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Anniversary Rape

May 29, 2017
Rupert Grimes paused in mid stroke, poised on his hands and knees over his wife, Mildred, his cock half inside her.

‘What’s wrong?’ she asked, opening her eyes.

‘I thought I heard the stairs creaking.’

Mildred laughed. ‘That was the bed, silly. You’re very vigorous tonight, just like on our honeymoon. Do you remember when the couple in the next room complained that-’

It was her turn to stop now, as she propped herself on her elbow, her head cocked towards the door.

‘You’re right. That was the loose board on the landing.’

‘Should I go and look?’ Rupert’s cock was shrinking slowly.

In the end, there was no need for Rupert to do anything, because the bedroom door flew open and a tall stranger dressed in black shorts and white V-neck sweater stepped into the room.

‘Well now, what have we here?’ His voice was deep and, in different circumstances, Mildred would have found it appealing. ‘Looks like I’ve interrupted the happy couple at play.’

Rupert grabbed the sheet and tried to cover himself and his wife, but only succeeded in tangling his feet in it. The man laughed. A deep, genuine laugh that gave Mildred a tingle along her spine.

The man’s eyes were on her, checking out her body, a body that she would not normally display to a stranger, with its pale skin, stretch marks, scars and blotches. She made no attempt to cover herself.

‘Well,’ he flashed a broad smile, ‘it would be a pity to leave you unsatisfied and it looks like your husband isn’t up to that right now.’ His withering glance at Rupert’s shrivelled cock almost made Mildred laugh.

Rupert scrambled to his knees and moved forward to protect his wife, but the man pushed him back, sending him toppling off the bed. Rupert made for the drawer of the bedside cabinet, but Mildred stopped him. ‘No, love, no, it’s not worth it. Just let him do what he wants and leave us in peace.’

‘That’s right,’ the man was unzipping his shorts, ‘you do what this nice lady tells you and everything will be fine.’ The nice lady wasn’t bothering with her husband any more; her eyes were watching a long snake unfurl itself as the man shed his shorts and peeled off his sweater. There was no need for him to push her thighs open as he climbed onto the bed and mounted her.

‘Aarrrgggghhhh,’ she cried out as his penetration stretched her wide.

‘Not used to something this big, eh?’ That laugh again, making her want to reach out and touch him, but she didn’t, not with Rupert watching. The man was poised over her now, like her husband had been, thrusting harder than he had, faster than he had, banging into her like he never had, not even on honeymoon, not even when that couple complained, sending Mildred’s head banging rhythmically into the headboard.

She felt herself cumming, aware that Rupert was watching, but unable to stop her hips bucking as her moans grew deeper and louder until ‘yyyeeeeeeesssssssss’. She fell back with a shudder that shook her whole body.

The man laughed and pinched her nipples before pulling away and looking round. Rupert was sitting watching in horror what had happened. The man looked down at him and then at the thread of cum that was dangling from his stiff cock. ‘Looks like I’m not done yet,’ he muttered almost to himself. ‘It would be a pity to leave you out, wouldn’t it?’

It took a moment for the full impact of what the man was suggesting to hit him. He backed away, pressing himself against the wall. Mildred, suddenly aware of what was going on, rose on the bed. ‘No, please, don’t, stop, not that, take me again if you want, please.’ But the man did not stop. He grabbed a trembling Rupert, pulled him away from the wall and propelled him towards the bed where he forced him onto his knees facing his wife.

‘Nnnnooooooooooo, ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww,’ Rupert’s scream echoed around the room as the man rubbed his cock along his crack before sinking it into his ass. Rupert’s fists clenched the bedding as the man pounded him as hard as he had pounded his wife. Mildred watched in fascination at the sight of her husband being emasculated. There were tears in his eyes when the man finally gave a loud growl and dumped his load.

Rupert sank to the floor as the man pulled out of his ass, looking desperately at his wife, who tried to conceal the arousal she was feeling again at the sight of what had just happened. The man ignored them and casually stepped into his shorts and pulled on his sweater. As he left, he tossed a card onto the bedside table. Mildred reached out and showed it to her husband. His hands were shaking as together they read the message:


You have been raped by
at the request of
Sally and Dave
who wish you a Happy Wedding Anniversary.
‘Sally and Dave?’ Rupert was puzzled. ‘Who the hell are they? And how did they know it was our Anniversary?’

It was Mildred who was the first to realise what had happened. ‘Didn’t Maggie next door say that it would be her Anniversary soon? He came to the wrong house.’
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