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Fx Male Lady Di's Plots and Pairings

di moon

Jan 20, 2019

Hello, I'm Di. Some quick bullet points with me...

☑ I work nights, so probably won't see me on much before 3pm EST.​
☑ I have health issues, so while I try to reply every day, sometimes it takes me a few days to post due to exhaustion. Right now, I am getting back into the swing of things, posting to past partners and finding my stride where I can. So, looking at 1-2posts, maybe more in a week.​
☑ I'm looking for long-term roleplays, building a story and developing characters.​
☑ Open to different sorts of Lore-we can build our own or you can send me a link and I can see if I like it or not.​
☑ Third person, past tense writing style, please. 2+ paragraphs. My average is 2-4 for a normal post, but starters could be more because of the information that needs included with it. Please, don't let my starters scare you.​
☑ I RP via PMs only. I don't like roleplaying on Discord, sorry.​
☑ Fairly general No Godmodding-use some common sense. Yes, if you shove my character she will likely be falling down-do not try to state what she does in reaction to that or what she is thinking or feeling-that's my job to write, and the fun bits. I'll do my best to not rob you of that fun, I ask the same courtesy in return.​
☑ I'm not dead set on just these plots. They are just jumping off points and ideas. Feel free to send me your ideas. Just make sure they are ideas and not just pairing with no other information-I don't want to play 20 questions just to work out an outline of a premise.​
☑ If you approach me about an idea you have, or if the plot is starting out in a place that is a key fixation in the life of your character (their home, etc), be prepared to start.​
☑ I don't adhere strictly to dom/sub roles. My characters tend to have backbones, even if it takes some time to find them. Character development is fun.​
☑ I don't play aunts or mothers opposite younger males-sorry. This is an escape/fun thing for me, I don't want to play a slice of life/real life-like version of myself.​
☑ DO NOT dictate my faces or characters to me. I can make mine, you can make yours.​
☑ F-List in my signature if you need it. Otherwise, you can click here.
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di moon

di moon

Jan 20, 2019

Cross My Heart
Story of the ages...Rich man gets sick, finds out he needs a new heart and likely won't live to recieve one via donor. So, what is he to do? He makes a bargain for one who is as close to a match as can be found from non-family. No promises it won't work, but everyone has their price...Her father's price just so happened to be that the man who wanted his heart would make sure the family he was leaving behind would be taken care of...She didn't know that meant she'd have to get married.​
Various options for male character: the man receiving the heart, one of his family members, would even consider a business partner with a close enough tie to make it be that he wasn't passing the buck on the responsibility.​
Variations: Might be a hard sell, but we could go with a steampunk sort of setting? I'm not too into sci-fi or cyberpunk-sorry.​

Blast From the Past
High school romances rarely last beyond high school-rare still for them to make it through the college years? But what if there was that one couple everyone swore would be together forever? What happens when he is given the opportunity of al ifetime, swears he'll come back, but she never hears from him again? Worse yet-what if he left her with a little souvenir that just turned nine not too long ago when he stumbles across her at the 10-year reunion?​
Various options for male character: self-explanatory, sorry. However, have at the sort of opporunity that came up-musician, artist, athlete, etc...​
Variations: If you want to add a supernatural spin, we can.​
Home Is Where the Heart Is
It wasn’t an easy life, growing up on the small farm...Her mother had died when she was a kid, leaving her alone with her dad...And things weren’t easy...At times they were downright hard...But it was an honest one that taught her important values. No one expected for her father to die of a heart attack, leaving her all alone. The day of the funeral arrived, but even she wouldn’t have guessed that he’d show up.​
Various options for male character: I was picturing her father's best friend she hadn't heard from in years, but would be open to other males...A distant relation, an old friend, an ex of her own who took off (maybe to the military or something similar)​
Variations: Can move to a different era​
A Girl Abroad
How often do you get the chance to travel? Check out the world outside the small little dot on the globe where you were born? End up in another country, experienceing new cultures? She came into some money, traveled around, and found a place that just spoke to her. A new place to call home, new experiences to enjoy...Who knows what's around the next corner.​
Various options for male character: A neighbor, a coworker, some random person/traveler out and about she bumps into​
Variations: Country is open for discussion(though please understand my knowledge may be based on a quick Wiki-search lol), but would like it to be outside the USA. Can be moved to a different era, preferably Victorian age if this variation is desired.​
Military Wife
It was all whirlwind. She'd met him at a bar, and had fallen head over heels for him. A quick trip to an all-night chapel, and they were married. The next thing she knew, she was whisked away to life on base...And now...Well, it's certainly an adjustment.​
Various options for male character: Intending for it to be her husband, but we can discuss it.​
Variations: Can change the era, make him an officer for the British Empire or something. Or do mid-century US. Open to ideas.​

I Think I Found Myself A Cheerleader/Taken

A cheerleader finds herself in an unappealing situation. It was bad enough when her parents couldn’t afford to keep the water or electric on, or food in the fridge when she was growing up but things have gotten worse. Her dopehead parents have gone a little too far with their habits, and she no longer feels safe at home, but the local offices aren’t of any help. So, she ran away. Sort of. She’s nearly done with school, and she just wants to try to ride out to the end of the year, and hopefully find a way to put this sordid chapter of her life behind her.
Various options for a male character: A teacher who lets her stay? A cop? A school friend whose parents are never home? Old family friend or relative who turned their own life around? A would-be sugar-daddy? Something else? Your ideas
Variations: Age range 16-18 years of age for female character. Can be adjusted to a college environment.

The Found Handmaiden/Taken

Once upon a time, when a Shifter’s tribe could produce no children of their own, a Handmaiden could be claimed-A young woman marked by the gods who could bear the offspring of someone from a Shifter Tribe without complications. Wars raged, temples destroyed to try kill off enemies. Time moved on…Some tribes flourished, others died. Handmaidens were born without knowing their place in the world, though were sometimes found by Shifters and made aware…Rare, but not unheard of amongst the tribes. One Shifter has gone in search of a Handmaiden, and finds one-though she’s not exactly what he expected. A young woman doesn’t believe him when he tries to tell her what she is. She has a daughter to care for, and little time for stories.
Various options for male character: Pick a were-creature. Can be adjusted for vampires or another supernatural creature.
Variations: She can have a sibling instead of a daughter, or just be single and not have a child.

Wrong Number/Taken

Her parents kept setting up dates for her since they realized her having seven older brothers tended to scare out most guys who might think to ask her out. After one botched blind-date, she started getting texts from an unknown number…Someone who was drunk, and thought they were texting their ex those sexy pictures. Whoever had dumped him-damn, what was wrong with her? Unless he was a total prick…But still…Pretty Prick to look at…
Various options for male character: Yeah, this one is pretty narrow with male role ideas.
Variations: Ages 16+. They just exchange texts? They eventually meet?

Dangerous Liaisons/Taken

She was raised in the criminal underworld. While teens were excited about learning to drive, she was learning to fire a weapon and kill a man. She wasn’t meant to be a typical female of the underground culture, all sass and charm and only seeing to domestic bliss. Her father had other plans for her. Even when another family pressured them into an arranged marriage, she came out on top, absorbing her late husband’s holdings into her own after a terrible attack killed him. Now, she’s come back to her home turf for her father’s final days, readying to take on the mantle of Donna.
Various options for male character: Special agent, one of her father’s men, an old acquaintance from way back when, your ideas.
Variations: Can pick a nice place, setting. Can adjust the timeline, have her in her teens or twenties.

Modern Gods/Taken

She was born a half-nymph, her father a cult leader and her mother a nymph guardian for those who followed her father. On her eighteenth birthday, she left home, travelling the world and making little community gardens in her wake. When she was 21, she found herself falling ill for the first time in her life. When she recovers, she notices that her powers have changed, not only is she able to make them grow and turn back into seeds, but she’s able to give them sentience. A demi-god or other ancient lore figure finds her and explains that she’s a Vessel, the modern holding of the power of the goddess Demeter. An evil god who escaped the sleep of the gods has been slowly and systematically destroying the gods through finding those Vessels. What will happen?
Various options for male character: One of the demi-gods, or ancient lore figures (Hercules, Orpheus, Achilles, etc),
Variations: Could even do another Vessel, we can pick Pan, or Hades, or another dark god or goddess as a villain to bring into play now and then, too.

Model Behavior/Taken

She was kicked out at a young age, and lived on the streets for a while. It just so happened that she learned to do snatch and grabs, along with pickpocketing from some of the best in the city, giving her a different education than she could acquire in a traditional classroom. One day, she slipped a wallet from some guy's jacket when she bumped into him, and she managed to get away quick enough, but he managed to track her down. Told her he wouldn't press charges, but she had to do him a favor-one of his models cancelled and he needed someone last minute. She'd get some swag, and he wouldn't have to eat the cost of the shoot or the lost contract for his agency. Getting dolled up, taking some pictures, and not going juvy sounded like a good thing to her. For some reason, people liked her pictures, a lot...He tracked her down again, and offered her a contract-that was when her past was discovered...He got her imancipated, set her up in a decent apartment, and made her agree to keep her grades up between photoshoots, and he wouldn't annoy her too much...Now, she's in her last year of high school (or in college if preferred), and she looks like the quintesential geek-loose clothes, glasses, ponytail, maybe leggings under and oversized shirt, but looking at her, no one would guess what her weekend job was.
Various options for male character: classmate who discovers her secret, classmate that wins a day with her, a fellow model who doesn't recognize her and acts like a jerk and can't then understand why the model he's having to work with doesn't like him, neighbor, agent, photographer
Variations: Can switch it to a college setting

Part of a Bargain/Taken

She never would have suspected her father of having a gambling problem. Sure, money was often tight, she worked hard to help make sure the family had a roof over their heads and food on the table. So, when her father took her out, dressed her up-she thought she was being given a treat. What she found out was that in order to forgive his debts, one of the men who owned them decided to forgive them-if her father was to give him her daughter. So, now...She belongs to a stranger, and she has no say.
Various options for male character: another that is a little narrow, but could have her trapped by the Don and he gives her out as a prize or reward...Could be one of his men or sons.
Variations: Can switch it to a different era

Dirty Little Secrets/Taken

She needed money, and there was a business that was more than willing to help her out...Provided she was willing to do what they asked. It started out easy enough-Stand and look pretty while holding trays or serving drinks or food-granted, she was naked, but no one was allowed to touch...It shifted from there-they could touch, but she'd get paid more per job. Then massages...Happy endings...Little camera shows where she was explored and her switch nature was exposed...Her virginity auctioned off...Glory holes...Orgies and gangbangs...Private sessions where she would dominate and submit...Always more and more money from the high-end clientele...All while keeping up her appearance of the innocent girl next door in her normal life...
Various options for male character: A teacher, relative, neighbor, or someone who knows the innocent side finding out what she does to earn money...Or one of the men who recognize her away from the little events where they'd seen the sort of things she could do.
Variations: Can switch it to a different era

Destination Wedding/Taken
Her sister is marrying her ex-fiance, and this was one wedding that she would have been happy to skip...But her father has called in a favor, and offered something she has always wanted. So, here she is...The literal last place in the world she wants to be.
Various options for male character: a wedding guest, or one of the groomsmen. Not looking to do bride or groom in this one, sorry.
Variations: We can discuss where it sounds most fun to have the desitnation wedding, and awkward moments to throw our characters into.

Ghosts of the Past/Taken
A vampire for a long time, it wasn't uncommon for her to spend five or ten years with one person before disappearing from their life or seemingly dying. So, what happens when she crosses paths with someone she had known in their younger years and they recognize her?
Various options for male character: A former flame (aged 20+ years), so this is pretty open
Variations: Can switch it to a different era
The Chastity Ball/Taken
Considered a rite of passage for good young girls of certain breeding, anyone from outside the select circle thinks it a ball where fathers take their daughters to teach them the importance of purity until marriage. What really happens is the initiation these fathers get to give their girls into the world of pleasure-whether they like it or not. It starts with a weekend where the girls are taught the importance of keeping themselves pure...For their fathers...Until he deems otherwise.
Various options for male character: pretty self-explanatory, though someon could play a younger aged grandfather, uncle, or stepfather in lieu of an absent biological father.
Variations: Can switch it to a different era.
He's a single father who has needed a babysitter, but few seem to stick around for long for one reason or another. Maybe the kid(s) is/are a handful? Maybe he lives out where it creeps the sitters to come out to? She has stayed the longest, and when a bad storm makes it impossible for her to go home, what might they get up to once little ones are asleep?
Various options for male character: pretty self-explanatory.
Variations: Can switch it to a different era.

A Little Tip
It was a surprise, really. She was driving for a food delivery service-GrubHub, DoorDash, etc- when someone put a funny change amount for the tip. She brought the food, and the guy was pretty cute...He looked her over, commented on how she wasn't the usual girl, but she couldn't really do much about answering his questions. Then he asked her if she wanted to make a quick hundred bucks...And he could guarantee more special tips if she wanted to play along with their little game...Dress up a certain way, perform a particular act...A fun way to make some extra cash, for sure.​
Various options for male character: Any number of sorts of males that would know someone to tip them off about the fun little delivery they can get.​

Variations: If you want to add a supernatural spin, we can.
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di moon

di moon

Jan 20, 2019

The Caged Dame
She was raised in the hills, a family of bootleggers. Someone wanted her family's loyalty, but they refused to give it. So, she found herself kidnapped, kept like a songbird. Made to sing in the speakeasys of the ganster who kidnapped her, dolled up, but forbidden from speaking to anyone...​
Various options for male character: Kidnapper, someone that works for him, policeman, customer at the speakeasy, relative, family friend...​
Variations: Can add magic, so she can be turned into a bird and kept in a cage or other things.​

Treat You Better
She showed up on his doorstop one day. He'd put a notice out for a cleaning lady. She looked neat and tidy, her clothing fine for someone one might think was looking for work, but the addition of a bit more powder under one of her mismatched eyes was all that was needed to tell that she had a secret waiting at home, one she was trying to escape. He might not be a shining knight or prince charmer, but he could definitely show her something different.​
Various options for male character: One that is fairly limited-the owner of the home/one who placed the notice is the intent. Got another idea, open to hearing it.​
Variations: Can add some supernatural elements if you like.​

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di moon

Jan 20, 2019

A Few Inconveniences
Little did she know that her father was one of the wealthiest men in the country. When he died, he named her heir, so the girl who grew up quietly in the country has found herself in a new position, facing a few hard truths when it comes to the reasons men may fall in love.​
Various options for male character: A suitor of some sort, whether rich and wanting more wealth, someone looking to climb the social ladder, a down on his luck aristocrat, an opportunist looking to advance his own fortunes, etc...​
Variations: Can move to a different era, but was thinking Victorian or Regency (Pride and Prejudice time-wise idea)​
A "Dollar" Bride
What little girl didn't grow up with tales of commoners becoming nobles or royalty by marrying a prince? Well, when nobles find themselves land-rich and money poor, unable to pay debts and taxes, what can they do? Well, advertise a need for a bride of means-so what if these American girls are basically buying English or European titles?​
Various options for male character: A noble of some sort, lacking funds. Only requirement-otherwise, can have fun within that stipulation.​
Variations: Might be willing to have someone be a "Dollar" Groom, but not completely sold on that trade quite yet.​

Devil’s Backbone

She was a respectable young lady…Was…Outlaws came through her family’s farm, and did what outlaws do. She was considered ruined after that. It hadn’t been her fault, but what could be done? No other man from town would think she’d make a respectable wife after that…She left town, eventually coming to stay in a brothel in another town. It didn’t take her long to move up the ranks, and she’s now the madam, running the saloon and wrangling the girls…And the regular customers know that cane she strolls around town with can be used for more than a fashionable accessory when she’s provoked.​
Various options for male character: Someone from her past coming across her, realizing who she used to be. A prominent figure who’d rather his visits to the cathouse be as discreet as possible. A man who enjoys strong-willed females and trying to bend them to his will. Your ideas.​
Variations: Can be shifted from Old West Americas to Britain or Europe with some minor adjustments.​

Through the Looking Glass/Taken

A young lady has been traveling for interviews to become a governess to one of many families that have been seeking out someone they think would suit. Late one night, she is walking, hears something behind her, and turns to see what is going on and confront a would-be attacker if necessary. Her world goes black. She wakes up in an opulent apartment, the bedroom she wakes up in connected to a bathroom and a sitting room, and there is an enclosed garden through doors in one wall. The opposite wall is nothing but a large, discolored mirror. She can’t find any way out. The furniture is too heavy to try to lift to see if there is something on the other side of the mirror. She finds food waiting for her for mealtimes, things she might need appear in the small apartment while she’s sleeping or in another room, but she has yet to see anyone.
Various options for male character: The girl has been kidnapped by a secret society, and on the other side of the mirror can be found men, watching her like voyeurs, determining her suitability for their plans before they begin bidding. A nobleman enjoys finding spirited young women to teach what he thinks are important lessons to help them excel in the world outside the cage he has made for them. He was promised a bride of his choice by the King, and he has decided on the girl now in the rooms on the other side of the mirror, and he plans to slowly teach her what is expected before their wedding. Your ideas.
Variations: Can be moved from seemingly English/European setting to American with minor adjustments. Can be adjusted to a medieval setting if requested. Can also be adjusted to modern with major changes to circumstances-example: Girl is transient/homeless/runaway without access to functioning phone, etc. Supernatural elements can be added. (Modern is Taken)
Other Notes: I have a setup post made for this with a Victorian setting if you’d like to read it and get an idea of the mood I set up, and make adjustments as needed.
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di moon

di moon

Jan 20, 2019

The Crown
Her family has served the crown since the kingdom was founded. Lords and Ladies in their own rights, whoever wears the crown knows they can find allies in her clan. Her brother is the Lord-Chamberlain, her sister is engaged to the prince, and she—Is considered mad as a loon. Mysterious illnesses that plagued her in her youth meant her father had never put the pressures on her that he had her siblings. Secretly, she’s been seeing the eldest son of a new family in the court-one that is not held in the highest esteem by the royal family. Changes are coming, but what? And who shall hold the crown when they have passed?​
Various options for male character: The son she has been seeing. Another noble. An enemy of the crown. Your ideas.​
Variations: Can’t think of anything right off the top of my head, but if you have something in mind, feel free to share.​

A Foreign Court
She came from a kingdom where women ruled. The seventh daughter of the Empress, she was sent as Ambassador, her father as the captain of her personal guard. Unfortunately, everyone assumed her father was the ambassador and found it odd that he treated his daughter with such deference. It presented her with a unique outlook and means to observe the court-how they actually treated one another when not having to put on airs. Then her father was killed in a plot to keep her host kingdom from garnering support...Then the king refused to allow her to leave, claiming he couldn't allow a woman to go about unchaperoned...Really, he was afraid of what might happen if she returned and talked of her "the ambassador" was murdered beneath his roof.​
Various options for male character: King, Prince, other courtier​
Variations: Can have magic if you like.​

The Desert Rose
Her father was a merchant, her mother a low-ranking noble. Her eldest brother was set to inherit the title, and her other brother meant to take over the trade. That left her with no seeming future. Advantage is everything, and her father came up with a perfect advantage-a connection that no one in the kingdom has, a familial one using his daughter to gain it. So, she is to become a wife to one of the leaders of the tribes in the desert kingdom. Little is known of their ways, so she must learn as she goes...​
Various options for male character: Fairly set in roles for this one, but creative freedom within the idea for age, looks, demeanor, etc​
Variations: Can be medieval, Victorian, pure fantasy with magic, open to this idea.​

The Witch's Cottage
She led a very uneventful life, or so she thought. She was raised by the old woman in the cottage, and then she died and the girl became the old witch in the cottage. People would find their ways to the altars, the magic alerting her to when someone was seeking her aid...Other times, people just found their way to the clearing where her home stood...But who knows what might stumble upon her altars or her home...Or why...​
Various options for male character: A noble, a merchant, an adventurer, a witch hunter-pretty open here...​
Variations: Can’t think of anything right off the top of my head, but if you have something in mind, feel free to share.​

Under the Rule of the Blood
Blood Mages rule, and woe to any who have another magic without their sponsorship. So, what does a Child of Life do when she’s discovered after being on the run for years?​
Various options for male character: A noble, a merchant, an adventurer- just has to be a Blood Mage.​
Variations: Can’t think of anything right off the top of my head, but if you have something in mind, feel free to share.​

Various options for male character:
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di moon

Jan 20, 2019

Underlined=my preferred role - No underline, no preference

Cop x Mafia Princess/Leader
Cop x Supernatural
x Supernatural Neighbor
Human x Werewolf
Human x Vampire
Human x Dragon in human form
Modern Royalty x Commoner
Soldier returning home x Ex
Someone x Ex
Star of some kind x Non-fan
Former school mates or enemies meeting again years later
Returning to the small town where they grew up, maybe one never left
Strangers crash-landed and having to survive until they can find help, or a search party arrives
Post-Apoc pairings/ideas, NO ZOMBIES
Your Suggestions

Air ships - Age Gap - Amnesia - Apartment Life - Arranged Marriage - Blind - Boarding House Living - Boys Over Flowers Inspiration - Cafe - Cutesy - Demons - Fantasy - Fluff - Lake House - Lost in an Unfamiliar Place - Magic - Nature - Old Acquaintances - One Night Stand - Opposites Attract - Prohibition Era - Romantic - School - Seductions - Slice of Life - Small Town Return - Supernatural Creatures - Steampunk(ish) - Storms - Unplanned Pregnancy​
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di moon

Jan 20, 2019

Hawaii 5-0 -- Steve McGarrett and my OC, have a few ideas for this I'd be willing to share if interested
Stardew Valley -- have an original idea for this, more using the setting, but okay with simple fandom rp involving my oc and a game character
Vampire Diaries/Originals -- Damon, Elijah, Klaus; can do sometime in their pasts, so past eras before the shows take place
Blood Ties -- Show or books, I've read a good chunk of them and I just found it again on Prime...So yeah-world or if you'd like to play Henry with an OC, more than happy to do that!
NCIS -- Gibbs and a long lost daughter
S.W.A.T. -- Hondo or Deacon and my OC
Leverage -- Eliot Spencer and my OC -- Had an idea for when he was working for Damien Moreau, or can do something after end of show
Stargate Universe -- OC's could be fun unless you'd really like to play an established character. Could even mix it up and have them meet others from the other Stargate shows. You would need to be familiar with the show for this.
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di moon

di moon

Jan 20, 2019

I got tired of making up a list of guys I found attractive for ideas, so here is a list to get an idea of the sort of hotness I appreciate if anyone is interested.
Feel free to use whatever face you like, this is just for those who are curious or find it easier to have a place to springboard from when looking for faces.
If anyone wonders why there happens to be not many blonds-I'm not opposed to them, but there are a lot of blonds in my family, and I just enjoy tall, dark, and handsome far more.

Alex O'Loughlin
Alexander Vlahos
Avan Jogia
Chris Pratt
Colin O'Donoghue
Douglas Booth
Dylan O'Brien
Eddie Cibrian
Gerard Butler
Godfrey Gao
Harry Shum Jr.
Ian Somerhalder
Idris Elba
Jason Momoa
Jay Harrington
Luke Evans
Michael Ealy
Oded Fehr
Orlando Bloom
Peter Facinelli
Ricky Whittle
Shemar Moore
Zac Efron
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di moon

Jan 20, 2019

Conduits Are People, Too!
In a world/galaxy/etc that has become technologically evolved, really the only thing they lack is the ability to upload their consciousness to technology (So think Altered Carbon-without the discs quite yet), but something has been discovered...Humans with the ability to connect to ancient technologies and new technologies. They have been deemed dangerous-able to control what is believed to be ancient alien technology, so they are taken by the government and kept under close watch...They are called Conduits-they look like humans, sound like them, but have abilities that are only made apparent when they connect or come into contact with ancient tech.​
Various options for male character: A caretaker, an upperclassman with a need for a Conduit, a warden/officer who is keeping an close eye on one, a government official, etc​
Variations: Can’t think of anything right off the top of my head, but if you have something in mind, feel free to share.​
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di moon

Jan 20, 2019
Some Writing Prompts

~A baby is no reason to get married! - But it's a good start...

~What keeps you up at night?

~You are my new pillow...
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