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My Favorite Ending Lines

Feb 25, 2016
Madness Incarnate
This is a compilation of my favorite closing lines from my work. I'm doing this cause I like them and I want to show them off. This will be updated if I ever write any other endings I like.

Western Ending (2019) - "And finally, in the harsh and unforgiving sun of the West, there lay only dust and blood."

Political Satire Piece (2018) - "At the very least, though, the Western Islanders and the Southern Islanders and even the Eastern Islanders could take comfort in the fact they were indeed all different, even if they got fucked over just the same."

Literary Fiction (2017) - "So we sat silently amidst the empty crowd, enjoying the game as it unfolded before us, unconsciously watching as life passed us by.

Second by second.

Day by day.

Year by year."
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