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Four Months in a Zombie Apocalypse.


Dec 28, 2018
Four months.

Four months was how long it took for the world to completely go to shit. In her head, she had thought the world would at least manage six but she had been wrong before. In the end, it all worked out better for her the quicker things fell apart the less competition she'd have. In the beginning, she'd watched everything unfold from the window of her apartment. She'd heard the radio broadcasts, seen the news reports and she knew what was coming. And when dead people started marching down her street munching on her neighbors she was safe and sound in her room drowning out the screams by watching as much Netflix as she could before she'd eventually lose the luxury of it. If she had to say losing the internet was most likely the worst thing to come of this entire "Apocalypse." she had just been in the middle of an anime binge when she finally saw the dreaded error message informing her that her network had finally failed.

She sighed as her boots clicked on the tiled floor of the kitchen she was scavenging her bag was heavy with canned goodies and whatever other non-perishables she could get her hands on. Whoever had lived in this house definitely believed in stocking well if the amount of loot she'd found was any indication. Too bad they had shit taste when it came to their purchases though she glanced down into her bag and scowled at the numerous cans of creamed corn and green beans staring back at her. "Couldn't they have gotten something good? Like Chef Boyardee or something like that?" She muttered as she searched through another cabinet grabbing a can of condensed milk and shoving it into her bag. She froze as her eyes fell upon something in the back of the cabinet a smirk quickly spreading across her lips as she snatched up the can holding it up so that the sunlight shining through the windows illuminated the label. "Spam...Fuck yeah." She said simply as she tossed the can into her bag.

A sudden crack drew her attention another following drew a sigh. Gunfire was a rare occurrence these days most of the other morons who'd managed to survive the initial outbreak had pretty much blown their entire load of bullets in the first couple of days. And those who still had bullets used them sparingly now considering how rare they were and how firing one was the equivalent of ringing a fucking dinner bell. She marched through the kitchen stepping up to the window and parting the blinds slightly. She could see a young man standing atop a revolver in his hands. She could see his hands shaking as he struggled to fish out more bullets from the pocket of his hoodie, "Jesus..." she muttered to herself an annoyed edge to her eyes as she watched hordes of undead come pouring out of the nearby houses and yards like flies to shit.


She groaned slapping a palm to her face as the young man's voice echoed through the streets loud enough to be heard over the incessant moans of the dead around him. "Just let him die, Amy...Just move along..." She muttered stepping away from the window. After a brief and pointless spar with her conscience, however, she found herself standing at the front door of the house with an aluminum bat gripped in her hands. "This is stupid...This is stupid...This is so stupid." Amy muttered to herself taking a deep breath to steady herself before she rammed her shoulder against the door. She stumbled back her hands shooting to her shoulder as pain rippled through it "FUCK!!" she roared stomping her foot as she paced back and forth for a moment. "They make that look so much fucking easier in movies!" She hissed cursing every movie she'd ever wasted her time watching on Netflix that had led her to believe that would work. She stomped back over to the door and turned the knob throwing it open before marching outside.

The first two shambling corpses to take notice of her were quickly delivered swift blunt force trauma to the cranium dropping both like rotting bags of meat. The boy seemed to take notice of her and smiled and opened his mouth likely to yell again. But a quick and sharp glare silenced him as Amy spoke: "Keep your damn mouth shut!" She hissed as she approached the undead on one side of the car and quickly dispatched each one with rapid overhead swings to the top of the head. The boy stared stunned at the quick elimination he had barely been able to kill one and he had a damn gun so watching some random girl come out of nowhere and start cracking skulls with a bat came as quite a shock. Amy scowled as the boy stared with that slack-jawed look. Her hand shot out grabbing him by the sleeve of his jacket and almost dragged him off the top of the car he stood on. "C'mon quit gawking dumbass!" She growled as she pulled him behind her down the street easily outpacing the undead that followed and easily walloping the ones unfortunate enough to stand in their way.

"W-Where are you taking me!?" The boy asked. Amy glared over her shoulder bringing a finger to her lips "Jesus Christ do you not know how to control the volume of your own fucking voice?" She snapped. The boy seemed taken aback and glanced around realizing that the undead that had previously seemed idle were now shambling towards the pair. "I-I'm sorry!" He said eyes wide as panic began to set in. A sharp pain blossomed his cheek quickly grounding him as what had just happened began to set in. "W-What was that for?" He asked reaching up to rub the red handprint now forming on his cheek. Amy shook her head and began pulling him along once more "You were panicking that and I just told you to shut the fuck up. And what's the first thing you do? You decide to yell again good to know your listening to what I'm saying, idiot." She hissed. As she pulled him along the little voice in her head was currently throwing every rude word in the urban dictionary at her. "You fucking moron!! What the hell are we doing!? We should have let him be zombie chow! We should fucking beat his head in and take his stuff! He's got a gun! We like guns right!?"

Finally, they stopped as they reached an area relatively clear of undead corpses trying to eat them. Amy released the boy's hand and turned tossing a quick salute his way "Alright your on your own now have fun." She said as she began walking away. She could hear footsteps following her and groaned as she turned abruptly almost causing the boy to run headlong into her. "Stop following me..." She said simply. "We'd be safer together, wouldn't we?" He said frowning. Amy crossed her arms "With your shitty habits? I'm better off alone." She said shaking her head. "I won't last out here alone!" The boy quickly said switching gears from persuasion through logic to persuasion through sympathy. "You probably won't good luck." She said before turning around again and heading off into the direction of home. Once more however she heard the boy's steps pacing her own as he moved to walk alongside her. "Come on! Have a heart!" He pleaded. Amy rolled her eyes "Don't got one, don't need one." She said simply as she continued onwards. "I can be useful!" Amy ignored the boy as he continued to try and convince her.

Suddenly he reached out gripping her hands and dropping to his knees "Please! Please! Please!" He quickly began chanting repeating it over and over his head bowed. Amy scowled "Let go, you moron!" She barked trying to pull her hand away from the boy's tight grip. The boy looked up at her "Please I'll do anything don't leave me out here alone again!" He pleaded. Amy groaned as she immediately began questioning her life choices in saving this kid. "FINE!!" Amy snapped tearing her hands away from his grip resigning herself to the fact that if she didn't agree this little idiot would likely just follow her and draw attention. "But you shut the fuck up unless I talk to you got it?" She hissed a finger inches away from his face to emphasize her point. The boy quietly nodded "Good...Now shut up and follow fuckwit..." She muttered before turning around and marching away with her new friend in tow.
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