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Fx Male Pirates anyone?

Jan 18, 2019
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm really into mood for an adventurous, action packed role-play that centers around pirates. I have more ideas than the ones listed below, but those are not quite as developed. If none of the plots caught your eye, but you're still interested in doing a role-play with me, feel free to contact me!

I know this is the part everyone dislikes, but this is something you should know if you want to role-play with me.

* I am a detailed in depth writer. I tend the flash out the story and describe what my character is doing and her surroundings pedantically. I write a lot. And I mean a lot! Specially when i'm into the story and what is going on. My writing reaches from 3 paragraphs to 10 or more. Really, I can write you a book. XD Though I do like to keep the dynamic, so If I feel that too much description could kill it, I won't include it.
*I write in third person, past tense.
* Side characters are a must! I like to build the world around our characters and that also means creating side characters, starting from close friends and enemies to a random drunk in a bar.
* As for the smut in the plot the ratio is 60/40 for the plot. Smut is very much welcome! But I find it get's boring if it's the main thing happening. I like to build up to the moment, tease and play with other character until neither of them can take it anymore. I need the plot and action to be the main thing. Let's leave sex for a cherry on the top and let the character's get to know each other.
*While my characters are submissive, they're far from innocent whimpering little girls. If you're seeking a naive girl with zero brain on her, I'm afraid I'm not the partner for you. My characters are strong willed, cunning and dangerous. They own sharp tongues and harsh tempers. Spitfires if you will. Often they have walls built up so high they themselves cannot see past them. They go from sly and flirty with hidden intents to cold and deadly.
*For male characters ( That would be you) I'm seeking a Dom. Someone strong and capable of breaking through her walls. Someone with a tragic past or someone as sly and capable of playing along. What i'm trying to say is, you can shape your character however you please, but don't give me someone incapable seeking for a mistress. Just Don't!!!
*I play only females in FxM pairing! But when it comes to side characters, I have no problem playing as a male.
*This is not as important, but I do like including pictures in the play and character sheets (Face claims, if that's what you prefer.) I strongly lean towards realistic or well drawn characters. Please don't give me slutty looking anime. Please, that will just turn me off and nothing will work. If we go for drawing, which I don't mind at all. Then let's stick to something like this:



Vanilla sex, Bondage, Rough sex, Mild abuse ( hitting, spanking, tying up etc) Anal sex, Wax play, sexual pain ( Where let's say 'he's'too big for her, Oral, Any type of fingering, age difference, Rape, Group sex ( typically two males, one female, up to discussion) 3+ penetration,choking, foreplay, hair pulling, branding ( At certain plays, again, up to discussion), sex toys, Incest.


Water sports ( Everything meant for toilet, stays there) , Animals/ anything related to furries is a no, monsters ( like orgs, handsome vampires don't count) Animal anatomy, children in sex, Multi beasts or any other private parts, Tentacles, Fisting, Vore.
This is pretty much all that came to mind. I'm open to suggestions and if you think something you want to try will disgust me in any way, feel free to discuss it first!

Now when that's out of the way, let's get to plots! Enjoy!

Plot 1.

Muse A is a merperson, an owner of beautiful looks and voice that lures in sailors. On a rather stormy day when sea is the most uneasiest Muse A witnesses a battle between two ship, or so it seemed. Curious Muse A swims closer, waiting for a sailor to fall into a water and become the next victim of hers. Muse B, a captain of pirate ship happened to be the unlucky one to fall into the roaring sea where Muse A was patiently waiting. Not wasting time Muse A heads for Muse B, wanting to take him down to depths of sea. But what Muse A doesn't expect is for Muse B to grab her necklace - Medallion who's owner has a control over certain merperson. From there on Muse A is helpless against him and is forced to obey every order because if Muse B dies, she would too.

Plot 2.

Muse A is the child of wealthy man living in a seaside town; they’ve always been afraid of the sea, yet oddly fascinated by it. When Muse A was a child, the ship they were sailing on was attacked by pirates and they were barely able to escape. Although the lure of the sea has always been there, Muse A has since refused to ever board another ship. Several years after their brush with pirates, in the dead of night, a suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. Pirates make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. The militia stationed in the town are quick to react and a fierce battle breaks out. With the perfect distraction created, the captain of the ship, Muse B, heads for the most opulent-looking manor.
Muse B breaks in to Muse A’s home and begins to raid Muse A’s late mother’s jewelry. In an attempt to stop Muse B, Muse A steals one of their father’s swords and holds the pirate at sword point. Since Muse A has never had any kind of training, they are easily overpowered by Muse B. Upon taking a closer look at Muse A,Muse B decides that they are worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. So Muse B kidnaps Muse A in order to get money from Muse A's father.

Plot 3

The Phantom is a pirate ship, enveloped in rumors and dark secrets. It is believed that the crew is cursed and possessed powers beyond the imagination of human, that they shall forever sail the seas in search for a maiden with blood of Goddess. Only her sacrifice can free the Captain and his crew from the malediction a sea witch cast upon them for their sins. Her blood has to be spilled over the altair in night of blue moon which only comes around once 500 years.

Muse A is a wench, leading a regular life without knowing the secret her own blood carries. Until one night the bar she works in is visited by a rather odd group of guests. Muse A is met with a devil himself, Muse B, who is the Captain of the rumored ship.

Plot 4.

Muse A has given up on her previous life. Dressed up as a man, they had sneaked up on a navy ship in order to find their long lost friend. Everything goes smoothly for Muse A until the naval ship is attacked by pirates and she is taken hostage by Muse B. Now Muse A has to both guard her secret about being a woman and survive in a world much crueler than one might imagine.

Plot 5.

A legend is carried along the wild waves of the sea. A single name everyone fears. It is said that a single glance would burn one's soul and set cities on fire. That blood of the last dragon runs through the veins of the said person. Sailing under red sails and being the lover of fire itself, Muse A is the main topic of every drunkard in the pub. Said to be the child of a demon, their name is whispered in low voices but known by all.

On hot summer day, a storm lead Muse A's ship to a busy island with city made of stone rising high over it's rocky shores. There, Muse B was being sold off as an item by slave vendors. Muse A took liking in Muse B and bought them as their property. All that trouble only to ease boredom. They start a game. Muse B shall be granted freedom with one condition, if they can escape muse A until the next full moon. If they fail to do so, Muse A will have the pleasure of keeping Muse B by their side for the rest of their life.

Plot 7.

A Splendid Opportunity

A shipload of women—theirs for the taking! Muse A couldn't be more delighted. His men are tired of wandering the high seas and want to settle down with wives on the uncharted island paradise they've discovered. And the women are bound to be grateful to be rescued from the life of drudgery awaiting them in New South Wales . .

A Splendid Passion

Married? To pirates? Muse B couldn't be more appalled. First she demands proper courting—at least a month. The darkly handsome pirate lord gives them two weeks. Then she insists the men vacate their huts for the women—Muse A demands her kisses in return. As the demands heat up, so do their passions—and soon Muse B can't remember just why she's fighting the devilishly seductive captain so hard. . .
But are things really that simple among pirates?
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