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Exerpt From 'Sexual Chemistry 101' Textbook


Sex Machine Slave
Dec 6, 2016
-- Introduction --

In the last 50 years, we have learned more about female sexuality than in all of human history. Most assumed that the female sexual experience was essentially the same as the male sexual experience, but this has been shown to be completely untrue. Males' orgasms are a vehicle for reproduction, while females' orgasms are not. The result of this is that the male spectrum of pleasure has a cap which cannot be exceeded. They evolved only what was necessary to climax, ejaculate, and reproduce. The female spectrum of pleasure has no evolutionary limit, meaning the potential pleasure is theoretically limitless. Likewise, with pleasure and reproduction separated, the female body and sexual response can be molded to suit all sorts of needs and desires, with incredible adaptability and variety. Modern applications of this discovery range from recreation to production, manufacturing, marketing, and more. This textbook is an explanation and exploration of the science and applications of female sexuality, as well as the methods of controlling and manipulating it.

= Chapter 1 =
= Core Concepts =

-- The Rouse --

The basic unit of pleasure is called the Rouse. A common misconception is that rouses are based on muscle spasms per minute or ejaculation volume. Convulsions and ejaculation are linked to pleasure, but vary from girl to girl. In truth, rouses are arbitrarily defined, setting the amount of pleasure necessary to squirt at 100 rouses and no sexual pleasure at all at 0 rouses. The record for the highest number of rouses ever experienced at one time is held by Alex Summers, who achieved 504,690 rouses through recursive orgasms. Summers also holds the record for the most rouses experienced without passing out from the pleasure, at 373,250 rouses. This serves as an example of how far sexual science has come. Before advances in sexual science, the average woman was estimated to experience 60 to 120 rouses in one orgasm, and only 20 or 40 rouses if they failed to climax. Today, with the proper alterations, an average female orgasm reaches about 5,000 rouses.

-- The Female Body --
Understanding sexual chemistry begins by understanding the female body. The most important tools to all of sexual chemistry are the pussy[1] and the clitoris. These two parts are the primary vehicles for female pleasure, but they serve other purposes as well. The breasts and butt are vital to sexual science as well, as secondary sources of pleasure. Additionally, every girl has a different capacity for sensitivity, orgasm intensity[2], ejaculation, muscle spasms, and refractory periods. All these elements can be adjusted according to desire. Another misconception is that girls achieve climax once they reach a certain number of rouses. On the contrary, being brought to orgasm multiplies the currently experienced rouses. You may expect that this means maximizing pleasure relies on delaying climax. However, it is much easier to push the limits of pleasure further by chaining orgasms together, meaning the most effective strategy is to climax as quickly and frequently as possible. Each orgasm multiplies rouses, which stacks to reach the heights of pleasure. It is possible to increases sensitivity to the point where a girl can climax at the slightest bit of stimulation. It would even be possible for a girl to climax from a single spank on her butt, or a few gropes of her chest. If she is this sensitive, imagine how pleasurable it would be to undergo an entire lovemaking session.

[1] The term 'pussy' was once considered slang, but has become a scientifically accepted phrase to refer to female genitalia.
[2] Orgasm intensity is the same as rouses. Every girl has a different limit for how many rouses she can experience, although this limit can be moved.

-- Brewing Sexual Potions --
The primary way to manipulate the female sexual response is through sexual potions, or "Pussy Potions" as they are commonly called. As the nickname implies, these potions are most easily brewed inside of a girl's pussy. Machines can simulate this environment to forego using a living brewing chamber, but most sexual chemists practice using a flesh-and-blood pussy. The basic process of brewing a pussy potion is:

  1. Pour ingredients into the pussy
  2. Cork the pussy
  3. Stimulate the girl to orgasm to mix and process the potion
  4. Uncork the pussy
  5. Extract the potion, usually through one final orgasm

For the most basic potions, this is all that is necessary. For more complicated potions, this process must be repeated multiple times, using different ingredients and possibly different pussies, each time. There are several ways to apply a finished potion to a girl, and different kinds of potions are more effective with different delivery methods. Nearly all potions can be ingested, for minimal results. Some potions can be injected, which is the most effective method for applying a potion to the breasts, butt, or clitoris. Applying a potion topically is also effective for the breasts, butt, or clitoris. To apply a potion to the pussy, the most effective method, by a large margin, is to fill the pussy with the potion and stimulate a climax to absorb it. It is important to note that this method is identical to the process of creating a pussy potion. This does mean that the pussy used to create a potion usually absorbs some of it, causing its effects to be applied to the mixing vessel. Additionally, most pussies will add some ejaculate to the potion being created. Both these effects can be blocked by using specially crafted pussy potions. The most advanced brewing operations use many different pussies that have been altered to fulfill different requirements. One pussy may be finely tuned to orgasm with great intensity, while another orgasms with low intensity, but fast, strong muscle spasms, and another produces a large quantity of ejaculate. Advanced potions are moved from one pussy to the next, brewing incredibly powerful potions that can achieve unimaginable effects. Through the wonders of sexual chemistry, it is possible to push the limits of female pleasure, increase bust size, induce lactation, increase arousal, and much, much more.

-- The Building Blocks of Sexuality --

There are three primary ingredients used in essentially all pussy potions. Some potions require other chemicals, but most do not. Nearly all desired effects can be easily achieved using only these three ingredients:

It is surprising to many that semen is used extensively in pussy potions[1]. After all, women cannot produce it. This substance does, however, affect girls instantaneously, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. The smell of semen naturally arouses girls, instills a desire to mate, and its touch alone can even create sexual stimulation. As a result, this ingredient is responsible for
Arousal and Lust.

Pussy Juice
This substance is often called ejaculate, nectar, or pussy juice. For many years, it was incorrectly believed that only certain girls could produce it in great quantities. In truth, all girls will squirt pussy juice if they experience an orgasm intense enough. Today, it is quite rare for any female orgasm to be mild enough for squirting not to take place. Remember that squirting takes place in an orgasm at 100 rouses or more. Because it is only produced when an orgasm is intense enough, this ingredient is responsible for
Intensity and Pleasure.

Breast Milk
Another ingredient that surprises many, since it is commonly not considered a sexual fluid. However, milk can be produced as a sexual fluid. Just like how a cow's diet affects the taste of its milk, the method of inducing lactation affects the chemical properties of a girl's breast milk. If a girl becomes pregnant, her milk is more nutritious and less chemically potent. If a potion induces lactation, her milk is at its lowest chemical potency. However, lactation can also be induced by consistent sucking and stimulating the breasts. Milk produced by this method is most suitable for making potions, although it does take a long time to achieve. Most girls must be stimulated for an hour four times a day for a year, or constantly for 6 months before they can produce the milk needed to brew. Because the female body must be altered to produce it, this ingredient is responsible for Alteration and Manipulation.

The most basic pussy potion is created by mixing these three ingredients in equal measure. Simply pour 1 part semen, 1 part pussy juice, and 1 part breast milk into a pussy and achieve climax until it is absorbed. This will increase the sensitivity of the pussy. This potion is so famous and simple, girls can apply it to themselves at home and alone, without supervision. The vast majority of girls in the world have used this potion at one time or another to increase the number of orgasms during sex. It is considered a standard procedure today. A few simple changes can be made, which are less famous, but just as simple to execute. For example, by increasing the amount of semen (4 parts semen, 1 part pussy juice, 2 parts breast milk), the potion instead increases libido and arousal. Or, by increasing the amount of pussy juice instead (1 part semen, 4 parts pussy juice, 2 parts breast milk), the potion increases orgasmic intensity. And, of course, removing breast milk entirely will make the effect of any of these three potions temporary.

[1] It goes without saying that precautions should be taken to prevent unwanted pregnancy if using semen as an ingredient. Birth control pussy potions are the only 100% successful method.
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