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Fx Male Miss Mandy’s Smutty Fun


May 21, 2012
East coast
Hello there! I am Mandy or Miss Mandy if you choose and this would be my smutty roleplay request thread. I took a break for a little bit and decided to come back for a bit of..... fun heehee ;). I deleted my old thread and so here I am making something new and seeing what comes my way! Right now I’m hoping for short/smutty role plays but may be interested in something longer if things interest me.

Role playing is in third person for me. I do expect quality in someone's response. It is hard to respond to someone when they don't give me anything to work with.....and I definitely don't like to carry the story along myself. If it becomes a trend where someone only replies with a couple sentences with no thought put into them, then I will either give you a chance to redeem yourself with the next response or I will discontinue the roleplay. I DO NOT roleplay through IMs and never will so don't bother asking.

When you ask me if I am interested in playing, don't just say "Hey wanna rp" or "What are you up for?" I will just delete the PM. Come prepared and try to gain my interest! Tell me what pairings you are interested in and what kind of scenario you had in mind! If you don't want to put forth effort trying to interest me then you obviously won't be putting any effort in the roleplay.

I am pretty open to scenarios and fetishes however I do have my turnoffs. Those would be bondage, feet, torture, rape, toilet, blood, transgender, etc or just check out my F-list.

I typically like to play FxM scenarios and I have no preference if my partner is actually a male or female when they play the male character. My characters are generally very lusty in appearance. Not 100% easy bimbos but definitely something to be desired.

Current Pairing Cravings:

Dad's Girlfriend x Son
Milf x Younger Guy
Student x Teacher
Daughters Friend x Best Friend's Dad
Intern x Office Worker
Sisters Friend x Friend's Brother
Popular Girl x Nerd
Cheerleading Coach x Coach/Jock/Teacher
Younger x Older Man
F x MM (or possibly more)
Female x Furry
Furry x Male
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