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Santa's Little Perk

Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
Santa’s Little Helpers, that’s what they’re often called. But there’s another name for them in the business: Santa’s Little Perks. The elves who work as a team with Santa. One memorable year, my second as a Santa, there were six and I had all of them. Well, OK, it was more a case of me having four and the other two taking me. What a night that was.
The number of elves varies but this year there were six again - my lucky number I thought. Some of them worked outside the grotto, taking tickets and keeping the children amused while they waited; I seldom saw them, except during breaks. The others worked inside, escorting the children to meet Santa and handing him presents; these are the ones with the best chance of giving Santa that extra bit of help. The one I had my eye was one of those who worked inside, leading the children to me and standing to one side while I chatted to the child, before taking the child away clutching the present I had been handed by another elf.
I don’t know what it was that attracted me to this elf. The bobbed hair that bounced with every movement. The cute pointed nose and chin. The slim figure. The costume that fitted more snugly than on the others. The way the elf stood close to me as I talked to the children, almost brushing against my arm. All of those, but most of all it was the gaze that never left my eyes as the children were led towards me and the wiggle of the tight ass as they were led back to their parents.
Somehow I knew it would be a mistake to rush in with this one. Give it time, I thought, and this is going to be special. And so I waited and waited. After a while, I wondered if this was all just a tease, with the elf getting off from getting me hot and bothered under my costume in anticipation of something that would never happen.
But there is always hope, and so I waited. Until Christmas Eve. That is always a busy day, but Santa needs a break, so the elves put up a sign saying SANTA IS HAVING TEA. That is the cue for me to sit back while the elves all entertain the children in the queue. All, that is, except one.
As I lounged in my seat, the elf closed the entrance and walked towards me, the gaze still fixed on mine and the wiggle exaggerated.
‘Do you have a present for me?’
I grinned. My waiting hadn’t been in vain.
‘Come and sit on my lap, and we’ll see what I can find for you.’
Children don’t sit on my lap nowadays, but this elf was not a child, far from it.
The tight ass wriggled around as if searching out my cock and then settled down on it. It began to stiffen immediately – there was not much time before Santa’s Tea came to an end. I was getting hot in my costume as the elf wriggled more, but there was no time to remove all the padding.
‘Do you want me?’
All I could manage was a nod.
By the time I had unbuckled my belt and pushed down my trousers, the elf’s leggings were down, exposing two tight white cheeks.
‘My ass,’ the elf’s voice was husky now, breathless. It was an instruction as much as an invitation.
I grasped the elf by the hips and pulled that tempting ass towards me, penetrating it swiftly, conscious that any moment the curtains could open. If the children and their parents saw me rogering an elf, that would be the end of my career. The elf’s ass was tight around my cock and it only took a few strokes before I dumped my full load.
As I scrambled to restore my clothing, the elf turned towards me, and there, peeking out from under the hem of the tunic, was a cock. A cock. The elf was a man. My jaw dropped and the elf laughed, wiggling to set his cock swaying in front of me.
It was difficult after that to concentrate on the children and their earnest pleas for me to deliver them the latest toy as they slept that night. My mind was in turmoil at what had happened. Embarrassment was replaced by anger and anger was replaced by a desire for revenge. And an idea began to form. As I was listening to each child, I put my arm around the elf. No one could see what I was doing, except the child, who was interested only in me. And with each new child I stroked the elf, beginning with his back, and then his ass, and then …
This child was very talkative, with a list of presents she wanted that would have taken a truck to deliver. I slid my hand over the elf’s ass and pushed it between his thighs. They opened in anticipation as I tickled his balls, and then I gripped them hard, squeezing tighter and tighter, feeling him squirm as he tried to free himself, without success. When I finally released him, his face was red; and when he walked the child away, he limped rather than wiggled.
I expected him to keep his distance after that, but he didn’t. It was almost as if he was inviting me to bust his balls again, so I did, but with no preliminary stroking this time. As soon as the child arrived, my hand took hold of the guy’s balls and squeezed, pulled, twisted, just as the fancy took me. And as he walked back towards me with the next child, there was no missing the bulge that was growing under his tunic. By the time we had finished for the day and the last child had gone, he was hobbling around.
As I was disrobing in my changing room, the door opened and he came in.
‘It’s your turn now, Santa,’ he said as he walked towards me.
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