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A Broken Fantasy [Interest Check]

Feb 6, 2019
Hello! Thanks for giving this thread a quick look, it is an idea for a high fantasy kind of rp I was hoping to make. Any kind of change to story or element is completely open to discuss as it should be fun for us both.

In a world of monsters and heroes, the Elencium is a supposed middle ground of the main five countries (Avalon, Tarium, Gondal, Xarth, and Piva) a country where all were welcomed and where heroes from all the lands gathered and learned from each other. The Elencium was created to never support any war of the nations and made to keep counties safe from monsters as it acted as a prison for the worst of the worst. That was until the Elencium was attacked by some of the very heroes it trained, freeing the beasts and killing many of the heroes there under orders from the rulers of their respective country to kill the leaders of the Elencium. In anger, the Elencium ordered their heroes to refuse to help any country or risk being executed. The heroes were shattered as many stayed loyal to the Elencium and others to their homes and families. Monsters were now ravaging the world with heroes and innocents stuck in a war between themselves and nations. Heroes have turned into outlaws and tyrants as they were fueled by lost and anger. The world had shattered and would only get worse unless something was done.

Varian Terr was an Elf/Human Halfling from the forest of Tarium and had just reached the age where he was allowed to leave the forest. He sought out knowledge of his human half and of what the world had become. He wanted answers and was determined he wasn't the only one out to get them.

So basically I was hoping to make a fantasy world where it was heroes that ended it and are now many are stuck on the wrong side of history. Maybe characters can see how bad things have gotten when the common folk see people they used to support become the monsters they hated. will be back to add more
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