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Through the portal

Jul 7, 2017
Anyone interested in playing characters who fell through a portal to earth and finding things strange and getting into trouble?

Non-human characters from a fantasy world coming to the modern world but possess high physical attributes and combat abilities (And with "low magic")

Syrianix is a Nymph from the great woods. She was part of a team to stop the great evil from killing the forest and fought the evil undead hordes using men to further their goals. Nymphs were generally peaceful woodland creatures, but an evil lich has corrupted the great Treant and corrupted much of the forest. The greedy men who acted as mercenaries began chopping down the sacred great woods and Syrianix was sent to stop them.

The men however were quite powerful and after Syrianix and her friends managed to take down smaller groups of brigands and bandit types, they encountered a warlock and her friends were blasted and many of them murdered. Syrianix was captured. She was raped by the men and and kept alive, but when she regained her powers, she easily charmed the men and murdered all of them.

The men were after the heart of the great wood, a sacred rock which they were searching and interested in corrupting and as Syrianix saw her home getting burnt down and a General killing the remaining guardians of the forest, Syrianix ran into the scared chamber and grabbed the sacred rock and ran into the burrows and eventually she was cornered and she leaped into the well of the worlds. A portal which goes to random worlds.

Syrianix woke up in an alley, she had the sacred rock on her hand but this place stinks of human and everything was built up and unnatural. There was an unnatural glow in the city and toxic fumes lingered in the air as big metal boxes with wheels passed by. "What is this place?" Syrianix asked and looked around. 'It looks worse than home!"


Feel free to play any non-human on this earth like world who may be here due to foul magic or magic gone wrong. Earth is mostly non-magical and almost completely humans who has not seen real magic, but from time to time experience the supernatural when the fabric around their realm is weak and creatures fall through. Most spirits are bounded in the place they live and others that are magical cease to exist in his non-magical world once their magic run out.
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