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Chrissy's writing sample / incest story intro

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Chrissy B

Jan 14, 2019
Hey! I decided that since I'm new to the forum I'd post something that could act as a writing sample. To that end I've written up what could be the start of an incest plot . So far it doesn't actually go as far as reaching the'main events' of the story and is more of a introduction, but I may decide to continue later if the moods takes me. Also, I have written this in first person just to practice doing so. Normally I RP in third person

As I may continue this later, please do not post here.

Anyway, here we go!


‘Page’ One


“Pervert!” I shouted as I shoved the door to my brother’s bedroom open. His head whipped round to face me in shock, and that was when I threw it.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better shot. The soggy paper towel sailed through the air and hit him smack in the middle of the face with a wet sounding splat. The aim was pure luck, but that didn’t make my brother’s shocked reaction or the way the sodden paper stuck to his face any less satisfying.

“Really?” he grumbled as while wiping the remnants of tissue off his face, throwing the mushy mass into the nearby bin. “Using my own tricks against me? If I remember rightly, you complained to mum about this so much that she said anyone doing it would be grounded”.

That was true. Back when we had been kids, my brother used to torment me this way. He’d get a tissue, run it under the tap until it was just a soggy mush, then throw it at me. It was the perfect sibling-safe projectile. Too sort to hurt, heavy enough to throw accurately, and supremely annoying to be hit by.

“You deserved it, and anyway, I’m sixteen now, mum can’t exactly ground me any more” I snapped back at him.

The snort of derision that came from my brother showed that he didn’t agree with at least one of those statements. “Please, I’m nineteen” he scoffed “and if mum told me that I was grounded, you can bet your ass she’d find one way or other to make me stay inside. I don’t think you’d do any better”. Getting back to the topic at hand, he motioned to the bin, and the discarded soggy tissue.

“So, care to explain exactly why you decided to barge into my room and assault me, or are we just going to assume this is a declaration of war that will be met with retaliation?” He questioned, still sounding perfectly at ease. Being three years older than me, he still thought that he could win any argument or contest. Unfortunately, he usually could.

“Because, you’re a pervert!” I repeated hotly, then held up a piece of paper towards him.

Freddy stared at it, but obviously couldn’t read it from where he was sitting, as he crossed the room and snatched it from my hand. “What is this supposed to….” He started to question, but suddenly went quiet.

“That is a screenshot of my internet history, between the times that you borrowed my laptop today”. I informed him, aware that I was sounding sanctimonious. Right now, I had the moral high ground, and I wanted to make sure he knew it.

“Ah, well, that is unfortunate” he admitted, actually managing to sound nonchalant as his eyed scanned the page more. He even seemed to visibly relax a little. “Although, I did think that I’d deleted it. Oh well, whoops. I don’t see why it’s a big deal though”.

“You deleted the history from yesterday, not today” I snapped. “I was trying to find a website I was on, when I noticed it was all missing, and then when I looked at today’s…” I couldn’t help but shudder. “Three hours?!” I blurted out “How the hell can anybody watch porn nonstop for three hours”.

Tone growing darker, I almost growled “And it’s a big deal because I let you borrow my laptop. You told me you had some work to do. How the hell can I use it now knowing that you were touching yourself, then put your dirty hands back all over it? That’s just gross!”

Smirking he just quipped “Press shift five times, that’ll turn sticky keys off”.

The mental image that conjured actually made me gag, and in retaliation I punched Freddy’s arm, hard.

Ow” he said sarcastically, deliberately not reacting much. From the colour going to his cheeks I knew it had hurt a little though. Good, I wanted it to.

“Okay, so you’ve paper-bombed me, punched me, and called me a pervert twice. Are we even now?” he asked dryly. “I’ll even apologise”.

Going down on one knee dramatically and placing one hand over his heart my brother promised “Katherine Jenkins, I, your dear and darling brother Frederick, hereby apologise for using your laptop to look at a substantial amount of porn. I also assure you that I will not do it again”.

He was mocking me, and I knew it, but it was hard to be angry at him when he got like this. His sense of humour had always been disarming. To me, at least. It drove our mother crazy at times.

Reaching out, I gave him a shove to the side. Kneeling as he was, the slight push was enough to make him topple over to one side, collapsing into an untidy heap. “Whatever, loser” I shot back at him, but a lot of the fire was gone from my voice. “And no, you won’t do it again, because that’s the last time you ever use my laptop”.

Turning, I walked out of Freddy’s room, closing the door behind me. Muffled by the barrier, I heard him call out “Kat? Don’t forget to delete the history. If mum or day borrows the laptop, they’ll think it was you being a pervert, not me. And uh… can we agree not to tell them about this?”

Freddy was right, on occasion my parents did borrow it, because it was the only laptop in the house. They used a static desktop computer, which of course was no good if they needed it somewhere other than the office. They had paid for half of my laptop in the first place in exchange for occasionally borrowing it.

Mum and Dad finding this and blaming me would be exactly the type of thing that Freddy would probably find hilarious though, so why had he warned me about this?

Deciding to let him sweat it out for a bit, I didn’t reply about telling our parents. Initially I had planned to, out of spite and anger, but the more I thought about it the less I found I wanted to. I didn’t gain anything from it, and it wasn’t such a serious issue that my brother would actually face any real repercussions – just a very uncomfortable conversation.

That seemed strange thinking back. Freddy had seemed worried when I initially revealed my discovery, but then had quickly relaxed and started joking his way out of the situation. Something about the whole exchange just didn’t seem right. Aside from the obvious queasy-making point.

As I walked back to my bedroom and decided how to best go about the task of giving my laptop a thorough deep cleaning, it snapped into place. There was something worse than just porn in the internet history, and Freddy had admitted to the lesser of his ‘crimes’ to distract me – even going to so far as to prompt me to destroy all future evidence.

Not entirely satisfied with just a scolding and a punch on the arm, yet not angry enough to go to our parents about this, I decided that I would have to do some snooping…. after an appointment with several cleaning products and a pair of rubber gloves.
Chrissy B

Chrissy B

Jan 14, 2019

'Page’ Two

Dinner that evening had seemed awkward. I’d had time to polish and scrub my laptop until it gleamed, but no time yet to launch my investigation, and so my mind was not really focused on what was going on around me. Mum and Dad tried to draw us into conversations several times, but each time they fizzled out.

For his part, Freddy was doing his best to avoid any eye contact and conversation with anyone. It took me until we’d finished eating and were starting to clear the dishes away to realise why. He was still concerned whether I was going to be a tattle tale.

Luckily, our parents seemed to be distracted by something themselves, smirking and grinning at each other and dropping cryptic hints that I was too distracted to make sense of. There came a point when both Mum and Dad were in the kitchen pawing at each other like over-excited newlyweds, when I took my chance to speak to my brother alone.

“You can relax, I’m not going to tell them” I whispered, watching as he breathed a small sigh of relief. “Don’t think this is over though” I warned “what you did was really, really gross… for keeping this to myself, you owe me”.

After a moment’s hesitation Freddy nodded and admitted “You’re right, and I am sorry. I’m not being a smart mouth this time. I shouldn’t have done it. I’ll think of some way to make it up to you. Starting with cleaning your laptop”.

I grimaced “Already done, I should have thought to make you…”

With a feigned dramatic sigh our Mum strode into the room, trailed by out grinning father and announced “Fine, if neither of you are going to guess despite all the hints we’ve been dropping, we’ll just have to tell you”.

Freddy interrupted “I’m not completely oblivious. You’ve got plans for your wedding anniversary, right? Isn’t it twenty years this year?”

Our dad wrapped his arms around Mum from behind and nodded, before leaning in to kiss her neck. “That’s right, twenty years since I made the most important decision of my life. Sometimes it even seems like I made the right decision”. He cut off with a slight grunt at Mum gave him a retaliatory elbow in the ribs.

Mum continued “Anyway, as part of your Dad’s Christmas bonus at work, all the employees were entered into a prize draw… and he won!”

I gave an excited little gasp and clapped my hands. My dad worked in the IT department of a large travel agent company, and so a few times a year, employees were given a chance to win incredibly luxurious holidays to amazing destinations. Mentally I already started my list of things to pack. “Oh my god! That’s great! What did you win, where are we going?!”

An awkward silence fell for a moment as three pairs of eyes turned to look at me, Mum’s cheeks turning pink and Dad giving me a slightly pitying look. Freddy was just staring at me as if I’d said something monumentally stupid.

Clearing his throat, my dad explained as delicately as he could. “Kat, sweetie… we aren’t going anywhere. I got given a choice. We could take a family vacation to Tuscany in august, slap bang in the middle of peak tourist period for a single week… or alternatively a twenty day trip to Asia, split between Vietnam and Thailand… for two. We’ve been to Italy before, so…”

“Oh" was my only crestfallen response.

Tactfully, for once, my brother filled the silence before it could form. “Hope you like exotic food then. Thai curries, stir fries, lots of noodles. Oh, and fresh fruit. I have a friend who’s been to Thailand. Apparently durian is worth trying, if you can stomach the smell”.

His brow wrinkled, and something occurred to him. “Wait hang on, you said you’re going for your anniversary, that’s only in three days’ time right? When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow night” Mum replied quickly. She was still in a little flushed in the cheeks, but unable to stop the smile on her face. “We’ll be here for dinner, but then we’re taking a taxi to the airport for a midnight flight. We’ll be doing most of our packing tonight, and we’ve got a few things to sort out with you two of course…”
Chrissy B

Chrissy B

Jan 14, 2019

‘Page’ Three


After my initial disappointment wore off and spending a short while feeling guilty for being selfish, I started to get excited for my parents. Mum showed me pictures of the various hotels they were going to be staying in, we looked up the weather on my laptop (she commented on how clean it was, at which point Freddy left the room) but of course, after an hour or so, Mum and Dad disappeared to their room to start sorting out what they needed to take with them.

This was my cue to head back to my own room as well, and finally I had the free time to start scouring through ‘my’ internet history. I decided that to make sure that I didn’t miss anything important I’d go through it all in order, more or less.

Twenty minutes later I was regretting this decision, and I knew far mar about what my brother liked in the way of porn than I’d ever wanted to.

Honestly there seemed to be some of everything. Tender and romantic scenes, some videos focused on specific acts like hand jobs and blowjobs. Then there were the slightly more involved scenes like threesomes, a few anal sex videos, and one that had a title that said it all – cutie teen fucked so hard that she squeals.

My brother seemed to like anything and everything, but nothing that warranted the reaction I’d gotten out of him earlier. Perhaps I’d been wrong about this all? The thought that I’d just spent twenty minutes looking at ‘second hand porn’ for no reason wasn’t appealing, and so I decided to keep going, sure there was bound to be something.

I was nearing the bottom of the list when I found it. I clicked on the next web address and a video titled “Brunette babe loves it from behind” opened up. Freddy must have been part way through the video when he closed it, because it resumed automatically.

It was…. Me.

My mouth came part way open as I gasped in disbelief…. how… this didn’t make any sense. There I was on my hands and knees, head down ass up with a big guy behind me, thrusting his… I shuddered. And then common sense seemed to return to me.

First, I noticed that the girl had a small tattoo just on one hip. Being sixteen, I of course didn’t have any. Also, for that matter, I’d only ever slept with one guy who looked nothing at all like the hulking figure of a man who was giving this girl a seeing to, and my partner certainly hadn’t been making such a thorough job of it.

My heart left my throat as my mind established a solid fact – this video was not of me.

But holy fuck, the way that girl looked was more than just a passing resemblance to me. From behind and without seeing her face… she had the same slim figure with flared hips, same long dark glossy hair, same olive skin tone… even her painted toes which curled up as she was thrust into almost matched the current blue colour of mine.

From behind we could have been twins. The similarities were so many and so close that there was no wonder that my mind had initially leapt to the, thankfully wrong, conclusion that I was watching a video of myself.

Shaking my head to clear it, I closed the video. It was a strange coincidence, but this wasn’t what I was looking for. So I clicked the next link, which turned out to be a search results page for the name “Carly Leigh”.

It was the same girl. Though now, seeing more of her and from different angles, the resemblance was still there, but not so striking. Her face was a slightly different shape, a slightly less curved nose, eyebrows not so dark, and green eyes rather than my brown. On top of that, she’d clearly had a boob job, and if pressed to guess I’d say she was the proud owner of at least a D-cup, rather than my own pair of B’s.

This helped me to relax slightly as I closed the page, and opened up the next item from the history. With that, my heart leapt right up into my throat again as the words in the search bar read - Carly Leigh From Behind – bringing up more shockingly close matches.

I closed and opened the next several entries rapidly, they were all searches. By this point I was only taking long enough to read the search item before closing and moving on. All of them were the same girl again, but with a different theme. Carly Leigh, blowjob, ass, feet, doggy style, schoolgirl, anal….

Then came the next link, and though I think that by this point I probably should have been able to guess, but this was when the penny really dropped.

Carly Leigh – brother incest.

What the fuck! My brother was trying to find incest porn starring a girl who looked like me? The fact that he’d done in using my laptop hardly seemed to matter anymore. No wonder he’d wanted to hide this!

A part of me knew that I’d found what I was looking for already and that I wouldn’t gain anything by digging this hole any deeper, but this had been the second to last page in the internet history. One more to go… I figured that I might as well finish what I started. I closed the search page and opened the last link. It was to a video titled : Slutty teen Carly Leigh blackmailed into taking her big brother’s rock hard cock.

Well there it was if I needed it – concrete proof that my brother was completely perverted. Which of course begs the question, why at that point did I feel the need to go grab my headphones, unmute the site, and press play… what did this prove?

As it turned out I shut the video down after about two minutes, before any action started. I found the girls nasal voice incredibly annoying, the acting was beyond awful, and the way she kept referring to the male actor as ‘big bro’ was both completely contrived as well as giving me a slightly sick feeling in my stomach.

The small fragment of video I had watched though had given me an idea…
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