unpacked the violin, microtuned it, and started sawing away at it like a maniac for several hours.

The open windows and his nakedness was a fair dose of exposure therapy for his performance anxiety, and he felt some improvement keeping his bow hand steady.
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