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Forced to Play a Magic Sex Game


Feb 21, 2012
Meline shifted around for a few moments in bed before her eyes finally began to open, her blue orbs looking up at the ceiling, slowly growing accustomed to the light. "Nnnyah..." She yawned softly, her arms stretching out. It took a few moments for her to notice her new surroundings, her hands lifting to rub her eyes as she did. "H-Hello?" She called out, noticing three other beds around her. In each bed were other girls, girls whom she'd never met before. Next to the beds she saw a TV. Slowly, Meline got out of bed, her eyes looking around the room constantly, afraid of what was happening. As far as she could remember she had gone to bed as usual last night, in her own bed.

The First Challenge Will Begin in 30:00. She read what was on the TV out loud to herself. Challenge.. What exactly was it even referring to? Meline then grabbed some papers near the TV. These were clearly titled Game Rules. She read through them in horror, dropping them on the floor as she ran back to her bed. Only once she had read the papers did Meline notice the device attached to it. Her eyes widened in fear as her hands moved to it in a futile attempt to tear it open. It was impossible. "W-What's going on here?" She called out hoping somebody would hear her. She lay in bed, grabbing the sheets. It had to be a nightmare.
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