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Mx Female Few easy life hacks to defeat and humiliate your villainess in funny ways

Nov 7, 2018
Hey there ...

My name is mr. Silly and as the name kinda give it away im looking for funny stories with tons of humor, quirky actions and over the top reactions

Im looking for female players mostly sub or uppity to take the leading role of the villainess of the story.

The classic arrogant, mean , snobby and viscous woman always plotting and planning her own evil scheme to turn on top, of course at the cost of others.

Just not this time... As the sole purpose of our rp would be to get her down a couple of peg and get her to storm defeated back home with a pain in her romp.
Eh yes karma is a bitch.

With a series of predicament and misadventures she will suffer throu :

Messy scene
Ripping off clothes
Exposed nudity
And of course a lot of consensual (or non con) play.

No Gore or toilet play.

From the classic pie on the face, to a more elaborate spanking while stuck somewhere, weather in a one sided fight alone with a monster or perhaps with the help of an horny assistant ready to grope her with discretion every time opportunity arise. i can guarantee no peace in the near future for those up-to-no-good ladies.

I usually build a plot and the setting around other players liking so im not picky.
I can play Canon or OC ( the latter mold into anything of the players liking)

But if you looking for an idea of what im looking for or you just want a suggestion to build on it , here some plot.

Farmer's land
MY is a farmer that is trying to save a little piece of land that he owns from the hands of an evil corporate managed by YC.
But no matter how many dirty tricks she uses this farmer seem to be always ahead.. Even when YC decide to take matters in her own hands and deal with him directly.
Kinks: lots of animals and mud. Particularly hard to walk in stiletto too, especially when someone hid some rakes into the high grass.

Burglar day gone wrong.
The perfect plan and the perfect athletic body are no match for any score.
Except this last job where YC seems to step into every possible booby trap.

Power struggle.
A CEO ruthlessly control and destroy for profit everything she meet on her path.
That is until someone decide is time for payback.
An office/ warehouse scenario for a turned table plot.

In a comics like city are taking place some funny and bizzarre battles between MC and YC.
uniques powers on uniques characters and a lot of repeatability...
The villainess here have to just to bust out of jail for another story to kick in.

Its always the butler.
Tired by the obnoxious and cruel behavior of his mistress MC decide that enough is enough and begin a long and articulate plans to sabotage the every day life of an unaware ( bimbo?) rich spoiled and snobby socialite YC .
from public embarrassment to a never ending series of mishap that gonna carry her reputation and not only that.. Down in the mud. And who is that pesky fella that keep taking advantage of her body everytime she get stuck somewhere?.

To the adventure.
A greedy and resourceful tomb raider is looking for precious wonder around the world.
Of course she is not going to visit ancient tombs and mausoleums for archeological interest but more for profit.
Enter her trusted goon, a clumsy henchmen that can transform every trip into an adventure...
"Ops ma'am I think I just accidentally stepped on something.. "

A constant zany battle between an inventor and an evil corporate willing to steal his patent.
But in this case the battle is fought by brave little robots, with capacity at the limit of science fiction , mass produced by both side.
Sadly not only the inventor robot always show to be better equipped but the brilliant inventions always turn to have a sexual comeuppance for the leading villainess of the big corporate.
Yep... It's time to sit aside and let the sexual toy do the heavy lifting here.

Ok these are just ideas... You have your own let me know.
Always looking for fun stories.
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